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									Plymouth Congregational Church of Fort Wayne                                                         Volume 70, Issue 2
                                                                                                      February 18, 2009
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Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper
February 24, 5:30 to 7:00 pm
Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash      up all the foods that wouldn’t last the
Wednesday, which is the beginning of      forty days of Lent. Pancakes became
Lent. Shrove Tuesday derives its          linked with Shrove Tuesday as a dish
name from the ancient Christian ritual    that could use up all the eggs, fats,
of shriving, in which a person con-       and milk in the house with just the
fesses sins and receives forgiveness      addition of flour.
and release from pain and guilt.
                                          Plymouth’s Shrove Tuesday celebra-
Shrove Tuesday is also a day of cele-     tion will include delicious pancakes,
bration. Since Lent is a time of giving   as well as games and activities. Once
things up, Shrove Tuesday is the last     again, our special guest will be
chance to indulge yourself, and to use    Hopper D the Clown, who makes             Valerie Tutson Returns!
up the foods that aren’t allowed in       amazing shapes out of balloons. Face       Saturday, March 14
Lent: fats, eggs, and milk. So no food    painting and games are also part of
was wasted, families would have a         the fun! Come and enjoy fun for the                  Workshop
feast on “shriving Tuesday” and eat       whole family.
                                                                                          12:00 noon to 3:00pm
                                                                                    Cost is $20 per adult, $10 for youth
Ash Wednesday at Plymouth                                                           ages 12-18. Contact the church office,
Plymouth members and friends are          tion Easter, and the resurrection         423-9424, to make your reservations.
encouraged to gather for worship on       proclamation of alleluia joy!             Deadline to sign up is March 10!
February 25, 7:00 pm, for Ash
Wednesday worship. This special           Ash Wednesday worship will include            Storytelling Performance
midweek service begins the season         the imposition of ashes and the order                  7:00 pm
of Lent, which leads us through the       of Holy Communion.
passion of Holy Week, the celebra-                                                           Open to the public,
                                                                                     a freewill offering will be received.

“Timely” Reminders from the Church Office
                                                                                    On Sunday, March 15, Valerie will
On Sunday, March 8, our portion of        address change, please be sure to         join us for our 10:45 am service, shar-
Indiana will “Spring Forward” as we       update this information at the church     ing a unique and engaging worship
make the transition to Daylight Sav-      office. We want to be sure that our       experience.
ings Time. Please be sure to set your     records are accurate and that you
clocks ahead one hour so that you         continue to receive the various           We are so pleased to welcome Valerie
won’t miss Sunday worship!                communications from the church!           back to Plymouth Church for another
                                          We also anticipate running a church       year. Be sure to join us for this story-
We could use your help! If you have       directory for those interested, and       telling weekend and see for yourself
moved in the last six months or have      we want it to be as up-to-date as         what all the excitement is about!
had a telephone number or email           possible. Thanks!
                                           Divorcing Support Group Offers Another Session
         n Our                             A “life line” is how one participant      the support group. Please share
                                           described the divorcing support           this information with someone you
         Prayers ...                       group experience. Two six-week ses-       know. The Support Group is guided
                                           sions are completed and we are now        by a covenant of confidentiality and
Conditions of Special Need:                offering a third session.                 integrity. It is non-judgmental. We
Karen Anderson, Joe Bir, Kate                                                        look at various aspects of spirituality
Hollingsworth, Carol Patterson, and        This group is open to anyone, church      through the lens of God’s uncondi-
Richard Payne                              or non-church related, who feels the      tional love.
                                           need for companionship and wise
In the UCC every day is a day of           counsel in their journey of separating    This group will meet on Sundays,
prayer for peace.                          or divorcing. The group is open and       March 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, and April 5,
Sgt. Michael Carroll, Rick Foster, SPC     affirming to all in need. Deep appre-     5:30 pm at Plymouth Church. Please
Matthew Johnson, and David Worces-         ciation goes to David Joliff, Mary        contact Rev. Ruth E. Phillips with
ter; and chaplains from the UCC,           Bir, and Jeanette Boerger for their       your questions or to express your
Bruce Farrell, CPT. Adin Rogers, and       willingness and generosity in guiding     interest in participating.
Anthony Taylor.

