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Chris Newman of Beijing, China has researched and written a fascinating
account of a family member, Francis Newman who certainly lived life to the
full and succeeded in making research difficult for the family descendants.
     My Newman ancestors were a            Newman, grandson of Col Richard
pretty wealthy lot who enjoyed the         Newman, after which the estates of
income and privileges of land own-         Fifehead and Evercreech passed
ership for almost two hundred              out of the family, leaving only Spark-
years. The estates that they accu-         ford and Cadbury in the hands of
mulated during the early 17th cen-         Col Richard Newman’s great grand-
tury included Evercreech Park,             son, Francis Newman of North Cad-
Sparkford Manor and the estates of         bury. And it is with Francis Newman
North and South Cadbury (all lo-           of North Cadbury that this story be-
cated in South Somerset). Then             gins.
shortly after the Restoration, Col.              It will be as well for the reader
Richard Newman (who had been an            to keep a track of the various Fran-
active supporter of the Monarchy           cis Newmans that appear in the
during and after the Civil War) pur-       story, not to mention their female
chased the estate of Fifehead              counterparts, the Frances New-
Manor (North Dorset) which the             mans. They may be summarised as
family had held under lease since          follows: Francis Newman of North
1408.                                      Cadbury (great grandson of Sir
     It would appear that Col. Rich-       Richard) had three daughters, the
ard passed ownership of Fifehead           eldest being Frances Newman.
and Evercreech Park to his eldest          Frances married her cousin Francis
son Richard (who seems to have             Newman, nephew of Francis New-
carried the title “Richard Newman of       man of North Cadbury, and they
Evercreech Park”) even though he           had a daughter called Frances New-
predeceased his father by more             man (as well as a son Francis who
than 10 years. At any rate the Fife-       died young). There are, of course,
head and Evercreech estates                more Francis’s and Frances’s than
passed into the ownership of Rich-         this, but these are the main charac-
ard’s descendents being the then           ters in the story that follows.
senior branch of the family, while               The basic facts of the story are:
(unusually, I suspect in those days              Francis married his first cousin
of primogenitary custom) the es-           Frances around 1778 when both
tates of Cadbury and Sparkford             were in their late teens. They begat
were inherited by Col Richard’s            four children, only one of whom
youngest son Francis Holles New-           (Frances) survived childhood.
man.                                            Francis (the nephew) left his
     The senior branch of the family       wife in May 1785, most probably
ended in 1775 with the death Fran-         going to France with another
ces Newman, the eldest of three            woman, but he met up with her
spinster daughters of Sir Richard          again briefly in London in October of

the same year, when she became           Lydia (alias Naomi), and established
pregnant with her last child.            himself as a tobacco estate owner
     In August 1786, a lady called       at La Grange near Port Tobacco in
Lydia (alias Naomi) Ferguson pro-        Maryland.
duced a child by Francis Newman               In August 1796, Lydia died and
(the nephew). The child was bap-         was buried at Baltimore in Mary-
tized Jean Elisabeth Francois Geor-      land. Francis went on to marry
ges Newman on 7th Feb 1787 in            again and produce several more
Moulins Cathedral in France, where       offspring, leaving behind a large
the Moulins Archives Registered          tribe of descendents in the USA
No.489          (Baptisms-Marriages,     who venerate him as their esteemed
1785/1788) states                                             1st    generation
that his parents                                              American        an-
were “High Lord                                               cestor.
FRANCIS NEW-                                                  A portrait exists
MAN,         Knight,                                          (as attached to
Baron and Lord                                                this        article)
Cadbury, Spark-                                               showing Francis
ford and Lord and                                             dressed in the
Sovereign         of                                          uniform of an
Fullen,     besides                                           American infan-
his other lands.                                              try officer. The
and My Lady Nio-                                              portrait     dates
man Furgusson                                                 from      between
his wife”!                                                    1816 (when the
     Meanwhile in                                             artist      began
Nov 1786, the                                                 working in the
first of several                                              Maryland area)
Bills of Complaint                                            and 1818 when
was lodged in the                                             Francis died.
Chancery Court                                                Lydia’s        son,
by Francis’s wife                                             Jean Elisabeth
and        daughter                                           Francois New-
(both       Frances                                           man, grew up to
Newmans) seek-                Francis Newman c.1816           become a cap-
ing payment of                                                tain     in     the
money that they claimed Francis          American army that fought against
(their husband and father) owed          the British in the War of 1812.
them. In this instance the claim was          Meanwhile, back in England, old
for payments of £100 a year from         Francis Newman of North Cadbury
some the Cadbury and Sparkford           had by then sold all of his property
estates.                                 and moved, with his daughters
     Sometime around 1789 (the           Frances, Jane and Catherine, to a
year of the French Revolution) or        small house or cottage in the village
perhaps as late as 1795, Francis set     of Piddletrenthide in Dorset where
sail to the USA with his new “wife”      he died in 1796.

