The Canadian Economy and Types of Industries by pengxuebo


									The Canadian Economy
and Types of Industries
 Business Management 12
       Ms. Stewart
    The Canadian Economy
 Canada’s economy is made up of
 many different industries. There are
 three main types of industries in
 1) Natural resources
 2) Manufacturing
 3) Services
          Natural Resources
 These include forestry, fishing,
 agriculture, mining and energy.
 These industries have played an
 important part in the country’s
 history and development. Today, the
 economy of many areas of the
 country still depends on developing
 natural resources.
 Thisinvolves making products to sell
 in Canada and around the world.
 Manufactured products include
 paper, technological equipment,
 automobiles, food, clothing and
 many other goods. Our largest
 international trading partner is the
 United States.
 Service industries provide thousands
 of different jobs in areas like
 transportation, education, health
 care, construction, banking,
 communications and government.
 More than 70 percent of working
 Canadians now have jobs in service
       The Three Tier Model
 We  can also break industries into the
 following sectors:
 1) Primary Industries
 2) Secondary Industries
 3) Tertiary Industries
        Primary Industry
 The primary sector of industry
 generally involves the conversion of
 natural resources into primary
 products. Most products from this
 sector are considered raw materials
 for other industries. Major
 businesses in this sector include
 agriculture, agribusiness, fishing,
 forestry and all mining and quarrying
         Secondary Industries
   The secondary sector of industry includes
    those economic sectors that create a
    finished, usable product: manufacturing
    and construction. This sector of industry
    generally takes the output of the primary
    sector and manufactures finished goods or
    products to a point where they are
    suitable for use by other businesses, for
    export, or sale to domestic consumers.
          Tertiary Industries
 This is the segment of the economy that
  provides services to its consumers. This
  includes a wide range of businesses
  including financial institutions, schools,
  transports and restaurants.
 The tertiary industry is split into two main
  categories. The first is made up of
  companies that are in the business of
  making money, such as those in the
  financial industry. The second comprises
  the non-profit segment, which includes
  services such as education.

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