Sympathy is extended to our Evening        Lenten Luncheon Book Study
Receptionist, Pam Williams, on the         A new book study is planned for           that is life transforming and earth
death of her grandmother, Helen            Wednesday lunches during Lent.            affirming. It reminds us of a biblical
Munger, on January 25.                     We’ll provide soup; you bring a           perspective that does not reserve
                                           sandwich, and join Rev. John P.           paradise for the dead but invites the
Sympathy is extended to Linda              Gardner for a closer look at Saving       living to find grace, justice, peace,
Balthaser and family on the death of       Paradise; How Christianity Traded         and compassion—here and now—
her husband, Kenneth Balthaser, on         Love of This World for Crucifixion        amid the jangling discord of violence
January 31.                                and Empire, the new book by our           and war.”
                                           upcoming Parry Lecturer, Dr. Rita
Sympathy is extended to the family of      Nakashima Brock, who will visit us        We’ll meet from 12:00 noon to
Paul Spear, who died on February 1.        the weekend of April 24-26.               1:00 pm each Wednesday during
                                                                                     Lent, beginning on March 4. Come
A Special “Thank You” to Plymouth:         Rev. James Forbes. Jr. writes of the      from work, come from home, and
                                           book: “Saving Paradise challenges         join in exploring this important new
Dear Plymouth Members and Friends,         us to recover an ancient world view       book.

