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Spring 2012
              NIABA Participates in NIAF 36th
              Annual Gala in Washington DC
                                                                  NIABA held its fall board meetings during
                                                                  the weekend of October 28-29, 2011 in
                                                                  Washington, DC and once again participated
                                                                  and shared in the NIAF 36th Annual Gala. The
                                                                  event afforded NIABA board members and
                                                                  guests with the opportunity to network with a
                                                                  host of Italians from abroad as well as Italian-
                                                                  Americans from every rank and position, all
                                                                  in celebration of our Italian-American heritage
                                                                  and culture.

                                                                    Once again NIABA’s President had the
              privilege and honor of being seated on the dais for the annual black tie ballroom dinner, hosting
              approximately 2,500 people in the International Ballroom of the Washington Hilton Hotel. The
              President of NIABA was one of 60 people on a three-tiered dais, including but not limited to Janet
              Napolitano, the Director of Homeland Security, U.S. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and others from
              the political ranks. Also present on the dais were Frankie Avalon, Dion Dimucci of Dion and the
              Belmonts, Fabio and other celebrities. Included also were Signore Salvatore Mancuso, head of the
              Alitala Airlines, Santo Versace (President of Gianni Versace, S.P.A., based in Milan, Italy) of the
              Versace Family, well known in the fashion industry, and many notables from Italy and the States,
              including Francesco Cascio, the President of the Regional Assembly of Sicily, John DeNapoli, the
              National President of UNICO and many others.                                     Continued on Page 2

              Letter from the President
              Incontro A Napoli
              Although the NIABA board           We met
              did not meet in Naples, Italy,     and gained
              we had excellent weather and       some new
              a great reception thanks to host   local Italian-
              Floridian attorneys Dominic        American
              Lucarelli and Paul Finizio in      attorneys as
              Naples, FL. Our Florida board      new mem-
              member, Danny Stallone, gave       bers, met
              heartwarming testimony to          and greeted
              the nurturing and expansion        many of the
              of professional and familial-      first-year
              like networking based in the       graduating                       Osetra’s restaurant owned by a
              charming Bayfront Inn on 5th       Italian-American law students    famous former Italian soc-
              Avenue (the Rodeo Drive of         (future NIABA members) of        cer star and sampled some of
              Naples).                           the Ave Maria Law School.        Dominic Lucarelli’s excellent
                                                 We enjoyed fine cuisine at
                                                                                             Continued on Page 2
                                Fall Meeting
BOARD OF DIRECTORS              Continued from Page 1

OFFICERS:                       Most notably besides the honored dais         Coordinator for the Southeast Region, who
                                members present, President Barack Obama       introduced us to a new member, Valerio
President                       himself made an appearance and gave           Spinaci, who is of Italian birth and licensed
Frank Joseph Schiro             a presentation to the assembled crowd         to practice law in Italy and in the U.S.
Executive Vice President        of Italian-Americans, recognizing the
Paul V. Schiocchetti            contributions of Italian-Americans to         Additionally, we were honored to have a
Regional Vice Presidents        this country, historically and currently.     former member of NIABA, Tom Mazziotti
                                President Obama jokingly recognized that      from Atlanta, GA, join us at one of our
  Canada                        although he was not of the same heritage      board meetings with interest in developing
   Dino Mazzone                 as we, his last name does end in a vowel.     more connections with the Atlanta area.
   Al Affinito                  NIAF graciously offered us conference         NIAF also graced us with complimentary
   New England                  rooms for our board meetings that were        tickets to the Friday evening Martini
   Sally Ann Janulevicus        conducted on Friday afternoon and             Special Music Event, providing open
                                Saturday morning. Our NIABA President         bar for martinis, pasta and music in the
   Mid Atlantic                 had the privilege and honor to co-present     International Ballroom, with a chance
   Lorraine C. Corsa            the jointly funded scholarship in the total   to network with the hundreds of folks in
   Mid West                     amount of $5,000 to the recipient selected    attendance.
   Joseph Frinzi                amongst the applicants, Mr. Nat Guerriera
   South                        from Brooklyn, NY, who is currently           We extend many grateful thanks to NIAF
   Daniel Stallone              studying at the New York Law School.          for its professional courtesies afforded
                                                                              NIABA and for all the NIABA members
Treasurer                       At our board meetings, we were joined         and guests who helped to make the fall
Sigismondo Renda                by guest attorney Paul G. Finizio, a          meeting an excellent success.
Secretary                       NIABA member, and also a NIAF Area
Peter Balistreri
P. Charles DiLorenzo
                                Continued from Page 1
Louis R. Aidala (NY)            homemade wine. We also met several of         for June 1st and 2nd, 2012 in Las Vegas.
                                his relatives and friends, while enjoying     We have obtained preferred VIP arrange-
Philip R. Boncore (MA)
                                a phenomenal classic and luxury auto          ments at Ceasar’s Palace. Anyone with
Mark Cameli (WI)                show on 5th Avenue evincing multimil-         interest in attending or questions can feel
Mario Capano (MA)               lions worth of Maserati, Lamborgini, Alfa     free to contact me at 414-271-7776.
Jonn S. Sciaccotta (IL)         Romero, Austin Healy, MG, Rolls Royce
Joseph Sena (NY)                and many others lined up for unending
Prof. Robin Malloy (NY)         blocks.                                       Fraternally yours,
                                                                              Frank J. Schiro
Carol Ann Martinelli (MI)
                                Several board issues were addressed in        NIABA President
Raymond A. Pacia (RI)           preparation for its next meeting scheduled
Prof. Peter A. Previte (OH)
Michael C. Rainone (PA)
Hon. Anthony J. Cutrona (NY)
Raymond Dettore, Jr. (RI)       We Need Your Email Address
Joseph M. Gagliardo (IL)
                                If you received a hard copy of this newsletter in the mail, it may mean we do not have
Hon Joseph N. Giamboi (NY)      your current email address. Please help us, help yourself, and help the environment
Anthony J. Gianfrancesco (RI)   by providing that contact information to NIABA Administrator Dana Robb at dana@

