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       Everyone wants to be a charming person. Being charming person is not only can be
seen by the outside appearance but also the inside. A charming personality is more critical
and needed for everyone than a charming appearance. Here are some tips to develop the
charming personality:

   1. Changing with time and place.
       Don’t be always bored about a condition. This negative sense should be prevented as
       hard as you can do. A moody person is not good for making a relationship with the
       other, also cannot make a friend with the nature. Remember this sentence. Smile, and
       the world will smile to you or cry and you will cry alone. Those words make us to
       always be happy every time and everywhere. When you think that you are in a hard
       condition, convince yourself that outside there still exist he people who are in harder
       condition or even the hardest.
   2. Find friend and relation as many as you can.
       Traveling somewhere will assist you to meet and interact with the other people.
       Absolutely, by interacting with so many people you will face with so many characters
       too. Finally, it builds your mature personality unconsciously.
   3. Respect the other.
       This can be created by makes them always happy, smile, laugh, and give your honest
       statement about them. Make them happy will make they make you happy too in
       unexpectedly moments.
   4. Love the other as you love yourself.
       Through love, life will be so beautiful, meaning able, and useful. Giving love without
       asking a replying action from the people is the best thing to do.
   5. Don’t be childish.
       Act as an adult shows a strong and charming personality. Look outside, how many
       adult people but they cannot act as the adult. One of the characteristics of a mature
       person can be shown from the attitude, the politeness, and their way in making a wise
   6. Don’t find the other’s mistakes.
   Life is too short if you just find the people’s mistakes about something or even you
   blame them. It is worse if you publish and share it many people, meaning to say you
   kill their characters.
7. Don’t be inferiority.
   It is an obligation to you to take you as you are then repairing your weakness without
   ever feeling inferior or consider you self too small in front of people. Just believe that
   there’s no perfect person in this world.
8. Don’t be an arrogant person.
   Realize that there are some many people who are better than you in every single of
   aspects. Arrogant indicates of losing something.
9. Always smile to the other
   The people will be happier to see a smile in your face. It is better than the people
   should see your face by full of mumming and complained.
10. Expand your interest in every aspect.
    Don’t ever limit yourself; lengthen your talent, interest, ability, knowledge, and
   competence. Possessing one competence or specialization will be better and feel so
   perfect if it is supported by the other area’s competence, so that you will shine and
   full of charming.

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