Thank you for your gracious expres-
sions of concern and support for Ken       Pausing on the Pathway to Jerusalem
and me during his final hospitalization    The March Chapel Class Study is           Neither Lent nor Advent is exactly
from January 5-31 and for your con-        built around the Common Lectionary        “biblical,” of course. But the days
dolences and kindnesses to me after-       Gospel readings for the five Sundays      they each await—Easter and Christ-
ward.                                      in Lent and Palm/Passion Sunday. As       mas—recall events central to the
                                           a Lenten study, it ends with anticipat-   story of Jesus in the Gospels.
His completely peaceful passing was        ing—indeed aching for—Easter              The very act of study in Lent is
indeed a blessing. It was so like Ken      Sunday. The great Lenten themes           Lenten; it cannot escape the shadow
once he started a project to stick with    found in this study include               of the cross and invites us to engage
it, to do it well, and to complete it in   • Temptation                              the ancient Lenten themes of sacri-
a timely manner. I’m grateful he has                                                 fice, self-examination, and confes-
been released from the physical
                                           • Atonement—Why the Cross?
problems he endured since 1985.            • Theodicy—Why do good people
Although he is no longer at my side,           suffer?
                                                                                     Join us in the Chapel Class begin-
he remains in my heart.                    • The Breadth of God’s grace              ning Sunday, March 1, at 9:45 am to
                                           • The place of wealth                     explore these important themes lead-
Linda Balthaser                            • The significance of Palm Sunday.        ing up to the celebration of Easter.
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Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer
                                                                                     Next Bell Deadline
Do you remember the first time you      Luther, with his penchant for saying
heard the Lord’s Prayer? Most of us     things directly, described the Lord’s    Our next deadline for submission of
not only can’t remember when we         Prayer as the greatest martyr, “for            articles for the Bell is
first heard this prayer, we can’t re-   everybody tortures and abuses it.”
member when we memorized it—
because our memorizing was not a        It is mostly, of course, the abuse of                March 11
conscious effort; it was simply the     familiarity. Because we say it so of-
process of hearing the words until      ten and because its words have the       Start planning now for Easter events,
they were part of our very persons.     flow of poetry, we are likely to speak            and “Think Spring!”
                                        it without investment of either mind
Join Rev. John P. Gardner for his       or heart. Jesus warned, “In your
Wednesday Pastor’s Bible Study at       prayers do not go babbling on like
5:15 pm in the Chapel beginning         the heathens, who imagine that the
March 4 for a closer examination of     more they say the more likely they       Journey to the Cross
just what it is we pray for in Jesus’   are to be heard” (Matthew 6:7 NEB).
name. Come for the class and stay                                                During March, our elementary chil-
for dinner at 6:00 pm.                  It’s ironic, isn’t it, that the prayer   dren will look at the scriptures de-
                                        Jesus gave us is probably the most       scribing Jesus’ final week of minis-
Most of us don’t know much about        frequent instrument of violation for     try. Scriptures: Matthew 21:1-11;
this prayer, and we’re inclined to      the warning he gave us.                  26:17-30, 36-68; 27:1-56
recite it without thinking. Martin
                                                                                 The Journey to the Cross unit uses
                                                                                 the Bible story included in Matthew
Special Offering March 22—                                                       21:1-27:54. In the last week of his
“One Great Hour of Sharing”                                                      life on earth, Jesus rode triumphantly
                                                                                 into Jerusalem. The crowds waved
Did you know that since 1949, North     – our money, our time, our energy –      palm branches and shouted
American churches have joined           decisive aid is sent when disaster       "Hosanna" (which means "save us").
together in support of One Great        strikes. Refugees receive help in the    At the Passover supper Thursday
Hour of Sharing? This special appeal    long term as they rebuild their lives.   night, Jesus warned the disciples of
is a wonderful testament to coopera-    We help people help themselves …”        his death. He told them he would be
tive work facilitated by Church                                                  betrayed. He warned them they
World Service (CWS). American           When you give to One Great Hour of       would all desert him. Later in an
Baptists, Christian/Disciples of        Sharing, you participate in a world-     olive grove, Jesus agonized in prayer
Christ, Church of the Brethen,          wide ministry of helping people          while the disciples fell asleep. When
United Methodists, Presbyterians, all   change their lives … a ministry that     Jesus was arrested, the disciples ran
join and pool resources to support      carries God’s message of love and        away.
work that provides international re-    hope to people in more than eighty
lief to people in crisis. The United    countries … a ministry of caring by      After a late-night trial before the
Church of Christ has long been a        and for God’s treasured people.          Jewish council, Jesus was taken to
faithful and generous partner in                                                 Pilate, the Roman governor. Pilate
promoting this annual offering.         Plymouth will receive gifts for One      believed that Jesus was innocent, but
                                        Great Hour of Sharing on Sunday,         succumbed to the demands of the
This year One Great Hour of Sharing     March 22. Envelopes will be pro-         crowd who cried, "Crucify!"
is celebrating its 60th anniversary.    vided in upcoming worship bulletins,
The anniversary theme is “Working       or place your check made payable to      By Friday noon, Jesus was nailed to
Together: Sharing Resources,            Plymouth Church in the offering          the cross. Darkness engulfed the city.
Changing Lives.” According to           plate, marked “OGHS” in the memo         An earthquake tore the veil of the
Susan M. Sanders, UCC Minister for      line. You can learn more about the       temple. Roman soldiers standing at
Global Sharing of Resources: “By        good work funded by this offering        the foot of the cross said, "Truly this
sharing some of our earthly treasure    via www.ucc.org/oghs.                    man was God's Son!"