                                Not only will we save the cost of printing and mailing, as well as the environmental
                                resources, you’ll also get your newsletter sooner and be able to take better advantage of
                                the information and resources we offer in each issue.

                                NIABA News • Spring 2012 • page 2
Judge Paul A. Victor Joins NAM’s Panel of
Distinguished Dispute Resolution Professionals
                                   Judge Victor was elected to        • Regarding his courtroom            Victor’s “above average”
                                   the Supreme Court in January,        temperament, lawyers               legal acumen and said
                                   2000 and served there until his      praised Judge Victor by            “he displays a pleasant
                                   retirement in December, 2009.        saying: “He’s excellent,”          courtroom temperament.”
                                   Approximately, one hundred           “He’s respectful to all            They also said “he has good
                                   of his judicial opinions were        parties,” He’s evenhanded.”        settlement skills and runs his
                                   selected for publication by        • On the bench, lawyers              courtroom in an “efficient”
                                   the New York Law Journal as          commented: “His legal              manner.”
                                   a “Decision of Interest” and/        acumen is very good,”
                                   or by the New York State             “Efficient,” “He’s a very        NAM is one of the nation’s
                                   Official Reporter as a decision      hard worker.”                    leading dispute resolution
                                   “considered as worthy of           • All the attorneys who were       institutions and maintains
Honorable Paul A. Victor,          being reported because of            interviewed said the judge       rosters in every major city
former Justice of the Supreme      its usefulness as a precedent        is polite to everyone that       in the United States, with
Court, Bronx County, has           or important as a matter of          appears before him.              specific expertise in the areas
joined the Metro New York          public interest.” Prior to his     • When asked to describe his       of Complex Commercial,
panel of National Arbitration      tenure in the Supreme Court,         settlement skills, lawyers       Personal Injury, Professional
Mediation (NAM). Judge             he was elected to serve as a         said: “He’s got strong           Liability, Construction,
Victor is available to arbitrate   Judge in the Civil Court of          skills,” “Very proactive and     Insurance, Employment
and mediate cases at any of        the City of New York. He             will try to help the parties     and Real Estate Dispute
NAM’s offices throughout the       also served as a law assistant       work out their differences.”     Resolution.
Metro New York area. Fellow        to Judge Adrian P. Burke at        • Litigators praised Judge
NIABA member, Honorable            the Court of Appeals, hearing
Joseph N. Giamboi is also a        officer at the Conciliation and
member of the panel.               Appeals Board, arbitrator for
                                   the Civil Court of the City of
                                                                      Fall NIABA Meeting in Washington
Roy Israel, NAM President          New York, and hearing officer      to include CLE with NIAF
and CEO, stated: “Judge            of the Medical Malpractice
Victor is a great addition to      Mediation Panel in Bronx           The National Italian-American Bar Association will conduct its
NAM’s exceptional panel of         County.                            Fall, 2012 meeting on October 12th and 13th in Washington, DC
mediators/arbitrators in the                                          in conjunction with the National Italian American Foundation
New York area. He is well          Judge Victor has experience        (NIAF) for the third consecutive year. Please plan on joining us
respected by members of the        handling many different            as these two powerful prominent Italian-American organizations
bar and has been recognized        case types including medical       get together to promote Italian-American culture and heritage,
by attorneys appearing before      malpractice, complex               sponsor events and have a wonderful time.
him for his exceptional            commercial, real estate
settlement skills and proactive    transactions and personal          NIAF’s annual Gala brings together numerous Italian and Italian-
approach to assisting parties      injury disputes. He is known       American celebrities, honorees and invited guests. Last year,
in the resolution of their         for his proactive approach in      President Barack Obama addressed the group. An invitation has
cases. Judge Victor has had        helping parties to resolve their   been extended to him once again this year.
a distinguished legal career       differences.
as a private practitioner,                                            It is expected that Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and
counsel to Legislators and as      According to the 2010-2011         Samuel Alito will also be present along with many others.
a Judge. He brings with him a      New York Judge Reviews and         NIABA will once again present a scholarship to a qualified law
wealth of experience in a wide     Court Directory, lawyers have      student and this year will present a CLE event with the assistance
variety of case types, and is      made the following comments        of NIAF.
extremely well suited to offer     concerning their experiences
his settlement skills and legal    with Judge Victor:                 Please make plans to join us at the Washington Hilton during this
acumen to NAM’s clients.”                                             memorable event as we celebrate our achievements and make
                                                                      plans for the future to ensure we maintain a unified voice for the
                                                                      Italian-American community. Details will be available at
                                                             or www.naï

