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					                                                                                                                               01_UW_UNIVERSITY OF WUPPERTAL
Prof. Dr. Lambert T. Koch, Rector of the University of Wuppertal

Dear Reader,

         The annual report of the Uni-                also reinforces concentration      in-crease in external funding
         versity of Wuppertal (UW)                    on key areas and activities.       and the foundation of the four
         appears for the first time here              This process has been further      new business-sponsored pro-
         in an entirely new format. To-               supported by the creation of ef-   fessorships de-scribed later in
         gether with the University Re-               fective service structures, the    this issue.
         search Bulletin OUTPUT and                   establishment of new teaching
         the Management Report of the                 and research institutes and pro-   None of these gratifying de-
         Rector’s Office, the new UNI                 grams, and the extension and       velopments would have been
         Report will provide an annual                deepening of our regional and      possible without the commit-
         review of UW’s development.                  trans-regional networking.         ment and coop-eration of our
         Accordingly, this first issue                                                   professors, academic and non-
         focuses on the period from                   The UNI Report provides in-        academic staff, and students. I
         spring 2009 to summer 2010.                  formation about new offers         must take the opportunity here
                                                      and projects in teaching and       to thank them, as well as those
         The university can look back                 research, includ-ing the launch    who have compiled this excel-
         with a sense of pride on the                 of 15 new degree programs in       lent report. In this context I like
         past 18 months, which have                   winter semester 2009-2010;         to think we can apply to oursel-
         seen further intensive work on               and it outlines the ‘Bologna       ves a saying of the automobile
         the sharpening of our teaching,              Check’ (recently accepted as       pioneer Walter Chrysler: “The
         research and transfer profiles.              a national best-practice model)    real secret of success is enthu-
         A milestone in this respect was              with which the university has      siasm”. The work of the past
         approval of the UW mission                   sought – by evaluating and en-     18 months demonstrates that
         statement, whose formulation                 hancing the user-friendliness of   we at UW can also be fired by
         of the university’s contempo-                its degree programs – to meet      such enthusiasm.
         rary role, and corresponding                 public criticism of the changes
         interdisciplinary teaching and               brought in by the Bologna pro-
         research focuses, not only en-               cess. Further positive deve-
         hances our public image but                  lopments have been a sharp

          6|7   Wuppertal – many-sided, innovative, global
          8|9   Shaping the future together
        10|11   Research and study: looking forward
        12|13   Organizational structure
        14|15   Faculties and departments
        16|17   Degree programs
        18|22   Aspects 09|10 and Outlook
           23   At a glance

        26|27 A healthy future: Bergisch Regional Competence Center for
              Health Management and Public Health
           28 Barmenia: commitment to the future
           29 Technical Academy of Wuppertal: intensive preparatory course for engineering degree
        30|31 Twin-track degree: professional training + BSc
        32|33 Business engineer: profession of the future
        34|35 Wuppertal Municipal Utilities link-up with UW teaching and research
        36|37 Summer Academy 2009: Architecture and Energy
        38|39 Solar Decathlon Europe 2010: UW’s zero energy house
        40|41 Design and media competence: Apple Authorized Training Center
           42 Shaping Europe: new MA in European studies
           43 At a glance
        44|45 School of Education: pioneering teacher education
           46 Career profile: teaching – a women’s preserve?
           47 Actively shaping your program: Student Counseling Service
        48|49 Quality attack: Bologna check 2010
           50 Opening the door to a profession: Careers Service
           51 Wuppertal Waste Services: powerful partner in environmental protection

        54|55   Seeking the origin of the world: Wuppertal’s particle-physics at CERN
        56|57   HALO – a research laboratory above the clouds
           58   Soil ecology: impacts of climate change
           59   Better air through photocatalysis
           60   Human movement: healthy activity without pain
           61   NOVOTERGUM: success against back pain
           62   Terahertz radiation: IT of the future
           63   Riedel: ICT for the automobile of the future
           64   At a glance

        68|69   NRW Innovation Goal 2015: pathways through the funding jungle
        70|71   Active Safety Car: automobile of the future
        72|73   Wuppertal’s Sparkasse Bank: an equal partner
           74   Energy Efficiency Agency: innovative partnerships
           75   Sachsenröder: Bergisch Land InnovationLab
    	      76   Key regional think tank: UW’s Institute of Security Systems
           77   Velbert and Heiligenhaus: world’s key region
           78   psyrecon: tracking emotions
           79   Infrasonics: delta waves against sleep disorders

  80|81   Heinz Schmersal: global player with regional roots
     82   At a glance
     83   New design for Wuppertal’s Schwebebahn

  86|87   International relations: the wide world of knowledge and science
  88|89   UW’s international partner universities
  90|91   Studying abroad: partner university portraits
     92   A semester in Wrocław, Poland
     93   At a glance
  94|95   Untying tongues: UW’s Language Center
  96|97   Havana: an intercultural experience
     98   Iranian students in Wuppertal: building earthquake-proof houses
     99   Go west, young man!
100|103   A week in the life of a Professor of Traffic and Transport Engineering

106|107   University sports: from exercise to competition
108|109   A family-friendly university
110|111   Living space with environmental bonus: UW’s student halls
112|113   Perfect framework for successful studying
    114   Campus at work: a glance behind the scenes

    118   Remscheid-Solingen evergreen: local media cooperation
118|119   Shakespeare Live! Visions for generations project
120|121   University ball: keeping in touch
    122   25 years University Concerts
    123   UniTal – a lecture series with cult status
    124   At a glance
    125   Unicut Film Festival

128|129   Seeing your way ahead: student counseling at UW
    130   At a glance
    131   Abitur – then what? Education and training fairs
132|133   Bergisch Schools Science and Technology Program (BeST)

    136   At a glance
    137   Hans-Joachim von Buchka – a tribute
    138   Honorary doctorate for Ranga Yogeshwar
139|143   Prizes and honors
144|156   Comings and goings
    157   In memoriam

160|163   UW history: milestones
164|167   Facts and figures
    168   Imprint



    Wuppertal – many-sided,
    innovative, global
             Nicknamed the “green city”,          markets across the globe. And          Germany’s finest, containing
             Wuppertal lies amidst the            the textile-dying tradition is still   some 4,500 animals of 450
             hills and valleys of the idyllic     alive in the valley: the saffron-      species from every continent.
             Bergisch Land, an oasis at the
             center of one of Germany’s
                                                  colored curtains of Christo’s
                                                  7,500 “Gates” in New York’s
             major industrial regions. With a     Central Park (2005) were dyed          Wuppertal has a number of
             population of around 352,000         in Wuppertal.                          smaller residential, shopping
             Wuppertal is a modern city                                                  and recreational areas and two
             with many different facets.          R&D is the city’s daily bread,         main centers, Elberfeld and
                                                  and Wuppertal’s university,            Barmen, with long-established
             For centuries innovation and         founded in 1972, is no excepti-        stores, fashionable boutiques
             creative ideas have set the          on. Here research has many si-         and modern shopping malls, as
             tone. This is the city of the        des, and the exchange of ideas         well as daily and weekly mar-
             world-famous Schwebebahn,            with local industry is rich and        kets.
             the suspension monorail that         fruitful. With its unique spect-
             since 1898 has been the city’s       rum of subjects, leading-edge          Centrally situated and at the sa-
             trademark and a symbol of its        research, and regional roots,          me time close to the universi-
             progressive engineering tradi-       the ‘university on the hill’ has       ty, the old quarter of Elberfeld,
             tion. This is the birthplace of      become an indispensable part-          with its art nouveau houses
             Friedrich Engels and a cradle        ner within the economy of the          around the Laurentiusplatz,
             of Europe’s early industrializa-     Bergisch Land.                         and the adjoining Luisenstras-
             tion, the city of spinning and                                              se, with its cafés, pubs and re-
             bleaching and the many indus-
             tries that followed. The twin
                                                  Leisure                                staurants, have taken on the air
                                                                                         of an unofficial student quarter.
             traditions of textiles and tool-     Wuppertal is an attractive uni-        The people of Wuppertal en-
             making spread the name of the        versity city offering a wide           joy partying, and each quarter
             valley and region throughout         range of leisure-time activities       has its characteristic street
             the world, and made them             including sports centers and           markets and feasts: Vohwinkel,
             rich. The heritage of this period    facilities for swimming, indoor        with the world’s biggest annual
             is still visible today in the ele-   soccer, indoor climbing and            one day flea-market, and simi-
             gant art nouveau houses that         ropes courses. And Wuppertal           lar events, like the Luisenfest,
             line the streets of entire quar-     is active: its 250 sports clubs        in the picturesque old quarters,
             ters, and the extensive parks        total some 75,000 members.             where you can enjoy the culina-
             and magnificent villas that wait     The city is full of parks and          ry delights and colorful interna-
             to be discovered by the discer-      wooded areas, and the green            tional culture of the city. Every
             ning visitor.                        valley of the Wupper boasts            five years the so-called langer
                                                  almost 500 km of footpaths             Tisch brings thousands out of
             Today it is the metalworking,        and woodland tracks. Where-            their houses to meet, eat and
             chemical, and electrical indus-      ver you are in the city there is       celebrate at the 14 km long ta-
             tries, along with the automo-        a park or recreational area ne-        ble that fills the valley’s main
             tive and service sectors that        arby, often with wonderful pa-         thoroughfare.
             characterize Wuppertal and           noramic views across the city.
             the Bergisch region: medium-
             sized firms, many of them
                                                  One such park, lined with ma-
                                                  ture trees and shrubs, houses
                                                                                         Art and culture
             traditional family enterprises,      Wuppertal Zoo. Opened in
             with high quality products and                                              Wuppertal’s art and cultural
                                                  1881, it still ranks as one of         scene is extraordinarily lively

                                                                                                                          01_UW_UNIVERSITY OF WUPPERTAL
and international. Pina Bausch
founded her world-famous
dance theater here, and the
city also fostered the roots of
free jazz: it was from Wupper-
tal that Peter Kowald and Peter
Brötzmann revolutionized the
international jazz scene.

In Wuppertal you will find ex-
hibitions of contemporary pain-
tings and sculpture, as well as
light and video installations,
and the city’s Von der Heydt
Museum houses a unique
collection of 16th–21st centu-
ry art. Ranging from classical
concerts at the historic City
Hall to rock and pop at the UNI-
halle (University Sports and
Events Hall), Live Club Barmen
or Waldbühne, and from dra-
ma at the Municipal Theater to      Wuppertal’s Schwebebahn: symbol of the city’s creativity and innovation
cabaret and Kleinkunst at the
Rex, the city’s cultural program
                                    ris or Berlin and three hours by
offers something for everyone.
                                    road from Amsterdam and the
A lively salsa and tango scene
                                    Dutch coast.
has also developed in recent
years, and Wuppertal’s clubs
                                    Situated close to the A1, A3
are well-known even outside
                                    and A46 autobahns, fully integ-
the city. The U-Club, for ex-
                                    rated into Deutsche Bahn’s ICE
ample, has again in 2009 been
                                    train network, and with Dussel-
titled the “best club in Germa-
                                    dorf, Cologne/Bonn and Dort-
                                    mund airports 30-60 minutes
                                    (at most) away by car, Wupper-
And Wuppertal is a city of ci-
                                    tal is well connected both nati-
nema: directors like Tom Tyk-
                                    onally and internationally.
wer (Run Lola Run, Perfume),
and TV detective Horst Tappert
(Derrick) are from Wuppertal,
and the city hosts a number
of small film festivals. Seve-
ral times it has itself featured
on celluloid, with the Schwe-
bebahn foregrounded in Kno-
ckin’ on Heaven’s Door (1997)
and the UW campus as back-
ground for some scenes from
The Princess and the Warrior
(2000) and The Experiment

Wuppertal’s Schwebebahn is
more than a tourist attraction:
gliding congestion-free through
the valley it is an indispensable
means of public transport, car-
rying some 75,000 passengers
a day to work, school and uni-

Centrally     situated     within
Europe’s transportation net-
work, Wuppertal is a mere
four-hour train journey from Pa-    Wuppertal’s Historic Civic Hall: one of Europe’s finest concert and congress venues

    The University of Wuppertal
    Shaping the future together
        The University of Wuppertal          dining hall. At the center of the   peter School of Business and
        (UW) is a dynamic, future-ori-       main campus stands the uni-         Economics and the School of
        ented university at the heart of     versity library with more than      Education, marks a new step
        Europe. Centrally situated near      1.2 million books directly ac-      in the provision of up-to-the-
        the major cities of Dusseldorf       cessible to users.                  minute university training.
        and Cologne, and surround-
        ed by the rolling hills of the       With their leading-edge re-         The university’s wide range of
        Bergisch Land, the ‘green uni-       search, our interdisciplinary       service units and facilities for
        versity’ is workplace and living     centers and institutes, net-        students, staff and visiting aca-
        space for more than 15,000           worked not only amongst             demics includes the Langua-
        people.                              themselves but internationally,     ge Center, University Sports
                                             make an outstanding contribu-       Program, Student Advisory
        UW’s academic disciplines are        tion to the national and global     and Counseling Service, Ca-
        grouped into seven faculties         reputation of the university.       reer Service, and a number of
        spread across three city cam-                                            programs for the promotion of
        puses, all relatively close to       All UW degree programs              young scholars and scientists.
        each other and conveniently          have now been integrated in-
        linked by the city’s public trans-   to the two-tier bachelor’s and
        port system. The interconnec-        master’s structure, thus faci-
        ted buildings of the main Griff-     litating the international com-
        lenberg campus make it simple        parability of qualifications and
        to walk in a few minutes from        enabling graduates to pursue
        the English department to eco-       a career on the international as
        nomics, from physics to che-         well as national stage.
        mistry, from German studies to
        history – or from any of these       The establishment of two spe-
        to the ‘Mensa’, the university       cialized entities, the Schum-

                                                                                                                 01_UW_UNIVERSITY OF WUPPERTAL


“Like a castle built on a hill”                                       Düsseldorf
    “Like a castle built on a hill” the                   Aachen
    university towers over the city
    of Wuppertal. Set on the leafy
    slopes of the Grifflenberg, the
    main campus enjoys a panora-
    mic view across the town and
    the surrounding countryside of                                           Successfully shaping the fu-
                                           ful achievement is based not
    the Bergisch Land – a perfect                                            ture means concentrating on
                                           only on knowledge and high-
    environment for developing                                               core research and teaching
                                           ly developed abilities, but al-
    ideas and projects that will sha-                                        competencies. At UW these
                                           so on teamwork: innovative
    pe the future.                                                           are:
                                           solutions with future impact
                                           are generally the product of
    Currently some 250 profes-                                               - Building blocks of matter, ex-
                                           interdisciplinary cooperation.
    sors, almost 900 other aca-                                              periment, simulation, and ma-
                                           Teamwork of this sort calls for
    demic and non-academic em-                                               thematical methods
                                           breadth of vision, a deep sen-
    ployees, and around 14,000                                               - Education and knowledge in
                                           se of responsibility, and the
    students from 90 different                                               social and cultural contexts
                                           insatiable will to move things
    countries study and research at                                          - Health, disease prevention
    UW. Another 700 people work                                              and movement
    on the administrative side to                                            - Language, narration and
                                           That is the spirit of UW. No
    keep the complex organization                                            editing
                                           wonder things are moving
    up and running.                                                          - Natural environment, engi-
                                           here. Above average growth
                                           figures enable the university     neering and safety
    Success and excellence of                                                - Business, innovation and eco-
                                           management to look confi-
    achievement demand passion                                               nomic change.
                                           dently and positively toward
    and enthusiasm for what one
                                           the future.
    is doing. However, success-

     Research at minus 40° C: UW atmospheric chemist in the Arctic

     Research and study – looking forward
     Research for the future
             Researching for the future at             ses, and analyzing economic        Transfer Office is specifically
             UW means investigating clima-             and political structures with a    tasked with initiating and ma-
             te change in the Arctic or the            view to understanding future       naging cooperations with regi-
             structure of matter at CERN               requirements.                      onal business, as well as with
             (Conseil Européen pour la Re-                                                new start-ups launched from
             cherche Nucléaire) in Switzer-            All these activities have a glo-   the university – including the
             land; it means approximating              bal dimension, but all of them     entire process of funding appli-
             conditions immediately after              are centered here at UW,           cation and acquisition.
             the Big Bang and evaluating               the regional university of the
             the experimental data on the              Bergisch Land.
             supercomputers     ALiCEnext
             in Wuppertal and JUGENE in                Many research projects are
             Jülich.                                   joint ventures with local and
                                                       regional companies – from the
             It means creating materials and           development of the driver as-
             processes that make products              sistance systems that will ma-
             better, safer and more ecolo-             ke automobiles of the future
             gical. It means focusing on so-           safer, to innovative products
             ciety and its development, as             and processes based on susta-
             well as on the individual. And            inable natural resources. How-
             it means improving machines,              ever, UW is not only a reliable
             enhancing production proces-              R&D partner: our Knowledge

                                                                          01_UW_UNIVERSITY OF WUPPERTAL
Studying for the future

   UW offers its students a many-     The regional business network
   sided, practically slanted range   also provides students with
   of subjects that opens excel-      internships, jobs for supple-
   lent prospects for their future    mentary income, and impor-
   careers. And students also pro-    tant contacts for the future. In
   fit from our forward-looking re-   addition, students in certain
   search and our many contacts       faculties may choose to write
   with regional business.            their bachelor’s or master’s
                                      thesis in connection with their
   Student involvement in UW          industrial or commercial work
   research provides the opportu-     experience.
   nity to apply theoretical know-
   ledge in a wide variety of sti-    The local dimension of UW’s
   mulating projects.                 teaching and research is com-
                                      plemented by a strong inter-
   The intensive contact between      national outlook. The intensive
   university teachers and regio-     ERASMUS exchange program
   nal enterprises underpins the      for students and postgraduates
   varied, market-oriented range      links UW with almost 100 Eu-
   of courses and the more than       ropean universities, and further
   70 degree programs offered         international partnerships exist
   at UW. These include twin-         with some 65 universities in
   track programs with on-the-        Europe, Russia, Africa, the
   job training integrated into the   Far East and South-East Asia,
   bachelor’s program, as well as     North and South America, and
   a range of business enginee-       Australia – perfect conditions
   ring degrees.                      for students seeking global cul-
                                      tural experience.

     Organizational structure
     of the University of Wuppertal
                                                                                               UNIVERSITY SUPERVISORY BOARD


                                                                        Office of the Rector
                          OFFICE OF THE RECTOR –                                                         Pro-Rector I:
                          STAFF UNITS                                                                  Academic Affairs

                          Press Office                                                                  Pro-Rector II:
                                                                                                Research, External Funding and
                          Knowledge Transfer Office /                                            Advanced Scientific Training
                                                                                                        Pro-Rector III:
                          Quality control / Evaluation
                                                                                                    Finance, Planning and
                          of teaching and study

                                                                                                        Pro-Rector IV:
                                                                                                  Transfer and International

                          Data Protection Officer                                                           SENATE

        FACULTIES                            CENTRAL ORGANIZATIONAL                             INTERDISCIPLINARY
                                             UNITS                                              CENTERS

        A Faculty                            University Library                                  Interdisciplinary Center for
        of Humanities                                                                            Science and Technology
                                             Information and                                     Studies: Normative and
                                             Media Center                                        Historical Perspectives
        B Faculty of Economics –
        Schumpeter School of Busi-
        ness and Economics                   Central Student Advisory                            Interdisciplinary Center for
                                             and Counseling Service                              Applied Informatics and
                                                                                                 Scientific Computing
        C Faculty of Mathematics
        and Natural Sciences                 Language Center
                                                                                                 Interdisciplinary Center for
                                                                                                 Technical Process
        D Faculty of Architecture, Civil                                                         Management
        Engineering, Mechanical
        Engineering and Safety
        Engineering                                                                              Institute of Polymer
        E Faculty of Electrical,
        Information and Media
                                                                                                 Microstructure Research

        F Faculty of                                                                             Institute of Educational
        Art and Design                                                                           Research

        G Faculty of                                                                             Center for Narrative
        Educational and                                                                          Research
        Social Sciences
                                                                                                 Center for Graduate
        School of Education
        Querschnittsorganisation mit
                                                                                                 Bergisch Competence Center
        Verantwortung für die zentralen
                                                                                                 for Health Management and
        Aufgaben in der Lehrerbildung
                                                                                                 Public Health

                                                                                                 01_UW_UNIVERSITY OF WUPPERTAL
                                      – STAFF UNITS

                                      University Legal Office

                                      Equal Opportunities Coordinator

WUPPERTAL                       WUPPERTAL

Institute of Safety             Bergisch Regional Institute        Department 1: Research
Engineering                     of Product Development             Funding Management,
                                and Innovation                     Finance, Accounting and
Institute of Applied            Management                         Procurement
Art History and
Visual Culture                  European Institute for
                                International Economic
Institute of Robotics           Relations                          Department 2: Planning
                                                                   and Development
Institute of
Phenomenological                Telecommunications
                                                                   Department 3: Academic
Research                        Research Institute
                                                                   and Student Affairs
Institute of European
Economic Relations              Tools and Materials
                                                                   Department 4: Organization
                                Research Association
                                                                   and Human Resources
Institute of Entrepreneurship
and Innovation                  Institute of Occupational          Department 5: Facility,
Research                        Medicine, Safety and               Safety and Environmental
                                Ergonomics                         Management
Institute of Civil
Engineering                     Medical Engineering

Institute of Environmental      Institute of Social
Planning                        Gerontology and the
                                Medicine of Aging
Institute of Branding
and Communications              Biblical Archaeology
Research                        Institute

Institute of Foundation,
Waste and Water

Institute of
Security Systems

     and subjects

                        A	FACULtY	oF	HUMAnItIes	
                        - General and Comparative Literature
                        - Linguistics
                        - English and American Studies
                        - Protestant Theology
                        - German Studies
                        - History
                        - Catholic Theology
                        - Classical Languages / Latin
                        - Music Education
                        - Philosophy
                        - Political Science
                        - Romance Studies

                        B	FACULtY	oF	BUsIness	AnD	eCono-
                        MICs	–	sCHUMPeteR	sCHooL	oF	BUsI-
                        ness	AnD	eConoMICs
                        - Economics and Business Administration
                        - Business Law / Business Psychology
                        - Business Education / Methods

                        C	FACULtY	oF	MAtHeMAtICs	AnD		
                        nAtURAL	sCIenCes
                        - Biology
                        - Chemistry / Food Chemistry
                        - Mathematics / Informatics
                        - Physics

AnD	sAFetY	enGIneeRInG
- Architecture
- Civil Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Safety Engineering

 - Electrical Engineering
 - Information Technology
 - Printing and Media Engineering

 - Industrial Design
 - Media Design / Design Technology
 - Art
 - Color Technology / Spatial Design /
  Surface Technology

soCIAL	sCIenCes	
 - Education
 - Psychology
 - Sociology
 - Sports

sCHooL	oF	eDUCAtIon

     Subjects and degree programs
 Übersicht Stand 08/2010)

     Key:                                DEGREE PROGRAMS
      •      Summer and winter           BACHELOR                       MASTER                                                  STATE-
             semester                    1 subject 2 subjects 2 subjects Master   Master Master of Education                    ExAMI-
             winter semester
                                                             APPLIED of      of
      ∆                                                                                                                         NATION
             recommended                                             Science Arts        Primary and      High     Vocational
             winter semester only                            SCIENCE
                                                                                         lower            School   technical
                                                                                         secondary                 College
      ▲      summer semester only
     English, Linguistics                             •
                                                                                         im zzt. ein-
     General and Comparative                                                        •
                                                                                         Master of
     Arbeits- und Organisa-
     tionspsychologie                                                                    Education
     Architecture                           •                               •
                                                                                         GHRGe wer-
     Civil Engineering                      •         •                     •
                                                                                         den keine Fä-
     Biology                                          •
                                                                                         cher studiert,
     Fire Safety Engineering                                                             daher erfolgt
     Chemistry                                        •           ∆                      die Ein-
     Computational Mecha-                                                                schreibung
     nical Engineering                                                                   in das Fach
     Computer Simulation in Science                                         •            Erziehungs-
     Print and Media Technology             •                                            wissen-
     Druck- und Medientechnik                         •                                  schaften
     Editions- und Doku-                                                            •    SW
     Electrical Engineering                           •

     Energy Engineering
     European studies
     Color, Space and Surface
     design and Technology
     French, Linguistics                              •
     German, Linguistics                              •                             •
     German studies and mathe-
     matics for primary schools
     History                                          •                             •
     Applied Design Studies
     Gesundheitsökonomie und
     Fundamentals of
     Science and Technology
     Industrial Design                      •

     Informatics                                      •           ∆

     Information Technology
     Childhood, Youth, Social Services                                              •
     Art                                              •

     Latin                                            •

     Food Chemistry                                                                                                              m

                                                                                                                                                01_UW_UNIVERSITY OF WUPPERTAL
                                                   BACHELOR                          MASTER
                                                   1 subject 2 subjects 2 subjects   Master    Master   Master of Education
                                                            ARTS        APPLIED      of        of
                                                                                     Science   Arts     Primary and      High     Vocational
                                                                                                        lower            School   technical
                                                                                                        secondary                 College

Mechanical Engineering                                 •        •
                                                                                                        im zzt. ein-
Mathematics                                                     •           ∆
Elements of Mathematics                                         •
                                                                                                        Master of
Media Design and Design Technology                              •
Music                                                           •
                                                                                                        GHRGe wer-
Communications Engineering
                                                                                                        den keine Fä-
Educational Science                                             •
                                                                                                        cher studiert,
Philosophy                                                      •                                 •
                                                                                                        daher erfolgt
Physics                                                         •           ∆
                                                                                                        die Ein-
Psychology                                             •
Political Science                                               •
                                                                                                        in das Fach
Quality Control Engineering
Real Estate                                                                             ▲
Management                                                                                              wissen-
Romance studies                                                                                   •     schaften
Safety Engineering                                     •                                                SW
Social Sciences                                                 •

Sociology                                              •

Spanish,Linguistics                                             •

Tax Accountancy

Business IT

PE, Sports                                                      •

Protestant Theology                                             •

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     UW Rector Prof. Dr. Lambert T. Koch with Chancellor Dr. Roland Kischkel

     Aspects 09|10
             New Chancellor                              industry and science are at
                                                         work in UW’s senior manage-
                                                                                            The growth of contacts with
                                                                                            regional business, reflected
             (Head of                                    ment team. Representing
                                                         UW’s core disciplines, the Rec-
                                                                                            in intensive cooperation with
                                                                                            the Chamber of Industry and
             Administration)                             tor and Pro-Rectors have made      Commerce, is evident in ma-
                                                         it their goal since accession to   ny research projects. One
             The new Chancellor of the Uni-              office in 2008 to trim UW for      such joint venture, in tandem
             versity of Wuppertal, Dr. Ro-               the future.                        with the Schlüsselregion (Key
             land Kischkel, took over from                                                  Region) Association, was the
             Hans-Joachim von Buchka on                  ‘To do the right things and,       founding of a UW Associate
             October 1, 2009. Von Buchka                 whatever one does, to do it        Institute of Security Systems
             had been in charge of UW’s                  rightly’ – this motto has seen     in the nearby locksmiths’ town
             administration for eight years.             the launching of many projects     of Velbert. Another start-up for
             As program director of the Ger-             and the opening to discussion      UW – in cooperation with regi-
             man Research Foundation’s                   of many topics that are set to     onal health industries – is the
             collaborative research centers              shape the future of higher edu-    Regional Competence Center
             for ten years, before beco-                 cation, science and research.      for Health Management and
             ming Chancellor of the Tech-                And success has been imme-         Public Health located in the
             nical University of Dortmund                diate: UW’s growth in student      Schumpeter School of Busi-
             in 2001, Kischkel had been                  and graduate numbers, com-         ness and Economics.
             responsible for research pro-               pleted doctorates and external
             ject funding. His appointment               funding in 2009 was already        The consistent focus on spe-
             by the University of Wuppertal              above average for NRW univer-      cific areas and innovative acti-
             Supervisory Board (May 2009)                sities.                            vities that characterizes UW’s
             and confirmation by the Senate                                                 management policy is evident,
             was unanimous.                              Notable research successes         too, in the establishment of
                                                         include breakthroughs in par-      new degree programs such
             UW on course                                ticle physics and low-energy
                                                         teraherz radiation that is non-
                                                                                            as Health Systems Economics
                                                                                            and Management, which dove-
             for success                                 damaging to biological cells, as   tails into the research specialty
                                                         well as student projects such      in public health indicated abo-
             Interdisciplinarity and open-               as the zero-energy house that      ve.
             ness to innovation, commit-                 qualified for the final round of
             ment, enthusiasm and team-                  the international ‘Solar Decath-
             work – the forces that drive                lon’ competition.

New master’s graduates from UW’s Real Estate Management & Construction Project Management program at the award ceremony in
Wuppertal’s Historic Civic Hall

Aspects 09|10

        University ranking                      the evaluations on which ran-
                                                kings are based are rarely
                                                                                        cess of boosting UW’s level
                                                                                            of attractiveness and user
                                                objective; for the most                         satisfaction will be the
        Over the past few years ran-            part they reflect the                             opening of the new
        king has become increasingly            opinions of a hand-                                 lecture hall cen-
        important for universities, not         ful of students                                      ter scheduled for
        only for recruiting students and        and teachers in                                       winter 2010-2011,
        staff, but also for acquiring ex-       a subject area or                                     which will provide
        ternal funding. Today Germany           department. Thus                                     more room for stu-
        alone has more than a dozen             the CHE (Center                                      dents and teachers
        widely acknowledged universi-           for Higher Educa-                                  alike.
        ty ranking instruments. Apply-          tion    Development)
        ing a simple yardstick, based           ranking of UW’s history                       That is one measure
        on common parameters and                department in 2010 surveyed             among many: all in all UW is
        methods, they seem to show              30 out of a total of some 1150          doing well. The CHE ranking (a
        at a glance the strengths and           students in the department.             well-respected agency) sees
        weaknesses of the institutions          This naturally lends great              UW in a solid middle position
        concerned.                              weight to the opinion of the in-        among German universities.
                                                dividual respondent.                    And UW economics has just
        But there are drawbacks. For                                                    been promoted into CHE’s
        each HE institution has its cha-        However, despite these me-              ‘excellence ranking’, placing it
        racteristic strengths – a techni-       thodological      shortcomings,         among the top 50 departments
        cal university, for example, is         UW views ranking in general             in Europe.
        based on quite different prin-          in a positive light and uses the
        ciples from a full university –         feedback to drive its ongoing
        and these are often difficult to        development.         Accordingly,
        compare accurately. Moreover,           another milestone in the pro-

                                                                               Fascination of technolo-
                                                                               gy: Prof. Anke Kahl with
                                                                               students of safety engi-

     Aspects 09|10 - Teaching
        A MINT tip for                      mulating research projects in
                                            which undergraduates regular-
                                                                               Applications and enroll-
                                                                               ment kAdmission requi-
        your degree pro-                    ly participate. Career prospects
                                            are excellent, as almost every
                                                                               rements kAdmission with
                                                                               entrance qualification for
        gram:                               other company in Germany is        a university of applied sci-
                                            looking for scientists and engi-   ence (Fachhochschulreife)
        Mathematik, Informatik, Natur-      neers.
        natural sciences and enginee-
                                                                               Good teaching–
        ring offer ideal study conditions
        MINT stands for Mathematics,                                           “and the Oscar
        Informatics, Natural sciences                                          goes to …”
        and Technology: a good tip          BSc in
        for your choice of degree pro-
        gram, because these subjects        engineering                        UW has awarded its fifth an-
                                                                               nual ‘Bergisch lion’ for out-
        offer exciting, future-oriented                                        standing teaching quality. After
        knowledge with interesting ca-      possible with entrance quali-      evaluation of more than 4300
        reer prospects.                     fication for a university of ap-   questionnaires, the awards for
                                            plied science                      2009 went to:
        Whether researching atmos-
        pheric cleansing processes          Civil engineering, printing and    - Rebecca Dörfler Dipl. Psych.
        in chemistry, biology and en-       media technology, electrical       (Social Psychology) – in the
        vironmental engineering, or         engineering, mechanical en-        category ‘less than 50 course
        developing earthquake-proof         gineering, IT and safety engi-     participants’
        housing, or modern traffic and      neering can all now be taken
        transportation concepts in ci-      at bachelor’s level at UW with     - Dr. Ingo Busse (Zoology / Di-
        vil engineering, natural scien-     the entrance qualification for a   dactics of Biology) and Prof. Dr.
        tists and engineers are laying      university of applied science      Monika Rathert (German/Lin-
        the foundations for products        (Fachhochschulreife). Presup-      guistics) – in the category ‘mo-
        that will make our lives safer,     positions are: completion of       re than 50 course participants’
        healthier and more comfortab-       a special preparatory course
        le.                                 at the Technical Academy of        - Dr. Birte Kellermeier-Rehbein
                                            Wuppertal (TAW) and passing        (German/Linguistics) – prize for
        Conditions of study in the          an examination set by the uni-     particular commitment and in-
        MINT subject areas at UW            versity.                           novation in teaching.
        are ideal: small groups, highly
        motivated professors and sti-       www.uni-wuppertal.de
                                            kDegree programs k

Importance of funding: 60 NRW scholarships were awarded in 2009

Aspects 09|10 – Support, funding, scholarships
        As a responsible educational             scholarships. Given that these     ways to finance your studies
        institution UW is concerned to           scholarships presuppose 50%        with particular reference to
        support its students and staff           funding from other (private)       scholarship opportunities.
        in every way it can. Therefore           sources, this high number
        it provides a wide spectrum of           could only be achieved thanks      Scholarship handbook
        study, career and research-ori-          to the efforts and commitment      UW’s Equal Opportunities Of-
        ented services and a number              of regional industry and par-      fice published a scholarship
        of funding opportunities.                ticular individuals, as well as    handbook in 2009 containing
                                                 various foundations and a num-     details of all funding sources
        The university’s Career Service          ber of professors.                 open to undergraduates and
        offers seminars and courses for                                             postgraduates.
        the acquisition of key compe-            Funding where it’s needed –
        tencies, among them speech               the University of Wuppertal        k www.gleichstellung.uni-
        and rhetoric, management,                Scholarship Foundation             wuppertal.de
        and job application training.
        The UW Young Entrepreneurs               Founded in 2009, the Univer-
        initiative bizeps runs seminars          sity of Wuppertal Scholarship
        on business start-ups, and the           Foundation supports gifted
        Center for Graduate Studies of-          students who have no private
        fers all-round support for doc-          means to call on. The Found-
        torate students and postdocs.            ation expects to grant some
                                                 20 scholarships worth €300 a
        Another important aspect of              month for the academic year
        support is research promotion:           2010-2011.
        here UW’s central Research
        Promotion Fund provides c.               k www.uni-wuppertal.de/
        €500,000 annually for the pre-           studium/stipendien
        paration and submission of ex-
        ternal funding applications for
        research projects.
                                                 Information on
                                                 funding and
        Scholarships                             scholarship
        at UW                                    opportunities
        Promoting the best – NRW                 Scholarship fair
        scholarships                             The Student Union (AStA)
                                                 holds an annual scholarship fair
        In October 2009 UW coun-                 at UW every January. This pro-
        ted 60 students with NRW                 vides an overview of various

     Outlook – University of Wuppertal
     New lecture hall block

         New Lecture Hall Center on Grifflenberg Campus with lecture theaters and seminar rooms for more than 1500 students

         The Construction and Proper-             and staircases creates a mul-
         ty Department of the State               tidimensional virtual space re-
         of North Rhine-Westphalia                flecting the architectonic and
         (NRW) is currently conver-               intellectual structures of the
         ting UW’s original mechanical            university.
         engineering hall (dating from
         1968) on the main Grifflen-
         berg campus into a lecture
         hall facility for all 7 university
         faculties. Work started in ear-
         ly December 2009, and the
         new center – containing a large
         lecture theater seating 800, a
         smaller one seating 250, and a
         number of seminar rooms – is
         due to be opened at the end
         of 2010. Stretching along the
         hill above Gauss Str., the buil-
         ding has been given a new roof
         and façade, as well as a new
         main entrance area designed
         in a competition organized by
         NRW’s Art and Building Pro-

         Mounted directly behind the
         glass front of the entrance foy-
         er, a large work by the Cologne
         artist Carsten Gliese forms an
         optical highlight breaking up
         the profile of the newly con-
         verted building. Titled ‘Model
         Wuppertal’, Gliese’s black and           Framed by the glass façade of the entrance foyer: Carsten Gliese’s
         white composition of floors              ‘Model Wuppertal’

                                                                                                             01_UW_UNIVERSITY OF WUPPERTAL
                                        ExcellenceRanking 2009            Planning cell:
                                        Seal of quality for economics     Against the background of
                                        – UW’s Faculty of Economics       rebuilding measures UW is
                                        was singled out by the Center     breaking new ground. Invi-
                                        for Higher Education Develop-     ted by UW Rector Prof. Dr.
                                        ment (CHE) for its “research      Lambert T. Koch, 50 students
                                        strengths and international       selected by random sampling
                                        outlook”. In its 2009 rankings    formed a planning cell in Octo-
                                        the CHE places Wuppertal          ber 2009 to make innovative
                                        in the Excellence Group of        and practicable suggestions
                                        Europe’s top 100 universities     for improving the university
                                        for the quality of its master’s   as a pleasant and productive
                                        and doctorate programs in         study environment.
                                        economics, psychology and
                                        political science.