    Old Francis carried with him to          her husband from debtors' prison,
Piddletrenthide the family portraits         and that the estates were sold to
and several heirlooms which he left          when she and/or her husband were
to his youngest daughter’s son,              unable to repay the loans. Unfortu-
Francis Rogers, on condition that he         nately, Cliff provided me with no
changed his name to Francis New-             supporting evidence of these sto-
man-Rogers.       This he did, and           ries, and my attempts to find evi-
these family artifacts are now be-           dence of Francis’s incarceration
lieved to be in the possession of the        have so far failed.
reclusive widow of one of his de-                 A completely different story was
scendents.                                   given to me by Campbell Newman,
    Those are the “facts” as I know          a distant cousin, who suggests that
them. Now for the rumours and the            it was not the young Francis who
mysteries:                                   lost the family fortune, but his uncle
    The story passed down through            Francis Newman of North Cadbury.
my branch of the family (and which I         The older Francis, believing that the
believed until I was contacted by            French Revolution would spread to
one of his American descendents in           England and that he would lose his
2002) was that the younger Francis           property if not his life, he gambled
was “committed for crime to the              away his fortune. According to this
High Court, found guilty and mi-             account, the elder Francis “… lived
grated to America where he died in           a life of extravagant pleasure. He
1817 without recorded male issue”            had three daughters, the eldest,
and that “the Cadbury estate had             Frances, fought with her father,
been sold in 1799 to the Bennett             eloped and married her cousin
family to pay off Francis’s debts.”          Francis at Piddletrenthide in 1778.
Furthermore, it was said that “the           On May Day 1788, the two younger
Bennetts caused all Newman me-               daughters were married in a lavish
morials in North Cadbury church to           double wedding at North Cadbury,
be expunged”. [The latter claim              probably in the fashionable rococo
may be true because there is just            style, to Rev. James Rogers of
one Newman memorial extant in the            Newnton, Wiltshire, Vicar of South
church – a small plaque in memory            Cadbury, and to Sir William Yea,
of baby Francis, firstborn son of            baronet of St. James, Taunton.
Francis and Frances.]                        Fond of gambling, alone in a large
    Investigations by the late Cliff         house (his wife having predeceased
Ranson, a descendent of one of               him in 1784), and with mounting
Francis Newman’s US offspring,               debts, Francis lost everything he
suggest that Francis’s problems              owned in an all-or-nothing gaming
arose when he tried to pre-empt his          bet one evening in 1789/90. Dis-
future inheritance in order to borrow        owned by his two flamboyant
money which eventually ended with            younger daughters, he was taken in
his incarceration for debt. Further-         by and reconciled to his elder
more, Cliff believed that Francis’s          daughter Frances and nephew
wife Frances raised a mortgage on            Francis [the one who went off to
her father's estate in order to rescue       America!] at Piddletrenthide on the

