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Gold Exploration Step

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					                                                The 10 Steps to Exploration of Gold

The 10 Steps to Exploration of Gold

The Gold Exploration is the one big job and quite different with another project job. These
working of these job is so much complex and related with other dicipline of profession.
Connect and well network with the others department, the others profession and the others
nature. You are not only work at the city in the building or in the house, but there were
working almost at the jungle, remote, and no much communication with the others relation,
even with your friends, your sub ordinate in the field some time no communication. Why…
becaused of some time you are in the base camp and other team in the target location in the
jungle, so that there are no communication anymore each other, just wait untuill target limit
time or days come back base camp.

General Item to do Gold Exploration is follow :

1. Study from desk , studio , done before field work

This entire job should done before come to the field location studied, and included into studio
work is - Study Literacy from older sources, Older Research, Books background Related
       - Study information from Aero Photos, Imagery, Google Earth, Global Mapper, GIS
       - Interpreted feature, structure from Remote Sense, Others Photo sources
       - Study Topography, Lineation, specified feature, Stream Pattern, Topo Classified
       - Study Budget of Exploration related the projects

2. Working for Official Relation

Government Relation, External Relation, Public Relation , these are all the Permite and
accompanying document for the project. Generally each of every project or object project.
      - Government Permite
      - Land Owner Permite
      - Well Relationship to Local Peoples
      - Well relationship to Key Person
      - Keep a good relation with the employee

3. Start working on the field :

This work included all the field work , as follow:
      - Ensure boundary ,
       - Start surface survey,
       - Soil sampling,
       - Stream sediment sampling,
       - Outcrop, Exposure Rocks sampling,
       - Testpitting, Trenching, Channeling
       - Drilling and Core Sampling for all of them.
       - Laboratorium Works
       - Work with survey topography, Drill hole Collar, Point Coordinate.
       - Working Computation: Database, Geo model, Reserve Calculation
       - Evaluation

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                                                 The 10 Steps to Exploration of Gold
4. Doing A Geophysical study :

The Geophysical Study as part of the exploration, as possible this job can be support the
exploration progress . During the exploration come to step Drilling, the Geophysical can be
mapping where is the point to be drill as shown on the section or geophysical map.

   1. In duce Polarization (IP) Dipole Dipole, Chargeability and Resistivity, Done this
      work in crossing line and as practice as you can do for target point.
   2. Ground magnetics, a data magnetism characteristic of the formation
   3. Aeromagnetics to get the magnetism data of the formation also
   4. Geophysical Interpretation to support Geology

5. Working Geological Computers

The whole survey has done very well, and finally above item , till Geochemical, Laboratories,
and some testing need to be input into database. Database is mostly important for the project
of exploration or development next future. With the capability of your profession you can
done for this computers works. Maximized your Lap Top, your Desk Top and the software
related to your profession. Prepare and Plot of Map Location, Lay Out Map, and Tracking to
your survey with GPS (Global Positioning System), Record of Point Station, Record of
Geological Note , Geology Field Books, and combine result Laboratorium. Produce some
support Maps and Plotting. The program to be use during operate the exploration related
subsurface evaluation as is:
                   1. Database Program
                   2. Plotting/ View Program create map plot
                   3. Geo Model Program

6. Evaluation Works

Interpretation and Evaluation is the job to follow up of your data that have taken from the
field, Lab result, Geology interpretation, Plotting Data, and Geophysical Study. After almost
all the data taken can be in one spread Map, so that there are a lot of think can be done for the
Senior Professional to Follow Up this job. Are there any positive target as the plan as your
opinion before, or negative result and so you can in a harry to close the project. This
Evaluation is most important think to be Investment to know as well. Furthermore the
investor regarding this project evaluation can decide as soon as possible “Go” or “No Go”

7. Define a Resources

Ensure with your geological computers and evaluation as optimized as possible, so you can
have a choice after the result were “Positive” than project “Go”. That meaning there are
mineralization result on your location studied. So follow up the computers working , define a
Resources and what related calculation.
Furthermore these result be able to inform to another professional that is Mining Department
as will operate the follow up jobs.

8. Evaluate a Mineable Reserves

                                      Earth Science,by Ads
                                                The 10 Steps to Exploration of Gold
Evaluation how much the reserve of minerals can be get out in tonnage is the Final Jobs of
the exploration until transition to pre mining session. The number of tonnage as the early
capital to starting investment and money budgeting to be going operating the project mine.
There are some point need to be detail evaluation before going to step a head to mining
operation. This are :
                    1. Gold Price as latest data, to calculate budget.
                    2. Total Reserves tonnage when starting project.
                    3. Construction Cost , can be depreciated in the budget
                    4. Operating Cost, as owning cost or rental cost
                    5. Processing Cost

9. Ensure Safety Health & Environment

To be a mineable of the project, while evaluate the reserves , there are included an
environment aspect as well to be consideration. Why , need this parameter for your project
operation. I say…. YES.
The Environment is the most important think in your project mining operation and processing
as the aspect as a part of the human live, So that become main factor for your starting. The
environment mean area :
                   1. Safety : almost whole employee is the part of this safety
                   2. Out side environment : a public connection everything need safe
                   3. Chemical behavior environment : clean and clear from toxic
                   4. Health , become healthy is the major factor

10. Make it profitable investment.

The project will not mean anything is there is not profitable project, Mining, Processing and
so be carefully to be progress your work in this industry.
The principles is “ DON’T JUMP THE STEP” and re evaluate and evaluate again on every
progress. Exploration also Mining.
While you run the step by step “Insya Allah” you will be on the profitable operation.


                                      Earth Science,by Ads

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