                                        The      university   adminis-    Restructuring:
                                        tration’s former facility ma-     UW has restructured the Fa-
                                        nagement and workplace            culty of Art and Design, and
                                        and environmental safety de-      will concentrate in future on
CAMPUSLUFT                              partments merged on April 1,      degree programs in the fol-
(‘CampusAir’):                          2009. The new Department          lowing areas: art, industrial
Five-and-a-half minutes short,          of Facility Management, Sa-       design, media design and
the university’s new video              fety and Environmental Pro-       design technology, color
film had its Internet premiere          tection contains five sections    technology and spatial de-
in June 2009. Presented on              with a total of 95 employees.     sign. The new focus was an-
UW’s homepage with Ger-                                                   nounced in July 2009 after a
man, English and Chinese                                                  joint meeting of the Rector’s
commentary, the film takes                                                Office and the University Su-
an impressive bird’s eye view                                             pervisory Board.
of the 3 UW campuses and
provides brief background
information on the Univer-
sity and City of Wuppertal.             Refurbishment:
A French commentary is in               NRW’s Construction and Pro-       Elected:
course of preparation.                  perty Department handed           UW Rector, Prof. Dr. Lambert
                                        over the ‘HB’ building on Has-    T. Koch, took second place
                                        pel Campus to the university      in the Association of Ger-
                                        in July 2009 after a thorough     man Universities’ election of
                                        refurbishment costing €3.9        ‘Rector/President of the Year’
                                        m. The School of Architecture     behind the Rector of the Uni-
                                        moved into the 4,200 sq m         versity of Rostock, Prof. Dr.
                                        building during the summer        Wolfgang Schareck.
More women professors:
UW has received almost a                vacation 2009.
million euros from NRW’s
innovation and structural
funding program for its suc-
cess in promoting women
to professorial posts. The
university’s 6 new women
professors represented the
second best result in NRW,
one place better than 2008.


         Investing in the future health market: Founding members of the Bergisch Regional Competence Center BKG (l. to r.): Prof. Lam-
         bert T. Koch (UW Rector), Oliver Bredel (Managing Director, Sana Hospital Remscheid), Michael Breuckmann (Healthcare Profes-
         sions Academy, Wuppertal), Elke von Brand (GHD Health, Germany), Ralf Nennhaus (Managing Director, St. Joseph’s Hospital
         Center for Orthopedics and Rheumatology, Wuppertal), Birgit Fischer (Deputy CEO, Barmer Health Insurances), Georg Schmidt
         (Managing Director, Bethesda Hospital Wuppertal), Prof. Kerstin Schneider (Schumpeter School of Business and Economics),
         Josef Beutelmann (CEO, Barmenia Insurances), Prof. Michael Fallgatter (Dean of the Schumpeter School of Business and Econo-
         mics), Prof. Rainer Wieland (Schumpeter School of Business and Economics).

     A healthy future
     Bergisch Regional Competence Center for Health
     Management and Public Health (BKG)
         The Bergisch Regional Com-                already opening new perspec-               five years to 2008, against a
         petence Center for Health Ma-             tives in physical health, and              drop of 1.2% in NRW as a who-
         nagement and Public Health                the sustenance and enhan-                  le. This trend is driven by the
         (BKG) looks to a healthy future           cement of human resources                  demand for all-round health:
         for UW as a management trai-              will depend on our ability to              for it is clear that, however
         ning school for the growng                maintain the development of                one defines it, health is more
         NRW health market.                        psycho-social health. North                than the mere lack of disease.
                                                   Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is in               The WHO sees it as “a state
         Health today must be seen                 both respects significant. The             of complete physical, mental
         against the background of so-             health sector is already a pow-            and social well-being and not
         cial and technological develop-           erful motor for regional growth            merely the absence of disease
         ments, in which the biological            and innovation, with more than             or infirmity.”
         sciences in combination with              a million employees currently
         human resources will contri-              generating turnover in excess
         bute essentially to economic              of €52.4 billion. Employment in
         productivity. Biotechnology is            the sector grew by 1.9% in the

Health and                          ges in the health sector and
                                    to channel these activities in-
productivity                        to specific research, teaching
                                    and practical transfer projects.
The question arises how health      Since the Center’s foundati-
expenditure, which might at         on in 2009, its initiators have

first sight seem a mere drain       worked with great speed and
on resources, can be an engi-       commitment, with the result
ne of growth and employment.        that winter semester 2010 al-
One should, however, remem-         ready saw the first students
ber in this context that econo-     embarking on the BSc pro-
mic prosperity s not primarily      grams. Particular attention has
a matter of machines, capital       been paid to high quality and
or jobs, but of innovation. This    practical orientation in both re-
applies to the health sector,       search and teaching. Officially
too: progress will come from        established as an Institute of
improvements in productivity        the University of Wuppertal,
related to both health and di-      the BKG is financed by exter-
sease across the entire sector      nal sponsorships from regional
with all its subordinate areas      enterprises and by NRW’s Mi-
and disciplines, which include      nistry of Innovation, Science,
not only medicine but also the      Research and Technology. As
broad fields of health econo-       well as being a leading research
mics and management. Here           research institute supporting
the demand for action in both       practical teaching programs,
research and specialist training    the Center thus sustains a net-
is still vast.                      work integrating UW into the
                                    regional health economy.
BKG: three pillars,
one concept                         Prof. Dr. Kerstin Schneider
                                    Prof. Dr. Rainer Wieland
In close collaboration with re-     Bergisch Regional Compe-
gional health players UW is         tence Center for Health Ma-
meeting this challenge with its     nagement and Public Health
co-foundation of the Bergisch       (BKG)
Regional Competence Cen-
ter for Health Management           Technology Center Wuppertal
and Public Health, establis-        W-tec GmbH
hed as a university institute       Lise-Meitner-Straße 1-13
at the Schumpeter School of         Haus 1
Business and Economics. The         42119 Wuppertal
Center has three pillars: the re-
gional network, the UW Insti-       T: +49 (0)202 85069661
tute, and the degree programs.
These latter initially comprise
a single and twin-track BSc
in Health Economics and Ma-
nagement beginning in winter
semster 2010-2011, to be fol-
lowed in a second phase by
an MSc and MBA. Based on
the institute’s research remit,
the new bachelor’s programs
provide a comprehensive sys-
temic understanding of health
economics and management
and include the fundamentals
of medicine, along with key
competencies in health psy-
chology, economics, manage-
ment, and insurance, as well
as the elements of general
economics and business admi-

The BKG mission is to analyze
and reflect on current challen-

     Award of the Barmenia Mathematics Prize 2009 (l. to r.): Prof. Dr. Lambert T. Koch (UW Rector), Prof. Dr. Ralf Koppmann, (Pro-Dean of the
     Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), Heinz-Werner Richter (Barmenia Health Insurances), prizewinners Mario La Torre, Lukas
     Krämer, Leona Pleuger, Martin Wagner and Thomas Pawlaschyk with Prof. Dr. Peter Wiesen (Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Na-
     tural Sciences), and Pro-Dean Prof. Dr. Bruno Lang

     Partnership with many facets
              For many years there has be-                ning the health service profile            Internships and jobs
              en close cooperation between                of the ‘Bergisch triangle’ cities          For information on internships
              Barmenia Insurances and the                 of Remscheid, Solingen and                 and jobs at Barmenia visit
              University of Wuppertal. Based              Wuppertal.                                 www.myjob-barmenia.de or
              in Wuppertal, Barmenia is one                                                          call (see below).
              of Germany’s big independent
              insurance groups. Its products                                                         Insurance for students
              range from health and life in-                                                         For information on student in-
              surance through accident and                                                           surances visit www.student.
              motor vehicle to third party                                                           barmenia.de
              and property insurance. With
              more than 1400 employees at
              its Head Office, Barmenia is
              one of the Bergisch region’s
              biggest      employers.     The
              company’s        forward-looking
              business approach and family-
              friendly staff policy enhance its
              attractiveness as an employer.
              Barmenia appreciates the im-
              portance of supporting young
              people and puts this into practi-
              ce in several longstanding pro-
              jects at UW, among them the
              Barmenia Mathematics Prize
              awarded every year since 2002
              to outstanding students of the
              Faculty of Mathematics and
              Natural Sciences. The com-
              pany also supports gifted stu-
              dents with NRW scholarships,
              offers internships, and sup-
              ports specific student projects
              such as the Solar Decathlon                                 Barmenia Insurances
              Team.                                                       Kronprinzenallee 12-18
              Research funding is equally                                 D-42119 Wuppertal
              important to Barmenia. The
              company is a founder mem-                                   Contact (cooperations)
              ber of the Bergisch Regional                                Stephan Bongwald
              Competence Center for Health                                Press and Public Relations
              Management          and   Public                            E-Mail: stephan.bongwald@barmenia.de
              Health (BKG) and has sponso-                                Tel.:    +49 (0)202 4383240
              red a five-year professorship
              at UW’s Schumpeter School                                   Contact (internships and jobs)
              of Business and Economics,                                  Monika Hentschel
              thus contributing to the trai-                              HR
              ning of health management                                   E-Mail: monika.hentschel@barmenia.de
              professionals and strengthe-                                Tel.:    +49 (0)202 4382416

First joint UW
Technical Academy of Wuppertal
educational project

   UW has been cooperating
   with the Technische Akademie
   Wuppertal (Technical Acade-
   my of Wuppertal – TAW) since
   1987, but July 2010 sees the
   launch of a new project: an in-
   tensive preparatory course for
   admission to a university de-
   gree program in engineering.
   Aimed at school-leavers with
   entrance qualifications for a
   Fachhochschule (university of
   applied science), the summer
   course in mathematics, phy-
   sics and English will boost 20
   prospective engineering gra-
   duates to Abitur (higher school
   leaving certificate) level in six
   weeks. Program input includes
   geometry, linear algebra and
   calculus, as well as mechanics,
   acoustics, optics and electro-
   statics. Existing English skills
   will be freshened up and ex-
   panded especially in technical

   The six week course ends with       Technical Academy of Wuppertal: UW educational project partner
   an admission examination ope-
   ning the door to UW bachelor’s
   programs in civil, mechanical,
   electrical and safety enginee-
   ring, as well as printing and
   media engineering and IT.

   The educational partnership
   established in this cooperative
   venture is to be extended in fu-
   ture years.

                                            Technische Akademie Wuppertal e.V.
                                            Hubertusallee 18
                                            D-42117 Wuppertal

                                            Telefon: +49 (0)202 74950
                                            Telefax: +49 (0)202 7495202

                                            E-Mail: taw-elberfeld@taw.de
                                            Internet: www.taw.de

     Twin-track degree =
     professional training
     + BSc

        A twin-track degree program        leisure time, but at the same      of the BSc in civil engineering.
        combines on-the-job professi-      time greatly enhances employ-      Students learn the fundamen-
        onal training and qualification    ment prospects.                    tals of civil engineering: con-
        with a university degree. UW                                          structional theory, physics,
        offers an 8 semester program       Twin-trackers are young, ambi-     mathematics, chemistry, and
        comprising                         tious and experienced – which      statics. General practical trai-
                                           is why their employers like        ning is run by the Construction
        - qualification in a recog-        them. Graduates of the UW          Industry Training Centers‘ As-
        nized engineering                  programs are well qualified        sociation and the NRW Const-
         profession                        and highly motivated, and they     ruction Industry Training Asso-
                                           know their company, custo-         ciation, and on-the-job training
        - Bachelor of Science              mers and markets inside out. A     takes place during semester
         (BSc) degree.                     further advantage is that twin-    vacations in standard training
                                           track undergraduates can apply     industries such as Deutsche
        Students who choose this opti-     their theoretical knowledge im-    Bahn AG (German Rail), which
        on complete thorough practical     mediately, which is profitable     offers twin-track traineeships
        training, with excellent employ-   for their company as well as for   in civil engineering and railtrack
        ment and career prospects;         themselves.                        construction.
        and, as trainees, they earn mo-
        ney while they study.              BSc in Civil                       k www.fbd.uni-wuppertal.
                                                                              de k Faculty D k Civil
        Depending on their program         Engineering                        engineering k Degree pro-
        year, students spend more or
        less time at the university, and
                                           (twin-track)                       grams k Twin-track

        the semester vacations are         The content of this degree
        spent on the job. That restricts   program is identical with that

                                                                              In Prof. Brues’ seminar on digital
                                                                              printing technology

                                                                 UW twin-track civil engineering student Tim Vogt
                                                                 is also training as a Deutsche Bahn AG (German
                                                                 Rail) civil engineering and railtrack constructor

BSc in Print and                   BSc in Electri-                       k www.fbe.uni-wuppertal.
                                                                         de k Studying at UW k De-
Media Technolo-                    cal Engineering                       gree programs k Electrical
gies (twin-track)                  (twin-track)                          engineering k Twin-track
                                                                         electrical engineering
UW is the first German uni-        The twin-track program in elec-
versity to offer a twin-track      trical engineering combines
degree program in print and        professional training in an elec-
media technologies. This enab-     trical engineering company
les trainees in the printing and   with a university degree.
media industries to complete a     The practical part of the pro-
BSc degree whilst training.        gram is organized in coopera-
The program conveys specia-        tion with the Remscheid Me-
list knowledge of the subject      tal and Electrical Industries’
and its methods, as well as        Educational Center (BZI). On-
management skills, with uni-       the-job training begins in Au-
versity-based study increasing     gust and the university-based
as the program progresses.         program in October. Students
On-the-job training takes place    spend three days a week at the
during semester vacations,         university during their first ye-
complementing the universi-        ar, and the other two days eit-
ty courses with solid practical    her at the BZI or in their training
knowledge and experience in        companies.
the entire field of integrated     After two years students take
media production. The twin-        their IHK (Chamber of Industry
track program is offered in co-    and Commerce) examination,
operation with the NRW Print       which qualifies them as elec-
& Media Association.               tronics     craftsmen/women.
                                   The final four semesters are
k www.fbe.uni-wuppertal.           spent exclusively at the uni-
de k Print and Media Tech-         versity. On completion of the
nologies k Degree pro-             bachelor’s thesis they gradua-
gramsk Twin-track                  te with a BSc in electrical en-

                                    Business engineer–
                                    profession of the future

                                     Business engineers work at            high level of creativity and res-
                                     the interface of technology           ponsibility.
                                     and business. At UW they are
                                     thoroughly prepared for their         UW currently offers two
                                     tasks, as they study both sub-        bachelor’s and four master’s
                                     jects, engineering and econo-         programs in this area:
                                     mics, with equal intensity. The
                                     combination is in great demand
                                     on the job market, and career         Bachelor of
                                     prospects are excellent.              Science (BSc):
                                     Their all-round interdisciplinary
                                                                           Business Enginee-
                                     training enables business engi-       ring – Electrical
                                     neers to see the economic and
                                     legal as well as the technical        The program focuses on the
                                     aspects of a company project          fundamentals of electrical en-
                                     – an approach that demands            gineering and business eco-
                                     rapid grasp of the financial          nomics theory, and also has
                                     and controlling side of a task        a strong practical slant. The
                                     as well as its design and con-        knowledge and skills acquired
                                     struction aspects. Integrated         can be applied directly in pro-
                                     skills of this kind are required in   fessional practice.
     Working on the Active Safety    many fields, from procurement
     Car project: research is an
     integral part of a UW engi-     to production and sales, from         The program trains engineer/
     neering degree                  controlling to logistics, from        managers of the future for
                                     quality management to marke-          work in business and administ-
                                     ting. The professional profile of     rative areas directly concerned
                                     the business engineer is com-         with electrical engineering.
                                     plex and varied and calls for a       Students are taught to view

technology and product deve-        Engineering k www.zsb.              k www.fbd.uni-wuppertal.
lopment within the context of       uni-wuppertal.de k Stu-             de k Faculty D k School of
its economic, marketing and         dent information                    Civil Engineering k Degree
controlling aspects. The pro-                                           programs k Vwing (Busi-
gram aims to provide gradua-                                            ness Engineering – Traf-
tes with a structured academic      Bachelor of Science                 fic and Transportation) k

grasp of both technological and     (BSc): Business                     www.zsb.uni-wuppertal.de
market developments.
                                    Engineering                         k Student information
Graduates can either go direct-     – Traffic and
ly into industry or proceed to an
MSc in business engineering.
Master of Science                   Master of Science
(MSc): Business                     (MSc): Business
Engineering – Elec-                 Engineering
trical / Automotive                 – Traffic and
Master of Science                   Traffic and transportation is a
(MSc): Business                     dynamic growth market, with
Engineering –                       experts forecasting a 100%
                                    rise in goods transport alone
Electrical / Energy                 over coming decades. The pl-
Management                          anning and development of fu-
                                    ture land, sea and air networks
                                    for goods and passengers
Master of Science                   requires creative and com-
(MSc): Business                     prehensively trained young
                                    engineers able to find econo-
Engineering –                       mically and ecologically viable
Electrical / IT                     solutions. UW’s Business En-
                                    gineering – Traffic and Trans-
                                    portation programs are among
Rising pressure on production       Germany’s broadest and most
costs demands that the traditi-     varied in this field.
onally technical vision of manu-
facturing industry be combined      The BSc program covers the
with business competencies.         fundamentals of traffic and
This is particularly so in the      transport engineering as well
automotive sector (with re-         as business economics. Sepa-
gard to the interface between       rate modules are devoted to
the automation of production        the specialist competencies in
processes and technical mar-        engineering, methodology, and
keting), energy management          social aspects necessary for
(with regard to innovative ener-    successful professional practi-
gy technologies and the sustai-     ce.
nability of resources and power
supply), and IT (with regard to     The MSc program takes a
communications networks and         deeper look at traffic and trans-
Internet technologies).             portation, logistics, economics
                                    and environmental factors.
The UW programs aim to              Students can specialize in road
equip students to address           traffic and transport manage-
complex technical questions         ment, public transport ma-
in the context of economic,         nagement, or goods logistics.
ecological, social and political
considerations. Graduates will      Graduates can expect to take
be generalists with all-round       responsible positions in the
knowledge and know-how in           planning, project development
business economics as well as       and management of traffic and
engineering.                        transportation systems both in
                                    Germany and abroad, as well
k www.fbe.uni-wuppertal.            as in environmental manage-
de k Faculty of Electrical,         ment and research.
Information and Media

     Keeping you mobile: Wuppertal’s UNI Express

     Municipal Utilities link up with
     UW teaching and research

             Cooperation between UW                                                   high energy consumption, they
             and Wuppertal Municipal Uti-                                             are ideally suited to the use of
             lities (WSW) extends to both                                             small combined heat and pow-
             research and teaching. Two                                               er (CHP) systems. The effici-
             examples show how WSW                                                    ency of these systems is high,
             research into new products                                               with more than 90% of energy
             and technologies involves the                                            input (generally from natural
             university along with other re-                                          gas) available for use, and the
             search institutes and industrial                                         30 or so systems installed in
             organizations:                                                           Wuppertal operate between
                                                                                      3000 and 5000 hours per year.
             Gründerzeit vil-                                                         They consist of a power gene-
             las become mini                                                          ration system (situated in the
                                                                                      traditional heating cellar) who-
             power stations                                                           se excess heat output is used
                                                                                      for domestic heating and hot
             A joint research project with                                            water. This system is linked to
             UW and the Fraunhofer Insti-                                             the local grid, and as power is
             tute for Solar Energy Systems         can only be achieved when a        only generated when heat is
             (ISE) seeks to demonstrate the        large number of buildings are      required, most of the electrici-
             effectiveness of small com-           refurbished     simultaneously.    ty produced is exported rather
             bined heat and power (CHP)            This is the case in the magni-     than used internally.
             systems in late 19th and early        ficent villa quarters of several
             20th century villas.                  NRW cities, many of whose          Current research focuses on
                                                   houses are landmarked buil-        the economics and techno-
             Ambitious goals with regard           dings and cannot, therefore, be    logy of this situation, where
             to energy-saving and environ-         subjected to major construc-       coverage of internal domestic
             mental protection in the histo-       tional energy-saving measu-        use ranks as a priority. WSW
             rical residential building sector     res. Because of their relatively   is considering the introduction

of variable time-based remu-         the Wupper and local tributa-
neration for power fed into the      ries at a fifth of the price of a
grid, which would encoura-           conventional basin.
ge owners to switch on their
systems for example over the         Experimental shafts have be-
midday period, when the elec-        en constructed in Cronenberg

tricity produced would earn          and at the Robert-Daum-Platz
higher payment. This would           in Elberfeld. A UW engineering
require a heat storage system        graduate is working with Dr.
and an intelligent control unit.     Pecher Engineering and WSW
Joint research at UW’s School        on the evaluation of the new
of Architecture and the Fraun-       procedure.
hofer ISE has analyzed issues
of the dimensions, fueling and
economics of these systems.
                                     Teaching input
                                     UW bachelor’s and master’s
Filter shafts ease                   programs in Business Enginee-
municipal waste                      ring – Traffic and Transportati-
                                     on incorporate know-how from
water load                           the local mobility service provi-
                                     der WSW mobil. UW graduate
In a joint venture with Dr. Pe-      Dr. Peter Hoffmann, systems
cher     Engineering,    Erkrath     management director of local
WSW is testing the effective-        public transportation at WSW,
ness of filter shafts as an al-      teaches on the programs, and
ternative to conventional rain-      WSW also provides internships
water purification in its waste      as well as topics for seminar
water system. As a field re-         and degree theses for UW stu-
search project this is unique        dents.

WSW invests several million
euros a year in the extension of
the municipal waste water sys-
tem, including the construction
of rainwater purification and re-
tention basins, which function
mechanically. The problem,
especially in inner city areas, is
the space these require. Here
the new filter shafts provide a
solution that purifies the water
sufficiently for it to be fed into

                                                  WSW Wuppertaler Stadtwerke GmbH

                                                  Bromberger Str. 39 - 41
                                                  D-42281 Wuppertal

                                                  Tel.: +49 (0)202 569-0
                                                  Fax: +49 (0)202 569-4590


     Rededicating former industrial floor-space: an architectural energy challenge

     Summer Academy 2009 –
     ‘Architecture and Energy’ in Wuppertal

              How do you make 32 budding                   from Germany, the Czech Re-        offices and studios for the
              architects with an obsession                 public and Switzerland. The        creative professions. The set-
              for energy-optimized building                event – part of a research in-     ting was especially appropria-
              happy in ten days? Quite sim-                itiative on energy-optimized       te to the Summer Academy’s
              ple! You provide a challenging               buiding (EnOB) by the Federal      task, which was to rededicate
              task, intensive coaching, well-              Ministry of Economics and          a similar building on the former
              known speakers and an attrac-                Technology – was coordinated       ELBA site in Wuppertal, and to
              tive setting, and combine the-               by UW’s Department of Const-       develop an initial architectural
              se ingredients with interesting              ructional Physics and Technical    plan for its new function(s) and
              excursions.                                  Building Services under Prof.      users.
              From September 21-30, 2009                   Dr. Ing. Karsten Voss.
              UW’s School of Architecture,                 The Summer Academy venue
              together with the architectural              was the old Huppertsberg fac-
              faculties of the Universities of             tory in downtown Wuppertal,
              Dresden and Karlsruhe, hosted                a large four-story building from
              a Summer Academy on ‘Ar-                     the early 20th century con-
              chitecture and Energy’ atten-                verted for use as an attractive
              ded by architectural students                cultural center with additional

Outstanding architecture –
high user-comfort –
minimal energy consumption

        The initial task for environmen-
        tally conscious architecture is
                                                 Dietmar Riecks (Banz & Riecks,        student architects could re-
        thorough refurbishment, so the
                                                 Bochum), who had planned the          turn home convinced that their
        Summer Academy design chal-
                                                 Solvis zero-emissions factory         journey to Wuppertal had be-
        lenges were situated in this
                                                 building, and Michael Müller          en more than worthwhile. For
        area. Their goal was to enable
                                                 (Müller Schlüter Associates,          the organizers it was clear that
        participants to plan an appro-
                                                 Wuppertal), who was respon-           2010 must see another Sum-
        priate low-energy building for
                                                 sible for the redesign of the         mer Academy.
        the ELBA site. Knowledge and
                                                 Wuppertal student residence
        know-how were communica-
                                                 Neue Burse as a so-called ‘pas-       Markus Hemp
        ted in lectures and software
                                                 sive house’, as well as other
        workshops focusing on best-
                                                 EnOB projects. Academy par-            D Faculty of Architecture,
        practice examples.
                                                 ticipants staying at the Neue          Civil Engineering, Mechanical
        Specialist lectures, some of
                                                 Burse could test first-hand the        Engineering and Safety
        them on site, were devoted
                                                 quality of life in such a building.    Engineering
        to the energy and HVAC con-
                                                 Additional stimulus was pro-          T: +49(0)202-439-4295
        cepts of relevant buildings
                                                 vided by excursions to local          E: mhemp@uni-wuppertal.de
        (Prof. Hegger’s lecture in the
                                                 EnOB projects like the Rem-
        Mont Cenis Academy, Herne),
                                                 scheid waste disposal plant           kwww.btga.uni-wuppertal.de
        the fundamentals of zero-ener-
                                                 or the Zeche Zollverein former        kwww.enob.info
        gy building (Prof. Dr. Ing. Voss),
                                                 coal-mining complex (now a
        the interface between energy
                                                 UNESCO World Heritage Site)
        efficiency and economic viabi-
                                                 in Essen.
        lity (Prof. Dr. Ing. Lützkendorf),
                                                 After the final presentation
        and future solar construction
                                                 of the Academy’s results in
        materials (Prof. Dr. Wittwer).
                                                 the presence of the Rector of
        Academy participants learned
                                                 the University of Wuppertal
        how to use simulation tools for
                                                 and representatives of the ci-
        optimization of energy balance
                                                 ty administration, economic
        and interior environmental cli-
                                                 development authorities, and
        mate. Valuable design support
                                                 real estate developers, the 32
        was provided by the architects

Model of the former ELBA building in Wuppertal                        Energy-optimized buiding: the EnOB Summer Academy

     Solar Decathlon
     Europe 2010
     Wuppertal students build
     solar house for internatio-
     nal competition
                                                A rewarding experience: UW students gain 3 awards and take 6th place in the
                                                international Net Zero Energy Buildings competition in Madrid

         UW is one of 20 universities       Technical Building Services)             height of 5.45 m, the house
         worldwide that in October          – an interdisciplinary team of           itself occupies an area of 74 sq
         2008 qualified for the ‘Solar      30 students from UW’s ar-                m on two floors and is boun-
         Decathlon Europe 2010’ com-        chitecture, civil engineering,           ded by solar walls on two si-
         petition. The aim of the Solar     industrial design, mechanical            des. The main living room,
         Decathlon is to support re-        engineering and economics                almost 50 sq m in size, opens
         search and the communication       programs organized themsel-              via sliding elements onto ad-
         and transfer of knowledge at       ves into specialist planning and         ditional deck areas to the east
         university level in the field of   construction units and took up           and west. The first floor space
         sustainable, energy-efficient      the challenge.                           is formed by a 12 m long unit
         construction. The international                                             mounted in a single sweep on
         competition, already hosted
         four times by the US capital,
                                            The concept                              the supporting walls. The inte-
                                                                                     rior is defined by a multifunc-
         Washington, was held for the       Central to the project was the           tional walk-in SmartBox and,
         first time this year on European   development of intelligent spa-          opposite this, a kitchen with
         soil in Madrid.                    tial concepts for future living,         mobile counter unit.
                                            accompanied by research into
         The project was financed half      easily transportable modular             These constructional princip-
         from external public-sector and    elements, and the develop-               les allow a flexible division of
         internal UW sources, and half      ment of integrated solar ener-           space adaptable to the chan-
         from industrial and business       gy modules and technical ser-            ging requirements of the peop-
         sponsoring of materials and pl-    vices. The house was to be               le who live in it – a ‘flowspace’
         anning costs, as well as direct    designed for domestic living             that blurs the distinction bet-
         contribution of materials.         anywhere in Europe, which                ween inside and outside and
                                            meant that it had to be adapta-          enables functional areas to
         The task                           ble for other climatic areas than        overlap. Integration of techni-
                                                                                     cal services applies consistent
                                                                                     aesthetic principles, resulting
         Working independently, a team
                                                                                     in a well-adjusted climatic en-
         of students set out to build a     The architecture –                       vironment, balanced spatial
         100% solar-powered house-
         of-the-future. Planning, de-       dynamic unity                            proportions, and materials and
                                                                                     colors that combine with the
         velopment and construction
                                            The UW concept set out to                whole to create a flowing, dy-
         were to be followed by public
                                            achieve a harmonious balance             namic unity.
         presentation of the prototype
         in June 2010 to an internatio-     of the four key factors Function,
         nal jury in Madrid. Judgment       Aesthetics, Technical Services,
                                            and Space, taking consistent
                                                                                     The energy concept
         of the competition was based
         on ten principles – hence ‘de-     account of sustainability as             The concept of a ‘net zero
         cathlon’.                          an indispensable parameter               energy’ building is that over the
                                            of modern living. The concept            course of a year it should pro-
         The team                           was inspired by an awareness
                                            of the human person as an in-
                                                                                     duce at least as much energy
                                                                                     as it consumes. The Solar De-
                                            dividual living within a commu-          cathlon competition stipulated
         Led by two professors from         nity, with all the perceptual and        a ‘purely electrical’ building,
         UW’s School of Architecture        environmental relations this             so the house was designed
         – Prof. Anett-Maud Joppien         entails.                                 to feed as much electricity in-
         (Department of Construction
                                                                                     to the grid as it took from it.
         and Design) and Prof. Dr.-Ing.     Set east-west on a 13 x 23               Optimization of energy con-
         Karsten Voss (Department of        m plot, and with a maximum               sumption sought to avoid peak
         Constructional Physics and

Wuppertal’s zero-energy house in Madrid

loading and any consequent                as protection from the sun.
mismatch.                                 Further protection is provided
                                          by an aluminized fabric curtain
As a European house, the buil-            reflecting radiant solar heat,
ding had to be adaptable to va-           which at the same time consti-
rious climatic zones. The UW              tutes a significant architectonic
project was designed to meet              element. The curtain’s balance
the warm conditions of sum-               between energy efficiency and
mertime Madrid and, with mi-              transparency – both to daylight
nor adjustments, the cooler cli-          and human vision – was opti-
mate of Wuppertal and regions             mized in a sequence of expe-
further to the north and east.            rimental models. A central fea-
                                          ture of the Wuppertal house’s
Electricity is generated prima-           technical equipment is a com-
rily by an integrated solar sys-          pact HVAC system with inte-
tem mounted on the flat roof,             grated micro heat pump that
in addition to which a south-fa-          regulates the functions of hea-
cing solar wall carries photovol-         ting, cooling and water heating
taic cells whose number can               in combination with the solar
be varied to suit local climatic          collectors.
conditions. Thermal energy is
collected via vacuum tubes on             Prof. Anett-Maud Joppien
the south face of the northern
solar wall.                               FB D – Architektur: Baukonst-
                                          ruktion, Entwerfen und CAD
Efficient consumption of ener-            T: +49(0)202-439-4036
gy for heating and cooling is op-         kwww.arch.uni-wuppertal.de
timized by a high-performance
insulating ‘skin’ that wraps the
entire building, providing ef-
fective heat retention as well

     Certified design and media competence in the Apple Mac lab

     The Apple Authorized Training                                                         of its kind, and its combined
                                                                                           BA degree will prepare gradua-

     Center for Education in UW’s                                                          tes for careers in fields ranging
                                                                                           from design to vocational-tech-

     new combined BA program in                                                            nical school teaching.

