; Healthy Mouths for Kids under 5
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Healthy Mouths for Kids under 5


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Healthy Mouths for You
   and Your Baby
Potential Problems in Pregnancy
• Gum disease
  – Bleed more easily
  – Risk of gum disease
  – Requires high standard of oral hygiene
  – Thorough tooth brushing
  – Interdental cleaning
  – Regular Dental checks
• Healthy, nutritious diet containing all vitamins
  and minerals.
• Helps baby’s teeth to develop
• Calcium helps bones and teeth.
• Morning sickness – rinse after
  with water to avoid harmful acid.
• Avoid sugary snacks.
Routine Dental Treatment
• Necessary – to stop gum disease.
              to stop decay.

• Doesn’t harm your baby.

• May want to hold off on amalgam fillings and
Smoking and Alcohol

• Can lead to an underweight baby.
  – Can result in deciduous teeth not being fully formed,
    and so more prone to decay.

  – Permanent sometimes affected also.
Baby teeth are important
      Early Childhood decay

is one of the most common childhood diseases…
What causes tooth decay?
           Best advice for babies
• Breast feeding provides the best nutrition.

• Exclusive breast feeding is advised for the
  first six months.
• Infant formula and cooled, boiled water if
  not breast fed.
• Infants should not be put to bed with a feeding bottle.
• From six months infants should start drinking from a cup.
• Bottle feeding should be discouraged from one year.
Moving from milk to family foods
  How to clean your baby’s teeth

Acknowledgement of graphic source:
NSW Department of Health. Early childhood oral health guidelines
for child health professionals.
Sydney. NSW Department of Health, 2009
Your own dental health
      •   Have regular dental check-ups
      •   Brush & floss, interdental brushes
      •   Drink water
      •   Eat healthy food
Let’s work together
Thanks to…
• Centre for Oral Health Strategy NSW
• NSW Oral Health Promotion Network
• NSW Little Smiles Advisory Committee

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