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									Project Management Institute Great Lakes Chapter
2011 Spring Symposium

Advisicon’s Tim Cermak Presents
New Decade – Same Issues
Why are we not executing on our strategy? A Project Business User’s
Discussion for Prioritizing Resources for Strategic Performance
About The Speaker
Tim Cermak, PMP
Takeaways from this Presentation
                             Portfolio Selection: Make Informed
                                            If asked to cut budgets by 15%
                                            would you use a scalpel or a

Demand      Portfolio       Portfolio        Advanced         Capacity
 Mgmt     Prioritization   Optimization      Analytics        Planning

         Successful portfolio selection requires a handshake between
               Value Optimization and Resource Utilization

           PMO        Achieves

            More                 For successful Project
Making money
Saving money; improving efficiency
Bringing products to market
Supporting compliance
Maximizing return on portfolio
Staying on track, on budget,
in scope
Communicating status and
Quickly responding and adapting

What's important to you?
1   Gain visibility into projects and
    operational activities

2   Objectively prioritize, optimize, and
    select project portfolios that best align
    with business strategy and maximize
    business value

3   Proactively and reactively manage

4   Control and measure project and
    portfolio financial performance

5   Improve communication, information
    sharing, collaboration

6   Identify, mitigate, and communicate
    issues and risks

7   Invest in scalable, connectible, and
    extensible platforms
The continuous process of identifying, selecting and managing
a portfolio of projects in alignment with key performance metrics
                 and strategic business objectives.
Thomas Edison,
Tirrell Whitley,
Liquid Soul Media.
Leverage Technology
Collecting Information from Various Sources

          Surveys            Team Discussion
Enterprise Search
10 Principal Disciplines
That Enable Strategic Execution
  1    Business Intelligence / Reporting
  2    Portfolio Management
  3    Demand Management
  4    Forecasting
  5    Deliverables Based Work Mgmt.
  5    Team Collaboration
  6    Schedule Development / Mgmt.
  7    Common Operating Platform
  8    Common Knowledge Base
  9    Competency Based Training
  10   Compensation for Performance
Can We Extract Innovation from PPM?
Enterprise vs. Organizational Unit
                            The Enterprise Portfolio Management Council
                             James Pennypacker and San Retna, editors
Business Process Maturity Levels
Enabling Successful Change
Movement Along the “Commitment Curve”
Productivity During a Transition Period
Scalability Leveraging Technology and Innovation
The Language of Strategy 2 Execution
The 5 Bridges
That Enable People to Traverse the Execution gap.
… Some That Are Not
… and Two That Did
Organizations Closing the Gap
Personal Experience
Ten GoDo’s
To Help Drive Strategic Business Transformation
Some Final Parting Thoughts …
More Practitioner Resources

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