www.ucc.org                                                                                                      Page 3
      Green Task Force                   From Death to Life
         Reminders                       Dear Friends,                             I mention this verse for it is an impor-
                                                                                   tant reminder: the Christian resolve to
•    Recycle your church bulletins, as   Satish Kumar is not a name readily        follow in the way of Jesus is a journey
     well as any other “regular” paper   recognized by many Christians. He         from death to life. Curious, isn’t it,
     items, in containers identified     was born in India, and as a young boy     but we are prone to reverse the order,
     with the recycling logo that are    was nurtured in a community of Jain       assuming a trajectory through time
     placed around the church.           monks. He later left this world-          from life to death. Not so, though, for
                                         renouncing monastic order to become       wise and discerning Christians. We
•    Save any used postage stamps
                                         more actively engaged in efforts pro-     vow to be disciples, to follow the
     for the Friends of the Third
                                         moting peace and land reform. His         charted way, to resist evil, to show
     World. Strange as this seems,
                                         inspiration? First, Mohandas Gandhi,      love and justice, to witness to the
     from a collector they get money
                                         and later Bertrand Russell. Quite an      work and word of Jesus as best we are
     that is then used for local job
                                         unlikely pair.                            able. This is our holy pursuit. This is
     training. Cut the stamps off the
                                                                                   the serious study of faith. It is passing
     envelope leaving a small margin
                                         Peace has been a serious pursuit of       from death to life.
     of the envelope all the way
                                         Satish Kumar. He once undertook an
     around the stamp. The collection
                                         8,000 mile pilgrimage, a roundabout       The teaching is plainly stated in the
     box for the stamps is by the
                                         trek that started in India and landed     gospel of John.
     Green Task Force bulletin board
                                         him in America, via stops in Moscow,
     in the Folsom Room.
                                         Paris, and London. Upon turning 50,       “Very truly, I tell you, anyone who
•    Consider saving paper by receiv-    he undertook another pilgrimage (this     hears my word and believes in the
     ing your Bell online.               is said to be an Indian tradition),       One who sent me has eternal life,
                                         walking 2,000 miles to the holy places    and does not come under judgment,
•    Watch for the regular Green Tips    of Britain, making stops in Glaston-      but has passed from death to life”
     in the Bell.                        bury, Canterbury, Lindisfarne, and        (John 5:24).
                                         Iona. This foray was a celebration of
•    Check out the Waste Watcher         Kurmar’s love of life and nature. He      From death to life. Those who hear
     bulletin board in the Folsom        currently lives in Great Britain, where   the word of Jesus, who believe in the
     Room. There is a list of things     he is much honored as a teacher on        One whose purposes he serves, are on
     you can take to Omni Source for     reverential ecology, holistic educa-      just such a journey. The journey re-
     recycling. For more information,    tion, and voluntary simplicity.           quires discipline, devotion. And loy-
     call 449-7878 or check online at                                              alty and love. And friends to push and
     www.acwastewatcher.org.             It may come as a surprise, but our        pull.
                                         New Century Hymnal includes verse
•    Keep thinking of ways to “green     written by Satish Kumar, the refrain      The season of Lent is soon to be upon
     up” your life as a way to thank     of the popular hymn known as the          us. This is good time to renew our
     God for the blessings we have on    “World Peace Prayer:”                     vows, amend our ways, and pray for a
     this wonderful earth.                                                         more faithful journey. In such a quest,
                                         Lead us from death to life,               God will not disappoint. Indeed, God
                                         from falsehood to truth,                  will lead ever more fully from death
    Peanut Butter Sunday                 from despair to hope,                     to life, both now and forever.
                                         from fear to trust.
         March 15!                       Lead us from hate to love,                Blessings,
The next opportunity to collect our      from war to peace;                        John P. Gardner
100 jars of Peanut Butter for the        let peace will our hearts,
Wellspring Food Bank is Sunday,          let peace fill our world,
March 15. The demands on our com-        let peace fill our universe.
munity food banks continue to in-
crease, so your support in providing     (“Lead Us from Death to Life,”
the staple food item is greatly appre-   No. 581, New Century Hymnal)

