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									A Book for People Who Disagree

The book is entitled Blessed Are the Contrarians: Diary of a Journey
Through Interesting Times.

Treviso, Italy, December 31, 2012 -- S. R. Piccoli (born November 13,
1950, the initials stand for Samuele Roberto) has been a High school
teacher almost all his working life. Now that he has retired, he can
finally spend more time doing what he loves most: writing. The book is
entitled Blessed Are the Contrarians: Diary of a Journey Through
Interesting Times.

Blessed are the contrarians, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. But
they must be very, very careful in these Interesting Times! Contrarians
are those who go against the current (as the dictionary states), who take
opposing stands from the majority: in the stock markets they buy when
others sell and vice-versa; in religious matters, if they are Christians,
they continue to believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, in
spite of the Zeitgeist, and if they are not they have the utmost respect
for what Christianity is all about and for its contribution to
civilization. In matters of culture, education and lifestyles, they are
“old-fashioned” while the rest of the world seems to be hell bent on
transmuting order into chaos.

This book is a kind of diary of a journey through our time—politics,
culture, lifestyles, worldviews, etc.—and back home again, where “home”
stands for a sense of belonging to something stronger than the spirit of
our times. In other words what this book represents is a sort of
explanation—though not a systematic one—of why the Author disagrees with
certain mainstream views in several domains. And this from a conservative
and Christian point of view, that is to say the perspectives that come
under severe attack from secular and progressive ideologies, the over-
influential schools of thought of our time.

The Author has collected in this volume some of the pieces which he has
posted on his blog (www.windrosehotel.com) over the last few years,
namely the most suitable to this traditional mode of communication.

S. R. Piccoli lives in the Venice area with his wife, his daughter, and
their dog, a Golden Retriever that swims like a fish and is crazy about
tennis balls.

S. R. Piccoli
Via B. Tomitano, 19
Treviso, Italy 31100

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