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									                                           The Bulletin
                                  The Rotary Club of Calgary South
                                                 Calgary, Alberta, Canada

        R.I. President Sakuji Tanaka; Rotary Club of Yashio, Saitama, Japan 2012-2013 “Peace Through Service”
                     District 5360 Governor: Fran Leggett; member of Rotary Club of Lethbridge East

                      November 15, 2012
                    Volume 58, Issue 17
                                                                         Olds College
Chairman: Bev Ostermann
Editor: Bev Ostermann
Photographer: Clive Pringle

 Inside this Bulletin

 1     Dr. Tom Thompson
       Guest Speaker

 2     Tribute to Howard Miller
       New Members Proposed                             Dr. Tom Thompson & President Sherry

 3     Rotary Remembers
       Calgary South Veterans
                                             Roger Jarvis introduced our guest
                                             speaker, Dr. H. J. (Tom) Thompson
                                                                                         Olds College celebrates its 100th an-
                                                                                         niversary in 2013. They have been
                                             of Olds College. Roger noted that he        planning for three years to make this

 4     Calendar & Announcements
       Partners’ Pen
                                             and Dr. Thompson have been work-
                                             ing together for years to establish a
                                             permanent campus of the College on
                                                                                         a special occasion, celebrating the
                                                                                         College’s contribution to the province,
                                                                                         agriculture, education and industry,

 5     New Generations
       Classification Talk
       Thank You Heritage Park!
                                             the Stampede grounds. Dr. Thomp-
                                             son joins other luminaries such as
                                             Irene Lewis, of SAIT, and Dr. Eliza-
                                                                                         and involving many events with thou-
                                                                                         sands of participants.

                                             beth Cannon, (U of C) as great edu-         In March, the 11th Annual Growing
       Alexa’s Anecdotes
                                             cators, builders, fund raisers and in-      the Legacy Gala, bringing corporate,
       Attendance Alternatives
                                             spirations to all of us. Dr. Thomp-         educational and government people

                                             son has taken a leading role in post-       together will be held. In April, the
       Club News
                                             secondary education in Canada for           official opening of a Calgary Campus
       Social Media Workshops
                                             26 years, having served at Grand            in the new Bow Valley College tower

                                             Prairie Regional College for 15 years       will take place. This is a 30,000
       Santa Ball
                                             as Instructor, Vice President, and 4        square foot facility which will house
       R/C of Centennial
                                             years as President. In addition, he         the Fashion program and a new
                                             also served as Director of Athletics        Safety Clothing program.

 9     Wild for Water
       R/C of Comox
                                             and Head Basketball Coach at the
                                             University of Saskatchewan.                                                …/2

                                                2012-2013 Officers and Directors

        Sherry Austin President Keith Davis President-Elect Ted Rowsell Secretary Larry Kennedy Treasurer Bonar Irving PP
                Directors: Jim Bladon Jim Fitzowich Don Gass Carol Graham Jim McNeil Biba Tharp Gordon Weicker
                              Executive Secretary: Linda Tattersall Rotary Partners President: Wanda McNeil
           Office: L103C, 9705 Horton Rd. S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2V 2X5, CANADA Phone 403-244-9788 Fax 403-640-9791
                                         E-mail; Web Site:
….Continued from page 1                 with several thousand attendees.          The hotel will also house a Canadian
                                        A limited edition commemorative enve-     Brewmaster Program, in partnership
In June, the J. C. (Jack) Anderson      lope is being issued by Canada Post to    with Niagara College.
Charity Auto Auction is scheduled.      celebrate the anniversary. A centenni-
Mr. Anderson donated over 100 vin-      al book “Seeding Success” has been        In closing, volunteer positions, event
tage and antique cars and trucks to the published and is now available for        tickets and commemorative merchan-
College, and the proceeds from their    sale.                                     dise is available and everyone is wel-
sale will go to support College pro-                                              come to participate in the celebrations.
grams. The cars are currently being     The total cost of the celebration is in
cleaned and detailed by students in     excess of $4,000,000, and this has        President Sherry noted that four gen-
preparation for the 3 day sale.         been fully funded by corporate and        erations of her family have been in-
                                        personal donations. In addition to the    volved with Olds College. One of her
In July, the World Plowing Champion- centennial, Olds College, with private       forebears was the first blacksmith at
ship will be held at the College. Alt-  partners, is building a hotel, confer-    the College.
hough relatively unknown in Canada,     ence centre and restaurant on the
this is a major world event, drawing 60 campus. The restaurant will use local-    Roselyn Jack thanked Dr. Thompson
participants from over 30 countries,    ly grown produce in its 100 mile menu.    for his presentation.