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Café Plymouth 2009
                                                                                  YOUTH EVENTS
We hope you will make plans to join      to fill a table, or have fun with the
us for our annual gourmet dining         surprise of who will share your table.              February
                                                                                  25   Wednesday Night Live
experience, Café Plymouth. On            The cost for the meal is $25.00 per
                                                                                       (6:00-8:00 pm, meet for
Saturday, March 21, 6:00 pm, our         person, and may be paid for in ad-
                                                                                       dinner then fellowship time)
youth will transform the Folsom          vance or when you arrive for dinner.
Room for an evening of wonderful         The menu for the evening is as fol-
food, music, and conversation.           lows:                                                  March
                                                                                  1    Senior High Breakfast Club
Please make your reservation by
calling the church office at 423.9424
                                                       Menu                            9:30-10:30 am
                                                                                       Middle School Youth Group
or by emailing Kara Jaurigue at            Greens with Hot Bacon Dressing              12:00-2:00 pm
kkjaurigue@verizon.net or no later
                                            German Leek and Potato Soup                All Youth Dodge Ball at
than Monday March 16. Reserva-
                                           Served with German Weck Rolls               YMCA, Dinner with youth
tions are required, so don’t delay,
                                                                                       from First Presbyterian
email Kara today!                                       Sorbet                         4:30-7:30 pm
                                                    Jagerschnitzel                4    Wednesday Night Live
You may choose to dine in the
                                         Delicious crumb coated pork with a            6:00 –8:00 pm
Folsom Room at a table for 6, or
                                             succulent mushroom gravy                  all 6-8 grade youth invited
enjoy the “intimate dining for two”
                                                                                  8    Senior High Breakfast Club
in the lighted Atrium (for those of      Simmered Red Cabbage and Apples
                                                                                       9:30-10:30 am
you new to Plymouth, that’s the
                                                   Asparagus Spears                    Middle School Youth Group
beautiful glassed-in walk way up-
                                                                                       12:00-2:00 pm
stairs). Feel free to round up a group            Black Forest Cake
                                                                                       Taco Bell and downtown
                                                                                       library trip
Dodge Ball at the YMCA                                                            11   Wednesday Night Live
Once again, the youth from First         7:00 pm. Please let Kara know if              6:00-8:00 pm
Presbyterian have invited the youth      you plan to come—and bring a                  all 6-8 grade youth invited
from Plymouth to join them in a          friend or two! Please email Kara at      14   Valerie Tutson Storytelling
crazy game of Dodge Ball at the          kkjaurigue@verizon.net by Friday,             Performance
Downtown YMCA. We’ll meet at             February 27. There is no cost for this        7:00 pm
the Y on Sunday, March 1, at             fun-filled event, so come on out and     15   Senior High Breakfast Club
4:30 pm and play until 6:00 pm. We       join the group—ALL YOUTH in                   9:30-10:30 am
will then carpool back to Plymouth       grades 6-12 are welcome and en-               Middle School Youth Group
for a pizza dinner. We ask parents to    couraged to attend! We hope to see            12:00-2:00 pm
pick up their youth at Plymouth at       you there!                               18   Wednesday Night Live
                                                                                       6:00-8:00 pm
                                                                                       all 6-8 grade youth invited
Plymouth Rocks! Friday, March 6                                                   20   Café Plymouth Prep Night
                                                                                       5:30-9:00 pm
We hope you will plan to join us         of great music, yummy drinks, and        21   Café Plymouth Gourmet
on Friday, March 6, from 6:30 to         great fun!                                    Dinner (youth to arrive at
10:00 pm for an evening of great                                                       12:00 pm)
music, fun, and fellowship. This an-     **All Youth should report to church      22   Senior High Breakfast Club
nual youth-sponsored event will once     at 5:00 pm to help set up. Please let         9:30-10:30 am
again take place in the Folsom Room      Kara know if you’ll be able to work           Middle School Youth Group
where we’ll host the rockin’ band,       this event. Remember, working will            12:00-2:00 pm, Movie Sunday
Endgame. The youth will be on            help earn you “dollars” to go to-        25   Wednesday Night Live
hand to serve you fabulous diner         wards the cost of our summer trips!           6:00-8:00 pm
food, including burgers, fries, sodas,   If you can’t come at 5:00 pm, come            all 6-8 grade youth invited
and milkshakes. Please gather up         when you can! We hope to see you         29   No Youth Group meetings
your friends and come for an evening     there!                                        (FWCC Spring Break)

