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									                               Why Should Companies Invest In Colocation Services?

In today’s high evolving business platform, technology plays a crucial role. It is therefore, natural that enterprises
would want to put their best in order to stay ahead of competitors. Operational concerns such as expenses,
restricted resources and turn around time puts several hindrances in the path of increased IT operations. Though
there is a requirement for companies to attain complete control on each single aspect of their business resources,
it might not always be possible for companies to incur heavy investments in legacy management and not loosing
valuable time to concentrate on the core aspects of the business.

Therefore, server colocation is an obvious solution that organizations resort to as it offers them with greater IT
elasticity and agility. Apart from having total control over business resources and vital information, enterprises also
attain scalable and neutral carrier architecture in various configurations in the data center. Thus colocation servers
are the actual web servers that are stored in the data center of any web hosting organizations.

It has been observed that huge corporate houses and MNC’s with a large global network require controlled and
reliable web based transaction. Such enterprises opt in for server configuration from the colocation service
providers as per their business requirements. These servers cannot be managed round the clock; hence the servers
are aptly designed to offer accessibility of data, security and business continuity disaster recovery plans for large
scale companies. Today eminent companies specializing in colocation services in India offer a complete range of
space options from cages to racks, with adequate power and bandwidth for web hosting applications. Some of the
collocation service options include the following:
Rack space Features
·    Per-server (U-wise) collocation service
·    Quarter Rack
·    Half Rack
·    Full Racks
·    Cage
Rack space Benefits
·    Highest Uptime, i.e. 99.99% uptime SLA
·    Custom-designed racks in per-device increments
·    Highest levels of Security
·    Robust Connectivity and carrier neutral data center
·    URL and network monitoring
·    MRTG, for online bandwidth utilization
·    Web statistics and reports
Advanced Monitoring (optional)
·    CPU Memory and file area utilization
·    Process restarts
·    Threshold alarms
·    Server reboots
·    Business day advanced assistance
·    24x7 high-end support

With an advanced and efficient colocation services in India, you can have complete control that allows you to have
your own server, reliable network, highest uptimes, improved safety and global support round the clock.

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