Piddle River. He died there on              have, as was the custom at the
Christmas Day 1796. His only sur-           time, have taken des Gouttes as
viving grandchild was Frances Char-         prisoner and put him under house
lotte, who married Robert Cox, an           arrest with a family of suitable and
alderman of the City of London and          equal status in England. Earlier,
Justice of the Peace.”                      Boscawen had been sent to India
     There are some interesting             with a Major John Mompesson.
speculations as to who Lydia Fergu-         Also, Francis Newman’s mother
son might have been. One sugges-            died early, I've learned that he was
tion that has been raised by Jerry          raised by his grandmother, the for-
Gandolfo, another American de-              mer Miss Eleanor Mompesson.
scendent of Francis, is that Fergu-         Francis was born in 1759, about the
son was Lydia’s married name, and           exact time des Gouttes would have
that “she may have been born Lydia          been under "gentleman's" arrest in
Jennings of a very rich family in the       England.”
colony of Virginia (immediately             Conclusions:
across the Potomac River from Port               Many interesting questions re-
Tobacco, Maryland). One of the              main unanswered. For instance:
Jennings was an English colonial
governor of Virginia.” [Jerry further
                                             What really happened to cause
notes that Sir Edwin Sandys                 the family to lose its wealth and its
(d.1629) controlled the Virginia            estates? Was it Francis the uncle’s
Company and promoted the self-              or his nephew Francis’s actions that
government of the colony in 1619.”          forced the sale of the Newman
Sandys happened to have been the            properties? And what were those
maiden name of Francis’s grand-             actions?
mother Hanna. Was there another              Did the young Francis spend time
Virginian connection that Francis           in debtors’ prison, and was he res-
might have exploited?]                      cued by his wife, only to subse-
     There is also an interesting           quently desert her for another
speculation about the family’s con-         woman? If so, what were his debts,
nection with France, which might            when was he imprisoned and in
have had something to do with               which prison?
Francis and Lydia’s decision to have         Where did the young Francis dis-
their baby in that country. Jerry           appear to after deserting his wife in
Gandolfo offers the following: “The         May 1785 and his brief conjugal
godfather of baby Jean Elisabeth            meeting with her in Oct of the same
Francois      Georges     Newman's          year?
French baptismal certificate was
Jean-Antoine de Charry, marquis              Who was Lydia Ferguson, and
des Gouttes. Des Gouttes was a              was it she who took Francis to
French Admiral who was defeated             America and established a new life
by the British Admiral Edwin Bos-           for him there?
cawen in 1758 at the Battle of               Was there any family connection
Louisburg in Canada during the              between Sir Edwin Sandys and
Seven Year War. Boscawen would              Hanna Sandys, and if so, did this

have any relevance to Francis’s             of love and passion, incarceration
story?                                      and desertion, fortunes lost and
 Does the portrait of Francis New-         found, adventures and travel, birth
man dressed in the uniform of an            and death – quite enough to fill a
American infantry officer mean that         book or a movie.
he, like his son Jean Elisabeth Fran-       Whilst I sympathize with my English
cois Newman, joined the American            ancestors who for 200 years suc-
army and fought against his home-           cessfully concealed all knowledge of
land in the War of 1812?                    Francis’s American descendents, I
                                            can just as easily identify with the
 What Newman family treasures              esteem and admiration in which
remain in the possession of the re-         those American descendents hold
clusive widow of a descendent of            their colourful ancestor.
Frances       Newman’s       nephew
(Francis Newman of North Cad-               Footnote
bury’s grandson), and what will be-         Chris says: Sadly he’s not my direct
come of them when she dies?                 ancestor, but a g-g-g-g-uncle. Still
    Anyone who has visited my               he had a big influence on the fam-
website        (www.newman-family-          ily’s history both in the UK and in and attempted to read             the US. It’s so frustrating knowing
through the page covering the life of       so much about him and yet knowing
the “young” Francis Newman will             so little! Almost everything that I
have discovered it to be a jumble of        know about him came to me from
anecdotes and speculations which            people who discovered my web-
are not easy to find a way through.         site. It’s been the most amazing
As this article demonstrates, some-         source of information for me!
where underneath the speculation            Contact Chris by email
and anecdotes is a fascinating story

   Newman's Brewery is located at           bear and wolves are present.
the foot of the Mendip hill range in           The brewery uses a supply of
the historic village of Banwell.            local precipitation water with excel-
   All of Newman's beers are                       lent mineral properties, col-
named after pre-historic animal                    lected from the Mendips sup-
legends which inhabited the                        ply reservoirs. Each beer is
local area during the Pleisto-                     hand-crafted using the finest
cene periods.                                      whole hops and malt, which
   Remains of all of these ani-                    are then uniquely blended to
mals can be found at various                       produce the distinctive taste
archive sites within the Mendips, for       that represents the quality of the
example at Banwell Bone Caves               brand.
where remains of stags, lions, cave         See