www.plymouthfw.org                                                                                             Page 5
          Staff Notes                 Moderator’s Memo
We would like to recognize the        At Plymouth’s Annual Business             Spiritual Gifts Retreat,
following staff members on their      Meeting in January, Rev. John P.          offered by Rev. Carole Green
anniversaries of employment here      Gardner reported on forthcoming           Saturday, March 28
at Plymouth.                          “Celebrations and Anticipations”
                                      into mid-summer of 2009. As I lis-        Cahoot’s Coffee House Fundraiser,
John Whitebread,                      tened to his description of the many      Angola, featuring the band, Endgame
Minister of                           diverse events to come, I marveled        (supported by Emma Feigley
Christian Education                   at what a busy and productive place       Mission funds)
Congratulations on                    Plymouth is.                              Sunday, March 29
achieving eight years
of service at Plymouth.               Being a fairly compulsive calendar        Good Friday, at Plymouth Church,
John joined the staff on              keeper, I logged the events in my         April 10
January 16, 2001.                     personal calendar. That way I can
                                      give the church-related activities that   Holy Saturday, at First Congregation
Amanda Horner,                        are important to me a priority before     Church, Angola
Financial                             I begin penciling in appointments,        April 11
Administrator                         meetings, and the like.
Congratulations to                                                              Peace Weekend:
Amanda on achieving                   For those who did not pick up a copy      featuring Parry Lecturer,
two years of service at               of the Celebrations and Anticipations     Rita Nakashima Brock
Plymouth! She joined the staff on     list at the January meeting, the          Saturday and Sunday, April 25-26
January 30, 2007.                     March events are listed on the calen-
                                      dar page of this Bell. Details can be     Indiana-Kentucky Conference
Rev. Ruth E. Phillips,                found in Bell articles and Sunday         Annual Meeting
Associate Pastor                      worship bulletins, and our pastors        Friday and Saturday, June 5-6
Congratulations on                    will be reminding us about events at
achieving eight years of              worship and other congregational          27th UCC General Synod,
service at Plymouth.                  gatherings.                               Grand Rapids, Michigan
Ruth joined the staff on                                                        Thursday-Tuesday, June 25-30
February 15, 2001.                    For those who like to plan ahead,
                                      here are some of the forthcoming          Plymouth Summer Arts Festival
James Hall,                           Celebrations and Anticipations that       Three Rivers Fireworks Cookout
Custodian                             are not included in this Bell issue:      Saturday-Sunday, July 11-19
Congratulations on
achieving five years                  Plymouth Café (6:00 pm) and Bob’s         Looking forward to seeing you!
of service at Plymouth.               Bach Birthday Bash! (8:00 pm)             Barbara Bugg
James joined the                      Saturday, March 21
staff as our Weekend
Custodian on February 7, 2004. He     Contributing to the Church Can Be Easy
moved into the fulltime Custodian
position on March 7, 2005.            At this time of year when all of us       each tax year 2008 and 2009 and
                                      are working on our tax returns and        donate it directly to a charity. This
                                      maybe doing some planning for tax         gift will satisfy your Required Mini-
We encourage Plymouth members         savings in 2009, we would like to         mum Distribution, however the
and friends to stop by the church     remind you of some simple, effective      check must be paid directly to the
during the week, drop in and say      ways that can help.                       charitable organization.
“Hi,” and put a face to those names
you see each week in the bulletins.   For Givers 70 ½ years or older:           We also can do Automatic Funds
                                      IRA owners at least 70 ½ years of         transfers for your pledge contribu-
                                      age can take a qualified charitable       tion. Contact the church office for
                                      distribution of up to $100,000 in         more information!
Page 6                                                                                             www.plymouthfw.org
What’s New on the UCC Website
UCC church leaders shocked at treatment of local pastor by Oklahoma legislators    3    Phyllis Eckman
http://www.ucc.org/news/ucc-church-leaders-shocked-at.html                         4    Lucy Hess
                                                                                   5    Diane Bratton
Science and religion at Darwin’s 200th birthday
                                                                                        Jeffrey Dellinger
                                                                                        Jacob Eitsert
                                                                                        Matthew Mikesell
Legal questions remain as Obama overhauls faith-based effort
http://www.ucc.org/news/legal-questions-remain-as.html                             6
                                                                                        Bob Pugh
                                                                                        Barbara Duch
Global Ministries joins coalition calling for action in Philippines
                                                                                        Twyla Kendrick
                                                                                        Ethan Conklin       r
                                                                                        Carol Lewark
Obama quickly addresses justice issues, advocates press further action
                                                                                   9    Marc Roney
                                                                                        Beth Walker
                                                                                   11   Fred Augspurger
Global Ministries asks Obama administration to act on Sri Lanka
                                                                                        Stan Robinson
                                                                                        Michael Cates
                                                                                   14   Karen Fraser
Jason & DeMarco to perform at Synod’s River City Saturday                          15   Ally Dove
http://www.ucc.org/news/jason-demarco-to-perform-at.html                                Anna Konger
                                                                                        Jonathan McCoy
Keeping faith communities vital in an ailing economy                               16   Kay Porter
http://www.ucc.org/news/keeping-faith-communities.html                                  Melissa Wearley
                                                                                   17   Patricia McDaniel
Colorado congregation receives “Cultures of Call” grant                            18   Peg Burrell
http://www.ucc.org/news/colorado-congregation.html                                 19   Kathy Kolb

