New website brings Alaska Frontier Scientists to desktops in real time

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					                        New website brings Alaska Frontier Scientists to
                        desktops in real time

                        Fairbanks, Alaska (April 26, 2011) – A University of Alaska Fairbanks scientist has
                        launched a National Science Foundation-
                        supported website, Frontier Scientists, to
                        connect Alaska field scientists with those
                        curious about Arctic discoveries.

Frontier Scientists shares first-person accounts and real time insights
from leading archeologists, grizzly bear biologists, volcanologists,
climate change specialists and other scientists.

The site features fascinating footage of current scientific discoveries in
some of the Arctic’s most remote and dramatic landscapes, chronicled
in short vodcasts, Twitter feeds, blogs and web reports. The research is organized into six categories:
     • Grizzlies
    •   Petroglyphs
    •   Paleo-Eskimo
    •   Cook Inlet Volcanoes
    •   Alutiiq Weavers
    •   Climate Change Watch

“We want to let travelers, teachers, students, aspiring scientists, and
anyone else interested in science feel as if they are along when
                           scientists are tracking a grizzly or documenting
                           how climate change is disrupting Alaskan ways of life,” explains Greg Newby,
                            Chief Scientist of the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center at the
                            University of Alaska Fairbanks. “Visitors to Frontier Scientists can ask their
                            own questions to our scientists directly, follow some of them on Twitter and
                            Facebook, and converse on their blogs.”

                           Frontier Scientists vodcasts reveal how ancient humans hunted whales with
                           poison spears... show eruptions of Alaska volcanoes from space...document
wildlife encounters in places where bears outnumber people... portray modern artisans as they use
ancient Alaska Native and Russian weaving techniques to make clothing and baskets from grass...and
explore the coast of Kodiak Island to view ancient rock art that recalls Matisse.

Frontier Scientists also provides resources and tips on things to do in Alaska for those considering travel
to the Last Frontier state, whether on an Alaska cruise or a backpacking expedition. And to encourage
people to post their own Alaska photos, the site is holding a My Alaska photo contest from April 26 until
May 9.

Frontier Scientists is funded by the National Science Foundation, with additional support from the
National Park Service and 360 Degrees North.
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