President Sherry opened the meeting by asking for a moment of silence to honour the late
Howard Miller (1913 – 2012). His friend and last remaining Charter member of the Club,
George Adam, presented a eulogy outlining Howard’s eventful and exemplary life (this will be pre-
sented in more detail in next week’s Bulletin, in a tribute by Mel Gray). Howard joined the Club in
1956, one year after it was chartered.
President Sherry noted that, in his typical fashion, Howard made his own arrangements for his
Celebration of Life, paid for it himself so as to not burden his family, and invited all of his friends to

                                    New Members Proposed
   The following proposed new members have been approved by the Board of Directors. If any
   Member objects to either of them joining our Club or to the assigned classifications, an objec-
   tion must be filed in writing and delivered to the Club Secretary, Ted Rowsell by November
   25, 2012.
   Glen Godlonton; Classification: Real Estate - Residential; Sponsored by Phil Hochhausen; Seconded by Kate Stott

   John Goulding; Classification: Christianity - Salvation Army ; Sponsored by Dave Read; Seconded by Len Hamm
                                            of its immediate popularity, parts of the    objective of glorifying war, but to honour
Rotary Remembers                            poem were used in propaganda efforts         the service of others.
                                            and appeals to recruit soldiers and raise
Several hundred Rotarians braved the        money selling war bonds. Its references      This year is the 70th anniversary of Di-
snow and terrible driving conditions to     to the red poppies that grew over the        eppe, which was an exploratory landing
attend a joint Rotary Remembrance           graves of fallen soldiers resulted in the    on the beach in Northern France. Of the
meeting at the Kensington Legion on the remembrance poppy becoming one of                6,000 allied participants, 85% were Ca-
evening of November 8th. We were            the world's most recognized memorial         nadian. Over 68% of the Canadian forc-
graced with the presence of His Hon-        symbols for soldiers who have died in        es were killed, wounded or captured.
our, Col. (Ret’d) the Honourable Don- conflict. The poem and poppy are promi-            Only 3 members of the Calgary Regi-
ald S. Ethell, OC OMM AOE MSC CD            nent Remembrance Day symbols                 ment (Tank) returned. It is also 10 years
LLD Lieutenant Governor of Alberta          throughout the Commonwealth of Na-           since the first Canadian losses were ex-
and Her Honour Mrs. Linda Ethell.           tions, particularly in Canada, where "In     perienced in Afghanistan, when 4 mem-
                                            Flanders Fields" is one of the nation's      bers of the PPCLI were killed in April
Mr. Norm Haines, Master of Ceremo-          best known literary works.”                  2002. To date, 158 Canadian Forces
nies, opened the meeting with a few re- Hugh Delaney read the names of all               have been killed in that theatre.
marks. Rotarians have come together to Calgary South members, deceased and
remember and thank specifically those       living, who have served in the Armed         We are honouring those who died in our
Members who are and were veterans,          Forces. Members of Calgary East, Cal-        service, and those who returned safely
those who did not return from conflict      gary Chinook, and the Calgary Club           or scarred in mind or body. Our remem-
and those who did return, some physi-       were also honoured. Two minutes of           brance is a gift for the future, to remind
cally scarred and some mentally scarred. silence and “The Last Post” followed.           those who follow of the horrors of war.
It is the least that Rotary can do. The                                                  Quoting Deuteronomy 4.9 “Only be care-
proceeds from this evening’s function will Peter Hardy introduced the Honourable         ful, and watch yourselves closely so that
be donated to the Veterans’ Food Bank. Donald S. Ethell, Lieutenant Governor             you do not forget the things your eyes
                                            of Alberta, who was installed as the         have seen or let them slip from your
President Sherry Austin provided the        17th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta on       heart as long as you live. Teach them to
background and a reading of “In Flan-       May 11, 2010. His Vice Regal duties          your children and to their children after
ders Fields, “a war poem in the form of     came following a long and distinguished      them.” It is our duty to remember.
a rondeau, written during the First World career in the Canadian Armed Forces as
War by Canadian physician and Lieuten- well as civilian service as a military advi-      Lieutenant Governor Ethell was
ant Colonel John McCrae. He was in-         sor and volunteer with humanitarian          thanked by Rotary Club of Calgary Pres-
spired to write it on May 3, 1915, after    causes.                                      ident Doug MacDonald.
presiding over the funeral of friend and                                                 The formal part of the meeting conclud-
fellow soldier Alexis Helmer, who died in LG Ethell prefaced his remarks by not-         ed with the singing of “God Save the
the Second Battle of Ypres. According to ing that, as an ex-Rotarian, he is well         Queen”, followed by a buffet. The even-
legend, fellow soldiers retrieved the po-   aware of the history of service of Rotary,   ing was a powerful reminder of why we
em after McCrae, initially unsatisfied with both locally and around the world, and it    observe Remembrance Day.
his work, discarded it. "In Flanders        is entirely appropriate that we are gath-
Fields" was first published on December ered together to honour the memory of
8 of that year in the London-based mag- others who have served. Memories are
azine Punch.                                both the treasure and guardian of all
It is one of the most popular and most      things, and it is our duty to remember
quoted poems from the war. As a result and guard our legacies. Not with the