    Currently screening and in it’s        final to see who will be crowned the
third series is a Melbourne-based          annual winner. Each year, the grand
quiz/chat show “The Einstein Factor”       final winner receives a trophy ac-
where contestants from all walks of        knowledging their achievement.
life with a very specialised knowl-        There will be no other prizes
edge of one chosen subject and             awarded to any participants on
broad general knowledge skills, test       the program.
themselves against others and a                One contestant recently was
personality panel      (The Brains         Andrew Newman whose special
Trust).                                    topic was ‘The Roman Emperor Au-
    At the end of each episode the         gustus’ (He won!)
contestant with the most points will
be declared the winner and go on to        Ed. Note: I’ll let you know how he
play-offs and eventually a grand           did in the Final!

The Salisbury & Winchester Journal, 6 June, 1825
Thursday se'nnight was married Edward Newman, Esq., late of Market
Lavington, to Ann, daughter of Robert Smith, Esq. Shareshill, Stafford-

The Salisbury & Winchester Journal, 12 March, 1827
Died at Corsham, aged 85, Mr.Robert Newman, father of the late
Mr.Richard Newman, who died on his passage from Jamaica, and also
of Messrs.Charles and Wm.Newman, now planters in that island.

The Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette, 22 June, 1833
This morning Mr.Jeffries, of the Forest, Melksham, to Mary Anne, eld-
est daughter of Mr. John Newman of the George Inn, Melksham.

The Cosford database for Kersey, Suffolk has copious amounts of New-
man names. They are mainly folk from the area of Kersey, Suffolk.
 See
 There are also two final names from the listing on this page: http://

From The Salisbury & Winchester Journal, 8 May, 1826:

                  Notice to the Legatees under the Will of
                  Mr.ROBERT WHITMARSH deceased,
                          or their Representatives
WHEREAS ROBERT WHITMARSH, late of Redlinch, in the parish of
Downton, in the county of Wilts, Gentleman, deceased, did, in and by his
last will and Testament, direct that upon the decease or second marriage of
his wife, the residue of his Property, after certain specific devises and be-
quests should be satisfied, should be divided into two equal parts, and one
of those parts be distributed between all his Brothers and Sisters, and the
issue of such of them as should be then dead, in the manner therein men-
tioned and the other part be divided into three equal shares, one of those
shares to go to his wife's brother, Nicholas Newman, one other share to
John Newman, son of the then late Samuel Newman, of Higher End, in
the said parish of Downton, and the other share between John Newman
and Samuel Newman, sons of the then late John Newman. But if the said
Nicholas Newman should not be living at the time of his wife's decease,
then the said testator directed that this share should he divided into two
parts, and that one of those parts should go to John Newman, of Higher
End aforesaid, and the other part be equally divided between the two sons
of the late John Newman. Notice is hereby given to all persons claiming
any share or interest under the said will, by virtue of the before mentioned I
bequest and directions, that Elizabeth Whitmarsh (formerly Elizabeth
Newman, spinster), the widow of the said testator, Robert Whitmarsh,
departed this life on the twenty-seventh day of March last past. And all such
person's are desired to send particulars of their claims (free of postage) to
Messrs.Wilmot and Son, solicitors, Salisbury, forthwith, in order that the
same may be examined.
Ed. Note: Oh, how I wish those Downton Newmans were mine - they pop up
everywhere, it seems.

                    Did you know? PRO now TNA
The English Public Record Office is now known as The National Archives.
It has one of the largest archival collections in the world covering 1000 years
of British history from Domesday Book of 1086. By using their website at you can gain access not only to their wonderful
catalogue but also documentsonline (including wills) and the nation-wide
Access2Archives for searching the catalogues of county record offices. It
really is a treasure trove for English history and well worth a visit for more
clues to your Newman family.

