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									      Technology in Education
           Thursday, September 29, 2010
    Sharren Y. Williams, Technology Coordinator

Delano Optional School 1716 Delano Ave. Memphis, TN 38127
                  Patrice R. Shipp, Principal
   Bachelors Degree in Newspaper Journalism
   Masters Degree in Elementary Instruction,
    Curriculum & Leadership: Elementary
   Newspaper Reporter , Advertising Layout,
    Public Relations, Design Newsletters,
    Published Magazine, Design Marketing
    Packets for Small Businesses
   Former 5th and 3rd Grade Teacher. Presented
    workshops to faculty and at the Teaching and
    Learning Academy
   Ongoing Professional Development Training
Standard 1.0
Students will understand basic operations and concepts of
   – Students will demonstrate an understand of the nature and
      operations of technology systems.
   – Students will exhibit a proficiency in the use of technology.
   – Students will develop basic skills (alpha numeric and symbol
      characters) in using keyboard; using the touch system.

Learning Expectations/Grade Level Activities
 Learn how to log onto the network using username.

 Learn how to log off/restart the computer.

 Learn how to use the mouse properly.

 Learn how to single click with the mouse.

 Learn how to double click with the mouse.

 Learn how to click, hold, & drag with the mouse
   Stanford Math
    design a math curriculum that allows the student to
    work at their own pace, on their own time, and that
    reinforces weak concepts while not over-teaching
    understood concepts, which can breed boredom.

   Destination Learning: Reading
    gives educators the tools and training they need to
    provide effective, individualized, standards-based
    reading instruction and assessment.
   HeadSprout Early Reading
    The highly interactive, animated lessons keep kids
    engaged and excited about learning to read while the
    adaptive software automatically adjusts to your child
    needs. If your child doesn’t understand the first time,
    the software adapts with another round of
    instruction. New rounds of instruction continue until
    your child successfully understands the lesson.

   Discovery Education/United Streaming
    Over 9,000 videos, in addition to thousands of
    video segments, images, articles, songs, and
    more, this powerhouse of digital content is a
    snap to navigate.


   Math
     www.Waltke’s
   Memphis City School’s Website
    Curriculum & Instruction
    (State Curriculum Standards & At A Glance
    Pacing Schedule)

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