     Media Design and Design                                                               A central feature of the pro-
                                                                                           gram – also unique in Germa-

     Technology                                                                            ny – is the media design work-
                                                                                           shop in which the technical
                                                                                           basics of design can be taught
             Every area of media production            industrial design to the audio-     on all available professional
             has been transformed in recent            visual and interactive media –      programs. This enables stu-
             years by the introduction of the          that will definitively change the   dents to grasp the overriding
             computer, and the process is              future of design. UW’s new          relationship between design
             gathering momentum all the                program in media design and         and technology across the en-
             time. This has caused a con-              design technology, launched in      tire range of media, and provi-
             vergence in the development               winter semester 2009, addres-       des an excellent preparation
             of design technology – from               ses these new developments.         for professional design work.
             visual communication through              It is the first German program

                                              highly effective instrument of     to use integrated visual and
                                              social integration between the     presentation technologies in
                                              student and teaching body.         both teaching and research.
                                                                                 The aim is to develop, analyze
                                              Apple Authorized Training          and apply methodical design
                                              Center for Education               processes and parallel didactic

                                                                                 and communicative concepts.
                                              The UW media design work-          Not only for research and
                                              shop is one of three such          teaching, but also for the fu-
                                              units at German universities       ture career prospects of UW
                                              officially certified as Apple      graduates, the media design
                                              Authorized Training Centers        workshop forms the basis of
                                              for Education (AATCe). These       an excellent all-round qualifica-
                                              enable students, after approp-     tion and a reflective aproach to
                                              riate training and an examina-     media design and design tech-
                                              tion (in English), to qualify as   nology.
                                              ‘Apple Certified Pro’ or ‚Final
                                              Cut Pro’. The first UW stu-        Prof. Dr. Johannes Busmann
                                              dents to gain this decisive ca-    Björn Blankenheim
                                              reer advantage qualified at the
                                              end of winter semester 2009-       Department of Media Design
                                              2010.                              and Design Technology

                                              Since 2009 Apple’s Munich          T: +49(0)202-439-5157
                                              office has been using the UW       E: busmann@uni-wuppertal.de
                                              workshop for its nationwide
                                              qualification sessions – e.g.
                                              Apple Tech Series courses
                                              on operating systems. The
                                              cooperation with Apple – the
                                              established international lea-
                                              der in design technology –
                                              provides the university itself,
                                              as well as its media design
                                              program and students, with a
                                                unique boost in quality and
             PHOTO-         DREAM-
               SHOP         WEAVER&                   Teaching and
 INDESIGN                               TYPO3
                                          The media design
 ILLUS-                                   workshop is used
TRATOR      PRINT WEB     FLASH            for     computer-
                                           based seminars as
             3D/  A/V                      well as individual
             CAD          AFTER
 WORKS                    EFFECTS          student work. Sy-
                                          nergies between
 ARCHICAD              FINAL CUT         the various areas of
                                        media design will be
                                       enhanced in the near
        CINEMA4D PREMIERE            future by the addition
                                   of new professorships
                                 for interactive and audio-
                              visual media.

   Figure 1: Areas of media design and cor-   Workshop equipment has re-
   responding technical programs              cently been upgraded with the
                                              addition of new Apple MacPro
   The success of the program                 computers and network struc-
   can be measured by the in-                 tures financed within the
   tense student interest and                 framework of the German
   demand it has awakened. A                  Research Foundation’s Integ-
   feature of the program is the              rative Cross-Media Commu-
   tutorials given by specially               nication project at UW. It is
   qualified and trained students,            now possible to run PC and
   which provide individual or                Apple computer systems on
   small group tuition and form a             the same hardware, and thus

                                                                             in Bonn. A summer semester
                                                                             spent at UW’s partner Univer-
                                                                             sity of Kaliningrad will enable
                                                                             students to take a binational
                                                                             German-Russian MA degree.
                                                                             For further information on this
                                                                             unique offer visit the website
                                                                             of our partner institute


                                                                             Faculty of Humanities
                                                                             Prof. Dr. Franz Knipping
                                                                             Chair of Modern and Con-
                                                                             temporary History / Jean
                                                                             Monnet Chair of the History
                                                                             of European Integration and
                                                                             International Relations
                                                                             T: +49 (0)202 439-2424
                                                                             E: fknipp@uni-wuppertal.de

                                                                             Prof. Dr. Hans J. Lietzmann
                                                                             Lehrstuhl für Politikwis-
                                                                             senschaft / Jean Monnet
                                                                             Lehrstuhl für Europapolitik
                                                                             T. +49(0)202 439-2428
                                                                             E: Hans.J.Lietzmann@

                                                                             Faculty of Economics –
                                                                             Schumpeter School of
                                                                             Business and Economics
                                                                             Prof. Dr. Paul J. J. Welfens
                                                                             Chair of Macroeconomics /
                                                                             Jean Monnet Chair of Euro-
                                                                             pean Economic Integration
                                                                             E: welfens@uni-wuppertal.de

     Shaping Europe with an
     MA in European Studies

       To understand Europe and            completed a 240 credit point
       shape its future is the goal of     (CP) bachelor’s degree.
       UW’s new one year master’s
       degree in European Studies.         The program conveys, and de-
       The interdisciplinary program       velops on, the fundamentals of
       offers wide-ranging and solid-      economics, political science,
       ly founded knowledge, as well       history and law, and includes
       as direct contact to EU insti-      interdisciplinary courses, lan-
       tutions and industrial, political   guage instruction, and atten-
       and cultural players. Tailored      dance at a week-long summer
       to future EU professionals, the     academy at the renowned
       MA is open to all who have          Gustav Stresemann Institute

                                         degree certificates in a formal    project ‘Towards Net Zero
                                         ceremony at Wuppertal’s his-       Energy Solar Buildings’ has
                                         toric Civic Hall. The three best   focused on the construction
                                         theses were awarded ‘agen-         of houses that aim to neutra-
                                                                            lize energy consumption and

                                         da4‘ prizes. The ceremony
                                         was attended by benefactors        CO2 emissions in the course
                                         and sponsors from the fields       of a year. UW’s Department
                                         of politics, business and sci-     of Constructional Physics
                                         ence, as well as by families       and Technical Building Servi-
                                         and friends of the gradua-         ces under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kars-
                                         tes. The eighth REM+CPM            ten Voss is the sole German
                                         master’s program began in          member of this international
                                         the same week.                     project. Their research is fun-
                                         Political science – As from        ded within the framework of
                                         winter semester 2009-2010          the Federal Ministry of Eco-
                                         political science can be taken     nomics and Technology’s
                                         as part of a combined BA de-       ‘Energy-Optimized Buiding’
                                         gree program at UW. Some           (EnOB) project.
                                         50 first semester students
                                         and 26 transferring from other
                                         subjects got the program off
                                         to a good start.

                                         New business-sponsored
New degree option                        professorship
in media design                          The globally operating chemi-
Winter semester 2009-2010                cals specialist Cognis (Mon-
saw the launch of a new op-              heim) has set up a sponsored
tion in media design and de-             professorship in the ‘Com-
sign technology as part of a             munication and Management
combined bachelor of arts                of Chemical Processes in           Political science
(BA) program that will deve-             Industry’ at UW. An initial 3      As from winter semester
lop creative abilities and cul-          year funding package aims          2009-2010 political science
tivate advanced design and               to promote R&D, as well as         can be taken as part of a com-
media competencies. Open                 teaching, in the field of sus-     bined BA degree program at
to combination with a wide               tainable chemistry, and to         UW. Some 50 first semester
range of other subjects, the             boost cooperation with the         students and 26 transferring
program is unique at univer-             university. The financing of       from other subjects got the
sity level in Germany. The               the professorship will then be     program off to a good start.
six-semester degree will fo-             taken over by the university.
cus on the basics of design              UW Rector Prof. Dr. Lambert
and typography, with special             T. Koch and Cognis director
reference to conception, de-             Dr. Hans-Helmut Heymann
sign and realization in digital          signed the sponsoring con-
media, as well as on the in-             tract on June 18, 2009.
tegration and application of
programming knowledge in                                                    British-German Dialogue
all areas of media commu-                                                   A ‘Bilingual Studies Abroad’
nication. The new program                                                   project launched by Prof. Dr.
provides students with an ex-                                               Bärbel Diehr of UW’s Depart-
citing opportunity to combine                                               ment of English and Ameri-
creative design with another                                                can Studies enables future
degree subject.                                                             English teachers to prepare
                                                                            for their careers by experien-
                                                                            cing everyday life in a British
                                                                            school. In 2008-2009 thirteen
                                         Energy conservation
New MSc graduates for                                                       UW undergraduates taught
                                         UW’s energy scientists hos-
construction and real esta-                                                 for 3-4 months in the UK.
                                         ted some 100 specialists from
te industries                            around the globe at a confe-
On Friday April 16, 2010 the             rence at the Haspel Campus
graduates of UW’s sixth in-              (October 4-10, 2009). Since
terdisciplinary master’s pro-            autumn 2008 the Internati-
gram in real estate and cons-            onal Energy Agency (IEA)
truction project management
(REM+CPM) received their

     Bundled competence in teacher education: Prof. Dr. Casale’s seminar (School of Education)

     University of Wuppertal –
     pioneering teacher education
             Teacher education plays a ma-
             jor role at UW. Degree qualifi-            The School of                            teacher education programs.
                                                                                                 The Committee thus plays a
             cations are offered for all Ger-           Education                                key role in university policy.
             man school types other than
             special needs schools, and                 In the wake of NRW’s Teacher             2. The Institute of Educatio-
             currently some 45% of stu-                 Education Act (2009), and in             nal Research (IfB) is a research
             dents are enrolled in programs             order to strengthen teacher              and teaching unit of UW’s edu-
             that qualify for school teaching.          education still further, UW              cational sciences. Within the
             The range of subjects has re-              founded the School of Educa-             School of Education it has the
             cently been further extended,              tion in 2010 on the model of             rights and duties of a university
             with greater emphasis placed               its existing faculties – an in-          faculty, from autonomous al-
             in their respective faculties on           novation as yet uncommon in              location of funds to the award
             subjects such as Spanish or La-            German-speaking universities.            of doctoral and postdoctoral
             tin, the fundamentals of natural           The School of Education pursu-           degrees and the appointment
             science and engineering, or                es two closely allied aims:              of professors. The Institute is
             informatics and media design.                                                       responsible for the educatio-
             The university’s mission state-            1. Coordination of teacher               nal science input of all teacher
             ment also gives prominence                 education in bachelor’s and              education programs and offers
             to this area, with “education              master’s programs is con-                many of the courses in this
             and knowledge in social and                ducted by the School of                  area.
             cultural contexts” as a decla-             Education’s Joint Degree Pro-
             red focus of transdisciplinary             gram Committee (GSA), which              With regard to research, organi-
             teaching and research.                     represents and coordinates the           zation and teaching, specialist
                                                        interests of, and decides issu-          subject didactics remains the
                                                        es affecting all faculties con-          responsibility of the individu-
                                                        cerned with teacher education            al departments and faculties.
                                                        – e.g. general regulations for           However, the School of Edu-

cation provides wide scope for           gram Committee and the Ins-                 Prof. Dr. Cornelia Gräsel &
cooperation and networking               titute of Educational Research,             Prof. Dr. Ulrich Heinen
in this field, both among the            facilitating integrated curri-
departments concerned and                culum development across                    School of Education
with the educational sciences.           the three aspects of teacher                T: +49 (0)202 439-3132
Moreover, individual faculty             education: specialist subject               E: graesel@uni-wuppertal.de

members may be coopted into              studies, specialist subject di-
the Institute of Educational Re-         dactics, and educational scien-
search. The Graduate School              ces
of Education linked to the Ins-
titute has the declared goal of          •emphasizes in the establish-
supporting empirical doctoral            ment of the Institute of Educa-
research in specialist subject           tional Research the importance
didactics.                               to the university of high acade-
                                         mic quality in its teacher edu-
The School of Education will             cation program, and provides a
receive €3.13 m in funding               structure for empirical research
from the State of NRW for the            cooperation with other UW dis-
period 2010-2014.                        ciplines, in particular specialist
                                         subject didactics
The School of                            •builds on and develops exis-
Education at the                         ting UW strengths, enhancing
University of                            the newly established national
Wuppertal                                profile of the university in edu-
                                         cational research
•concentrates      responsibility        •provides – in the form of the
and creates a focus of professi-         Graduate School annexed to
onal identification for students         the Institute of Educational
and staff                                Research – an excellent basis
                                         for systematic networking with
•focuses resources and ma-               research in specialist subject
nagerial competencies and                didactics and for the support
cooperates closely with UW               and promotion of young scho-
faculties                                lars in educational and didactic
•ensures close cooperation
between the Joint Degree Pro-

        Prof. Roebken at work in the Institute of Educational Research at UW’s School of Education

     Teachers wanted! Primary schoolchildren need more male role-models

     Career profile: teaching –
     a women’s preserve?
             Is teaching typically a woman’s          acute.                               degree including major input
             job? The high proportion of wo-                                               from the educational sciences.
             men teachers, especially in pri-         Current research in education        That ‘feminine’ empathy is
             mary schools, might lead one             has highlighted the falsehood        the most important quality for
             to think so. Women constitute            especially of male images of         a teacher is after all a cliché,
             more than 80% of all primary             the teaching profession – e.g.       and one that should not deter
             school and some 60% of lo-               with regard to its core activities   young men from entering the
             wer secondary / middle school            or to earning capacity in the pri-   profession.
             teachers; only in high / upper           mary school. Men tend not to
             secondary school are they in a           realize that teaching presents       Dr. Michaela Schulte
             minority of 46%.                         attractive career prospects for
                                                      both sexes.                          Information and Service for
             It is often argued that women                                                 Teacher Education (ISL)
             make better (especially primary          Teaching offers not only high
             school) teachers because they            job satisfaction and varied          T: +49 (0)202 439-3887
             have greater gender-based                work with children, who for          E: lehrerbildung@uni-wupper-
             sensitivity and understanding,           the most part are curious and        tal.de
             most notably of younger child-           eager to learn. It is also an in-    k www.isl.uni-wuppertal.de
             ren. Even if one accepts this            tellectually demanding activity
             cliché, it does not mean that            covering a wide range of sub-
             these are the only qualities that        jects and topics. The demands
             determine a good teacher.                on a teacher are high, but they
                                                      come with a great deal of free-
             An uneven gender mix in the              dom to shape the task indivi-
             staff-room does not match the            dually. And especially primary
             situation in the classroom. And          school teaching enjoys high so-
             the gender argument works                cial esteem in Germany, as the
             both ways, for its very impor-           Allensbach Professional Presti-
             tance makes the absence of               ge Scale indicated in 2008.
             male identification figures for
             both girls and boys – above all          Training for the teaching pro-
             in primary school – all the more         fession starts with a university

Actively shaping your program –
Central Student Advisory and
Counseling Service (ZSB)

   “Can I teach at primary school      with work organization, the                seminars such as ‘Study and
   without mathematics?” “I            order in which courses and                 Work Techniques’, or ‘Coping
   want to take Latin. Can I do that   modules should be taken (in-               with Examination Stress’. For
   here?” “I’ve failed again – what    dividual flow-plan), switching             those about to graduate, the
   shall I do now?” These are just     subjects, or psychological                 transition to a professional ca-
   three of the many questions         problems such as examina-                  reer is eased by seminars on
   the ZSB has to answer every         tion stress and anxiety. The               writing an application, time ma-
   day. UW’s Central Student Ad-       Student Counseling Service                 nagement, teamwork etc.
   visory and Counseling Service       offers professional psycholo-
   explains degree and study pro-      gical counseling for individual            Dr. Christine Hummel
   gram procedures and supports        students who require support
   students who want to change         in difficult personal or study-            Central Student Advisory and
   subject or who have individual      related situations.                        Counseling Service (ZSB)
   difficulties or problems during                                                T: +49 (0)202 439-2595
   their studies. Specific support
   is also provided by the Careers
                                       Intercultural                              E: zsb@uni-wuppertal.de

   Service during the final phase      counseling                                 Opening times:
   of a degree program and the                                                    daily 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. except
   transition to professional em-      In cooperation with UW’s In-               Fridays 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
   ployment (see 50).                  ternational Office the Student
                                       Counseling Service runs inter-             k www.zsb.uni-wuppertal.de
   Subject and pro-                    cultural counseling sessions
                                       where exchange students,
   gram orientation/                   whether coming to UW or go-
   psychological                       ing abroad, will receive useful
                                       tips and training for coping with
   counseling                          new cultural experiences.

   The first port of call for stu-
   dents or school-leavers see-        Group training
   king information or guidance
   is the ZSB Information Center,      A regular feature of the Stu-
   where trained student assis-        dent Counseling program is
   tants who know the univer-
   sity from A-Z can provide the
   Student Counseling Service’s        All you need to know about studying at university: UW’s Central Student Advisory and Coun-
   own material and information        seling Service
   on more than 70 degree pro-
   grams, as well as answering
   many questions from first-
   hand experience. More com-
   plex issues are referred to one
   of the student counselors.

   Students must be able to find
   their own way and shape their
   own study program, and stu-
   dent counseling aims to em-
   power them in this respect. A
   recurrent issue, for example,
   is ‘first semester shock’: a
   few weeks into their first term
   students suddenly realize that
   university is not like school and
   that they must plan their own
   program of studies and take re-
   sponsibility for their own suc-

   Other problems are connected

     Quality attack –
     Bologna check 2010

       The (at times heated) public       sure from political sources in    the relevant student bodies, in
       discussion of the Bologna re-      the wake of last autumn’s na-     their decisions; and it includes
       forms that took place in Ger-      tionwide student protests. In     open public discussion of the
       many last year prompted the        fact, only five weeks separated   recommendations on Study
       German University Rectors‘         the memorandum of NRW’s           Day.
       Conference, together with the      University Rectors from the
       Federal Ministry of Education      start of the Wuppertal Bologna
       and Research and NRW’s Mi-         check.
       nistry of Innovation, Science,
       Research and Technology, to        All seven faculties, with their
       appeal to the universities to      more than fifty bachelor’s
       check conditions in the new        programs, set up quality com-
       bachelor’s and master’s pro-       missions comprising univer-
       grams introduced in conformi-      sity teachers, students and
       ty with the Bologna Process.       representatives of the quality
       Supported by the university’s      network to evaluate the si-
       Quality Network for Study and      tuation in open dialogue and
       Teaching (QSL), UW students        frank communication, and to
       and staff are currently working    propose and document mea-
       on the development and impro-      sures for the development of
       vement of bachelor’s degree        the bachelor’s programs and
       programs.                          improvements to the exami-
                                          nation system. The Faculty
       At the beginning of 2010 a         Boards and Student Repre-
       comprehensive       survey    of   sentative Committees were
       bachelor’s programs at UW          then called upon to comment.
       was launched with a view to        Finally, on ‘Study Day‘ in mid
       determining opportunities for      May, an open discussion of the
       improvement and implemen-          recommendations took place,
       ting them as soon as possible.     covering all subjects. In line
       Since fall 2008 the Rector’s       with the proposals, concrete
       Office has been working inten-     changes and improvements
       sively in collaboration with the   are due to be implemented in
       7 UW faculties to revise and       UW bachelor programs by the
       renew the university’s quality     beginning of the coming winter
       control system. The result is      semester.
       a quality management model
       that is decentralized across the   The Bologna check is a me-
       faculties, but whose targets       aningful instrument of quality
       are defined, their implementa-     management that has a firm
       tion monitored and effective-      place in the Wuppertal uni-
       ness evaluated in cooperation      versity scene. Like the quality
       with the central organizational    management model itself, it
       unit QSL. To further ease the      is characteristically decentra-
       administrative burden on the       lized and relies on consistent
       faculties a network of quality     student participation. Specifi-
       moderators has been establis-      cally this means comprehen-
       hed throughout all university      sive course evaluations and
       departments. Faculties may         surveys of student opinion
       also call on centrally held stu-   (EVA-Quest), as well as ad hoc
       dent questionnaires and evalu-     departmental and individual
       ation data.                        subject surveys; it also invol-
                                          ves student representation on
       The newly established quality      relevant commissions, with
       management model enabled           the right to comment on pro-
       UW to respond rapidly to pres-     ceedings and participate, via

Study Day 2010                            The question of course atten-
                                          dance was settled uniformly
                                                                                                                                      Bologna-model bachelor’s de-
                                                                                                                                      gree programs.
                                          for all faculties at the very be-
A mere four months after st-
                                          ginning of the Bologna check:                                                               In line with the recommenda-
arting the Bologna check the
                                          attendance is only obligatory                                                               tions, UW aims to modify all
commissions present their
                                          when it is necessary for acqui-                                                             bachelor’s degree examination

results and embark on the im-
                                          sition of the competency con-                                                               regulations by the beginning of
plementation of recommenda-
                                          cerned (e.g. lab practicals, ex-                                                            winter semester 2010-2011.
                                          cursions, projects and specific
                                          seminars). Students immedi-
On May 19, 2010 the faculty
                                          ately profit from this ruling, as                                                           Prof. Dr. Andreas Frommer
and departmental commis-
                                          it gives them freedom to gain                                                               Simon Görtz
sions presented the various
                                          the required competencies in                                                                Sascha Soelau
recommendations         resulting
                                          different, individually appropri-
from the Bologna check of UW
                                          ate and adequate ways. Other                                                                UNISERVICE Qualität in
bachelor’s programs. The main
                                          improvements to be brought                                                                  Studium und Lehre (QSL)
points of discussion between
                                          in by commission recommen-                                                                  T: +49 (0)202 439-3095
students and staff were the or-
                                          dations will create more room                                                               E: evaluation@uni-
ganization and timing of exami-
                                          for the pursuit of individual in-                                                           wuppertal.de
nations, the quantity of course
                                          terests in the subjects offered,
material and corresponding
                                          and reduce the level of frag-                                                               k www.qsl.uni-wuppertal.de
workload, the structure of mo-
                                          mentation in examinations. In
dules and level of choice they
                                          all these respects UW is taking
allow, and the structure and or-
                                          a clear stand against the fre-
dering of the degree programs,
                                          quently criticized school-type
as well as course attendance
                                          organization and teaching of
and internationalization.

                                                            bologna-check & balances.pdf 12.05.2010 15:05:36

                                                                                                               B E RGIS C H E   UNISERVICE
                                                                                                               UNIV E RSITÄT    QUALITÄT IN
                                                                                                               WUPP E RTA L     STUDIUM &LEHRE
                                                                                                                                                                        Steuerungsparadigma der

                                                                                    BOLOGNA - C
                                                                                                                                                                           Einbindung der Studierenden
                                                                                                                                                                           dezentrale Kompetenz
                                                                                                                                                                           zentrale Dienstleistung
                                                                                                                                                                           Befähigung zur Selbststeuerung

                                                                                   BILDUNG                                                                                 der Lehre
                                                                                                                                                                           der Forschung

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                bis 3

                                                                                    KULTUR                                                                              Verantwortung
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Februar /M

                                                                                                                                                                           Management von Zeit & Ressourcen                                                     bis 3






                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                bis 3
                                                                                                                                                                           Aktualität der Studienangebote

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 bis 3

                                                                                                                                                                           gesellschaftliche Teilhabe
                                                                                                                                                                           kompetenzorientierte Bildung                                                              14
                                                                                                                                                                           berufsqualifizierende Bildung


                                                                                                                                                                          Diskursivität                                                                             He


                                                                                                                                                                        Im Netz: http://www.qsl.uni-wuppertal.de/aktuelle-projekte/bologna-check-2010.html

                                                                                                                                                                        Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr. Andreas Frommer ( frommer@rektorat.uni-wuppertal.de ), Prorektor für S

                                                                                                                                                                        Simon Görtz ( goertz@uni-wuppertal.de ) & Sascha Soelau ( soelau@uni-wuppertal.de ), Mitarbeite

                                                                                                                                                                        Design: Hendrik Kretschmer, Student im Studiengang Mediendesign an der Bergischen Universität

Sascha Soelau of UW’s Quality Network for Study and Teaching talks to Federal Minister of Education Annette Schavan at the
National Bologna Conference in Berlin

     Opening the door to a profession
     UW’s Careers Service brings students and
     employers together
                                           Machines. The program is to
                                           continue in 2010 with visits to
                                                                                      Job and intern-
                                           Wuppertal Municipal Utilities              ship market
                                           (WSW) and the electronic in-
                                           terface manufacturer Wiese-                The Careers Service Internet
                                           mann & Theis.                              pages carry job and internship
                                                                                      offers from local and regional
                                           Internships                                industries looking for the ‘right’
                                                                                      student or graduate for their
                                           in Ireland                                 firm.

                                           Under the heading ‘Compact                 Andrea Bauhus
                                           Options Abroad’ the Careers
                                           Service, in collaboration with             STUDENT SERVICES
                                           the German-Irish Chamber                   – Careers Service
                                           of Industry and Commerce in
                                           Dublin, organizes internships in           T.: +49 (0)202 439-3055
                                           Irish companies.                           E: bauhus@uni-wuppertal.de

                                           Information                                k www.zsb.uni-wuppertal.de
        At the interface between the       presentations
        worlds of university and pro-
        fessional employment UW’s          for industry
        Careers Service – established
        five years ago as a branch of      In close cooperation with UW
        the Central Student Adviso-        faculties, the Careers Service
        ry and Counseling Service –        informs HR departments of
        brings students, graduates and     local and regional business
        employers together, providing      enterprises about the structure
        information and advice as well     and quality of the university’s
        as training in key job-oriented    bachelor and master programs,
        competencies. Recent years         and hence about the skills and
        have seen increasing demand        competencies they can expect
        from local companies for both      from UW graduates.
        bachelor’s and master’s gra-
        duates, and many enterprises
        already seek to attract under-
        graduates via individual project
        contracts, internships, and de-
        gree or doctoral thesis oppor-

        Aiming at intensification of
        contacts between university
        and regional economy, UW si-
        gned a contract with the Wup-
        per tal - Solingen - Remscheid
        Chamber of Industry and
        Commerce (IHK) in December
        2008 covering, among other
        things, student visits to local
        firms organized jointly by the
        Careers Service and the IHK.
        On ‘Mechanical Engineering
        Day’ 2009 the targets were
        the Wuppertal family company
        Sachsenröder – Industrial Fi-
        bers and Polymers, and Heinz
        Berger Grinding and Polishing      Planning your career: training key job-oriented competencies while you study

A powerful partner in
environmental protection
   If you want to work on exciting    generating electrical and ther-   knowledge in practice.
   projects that are important for    mal energy for the local popu-
   the future of our society, get     lation. AWG is also concerned     As a partner to the university,
   in touch with AWG Wuppertal        with management systems           AWG supports UW students
   (Wuppertal Waste Services).        and workplace safety (inclu-      with specialist know-how, not
   AWG is all about household         ding explosion protection). The   only offering project topics but
   and industrial waste, recyclab-    list of topics is long.           also supporting and guiding
   le materials, and environmen-                                        students in the completion of
   tal protection. As well as waste   AWG offers internships for UW     their bachelor’s and master’s
   management, this includes          students from a wide range of     theses or diploma disserta-
   the collection and transport of    disciplines – e.g. safety engi-   tions.
   garbage and environmentally        neering, environmental protec-
   friendly processing and dispo-     tion – that open up horizons
   sal of waste products of every     in many directions. Part-time
   kind. Much of this waste mate-     work in appropriate technical
   rial can be used – without re-     areas can also be a valuable
   course to primary energy – for     way of testing your theoretical

                                                   AWG Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft mbH
                                                   Wuppertal Waste Services

                                                   Korzert 15 | D-42349 Wuppertal
                                                   02 02 / 40 42 - 0


     “Research at the boundaries of knowledge requires massive apparatus that can only be built once worldwide. But it is the work of the
     universities that fills these machines with life. UW scientists and researchers have done much in recent years to ensure that this hap-
     pens: both scientifically and technically Wuppertal’s contribution has been world-class.

     The origin of the world –                                                                       ratures similar to those that
                                                                                                     prevailed a fraction of a second

     Wuppertal’s particle-                                                                           after the Big Bang. This super-
                                                                                                     microscope enables scientists

     physics research at the LHC                                                                     to investigate natural structu-
                                                                                                     res a ten-thousandth the size
                                                                                                     of a hydrogen nucleus. And it
                                                                                                     is precisely within such minute
              It’s the world’s biggest re-               the act.                                    spatial dimensions that, imme-
              search project: 10,000 physi-                                                          diately after the Big Bang, the
              cists from every continent are             The LHC seeks an answer to                  events and processes occurred
              working together to shed light             questions that have occupied                that led to the birth of the uni-
              on the inmost structure of mat-            the human mind for thousands                verse in which we now live.
              ter, creating conditions that pa-          of years. To do so it must go
              rallel those immediately after             to the very edge of what is                 In order to capture images at
              the Big Bang. At the center of             technologically possible. Forty             this order of magnitude giant
              this research is the Large Ha-             million times a second hydro-               detector complexes have been
              dron Collider (LHC) at the Eu-             gen atoms collide in the LHC at             constructed at LHC over the
              ropean Laboratory for Particle             99.9998 per cent of the speed               past ten years. One of these is
              Physics (CERN) in Geneva.                  of light, generating temperatu-             ATLAS. As big as a five story
              Here the ‘Who’s Who’ of the                res that for a very short time              house, almost 50 meters long,
              world’s universities is assem-             are a billion times greater than            and every cubic millimeter pa-
              bled, and Wuppertal is in on               those inside the sun – tempe-               cked with instruments that can

track the passage of a particle     sen to investigate the heaviest           nition for its role in this global
with the accuracy of a tenth of     of all elementary particles, the          project”, says Prof. Mättig,
a hairsbreadth. The innermost       top quark, which weighs as                who is spokesperson for the
layer of ATLAS, the pixel detec-    much as a gold atom yet lacks             Federal Ministry of Education
tor, was largely made in Wup-       inner structure. One of the               and Research’s ‘101 ATLAS‘,
pertal and then transported to      great puzzles of modern phy-              which coordinates the work of
CERN. It is a digital camera,       sics is how to explain the mass           all German institutes participa-

1.7 sq m in size, able to take 40   of this quark. It is clear that           ting in ATLAS. These comprise
million pictures a second.          Einstein’s e=mc2, with which              13 universities, together with
                                    mass can in large part be ex-             the Max Planck Institute for
The University of Wuppertal         plained, is no longer of help. A          Physics in Munich and the lar-
was responsible for a conside-      new basis must be found, and              ge-scale DESY research facility
rable amount of the R&D work        scientists are looking in this ex-        in Hamburg. “We are entering
that went into the construction     periment for a way there.                 an exceptionally exciting pha-
of the pixel detector. Innovative                                             se,” Mättig predicts. “The next
ultra-light suspension moun-        The LHC enables Wuppertal’s               few years will, we hope, bring
tings made of composite car-        scientists to conduct research            a new and decisive step in our
bon fiber were produced, an         at the forefront of knowledge,            knowledge of how nature is
extensive system was develo-        supported in large measure by             structured at its core.”
ped to check (and if necessary      the German Federal Ministry of
correct) the functioning of the     Education and Research. Com-
detector, and the optoelectro-      panies in the Wuppertal region            Prof. Dr. Peter Mättig
nic data transmission system        play a significant R&D role, too,
carrying the electronic signals     and some 50 undergraduates                Faculty of Mathematics and
generated inside ATLAS for          and doctoral students have so             Natural Sciences
processing outside was tested       far written theses on LHC to-             Department of Experimental
and assembled.                      pics. Cooperating closely with            Elementary Particle Physics
                                    international colleagues, they            T: +49 (0)202 439-2761
The pixel detector has passed       have produced some outstan-               E: mattig@cern.ch
its baptism of fire. At the end     ding research work.
of March 2010 the LHC set
up a new energy record and          Another globally unique aspect
started to break new ground         of Wuppertal’s contribution is
in physics. Since then the par-     an interdisciplinary research
ticle stream collisions have not    group that brings together
ceased, creating a volume of        philosophers, historians of sci-
data amounting to some ten          ence, and physicists to discuss
petabytes per year (1 peta-         and shed light on LHC issues
byte = 1015 bytes) – enough         from various angles. Recently
to fill two million DVDs. In        awarded financial support by
perhaps one ten-millionth of        the German Research Founda-
this data scientists might find     tion (DFG), its work has already
the answer to the fundamental       received international atten-
questions they are asking with      tion.
the help of the LHC. New IT
has been developed to cope          “Wuppertal has gained nati-
with this flood of data, first      onal and international recog-
and foremost a computing grid
consisting of some 30 centers
distributed across the world.
This is another key element in
Wuppertal’s input to the LHC
experiments: UW is one such
center, with c. 1000 computers
constituting half a petabyte of
data storage capacity. “We
have become a major player
in German grid computing, ful-
filling a key function in the AT-
LAS experiment” comments
Prof. Peter Mättig. “One ex-
ample is the vast data volumes
processed in Wuppertal for the
first ATLAS publications.”