                                  Warrender, Cam                  Hegy, Cyril                      Watson, Bob
    Calgary South                 Zacharki, Michael               Liggett, Lloyd                   Watson, Jim
      Veterans                                                    Little, Andy                     Weber, Norman
                                  Deceased Members:               Magee, Don                       Westbrook, Jack
  Black, Jack                     Alsip, Roy                      Mallabone, Howard                Winter, Larry
  Brawn, Bob                      Bietz, Harvey                   McColl, John                     Young, Mac
  Cobb, Stephen                   Bryant, Ron                     McNeill, Don
  Davis, Keith                    Brierley, George                Montgomery, George
  Kwong, Larry                    Campbell, John                  Morris, Ron                      * If there are any members
  McDonough, Terry                Carroll, Clayton                Peacock, Fred                    of Calgary South who are
  Porter, Jim                     Dawson, Bob                     Pearce, Al                       veterans and are not on
  Richardson, Clayton             Filipski, Gene                  Porter, Chuck                    this list, please call the of-
  Shaw, Dick                      Gee, Bob                        Rooney, John                     fice to have your name
  Smith, Graham                   Gibson, J. Wally                Seaborn, George                  added.
  Smith, Jim                      Guttman, Sidney                 Skagen, Don
  Smith, Wayne                    Hagerman, Doug                  Swanson, Arn
                                  Hart, Jim                       Tharp, Bernie
                                Announcements, Calendar and Upcoming Events

         Nov. 22      Cleven Awards
         Nov. 29      Randy Williams; Tourism Calgary
         Dec. 6       Dave Rutherford
         Dec. 13      Christmas Luncheon; Glencoe Club; Tickets on sale at meetings; Cost $50 per person
         Dec. 20      Christmas Social
         Dec. 27      New Year’s Social
         Nov. 24 & Dec. 1      Salvation Army Kettles (Dave Read)
         Dec. 4                Board Meeting; BBB at 4:00 P.M.
         Dec. 9                Feed the Hungry; will need 100 Volunteers; Recruiting starts in Nov. (Harry Pelton)
         Dec. 18               Calgary Interfaith Volunteers to hand out food hampers
         Feb. 1                Larry Kwong Chinese New Year’s Dinner
         May 11                President’s Ball; The Ranchmen’s Club
         May 31 - June 2       Rotary Fellowship Weekend
         Rotary Leadership Institute 2012-2013
              Calgary:        Dec. 8, Part II; Jan. 19, Part 1; Feb. 23, Part 2; and April 6, Part III
              Red Deer:       Oct 13, Part I; Nov. 17, Part II; Dec. 1, Part I; Jan. 26, Part II; Feb. 23, Part III
                                    (Registration on District Webpage on the Events Calendar.)
         May 3-5/13          District Conference 2013 - “Peace, Passion & Partnerships”; Lethbridge AB
         Jun 23-26/13        Rotary International Convention; Lisbon, Portugal

          2012-2013 Partners’ Pen
                 (by Wanda McNeil)