                                              NIABA News • Spring 2012 • page 3
                                         Affiliate Highlights
Columbian Lawyers                herself by her years of public    sions. Judge DiMango was an        Joseph DeMatteo recently
Association (First Judicial      service as a public school        adjunct professor of law at St.    concluded two years as Presi-
Department)                      teacher, a prosecutor and as a    John’s University School of        dent of the Columbian Law-
The Columbian Lawyers            Supreme Court Justice presid-     Law, where she taught crimi-       yers Association, First Judi-
Association for the First Ju-    ing over hundreds of serious      nal law, criminal procedure        cial Department, New York.
dicial Department will host      criminal cases each year,         and forensic psychology, and       At the Dinner Dance, which
the 47th annual Charles A.       many of which have garnered       now teaches college level          was held at the National
Rapallo Award Luncheon at        media attention. In addition to   courses in criminal law and        Arts Club, in Gramercy Park
the Waldorf Astoria Hotel,       having presided over count-       procedure at the New York          South, NYC, Andrew Maggio
in midtown Manhattan. The        less trials, Judge DiMango        Technical College.                 was installed as new President
event will take place on April   now serves as the Deputy                                             for 2012. The event was at-
28, 2012 from noon to 3 p.m.     Administrative Judge for          Our Association is honored         tended by over 100 members,
More information about the       Criminal Matters in the Sec-      that Judge DiMango has ac-         spouses, judges etc.
event can be found at www.       ond Judicial District, which      cepted the Rapallo award, The        covers all of Brooklyn, New       and we are further honored         DeMatteo is a partner in the
Rapallo Award is named after     York City’s largest and busi-     that last year’s Rapallo Award     firm of Bernfeld, DeMateo &
Charles A. Rapallo, the first    est borough.                      recipient, Justice A. Gail         Bernfeld, LLP. He represents
jurist of Italian-American                                         Prudenti, who is now Chief         individuals and corporations
heritage to sit on the New       Judge DiMango has authored        Administrative Judge for the       in complex civil and criminal
York Court of Appeals, which     several scholarly articles in     State of New York, will be         litigation in state and federal
is New York State’s highest      the areas of criminal law and     presenting the award to Judge      court, and before a variety
court.                           procedure and frequently          DiMango.                           of administrative tribunals.
                                 presents CLE programs to a                                           He is also a former Assistant
This year’s recipient is the     variety of bar associations.                  * * *                  District Attorney with the
Honorable Patricia M. Di-        She has also authored many                                           Manhattan District Attorney’s
Mango, who has distinguished     significant published deci-                                          office.

