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									                                      Empower Network

                                     The Products Review


There are a number of products available within the empower network. Here we will take a look into the products that
are currently available. Over time, you will find that more new and exciting products will be added and available to you.
Not only will this help to keep things fresh and exciting, but also will continue to provide you with even more ways to
earn through the empower network system.

                               Empower Network Product Review

                              Products currently available from empower network:

               1. Empower Network Review – Blogging Platform
This will be your base product. Your empower network blog is going to be your home base for all empower
network products you decide to purchase. As we discussed above, the empower network blogging system is a
powerhouse that is going to help you to rank well, gain exposure, promote the system, blog about any topics that
interest you and so on.
You will also have the ability to promote anything else you would like from your empower blog. Perhaps you are
an affiliate of other products and/or services or maybe you have an existing home based or online business, you
are welcome to promote those as well.

You will be provided with everything you need to get started; sales pages, sales funnels, promotional
videos, email capture pages and plenty more.

You will also receive the Fast Start Training Guide.

This set of lesson videos and lesson quizzes will teach you how to get started and get you moving forward with
your new empower network business. There are a total of 8 lessons. After taking the time to examine the system
and training, I can tell you in this empower network review that it is well worth the price.
To gain all of the items above anywhere else you would be paying anywhere between $2k – $5k whereas with
empower network, the cost is only $25 monthly, which also gives you the legal right to sell this item and collect
$25 monthly commissions. The savings here are tremendous.

        2. Empower Network Review – Inner Circle Membership

The inner circle membership is going to give you access to industry leaders and the methods they are
implementing to achieve great results from the empower network system.
The inner circle is ever growing in material and resources in order to ensure that you are being advised on all the
most current and up to date methods available. There are downloadable audio sessions that you can listen to at
your leisure that are going to expand your knowledge and educate you even more. There is at least one new
addition to this vast collection added weekly.
The price for the Inner Circle Membership is $100 monthly. By purchasing this upgrade you will also be receiving
the legal right to sell it and to profit from $100 monthly commissions.

                  3. Empower Network Review – $15k Formula

This lesson package will teach you step by step what you need to do in order to begin earning profits of $15k per
month. The lessons are via video and provide you with instructions and information to guide you on your way.
The instructors in these videos are some of the most recognized people in not only the empower network, but
also in the marketing industry. To obtain this type of lessons from any of these leaders via consult would normally
cost you between $25 to $200 hourly.
Here you will be getting all of these lessons for only a one time payment of $250. Again by purchasing the $15k
Formula, you are also buying the legal rights to sell the item and receive one time commissions of $250 from your

            4. Empower Network Review – Costa Rica Intensive

This is one of the most exciting products currently offered by empower network. The Costa Rica Intensive is a
collection of 10 video lessons complete with lesson quizzes for you to complete after watching and completing
each lesson. There is a total of 10 lessons in this training package accompanied by 10 respective lesson quizzes.
Once again the instructors featured in these lessons are some of the industries best.
The Costa Rica Intensive package sells for a one time payment of $500 which also entitles you have the legal
right to sell the system and also collect one time payments of $500 from your members. This system normally
sells for $3k, with that being said you can quickly see the insane savings.

              5. Empower Network Review – MASTERS RETREAT

A couple weeks ago the Empower Network Masters Retreat took place in Costa Rica. This particular gather was
the third event since the Empower Network first got started back in the fall of 2011. The Empower Network
Costa Rica master’s retreat was with out a doubt one of the most important events for the company, one that
aims to mark a turning point and will help accelerate Empower Network’s momentum.
There were about 100 affiliates in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, including some of the most influential Internet
marketers of today at the retreat. According to some of the members the retreat was filled with beautiful exotic
views, life changing information and powerful connections in the Internet marketing world.

According to some of the retreat attendees, the real breakthroughs and powerful moments happened behind the
scenes of the Costa Rica Masters retreat. The main reason for the gather was to film "The Costa Rica Master's
Retreat" which will be a future membership trainings offer by the Empower Network. This specific training will be
a high-ticket price training, which can potentially increase the income of lots of Empower Network affiliates.
The event is good news for affiliates who will be able to benefit and earn a commission from the sale of the
training. Those who become an affiliate during this Empower Network marketing cycle would likely catch the
wave of momentum. The Costa Rica Master’s retreat training will likely attract all kind of affiliates even those who
are searching to sell high-ticket products.
According to some of the Costa Rica Master retreat attendees the training includes insightful secrets of
marketing and some of the most creative sells funnels, particular traits of what David Wood-Sharpe and the
Empower Network Team Puts out.


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