The LHC and ATLAS are taking
us into uncharted scientific ter-
ritory. The UW group has cho-
                                    On the track of the Big Bang: Prof. Mättig researches in Wuppertal and at CERN in

     HALO – a research laboratory
     above the clouds
        HALO – High Altitude Long           physicists, led by Prof. Dr. Ralf          rious contaminated air masses
        Range Research Aircraft – is        Koppmann and Prof. Dr. Micha-              – is planned for summer 2011.
        the name given by German            el Volk, are currently preparing           Among the instruments to be
        atmospheric scientists to the       for the first technical test flight,       used on this mission is an air
        new Gulfstream G550 air-            scheduled for late summer                  sample collector developed in
        plane which, with a range of        2010, when the performance                 UW’s Department of Atmos-
        8000 km and peak altitude of        of all systems and instruments             pheric Physics, which allows
        15 km, can carry up to three        will be checked under real                 large volume samples to be
        tons of scientific equipment        conditions. The first scientific           taken for laboratory analysis of
        to regions (e.g. above the po-      mission – to investigate the               trace gases in Wuppertal.
        les or oceans) that have so far     self-cleansing properties of
        been inaccessible to scientific     the Earth’s atmosphere in va-              The second mission in summer
        research. The aircraft is fitted
        with 15 racks able to hold up
        to 150 kg of instruments each,
        and further measuring devices
        can be fixed beneath the wings
        and fuselage.

        Among these are many ‘ba-
        sic’ instruments for measuring
        meteorological      parameters
        and important trace gases like
        water vapor, ozone, and nitro-
        gen oxides. These – like all the
        other scientific instruments
        and also the aircraft’s air inlet
        system – must be licensed by
        the Federal Aviation Authority.
        Delays on this account, and al-
        so because of late delivery of
        the plane, have already set the
        first mission back by some two

        But now everything is ready
        to go, and UW’s atmospheric
                                            Testing the MIRAH air sample collector before installation in HALO

2012 plans to investigate the              will enhance understanding of         Prof. Dr. Ralf Koppmann
exchange of trace gases bet-               transportation processes in the       Prof. Dr. C. Michael Volk
ween the lowest atmospheric                atmosphere and form the basis
layer, the troposphere, and the            for improvements in the nume-         Faculty of Mathematics
stratosphere, which contains               rical modeling of the transpor-       and Natural Sciences
the ozone layer. Research will             tation of pollutants. UW scien-       Department of Atmos-
focus on the exchange proces-              tists are currently constructing      pheric Physics

ses that bring ozone-destroy-              an instrument that will be able
ing gases into the stratosphe-             to detect the presence of the-        T: +49 (0)202 439-2605 /
re. The investigation will use a           se substances in concentra-           -2603
new high precision instrument              tions as low as one molecule in       E: koppmann@uni-
developed in cooperation with              1015 molecules of air.                wuppertal.de
the Jülich Research Center, the                                                  E: M.Volk@uni-wuppertal.de
Max Planck Institute, Mainz,               The HALO experiments will th-
and the University of Frankfurt,           row light on the basic chemical       k www.atmos.physik.
that can detect trace gases in             and physical processes of the         uni-wuppertal.de
extremely low concentrations.              atmosphere and their impact
A further project planned in               on climate change. Under-
cooperation with the German                graduates as well as doctoral
Aerospace Center (DLR) aims                students will find ample oppor-
to release special trace gases             tunity to engage in stimulating
into the atmosphere to ‘mark’              and highly relevant research
air masses, which can then                 that will take them to all cor-
be tracked with HALO’s in-                 ners of the world.
struments. The experiment

Investigating the atmospheric impact of climate change: research aircraft HALO

     Soil ecology –
     impacts of climate change

         Climate change is currently               environment for the production   Prof. Dr. Jörg Rinklebe
         the object of intense political           of foodstuffs.                   Carsten Schilli
         and scientific attention. Of
         particular concern are the con-           UW’s Department of Soil and      Department of Soil and
         sequences of climatic change              Groundwater Resources Ma-        Groundwater Resour-
         for the planet’s various ecosys-          nagement has – along with        ces Management
         tems and how these will react.            partners from other research     Institute of Foundation, Was-
         In this context the German                and industrial organizations –   te and Water Engineering
         government issued a paper in              been commissioned by the Fe-     Faculty D: School of
         December 2008 with the title              deral Environment Agency to      Civil Engineering
         “Deutsche Anpassungsstra-                 work on the project ‘Impacts
         tegie” (German Strategy for               of Climate Change on the Soil’   T: +49 (0)202 439-4057
         Adaptation to Climate Change              (BOKLIM). The project’s goal     E: rinklebe@uni-wuppertal.de
         – DAS). The goal of the strate-           is to determine and document
         gy laid out in this paper is to re-       the current state of know-       k www .boden.uni-
         duce vulnerability to the results         ledge about soil conditions in   wuppertal.de
         of climate change. This entails           Germany, forecast potential      k www .boklim.de
         the preservation and enhance-             changes and seek ways of
         ment of the abilities of natural,         meeting the impact of climate
         social and economic systems               change on the basis of present
         to adapt to such change.                  knowledge. At the same time
                                                   further avenues of research
         In this context the soil system           will be identified and pursued
         is particularly significant as a          with a view to extending the
         carbon and water reservoir,               German Adaptation Strategy.
         animal and plant habitat, and

         BOKLIM soil research: understanding
         an essential eco-system for animals and
         plants, foodstuffs and forestry, carbon
         and water resources, ground and drin-
         king water protection and purification

                                                                                  Prof. Wiesen explains the
                                                                                  impact of titanium dioxide
                                                                                  on air pollution under ult-
                                                                                  raviolet light

Better air through photocatalysis road
surfaces as catalytic converters
   Fine dust and nitrogen oxides       The first field test in a road             Dr. Jörg Kleffmann
   are still the main cause of poor    tunnel in Brussels is scheduled            Prof. Dr. Peter Wiesen
   air quality. Despite widespread     for 2011. UW scientists are
   efforts and a constant lowe-        currently conducting laborato-             FB C – Physikalische Chemie
   ring of emission thresholds,        ry tests on the cleansing pro-             T: +49 (0)202 439-3534/ -2515
   nitrogen dioxide values at ma-      perties – as well as possible              E: kleffman@uni-wuppertal.de
   ny air pollution measurement        harmful by-products – of the               E: wiesen@uni-wuppertal.de
   stations are frequently in ex-      catalytic surfaces.
   cess of legal norms. A new ap-                                                 k www.physchem.
   proach to improving air quality     The spectacular four-year pro-             uni-wuppertal.de
   is photocatalysis.                  ject, funded within the frame-
                                       work of the EU’s LIFE+ pro-
   UW’s Department of Physical         gram, has an overall budget of
   Chemistry is participating in a     €4m.
   joint European research project
   examining the effectiveness of      (khttp://ec.europa.eu/envi-
   photocatalytic surfaces for the     ronment/life/funding/life-
   reduction of atmospheric pol-       plus.htm).
   lutants, especially automobile
   exhaust gases.

   This involves adding an agent
   to road surfaces and tunnel
   roofs on roads carrying heavy
   traffic that chemically degra-
   des harmful gases when ex-
   posed to sunlight or artificial
   ultraviolet light – in principle
   the same agent as that used
   in sunscreen, titanium oxide.
   Under ultraviolet light this acts
   as a catalyst speeding up che-
   mical reactions, an effect that
   can be exploited to keep the air

   The PhotoPaq (Demonstration
   of Photocatalytic Remediation
   Processes on Air Quality) pro-
   ject addresses the reduction
   of pollutants such as nitrogen
   dioxide, hydrocarbons (e.g. the
   carcinogenic substance ben-
   zol) and fine dust particulates.    Laboratory experiment: degradation of atmospheric pollutants with titanium dioxide
                                       in a small photoreactor

     Competent diagnosis and guidance is in high demand from players and non-players alike

     The human apparatus of movement –
     healthy activity without pain

             What do soccer clubs like                  club teams. The functional di-       project – in cooperation with a
             Schalke 04, Hannover 96,                   agnostics unit serves sports-        specialist Wuppertal clinic – is
             Wuppertal SV and SG Essen-                 men and women from across            already in preparation: a survey
             Schönebeck have in common?                 the globe. But the Center’s          of the success rate of anterior
             They work with UW’s Research               services are also available for      cruciate ligament operations
             Center for Sports Diagnostics              ‘normal citizens’ with muscu-        and the optimization of rehabili-
             and Training (FLT). But the                loskeletal problems. A team of       tation procedures.
             Center’s work is not confined              trainers and medical person-
             to Bundesliga (German league)              nel seeks individual solutions
             men’s and women’s soccer                   for sportspeople and non-            Prof. Dr. Jürgen Freiwald
             teams. Other major sports                  sportspeople alike. Compre-
             teams, such as the Tennis Fed              hensive examination with the         Forschungszentrum für
             Cup Team, the national roller              help of the Center’s laborato-       Leistungsdiagnostik und
             hockey and rugby teams, or SG              ry and other facilities enables      Trainingsberatung (FLT)
             Flensburg-Handewitt handball               clear diagnoses to be made,          T: +49 (0)202 439-3226
             team rely on the training facili-          and training and/or therapeutic      E: flt@uni-wuppertal.de
             ties and knowledge of the UW               programs to be adapted to per-
             Research Center. Established               sonal needs.                         k www.flt.uni-wuppertal.de
             in the Department of Sports
             Sciences in 2007, the Center               The Center’s work in preven-
             has been in increasing demand              tion and rehabilitation focuses
             – an indication of the need in             on the increasingly important
             today’s society for competent              field of orthopedics and trau-
             diagnostics and counseling,                matology, especially on func-
             not only for sportspeople.                 tional impairments in both ath-
                                                        letes and non-athletes. A major
             The Research Center for                    survey – the world’s biggest
             Sports Diagnostics and Trai-               to date – of chronic back pain
             ning has three major divisions:            sufferers has recently been
             sports diagnostics and training,           conducted in cooperation with
             functional diagnostics, and pre-           the German health insurance
             vention and rehabilitation.                company DAK and NOVO-
                                                        TERGUM. The study, which
             In the area of sports diag-                has important consequences
             nostics and training a number              for future medical and social
             of contracts have been signed              policy, has received internati-
             with Bundesliga, national and              onal attention. The next major

Success against back pain with
computer-assisted physiotherapy

                                                               Testing cervical spine mobility
                                                               with the cervical measurement

   More than 80% of German ci-       success of the new therapy.        Prof. Dr. Jürgen Freiwald of the
   tizens suffered last year from    Tests were taken before, after     University of Wuppertal found
   back pain, and thousands are      three months’ and after twelve     pain intensity halved among
   operated every year. Diseases     months’ therapy on more than       patients undergoing therapy,
   of the musculosketal system       1000 chronic back sufferers        and the number of patients
   are the most common reason        who had received 36 standard       who no longer needed painkil-
   for absences from work – inde-    unit treatments over the course    lers had doubled.
   ed back pain has become the       of a year. Evaluation used ge-
   nation’s number one illness in    neral and social health parame-
   recent years. A newly develo-     ters as well as data on chronic
   ped concept in medical care,      suffering (Heidelberg Short
   computer-assisted physiothe-      Questionnaire, Oswestry Low
   rapy, promises help.              Back Pain Questionnaire and
                                     Neck Disability Index). The mo-
   The Mülheim medical servi-        bility and maximum strength of
   ces company NOVOTERGUM            patients was determined with
   AG develops and implements        the help of computer-assisted
   innovative holistic therapies,    therapeutic equipment.
   especially for chronically sick
   patients. One of these is com-
   puter-assisted physiotherapy,
   which has been successfully
   used for more than 70,000 pa-
   tients in 37 health centers na-
   tionwide since the company’s
   foundation. With 1000 phy-
   sicians contracted to provide
   integrated medical care, NO-
   VOTERGUM possesses a vast
   database for the analysis of
   medical histories and the de-
   velopment of therapeutic con-
   cepts.                                         For detailed results visit www.novotergum.de
                                                  or request a copy of the report from k.witte@
   A recent study commissioned                    novotergum.ag
   by Deutsche Angestellten
   Krankenkasse (German Emplo-                    NOVOTERGUM AG
   yees’ Health Insurance – DAK)                  Alexanderstr. 69
   and conducted by NOVOTER-                      45472 Mülheim
   GUM in collaboration with                      kontakt@novotergum.ag
   UW’s Research Center for                       www.novotergum.ag
   Sports Diagnostics and Trai-
   ning Policy has confirmed the

     Terahertz radiation

        Principle of a 3x5 pixel terahertz image structure.

        Terahertz radiation has a fre-
        quency range of 0.3-10 tera-                 Prof. Dr. Ullrich Pfeiffer
        hertz (THz). The advantage in
        comparison with x-rays is its                FB E – Hochfrequenztechnik
        low energy, which makes it                   und Kommunikations-
        harmless to biological cells.                technologie
        And the promising qualities it               T: +49 (0)202 439-1451
        demonstrates in new types of                 E: ullrich.pfeiffer@
        medical imaging can also be                  uni-wuppertal.de
        used in other contexts – e.g.
        radar applications in the auto-
        motive sector or high speed
        data communication in IT.
        But widespread use of tera-
        hertz radiation is only possible
        in the long term if it can be ea-
        sily produced and demonstrab-
        ly confirmed. Current research
        focuses on these aspects. UW
        is one of 14 project partners in
        the European DOTFIVE project
        working intensively on the sili-
        con-based production and con-
        firmation of terahertz radiation.
        The goal is to develop integra-
        ted circuits that can be opera-
        ted at 500 GHz = 0.5 THz.
        Working on the development
        and testing of silicon-based in-
        tegrated circuits, a University
        of Wuppertal high-frequency
        systems research group from
        the Department of Communi-
        cation Technology, led by Prof.
        Dr. Ullrich Pfeiffer, has made a
        significant breakthrough in this
        area. At the International So-
        lid-State Circuits Conference
        (ISSCC) in San Francisco from
        February 7-10, 2010, they pre-
        sented the first 160 gigahertz                        Terahertz image of a scalpel blade inserted into a block of plastic foam in-
        transmitter-receiver module,                          sulation. The lateral wires hold the assemblage on a table that is movable in
                                                              x/y directions. Scanned by a 1 pixel terahertz camera, the object generates
        as well as a 650 gigahertz re-                        a flat image (see detail at lower right) showing surface structure and the
        ceiver with integrated antenna.                       concealed blade, as well as lesions to the material due to the insertion of
                                                              the blade and wires (upper edge of picture).

Top class communications technology –
made in Wuppertal
                                                                               Riedel know-how is also at
                                                                               work in the Active Safety Car


   Whether Formula 1 champi-         tive and other industries. In or-   research venture with the Uni-
   on Jenson Button talks to his     der to back its claim as a world    versity of Wuppertal, whose
   crew, or German TV persona-       leader in quality and technolo-     goal is to enhance road safety
   lity Günther Jauch receives       gy, Riedel develops and manu-       by developing interactive re-
   instructions from the program     factures its products, right up     cognition and communication
   director over his headset, it’s   to ISO certification, in Wupper-    systems that enable vehicles
   Riedel Communications tech-       tal. Founded in 1987 the com-       to avoid accidents automati-
   nology that makes sure the        pany is a pioneering developer      cally. A key element in such
   message gets through.             of digital audio matrix systems,    systems is the communication
                                     and world number one in opti-       between variously situated
   The Wuppertal company de-         cal fiber systems networks.         cameras and the vehicle’s on-
   velops and manufactures inno-                                         board computer.
   vative intercom, optical fiber,   Riedel Communications know-
   audio, and wireless systems       how of is currently in the ser-
   for broadcasting, theater, and    vice of the EU ‘Active-Safety
   events, as well as the automo-    Car’ project, a cooperative

                                                   Riedel Communications GmbH & Co. KG

                                                   Uellendahler Straße 353
                                                   42109 Wuppertal
                                                   Email: info@riedel.net

                                                   Telefon: + 49 (0) 202 292 - 90
                                                   Fax: + 49 (0) 202 292 - 99 99


                                               Journal highlight:               aims to open the doors of
                                                                                Fraunhofer’s Leipzig Center
                                                A paper detailing the results   – the strategic partner for
                                               of a research project on fine    networking and collaborati-
                                               dust undertaken by UW’s at-      on in industry, research, and
                                               mospheric physicists in colla-   politics – to companies in the
                                               boration with Jülich Research    Rhine-Ruhr industrial area.
                                               Center has been nominated        k www.moez.fraunhofer.de
                                               a ‘journal highlight’ by the
                                               American Geophysical Union.

                                                                                Climate change:

                                                                                Research Fellow Dr. Jens
                                                                                Oberheide from UW’s De-
                                                                                partment of Atmospheric
                                                                                Physics has been appointed
                                                                                committee      working-group
                                                                                coordinator on the interna-
                                               John von Neumann Excel-          tional climate research pro-
                                               lence Project 2009:              gram CAWSES (Climate and
                                                                                Weather of the Sun-Earth
                                               A research project led by        System). The program inves-
                                               UW’s Prof. Dr. Zoltan Fodor      tigates the impact of the sun
     Wuppertal/Jülich houses                   has been selected by Jülich      on the terrestrial and space
     world’s most energy-effici-               Research Center’s John von       environment, in particular the
     ent supercomputer:                        Neumann Institute of Com-        atmospheric weather crucial
                                               puting as ‘John von Neumann      for space shots, GPS and
     During the international su-              Excellence Project 2009’. The    telecommunications. CAW-
     percomputing        conference            Jülich Institute highlighted     SES is a program of the Sci-
     in Portland, Oregon (USA),                the quality of the preparatory   entific Committee on Solar-
     UW and Jülich Research                    work and methods, as well        Terrestrial Physics organized
     Center’s QPACE (QCD Par-                  as the scientific importance     by the International Council
     allel Computing on the Cell)              of the expected results. Prof.   for Science (ICSU) in Paris.
     high-performance computer                 Fodor will be working at Jü-     The research links institutes
     was rated number one on the               lich on Germany’s fastest su-    from Germany, France, In-
     Green500 List of the world’s              percomputer, JUGENE, per-        dia, Japan, Taiwan, Australia,
     most energy-efficient su-                 forming calculations that are    Brazil, Canada and the USA
     percomputers. QPACE was                   set to provide new insights      with scientists from many
     developed by a consortium                 into the elementary building     other countries. Led by Prof.
     of universities and research              blocks of matter.                Dr. Ralf Koppmann, UW’s
     centers in collaboration with                                              Department of Atmospheric
     IBM Germany’s R&D team                                                     Physics thus plays a key role
     at Böblingen. Besides UW,                                                  in a major project investiga-
     the consortium includes the                                                ting climate change and its
     Universities of Regensburg,                                                impacts.
     Ferrara and Milano-Bicocca
     (Italy), the Jülich and DESY
     (German Electron Synchrot-
     ron, Hamburg) Research Cen-
     ters, and the companies Euro-
     tech, Knürr, Zollner and xilinx.          New Fraunhofer of-
                                               fice opens:

                                               The Fraunhofer Center for
                                               Central and Eastern Euro-
                                               pe (MOEZ) opened a liaison
                                               office at UW on November
                                               4, 2009. The Center’s mis-
                                               sion is to support and foster
                                               R&D projects in cooperation
                                               with companies and institu-
                                               tes in the growth markets
                                               of Central and Eastern Eu-
                                               rope. The Wuppertal office

Das Forschungsmagazin der
Bergischen Universität Wuppertal

   ...beleuchtet in der aktuellen Ausgabe tech-
   nische, insbesondere sicherheitstechnische,
   ökologische, demografische und ökonomische             …
   Aspekte rund um die Themen Auto und Verkehr.         noc
                                                       m h
   kwww.buw-output.de                              Fors ehr
                                                   OUT hung:
                                                  Num PUT
                                                   ist d er 3


     North Rhine-Westphalia’s (NRW)
     Innovation Goal 2015
     UW as partner and pilot
                                                                                          The small and medium-sized
                                                                                          industries of the Bergisch Land
                                                                                          (the area between Cologne and
                                                                                          Wuppertal) are an important
                                                                                          link in UW’s regional network.
                                                                                          The university sees itself here
                                                                                          as both partner and pilot – part-
                                                                                          ner in joint projects, pilot in the
                                                                                          process of applying to the right
                                                                                          place in the right way for funds.

                                                                                          nary research
                                                                                          competence in
                                                                                          many areas
                                                                                          In contrast to so-called ‘spe-
                                                                                          cial focus’ universities, where
                                                                                          many different sciences are
                                                                                          concentrated on a single field
                                                                                          (e.g. the life sciences), the Uni-
                                                                                          versity of Wuppertal posses-
                                                                                          ses a wide range of research
                                                                                          specialties, which makes it
                                                                                          an attractive partner for many
                                                                                          different industries and fields,
                                                                                          from architecture, chemistry
                                                                                          and civil engineering, through
                                                                                          economics, electrical enginee-
                                                                                          ring and IT, to industrial design,
                                                                                          mechanical engineering, media
                                                                                          and printing technology, psy-
                                                                                          chology, and safety enginee-

                                                                                          Many different forms of co-
                                                                                          operation are conceivable,
                                                                                          from one-off consultations,
     Fire safety innovation on show at Hanover Trade Fair
                                                                                          evaluations or references to
                                                                                          the compilation of calculations
                                                                                          and analyses, the arrangement
                                                                                          of internships, and the joint
                                                                                          development of processes,
                                                                                          equipment and systems in the
                                                                                          context of project papers and
                                                                                          degree theses.

                                                                                          Support in the
                                                            Frank Jäger
                                                                                          quest for funding
                                                            T: +49 (0)202 439-2179        Who will help small and medi-
                                                            E: jaeger@verwaltung.uni-     um-sized companies shoulder
                                                            wuppertal.de                  the financial risks of develo-
                                                                                          ping innovative technologies?
                                                            Dr. Peter Jonk                No single solution holds for all
                                                            Wissenschaftstransferstelle   cases – indeed, ways of attrac-
                                                            T: +49 (0)202 439-2857        ting funding are manifold. UW
                                                            E: jonk@uni-wuppertal.de      sees its role here as that of the
                                                                                          pilot steering a ship through

North Rhine-Westphalia’s stand at Hanover Trade Fair

the tricky waters of EU, federal           research institutions of its kind
and state funding sources until            in Germany. Since its founda-
an appropriate berth is found.             tion in 2007, the Alliance has
Two such sources are                       worked to ensure access to
                                           innovative potential throughout
-the Central Innovation Pro-               the state of North Rhine-West-
gram for Medium-Sized Indust-              phalia. Enquiries submitted
ry under the aegis of the Fede-            to the Alliance generally lead
ral Ministry of Economics and              within a few days to contact
Technology                                 with interested scientists and
                                           engineers, and the success ra-
-NRW’s Ziel 2 program, which               te in terms of cooperative pro-
serves as a channel for the Eu-            ject launches is high.
ropean Regional Development
Fund to upgrade competitive-               UW’s commitment to industri-
ness and secure employment.                al cooperation and knowledge
UW is currently a cooperation              transfer, and its energetic pur-
partner in some two dozen re-              suit of appropriate funding,
gional, state and national pro-            are making a decisive contri-
jects ranging from high-tech               bution to the achievement of
textiles to automotive compo-              NRW’s goal – to establish itself
nents, and from new develop-               as Germany’s leading state in
ments in highway construction              technological innovation by
to noise control panels that               2015.
break down atmospheric pol-

NRW Innovation-
What if UW itself cannot help?
To allow for that eventuality,
the university joined NRW’s In-
novationAlliance in June 2009
– the largest association of
universities and other HE and

     Enhancing road safety: UW’s Active Safety Car

     Active safety car – automobile of the future
     Tomography enhances road safety

             Road safety is the crucial moti-        changes and issuing collision    Kummert. “This enables us to
             ve behind the active safety car         warnings.                        place an obstacle in its spatial
             currently under development                                              context and brings reliable, ac-
             in UW’s Faculty of Electrical,          The tomographic recognition      tive, high-performance safety
             Information and Media Engi-             of pedestrians sounds deci-      systems within reach.”
             neering. The automobile of the          dedly futuristic. But it might
             future will, if the scientists and      soon become reality. Already     The decisive innovation of
             engineers have their way, be            widely encountered in medi-      UW’s active safety car pro-
             equipped with an intelligent            cal applications, tomography     ject is that data are generated
             driver assistance system that           is an imaging process that as-   not just by a single vehicle but
             gives early warning of danger           certains and depicts spatial     from several vehicles, as well
             and thus helps avoid accidents.         structures by observation from   as fixed installations on infra-
             Using cameras linked to state-          different aspect angles. The     structural elements like road
             of-the-art       communications         system under development at      signs or traffic lights, at the sa-
             technology, both in other ve-           UW combines cameras with         me time. And this information
             hicles and at fixed points like         innovative     communications    is passed on to every vehicle
             street junctions outside, the           technology, using tomographic    in the network. The result is
             system will ‘recognize’ pe-             signal processing methods to     a ‘communal’ picture of the
             destrians, obstacles and other          generate 3D images of traffic    scenario that reduces the like-
             vehicles, and provide details           scenarios. “The integration of   lihood of a potential danger
             of their position and distance,         tomography solves the depth      being overlooked.
             as well as interpreting lane            resolution problem”, explains
             configurations, advising lane           project leader Prof. Dr. Anton   Backed by the EU’s Regional

Development Fund through                 faculty but also its students,
the State of North Rhine-                who are encouraged to join in
Westphalia’s Ziel 2 program,             the work and write up their re-
the project is a joint venture           sults in degree or project the-
in which UW is partnered by a            ses. In this way they can learn
consortium of regional compa-            to transform theory into practi-
nies led by Delphi Electronics &         ce and gain valuable first-hand

Safety and including, CETEQ,             experience of industrial issues
RIEDEL         Communications,           and approaches.
Wuppertal Mechanical Engi-
neering Cooperative, and the
Wuppertal Business Promoti-              Prof. Dr. Anton Kummert
on Fund, together with Volks-
wagen Group Research. This               FB E – Elektrotechnik -
guarantees not only a wide ran-          Automotive
ge of appropriate expertise but          T: +49 (0)202 439-1961
also a strong customer orienta-          E: kummert@uni-wuppertal.de
tion that will prove indispensa-
ble if the planned medium term
prototypes are eventually to
lead to serial production. With
this in mind, it is essential for
an intelligent driver assistance
system to keep a strict check
on the size and cost of compo-
nents like camera sensors and
computer platforms.

UW research on this project-of-
the-future involves not only the
specialists of the engineering

Innovative camera-based accident avoidance system using 3-way communication between vehicles and infrastructural installa-

     View of the university from the Sparkasse Tower in Elberfeld

     Equal partners
              Decades of close cooperati-                 stance, require the support of a      A further Sparkasse service is
              on between the University of                whole network before they can         the presentation of UW facul-
              Wuppertal and the city’s Spar-              take a confident leap into eco-       ties, projects and organizati-
              kasse bank send a uniquely                  nomic independence. Along-            onal entities like the regional
              positive signal about the con-              side the Chamber of Industry          start-up initiative bizeps on
              nection between learning and                and Commerce, the university          Sparkasse premises, as well as
              business and its impact on the              and Sparkasse are proven part-        displays of degree and diploma
              economy of the city and its                 ners at this crucial stage in the     work that attract considerable
              people.                                     development of a business.            notice in the city.

              Fortunately we do not have to               Stimulated by the thought that        As Sparkasse CEO Dr. h. c. Pe-
              sail up to the nineteenth floor             what’s good for the region is         ter H. Vaupel puts it: “We have
              of the Sparkasse tower in                   also good for them, UW and            seen for years how deeply
              downtown Elberfeld in order                 Sparkasse, in cooperation with        committed the University of
              to meet the ‘university on the              Wuppertal Business Promoti-           Wuppertal is to the people and
              hill’ on equal terms. Not only              on, run a regular Entrepreneurs       economy of our region, and are
              UW management but also the                  and Start-Ups Day, with practi-       very happy to offer them a fo-
              university’s 7 faculties have               cal talks in the glass foyer of       rum of communication for their
              shown themselves open to co-                the bank, and the opportunity         work.”
              operation at many levels.                   to meet and learn from expe-
                                                          rienced industrial players from       “Moreover,“ he continues,
              Business       start-ups,     for    in-    the city and region.                  “the Sparkasse profits from
                                                                                                degree theses, and from co-
                                                                                                operation with the Schumpeter
                                                                                                School of Business and Econo-
                                                                                                mics, as well as with other UW
                                                                                                faculties. Students frequently
                                                                                                bring a different perspective
                                                                                                into our activities, and that
                                                                                                keeps us from becoming stuck
                                                                                                in our ways.”

                                                                                                “It’s similar with the lighthouse
                                                                                                project of the Junior Universi-
                                                                                                ty, which brings together not
                                                                                                only experienced professors
                                                                                                but also students from various
                                                                                                semesters. The decisive point
                                                                                                is not simply the different fa-
                                                                                                culties that contribute, but the
                                                                                                whole range of human resour-
                                                                                                ces that goes to make such a
              Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups Day: a joint event of UW, Wuppertal Business Promo-   project successful.” – Peter
              tion, and Sparkasse

Vaupel is chairperson of the
Association of Benefactors and
Sponsors of the Junior Univer-
sity, which brings the concerns
and ambience of the university
to young people still at school.
As market leader in its field,
Wuppertal’s Sparkasse natu-
rally ensures that the univer-
sity and its students have an
ATM at their disposal, as well
as educational credits and an
extensive online product offer
specially tailored to student re-

With 34 branch offices, almost
100 ATMs spread across the
city, and a large staff of specia-
lists, the Sparkasse is a banking
partner for whom proximity           The silhouette of the Sparkasse Tower with the Schwebebahn in the fore-
and accessibility to the univer-     ground: a familiar sight in downtown Wuppertal
sity are a matter of choice, not
chance. For the close relation-
ship between the University
of Wuppertal and the Bergisch
region and its people and in-
dustries demonstrates that, far
from being just the ‘university
up on the hill’, UW is a place
where science and business
are united in a common purpo-
se. And that purpose is good               Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal
for both the city and region of            Islandufer 15
Wuppertal.                                 42103 Wuppertal

                                           Tel.: 0202/488-1
                                           Fax: 0202/488-2666
                                           E-Mail: info@sparkasse-wuppertal.de


        Wie erfolgreich Partnerschaf-
        ten zwischen der Universität
        und der Wirtschaft laufen kön-
        nen, beweist die intensive Zu-
        sammenarbeit mit der Firma
        Sachsenröder. Bereits im Jahr
        2007 startete das Fachgebiet
        Sicherheitstechnik/ Umwelt-
        chemie mit einem ersten Pro-
        jekt für das Unternehmen und
        untersuchte die Materialeffi-
        zienz bei der Herstellung der

        Seit 2009 wird nun im Rah-
        men eines Forschungsprojekts
        gemeinsam an der Weiterent-
        wicklung von Vulkanfiberpro-
        dukten gearbeitet. Gefördert
        wird dieses Projekt sowohl
        über das VerMat-Programm
        (Einzelbetriebliche Beratungen
        zur Verbesserung der Mate-
        rialeffizienz) der Deutschen
        Materialeffizienzagentur     als   Business advice for Bergisch Land: EFA Regional Director Günter Machein (center)
        auch über das ZIM-Programm         talking to regional managers
        (Zentrales       Innovationspro-
        gramm Mittelstand). Die um-
        fangreiche Antragstellung für      that save the environment and            ment of networks, especially in
        Förderungen zu diesem Pro-         reduce costs. Set up by the              the area of knowledge transfer
        jekt wurde intensiv von der        NRW Ministry of the Environ-             between industry, science and
        Effizienz-Agentur (NRW EFA)        ment, the Agency has deve-               engineering. A current examp-
        unterstützt und begleitet.         loped a toolbox that has been            le is their intensive support of
                                           successfully used in some 750            UW’s funding application for
        Die erfolgreiche Zusammen-         companies to determine ener-             the Innovation Laboratory es-
        arbeit bei einzelnen Projekten     gy-saving requirements and in-           tablished in cooperation with
        weckte den Wunsch, eine            troduce appropriate solutions.           the Wuppertal company Sach-
        langfristige Forschungs- und       The 20-strong EFA staff are              senröder.
        Entwicklungseinrichtung     für    also committed to the develop-
        die Zusammenarbeit zwischen
        Universität und Wirtschaft zu
        schaffen. Im Jahr 2009 wurde
        diese bereits 2007 formulierte
        Anregung dann in die Wirklich-
        keit umgesetzt. Es wurde ein
        InnovationsLabor    gegründet
        ,in dem Universität und Wirt-
        schaft gemeinsam forschen

        Die Effizienz-
        Agentur NRW
                                                              NRW Efficiency Agency
        The NRW Efficiency Agen-                              Solingen Regional Office
        cy (EFA) provides impulses                            Günter Machein
        for small and medium-sized                            E-Mail: solingen@efanrw.de
        enterprises across the State
        of North Rhine-Westphalia to                          www.efanrw.de
        enhance the efficient use of
        resources, and promotes the
        implementation of measures

Industry meets science
Bergisch Land InnovationLab –
a platform for sustained

   The Bergisch Land Innovation-
   Lab was born of a suggestion
   by Sachsenröder GmbH & Co
   in the context of their success-
   ful cooperation (begun in 2007)
   with the University of Wupper-
   tal – in most cases such pro-
   ject-based collaborations end
   when the particular task has
   been completed.