Our Community, Our Language: What Italian Americans Can Do
By Giulio Terzi                  They are affirmations of an       disseminate the teaching of our    and teachers has been active
Ambassador of Italy to           extraordinary friendship.         language in American schools       for several months now; we
Washington                       They come from the highest        one year after we signed the       launched a portal, Italy4Kids,
                                 of authorities and match          agreement which, thanks to         so that children and young
This year has turned October     the unprecedented public          your contribution, reinstated      people can learn more about
into the Italian Heritage        participation throughout the      Italian in the Advanced            Italy, its language, and its
Month in the United States.      United States in the events       Placement program.                 culture.
In Washington, the House and     of recent weeks. I still have
the Senate have submitted        vivid memory of the tens          We set the scene by making         Now we need you: get together,
a resolution to this effect      of thousands of people            2011 an all Italian year in        talk, discuss the opportunities
in response to an initiative     along 5th Avenue in New           the United States marked by        that learning Italian offers;
put forward by the Italian-      York on Columbus Day. I           very significant moments           tell your school’s principals,
American community with          received reports of similar       such as President Obama’s          teachers, and parents to
the support of the Embassy.      manifestations of pride and       proclamation for “Italy’s          learn more about Advanced
President Obama, in asking       satisfaction from our Consuls     birthday” on March 17 and          Placement Program (AP)
“what would America be           that organized over 130 events    President Napolitano’s visit       Italian and its advantages,
without the contributions of     for Italy@150.                    to New York. We have new           using the information and
Italy and Italian Americans,”                                      tools to bring Italian closer to   the contacts in the brochure
said he was proud to celebrate   I am calling on this very         young Americans also through       that has been prepared for
Italian American Heritage        Italian pride when I ask the      social networks: the website       the introduction of courses in
Month as well as the 150th       Italian-American community, a         September.
anniversary of Italy’s           in the United States to once      forum for discussion created by
unification.                     again support the Italian         the Osservatorio sulla Lingua      Let’s speak Italian and let’s talk
                                 government’s efforts to           Italiana for students, families,   about it.

                                            NIABA News • Spring 2012 • page 4
Welcome New NIABA Members
Welcome to the following       Renee Cipriano                Pasquale F. Giannetta           Dino Privitera
members, who’ve joined         Schiff Hardin LLP             Attorney at Law                 Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler,
NIABA in recent months.        Chicago IL                    Wayne NJ                         Eisenberg & Jeck, PC
                               312-258-5720                  973-872-9700                    Philadelphia PA
Maria Rita Alaimo              215-546-6636
Naples FL                                                                                   Donato D’Angelo               Theodore W. Grippo
                               Cleveland OH                  Grippo & Elden                  Gino Pulito
Sonia M. Alioto                551-427-8486                  Chicago IL                      Elyria OH
Novato CA                                                       440-322-1125
415-382-6171                   John J. Danna, Jr.                                           New Orleans LA                Lawrence S. Katz
                               504-598-2715                  Attorney and Counselor          Ernest A. Ricci
Kyle Joseph Barella               West Bloomfield MI              Naples FL
Naples FL
                                                             586-979-9090                    412-716-3025
                               Kyle A. DeCant      
Marianne E. Bertuna            Washington DC        
Brooklyn NY                    kd6508a@                                                      Giancarlo Rossi
718-238-9898                   Jonathan B. Kim                 Law Office of Albert R.                                     Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd       Annunziato
                               Michael Denise                Pembroke Bermuda                West Haven CT
Michael J. Bonanno             Oceanside NY                  441-299-7595                    203-787-1102
Jacobs, Walker, Rice &                             
 Barry, LLC                    Anthony M. DeVito, III                Philip Ruggeri
Manchester CT                  Darien CT                                                     Sterling Heights MI
860-646-0121                 Jon Alfonso LaMendola           586-685-0212                                            LaMendola Law Office  
                               Phyllis M. DiCara             Oak Creek WI
Anthony C. Cameron             DiCara Law                    414-762-6028                    Richard A. Russo
Pittsburgh PA                  Rocky Hill CT             Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald,
724-944-5383                   860-563-3325                                                   LLP
                              Bradley E. Lane                 Wilkes-Barre PA
Vincenzo Carannante                                          Civil Demand Associates, Inc.   570-826-5650
Shipman & Goodwin LLP          Antonio Faga                  Van Nuys CA           
Hartford CT                    Law Offices of Antonio Faga   818-787-7200 x220
                               Naples FL                     Michael Simoni
                               239-597-9999                                                  Miller, Canfield, Paddock &
Ross Carbone                Linda L. Mariani                 Stone, PLC
Camden NJ                                                    Mariani & Reck, LLC             Detroit MI         V. James Ferraro              New London CT                   313-496-7583
                               Bohonnon Law Firm             860-443-5023          
Victor J. Cavallo              New Haven CT        
Law Offices of Victor J.       203-787-2151                                                  James J. Tancredi
 Cavallo, LLC                    William J. Mazzola              Day Pitney LLP
Stamford CT                                                  Philadelphia PA                 Hartford CT
203-602-0260                   Joshua C. Garbarino           215-683-7133                    860-275-0331     Philadelphia PA               william.mazzola@      
Randall Chioini                jgarbarino@                                                   Nico Vitale
Chioini, Sarnacki, Reynolds,     Richard G. Monaco               Nico J. Vitale, PA
 Doherty & Piatt                                             Ridgefield CT                   Naples FL
Mt. Clemens MI                 Leslie A. Gentile             203-894-8306                    239-774-9900
586-465-4900                   Leslie A. Gentile Co., LLC              Rocky River OH
                               440-356-9922                  Humbert J. Polito, Jr.          Marjorie Vozza
James D. Ciampa                lesliegentile@                Polito & Quinn, LLC             Bronx NY
Lagerlof, Senecal, Gosney
                               Waterford CT                    718-863-2897
 & Kruse, LLP
Pasadena CA                                                  860-447-3300          