Alfred Newman                               tionship later led to his conducting
                                            some of George and Ira
    The story of Alfred Newman
                                            Gershwin's musical including
starts from humble beginnings. He
                                            "Treasure Girl" and "Funny Face".
was the eldest of 10 children and
                                            He also conducted Rogers &
his family were poor, but his inter-
                                            Hart's "Spring is Here" and "Heads
est in music was recognised at an
                                            Up", and Jerome Kern's "Criss
early age and, on a shoe-string
                                            Cross" among many other works
budget he received his first piano
                                            for the stage. At this time he con-
lessons, walking a round trip of 10
                                            tributed the occasional song to
miles every day to practice on an
                                            musicals, and other compositions
instrument belonging to a friend of
                                            included his adaptation of some of
his mother's. His musical talents
                                            Chopin's Nocturnes for Ballet.
blossomed and he seemed to de-
                                                Stage musicals were to lead to
velop a particular fondness for
                                            film musicals when Irving Berlin
Beethoven and Chopin. He played
                                            persuaded him to go to Holly-
the former's “Moonlight Sonata”
                                            wood, and thus Newman found
and Fur Elise” at a concert at a
                                            himself working in Hollywood as a
very young age, and seems never
                                            conductor in the 30s, during the
to have looked back. He earned
                                            early days of the talkies. He
some money from recitals and
                                            worked for United Artists for a
was able to continue his musical
                                            while and as director for Sam
education in New York supported
                                            Goldwin. His influence on music
by a scholarship and a kind
                                            from Hollywood extended consid-
teacher who taught him piano and
                                            erably when he was appointed as
harmony. There he also played in
                                            Music Director for Fox studios,
theatres and restaurants before
                                            then called 20th Century Pictures,
getting a job as an accompanist to
                                            where he remained as head of
Grace La Rue in her vaudeville
                                            their music department for nearly
act. The novelty of a young teen-
                                            two decades. Over this period he
ager accompanist, meant that
                                            contributed an enormous amount
Newman was part of the act and
                                            to film music as a composer, ar-
frequently dressed in costume for
                                            ranger, musical director and con-
the part. The vaudeville act went
                                            ductor. The role involved employ-
on tour, leading to further work for
                                            ing composers and other musi-
the talented pianist at the Harlem
                                            cians for Fox's films, and Newman
Opera House and on Broadway.
                                            played a key role in identifying and
By the time he was 20, Newman
                                            nurturing the talents of other com-
had struck up a friendship with
                                            posers starting out in the industry
George Gershwin and this rela-
                                            including David Raksin, Bernard

Herrmann and John Williams. He             supervisor! One of Newman's
also employed two of his younger           biggest projects, indeed one of
brothers in the industry, Emil             the biggest film projects of the
Newman and Lionel Newman.                  time with numerous directors and
There have been Newmans in                 a host of stars, was kicked off
Hollywood ever since, since two            soon after he left Fox. "How The
of Alfred’s sons David Newman              West Was Won" required a large
and Thomas Newman and his                  amount of music to fit its consid-
nephew Randy Newman are all                erable duration and, together with
established and accomplished               Ken Darby his frequent collabora-
film composers. One of his earlier         tor, Newman provided a score
tasks in his position at Fox was to        which linked together the various
write the 20th Century Fox Fan-            story elements integrating them
fare which is heard at the start of        with a number of song arrange-
the studio's movies. This means            ments. Watch out for versions of
that his music has probably been           "Shenandoah", "When Johnny
heard more times than that of any          C om es M a rc h i n g Hom e " ,
other film composer! To underline          Greensleeves” and the hymn
his huge contribution to the de-           “Rock of Ages” by Thomas Hast-
velopment of film music both be-           ings.
fore, during and after his stint at             "Airport" is one of Newman's
Fox, note that Newman received             last soundtracks and notable for
nine Oscars and countless Oscar            the composer's departure from
nominations.                               the traditional old style of grand
    As a composer he has pro-              lush orchestral music. Although
duced a significant amount of              there are moments of suspense
incidental music, but seemed to            and comedy, most of the sound-
retain a particular interest in mu-        track uses an easy-listening jazz
sicals. He played key roles in             influenced idiom to depict the day
"Alexander's Ragtime Band" and             to day activities in the airport.
"There's No Business Like Show
Business" as musical director,             This information was taken from
"The King and I" as conductor    
and "South Pacific" as musical

                          Vale - Peter Newman
 We regret to advise members of the death in August this year of NNS mem-
 ber, Peter Newman of Trimley St Mary, Felixstowe. Roberta Newman was
 sent the Order of Service from the Funeral and a note to say that her apolo-
 gies were given for not attending (short staffed at work) to Jem (Peter's son)
and that the church was full, singing very robust, afterwards eats and drinks in
 a marquee in the garden behind St Cecilia's RC Chruch. A Prayer was said
   at the end by J H Newman (presumably John Henry). Donations were for
                                Walton Surgery.