   The thinking behind the Inno-
   vationLab is rather different: to
   conduct R&D for various com-
   panies, in cooperation with the
   university, at a single central
   location. Contact between the
   companies is thought of as
   desirable, because it will sti-
   mulate the exchange of ideas
   and hence the innovative im-
   pact of the work. But at the sa-
   me time confidential treatment
   of commissions and results is
   guaranteed. Cooperation bet-
   ween regional industry and the
   university is seen as good for
   both sides. New R&D partners
   will stimulate ideas for new
   products, and mutual interac-
   tion and support will create a
   platform for promising future
   networks with the ability to        Dirk Sachsenröder, joint founder with UW of Bergisch Land Innovation-
   bring diverse industries to-        Lab: Sachsenröder’s vulcanized fiber products stand for innovation, rene-
   gether.                             wable resources, and environmentally friendly technology

   UW itself could not provide
   suitable premises for such a
   venture, but another Wupper-
   tal company, TTI, centrally lo-
   cated in Elberfeld and interes-
   ted in joining the cooperation,
   offered the use not only of its
   laboratory but also of major
   technological facilities – opti-
   mum conditions for successful
   R&D. Other companies have                 Sachsenröder GmbH & Co. KG
   followed, and by 2011 the Inno-           Dirk Sachsenröder
   vationLab will count a number             Friedrich-Engels-Allee 143
   of partners with publicly fun-            42285 Wuppertal
   ded projects.
                                             Telefon: +49 (0)202 280 54-0
                                             E-Mail: info@sachsenroeder.com


     ‘Key’ regional think tank –
     UW’s Institute of Security Systems

        The University of Wuppertal’s                  systems and processes. This                   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai-Dietrich Wolf
        Institute of Security Systems                  calls on such diverse fields as
        focuses on basic technological                 mechatronics, ICT, microsys-
        and social issues connected                    tems and safety engineering,
        with protecting people within                  and involves leading-edge
        their environment. As a sci-                   technological developments in
        entific think-tank the Institute               materials, optics and key de-                 Talstr. 71
        not only develops theories and                 sign.                                         42551 Velbert
        models as a contribution to in-
        ternational research, but also                 Taking account of social frame-               T: +49(0) 2051 93322-0
        applies its methodological and                 works, the Institute taps sy-                 E: wolf@iss.uni-wuppertal.de
        systems know-how to the so-                    nergies in order to generate
        lution of specific technological               technological transfer and in-                k www.iss.uni-wuppertal.de
        problems deriving from the re-                 novation within value-added
        gional lock-making and securi-                 chains, from initial idea to pro-
        ty industries.                                 totype. As a research partner
                                                       it offers its customers the va-
        The Institute’s scientists and                 lue enhancement that derives
        engineers form an interdiscipli-               from excellent research and
        nary team committed to basic                   provides innovative impulses
        research, evaluation and deve-                 for industry, society and poli-
        lopment of innovative security                 tics alike.

        Opening UW’s new Institute of Security Systems in Velbert/Heiligenhaus (l. to r.): Dr. Jan Heinisch (Mayor of Heiligenhaus), Stefan
        Freitag (Mayor of Velbert), Dr. Jens Baganz (Secretary of State), Prof. Dr. -Ing. Kai-Dietrich Wolf (Institute Director), Prof. Dr. Lam-
        bert T. Koch (UW Rector) and Ulrich Hülsbeck (Chairperson Key Region Association)

Velbert and Heiligenhaus –
the key region worldwide

   Bundling key competencies: 12 member companies of the lock-making industry, along with UW and the municipalities of Velbert
   und Heiligenhaus, found a think-tank to foster innovation and cooperation between industry and the university

   Neighboring Wuppertal to the              cuss what they could do to                specializing in projects for the
   north, the twin towns of Vel-             strengthen the regional econo-            medium-sized enterprises of
   bert and Heiligenhaus are the             my. The result was a network              the re-gion. The idea came to
   world’s leading producers of              of security organizations, the            fruition in 2009, when UW’s
   locks, keys and security sys-             Key Region Association, com-              Institute of Security Systems
   tems. More than 70 companies              prising some 75 companies                 opened right next door to the
   employ some 7000 people in                and institutions dedicated in             Key Region Association’s offi-
   this ‘key’ industry.                      the first place to training and           ces on the new Velbert/Heili-
                                             research.                                 genhaus campus.
   A 400 year tradition of lock-
   making created a strong eco-              Cooperation with the Universi-
   nomic basis for the region,               ty of Wuppertal began the fol-
   and the industry has remained             lowing year, when 12 member
   open to change and innovation             companies of the Association
   to the present day. In 2006 the           along with the two municipa-
   municipal authorities of Velbert          lities approached the universi-
   and Heiligenhaus got together             ty with the idea of forming a
   with company heads to dis-                think-tank: a research institute

                                                              Die Schlüsselregion e.V.
                                                              Dr. Thorsten Enge
                                                              Talstraße 71
                                                              42551 Velbert

                                                              T: +49 (0)2051 607104
                                                              E: t.enge@schluesselregion.de


     tracking emotions

        Psychophysiology is concer-          compared with the market             feedback treatment of sleep
        ned with the measurable phy-         norm.                                disorders and ADHD (attention
        sical symptoms accompany-                                                 deficit hyperactivity disorder),
        ing psychological processes.         psyrecon sees itself as a know-      as well as a broad spectrum of
        psyrecon applies the methods         ledge transfer enterprise con-       continuing education and semi-
        of modern psychophysiology           veying up-to-the-minute scien-       nar offers on topics connected
        to areas such as product tes-        tific know-how and results to        with stress management, salu-
        ting, where it is a question of      industry and the health sector.      togenesis, and social compe-
        reliably measuring levels of         Automotive research commis-          tence.
        emotional activity and respon-       sions are a current focus. But
        se. The company founders,            as well as direct research pro-
        Prof. W. Boucsein and Dr. R.         jects, psyrecon offers scientific
        Stürmer, developed their me-         advice and consulting for the
        thod of objective emotional          planning, conduct and evalua-
        assessment in the framework          tion of industrial investigations.
        of an externally funded project      Further business areas are
        at the University of Wuppertal.      biological and neurological
        In contrast with conventio-
        nal methods of customer re-
        search, the process, based on
        an experimental double blind
        procedure, cannot be manipu-
        lated or falsified. It achieves an
        objective quantification of total
        consumer reactions that enab-
        les new product developments
        to be evaluated according to
        unimpeachable standards and

                                                            psyrecon GmbH research & consulting
                                                            Institute for Applied Psychophysiology
                                                            Dr. Ralf Stürmer

                                                            Alte Freiheit 1
                                                            42103 Wuppertal

                                                            Tel.: 0202-3172106
                                                            Mail: info@psyrecon.de


                                                                                  Product testing: terminal pads record
                                                                                  physiological reactions for objective as-
                                                                                  sessment of emotional response

Delta waves counter
sleep disorders

   Infrasonics has been working
   on sleep therapy since 1998,
   seeking ways to detect and
   effectively remedy sleep dis-
   turbances, so that patients will
   recover the restorative func-
   tion of sleep that they need.
   The company has developed a
   method based on the biophy-
   sical principle of binaural per-
   ception, in which a small phase
   shift in sound from two audio
   channels creates a gap in the
   region of 4 Hz. This is the regi-
   on of deep relaxation called the
   delta phase.

   The research breakthrough
   came for Infrasonics in 2001,
   when they first succeeded in
   bringing delta waves into the
   brain. Since 2008 they have
   been investigating the suitabi-
   lity of audio sleep therapy for
   elderly patients with severe
   dementia. Current research
   focusing on high resolution
   procedures to enhance binau-
   ral perception has raised ques-
   tions of bio-feedback that are
   being investigated by Dr. Ralf
   Stürmer of the University of
   Wuppertal. An initial study has
   already been completed.

   Infrasonics Audio Engineering
   could meet the 96 kHz requi-
   rements of the task, but the
   delta wave range is so small
   that no equipment could be
   found anywhere in the world
   suitable for relaying such high
   resolution sound. Again the
   company approached UW, and
   the university’s Knowledge
   Transfer Office contacted a
   group of graduates who were
   able to develop an entirely new
   sound generation system. Inf-       Infrasonics GmbH
   rasonics has been testing the       Wißmannstraße 30
   first three prototypes. Sound       50823 Köln
   fidelity is exceptionally good      Germany
   – significantly better than cur-
   rent mp3 players or audio CDs.      Telefon: +49 (0)221 1680424-0
   It is hoped that the improved       Telefax: +49 (0)221 1680424-9
   equipment will bring new in-        E-Mail: info@infrasonics.de
   sights and solutions in the field
   of sleep and dementia therapy.      www.infrasonics.de

     Heinz Schmersal – a portrait
     Global Player with
     regional roots
          Wherever humans meet ma-             Supervisory Board of Wupper-          on of local business and indus-
          chines, Schmersal products           tal City Marketing and (as chair-     try, he sees an indispensable
          and systems solutions ensu-          person) the Advisory Board of         need to bind the university into
          re that risks and dan-gers are       UW’s Schumpeter School of             the development of the key
          minimized. Founded as a two-         Business and Economics (Fa-           industries pinpointed there:
          man business just after the Se-      culty of Economics).                  biotechnology, medical tech-
          cond World War, the Schmer-                                                nology and chemistry, together
          sal Group, with Head Office in       Heinz Schmersal sets high             with (more recently) electrical
          Wuppertal, worked its way up         store on real-life industrial ex-     engineering. In view of the ran-
          to become the global market          perience for students and has         ge of industries, technologies
          leader in switchgear and sys-        lectured at the uni-versity on        and key regional competenci-
          tems. The company now has            such varied topics as crisis ma-      es identified in that paper, the
          five production facilities in Ger-   nagement, the activities of his       university’s ability to conduct
          many and abroad, and a world-        corporation in China and Brazil,      fundamental research would in
          wide sales network employing         and the development of an in-         certain cases be essential.
          some 1150 people. Schmersal          novative non-invasive medical
          is a UW partner enterprise.          measuring device. Students            A specific issue arising within
                                               visiting Schmersal HQ in Wup-         this context is to set up re-
          Despite this global outreach,        pertal can see how a global           gional offices of the various
          CEO Heinz Schmersal feels            player operates, and trips to         licensing authorities. Innovati-
          strong links to the city of Wup-     the BRIC countries (Brazil,           ve developments and product
          pertal and its univer-sity, whe-     Russia, India and China) orga-        launches are often very time
          re he studied engineering. He        nized by Prof. Dr. Koubek of the      consuming, and it would acce-
          is active in the local communi-      Schumpeter School have taken          lerate the process significantly
          ty, sharing its social concerns,     undergraduates and postgra-           if authorization could take place
          promot-ing local initiatives, and    du-ates to Schmersal plants in        on the spot. Initial discussions
          sponsoring communal organi-          China (2008) and Brazil (2010).       with the bodies con-cerned in-
          zations and sports clubs. He is      In return, the company profits        dicated that they were willing
          also deeply committed to the         from the training and motiva-         to establish regional branches
          economic and industrial life of      tion of young UW graduates,           if the costs were borne by in-
          the city and region, where he        as well as from the series of         dustry. “But the time was not
          ardently supports the develop-       degree and doctoral theses            yet ripe for that step”, Schmer-
          ment of a network linking the        dealing with questions arising        sal says. However, the idea
          economy with the university          within the Schmersal Group.           should be taken up again now:
          and licensing authorities.           That is not all, however, nor         “It would create a triangular
                                               does it go far enough for Heinz       network of industry, university,
          To back this process, Schmer-        Schmersal. Referring to a stra-       and licensing authorities that
          sal sits on the board of nu-         tegic paper pub-lished in 1998        would be the envy of many
          merous organizations and             by members of Wuppertal ak-           other places”, and the name
          institutions, among them the         tiv, an initiative for the promoti-   of Wuppertal would become

identified internationally as
well as nationally with those
key technologies.

K. A. Schmersal Holding
GmbH & Co., with Head Of-
fice in Wuppertal, is one of
the biggest manufacturers of
technological equipment in the
world. Its more than 18,000
products, ranging from micro-
circuits through sensors to sa-
fety switchgear, cover the enti-
re range of control and safety
systems for plant and machine-
ry. The Group is still expanding,
with plans to set up in India and
Japan, as well as to extend pro-
duction facilities in China and
Brazil. Heinz Schmersal looks
forward to a future marked by
the active support of the Uni-
versity of Wuppertal, as well
as of the licensing authorities,
taking account of varying nati-
onal conditions.

                                    K. A. Schmersal Holding GmbH & Co. KG
                                    Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Schmersal
                                    Möddinghofe 30
                                    42279 Wuppertal

                                    Tel.: +49 (0)202 6474-0
                                    E-Mail: info@schmersal.com


                                                UW Young Entrepreneurs             Competence Center for
                                                Program again wins                 Travel Medicine founded:
                                                award:                             With the support of the Rem-
                                                The University of Wuppertal        scheid Area Industrial Medi-
                                                holds its position in the Ger-     cine Center and the City of
                                                man university landscape as        Remscheid Specialist Medi-
                                                providing top training con-        cal Services, UW’s Depart-
                                                ditions for future entrepre-       ment of Occupational Physio-
                                                neurs. Awarded second place        logy, Occupational Medicine
                                                in the fifth ranking test (after   and Protection against Infec-
                                                2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007)         tion established a Bergisch
                                                the university once again lan-     Regional Competence Center
                                                ded in 2009 among the medal        for Travel Medicine in early
                                                winners.                           2010. The Competence Cen-
                                                                                   ter offers consultations and
                                                                                   immunizations in weekly ro-
                                                                                   tation at Remscheid’s Public
                                                                                   Health Department offices,
                                                                                   the University of Wuppertal,
                                                Product development and            and the Remscheid Industrial
                                                innovation management:             Medicine Center.
                                                Professor Dr. Thomas Müller-
                                                Kirschbaum of Henkel AG &          k www.reisemedizin-
                                                Co., Düsseldorf, is the new        wuppertal.de
                                                chairperson of the Associ-
                                                ation of Benefactors And
     Research Day:
                                                Sponsors of the Bergisch
     Highlighting UW’s regional
                                                Regional Institute of Product
     roots, Research Day takes
                                                Development and Innovation
     place annually in Wupper-
                                                Management, an associate
     tal and every other year in
                                                institute of the University of
     Remscheid and Solingen,
                                                Wuppertal whose mission is
     Wuppertal’s sister cities in                                                  Apprentice training at UW:
                                                to promote and extend co-
     the Bergisch Land. In August                                                  Nine new apprentices started
                                                operation between industry
     2009 the university’s physi-                                                  their training at UW in August
                                                and the university in the fields
     cists presented a fascinating                                                 2009. They join the 21 alrea-
                                                of design, ergonomics and
     panorama of their research                                                    dy training at the university in
     activities in fields such as cli-                                             a total of 13 different trades
     mate change, summer smog,                                                     and professions. The five new
     and the observation of cosmic                                                 men and four women will be
     particles, along with a range                                                 trained in UW faculties and
     of experiments in which on-                                                   central organizational units
     lookers in one of Elberfeld’s              Regional cooperation:              in occupations ranging from
     shopping malls were invited                The Federal Institute of Oc-       industrial and tooling mecha-
     to participate.                            cupational Safety and Health       nics, through specialist IT, to
     Solingen’s 2009 Research                   in Dortmund and the Uni-           media design, printing and
     Day, organized in cooperation              versity of Wuppertal signed        joinery.
     with the Bergisch Regional                 a cooperation agreement in
     Institute of Product Develop-              June 2009 that aims to raise
     ment and Innovation Manage-                the profile of the two cities as
     ment and the city’s Young En-              centers of scientific research
     trepreneurs and Technology                 and teaching in the area of
     Center, presented state-of-                workplace health and safety.
     the-art exhibits exemplifying              A further aim of the coope-
     current research in safety                 ration partners is to integrate
     engineering, environmental                 the R&D results of the Fede-
     chemistry, mathematics, the                ral Institute immediately into
     natural sciences, art and the              the university’s degree pro-
     educational sciences.                      grams, so that students will
                                                be conversant with the latest
                                                developments and strategies
                                                in occupational health and sa-

Design students develop new
concept for Schwebebahn

   In a joint research project          The new concept car has
   with Wuppertal’s municipal           larger windows, barrier free
   transportation provider, WSW         doorways, more room for
   mobil, UW industrial design          wheelchairs and children’s
   students Dirk Hessenbruch,           pushchairs, and a different
   Renke Thye, Andrea Schöllgen         seating arrangement. Station
   and Philipp Goeder have deve-        information displays are more
   loped an update suspension           legible and include information
   monorail car for the city’s his-     about connections.
   toric Schwebebahn. Starting
   with a comparative analysis of       User-friendliness was a prime
   transportation systems – from        consideration, and Schwebe-
   Düsseldorf Airport’s Skytrain        bahn users were invited to
   and Berlin City Transport to         submit their comments and
   the London and Paris subway          suggestions. Led by Prof. Gert
   systems – the team looked at         Trauernicht and Prof. Dr. Brigit-   User-friendly spatial design
   stations and platforms, entran-      te Wolf, the project included a
   ce and exit paths, use of space,     passenger survey and an Inter-
   air-conditioning, lighting and       net blog for feedback and dis-
   passenger information, as well       cussion.
   as safety and the overall ‘feel’
   of the system.

   The task was to design a
   Schwebebahn car for the time
   30 years hence when the cur-
   rent stock will have come to
   the end of its life. This involved
   such aspects as energy cost
   forecasts, climate change, fu-
   ture mobility patterns, and de-
   mographic change.


     International relations –
     the wide world of knowledge and science

         Many challenges facing our          regulate levels of fine dust in     port for UW faculty members
         societies can only be solved at     the atmosphere.                     planning European or overseas
         the global level – one of the re-                                       visits. And for UW’s many in-
         asons why UW cultivates an in-      Behind all these activities stand   ternational students the Inter-
         ternational network with many       the many contacts of individual     national Office organizes intro-
         different strands. Contacts and     faculty members and depart-         ductory programs and events,
         cooperations exist with more        ments with partners throug-         intercultural training, and semi-
         than 150 universities world-        hout Europe and overseas.           nars on German culture.
         wide, from intensive research       And behind them also stands
         partnerships in atomic particle     the International Office – the      Andrea Bieck
         and atmospheric physics to          UW administration department
         numerous student exchange           directly responsible for interna-   International Office
         programs.                           tional relations. The Internatio-   T: +49 (0)202 439-2181
                                             nal Office fosters and manages      E: bieck@uni-wuppertal.de
         Every year our international        international contacts, partner-
         contacts bring hundreds of          ships and exchanges at all le-      k www.international.uni-
         scholars and scientists, indust-    vels of teaching, learning and      wuppertal.de
         rialists and administrators from    research, and as such is UW’s
         many countries to Wuppertal         open door to the world.
         for conferences, seminars and
         conventions ranging from inter-     The International Office provi-
         national architectural symposia     des information and advice for
         to summer schools on energy-        international students interes-
         optimized building, and from        ted in studying in Wuppertal
         workshops on mathematics            as well as for UW students
         to meetings on transportation       seeking to study abroad. In
         and traffic. Chinese engineers      cooperation with the universi-
         come to discuss the future of       ty faculties it hosts visits from
         the construction industry and       international academics and
         delegations from Brussels to        delegations, and provides sup-

Need new friends?
The International Students
Team will help
   Strange country, strange cul-
   ture, strange university (or for
   ‘strange’ read ‘foreign’) – so
   that it doesn’t stay like that,
   there’s the International Stu-
   dents Team (IST). The IST is a
   UW student organization that
   aims to help our international
   students settle in smoothly
   and rapidly. We meet you at
   the station, accompany you to
   city offices for your residence
   permit etc, help you complete
   the necessary forms and for-
   malities, and get you used to
   everyday life. Together with
   the International Office we or-
   ganize a Welcome Week with
   guided tours of the university
   and city, communal events,
   and a taste of Wuppertal’s
   night life.

   k www.ist.uni-wuppertal.de

     University Partnerships
     (not including ERASMUS program*)

     STATE              UNIVERSITY
     Egypt              Ain Shams University, Kairo
                        Helwan University, Kairo
                        Minia University, Minia

     Algeria            Ecole Nationale Polytechnique, Algier
                        Université M´Hamed Bougara de Boumerdes, Boumerdes

     Argentina          Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata (UNMP), Mar del Plata

     Australia          Australian National University (ANU), Canberra
                        Bond University, Gold Coast

     Bangladesh         University of Dhaka, Dhaka

     Brasil             Universidade Federal do Parana (UFPR), Curitiba

     Chile              Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano, Santiago
                        Universidad de Chile, Santiago

     France             Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Saint-Etienne (ESCSE), Saint-Etienne
                        Université Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne

     Ghana              Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Kumasi

     United Kingdom     Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), Manchester

     India              Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras, Chennai
                        Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon

     Indonesia          Universitas Brawijaya, Malang

     Iran               Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), Isfahan
                        Shiraz University, Shiraz

     Israel             Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva

     Japan              Ochanomizu University, Tokyo
                        Osaka Institute of Technology, Osaka
                        Shizuoka University, Shizuoka-shi

     Kanada             Bishop’s University, Sherbrooke, QC

     Kyrgyzstan         Kyrgyz State National University Bishkek, Bishkek

     Korea              Soonchunhyang University, Asan

     Cuba               Instituto Superior de Diseno (ISDI), Havanna


Morocco           Université Mohamed V – Agdal, Rabat

Mexico            Universidad Autónoma de Quéretaro, Querétaro
                  Universidad Tecnológica Fidel Velázquez, Nicolas Romero

Peru              Universidad de Lima, Lima

Poland            Wroclaw University of Technology, Breslau
                  State School of Higher Professional Education, Liegnitz

Russia            Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy, Kaliningrad
                  Kaliningrad State University of Technology (KSTU), Kaliningrad
                  Lomonosov Moscow State University
                  Moscow State University of Printing
                  Rostov State University of Civil Engineering
                  St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (FINEC),
                  Sankt Petersburg
                  Ural State University (USU), Jekaterinburg

Switzerland       Université de Lausanne (UNIL), Lausanne
                  Züricher Hochschule der Angewandten Wissenschaften (ZHAW), Winterthur

Singapore         National University of Singapur (NUS), Singapur

Slovakia          Technical University of Kosiše (TUK), Košice

Spain             Universidad de Deusto, Bilbao

South Africa      University of Stellenbosch, Matieland

Ukraine           National Technical University of Ukraine (NTUU), Kiew
                  Ukrainian Academy of Printing (UAP), Lviv

USA               University of Cincinnati (UC), Cincinnati, OH

Uzbekistan        Tashkent Institute of Textiles and Light Industry (TITLI), Taschkent

PRC               Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication (BIC), Beijing
                  Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), Beijing
                  Central South University of Technology (CSU), Changsha
                  China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT), xuzhou
                  Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS), Beijing
                  Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), Wuhan
                  Hubei University of Technologie (HBUT), Wuhan
                  Wuhan University (WHU), Wuhan

Belarus           Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR), Minsk

 *ERASMUS is one of the main pillars of           For a complete list visit
 university education within the framework of
 the EU’s Lifelong Learning Program (LLP).        k www.internationales.uni-wuppertal.de/
 In 2009-2010 UW had 130 ERASMUS part-            outgoing/erasmus/partnerhochschulen/
 nerships with 99 European universities.
     Partner universities

                                           University of
                                           With more than 26,000 stu-
                                           dents (among them almost
                                           5000 international students),
                                           Birmingham is one of the lar-
                                           gest UK universities. Renow-
                                           ned in many fields, it compri-
                                           ses five colleges covering a
                                           wide spectrum of the humani-
                                           ties, natural sciences and social
                                           sciences, as well as medicine
                                           and law. A special focus lies on
                                           interdisciplinary teaching and
                                           research – e.g. in the life and
                                           environmental sciences. UW’s
                                           Faculty of Economics (Schum-
                                           peter School of Business and
                                           Economics) has a longstanding
                                           tradition of student exchanges
                                           and inter-faculty contact with
                                           Birmingham’s        Department
                                           of Economics and Business
                                           k www.bham.ac.uk

        Jean Monnet,
        St. Etienne
        The Université Jean Monnet,
        whose five faculties cater to-
        day for some 14,000 students,
        was founded in 1969. A long-
        standing partnership with
        UW has brought many young
        people from St. Etienne’s pro-
        gram of Langues Etrangères
        Appliquées (foreign languages
        and business studies) to com-
        plete courses and internships
        in Wuppertal, and taken an an-
        nual complement of UW stu-
        dents of French in the opposite
        direction for teaching practice.
        Over the years there have also
        been numerous group visits
        focusing on specific topics, as
        well as faculty contacts with
        joint colloquiums held in St.
        Etienne as well as Wuppertal.
         k www.univ-st-etienne.fr

University of
Founded in 1905, the National
University of Singapore has
14 faculties, a staff of around
8000 and some 32,000 stu-
dents from almost 100 coun-
tries. In the Times Higher Edu-
cation Supplement’s annual
rankings the NUS is regularly
placed among the top 20 uni-
versities worldwide. UW’s Fa-
culty of Electrical, Information
and Media Engineering has
enjoyed a formal cooperation
with NUS since 1995. This has
resulted in a regular exchange
taking UW students to NUS
for a semester abroad or for an
internship in one of NUS’s as-
sociated institutes such as the
Institute of Microelectronics.
k www.nus.edu.sg

TUKE - Tech-
nická univerzi-
ta v Košiciach
The Technical University of        back almost 30 years, bringing
Košice was founded in 1952,        a regular flow of Slovakian stu-
but its roots go back to the       dents to Wuppertal. A number
Universitas       Cassoviensis,    of UW professors also hold re-
which was already established      gular lecture courses in Košice.
in the mid 17th century. Twin-     k www.tuke.sk
ned with Wuppertal, Košice
is the principal city of eastern
Slovakia. Situated in the town,
the university has 9 faculties
covering a wide range of dis-
ciplines and more than 16,000
students. Indeed it serves as
a research and academic cen-
ter for the entire country. The
intensive partnership with the
University of Wuppertal goes

     A semester in Wrocław –
     studying abroad in Poland
     A report by Ines Dehof – student at the
     Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
                                                                                      professors. The spectrum of
                                                                                      teaching is extremely broad,
                                                                                      with courses offered in virtu-
                                                                                      ally every specialty. ERASMUS
                                                                                      students are looked after by
                                                                                      the International Office.

                                                                                      Finding somewhere to live in
                                                                                      Wrocław is easy: every stu-
                                                                                      dent who asks is allocated a
                                                                                      place in the hall of residence,
                                                                                      the ‘Slezak’, situated close to
                                                                                      the university with easy access
                                                                                      to the town center.

                                                                                      My semester abroad was great:
                                                                                      I learned a lot and enjoyed the
                                                                                      months in Wrocław, People in
                                                                                      Poland are kind, friendly and
     University of Wrocław (Breslau)
                                                                                      helpful. They always supported
                                                                                      me, and I look back on my time
                                                                                      there with pleasure. All my ex-
                                                                                      pectations were fulfilled. I not
                                                                                      only got to know Poland and
                                                                                      its culture, but broadened my
                                                                                      experience in many ways and
                                                                                      came back all the richer for it.

     Aula Leopoldina, Wrocław University

              The decision to spend a se-         Wrocław (in German ‘Breslau’)
              mester abroad in Poland is not      is the fourth largest city in Po-
              all that common. My family          land and the capital of Lower
              and friends asked me “Why           Silesia. Founded in 1947, its
              Poland?” But the reason for         University of Economics (full
              me was simple: to explore a         name ‚Akademia Ekonomiczna
              country I didn’t yet know well.     im. Oskara Langego’) consists
              I read up about the Poland and      of four faculties: Economics,
              Polish culture, but you don’t re-   Management, Informatics and
              ally get a picture of the country   Finance, and Business Engi-
              and its society until you have      neering. The university has
              lived there for a longer period.    18,000 students and an acade-
              With a population of 630,000,       mic staff of 784 including 142

                                        Top quarks:                       UW partnership with the

                                                                          Technical University of
                                        An international team of sci-     Kosice:
                                        entists at Fermilab (Fermi
                                        National Accelerator Labora-      UW Rector Prof. Dr. Lambert
                                        tory), the American Research      T. Koch and the Rector of the
                                        Center for Particle Physics       Technical University of Ko-
                                        near Chicago, has observed        sice, Prof. Dr. Anton Cismar,
                                        the production of individual      have signed an agreement to
                                        top quarks in particle col-       extend the 27 year-old part-
                                        lisions. The top quark, the       nership between the two in-
                                        most massive fundamental          stitutions. Long rated a land-
                                        constituent of matter, has so     mark in European university
                                        far eluded demonstration in       cooperation, the partnership
                                        isolation because of its extre-   involves numerous cross-
                                        mely short lifetime. Fourteen     faculty contacts, as well as
                                        years after the quark’s dis-      ERASMUS exchanges brin-
                                        covery, the Fermilab experi-      ging Slovakian students to
                                        ments confirm important pa-       Wuppertal. The future focus
                                        rameters of particle physics.     will be on economics and en-
                                        UW physicists led by Prof.        gineering, with a strong desi-
                                        Dr. Wolfgang Wagner and Dr.       re on the Slovakian side for
                                        Daniel Wicke contributed sig-     cooperation also in IT.
                                        nificantly to this experimental
UW chemists in arctic:

Invited by the University of
California, Davis (USA), UW
atmospheric chemists are co-
operating in the International
Polar Year’s OASIS (Ocean
Atmosphere Sea Ice Snow-                International summer
pack) research project – an             school:
investigation of physical and
chemical processes on snow              Effluent treatment and the
and ice surfaces in the polar           impact of fine dust particu-
atmosphere. The university’s            lates on plants were two of
Department of Physical Che-             the topics discussed at the
mistry was invited to join the          international summer school
measurements team at Bar-               held for the second time by
row, the northernmost point             UW’s Schools of Biology,
of Alaska, to determine the             Chemistry, Physics and Sa-
incidence of the important              fety Engineering in coopera-
cleansing agent nitrous acid            tion with the Jülich Research
(HONO) in the lower atmos-              Center and Aqua System
phere. Using an ultra-high-             Wuppertal. The two-week
sensitivity device developed            summer school for Japanese
in Wuppertal, the team has              and German students offered
achieved results that have al-          a range of fascinating lectu-
ready met with international            res, experiments and visits
acclaim.                                focusing on environmental
                                        research and terrestrial as
                                        well as atmospheric oxidation

Untying tongues
UW’s Language Center

   In today’s world foreign langua-     duates who need to improve           was first offered as a compact
   ge competence has become             their command of German in           course in March 2009; Chinese
   an integral part of higher edu-      their specialist field can take      has been taught for more than
   cation and a presupposition          part in the Language Center’s        two years both as a regular
   for successful entry into the        special    purpose     language      language course and as a tan-
   worlds of business, scholar-         courses for economics, social        dem course in which German
   ship and scientific research.        sciences, the humanities, en-        and Chinese learners with ba-
   This lays an obligation on the       gineering and the natural sci-       sic skills practice together to
   universities to provide students     ences.                               improve their communicative
   and staff with adequate oppor-                                            abilities. A cooperation agree-
   tunities to qualify themselves       International students taking        ment with Wuppertal schools
   at an appropriate level. UW’s        degree programs taught in            has opened the Language
   Language Center fulfills this        English can attend special           Center’s Chinese courses to
   obligation, and does so with a       German courses for 4 hours a         school students of class 9 and
   proven record of success. The        week at levels A1 – B1.              above.
   Center offers more than 70
   courses in nine foreign langua-      All German courses are natu-         From summer 2010 Japanese
   ges, together with six courses       rally also open to UW’s many         will also be offered at (at least)
   at different levels (A1 to C1b) in   exchange students.                   four consecutive levels plus a
   German as a foreign language.                                             tandem course.
                                        ‘Go out’ – foreign
   ‘Come in’ – Ger-                     language cour-                       Dr. Agnes Bryan
   man courses                          ses for UW stu-
   for internatio-                      dents and staff                      Language Center
   nal students in                                                           T: +49 (0)202 439-2878
                                                                             E: audio@uni-wuppertal.de
   Wuppertal                            In a globalized world mobility
                                        and flexibility are of ever-incre-
                                                                             k www.sli.uni-wuppertal.de