                                         NIABA News • Spring 2012 • page 5
                          National Italian American Bar Association - Application for Membership
                                            Duplication and redistribution of this document is encouraged.

Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Firm Name _________________________________________________________________________________________________
Firm Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip and Country ____________________________________________________________________________________
Office Phone _________________________________________                                   Fax ________________________________________________
Cell Phone __________________________________________                                    E-mail ______________________________________________
Web Site ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Home Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Law School, w/ graduation year _________________________________________________________________________________
In which states and/or countries are you licensed to practice law? ______________________________________________________
Which languages (besides English) can you read and/or speak fluently? _________________________________________________
Areas of Practice (please select no more than three)
☐ Administrative                                ☐ Defamation                             ☐ Labor/Empl/Mgmt Relations                  ☐ Real Estate Tax
☐ Adoption                                      ☐ Divorce                                ☐ Litigation                                 ☐ Retired
☐ Antitrust                                     ☐ Educator                               Malpractice                                  ☐ Securities
☐ Appellate                                     ☐ Employee Benefits                          ☐ Accountant                             ☐ Social Security
☐ Arbitration/Mediation                         ☐ Environmental                              ☐ Attorney                               ☐ Tax
☐ Banking                                       ☐ Estate Planning                            ☐ Medical                                ☐ Torts
☐ Bankruptcy/Reorganization                     ☐ Family Law                             ☐ Municipal                                  ☐ Traffic
☐ Business                                      ☐ Franchise                              ☐ Patent & Trademark                         ☐ Training/Consulting/Education
☐ Civil Rights                                  ☐ General Practice                       ☐ Personal Injury (Plaintiff)                ☐ Wills and Trusts
☐ Class Actions                                 ☐ Health Care                            ☐ Personal Injury (Defendant)                ☐ Workers Comp (Plaintiff)
☐ Commodities                                   ☐ Immigration                            ☐ Probate                                    ☐ Workers Comp (Defendant)
☐ Commercial Litigation                         ☐ In-House                               ☐ Product Liability (Plaintiff)              ☐ Zoning/Planning
☐ Construction                                  ☐ Insurance                              ☐ Product Liability (Defendant)              ☐ Other ____________________
☐ Corporate/Business                            ☐ Intellectual Property                  ☐ Professional Disciplinary
☐ Criminal                                      ☐ Investment Banking                     ☐ Public Service
☐ Customs/International Trade                   ☐ Judge                                  ☐ Real Estate

Membership Status: ☐ Attorney ☐ Judge ☐ Retired ☐ Law student
Membership Level & Annual Dues: ☐ Regular ($50) ☐ Sponsor ($100) ☐ Patron ($250) ☐ Law student (free)
Our newsletter is distributed electronically. If you would prefer to receive a hard copy in the mail, check here ☐.
How did you learn about NIABA? ☐ Local Association ☐ Web Site ☐ The Digest Law Journal ☐ Referral ☐ Other
Would you like to make a contribution to the NIABA Scholarship Fund? ☐ $100 or more ☐ $50 ☐ $25 ☐ Other
     Include your check, made payable to NIABA Scholarship Fund

I certify that I am at least one of the following: a lawyer of Italian birth or extraction; a lawyer related by marriage to a person of Italian birth or extraction; a lawyer
who is willing to support the purposes and objectives of this association. I further certify that I have been admitted to practice law and am in good standing in any
country or jurisdiction; or have been granted and possess a law degree from a college of law in any jurisdiction and would qualify for admission to practice law; or am
currently a law student in an accredited law school in any country or jurisdiction. All information I have provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Signature _________________________________________________________________________Date ________________________________________________

           Please mail this form along with your membership dues and
           any other amounts listed above, made payable to NIABA, to:
               PMB 932
               2020 Pennsylvania Ave., NW                                                                             Phone: 414-750-4404
               Washington, DC 20006-1846                                                                               Fax: 414-255-3615

