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‘’Don’t Tread On Me’’ - Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
By Donna McGill

There’s something reassuring in a southern gentleman taking control with confidence. Texas’ current attorney general is just the man
to inspire confidence in all things legal and political. Seeking a new term as the Lone Star State’s AG, Abbott is a no-nonsense man’s
man who fears little, if anything. Case in point: he’s taking on Google! He’s also this week’s Law Star inductee. Keep reading for more
on this southern lawyer.

                             With a campaign slogan of just            Gulf of Mexico oil drilling bans. He’s even faced off with those
                             four words, ‘’Don’t tread on me’’,        fighting for the new national health care changes. Perhaps
                             there’s no denying the confidence         in his most risky move, he’s taken a definitive stand in the
                             and determination behind legal            Arizona illegal immigration quagmire.
                             mind Greg Abbott. It might be
                             worth Google’s time to consider, as       Abbott is facing off against Barbara Ann Radnofsky, his
                             well. Few people are willing to take      democratic opponent who’s currently a Houston attorney.
                             on the internet giant. Not Abbott;        Unfortunately, it looks as though there will be at least some
                             in fact, it’s not even occurred to        degree of mud-slinging. That’s too bad, because Abbott has
him not to.                                                            undoubtedly did great things for the state of Texas and his
                                                                       opponent has had her fair share of proud moments. Her
With a promise to look into the business practice of the               biggest problem with Abbott is his stance with Arizona as it
conglomerate, and in particular, how searches are conducted            moves forward in the red-hot immigration debate.
and whether or not Google is manipulating the results pages
in a way that could violate the country’s antitrust laws, Abbott       Before finding his niche in the political arena, Abbott served
and his team have hard at work in an effort to uncover the             on the Texas Supreme Court and a State District Judge in
truth, regardless of what their investigations reveal. Google is       Harris County, Texas. Back then, as he does now, he puts his
already firing back, albeit indirectly. It’s gone on record to say     priorities on ‘’protecting the families and children of this great
that Texas certainly has the right to investigate the American         state of Texas from those with evil intent’’. He’s been named
based company, it must have citizens from that state filing            ‘’Trial Judge of the Year’’ by the Texas Association of Civil Trial
complaints and thus far, there’s been no evidence. Ah, but             and Appellate Specialists and was appointed by then-Governor
then again, they don’t know Greg Abbott.                               George W. Bush in 1995 to the Texas Supreme Court. He’s
                                                                       received many awards, including ‘’Jurist of the Year’’ and
As Abbott is quick to remind constituents and anyone else              ‘’Appellate Judge of the Year’’. Abbott graduated from the
for that matter, these accusations have dated as far back as           University of Texas with a B.B.A. in Finance before receiving
2003 and the time to act on them is now. With more calls for           his law degree from Vanderbilt University.
regulation, a lot remains to be seen as to the final outcome,
but you can be sure Greg Abbott and his hand-picked team               Abbott resides in Austin with his wife and daughter.
will lead the charge.

This isn’t the first ‘’big daddy’’ lawsuit Abbott’s faced. He has,
in his role as the Texas AG, faced the federal government’s
Environmental Protection Agency and tackled his share of the

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