   Deutsch plus is the name of          asing importance for students
   the program with which the           and staff alike in the various
   Language Center prepares in-         departments and units of the
   ternational students for their       university. Whether it is a mat-
   degree studies. Once they            ter of studying abroad, entering
   have reached European Lan-           a multinational company, or ne-
   guage Reference Level B2, stu-       gotiating with international aca-
   dents take 20 hours German           demic or business partners, a
   per week plus 8 hours prepa-         modern university offers many
   ration for their specific degree     opportunities for international
   program. This latter module          contact and a corresponding
   covers the special language          need for foreign language ca-
   and learning requirements of         pabilities. Offering courses at
   economics, the social sciences       different levels in nine langu-
   and the humanities on the one        ages, UW’s Language Center
   hand, and engineering and the        provides essential support
   natural sciences on the other        for the university’s global out-
   (6 hours). Students choose           reach and creates the linguistic
   their specific area, and the re-     basis for understanding foreign
   maining 2 hours are dedicated        countries and cultures with
   to academic methods and the          their different thought patterns
   infrastructure of the university.    and lifestyles.
   International students with litt-
   le or no knowledge of German         English, Spanish, French, Itali-
   attend courses at levels A1 –        an, Portuguese, Russian, Tur-
   B1, which provide them with          kish, Chinese and Swedish are
   the basic qualification to start     taught not only at a general but
   a degree program at a German         also at a specialist academic le-
   university. For 25 hours a week      vel for presentations and work
   they concentrate fully on lear-      with academic texts.
   ning German.
                                        Chinese and Swedish are cur-
   Undergraduates and postgra-          rently very popular. Swedish

     Street scene in Havana Centro, close to Universidad de la Habana

     Havana –
     an intercultural experience
     A report by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf
     Faculty of Art and Design
     Department of Design Theory

     Designers working in the inter-           fiestas are celebrated whenev-      and experienced something of
     national market must grasp at             er and wherever possible. The       their lifestyle and of their prob-
     an early stage that people in             Church does not exist as an         lems. A trip of this sort requires
     other cultures live under quite           institution, but evidence of the    careful preparation, and the
     different conditions from their           Santeria cult is ubiquitous. The    Wuppertal students attended a
     own and shape their daily lives           heat slows movement down,           Spanish course and an intercul-
     in very different ways. To give           the clocks tick to a different      tural training program, among
     UW design students an oppor-              rhythm, but students work se-       other events, before they left.
     tunity to experience and un-              riously and hand in their assign-   The preparatory phase culmi-
     derstand what cultural other-             ments on time.                      nated in a Cuba Open Day at
     ness means, I organized, with                                                 the Protestant Student Com-
     my assistant Marcel Befort, a             From July 6-20, 2009 sev-           munity House, organized with
     visit to the Cuban capital, Ha-           enteen students from UW’s           the support of the university’s
     vana. Cuba is an island where             Schools of Industrial and Com-      International Office: an event
     everything is different, not just         munication Design took part in      that attracted visitors from
     the political system and the cli-         the design projects of the Insti-   both town and university.
     mate. The people are poor, but            tuto Superior de Diseño (ISDI)
     enjoy an excellent education.             in Havana, where they got to        In Havana teaching conditions
     The buildings are decaying, but           know their Cuban counterparts       are also different. The com-

puter labs, for instance, are       could be replaced, but without
adequately equipped, but with-      there is only one solution: to
out Internet access, and the        save water. Working together,

equipment is rather slow. Here      the Cuban and German stu-
too it was a matter of coming       dents thought up some bold
to terms with ‘otherness’.          and humorous ideas for water
                                    and energy saving campaigns.
The main focus of the indus-        Our visit to ISDI ended with
trial design team lay on urban      the signing of a cooperation
agriculture – a crucial issue for   agreement with the University
Havana and one of increasing        of Wuppertal that has so far
importance in industrialized        brought two Cuban industrial
countries. Cuba is a fertile        design students to Wupper-
country with good soil and          tal, one in winter semester
sufficient rain. The urban agri-    2009-10 and another in sum-
culture problem is thus one of      mer semester 2010. Their
transport: how to get vegeta-       visit was made possible by the
bles and fruit to consumers in      State of North Rhine-West-
tropical temperatures when no       phalia’s Scholarship Program
money is available for refriger-    for Emerging and Developing
ated trucks. The students’ so-      Countries.
lution took the form of a sales
kiosk mounted on a bicycle: a
cheap and energy-saving con-        Prof. Dr. Brigitte Wolf
cept that would enable pro-
duce to be stored, brought to       Faculty of Art and Design
town and sold in a single step.     Department of Design Theory
The communication design-           T: +49 (0)202 439-5735
ers focused on energy, above        E: bwolf@uni-wuppertal.de
all on water economy, an area
fraught with problems in Ha-
vana due to the poor state of
the water mains and the irregu-
larity of summer rainfall. The
result is that water simply runs
down the streets from broken
pipes. With money the system

        German-Cuban group work

     Earthquake-proof building
     an international project of UW civil engineering research

         A civil engineer looking at pic-      against corruption: the people           tructed there in this way. Espe-
         tures of buildings hit by a seve-     who are to live in the house –           cially the schools communicate
         re earthquake in a developing         and they are the ones whose              clearly to the local people what
         country will often be horrified       safety is at stake – can see             an earthquake-proof building
         at the construction errors and        for themselves whether the               should look like. The princip-
         omissions – defects that could        frame-members are all present            le is increasingly understood
         have been avoided with better         and properly fixed.                      as a model for their own hou-
         knowledge and a modest in-                                                     ses, and increasingly accepted
         vestment. Massive corruption          So what does a UW profes-                when appropriate decorative
         and incompetence at all levels        sor do with a research idea of           patterns cre-ated by local ar-
         cause many deaths among               this sort? In my case he con-            tists are added to the frame
         those who have to live or work        tacts the Ger-man Academic               elements. The ongoing project
         in these buildings. And one           Exchange Service (DAAD)                  is practiced in annual sum-mer
         rarely hears that an engineer         to help him collect a sizeable           schools in Wuppertal, where
         or construction company has           team of highly motivated doc-            up to 80 students from deve-
         been prosecuted for such failu-       toral students from the deve-            loping countries, working in
         res. They are needed for the re-      loping countries in question.            three shifts, have put up a mo-
         construction work anyway. To          With them he then researches             del earthquake-proof building
         put it in a nutshell, the decisive    the relevant engineering theo-           on a university parking lot.
         step in earthquake-proof buil-        ry, and then moves on to the
         ding is to overcome corruption        practical realization of the pro-
         and incompetence.                     ject, establishing an inno-vati-         Prof. Dr. Georg Pegels
                                               ve construction company with
         It is an attractive prospect,         his students in a developing             School of Civil Engineering
         therefore, to work on the deve-       country particularly at risk.            Department of Construction
         lopment of a housing solution                                                  Informatics
         that restricts the production of      This took us three years ago             E: pegels@uni-wuppertal.de
         key safety elements to compe-         to Iran and the city of Isfahan.
         tent companies, and ensures           Today there are 40 hospitals,            k www.bauinformatik.
         that their on-site assem-bly          schools and sports halls cons-           uni-wuppertal.de
         is transparent and corruption-
         proof – a solution that may
         bring immeasurable benefit to
         many of the world’s poorest
         regions. And in Wuppertal,
         with its many charming timber-
         frame houses, the solu-tion
         lies near to hand.

         The key to earthquake-proof
         building is the diagonal struts
         clearly visible in those old
         timber-frame houses, because
         earthquake tremors shake a
         building not just up and down,
         but to and fro, and con-ventio-
                                                       Iranian students learn earthquake-proof building technology at UW sum-
         nal houses are simply not built               mer school
         for that. As a rule, the only hori-
         zontal forces to which they are
         subjected are relatively mild
         gusts of wind. So, as well as
         cross-beams and uprights, it
         is above all the diagonal mem-
         bers that enable a building to
         withstand an earthquake. Wi-
         thout them the supporting pil-
         lars will fall over like dominos
         and the floors collapse like a
         pile of pancakes (hence the
         term ‘pan-cake collapse’). Fur-
         thermore, the visibility of the
         frame itself works powerfully                 Steel-frame buildings: diagonal strut construction is earthquake and cor-
                                                       ruption proof

Go west, young man!
  Phoenix, Arizona was the             USA”, Sassmannshausen ex-                  other teams from 47 business
  destination for Sean Patrick         plains, “research and teaching,            schools worldwide to enter the
  Sassmannshausen and Ste-             especially the executive educa-            final round in Phoenix, where
  fan Gladbach when they left          tion program, are very highly re-          the ten best global concepts
  Wuppertal to teach and study         spected and receive powerful               meet in competition.
  at one of the world’s top busi-      financial support not just from
  ness schools, the Thunderbird        industry but also from private             Sean Patrick Sassmannshau-
  School of Global Mangement           persons.” For example, the                 sen has been Managing Direc-
  – rated by the Financial Times       Walker Center of Global Entre-             tor of UW’s Institute of Entre-
  number one in international          preneurship, where he taught,              preneurship and Innovation
  management. Their welcome            booked a ten million dollar plus           Research since 2005.
  in Arizona was warm in every         foundation during his stay. Led
  sense, with a 45° C wind blow-       by the internationally known               Stefan Gladbach studies eco-
  ing from the Grand Canyon            Prof. Robert Hisrich, the Cen-             nomics at UW’s Schumpeter
  desert.                              ter employs six professors, as             School of Business and Eco-
                                       well as a program director and             nomics.
  Sean Patrick Sassmannshau-           a number of associate and as-
  sen went to Thunderbird as           sistant professors.
  a visiting professor, where
  he gained valuable teaching          The two UW economists
  experience and found at the          agree, however, that fund-
  research level that the Ameri-       ing is not everything. Their
  cans were as eager to learn          UW home, the Schumpeter
  from him as he from them.            School, recently demonstrated
  The success story of German          the truth of this principle at
  medium-sized companies on            the Global Sustainable Innova-
  the one hand, and the secret of      tion Summit, where a team of
  big listed family enterprises like   four UW students under the
  Henkel, Bosch and Porsche on         direction of Sassmannshau-
  the other, seemed interesting        sen and Gladbach beat 140
  role models for American com-
  panies at the onset of the glob-
  al economic crisis. By the time
  Sassmannshausen left, the
  word mittelstand had even es-
  tablished itself as a loan-word
  like kindergarden, rucksack,
  schatzi, or autobahn.

  Stefan Gladbach attended the
  master’s international busi-
  ness program and gained the
  Certificate of Global Studies.
  Like Sassmannshausen he ex-
  perienced an entirely different
  system of education: “In the
                                       Studying abroad at one of the world’s leading business schools

      A week in the life of a Professor of
      Transportation Engineering

         Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gerlach
         School of Civil Enginee-
                                             Sunday, March                        of the preceding day. And that
                                                                                  brings me more or less to the
         ring, Center for Traffic            7, 2010                              point of my story.
         and Transportation                  Flight from Düs-
         A big hole must have been           seldorf to Cairo                     Balance-sheet for the day:
                                                                                  From -3 to +37° C in 13 hours.
         worn in the UW purse at the         via Istanbul
         Higher Education Fair Einstieg
         Abi in Cologne on March 6,          For the sixth time within a          Monday, March
         2010, when 800 or so high-          year I’m on my way to Cairo,         8, 2010
         tech orange ballpoint pens
         passed into the hands of pro-
                                             this time with Turkish Airlines,
                                             which allows me a three hour
                                                                                  Egyptian Road
         spective young transport engi-      stop in Istanbul. I persuade a       Standards
         neers. Equipped with boxfuls
         of wonder-pens and flyers for
                                             taxi driver to show me the ci-
                                             ty. An impressive 6-lane high-
         UW’s new ‘Business Enginee-         way, class VS III (i.e. with two     Enhancing Road Safety in Egypt
         ring – Transportation’ program,     central peakflow lanes that          is the title of an ambitious EU
         I stood beneath a placard an-       can be used in either direction      ‘twinning’ project between the
         nouncing: “The ultimate ball-       according to need) leads into        German, Austrian and Egyptian
         point. Use it to sign on for UW’s   town from the airport. And the       Ministries of Transport, the lat-
         new degree program – gate-          speed tolerance of an Istanbul       ter represented by the General
         way to a six-figure salary.” Tur-   taxi and its human cargo is im-      Authority for Roads, Bridges
         nover in ballpoints was brisk,      pressive, too. In comparison,        and Land Transport (GARBLT).
         but one visitor to the stand left   Hagia Sophia and the Blue            Some 30 delegates are bent on
         me with a trail of work – the       Mosque are no more than a            improving traffic laws, adminis-
         University Marketing cajoled        blur in the memory.                  tra-tive and accident reporting
         me into writing a diary about                                            structures, traffic offense
         my forthcoming visit to a road      But I was soon to discover that      prosecution procedures, road
         safety improvement workshop         Egyptian drivers go one better.      inspection, and the planning
         in Egypt. I’m not sure that my      The hotel offers a shuttle ser-      and auditing of new highways.
         luggage was that much ligh-         vice from the airport, but it had    Sent by the Federal Ministry in
         ter when I left in the evening      apparently just broken down          Berlin as R&D director as well
         without the ballpoint pens …        – Arabic for it never seriously      as lecturer, and equipped with
                                             meant to come anyway. So I           the twofold title of team leader
                                             climb into a Cairo taxi that feels   and “senior road safety audit
                                             at least 150 years old and pray.     and inspection expert and trai-
                                             It works! We arrive safely at        ner”, I mount the rostrum.
                                             the hotel after half an hour that
                                             exponentially tops the dangers       The North African mind pre-

sents challenges that a Ger-            4 in a country of 78 m people.      Balance-sheet for the day:
man-trained engineer finds              By comparison Germany (po-          50 workshop participants
difficult to grasp, let alone           pulation c.82 m) had 4150 road      convinced of German quali-
overcome. Accidents are ge-             deaths in 2009.                     ty standards.
nerally considered a matter of
fate. Traffic is close to chaos.        In this environment the most
A driving license can be bought         endangered species is the           Tuesday, March
without having to pass a test.          pedestrian. Pavements scar-         9, 2010
Vehicles are not subject to
technical checks. Traffic of-
                                        cely exist, and even at clearly
                                        marked pedestrian crossings         Enhancing Egyp-
fenders are neither pursued             traffic speed can only be re-       tian road safety
nor charged. Yet the Highway            duced by drastic measures
Code and the technical regu-            like mas-sive asphalt speed         Today’s task is to put
lations for vehi-cles are com-          bumps. But these are invisible      yesterday’s results on paper
parable with those in Europe.           to night-time drivers, who usu-     and develop some of its con-
And penalties for traffic viola-        ally drive without lights any-      cepts. We start with 100 pa-
tions are also clearly defined.         way. Road signs and steel safe-     ges or so of suggestions for
But none of this is enforced.           ty barriers are regularly stolen,   changing the Egyptian guideli-
Street markings, traffic lights         road markings vanish under          nes. We had already selected
and other rules are, it seems,          the desert sand. Concrete sa-       a few individ-ual solutions at
simply ignored.                         fety barriers will not contain a    the ‘mission’ stage; now it’s a
                                        direct hit from a fast-moving       matter of making drawings and
Our task is to change all this.         vehicle; in fact they represent     determining       specifications.
We are talking about road safe-         an additional safety risk. So       The idea of translating German
ty. So we set out to seek solu-         there’s plenty to do. Let’s get     regulations first into English
tions together and strengthen           going.                              and then into Arabic was re-
the competencies of Egypti-                                                 jected – the envi-ronment is
an road safety managers. But            And that brings me to the to-       simply too different. If traffic
there are a few problems. Na-           pic of today’s workshop. Gi-        lights and road markings are
tional highways and autobahn-           ven that safety shortfalls are a    ignored, solutions must be
like motorways are built on the         product of Egyptian road stan-      found that have a chance of
American model of up to eight           dards, we know where to be-         actually working. What we put
lanes. Not bad, you might think,        gin. Three of us are giving the     on paper would make any Ger-
until you realize that they carry       presentation: Hans, two-and-        man road planner’s hair stand
traffic ranging from fast long-         a-half years in Egypt, is the       on end. But for Egyptian road
distance trucks to slow local           heart and soul of the project;      conditions, and in view of the
vehicles, bicycles, camel-carts,        Lutz has worked on similar          very restricted budget, the so-
donkey-carts and pedestrians.           assignments in the Bal-kans,        lutions are, at least as a tem-
National accident statistics be-        Romania, Vietnam and Korea.         porary measure, appropriate.
ar little relation to reality – acci-   We set out to compare selec-
dent reporting is intermittent at       ted standards from the Egypti-      Balance-sheet for the day:
best, so detecting black-spots          an road traffic regulations with    Developed guidelines for a
is a matter more of feeling than        the US American, German and         motorway zebra crossing.
science – and the official figure       Austrian equivalents, and to list
of 4000 deaths per year must            a few variants that seem to us
be multiplied by a factor of 3 or       especially applicable to Egypt.

      Wednesday,                       on the ground – because the
                                       plane pushed back off blocks
                                                                             Friday, March
      March 10, 2010                   before one of the blocks had          12, 2010
      Flight from Cai-                 been removed, which resulted          Berlin: City Traf-
      ro to Düsseldorf                 in a resounding bump. What
                                       followed was a series of hectic       fic and Transport
      via Istanbul                     checks on the apron that did          Development Plan
                                       nothing to soothe passengers’
      Read Sunday’s entry in reverse   nerves about the forthcoming          The Berlin Senate Administra-
      order, adding a morning mee-     flight.                               tion is currently busy with the
      ting at GARBLT to agree on-                                            city development plan, which
      ward plans, plus an additional   Balance-sheet for the day: 2          will set traffic and transporta-
      hour for the flight. That was    liters of mango juice safely          tion priorities for the next 15-
      Wednesday.                       transported home.                     20 years. As a member of the
                                                                             scientific advisory board my
      The additional hour was thanks   Thursday, March                       task is to scrutinize the sug-
      to the pilot – or the people
                                       11, 2010                              gested measures and ensure
                                                                             that they are well-founded and
                                       Frankfurt: Semi-                      appropriate; this will substan-
                                       nar on residential                    tially facilitate their implemen-
                                                                             tation. Today it’s a question
                                       street design                         of the justification for specific
                                                                             measures, and we discuss me-
                                       The day begins standing in the        thods of forecasting the extent
                                       corridor of an ICE train. Deut-       to which personal mobility will
                                       sche Bahn is again only running       shift to the bicycle and wal-
                                       a single train unit although the      king. A second, connected is-
                                       seat reservation clearly stated       sue is the impact of demogra-
                                       a double train. Okay, it’s still a    phic development on Berlin’s
                                       relatively safe way of get-ting       transport sys-tem. We discuss
                                       from A to B.                          the pros and cons of restricting
                                       Leading the seminar is so-            inner city parking, and finally
                                       mething of a contrast with Cai-       the inevitable question of the
                                       ro. All 40 participants are punc-     financial framework, which in
                                       tual, listen atten-tively, and stay   Berlin is modest, to say the
                                       to the end. The subject: safe,        least. Nevertheless there is de-
                                       high quality residential street       finite opti-mism, accompanied
                                       design in conformity with laws        by the will to play role-model
                                       regulations, and good urban pl-       for urban transportation deve-
                                       anning practice.                      lopment in Germany – for ex-
                                                                             ample in electro-mobility and
                                       Balance-sheet for the day:            the creation of traffic-calmed
                                       Enjoyed life to the full.             streets in residential districts.
                                                                             A second date in Berlin with
                                                                             the German Insurers Associ-
                                                                             ation is concerned with the

special problems of so-called         What we saw was that we’d
weaker traffic participants at        set something in motion: that
trouble spots (street junctions       the Egyptian engineers had

etc.). Called on to suggest ac-       become more aware of danger
tive solutions, we have assem-        points and would in future cer-
bled a massive database com-          tainly take more care to avoid
prising some 1.8 m accidents          potentially dangerous solu-
with detailed infor-mation on         tions. There’s much that simply
how they happened – no easy           cannot be put into practice the-
matter when each state has its        re, but we have sown a seed
own method of reporting and           and – who knows? Maybe our
filing accidents. Nevertheless,       grandchildren will travel more
we have some preliminary re-          safely in Egypt.
sults. It is clear that elderly mo-
torists incur most accidents at
road junctions when they turn
                                      Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing.
left and collide with oncoming        Jürgen Gerlach
traffic; children have most ac-
cidents coming from the left          has since 1999 been head of
on the cycle track at junctions       the Department of Road Traf-
with side roads. We agree to          fic and Transportation Planning
focus on de-tailed analysis of        and Engineering at UW’s Cen-
some prototypically accident-         ter for Traffic and Transportati-
prone street junctions.               on. His teaching and research
                                      focuses on the design and di-
Balance-sheet for the day:            mensioning of road transporta-
Contributed to the emission           tion systems, road safety, and
of 280 kg CO2.                        environmental      compatibility.
                                      Prof. Gerlach plays a leading ro-
Epilogue                              le in PIARC World Road Associ-
                                      ation, the EU’s COST Research
                                      Activities (strategic environ-
Nothing has been said so far          mental monitoring, pedestrian
about the week’s secondary            traffic), the German Associati-
activities. Seeing so many fa-        on of Transport Sciences, and
mous sites, for instance – it’s       the Road and Transportation
worth going to Egypt just to          Research Association. On be-
see the Pyramids, and in my           half of the Federal Ministry of
eight working weeks in Cairo          Transport, Building and Urban
I have seen them three times.         Development he has evaluated
But Cairo has other sides to it       numerous research projects,
as well: it is a megacity with                                            Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gerlach
                                      and he is actively involved in
20 m inhabitants, noisy, dusty        drawing up European and Ger-
and with little scope for leisure                                         FB D – Straßenverkehrs-
                                      man traffic and transportation      planung und Straßen-
activities – Cairo is not big on      standards and regulations. In
leisure anyway. The day is gen-                                           verkehrstechnik
                                      2000 he was honored by the          T: +49 (0)202 439-4088
erally filled with office-work,       Feuchtinger-Wehner Founda-
meetings, hotel and restaurant,                                           E: svpt@uni-wuppertal.de
                                      tion for outstanding achieve-
with everything else done on          ments in the planning, design
the side. This week ‘everything                                           k www.svpt.de
                                      and operation of urban and ru-
else’ included writing part of a      ral road networks, and in 2006
research report, reading a doc-       he was awarded a prize for ex-
toral thesis abstract, editing        cellent teaching by the Univer-
some legal guidelines, prepa-         sity of Wuppertal. He is widely
ring a presentation, writing an       known as a trainer of safety au-
essay, reading reviews, putting       ditors, and is a member of the
the final touches to another          academic advisory board of the
paper, coordinating lecture           journal Strassenverkehrstech-
courses, deciding questions           nik (Road Traffic and Trans-
forwarded by assistants, and          portation Engineering). Since
answering around 120 e-mails.         2009 he has been editor of the
It’s a good thing there’s WLAN        Zeitschrift für Verkehrssicher-
everywhere!                           heit (Traffic and Transportation
                                      Safety Journal).
I was asked on Friday in Ber-
lin if we were going to be able
to do anything useful in Egypt.
Quite honestly I don’t know.


      University Sports Center: more than 60 sports, plus BergWerk FitnessCenter, support faculty and student health

      Work-health balance –
      university sports from exercise
      for everyman to top competition

              Fitness, health and well-being              or boost your blood circulation            cupine massage ball – a mobile
              through movement are the                    on cycling, running, stepping              boost in every sense for desk-
              chief concerns of university                and rowing machines. The                   workers.
              sports in Wuppertal. Students               BergWerk staff will advise you
              and staff are largely people
              whose working life is spent
                                                          on use of equipment and crea-
                                                          te your own personal training
                                                                                                     Top competition
              sitting at a desk or in a lec-              plan.                                      sports agreement
              ture hall. But the body needs
              change and movement, which
              is where the university sports
                                                          Fit for work in                            Based on a cooperation agree-
                                                                                                     ment between the German
              facilities come in.                         15 minutes – the                           University Sports Federation,
                                                          University Sports                          NRW’s Olympic Training Cen-
                                                                                                     ters, the University of Wup-
              There’s a wide range of sports
              on offer: more than 60 diffe-               Center’s ‘Ex-                              pertal, and the Hochschul-
              rent programs from aikido and               press Break’                               sozialwerk (University Social
                                                                                                     Services), UW has been a ‘top
              aerobics through Capoeira,
              circuit training, fencing and in-           That regular movement is good              sports partner university’ since
              line-hockey, to rugby, (Nordic)             for health is universally known            February 2006. This means
              walking and yoga. It includes               and scientifically proven. Nor             it takes a positive attitude to
              classical activities like running           does it take long to build up              combining sports training and
              and cycling, team sports like               your physical and emotional                performance with university
              soccer, handball and volley-                resources. That’s where the                studies, arranging deadlines
              ball, and health and relaxati-              University Sports Center’s ‘Ex-            flexibly and seeking to achieve
              on activities like back-training            press Break’ comes in.                     a successful balance between
              and Pilates – as well as yoga.                                                         the demands of the academic
              There’s something there for                 Our personal training team will            and sports programs.
              everyone, whether you are in-               come to you at your universi-
              to martial arts or simply want              ty desk, so you don’t need to              Student members of an Olym-
              the latest activity. You can pro-           leave your workplace or even               pic or similar training squad can
              ve your mastery and fitness in              change into sports clothes.                apply for a waiver of university
              any number of competitions                  With others from your own or               tuition fees for four semesters,
              including the annual University             neighboring offices you will be            and for a semester’s leave of
              Sports Fest or the NRW Dra-                 offered a short individual rela-           absence to prepare for impor-
              gon Boat Cup.                               xation, movement and fitness               tant competitions. In return
                                                          program: an active midday                  they agree to plan their degree
              BergWerk is the name of the                 break with flexibar, TheraBand             programs with special care.
              university’s own fitness cen-               and body-tube, as well as a mi-
              ter, where you can body-build               ni-massage of shoulders, back
              on state-of-the-art equipment               and neck muscles with a por-

Top athletes at UW

                                                                         Lars Birger Hense,
                                                                         German 400 m hurdles
   Maren Brinker,                                                        champion in 2008:
   member of the national                                                “Top athletes can study and
   volleyball team:                                                      take their degree at UW with-
                                                                         out any problem. You can
   “I am a member of the na-                                             make personal arrangements
   tional volleyball team and play     University Sports Center          with your professors, and the
   in the first division of the Ger-   University of Wuppertal           knowledge that UW is a ‘top
   man league. At the same time        Fuhlrott Str. 10                  sports partner university’ and
   I’m taking a teacher training       42119 Wuppertal                   stands behind you means you
   degree at UW with the aim           www.hochschulsport.uniwup-        need not worry about complet-
   of becoming a primary school        pertal.de                         ing all your courses and exams
   teacher. I have met with great                                        successfully.”
   understanding for my sports         BergWerk FitnessCenter
   requirements and a willingness      Fuhlrott Str. 10                    Lars Birger Hense studies
   to find alternative solutions in    42119 Wuppertal                   sports and economics at UW.
   the degree program. I owe my        Tel. +49-202 439-2953             German 400 m hurdles cham-
   continuing participation in ma-                                       pion in 2008, he has success-
   jor competitions, like the World    Top Sports Coordinator            fully represented the university
   Volleyball Championships in         Prof. Dr. theol. Michael Böhnke   in many national and interna-
   Japan this year, to the support     Department of Catholic Theo-      tional Student Games.
   and cooperation of UW faculty       logy
   and staff.”                         Tel. +49-202 439-2353
                                       Fax: +49-202 439-3131
   Maren Brinker studies sports,       mboehnke@uni-wuppertal.de
   mathematics and German at
   UW.                                 k www.hochschulsport.

      A family-friendly university
         UW sees itself as a universi-
         ty where parents can not only
         study happily, but where the
         compatibility of higher educa-
         tion with family responsibilities
         is an important strategic and
         social goal. The university of-
         fers a number of facilities and
         supportive measures for both
         children and parents with the
         specific purpose of enabling
         parents to pursue a program
         of studies, academic career or
         profession at the university.

         The main UW campus has two
         separate childcare facilities: the
         University Kindergarten with a
         total of 50 places, 16 of which
         are for very young children, and
         the Uni-Zwerge (Tiny Tots), es-
         tablished by a group of student
         parents for children between 8
         months and 4 years. The uni-
         versity naturally also provides
         flexible childcare geared to the
         requirements of its continuing
         and advanced education pro-
                                                            Free Time for Kids: a success model for UW families since 1996
         Since 1996 the Free Time for
         Kids program has provided fa-
         cilities at the university for the
         children of students and staff
         during school vacations. The
         project was awarded recogniti-
         on as a best practice model by
         the Ministry of Family Affairs
         in 1998 and won an innovation
         prize in Wuppertal’s competiti-
         on for the most family-friendly
         enterprise in 2005. Since then
         UW has been a member of the
         Wuppertal Network for Fami-          The university offers two well         Dr. Christel Hornstein
         lies.                                equipped baby changing and
                                              nursing rooms, and the dining          Equal Opportunities Office
         The handbook ‘Studying with          hall has plenty of high chairs         T: +49 (0)202 439-2308
         a Child’ provides comprehensi-       for its youngest patrons.              E: gleichstellung@
         ve information for parents and                                              uni-wuppertal.de
         parents-to-be about studying         UW plans to extend its family-
         at UW with a young dependent         friendly facilities in the near
         family. The university’s Equal       future with a family service
         Opportunities Coordinator also       office, as well as a parent-and-
         offers regular consultations in      child learning room in the libra-
         this whole area.                     ry.

         Parents bringing up a child in
         their own household are ex-
         empt from university tuition
         fees for up to four semesters.