In The Newman Chronicle No.48 (July 2005) there was a piece from
Louisa Shermerhorn, in Canada, on Silas William NEWMAN who arrived
in Manitoba, Canada from England in the early 1900s. Our Keeper of
Newman Records, Bob, has been busy investigating.
   I had a look in the census and found Silas with his parents and siblings
in 1891 and 1901. Judging by the birth places given the family moved
around quite a bit.
   In 1891 they were living in a 4 room cottage in Ashbury, Berkshire
(RG 12/0974 folio 47 sch. 73) -
John J        Head   marr M 36 years    Dairyman employed     Nyland        Dorset
Emily M       Wife   marr F 35 years    Dairy Asst employed   Downhead Somerset
Gertrude R    Dau    um    F 16 years   Dairy Asst employed   Downhead Somerset
Elizabeth C Dau            F 13 years   Dairy Asst employed   Nyland        Dorset
George J      Son          M 11 years   Scholar               Longham       Dorset
Alice K       Dau          F 10 years   Scholar               Longham       Dorset
Silas W       Son          M 9 years    Scholar               Longham       Dorset
Albert C      Son          M 7 years    Scholar               Warmwell Dorset
John J        Son          M 2 years                          Downton       Wiltshire
William H     Son          M 3 months                         Ashbury       Berkshire
Frank         Boarder um   M 22 years   Dairy Asst employed   Downton       Wiltshire

  By 1901 they are living in a farm at Canford Magna, Dorset, and father
John has his own Dairy Farm (RG 13/1977 folio 33 sch. 62) -
                                     Dairy         employer
John J        Head   marr M 46 years Farmer        at home Nyland Farm Dorset
                                                   worker at
Emily M       Wife   marr F 45 years Dairy ?       home      Downhead Somerset
Elizabeth C   Dau    um    F 23 years                         Nyland Farm Dorset
Sylas W       Son    um M 19 years Dairy Lad       worker     Longham       Dorset
Alice K       Dau    um    F 20 years                         Longham       Dorset
Albert C      Son    um M 17 years Dairy Lad       worker     Warmwell      Dorset
John J        Son    um M 12 years                            Downton       Wiltshire
William H     Son    um M 9 years                             Ashbury       Berkshire
Dorothy F E   Dau    um    F 4 years                          Shillingstone Dorset
William Spear Servant um M 22 years Dairy Chap worker         Castle Cary   Somerset

  I notice that one son, John, was born in Downton, Wiltshire which is a
very popular village among our members.

These emails queries are published in the hope members might be able to
provide some answers.

Newmans of England and Australia
This query from Jenny Merrell
     I have been referred to you from        any other living relatives do not
Chris Newman. I have been looking            seem to have any more knowledge
for information about my Great               of the original Joseph then I do. My
Grandfather Joseph Gower New-                grandfather was at Gallipoli and
man who came to Australia from               was quite a war hero, being
Birmingham, England; I have no               awarded the Military Medal his story
evidence of this I can only go by            was in the London papers at the
what I’ve been told. Joseph met              time under the heading “The Amaz-
Caroline Wright, my Gt Grand-                ing Aussie”. I never heard my
mother and they had a son Joseph             grandfather talk about his father or
lewin Gower Newman, he was born              his origins and my mother and her
at Wickham Terrace, Brisbane                 siblings never seemed to ask ques-
Queensland, Australia on the                 tions, my mothers name was Caro-
08/01/1897. Not long after this my           line Lillian Gower Newman, the
Great Grandfather died in a tragic           Gower seems to be a common
accident, my mother told me he               thread and has been passed down
died in his early twenties, of the           from my Great Grandfather I think it
bends while deep sea diving in               may have been his mother’s maiden
Queensland, but I am not sure of             name, but I’m not sure. I would
this, he was buried at Toowong               grateful if you could help me in any
Cemetery on the 13/01/1899. Caro-            way or if you could steer me in the
line went on to marry a Thomas               right direction.
Marshall and had other children, but
Jenny’s email is:
Her postal address is unknown.