       We send our deepest sympathy to Wendy                                     CALGARY SOUTH ROTARY PARTNERS
        Miles Copithorne and Ken and family as                                        Invite You to Come Celebrate
        Wendy’s Mother passed away on November                                      A Traditional Christmas Lunch
                                                                                     On Saturday, December 1, 2012
       BOOK CLUB: The November meeting will be
        at Donna Jakubec's home. Date is November                                            at 11:30AM
        19 just after the Bob Edwards award night which                           At Heritage Park, Orientation Centre
        some of us were lucky enough to enjoy. We are                         (same building as the Railway Café outside the
        looking for maybe 2 books to read together and                                   gates to the main park)
        review. Please email me ideas you might have
        at                                       SOCKS FOR THE SOUL                                        Cost is $40.00
                                                                Please bring new socks of all                 (tickets will NOT be sold at the door)
       LUNCH BUNCH: Thursday, November 22 at
                                                              sizes for the Inn From the Cold
        11:45 a.m. at CASSIS BISTRO, 2505 – 17TH
        Avenue SW. Enter restaurant through the mar-
        ket entrance. Parking is underground, access is       Please bring loonies & toonies for          Following a short GENERAL MEETING,
        behind the building taking alley way off 17th. If           the Calgary Food Bank                      we will be entertained by the
        you are attending, email Arlene Flegel at            Cash Bar /Raffle Tickets will be 3/$5          CALGARY BURNS CLUB SINGERS or phone at (403)271-2257
        no later than Wednesday, November 21.                    To RSVP BY NOVEMBER 23nd, email Carol Cairns at or phone her at
                                                                   403.288.3873 and mail your cheque (payable to Calgary South Rotary Partners ) to:
   April 25    Spring Luncheon                                     4812 Vandyke Road NW, Calgary, AB T3A 0J5. If you need a ride let Carol know.
    Willowpark Golf and Country Club                                         NOTE: Space is limited to 70 people so get your tickets early!

       June 20    Wind-up
        Glencoe Golf and Country Club
                                            New Generations
Terry Allen talked about Rotary’s new Fifth Avenue of Service, New Generations. This is intended to draw more young
people into Rotary through programs targeting youth and young adults. Our Club is involved in RYPEN, RYLA, Interact,
Rotaract, Youth Exchange, and our own Stay In School Scholarship Program.

We were visited today by one of our three SIS students, Ecaterina Petrescu who attended a recent RYPEN camp at
Eagle’s Nest Ranch in the Cypress Hill. Nicole Tippett and Brody Robertson were not present today. Activities in-
cluded leadership training and interacting with other RYPEN participants.

Alex McKay, Principal of Sherwood School, the first school in our SIS program, noted that the impact of SIS upon his
school goes far beyond the specific students involved. The program inspires the rest of the student body by showing
them that opportunities are available, and leadership roles are beneficial.

          Ecateriana Petrescu and her Mother and                        Alex McKay, Principal of Sherwood School
                     President Sherry

                                                              Dear Doug Hood and Norm Haines,
                                                              Rotary Club of Calgary Heritage Park

                                                              Please accept my appreciation for the excel-
                                                              lent Rotary Remembers Ceremony. You
                                                              and your Club did a wonderful job bring-
                                                              ing all the Calgary clubs together for this
                                                              important event.

Jamie Moorhouse gave his Classification Talk today.           Norm, you did a fine job organizing and
He was born in Saskatchewan (but has no allegiance to         hosting the event. Doug, your thank you to
the Riders!). As an Army brat, he moved a great many
times, ending up in Edmonton, where he got into the vid-      His Honour, Lieutenant Governor, Donald
eo dubbing and editing business. In 2003, he and Steve        S. Ethell was lovely.
Mason (another new Member) started Talking Light Me-
dia, which produces award winning short documentaries
(a good story is central to all projects). He is also a       With gratitude to you both,
founding member of Carpenters for Cambodia, a small           Sherry Austin, President
(only 3 members) organization that helps construct
schools in Cambodia.                                          Rotary Club of Calgary South
Jamie also had his red stripe torn off his badge by spon-
sor Keith Davis.
                                                              Hi my friends! my last week was so fun, I was change
            Alexa’s Anecdotes                                 my next housefamily, and its Phil and Fran, I love they!
                                                              They are really nice, so we are having fun, and gossip
    Hello everyone! my weekend was so busy, of course my every dinner in the week and new words for me, that
    birthday weekend LOL , so in friday I went to Chinook     weekend I went to Reddeer to visit Julia a exchange
    and havefun walking and looking something for the         from Brasil , and it was a long weekend so I went in fri-
    weekend, but the funny is that I was walking for 3 hours day morning, and we went in the naight to a friends
    and I doesn't buy anyting, so I came back to the house, house, and we watched movies, and I maked really good
    and go to sleep, the next day I went to TD squere with    friends, then in saturday morning we had breakfast with
    javier and we have fun walking, then in the naight I went her house mother and brother, omg she cooks so good!,
    to a party with my house sister and have fun, the next    then we wents to watched a movie and take pictures in
    day was my birthday and Mark my consuler make a din- the snow, and in the naight we went to a pizza restau-
    ner or mexican dinner lol for me and we stay in the hot- rant with friends and in sunday Im came back to Calgary,
    top and have fun.I hope all have a good week.             the best tink that I tryed snow candy, that is maple cyrup
                                                              and snow, it was so good! enjoy the week, kisses.