Synod speakers feature award winning journalists and theologians
                                                                                   21   David Childs
                                                                                        Jennifer Ferguson
http://www.ucc.org/news/synod-speakers.html                                             Myron Henderson

                                                                                        Kiah Myers
                                                                                        Zoe Snow
                                                                                        Anthony Sutton
                                                                                        James Shields       r
                                                                                   25   Tom Green
                                  The Government of Sri Lanka has been
                                  conducting an intense military campaign to       26
                                                                                        Jane Irmscher
                                                                                        Zachary Tyndall
                                  eliminate the separatist forces of the           27   Sarah Fry
                                  Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).
                                  This offensive has forced the displacement of
                                                                                        Carol Kirsch
                                                                                        Bill Shedd
                                                                                   28   Grayson Pettit
                                  at least 250,000 civilians in addition to
                                  reports of extensive property damage and         29   Ruth Bracht         d
                                  civilian casualties. The Government has been          Chuck Doenecke
                                  barring reporters and international aid groups
                                  from investigating violence against civilians.
                                                                                        Janeen Lipscomb
                                                                                        Jim Rinehart        a
UCC and Disciples leaders wrote a letter to the Obama Administration urging             Ed Shick
them to help stop the conflict. The U.S. Congress and State Department have
voiced their concerns about the Sri Lankan campaign, but your voice is
                                                                                   30   Carol Roberts
                                                                                        Matt Sutter
needed to urge for a cease-fire and access for humanitarian groups to help the     31   Vivian Chasey
civilians being caught in-between. To send a message to Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton, your Senators and your representatives, go to
                                                                                        Anthony Morgan
                                                                                        Christine Walker
                 https://secure3.convio.net/ucc/site/Advocacy?                          Katherine Walker

www.ucc.org                                                                                                 Page 7
BKFC—Senior High Breakfast Club
EC—Executive Council
MSYG—Middle School Youth Group
MSX—Middle School Explorers
P&J—Peace/Justice Subcommittee
S&F—Stewardship & Finance Comm.
WNL—Wednesday Night Live


                                  BOB’S BACH BIRTHDAY BASH

                                      SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 2009
                                                         8:00 PM

                           FORT WAYNE PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA

                                 AT PLYMOUTH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH

             Sponsored by Patricia Adsit and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic Friends
          The concert is free and open to the public. A freewill offering will be accepted.

                                             It’s Time to
                                      Order Your Easter Flowers
It’s time to order Easter flowers. This year we are offering you a choice of Easter lilies or daffodils (or feel free to order
both!) The cost for the lilies is $10.00. Daffodils are $8.00 each. Please have your orders into the church office by
Monday, March 30. We ask that you take your flowers with you following worship on Easter Sunday.


In Memory of_____________________________________________________________


In Honor of_______________________________________________________________


Number of Lilies ordered __________ @ $10.00 each

Number of Daffodils ordered _______ @ $8.00 each                  Total Cost Enclosed __________________________

Please make your check payable to PLYMOUTH CHURCH. In the remark line, please mark EASTER FLOWERS.

                                               Thank you!
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Telephone: 260-423-9424

              Think Green!

  EPA.gov/kids is the website for
      the US Environmental
  Protection Agency’s Kids Club,
   providing education games,
   pictures, and stories to help
     children learn about the
     environment and how to
             protect it.

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         No Matter Who You Are, or Where You Are on Life’s Journey, You Are Welcome Here.

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