Eva Gregová with Emilia

University nursery group –
a statement by Eva Gregová
        “As an international student in    two-and-a-half when I took my
        Wuppertal I was immensely          degree. It’s clear to me that my
        grateful when my daughter          success was due in large mea-
        was given a place in the Uni-      sure to the Uni-Zwerge.”
        Zwerge (Tiny Tots) group at the
        university. Only when I knew
        she was in safe hands could I
        allow my role as mother to slip
        from me and concentrate fully
        on my studies. During those          Gregová
        months I spent most of my
        time working in the university     was awarded a                        in German stu-
        library, and although the time     distinction in her                 dies, linguistics and
        there time was limited, I was      master’s degree                    economics in No-
        able to finish my master’s the-                                       vember 2009.
        sis and prepare for my final ex-
        aminations. My daughter was

Living space with environmental bonus –
UW’s student halls of residence

   Wuppertal’s student residence        each apartment its own friend-    of residence up to the highest
   halls (or dormitories) are not       ly atmosphere.                    standards of modern, user-
   only architectural highlights,                                         friendly, ecological architecture
   they are also energy-optimized
   buildings. That saves money,
                                        Active environ-                   and equipment. That inclu-

   as well as the environment.          mentalism =                       des attractive design, parquet
                                                                          flooring and large double win-
                                        energy                            dows, as well as low or passive
   For example the Neue Burse.
   Formerly a typical 1970s prefa-      optimization                      energy standards. Super-high-
                                                                          speed connection to the Uni-
   bricated structure, it is now a                                        versity Computing Center and
   much-quoted example of mo-           The two buildings renovated in
                                                                          WorldWideWeb makes these
   dern architecture: a low-ener-       the first reconstruction phase
                                                                          up-to-date student apartments
   gy building in attractive green      of the Neue Burse have been
                                                                          the perfect place for living and
   surroundings that has won four       classified as ‘low energy’, and
   major prizes for innovative mo-      the two second phase buil-
   dernization. The reconstruction      dings as ‘passive’ units, with
                                                                          Want better living space?
   was undertaken and managed           a modern air exchange system
                                                                          Apply online
   by the Hochschul-Sozialwerk          that keeps all the rooms ple-
   (University Social Services) in      asantly warm virtually without
   Wuppertal.                           added heating. That saves mo-
                                                                          kwww. .hsw.uni-wuppertal.
                                        ney for the students and car-
                                        bon dioxide for the climate.
   Good design:
   user-friendly                        The complete reconstruction
   and aesthetic                        of the buildings enabled ener-
                                        gy consumption for heating to
                                        be reduced to less than 10%,
   Long corridors, impersonal           with the passive unit saving
   communal kitchens, cold and          680 tons of CO2 emissions per
   uncomfortable showers and            year. A comparison will make
   bathrooms – you won’t find any       this clearer: CO2 emissions
   of that here. With maximum           from the old Burse were equi-
   commitment and minimum               valent to those of 162 family
   funding UW’s Social Services         homes, those from the Neue
   completely modernized the old        Burse to the emissions of 12
   Burse student halls in 2000-         homes. So Germany’s biggest
   2002, creating a total of 629        passive dwelling-house saves
   living units. All those aspects      the atmosphere the equivalent
   that give halls of this sort a bad   of 150 households worth of
   name were abolished, and in          CO2 emissions per year, whilst
   their place high quality student     maintaining the highest living
   apartments were created with         and energy standards.
   parquet floors and French win-
   dows throughout, providing
   not only fantastic views of the      Outlook
   city but also a wonderful sense
   of space. And a specially desig-     The University Social Servi-
   ned interior color scheme gives      ces are also active in bringing
                                        other close-to-campus halls

      Perfect frame for
      successful studying

        If you’ve ever framed a picture,    interesting gastronomy of           international students, and has
        you’ll know how important the       UW’s campuses, ranging from         many tips on how to go about
        frame is for the whole effect.      à la carte menus to salad and       daily life in Wuppertal. Our bro-
        And what the frame does for         pasta bars and ‘live cooking’       chures Studieren in Wuppertal
        the picture, the social frame-      counters, is a model for the        (Studying in Wuppertal) and
        work does for the university        whole of NRW. In our cooking        Bare Münze (Sterling Value) tell
        student. Except that it must be     and the preparation of food, as     you all you need to know about
        there from the first semester       in our architecture, we are very    our services including financi-
        on, so that you can concentrate     conscious of the environment.       al advice. And our homepage
        successfully on your studies.       For example, amongst many           www.hsw.uni-wuppertal.de
                                            other foodstuffs, the coffee        contains everything from ac-
        At UW it’s the University So-       we serve is for the most part       commodation to campus gas-
        cial Services that makes sure       a fair trade product and biologi-   tronomy and (again) student
        the framework’s right. This be-     cally cultivated.                   finance – in 8 languages, so
        gins with a thorough financial                                          that our many international stu-
        consultation that takes in the      But UW’s Student Social Ser-        dents will feel at home here in
        availability of BAFöG (Federal      vices are not just there for eve-   Wuppertal.
        Education Assistance), student      ryday: we also provide places
        loans and other funding sour-       where you can relax from your       kwww.hsw.uni-wuppertal.de
        ces, so that you can study wit-     work or meet your professors
        hout worrying too much about        for an informal exchange of
        money. Then there’s the ques-       views. Whether you’re philo-
        tion of where to live. We pro-      sophizing in the pub, surfing in
        vide more than 1000 attractive      the Internet café, or enjoying a
        apartments whose modern             game of billiards or table soc-
        architecture and technology         cer, you’ll be using one of our
        match the green environment,        services. And we offer facili-
        and whose user-friendly equip-      ties for celebratory occasions,
        ment offers all you need for        from degrees to doctorates, for
        living and studying. Close to       public viewings of major sports
        campus, our accommodation           events, for concerts, and for
        provides ready access to the        parties that turn night into day.
        University Library with its 1.2
        m books, to at least one of the
        7 dining halls and cafeterias,
                                            Student finance
        and to the university pub. Be-
                                            The comprehensive financial
        cause a balanced diet of fresh,
                                            information and advice provi-
        healthy food is important for
                                            ded by the University Social
        people who need to concentra-
                                            Services ensures that nobody
        te on their work. UW campus
                                            need be prevented from study-
        eating places are tops for qua-
                                            ing by lack of money – a service
        lity and price, for having a cof-
                                            inspired by our straightforward
        fee with your friends, or simply
                                            sociopolitical    commitment.
        for sitting in the sun (when it
                                            Our trained staff will guide you
        shines) on one of the many ter-
                                            through the jungle of funding
        races with their fantastic views
                                            sources from BAFöG, student
        across town.
                                            loans, and various foundations
                                            to loans from NRW Bank, KfW
        A non-profit-making body,
                                            (Bank for Reconstruction) or
        Wuppertal Student Social Ser-
                                            some other financial institute.
        vices only receives some 15%
                                            We do our best to find the right
        funding from the state of North
                                            solution for you.
        Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). The
        remaining 85% of its services
        must pay for themselves.            Partner in
                                            university life
        Campus life
                                            University Social Services sup-
        Like its attractive student ac-     ports cultural activities, provi-
        commodation, the varied and         des advice and guidance for

      Battlling with fallen leaves and steep banks: Hans-Joachim Burczin-
      ski, one of UW Facility Management’s 100 or so employees, keeps
      the campus running

      Campus at work –
      a glance behind the scenes

               An area the size of 32 football            pertal hillside with height diffe-   2009 to improve air quality in
               fields, 48 large buildings, 3              rentials of up to 35 m, it is not    the lecture theaters. That the
               multi-story car parks and a total          always an easy matter to keep        innovative system significantly
               of almost 7000 rooms – that’s              the many paths and flights of        reduces CO2 emissions and
               the University of Wuppertal,               steps free either from leaves        has endowed UW’s technical
               too.                                       or – as winter 2009-2010 abun-       facility management with role
                                                          dantly demonstrated – snow.          model status in environmental
               There’s a lot to be done if                                                     protection rankings is due to
               14,000 people are to study and             The activities of the facility       the excellent cooperation with
               research every day. At UW it’s             management staff take place          NRW’s Construction and Pro-
               the administrative Department              in the background, sometimes         perty Department.
               of Facility, Safety and Envi-              even underground, when pipes
               ronmental Management that                  and electric cables have to
               takes care of all this. Its staff          be serviced. The department
               ensure that the buildings are              plans the university’s new buil-
               maintained in good condition,              dings, extensions and conver-
               that lighting and electricity, wa-         sions, completes the repairs,
               ter supply and waste disposal              refurbishment and decoration,
               function as they should, and               and manages removals and
               that lecture halls and laborato-           transport when everything is
               ries are fully and appropriately           ready.
               air-conditioned. They look after
               thousands of rooms including               That’s all in a day’s work. A
               39 lecture halls and 98 semi-              university must function 24/7
               nar rooms, and keep the entire             – which is also true, for examp-
               campus clean, safe and secure.             le, of the new cooling system
               With 122,000 sq m of grounds               planned by the Department
               spread across a steep Wup-                 and installed (within a year) in


      gen evergreen
                                          Shakespeare live!
      media cooperation                   A ‘visions for
      for more than 20                    generations’ project
      “Good to know it”, “Good to         Shakespeare Live! is an associ-          Night’s Dream together with
      be neighbors” – for more than       ation that aims to bring culture,        more than 400 school stu-
      20 years UW professors have         especially theater culture, to all       dents. Academic back-up was
      been lecturing in Wuppertal’s       generations and to give them             provided by UW students, who
      sister cities of Remscheid and      the opportunity to develop and           prepared and evaluated their
      Solingen at the invitation of the   form that culture for themsel-           involvement in regular semi-
      daily newspapers Remscheid’s        ves.                                     nars. The successful coopera-
      General-Anzeiger (General Ad-                                                tion climaxed in two workshop
      vertiser) and Solingen’s Tage-      In 2009 the association staged           festivals attended by more
      blatt (Daily News).                 a two-series run of Romeo                than 1500 participants.
      Mooted in 1985 by Dr. Wolf-         and Juliet and A Midsummer
      gang Pütz, publisher of the
      Remscheid General-Anzeiger,
      the joint program took concre-
      te form the following year with
      an opening lecture by food che-
      mist Prof. Dr. Ernst H. Reim-
      erdes (later of Meggle Dairy
      Products) asking “Can we still
      feed ourselves healthily?” Not
      to be outdone Solingen’s Ta-
      geblatt publisher Bernhard Boll
      launched a parallel series in his
      city in 1989.
      Since then more than 120 UW
      professors have lectured in
      Remscheid and almost as ma-
      ny in Solingen. In both towns
      the venue adds to the attrac-
      tion of the series: the historic
      Friary Church in Remscheid-
      Lennep, and Solingen’s state-
      of-the-art Business Start-Up
      and Technology Center. Both
      series have long since estab-
      lished themselves in the minds
      of the citizens, people who
      come whatever the topic and
      whoever the speaker – school
      and university students, practi-
      cing professionals and pensio-
      ners, specialists and laypeople.
      In 2001 Dr. Wolfgang Pütz and
      Bernhard Boll were elected ho-
      norary citizens of the Universi-
      ty of Wuppertal in recognition
      of their lasting commitment
      to the academic interface bet-
      ween the region’s citizens and
      their university.

      Michael Kroemer

      T: +49 (0)202 439-2221/ -2405
      E: presse@uni-wuppertal.de

      k www.termine.                      Shakespeare Live’s 2009 project: a new theater experience for more than 400
      uni-wuppertal.de                    students from Wuppertal, Solingen and Remscheid schools, and a chance to apply
                                          didactic concepts for some 40 UW students
      k www.solinger-tageblatt.de
      k www.rga-online.de
On September 28-29, 2010
Shakespeare Live! is organi-
zing a Bergisch Culture Festival
in which UW’s Department of
Music and School of Art will be
presenting interpretations of
the Dream.

For 2011, Shakespeare Live! is
launching a European project,
Hamlet Cube, with an Internet
platform MyShakespeare.eu,
in which five UW faculties cur-
rently plan to participate. The
project will stage Hamlet, the
                                   Theater director Rainer Haussmann brings stage culture to all generations:
most frequently played work        scenes from his 2009 schools production of Romeo and Juliet and A Midsum-
in the world, in a number of       mer Night’s Dream
different ways developed by
student teams from across
Europe, who are to meet four
times a year to develop their
views of the play in internatio-
nal symposia. The results will
tour Europe, playing in all the
project partner countries.

Mathias Pfeiffer
Rainer Haußmann

Shakespeare live! e. V.
Treppenstrasse 17
42115 Wuppertal

T: +49 (0)202 4796949
E: pfeiffer@shakespearelive.de

k www.shakespearelive.de

      The university ball

         let’s keep in touch                ting impact but lacked a fitting
                                            framework to reflect the sense
                                                                                ers of the alumni association
                                                                                decided. Success must be
                                            of community behind it. You         celebrated, and in 2004 they
         UW wants its students to
                                            stood, waiting confidently be-      organized the first UW Gradu-
         feel that they are in the right
                                            fore the door of the Examina-       ation Day in Wuppertal’s histo-
         place – from first semester to
                                            tions Office in the knowledge       ric Civic Hall. Initially confined
         graduation and on into a suc-
                                            that the reward of your work        to the Faculties of Economics,
         cessful career – and does all
                                            lay only steps away; for the last   Mathematics and Natural Sci-
         it can to create an appropriate
                                            time you opened a door you          ences, Electrical Engineering,
         and supportive environment
                                            had opened nervously enough         and Educational and Social Sci-
         throughout. The trend is not
                                            in recent weeks; and with a         ences, the celebration was so
         new. Already in 2004 the Fa-
                                            smile and a few words of con-       popular that it quickly develo-
         culty of Economics founded
                                            gratulation the Examinations        ped into the University Ball as
         an association for its former
                                            Officer handed you a sheet          we now know it: a full-dress,
         students, WTALumni, which
                                            of paper that ended your time       university-wide occasion for
         kept them in touch with each
                                            at university. That was it! No      graduates, families and friends
         other and with the university
                                            wonder a sense of anticlimax        alike. The Rector opens the
         after graduation. The idea was
                                            soon set in. After all, these       proceedings, the Deans of
         to establish an information and
                                            walls had been home and of-         Faculty hand over the degree
         communication network lin-
                                            fice, library and meeting place     certificates, a photographer
         king personal, professional and
                                            for several important years of      records the moment for future
         social interests. The question
                                            your life. So, when you finally     memory (or amusement), and
         was how to do it.
                                            packed your bags and set off to     the evening is then devoted
                                            start a new career, an element      to fast and furious celebration
         It was soon realized that the
                                            of unreleased nostalgia would       in which the whole university,
         final phase of life at UW, with
                                            often be there, however genui-      students, graduates and facul-
         its emotional ups and downs
                                            ne your happiness.                  ty join. The annual University
         – examinations, thesis, and fi-
                                                                                Ball has also become a fitting
         nally the award of the long ho-
                                            That can’t go on, the found-        occasion on which to thank our
         ped-for certificate – had a las-

many friends and benefactors
for their support and commit-

And if a ball conjures up ima-
ges of gentlemen in stiff col-
lars and formal manners, you
should come and see for your-

self. The UW Ball is a great par-
ty where the formality of bygo-
ne days has long given way to
a cool and stylish elegance,
with music for all tastes from
live bands to top-class jazz and
classic ballroom, and roulette
and poker tables for those who
dare to risk their luck (or skill)
for a good cause.

You can take your pick: on that
evening the sumptuous rooms
of the Civic Hall are home to
a party, a ball, a casino, or all
three together. And for many
it is an occasion to meet old
friends again and relive one’s
student years. Success must
after all be celebrated, lifelong.

Jutta Hilgenberg

UNISERVICE | Marketing
T: +49 (0)202 439-2819
E: uniball@uni-wuppertal.de

k www.uniball-wuppertal.de

                                                                            Joaquin Rodrigo’s ‘Concierto
                                                                            de Aranjuez’ for classical guitar
                                                                            inspired a truly unforgettable

                                                                            Nor is that all. University con-
                                                                            certs offer entertainment from
                                                                            salsa with Tumba’o in the mu-
                                                                            sic room to flamenco with
                                                                            Terra Nueva, from jazz in the
                                                                            university pub with Lühning to
                                                                            a Latin American xmas with
                                                                            Inkamerica, not to mention be-
                                         (St. Paul’s Church) became         witching Irish folk groups like
                                         a second major venue, and a        Cara in the Pauluskirche. The
                                         highpoint of the 1990s was a       concert series has many facets
                                         performance there by the Ro-       and is always good for a surpri-
                                         bert Jackson Singers, a gospel     se.
                                         choir that was, needless to
                                         say, sold out.                     Sponsored by the Society of
                                                                            Friends and Benefactors of the
                                         2001 was European Langua-          University of Wuppertal, the
                                         ges Year, and the concert se-      university concert series cele-
                                         ries brought the unique Lon-       brated its 25th anniversary in
                                         don Cantabile Quartet on a         2009. And the story continues
                                         first-ever visit to Wuppertal’s    with a new sub-series starting

      25 years of
                                                                            in 2010: ‘Legends’, launched by
                                                                            Gilla Cremer in the Rex Theater

                                                                            with a homage to Hildegard
                                                                            Knef, will include as a further

                                                                            highlight the celebrated Frank
                                                                            Sinatra show from Berlin.

      or why a
      pianist some-
                                                                            Uwe Blass

      times sits on
                                                                            UNISERVICE | Veranstaltungen
                                                                            T: +49 (0)202 439-2346

      the piano
                                                                            E: blass@uni-wuppertal.de
                                         Rex Theater, as well as pro-       k www.termine.
                                         viding the perfect setting for     uni-wuppertal.de
                                         such well-known artists as
      In 1984 UW Rector Prof. Dr.        Katja Ebstein, Judy Winter,
      Josef M. Häussling started         Helen Schneider, Romy Haag
      the UNIKONZERT (Universi-          or Olivia Molina. Dominique
      ty Concert) tradition. Initially   Horwitz’s Jaques Brel program
      focused predominantly on           earned a veritable storm of ap-
      classical music, concerts took     plause.
      place in the main lecture hall
      and music room of the uni-         Smaller, specialist performan-
      versity. Soloists, choirs and      ces – frequently with unusual
      quartets, jazz groups and chan-    musical perspectives – were
      sonniers brought programs of       also a regular feature of the
      unique composition and qua-        program. They included an
      lity. In 1997 the Pauluskirche     evening with Michael Gees,
                                         where the audience entered
                                         the darkened hall armed only
                                         with flashlights, to be gree-
                                         ted by the pianist lying on the
                                         Steinway in his pajamas. Or
                                         the Mongolian musician Epi,
                                         with the fascinating overtones
                                         (and undertones) of the Morin
                                         khuur – the so-called ‘horse-
                                         head’ violin. Or Cologne’s Klas-
                                         sik Ensemble, whose rende-
                                         ring of the famous adagio from

Loriot, black holes
and the banking

UniTal – a lecture
series with cult status

                                                            Prof. Dr. Johannes Busmann (Applied Design Studies / Me-
                                                            dia Design) lecturing on “Berlin’s Schloss and Wuppertal’s
                                                            Döppersberg – What Holds the Inner City Together?”

    Down from the hill into the         by Professor Dr. Johannes Kö-         ity to fill the City Church in all
    center of city life. Launched       bberling, Chairperson of the          weathers, even in competition
    four years ago by the Society       Society of Friends and Bene-          with a popular football match
    of Friends and Benefactors of       factors of the University.            or the like on prime-time TV.
    the University of Wuppertal in                                            As a force bringing university
    cooperation with the regional       Why UniTal? UW’s Society of           and city together, the series
    newspaper        Westdeutsche       Friends and Benefactors and           makes a significant contribu-
    Zeitung (WZ), the UniTal lec-       the regional newspaper share a        tion to Wuppertal’s growing
    ture series brings UW profes-       concern to strengthen the ties        self-awareness as a university
    sors from every discipline to a     between university and town.          city.
    wider public in Elberfeld’s City    Moreover, the lecture series
    Church. Complex, relevant and       answers an increasing public          Andreas Lukesch &
    exciting, the university’s wide-    interest in scholarship and sci-      Johannes Köbberling
    ranging research projects are       ence, demonstrated in its abil-
    presented in easily understood
    terms. From fine dust in the at-
    mosphere to the comedian Lo-
    riot, from Pisa school tests to
    Theodor Fontane, from black
    holes to the banking crisis,
    the talks have become a brand
    name – even something of a
    cult – for university, city and
    church alike.

    Financially supported by the                      Society of Friends and Benefactors of the
    two founding bodies, the se-                      University of Wuppertal
    ries regularly draws some                         c/o GÖRG Rechtsanwälte /
    150-200 citizens to a church                      Insolvenzverwalter GbR
    whose doors, under the admin-                     Frau Verena Heine
    istration of pastor Sylvia Engels                 Laurentiusstr. 21
    are open daily to the public.                     42103 Wuppertal
    Free of charge, the lectures                      Tel.: +49 (0)202 479329-112
    fit admirably into the church’s                   www.gfbu.uni-wuppertal.de
    events program. And, with the
    regional newspaper behind                         Westdeutsche Zeitung Wuppertal
    them, they receive good cover-                    Verlag W. Girardet KG  
    age. Andreas Lukesch, Deputy                      Otto-Hausmann-Ring 185
    Local Editor, is responsible for                  42115 Wuppertal
    detailed write-ups both before                    Tel.: +49 (0)202 717-0
    and after the lectures, which                     www.wz-newsline.de
    are introduced and moderated

      At_A_GLANCE   …yes, they can read!

                    Titled …yes, they can read!
                    an exhibition in the foyer of      50 Years of the 50s:
                    the University Library from
                    March to April 2010 presen-        In an exhibition and accompa-
                    ted a photographic portrait        nying lecture series, Jennifer
                    of men and boys of all ages        Abels, Dr. Christine Hummel
                    engaged in the activity of rea-    and Julia Meer, along with
                    ding. The exhibits displayed       other UW faculty and staff,
                    and commented on their sub-        took a close look at local and
                    jects’ favorite texts.             everyday cultural history of
                                                       the 1950s from a viewpoint
                                                       50 years on.

                                                       k www.50jahrefuenfziger.

                    ThoughtLeaps – the histo-
                    ry of university sports:
                    In a joint exhibition UW
                    Sports Sciences and the Uni-
                    versity Library hosted a trave-
                    ling exhibition of the German
                    Sports and Olympic Museum
                    commissioned by the State
                    of NRW Conference for Uni-
                    versity Sports. Attractive ex-
                    hibits invited the viewer on
                    a journey through 600 years
                    of university sports and gym-
                    nastics, illustrating historical
                    contexts, especially the de-
                    velopment of sports in NRW
                    universities, on colorful ban-

                                       of sport. Films in this category
                                       shown at the festival covered
                                       topics ranging from competiti-
                                       ve sport through sport for the
                                       disabled to trendy leisure-and-
                                       movement activities, and from
                                       image films for professional or-
                                       ganizations through documen-

                                       taries to filmic approaches to
                                       lifestyle and movement.

                                       But the festival also showed a
                                       selection of more general films
                                       made by the communications
                                       designers, among them an ar-
                                       tistic study of a relationship, an
                                       essayistic account of personal
                                       experiences, a documentary
                                       about conflict (in)capability,
                                       and a humorous study of me-
                                       mory gaps and shortfalls.

                                       “Films belong in the cinema”,
                                       says Bins. “The audience’s
                                       applause is the reward for
                                       good work, and making a film
                                       is harder work than it seems.
                                       As well as a good idea and the
                                       know-how to back it, you need
                                       organization, discipline and
                                       endurance. It’s like sports, in

                                       For further information on ‘Uni-
                                       cut 2009’ contact Anna Silvia
                                       Bins (Communications Design)
                                       or Torsten Kleine (Sports Sci-

Film festival
‘Unicut 2009’                          Anna Silvia Bins
                                       Torsten Kleine
special focus on                       Filmprojekt Unicut
sports films                           FB F + G: Design und Kunst +

                                       T: +49 (0)202 439-2007
                                       E: tkleine@uni-wuppertal.de
   On July 8, 2009 an audience
   of some 250 people at UW’s
   ‘Unicut’ film festival watched
   films made by students from
   the Department of Audio-Vi-
   sual Media and Film (School of
   Communications Design). This
   occasion, the fourth of its sort,
   also witnessed a UW premiere
   in the form of a sports-film pro-
   ject run jointly with UW Sports
   Sciences under the direction
   of Anna Silvia Bins and Torsten

   The project analyzed sports
   films from filmic as well as
   sociological angles and dis-
   cussed specific media images


      Dr. Christine Hummel, Head of UW’s
      Central Student Advisory and Counse-
      ling Service

Seeing your way ahead
student counseling at UW

                                                                                                          08_UW_FOR SCHOOLS
   Abitur – then what?                fessors and counselors provide    MEET US AT
   Before taking their Abitur (Ger-   school leavers with advice and
   man higher school-leaving          support in choosing an indivi-    Central Student Advisory
   certificate), upper school stu-    dually appropriate degree pro-    and Counseling Service
   dents can sample university        gram or profession.               Campus Grifflenberg
   air and try out what degree                                          Building B, Floor 05/06
   program would suit them best.      Late night stu-                   Gaußstraße 20
   In close cooperation with the      dent counseling                   42119 Wuppertal
   university’s seven faculties,      Every July all NRW’s Student
   UW’s Central Student Adviso-       Counseling Services – inclu-      Quick information
   ry and Counseling Service          ding the Wuppertal ZSB – are      Mon-Thur 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
   (ZSB) provides a wide range of     open one evening until 10 p.m.    Tues 9 a.m.–5 p.m.
   guidance and advice, and many      for information and consultati-   Fri 9 a.m.–2 p.m.
   departments offer events and       on with school leavers.
   practical experience opportuni-                                      Advice and guidance
   ties to help school leavers see    School service                    (no appointment necessary)
   their way ahead and make clear     We come direct to you in          Mon 1–4 p.m.
   and appropriate choices of sub-    school and inform you about       Tues 10 a.m.– 12 noon and
   ject and degree program.           UW’s range of subjects and        1–5 p.m.
                                      degree and study programs –       Wed 1–3 p.m.
   Information days for schools       or with a concentrated focus      Thur 10 a.m.– 12 noon and
   When late January comes, it’s      on a single program.              1–4 p.m.
   time for UW’s School Informa-                                        + first Tuesday in month (for
   tion Days, when teachers and       Twin-track degree sampling        working people) 5.30–8 p.m.
   professors, together with the      A week-long practical sampling
   Student Counseling Service,        of UW’s combined degree and
   show upper school students         professional training programs.   CALL US ON
   round the university and pre-                                        T: +49 (0)202 439-2595
   sent its many degree and study
   programs                           Individual guidance for school    Quick information
                                      leavers: our doors are open       Mon-Thur 10 a.m.–12 noon
   Course sampling                    Mon-Thur 9 a.m.–4 p.m., Fri 9     and 1–4 p.m.
   UW’s online course program         a.m.–2 p.m.                       Fri 10 a.m.–12 noon and 1–2
   Wusel lists all lectures and                                         p.m.
   seminars to which school stu-      For a comprehensive over-
   dents are admitted.                view of our offers for school     Advice and guidance
                                      students visit                    Mon & Wed 1–3 p.m.
   k www.wusel.uni-                                                     Fri 1–2 p.m.
   wuppertal.de                       k www.schule.uni-wupper-
   k Course program                   tal.de
   kCourse sampling                                                     FURTHER INFORMATION
   for school students                                                  AND CONTACT

   Choosing your university                                             E: zsb@uni-wuppertal.de
   degree program and profes-
   sion                                                                 k www.zsb.uni-wuppertal.de
   In our group decision training
   sessions experienced UW pro-

                                              Recycling garbage:                 Summer University:

                                              39 twelfth grade students          From June 22-26, 2009
                                              from Haspel Vocational-Tech-       UW opened its doors to the
                                              nical College were organized       twelfth Summer University,
                                              into classroom firms for a         which offered stimulating in-
                                              7-week Bergisch Schools            sights into a range of science
                                              Science and Technology Pro-        and engineering subjects to
                                              gram to develop a working          more than 200 upper school
                                              model for a computer-aided         students from across Germa-
                                              garbage sorting plant. In          ny. Numerous departments
                                              March 2009 the successful          and central organizational
                                              students were awarded a cer-       units were involved in the
                                              tificate by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd   presentation of over 70 diffe-
                                              Tibken, Dean of the Faculty        rent program items.
                                              of Electrical, Information and
                                              Media Engineering. The certi-
                                              ficate bore the signatures of
                                              NRW’s Minister of Innovati-
                                              on, Science, Research and
                                              Technology, Prof. Dr. Andreas
                                              Pinkwart, and the Mayors of        School cooperation:
                                              the Cities of Remscheid, So-
                                              lingen and Wuppertal.              In January 2009 UW signed a
                                                                                 cooperation agreement with
                                                                                 Wuppertal’s Haspel Vocatio-
                                                                                 nal-Technical College to fos-
                                                                                 ter school students’ interest
                                                                                 in studying engineering at the

      A university for schools:               Exciting Easter vacation
      To help school-leavers decide
      what to study at university, a          Professors and lecturers from      Exchange of information
      new clearly styled website,             UW’s Faculty of Mathema-           with school principals:
      www.schule.uni-wuppertal.               tics and Natural Sciences pre-
      de, informs school students,            sented a classroom and labo-       In winter 2009-2010 UW
      parents and teachers about              ratory afternoon for 8 year-old    Rector Prof. Dr. Lambert T.
      UW’s range of offers for                and upward children and their      Koch invited the principals
      schools. These include sam-             parents. Some 150 partici-         of Remscheid, Solingen and
      ple days at the university,             pants were introduced to fas-      Wuppertal high schools, com-
      when upper school students              cinating aspects of physics,       prehensive schools and voca-
      can attend lectures and se-             mathematics and informatics        tional-technical colleges to a
      minars and participate in sci-          and witnessed some impres-         series of discussions and mu-
      entific experiments, as well            sive chemical experiments.         tual exchanges of information.
      as visits by UW professors to                                              The meetings in the Universi-
      schools for special lectures                                               ty Guest House focused on
      and events.                                                                closer cooperation between
                                                                                 the university and the secon-
                                                                                 dary schools of the region.
                                                                                 A concrete issue was how to
                                                                                 prepare for the double entry of
                                                                                 school-leavers to university in
                                                                                 2013, when NRW school clas-
                                                                                 ses 12 and 13 will take the uni-
                                                                                 versity entrance examination

Futuristic projects, valuable advice and useful information at Cologne’s EINSTIEG Abi Education Fair

        Futuristic projects, Wuppertal                                                        ted some 14,000 school lea-
                                                                                              vers from all secondary school
        information and      school leavers at                                                forms to the RuhrCongress
                             Cologne fair                                                     Center to learn about professi-
        advice at EIN-                                                                        onal training and higher educa-
                                                                                              tion openings and career pros-
        STIEG Abi educa- To support them insubject, UW
                             of university and
                                               their choice
        tion fair            took some 40 upper school
                             students to the Cologne EIN-                                     In October 2009 UW took part
                                                   STIEG Abi fair – winners of                along with some 130 compa-
        UW put on a new face for                                                              nies, chambers of industry and
        Cologne’s EINSTIEG Abi high                a postcard competition run
                                                   by the university at the city’s            other institutions in Solingen’s
        school leavers’ fair in March                                                         career and professions fair
        2010. Alongside topics con-                high schools, comprehensive
                                                   schools, and vocational-techni-            FORUM:BERUF. Some 3500
        cerned with nature, the envi-                                                         school leavers attended the
        ronment and technology, an                 cal colleges.
                                                                                              fair in the city’s concert hall
        ‘action corner’ featuring UW’s
        innovative active safety car               Other education &                          and theater.
        attracted lively interest. The
        vehicle, equipped with an intel-
                                                   training fairs                             Bonn’s University Fair in Janu-
                                                                                              ary 2010 featured a UW infor-
        ligent driver assistance system            UW’s wide subject spectrum                 mation stand.
        for accident avoidance, was                was presented for the third
        presented by UW engineers at               time at Berlin’s EINSTIEG Abi              For information and dates
        Germany’s biggest education                fair in September 2009, which              about our education fair activi-
        and training fair (see also UW             was attended by 22,000 pros-               ties visit the UW events calen-
        Regional page ……)                          pective university students and            dar at
                                                   their families.
        More than 70 UW staff mem-                                                            k www.termine.
        bers were available during the             A second date in September                 uni-wuppertal.de
        fair to answer school leavers’             2009 was Bochum’s two-day
        questions and advise on choice             education fair WAS GEHT?
        of degree and study programs.              (What’s going?), which attrac-

                                                         SCHOOL LAB

                                                         Fascinated by                       kwww.schulpool.uni-
                                                         particle physics                    wuppertal.de
                                                         – school pupils
                                                         as researchers                      Chemistry for
                                                         More than 6000 schoolchild-         schools – UW’s
                                                         ren worldwide attended their
                                                         local university from mid Feb-
                                                         ruary to early March 2010 and       UW chemists have also set up
                                                         spent a day as researchers in       special experiments for school
                                                         the sixth hands-on particle         classes, e.g. on photochemical
                                                         physics masterclasses of the        processes or electrochemistry
                                                         International School Students       – ideal for upper school sci-
                                                         in Research project. 48 young       ence courses.
                                                         scholars from the three cities
                                                         of Remscheid, Solingen and          k www.chemiedidaktik.uni-
                                                         Wuppertal were invited by UW        wuppertal.de
                                                         particle physicists on February
                                                         17, 2010 to analyze data from
                                                         collisions recorded at CERN’s
                                                         particle accelerator in Geneva,     Schülerlabor
                                                         the largest in the world. In line   Astronomie am
                                                         with good practice they com-
                                                         pared their results in a video      Carl-Fuhlrott-
Understanding how the world works: School Lab provides
fascinating science experiments                          conference with school groups
                                                         from Italy and Slovakia.            Wuppertal
                                                         kwww.masterclass.                   Das Schülerlabor Astronomie
                                                         uni-wuppertal.de                    vermittelt Schüler/innen die
                                                                                             Faszination, die Erkenntnisse
                                                                                             und die Methoden der Astro-
                                                         Exciting ex-                        nomie und Astrophysik. An
                                                         periments for                       sechs Teleskopen können sie
                                                                                             unseren Sternenhimmel entde-
                                                         schools – School-                   cken und erforschen.
                                                         POOL physics                        kwww.schulpool.uni-
                                                         UW has set up a central pool        wuppertal.de
                                                         of particularly interesting phy-
                                                         sics experiments for schools.
                                                         The experiments are ready to
                                                         use and can be transported to
                                                         regional schools on request.
                                                         Teachers should book their
                                                         experiment via Internet a few
                                                         days in advance. Some 25
                                                         schools are currently using the

                                                                                                                08_UW_FOR SCHOOLS
BeST for UW!
  “Higher school-leaving exam,       2009. Launched by BeST, the         through Innovation’. BeST is
  and then study something –         centers introduce girls in par-     an initiative of the University of
  but what and where?” Many          ticular (but not exclusively) to    Wuppertal.
  school leavers are in the dark.    the topics of robotics and pro-
  The Bergisch Schools Sci-          gramming.                           Dr.-Ing. Peter Wiebe
  ence and Technology Program
  (BeST) offers them, from gra-      Roberta courses appeal to the       Bergisch Schools Science and
  de 9 upward, the chance to         playful dimension of robots to      Technology Program (BeST)
  experience the fascination of      convey the fascination of sci-      Rainer-Gruenter-Str. 21
  science and technology in a        ence, technology and informa-       42119 Wuppertal
  university setting.                tics in an exciting and practical
                                     way to school students from         T: +49 (0)202 439-1826
  A BeST certificate course on       the age of 10 upward.               E: info@nrw-best.de
  biological signals, for examp-
  le, approaches the problems        And BeST of all! You not only       BeST is free of charge for
  of measuring bio-electric si-      get to know what you really         school students. For further
  gnals and their application to     want to study, you also earn a      information and registration
  the human-machine interface.       valuable certificate for your fu-   visit
  Hands-on teaching involves         ture UW application folder.
  each student in constructing                                           kwww.nrw-best.de
  his or her own ECG device for
  measuring pulse rates.
                                     Bergisch Schools
                                     Science and Tech-
  Another cross-departmental         nology Program
  activity of BeST is the Bergisch
  Science Labs, where school         awarded 2010
  students can attend experi-        Seal of Quality
  mental courses demonstrating
  interdisciplinary relations in     At a ceremony attended by
  UW’s biology, chemistry, phy-      some 500 representatives of
  sics and electrical engineering    education, science and indust-
  laboratories.                      ry NRW Secretary of State Dr.
                                     Michael Stückradt awarded the
  Roberta Center                     Bergisch Schools Science and
                                     Technology Program (BeST)
  opens at UW                        the 2010 Seal of Quality in the
                                     name of all successful centers
  The first of 20 Roberta Centers    of the NRW project ‘Future
  opened at UW in September


                                                Frances Fox Piven,                In winter semester 2009-
                                                Professor of Sociology and        2010     UW’s     Department
                                                Politics at the City Universi-    of Theoretical Chemistry
                                                ty of New York and a well-        hosted ten exchange stu-
                                                known critic of poverty in the    dents from Ochanomizu
                                                USA, held a lecture in June       Women’s University in To-
                                                2009 on “Poverty Politics in      kyo. On the initiative of Prof.
                                                Times of Crisis: the Transfor-    Per Jensen PhD., the Japane-
                                                mation of the Social State and    se students took courses in
                                                Counter-Perspectives of So-       chemistry, physics and com-
                                                cial Movements in the USA”.       puter simulation in science.
                                                                                  The visit, financed by the
                                                                                  Japan Society for the Promo-
                                                                                  tion of Science, was part of
                                                                                  a 5-year internationalization
                                                                                  program at Ochanomizu Uni-

                                                Prof. Dr. Adel Mahran
                                                of Helwan University, Cairo,
                                                stayed at UW for four weeks
                                                in spring 2010. Together with
                                                UW technology educationa-         Druck und Medien Award
                                                list Prof. Dr. Ralph Dreher he    2009
                                                worked on a concept for the       In der Kategorie „Student
                                                binational training of vocatio-   des Jahres“ gewann Timo
      Prof. Dr. Peter Grünberg
                                                nal-technical school teachers     Raabe (29), Masterstudent
      of the Jülich Research Cen-
                                                adapted to Egyptian condi-        der Druck- und Medientech-
      ter, 2007 Nobel Physics Prize
                                                tions. The two professors in-     nologie an der Bergischen
      laureate, held a specialist lec-
                                                tend to continue their coope-     Universität.
      ture at the UW physics collo-
                                                ration in the implementation
      quium in January 2009.
                                                of the training plan.