Newmans of Suffolk
This query from Bob Newman
     My ancestor, William NEW-                    A few miles to the west of Box-
MAN, married Elizabeth GOODING               ford is the village of Cavendish,
in Oct 1748 in village church at Box-        where a John NEWMAN married
ford in the county of Suffolk, Eng-          Alice PARSONS on 28 May 1751,
land. Their descendants have pro-            and again the descendants of this
duced a fair number of sets of twins         couple have produced a number of
over the years, continuing into the          sets of twins.
late 20th century.                                I would therefore like to find

out if William and John are related.              I was wondering if anyone else
As yet I have been unable to find            has come across these couples and
their baptisms, but neither was bap-         has any more details on them.
tised in the parish of marriage.                 Bob Newman

Bob’s contact details are on our back cover. (He is our Keeper of New-
man Records).

Newmans of Springvale, Maine, USA
This query from Dave Whitehouse of Auckland, New Zealand
    I am on a never-ending (it           WHERE he was born and when he
seems) search for Robert James           ARRIVED in America from (I am
NEWMAN of Springvale, Maine              very sure) London, England. As a
around the period 1830-1854.             ten-year-old (in 1846) he was
    As an eighteen-year-old he left      placed under the guardianship of
Maine for Sydney, Australia in 1854      one Benjamin NEWMAN in Spring-
on the Barque 'Homer' .                  vale. We can only surmise this was
    Various folk over the years have     because of the demise of his par-
contributed ideas and thoughts and       ents or something similar.
links to try and solve the mystery of
Dave’s email is
His postal address is unknown.

Newmans of Southampton, England
This query from Alison Tessier
     I wonder if you can help me             with the parents of Henry Penney
please with the family of Henry              Newman, or any other details I
Penney Newman :                              would be extremely grateful, here
     My great uncle - Henry Penney           are the following details on my great
Newman, was born in Southampton              uncle and subsequent family and
(1839/40), but married his wife -            children:-
Ann Gillingham, in Bridgewater, she             Henry J Newman
was also born there. Henry New-                 Laura Jane Newman
man's family also lived in Notting              Alice Ann Penney Newman
Hill, Kensington, and so did his son            Clara Penney Newman
and daughters, having moved from                Edith Louise Newman
Bridgewater, Somerset.                          Kate Penney Newman
     If you can help me in any way
                                                   Kind regards, Alison Tessier
Alison’s email address is:
Her address is unknown, but possibly Bob Newman (address on back
cover) could help as he was her first contact.

                  Help Wanted!
 Some dear, kind USA/Canada-based member is desperately need to
                        fill the role of
                       The job is not too onerous:
  He/she would receive and reply to queries regarding membership.
Email/internet access would be a great advantage, as email does make
it easier for office bearers in North America/Canada and Australia to
                    confer quickly and conveniently).
One major part of the job would be to arrange for the Chronicle to be
 photocopied each quarter, then collate it and post out to our North
  American members, after receiving an updated list of financial
 Expenses incurred (photocopying/postage, etc) will be reimbursed
         when receipts are sent to Anne Cole in England.
Any queries the Secretary receives which are suitable for inclusion in
     our journal, need to be forwarded to Sandra in Australia.
If you feel you might be able to help the Society in this way, please get
 in touch with Anne Cole, Graham Newman or Bob Newman (contact
         details on the back page), or send an email to Sandra

                          Please, please help!

             Newman Name Society Subscriptions
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      United Kingdom:         £6.00                North America:    $10
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 & Keeper of Newman Records               Mrs Sandra Beckett
   Robert J Newman                         PO Box 381
   46 Great Cob,                           Hastings, Victoria, 3915, Aust.
   Chelmsford, Essex CM1 6LA               email:

       United Kingdom                       Canada/United States
Secretary                             Secretary
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                                           Australia/New Zealand
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1851 Census                           Subscription Officer
  Michael D Newman                      Sandra Beckett
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Parish Registers
 David E Newman                       Collector of Australian Records
 17 Redriff Close                       Lynne Hoggett
 Maidenhead, Berks. SL6 4DS             5 McKinly St
                                        Midway Point, Tas. 7171, Aust.
Indian records                          email:
  Mrs Ruth Newman
  27 Courtlands, Teston,
  Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5AS


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