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Shopify e-Commerce Solution
 Launched in the year 2006 by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand and Scott Lake, Shopify has grown into
successful platform to build e-Commerce websites .

Shopify allows users and developers to create an online store quickly and easily without the need for
intricate programming skills

Currently, Shopify powers tens of thousands of websites including the likes of General Electric,
Amnesty International, Tesla Motors, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and GitHub.

Shopify allows you to install a professional looking e-Commerce site within minutes. Also a lot of the
templates are available for free, that is standards-compliant and fully customizable.

Aimed at making online business easier, around 30,000 stores are actively running Shopify around the
 Shopify e-Commerce Solution features

                               Complete control over
 Add Keyword                   your website's HTML
 Tags                          and CSS

Auto generated
XML Sitemap

                                            One click submission to
               Fully featured Asset
                                            Google Product Search
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