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									Executive Education at the Saïd Business School By Brandon Calley

Part of the University of Oxford, the Saïd Business School ranked seventh in the world and first
in the United Kingdom in the executive education rankings published by the Financial Times. Dedicated to
helping participants to become leading entrepreneurs, the school offers a range of programs in general
management, finance, and leadership.

The advantage of taking executive education courses at Saïd is gaining access to the innovative research
conducted into the way businesses work and how they relate to the wider world. The school’s Strategy and
Change Programme encourages participants to consider the future of business and to develop new perspectives.
Participants in the Executive Education Programme at the Saïd Business School are encouraged to challenge
their own knowledge and to question the current way of thinking. Saïd aims to work with both individuals and
organizations to help develop their understanding and capabilities in all aspects of business.

About the Author

Successful sales director Brandon Calley was ranked fifth out of 500 in global sales at Tell Vision Networks.
He took part in the Saïd Business School’s Executive Education Programme in 2010.

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