    (submitted November 8th)                                  (submitted November 15th)


    Attend Calgary South regular meeting Thursday at noon.

    Make up at ANY ROTARY CLUB in the world 14 days prior to or after
     your regular missed club meeting.

    A committee meeting or volunteer project counts as a meeting.

    Make up on-line at
    (Please be sure to let Linda know of all make-ups prior to the end of each month.)

                                              Visitation Committee
Please note that Larry Koper is the contact person for November. If you know of anyone who is ill or undergoing sur-
gery, please contact Larry or Linda Tattersall and let them know. That way we won’t miss anyone that may like a

                                    Christmas Wreath Fundraiser
The Rotary Club of Calgary West currently has a Christmas Wreath Fundraiser happening. This project is in con-
junction with CNIB; they get fresh Balsam Fir Wreaths each boxed from Nova Scotia, which they then deliver for free
to clients, family, friends and Rotarians; the Total cost is $40 including GST.

We would appreciate help from all of the Clubs in the city. Please contact Helen King either 403-818-8331 or . E-mails will be sent to all Rotarians in this regard on November 1st..
                    Club News                                   Carol Graham was a popular winner of the 50/50
                                                                 prize. She donated it to the CRCF...thanks Carol.
   We send our condolences to Wendy Miles Copi-
    thorne and Ken and family as Wendy’s Mother
                                                                John Fitzsimmons, as Sergeant at Arms, cut a wide
    passed away on November 14th.
                                                                 swath through the members, raising funds for a num-
                                                                 ber of transgressions. He also honoured Jim Smith
   Dick Shaw’s son-in-law, Andrew Wreggitt has writ-            as the only birthday celebrant of the week, and led us
    ten a 'made for TV' movie that will be aired at 8:00         in singing Happy Birthday to Alexa, who celebrated
    P.M. on Sunday, November 18th on CBC. It is titled           her birthday last week.
    "The Phantoms" and is the true story of a Canadian
    high school sports victory in the wake of a tragedy.
                                                                Harry Pelton noted that volunteers for Feed the Hun-
    Since everyone seemed to enjoy Andrew's talk about
                                                                 gry are required on December 9th. Please contact
    his "Don Cherry Story" so much, you might like this TV
                                                                 Harry 403-236-9627 or .
    show too.
                                                                Rotary Club of Calgary South is volunteering to hand
   October Attendance was 78.37%! Great work! Be
                                                                 out food hampers at the Interfaith Food Bank on the
    sure to report all of your committee meeting make-ups
                                                                 afternoon of December 18 from 2:30—5:30 P.M.
    or volunteering make-ups (if you require a make-up),
                                                                 Volunteers are still needed for this rewarding effort.
    so that we can maintain this great percentage.
                                                                 Please contact Craig Kindleman if you can volunteer
                                                                 403-932-1901 (bus); 403-819-9408 (cell) or
   President Sherry introduced the head table: John   
    Fitzsimmons, President Elect Keith Davis, Jamie
    Moorhouse, Roger Jarvis and our guest speaker,
                                                                Thank you to Bev Ostermann for handing out the
    Dr. Tom Thompson of Olds College.
                                                                 2012-2013 Rosters. They will be available again next
                                                                 week if you didn’t receive one today.
   Clive Pringle introduced visitors and guests.

To: Sherry L. Austin, Rotary Club of Calgary South

Social Media Workshops for Rotarians (10 Nov to 1 Dec)
Rotaract clubs around the district are facilitating hands-on workshops to teach Rotarians how social media can
help achieve your Rotary club’s goals, in conjunction with the District 5360 Public Image and Training commit-
tees. All Rotarians are encouraged to attend.

In these workshops, we will:
1. Discuss marketing in a holistic overview
2. Discuss existing social media efforts by your club and around the district
3. Develop and practice hands-on skills needed to use social media tools effectively

Workshop locations, dates, and registration:

Lethbridge - Nov 24 - Register on ClubRunner ; Calgary - Dec 1 - Register on ClubRunner

Register on ClubRunner: $20 payable at the door. Lunch provided. For details, see the attachment; for further infor-
mation, contact:

Cory Tretiak - President, Rotaract Club of Calgary ; Marc LeBlanc - VP External Affairs, Uni-
versity of Lethbridge Rotaract Club

Charlene Bearden, District 5360

To download and view the attachment, please click on the link below:
Social Media Workshops.pdf

If you cannot open the above link, copy and paste the following address into your browser:
Rotary Club of Calgary South contact is Rob van Haarlem. He has made arrangements to pick up the shipment at
the Calgary Airport and store. 403-201-6010 or

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