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Job Title:                   Exhibition Organiser

Department:                  Programmes

Main purpose of the job:     The Exhibition Organiser will work in close
                             collaboration with the Head of Programmes, Head of
                             Development and the Head of Projects to ensure the
                             smooth delivery of a number of public sculptures in the
                             Royal Parks and artworks for the Serpentine Gallery
                             40th Anniversary Auction

Reports to:                  The Exhibition Organiser reports to the Head of
                             Programmes and the Director and Co-Director on the
                             Public Art Commission and the Head of Development on
                             the Serpentine Gallery 40th Anniversary Auction

Liaises with:                All levels of contact, internal and external.

Main duties:

   Set budgets for projects, together with the Head of Finance, Head of Programmes
    and Head of
   Development
   Monitor budgets on a regular basis and alert the Heads of Finance, Programmes
    and Development to any likely variances and propose plans to deal with these

   Devise project schedules and communicate key deadlines to rest of team and key
   Monitor schedules and alert the Heads of Programmes, Development and Projects
    to any scheduling issues that may affect the delivery or budget of an exhibition
   Produce strategic documents, positioning statements, and development summaries
    for projects in consultation with the relevant members of the Serpentine Gallery
Interdepartmental Briefings
   Schedule and lead positioning, delivery and debriefing meetings for both projects
   Attend weekly Programme Team Meetings
   Attend weekly Development Meetings
   Attend Staff Meetings on a fortnightly basis, providing up-to-date information
    on the current status of projects
   Lead staff walkthroughs of projects prior to the opening

Artist Liaison
   Prepare letters of invitation and contracts for artists
   Develop working relationships with exhibiting artists and their assistants, and
    act as main point of contact for the organisation

Artists’ Representatives
   Liaise with artists’ dealer(s) and their staff in relation to the organisation of the
    commission and auction

   Prepare contracts/letters of agreement with artists and all other outside partners
    involved in the Public Art commission and auction

Insurance and Monitoring of Artworks
   Ensure all relevant insurance is in place in conjunction with the Head of Projects
   In collaboration with the Head of Projects, ensure that the artwork is monitored
    on a daily basis
   In collaboration with the Gallery Manager, respond promptly to any change in
    condition of artworks and notify the Director immediately
   Work closely with the Gallery Manager to ensure transportation of works is
    within schedule and budget

   Work with artists and designers to develop the format, content and design for
    Serpentine publications with the guiding brief that they should be cost effective
    and competitive with other publications.
   Co-ordinate and oversee the production and schedule catalogues and any
    associated print
   Write texts as required for catalogues and draft Directors’ Foreword
   Identify and brief catalogue designers
   Identify and commission catalogue authors and liaise with authors throughout
    editing process
   Liaise with the publisher on format, print run, budget and production schedule
   Proof-read texts and edit texts, contract editors, as necessary
   Oversee colour proofing
   Approve the complimentary publication list

Limited Edition Prints
   Work with artists and printers to co-ordinate and oversee the production of
    Limited Edition Prints
   Provide text and image to the Print Manager for promotional material

   Write texts and labels and other project information
   Oversee the production of all signage

   Provide information for fundraising applications to public sector bodies, sponsors,
    trusts, foreign governmental organisations and individuals
   Lead tours for lenders, patrons, VIPs and others
   Work with colleagues to contribute and code to guest lists for special previews,
    private views and opening events

Press and Publicity
   Liaise with the Press department on facilitating the press plan
   Provide text and images for the publicity bulletin and other printed material
   Speak to press about Serpentine Gallery projects as appropriate

General Duties
   Ensure the that the Directors are consulted and informed about all aspects of the
   Draft letters for the Directors as required
   Undertake other duties, which may reasonably be required

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