                                                           NIABA News • Spring 2012 • page 6
Dual Citizenship Gives Special Meaning
to the Term Italian-American
By Lawrence S. Katz                become a naturalized citizen        obtained in the applicant’s         citizenship by marriage are
                                   of a diaspora country, did his      resident country must bear an       handled in Rome, and can
Dual citizenship offers            minor and unborn children           Apostille, the special seal of      take from two to three years
the descendants of Italian         -- and theirs – lose the right to   authentication. In addition,        to process.
emigrants more than symbolic       claim Italian citizenship jure      the applicant must produce
connection to their history.       sanguinis.                                              proof that      The adult children of
It presents an opportunity to                                                                 the          dual citizens can obtain
embrace the people of Italy        Only                                                       ancestor     recognition of their Italian
with a sense of belonging,         since                                                      was an       citizenship and their spouses
and a chance to establish a        January                                                    Italian      qualify for citizenship through
real presence there in hope        1, 1948,                                                   citizen at   marriage. When their children
of developing an intimate          have                                                       the time     are born, they will be able to
connection with the people         female                                                     of the       obtain Italian passports for
and the land.                      Italian                                                   progenies‘    them.
                                   citizens been                                            births,
Unlike countries which confer      able to pass on                                        by either        Friends and family members
citizenship jus soli, Latin for    their Italian                                          providing a      are often puzzled, asking,
right of soil, Italy determines    citizenship to                                        naturalization    ”Why go to all that bother?
citizenship jure sanguinis, or     any of their                                          certificate       You are American. Why do
by right of blood. Moreover,       children born                                         from the          you need to be Italian, too? Is
in contrast to other countries     after that date,                                      resident          it to be able to buy property?”
which recognize citizenship        based on a                                           country,           One answer is: Why
jure sanguinis but only            ruling of the Constitutional        proving parentage occurred          wouldn’t we want to become
allow diaspora applicants to       Court.                              before renunciation, or by          dual citizens? We want to
trace claims to citizenship                                            providing documentation             because we can, because
back two generations to the        Currently, Italian citizenship      from that government that the       it‘s a privilege. We want to
emigrant ancestor, Italian law     is governed by Law No. 91,          ancestor never did renounce         be Italian, too, out of ethnic
imposes no such generational       of 5 December 1992, which           their Italian citizenship           pride, because we love Italy,
limitation in the paternal         recognizes the importance of        to become naturalized               and oh yes, because it actually
line. Yes, there are additional    individual desire in the gain       elsewhere. Applicants must          would make it easier to buy
methods of acquiring Italian       or loss of citizenship, and         also provide birth certificates     property in Italy.
citizenship -- through             acknowledges the right to           for all their children, plus
naturalization, by special         hold citizenship in more than       any prior marriage license          Diaspora applicants choose
application, by marriage -- but    one country, except where           and divorce decree if they          Italian citizenship with
citizenship jure sanguinis is      disallowed by provisions of         were previously married. All        their hearts, but also with
the only automatic conferral       international agreements.           documents must be translated        their heads – especially
of Italian citizenship -- and it   Applications for Italian            into Italian by an accepted         their business heads. The
is a right and privilege many      citizenship jure sanguinis are      translator. Once the local          advantages are numerous,
of Italian ancestry in the         handled through the Italian         Italian consulate accepts the       especially in terms of
diaspora do not realize they       consulate that has jurisdiction     documents, they are sent to         employment.
possess.                           over an applicant‘s place of        the ancestral town where they
                                   residence. Each consulate has       are recorded.                       Dual citizens can live, travel,
Since the Unification of           slightly different procedures,                                          work, invest, study or retire,
Italy in 1861, which marked        requirements and procedural         The spouse of an Italian            without limitation, in any of
the inception of the country       time frames.                        citizen must wait three years       the twenty-seven member
and of Italian citizenship,                                            after the marriage to apply         states of the European Union.
Italian male citizens have         Basically, an applicant needs       for citizenship by marriage,        Each of those member
passed that citizenship on         to provide the birth and            and must obtain police              states, by agreement, issues
to their progeny, no matter        marriage certificates for every     clearance from his or her           passports bearing the EU
where those children were          ancestor in the lineage on          community, and then swear           seal. Because they don‘t
born. Only when an Italian         which the claim of citizenship      an oath of allegiance to the        need to obtain visas or
male citizen emigrated             is based, obtaining records         State of Italy, in Italian, once    work permits, dual citizens
elsewhere and renounced            both from Italy and from the        the application has been            are desirable employees to
his Italian citizenship to         resident country. Documents         approved. Applications for                    Continued on Page 8

