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									                          Port Elizabeth - Elephant Addo Houses

Synonymous with gorgeous weather, Port Elizabeth in South Africa's Garden Route is the best
place to visit for enjoying ocean and beach related activities such as sun bathing, sailing, scuba
diving, and boating, as well as fine dining, shopping, and more. In addition, Port Elizabeth is also
famous for its close-proximity to local townships and private game reserves.

With its ideal location in the Garden Route, Port Elizabeth is a short drive to a variety of game
reserves including Shamwari Private Game Reserve, Addo Elephant Park, and a handful of other
smaller reserves where visitors can view a wide spectrum of diverse fauna and flora as well as
the Big Five.

Port Elizabeth is also known for its rich historical and cultural heritage.As the second oldest city
in South Africa, Port Elizabeth is celebrate for its Xhosa heritage and a wide spectrum of
historical landmarks such as the Historic Donkin Heritage Trail, Old Hill, old-world architecture,
and stunning parks comprised of intricate gardens and gorgeous green fields.

Although Port Elizabeth addo is famous for its beauty and abundance of activities, some argue
that nothing compares to visiting a local township where you can interact with locals, learn about
their everyday lifestyles, and immerse yourself in an enlightening cultural experience.

For those looking to travel off the beaten path, a tour through Port Elizabeth is the perfect way to
open your eyes to hidden areas you would have never seen on your own. Whether you're looking
to take a safari tour through a nearby game reserve or tour a local Xhosa township, there are a
variety tour providers that bring you up-close to it all.

Some of the best tour providers in the Garden Route area are the Fair Trade In Tourism (FTTSA)
certified touring companies. These companies give back to the local economy, communities, and
school systems, and work to sustain the local environment to ensure a thriving wilderness.
Select from a variety of excellent tours, including...

The Addo Day Tour:
Home to the largest population of elephants on the planet, Addo Elephant Park is the perfect
place to spend a day while visiting Port Elizabeth. During your tour through Addo Elephant Park
you'll see mother elephants tending to their young, as well as antelopes, zebras, lions, leopards,
buffalos, rhinos, and more. As you observe these magnificent creatures in their natural
environment, guides can provide you with their rich knowledge on the behavior and lifestyle of
these animals.

The City Tour:
Gain a deep insight into the local villages and people as you venture to the nearby townships of
Kwazakhele, Zwide, and New Brighton. During this visit, you'll discover what it was like for
South Africans during the apartheid and how their social history has shaped their existence
today. You'll also travel down one of the main shopping streets where street vendors sell their
products and works of art, visit a local community-run children school (where some of the funds
from your tour fee goes to), and tour through Red Location-the oldest township in South Africa.

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