                                               NIABA News • Spring 2012 • page 7
Dual Citizenship
Continued from Page 7
companies doing business           social changes affecting Italy,   Washington, D. C. reports         instead of Florida, or live a
in the EU. Dual citizens           impacted by low birth rates       that since 1991, the number       portion of your life there?), do
can go anywhere in the EU          and immigration-related           of foreign residents in Italy     something to contribute to the
and immediately open an            issues, and want to support       has tripled -- from just over     economy, or bring children
office. Additionally, diaspora     their ancestral regions and       350,000 to nearly one million     and grandchildren there, and
dual citizens can vote in the      rediscover their Italian          -- while non-residents are        instill a love in them for Italy
Italian elections and they also    heritage. And while Europe‘s      estimated at more than one-       and all things Italian.
automatically pass on their        birth rate has declined           quarter million. However,
Italian citizenship to their       drastically in the last two       2007 figures from Istat, the      American and Italian cultures
children under the age of          decades, Italy‘s is among         Italian national statistics       share so many core values
eighteen.                          the lowest in the EU, falling     bureau, put the number of         – freedom, individuality,
                                   below replacement.                foreigners living in Italy        acceptance of social change,
Since the mid-‘60s, the US                                           at nearly three and a half        love of the arts, love of life.
has not only recognized            In 1961, approximately 14.4       million.                          The dual citizen has the
dual citizenship, but no           percent of Italian families                                         privilege of making a concrete
longer rescinds the American       had four children. Only           With the negative birth           and meaningful contribution
citizenship of anyone who          1.4 percent do so now.            rate in Italy, the huge and       to the land of his or her
votes in a foreign election.       More common is the one            increasing aging population,      ancestors -- and the special
While there are no firm            child family, prompting           the emigration of young           opportunity to have a foot
statistics on the number of        the government to adopt           Italians seeking jobs abroad,     firmly planted in both worlds.
Americans applying for dual        incentives for couples to         and the increased influx of       Viva Italia!
citizenship in Italy or other      have more. The slight uptick      immigrants, many diaspora
EU countries, estimates are        in the Italian birth rate in      Italians feel they have a duty    **
that more than forty million       recent years has been due to      not only to reclaim their         “Dual citizenship gains
Americans are eligible for         the higher birth rate among       birth right, but to pass that     popularity with Americans
dual citizenship in the EU         the immigrant population,         right on to their children and    of Italian descent” by Mary
countries that grant it. **        producing almost twice as         grandchildren.                    Cuddehe, Columbia News
                                   many babies as Italians.                                            Service
There are some Italian                                               The increasing enthusiasm
Americans who eschew dual          Italy also has a large aging      for genealogical research, the    Lawrence S. Katz is a
citizenship, even though           population. One in five is        availability of information       criminal appellate attorney
they are avid genealogists,        a pensioner. While only           online, and the ease of access    and member of the National
qualify for Italian citizenship,   fourteen percent of the           to other people seeking to        Italian American Bar
and need only to collect the       population is under age 14,       reconnect to lost relatives       Association and the Italian
documents to reclaim it.           nearly nineteen percent is        has also fueled the interest of   American Bar Association
While these proud Italian          over 65, and their numbers        diaspora Italians in visiting     of Michigan. He is a dual
Americans cherish their            are rapidly swelling.             Italy for the first time and      citizen of the United States
heritage and feel deep affinity    Predictions are that by 2050,     seeking Italian citizenship.      and Italy. Katz has been
for Italy, they believe that       more than one-third of Italy‘s                                      active in a variety of national
reclaiming their citizenship       population will be pensioners.    Italian Americans who are         and local Italian American
would be an affront to the         In 2005, the Los Angeles          eligible should not only          organizations, including the
ancestors who left the mother      Times examined Italy‘s low        reclaim this privilege, but       Italian American Studies
country for America to             birth rate and predicted that     should make a concrete            Association and the Italian
establish new lives, and then      if current trends continue,       commitment to the future          American Cultural Society
eventually became naturalized      Italy‘s population, which is      of their second country.          of Michigan. He has written
US citizens. Dual citizens         nearing 60 million, could         Dual US-Italian citizenship       for a variety of publications
feel differently, confident        shrink by one third within        is a two-way strada. Yes, it      including Primo Magazine.
that many of those emigrant        forty years.                      comes with benefits, but it       He lives in West Bloomfield,
ancestors would not have left                                        also comes with expectations      MI, with his wife, Karen
Italy had they been able to        While ethnic Italians make up     – that the new citizen visit      Tintori, the author of seven
sustain themselves there.          ninety-seven percent of the       Italy, reconnect with relatives   books including two with
                                   population, that figure is also   there, learn Italian or rent or   Italian themes, Unto the
Increasingly, Italian              rapidly changing. The website     buy property there (Why not       Daughters and Trapped: The
Americans recognize the            of the Italian Embassy in         winter in the south of Italy      1909 Cherry Mine Disaster.

                                              NIABA News • Spring 2012 • page 8
Sacco & Vanzetti: New Light on an Old Story
With Malice                                            erupted.      a moribund Puritan elite            all costs, and judges must
Aforethought:                                          Overseas,     and the personal struggle           be free of prejudice, even
The                                                    American      of immigrants—especially            to those who espouse alien
Execution                                              embassies     Italian immigrants—seeking          ideals. He concludes that
of Nicola                                              were          acceptance and equality in          the lessons learned from the
Sacco and                                              stoned,       1920 America.                       Sacco-Vanzetti case stand as
Bartolomeo                                             American                                          sentinels of our liberty.
Vanzetti,                                              cars          The author takes the reader
recently                                               overturned,   through the Dedham, MA              About the Author
published                                              American      murder trial, discussing and        Theodore W. Grippo
by iUniverse                                           flags         examining new documents             graduated from Georgetown
and authored                                           burned.       and other recently discovered       University with a B.S.S.
by retired                                             Millions      evidence demonstrating a            in economics. He received
Chicago                                                claimed the   conspiracy to frame Sacco           a J.D. from Northwestern
lawyer and                                             two were      and Vanzetti. While the debate      University Law School and
NIABA                                                  framed and    over their guilt may continue       an L.L.M. from DePaul
member,                                                executed      for some, With Malice               College of Law. Grippo’s
Theodore W. Grippo, is the        for their political beliefs.       Aforethought will end the           professional experience in
tragic story of two Italian                                          argument for many.                  the fields of law enforcement
immigrants who were charged       The Sacco-Vanzetti case was        The Sacco-Vanzetti story            and private practice spans
and convicted of the murder       the “Trial of the Century”         has an enduring quality that        more than 50 years. He held
of a payroll guard in a Boston    – one of the most important        has kept it alive for more          the post of Illinois Securities
suburb in 1920.                   in American history …              than ninety years. It’s been        Commissioner and was
                                  “and it raised almost every        declared “the case that will        a senior and co-founding
The two Italians were             fundamental question of our        not die” because it raises so       partner of the Chicago law
associated with a local           political and social system.”      many questions regarding the        firm Grippo & Elden.
detested anarchist group                                             guilt of Sacco and Vanzetti
during a period of anti-          The story transcends the death     and because it illuminates          Grippo is a member of the
communist Red Scare hysteria      of the two Italians and the        today’s issues of immigration,      Advisory Board of the Center
in America. They were             vicious murder of the payroll      terrorism, and war.                 on Wrongful Convictions of
executed after six years of       guard. It’s an American epic                                           Northwestern University Law
failed appeals despite proven     with villains and heroes,          Finally, the case raises the        School and a member of the
misconduct of prosecutors         agony and triumph. It’s a          issues of the proper role           American Bar Association, a
and the judge and the             drama that touches on the          of the public prosecutor            Life Fellow of the American
testimony of a confessed          battle of the American labor       and the judge in criminal           Bar Foundation, a member
participant in the crime who      movement, the clash of             cases. Grippo argues that           of the National Italian
swore that Sacco and Vanzetti     capitalism and socialism, the      the prosecutor’s role is not        American Bar Association
were not involved. Upon their     exploitation of immigrant          to seek convictions at any          and other Italian American
execution, worldwide protests     labor by the remnants of           cost, but to seek justice at        organizations.

NIABA Dues are Due                                                   Conveying Title to Property in Italy
If you haven’t paid your 2012 dues yet, now is the time! We’ve       By Sonia Alioto
just updated our member list on the NIABA website; make sure
you’re a member in good standing so you don’t miss out on this       The conveyance of title to real property and other assets in Italy
valuable benefit and referral source.                                is governed by succession law and the related filings of an Italian
                                                                     estate are administered by the Italian Tax Authority (L’agenzia
If you receive a final notice in the mail this month, renew right    delle entrate).
away. Non-members will be removed from our database in early
May. Please don’t lose contact with NIABA or your fellow mem-        Italian Americans, frequently as unknowing heirs, may file a dec-
bers.                                                                laration of succession once a death certificate of their ancestor is
For more information, contact NIABA Administrator Dana Robb

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