                                                                                  Preis des VDI
                                                                                  Jan Stötzel wurde vom Verein
                                                                                  Deutscher Ingenieure für die
                                                                                  „beste Diplomarbeit Physik“
      Dr. Shailendra Vyakarnam,                 Some 400 specialists
      Director of the Centre for                attended a double event in
      Entrepreneurial      Learning             March 209 at UW’s Center
      (CfEL) at the University of               for Traffic and Transportation.
      Cambridge’s Judge Business                Meeting in Wuppertal’s histo-
                                                                                  DA M - A r c h i t e k t u r b u c h -
      School spoke at UW in early               ric Civic Hall, they discussed
                                                                                  preis 2009
      February 2009 to an audience              transportation networks and
                                                                                  Das von der Wuppertaler
      of professors, students and               planning. The conference
                                                                                  Kunsthistorikerin Prof. Dr.
      business managers on the si-              was organized and led by
                                                                                  Gerda Breuer herausgegebe-
      gnificance of social capital in           Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gerlach
                                                                                  ne Buch „Hans Schwippert.
      entrepreneurship.                         of the School of Civil Enginee-
                                                                                  Bonner Bundeshaus 1949“
                                                ring (Faculty of Architecture,
                                                                                  ist vom Deutschen Architek-
                                                Civil Engineering, Mechanical
                                                                                  turmuseum mit dem DAM-
                                                Engineering and Safety Engi-
                                                                                  Architekturbuchpreis           2009
                                                                                  ausgezeichnet worden.

      Gutenberg-Preis 2009
      Der Kommunikationsdesigner
      Prof. Uwe Loesch erhielt den
      Gutenberg-Preis 2009 der                  BraunPreis 2009
      Stadt Leipzig. Loesch war bis             Industrial Designerin Johanna
      zum Eintritt in den Ruhestand             Schoemaker, Absolventin der
      2008 Professor im Studien-                Bergischen Universität, ist
      gang Kommunikationsdesign                 Gewinnerin des mit 12.000
      der Bergischen Universität.               Euro dotierten BraunPreises

von Buchka –
a tribute
                                     Hans-Joachim von Buchka, Chancellor of the University of Wuppertal 2001-2009

  As Chancellor (head of admi-       in Dortmund. In that role H. J.           1988 and in 2001 to that of the
  nistration) of the University of   (Jochen) von Buchka taught                University of Wuppertal.
  Wuppertal, Hans-Joachim von        me how to correctly compo-
  Buchka was at the helm of UW       se a minute and guided me                 In the first of these positions
  affairs for eight years before     through the procedural niceties           he was for many years spokes-
  taking his well-earned retire-     of representation and decision            person of the NRW University
  ment in fall 2009. The univer-     making and the complex lo-                of Applied Science Chancellors
  sity takes the opportunity here    gical and logistical apparatus            Group, and his later work for
  to thank him once again for        of well-ordered administrative            the NRW University Chancel-
  his personal commitment and        communication.                            lors Group was equally invalu-
  for the many achievements of                                                 able.
  his chancellorship, and to wish    The mood was one of change
  him a long and enjoyable reti-     and new beginnings. The                   He sat on various working
  rement.                            young North Rhine-Westphali-              groups of university chancel-
                                     an universities of the 60s and            lors at both state and national
  The chapter UW PEOPLE              70s were still expanding and              level, especially in the field of
  would not be complete wit-         extending, albeit more slowly,            data processing. Special men-
  hout a few words of personal       and the old Colleges of Educa-            tion must be made here of his
  recognition, and who could be      tion had been integrated with             energetic commitment as a
  more suited to express these       them – the biggest of all with            member of the board of trus-
  than von Buchka’s longstan-        the University of Dortmund. It            tees of University Information
  ding colleague Gerhard Möller,     was a time to remember, when              Systems, and of the advisory
  Chancellor of the University of    budget negotiations would in-             board of the ICT Coordination
  Bochum and spokesperson of         clude items on new positions              Unit, as well as in NRW’s inter-
  the North Rhine-Westphalian        and increased funding alloca-             university steering committee
  University Chancellors Group:      tions – a far cry from the years          on continuing education, and
                                     of cutback and blocked ap-                in the German university chan-
  Hans-Joachim von Buchka            pointments that were to follow.           cellors’ working group on data
  has been a highly esteemed         H. J. von Buchka contributed              processing, which he most re-
  colleague of mine in various       greatly to the improvement of             cently headed.
  functions for more than 30 ye-     cooperation, communication
  ars – whether as head of de-       and coordination between uni-             Hans-Joachim von Buchka
  partment in the administration     versity administrative depart-            has earned the high esteem
  of the University (at that time    ments – aspects that could not            of his colleagues not only for
  not yet formally the ‘Technical    be taken for granted in classical         his knowledge and wealth of
  University’) of Dortmund, or la-   administrations. His calm, wi-            experience, and for his invaria-
  ter as Chancellor of Dortmund      se, reflective manner was ex-             bly level-headed and objective
  Fachhochschule       (University   emplary, and utterly free from            approach to the tasks of uni-
  of Applied Science), and most      vanity.                                   versity administration, but also
  recently as Chancellor of the                                                for his openness and loyalty
  University of Wuppertal.           The professionalism gained in             toward his colleagues and his
                                     more than ten years and a num-            overriding commitment to the
  He was my immediate superi-        ber of different positions and            good of the university.
  or when I began my career in       areas of university administrati-
  university administration a ye-    on gained him his appointment
  ar after he had himself started    to the Chancellorship of the              Gerhard Möller
  in the University Legal Office     Fachhochschule Dortmund in

      In Wuppertal’s Historic Civic Hall (l. to r.): Prof. Dr. Lambert T. Koch (UW Rector), Dr.-Ing. h.c. Ran-
      ga Yogeshwar, Peter Jung (Mayor of Wuppertal), Prof. Dr. Peter Grünberg (Nobel laureate), Prof.
      Dr. Joachim Treusch (President of the University of Bremen), Monika Piel (Director West German
      Broadcasting) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Tibken (Dean of the Faculty of Electrical, Information and
      Media Engineering)

      Honorary doctorate for
      Ranga Yogeshwar

                    Ranga Yogeshwar, physicist,                    gram ‘Knowledge before 8’,
                    science journalist and program                 where he explains everyday
                    presenter on WDR West Ger-                     phenomena in 145 seconds,
                    man TV has received an ho-                     have made Ranga Yogeshwar
                    norary doctorate (Dr.-Ing. h.c.)               one of the best known perso-
                    from UW’s Faculty of Electri-                  nalities on German television
                    cal, Information and Media En-                 at both regional and national
                    gineering.                                     level. He has presented more
                                                                   than 1000 TV broadcasts and
                    The award pays tribute to                      numerous radio programs.
                    Yogeshwar’s          outstanding               He writes (or co-writes) four
                    achievement in the communi-                    columns as well as specialist
                    cation of scientific and techno-               articles, and has edited a num-
                    logical issues to a wider public,              ber of books. In addition, he
                    and in thus stimulating interest               is active in a range of national
                    especially in young people in                  and international projects and
                    studying science and enginee-                  serves in an advisory capacity
                    ring at university.                            on scientific and science policy
                    Referees in the award proce-
                    dure were physics Nobel lau-
                    reate Prof. Dr. Peter Grünberg,
                    and Prof. Dr. Joachim Treusch,
                    Chairperson of the German
                    Physical Society.

                    The popular WDR science pro-
                    gram ‘Quarks & Co’, and the
                    ARD (German Channel 1) pro-

Preise & Ehrungen

Academic honors

Böhnke, Univ.-Prof., Dr. theol., . was awarded the Shield of
   Honor of the German Athletics Association.
Diehr, Bärbel, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., was elected to the Klett
Hundeloh, Heinz, Dr. h.c., was awarded an honorary doctorate
   by the Faculty of Educational and Social Sciences (Sports
Koppmann, Ralf, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., was appointed
   an external member of Jülich Research Center’s Scientific
   Advisory Board.
Yogeshwar, Ranga, Dipl.-Phys., Dr.-Ing. E.h., was awarded an
   honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Electrical, Information
   and Media Engineering,
Vieweger, Dieter, Prof. Dr. theol. habil. Dr. phil., Dr. h.c., was
   awarded an honorary doctorate by the Faculty of Humanities

Barmenia Mathematics Prize

Wagner, Martin, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
   (First prize)
Krämer, Lukas, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
   (First prize)
Pawlaschyk, Thomas, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural
   Sciences (Third prize)
Keune, Jens, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
   (Third prize)
Pleuger, Leona, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
   (Young Scholar‘s prize)
La Torre, Mario, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
   (Young Scholar‘s prize)

      Society of Friends and Benefactors of the University of Wuppertal Awards 2009 (l. to r.): (seated) Eva Gregová, Jan-Moritz
      Koenen, Dr. Ralf Schiewek, Paul Czarnecki; (standing) Thi-Min-Thuy Vu, Julian Hanebeck, Daniel Dolfen, Prof. Dr. med. Johannes
      Köbberling (Chairperson UW Society of Friends and Benefactors), Dipl. -Ing. Rüdiger Theis, Dr. Dietrich Fudickar, Prof. Dr. Micha-
      el Scheffel (Pro-Rector for Research, External Funding and Advanced Scientific Training), Prof. Dr. Lambert T. Koch (UW Rector),
      and Dr. Asuka Suehisa

                                                             Prizes of the Society of Friends and Benefactors
                                                             of the University of Wuppertal 2009

                                                             Doctoral Thesis Prize

                                                             Peters, Yvonne, Dr., Measurements and searches with top
                                                             Suehisa, Asuka, Dr., The mood of Japan. A cultural comparison
                                                                  with Europe based on Heidegger’s phenomenology of mood.
                                                             Schiewek, Ralf, Dr., Development of a multi-purpose ion source
                                                                  for AP-MS and design and application of APLI ionization

                                                             Diploma Prize

                                                             Dolfen, Daniel, New six-fold substituted naphthalene monomers
                                                                  for synthesizing soluble poly-peri-naphthalenes.

                                                             Master’s Thesis Prize

                                                             Hanebeck, Julian, ‘Impossible Narration’: Metalepsis and the
                                                                  Hermeneutical Experience in Tristram Shandy.
                                                             Vu, Thi-Minh-Thuy, Spoken utterance: from ontology to ethics.
                                                                  Phenomenology, philosophy of language and ethics in the
                                                                  late work of Emmanuel Levinas.

Serendipity Prize

Koenen, Jan-Moritz, Experiments on oxidative ring closure
   reactions in starlike oligothiophenes.

Fudickar Prize

Czarnecki, Paul, The employees’ voice in European joint stock
   companies from the German perspective.

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Gregova, Eva, Memory and narrative. The literary depiction of
   dynamic identity in Saša Stanišić’s How the Soldier Repairs
   the Gramophone.

Other honors

Prof. Oliver Grabes, was appointed Chief Designer at Braun as
   from September 1, 2009. UW’s School of Industrial Design
   retains Prof. Grabes as a temporary professor despite his
   move to Kronberg (near Frankfurt).

Markus Sonntag, , a final year student in UW’s Department
   of Communications Design was awarded a Certificate of
   Typographic Excellence by the New York Type Directors Club
   for his diploma thesis on “Communication Concepts for
   Chewing-Gum Strategy” In addition, he received a monetary
   award for his book documenting chewing gum pollution on
   the streets.

Fabian Junge, a final year student of printing and media tech-
   nology was awarded the Young Scientist prize of the Printing
   and Paper Technology Foundation (German Machinery and
   Plant Manufacturing Association).

Holger Spahn was singled out by the American Geophysical
   Union for the publication of a ‘journal highlight’ paper on the
   formation of secondary organic aerosols.

      Jens Oberheide Oberheide, Jens, was singled out by the
         American Geophysical Union for the publication of a ‘journal
         highlight’ paper on the evaluation of satellite results on the
         temperature of the upper atmosphere – a joint project of the
         University of Colorado (USA) and the French Centre National
         d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES)

      Persönliche Auszeichnungen

      Prof. Per Jensen hat die tschechisch-slowakische „Ioannes
         Marcus Marci Medaille“ erhalten.

      Prof. Siegfried Maser, Rektor der Bergischen Universität von
         1987-1991, ist mit dem „Orden des Lächelns“ (Polen) ausge-
         zeichnet worden.

      Prof. Gerrit Walther ist zum Mitglied der Historischen Kommis-
         sion der Bayerischen Akademie der Wissenschaften berufen

      Prof. Frank R. Werner, Architekturhistoriker an der Bergischen
         Universität, ist zum neuen Mitglied der Akademie der Wis-
         senschaften und der Künste Nordrhein-Westfalen berufen

      Berufungen zu ehrenvollen Aufgaben in der
      Scientific Community

      Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Kampert, was elected Chairperson of the
         Scientific Advisory Board of the GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy
         Ion Research in Darmstadt, and thereby automatically became a
         member of the Supervisory Board of the Helmholtz Center.

Prof. Dr. Ralf Koppmann, has been appointed an external mem-
   ber of Jülich Research Center’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Prof. Peter Mättig wurde als Sprecher der deutschen Elemen-
   tarteilchenphysiker (KET) am Cern bestätigt.

Prof. Christian Zeitnitz wurde wissenschaftlicher Manager der
   Helmholtz-Allianz „Physik an der Teraskala“

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Freiwald a sports and movement specialist
   at UW’s School of Sports Sciences, has been elected to the
   Honorary Advisory Board of the German Orthopedic Sports
   Trauma Association. Prof. Freiwald’s publication on “Perfor-
   mance and Function Diagnosis in Top Soccer” was singled
   out by the association AGM as 2008’s paper of highest public
   interest in the area of sports orthopedics and trauma.

Prof. Michael Petz wurde zum Mitglied der Kommission für
   pharmakoligisch wirksame Stoffe und Tierarzneimittel beim
   BfR berufen.

Auszeichnung von Forschungsvorhaben

Forschungsvorhaben von Prof. Zoltan Fodor (Physik) als „John
   von Neumann Exzellenz-Projekt 2009“ ausgezeichnet.

Auszeichnung der Arbeitsgruppe Atmosphärenphysik durch
   die American Geophysical Union.


      New professors
      Casale, Rita, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., General Educational
         Science / Theory of Education, Faculty of Educational and
         Social Sciences
      Crasselt, Nils, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. oec., Business Economics
         / Controlling, Faculty of Economics – Schumpeter School
         of Business and Economics
      Dreher, Ralph, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., Technological Education,
         Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical
         Engineering and Safety Engineering
      Endreß, Martin, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., General Sociology and
         Social Theory, Faculty of Educational and Social Sciences
      Freund, Stefan, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., Classical Philology /
         Latin, Faculty of Humanities
      Gust, Peter, Univ.-Prof., Dr.-Ing., Construction and Enginee-
         ring Design, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering,
         Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering
      Hilberg, Thomas, Univ.-Prof., Dr. med., Dr. phil., Sports
         Medicine, Faculty of Educational and Social Sciences
      Jung, Ulrich, Univ.-Prof., Dr.-Ing., Printing Processes, Facul-
         ty of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering
      Lohaus, Gertrud, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Molecular Plant
         Research / Plant Biochemistry, Faculty of Mathematics
         and Natural Sciences
      Rathert, Monika, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., German Studies /
         Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities
      Röbken, Heinke, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. pol., Educational Or-
         ganization and Management, Faculty of Educational and
         Social Sciences
      Schmitz, Oliver, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Analytical Che-
         mistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
      Schulze, Ralf, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., Methodology and
         Diagnostic Psychology, Faculty of Educational and Social

Tutsch, Dietmar, Univ.-Prof., Dr.-Ing., Automation / Informatics,
   Faculty of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering
Volk, Claus Michael, Univ.-Prof., Ph.D.,Experimental Physics
   / Global Atmospheric Research, Faculty of Mathematics
   and Natural Sciences

Wolf, Kai-Dietrich, Univ.-Prof., Dr.-Ing., Experimental Phy-
   sics / Global Atmospheric Research, Faculty of Mathema-
   tics and Natural Sciences

New extraordinary professors
Fischedick, Manfred, apl. Prof., Dr.-Ing., Faculty of Econo-
   mics – Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
Grothe, Ewald, apl. Prof., Dr. phil., History, Faculty of Huma-
Pieper, Ralf, apl. Prof., Dr. rer. pol., Safety Engineering,
   Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical
   Engineering and Safety Engineering

New honorary professors
Decker, Andreas, Hon.-Prof., Dipl.-Ing., Architecture, Faculty
  of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  and Safety Engineering
Reutter, Oscar, Hon.-Prof., Dr.-Ing., Civil Engineering, Faculty
  of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  and Safety Engineering

New junior professors
Wagner, Wolfgang, Jun.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Experimental
   Particle Physics / High Energy Accelerators, Faculty of
   Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Bolten, Matthias, Jun.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Applied Mathe-
   matics / Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural
Krajewski, Jarek, Jun.-Prof., Dr. phil., Methods of Business
   Psychology, Faculty of Economics – Schumpeter School of
   Business and Economics

New visiting professors and lecturers
Rossiter, John R., Prof., Dr., Business Economics / Mar-
   keting, Faculty of Economics – Schumpeter School of
   Business and Economics
Takahashi, Minoru, Prof., Dr., Physics, Faculty of Mathema-
   tics and Natural Sciences

      Temporary professors
      Bode, Ingo, PD Dr. sc. pol., Sociology / Sociology of Organizati-
         on and Work, Faculty of Educational and Social Sciences
      Bonsen, Martin, PD Dr. phil., Empirical Educational Re-
         search, Faculty of Educational and Social Sciences
      Brachmann, Jens, PD Dr. phil., General Educational Science
         / Theory of Education, Faculty of Educational and Social
      Crasselt, Nils, Dr. rer. oec., Business Economics / Cont-
         rolling, Faculty of Economics – Schumpeter School of
         Business and Economics
      Folz, Hans-Peter, PD Dr. jur., Public Law, Faculty of Econo-
         mics – Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
      Grothues, Silke, Dr. phil., German Medieval Studies in a
         European Context, Faculty of Humanities
      Hartung, Gerald, PD Dr. phil., Philosophy, Faculty of Huma-
      Häusler, Axel, Dipl.-Ing., Urban Planning, Faculty of Architec-
         ture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Safety
      Hotze, Gerhard, PD Dr. theol., Catholic Theology / Biblical
         Theology, Faculty of Humanities
      Kocher, Ursula, Prof. Dr. phil.,General and Comparative
         Literature / German Studies / Medieval Studies, Faculty of
      Konermann-Dall, Georg, Dipl.-Ing., Building Conservation,
         Maintenance and Renovation, Faculty of Architecture, Civil
         Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering
      Kuster, Friederike, PD Dr. phil., Philosophy / Practical Philo-
         sophy, Faculty of Humanities
      Larranaga, Maria Pilar, Dr. phil., Romance Studies / Spanish
         and French / Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities
      Leeser, Jörg, Dipl.-Ing., Building Conservation, Maintenance
         and Renovation, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering,
         Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering
      Lengning, Anke, Prof. Dr. phil., Developmental Psychology,
         Faculty of Educational and Social Sciences
      Manns, Martina, PD Dr. rer. nat., General and Biological Psy-
         chology, Faculty of Educational and Social Sciences
      Meinunger, Andre, PD Dr. phil., German Studies / Linguis-
         tics, Faculty of Humanities
      Meyer, Michael, Dr. päd., Didactics of Mathematics, Faculty
         of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
      Molzberger, Gabriele, Dr. phil., Educational Science / Oc-
         cupational Education, Faculty of Educational and Social
      Neumaier, Maria, Dr. rer. oec., Business Economics / Trade,
         Service Management and Electronic Markets, Faculty of
         Economics – Schumpeter School of Business and Econo-
      Öhl, Peter, Dr. phil., German Studies / Linguistics, Faculty of

Pabst, Heinz-Joachim, PD Dr. jur., Public Law / European
   and International Law, Faculty of Economics – Schumpeter
   School of Business and Economics
Rollett, Wolfram, Dr. phil., Empirical Educational Research,

   Faculty of Educational and Social Sciences
Schulze, Ralf, PD Dr. phil., Methodology and Diagnostic Psy-
   chology, Faculty of Educational and Social Sciences
Soter, Stefan, Dr.-Ing., Electrical Machines and Drives, Facul-
   ty of Electrical, Information and Media Engineering
Strasen, Sven, PD Dr. phil., English and American Studies /
   Literary Studies, Faculty of Humanities
Temme, Dirk, PD Dr. rer. pol., Business Economics / Trade,
   Service Management and Electronic Markets, Faculty of
   Economics – Schumpeter School of Business and Econo-
Trawny, Peter, PD Dr. phil., Esthetics / Cultural Philosophy,
   Faculty of Humanities
Uzik, Martin, Dr. rer. oec., Business Economics / Corporate
   Finance and Banks, Faculty of Economics – Schumpeter
   School of Business and Economics
van Ophuysen, Stefanie, Dr. phil., Educational Diagnostics,
   Faculty of Educational and Social Sciences
Volkmann, Christine, Prof. Dr. rer. pol., Economics / Busi-
   ness Start-Ups and Economic Development, Faculty of
   Economics – Schumpeter School of Business and Econo-
Wengeler, Martin, apl. Prof. Dr. phil., German Studies /
   Didactics of German Language and Literature, Faculty of

Berufungen und Rufe an andere Hochschulen
Böhm-Kasper, Jun.-Prof., Fachbereich Bildungs- und Sozial-
   wissenschaften, Ernennung zum Universitätsprofessor an
   der Universität Bielefeld
Endreß, Martin, Univ.-Prof., Fachbereich Bildungs- und
   Sozialwissenschaften, Ruf erhalten an die Universität Trier,
   Ernennung zum Universitätsprofessor an der Universität
   Trier zum 01.04.2010
Grabes, Oliver, Univ.-Prof., Fachbereich Design, Kunst, Ruf
   nach Bleibeverhandlung in die Industrie abgelehnt
Hennigfeld, Ursula, Akad. Rätin a. Z., Fachbereich Geistes-
   und Kulturwissenschaften, Ernennung zur Juniorprofesso-
   rin an die Universität Freiburg
Kennel, Ralph, Univ.-Prof., Dr.-Ing., Fachbereich Elektrotech-
   nik, Informationstechnik, Medientechnik, Ruf erhalten an
   die TU München, Ernennung zum Universitätsprofessor an
   der TU München am 01.10.2008
Lippert, Thomas, Univ.-Prof., Fachbereich Mathematik und
   Naturwissenschaften, Ruf nach Bleibeverhandlung an die
   RWTH Aachen abgelehnt
Reineke, Markus, Univ.-Prof., Fachbereich Mathematik und
   Naturwissenschaften, Ruf nach Bleibeverhandlung an die

         Universität Bielefeld abgelehnt
      Söding, Thomas, Univ.-Prof., Dr. theol., Fachbereich Geis-
         tes- und Kulturwissenschaften, Ruf erhalten an die Univer-
         sität Bochum, Ernennung zum Universitätsprofessor an
         der Universität Bochum am 01.10.2008
      Steinle, Friedrich, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Fachbereich
         Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften, Ruf erhalten an die TU
         Berlin, Ernennung zum Universitätsprofessor an der TU
         Berlin am 01.10.2009
      Tophinke, Doris, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., Fachbereich Geistes-
         und Kulturwissenschaften, Ruf erhalten an die Universität
         Paderborn, Ernennung zum Universitätsprofessor an der
         Universität Paderborn am 01.10.2008

      Emeriti, retired, and left
      Blankenagel, Jürgen, apl. Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Senior Lecturer,
         Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
      Böhle, Martin, Univ.-Prof., Dr.-Ing., Faculty of Architecture,
         Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Safety
      Boucsein, Wolfram, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Faculty of Edu-
         cational and Social Sciences
      Brings, Viktor, Faculty of Art and Design
      Engemann, Jürgen, Univ.-Prof., Dr.-Ing., Faculty of Electri-
         cal, Information and Media Engineering
      Gebhardt-Benischke, Margot, Dr. jur., Senior Lecturer, Fa-
         culty of Economics – Schumpeter
      School of Business and Economics
      Hansen, Volkert, Univ.-Prof., Dr.-Ing., Faculty of Electrical,
         Information and Media Engineering,
      Hennigfeld, Ursula, Dr. phil., Temporary Senior Lecturer,
         Faculty of Humanities
      Höhle, Ulrich, Akad. Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Mathematics
         and Natural Sciences
      Imhof, Rüdiger, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., Faculty of Humanities
      Katz, Sandor, Akad. Rat a. Z., Ph.D., Temporary Senior Lec-
         turer, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
      Böhm-Kasper, Oliver, Juniorprofessor, Dr. phil., Faculty of
         Educational and Social Sciences
      Laubenheimer, Mathias, Senior Librarian, University Library
      Maack, Annegret, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., Faculty of Humani-
      Mendel, Manfred, Akad. Oberrat, Dr. rer. nat., Senior Lectu-
         rer, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
      Michel, Reinhard, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Faculty of Mathe-
         matics and Natural Sciences
      Nelles, Michael, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. pol., Faculty of Econo-
         mics – Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
      Nießen, Hans Joachim, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. pol., Faculty of Eco-
         nomics – Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
      Ossa, Erich, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Faculty of Mathematics
         and Natural Sciences

Pegels, Georg, Univ.-Prof., Dr.-Ing., Faculty of Architecture,
   Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Safety
Piepersberg, Wolfgang, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Faculty of

   Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Röhrs, Hans-Joachim, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., Faculty of Edu-
   cational and Social Sciences
Rott, Gerhart, Akad. Direktor, Dr. phil., Central Student
   Advisory and Counseling Service
Schlosser-Haupt, Silke, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Faculty of
   Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Schmalt, Heinz-Dieter, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., Faculty of Edu-
   cational and Social Sciences
Thomann, Walter, Akad. Direktor, Dipl.-Päd., Faculty of
   Educational and Social Sciences
Vogt, Dietmar, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. nat., Faculty of Mathema-
   tics and Natural Sciences
Wachtler, Günther, Univ.-Prof., Dr. rer. pol., Faculty of Eco-
   nomics – Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
Wahlen, Helmut, Akad. Oberrat, Dr. rer. nat., Faculty of
   Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Wick, Rainer, Univ.-Prof., Dr. phil., School of Design, Faculty
   of Art and Design
Wicke, Daniel, Wiss. Assistent, Dr. rer. nat., Research Assis-
   tant, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Wigger, Arndt, Akad. Oberrat, Dr. phil., Senior Lecturer,
   Faculty of Humanities

Other new appointments
Barisonzi, Marcello, Temporary Senior Lecturer, Faculty of
   Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Baumann, Antje, Instructor, Faculty of Humanities
Blankenagel, Karsten, Studienrat i. HS-Dienst, Dr. rer. nat.,
   Instructor, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
   Brunk, Markus, Akad. Rat a. Z., Dr. rer. nat., Tempora-
   ry Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural
Gießler, Ralf, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Humanities
Laupenmühlen, Janine, Instructor, Faculty of Humanities
Lopez Lopez-Pielow, Fatima,Temporary Senior Lecturer,
   Faculty of Humanities
Petry, Ilka, Librarian, University Library
Schwebinghaus, Ulrich,Senior Instructor, Faculty of Mathe-
   matics and Natural Sciences
Waldmann, Kirsten,Instructor, Faculty of Art and Design

Habilitationen im Fachbereich B – Wirtschafts-
wissenschaft – Schumpeter School of Business and
Uzik, Martin, Dr. rer. oec., Immaterielles Kapital – Werttrei-
   berfunktion und Bewertung.
Radic, Dubravko, Dr. rer. pol., Empirical Analysis of Services


      Habilitationen im Fachbereich C – Fachbereich
      Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften
      Müller, Rolf, Dr. rer. nat., Tracer-Tracer relations as a tool for
         research on polar ozone loss.
      Risse, Markus, Dr. rer. nat., Search for photon at ultra-high

      Habilitationen im Fachbereich D – Architektur,
      Bauingenieurwesen, Maschinenbau, Sicher-
      Nünighoff, Kay, Dr.-Ing., Sicherheitstechnik im Wandel nuk-
        learer Systeme/Strahlenschutz bei Spallationsneutronen-
        quellen und Transmutationsanlagen.

      Habilitationen im Fachbereich G – Bildungs-
      und Sozialwissenschaften
      Büker, Petra, Dr. phil., Qualitativorientierte Unterrichtsfor-
        schung zum interkulturellen Lernen und Lehren in der

      Promotionen im Fachbereich A – Geistes- und
      Arencibia Guerra, Lastenia, Sprachdominanz bei bilingualen
         Kindern mit Deutsch und Französisch, Italienisch oder Spa-
         nisch als Erstsprache.
      Born, Markus Andreas, Nietzsches Philosophie der Ge-
         schichte. Perspektivische Interpretation und nihilistische
      Corredera González, Maria, La guerra civil espãnola: silencio
         y diálogo entre generaciones.
      Hassan, Quasim, Kontaktbewegter Wortstellungswandel
         vom Hocharabischen/ Modernstandardarabischen (HA/
         MSA) zum Irakischarabischen (IA)?
      Kuhlmann, Hanna Helene, Internetgestützte Unionsbürger-
         schaft in Europa – Vorschläge der Vermittlung.
      López López Pielow, Fátima, Mito y discurso en Pedro Cal-
         derón de la Barca y Oviedo.
      Petrillo, Natalia Carolina, Die immanente Selbstüber-
         schreitung der Egologie in der Phänomenologie Edmund
      Szameitat, Martin, Konrad Heresbach – ein niederrheini-
         scher Humanist zwischen Politik und Gelehrsamkeit.
      Sznyter, Aleksandra, Polnische Zuwanderer in der Bundesre-
         publik Deutschland – eine empirische Analyse der gegen-
         wärtigen Lage.
      von Dehn, Rüdiger, Shalom Uncle Sam, Facetten eines unge-
         klärten Bündnisses 1967-1973.
      Wannagat, Ulrich, Bilingualer Geschichtsunterricht – Eine

  vergleichende Studie der Unterrichtspraxis in Deutschland
  und Hongkong.
Zhou, Jianwen, Makrokosmos im Mikrokosmos – eine

  Phänomenologie des Ur-Ethos im Ausgang von Martin

Promotionen im Fachbereich B – Wirtschafts-
wissenschaft – Schumpeter School of Business
and Economics
Brink, Siegrun, Der Legitimierungsprozess junger VC-finan-
   zierter Unternehmen: Eine empirische Studie zur organisa-
   tionalen Reputation.
Czarnecki, Thomas, Challenges and Strategies for the
   Service Industry: An Empirical Analysis of Risk-Reducing
   Signals- The Example of the Hotel Industry.
Dennin, Torsten Gerd, Besicherte Rohstoffterminkontrakte
   im Asset Management – die Möglichkeiten einer dyna-
   mischen vs. statischen Allokation auf der Grundlage von
   Mean Reversion Preiseigenschaften.
Epstein, Holger, Bewusstseins- und Organisationsentwick-
   lung – Rationale und nichtrationale Grundlagen, Konzepte
   und Realitäten.
Holfort, Thomas, Einfluss von Saisonalität auf den Momen-
   tumeffekt: Eine Analyse des deutschen Aktienmarktes.
Keim, Martin, Finanzmarktintegration in Europa: Implikati-
   onen für Stabilität und Wachstum in Sozialen Marktwirt-
Klose, Rainer, Emotionen im Change Management. Eine
   Analyse emotionalen Verhaltens im organisatorischen
Kutlina-Dimitrova, Zornitsa, Finanzmarktentwicklung und
   Wirtschaftswachstum in den mittel- und osteuropäischen
Mahagaonkar, Prashanth, Money and Ideas: Four studies on
   Finance, Innovation, and Corruption.
Noppenberger, Martin, Kostenminimierung in Speichernetz-
Spitzer, Sarah, The Diffusion of New Book Titles – Process,
   Factors of Influence and Managerial Implications.
Stelzer, Franziska, Zu den Effekten von Legitimierungsstrate-
   gien junger Unternehmen: Ergebnisse zweier experimen-
   teller Studien.
Vogelsang, Michael, Digitalization in Open Economies: Theo-
   ry and Policy Implications.
Voth, Andreas, Universitäre Entrepreneurship Education in
   Russland und Deutschland.

Promotionen im Fachbereich C – Mathematik
und Naturwissenschaften
Andree, Ulrike, Beitrag zur Biosensoranalytik von Tetracyc-
  linrückständen in Lebensmitteln mittels Oberflächenplas-

      Bergmann, Maik, Entwicklung und Anwendung neuartiger
         Messverfahren zur Charakterisierung partikelförmiger
         Emissionen moderner Kraftfahrzeuge.
      Blankenagel, Martin, Das Zerfallen kurzer exakter Sequen-
         zen von Frécheträumen unter Betrachtung der Stetigkeits-
      Clotz, Ulf Leonard, Untersuchungen einiger topologischer
         Sachverhalte und Konstruktionen in HST.
      Culpo, Massimiliano, Numerical Algorithms for System Level
         Electro-Thermal Simulation.
      Feck, Thomas, Wasserstoff-Emissionen und ihre Auswirkun-
         gen auf den arktischen Ozonverlust – Risikoanalyse einer
         globalen Wasserstoffwirtschaft.
      Frank, Guido, On minimal disjoint degenerations with prepro-
         jective and preinjective direct summands over tame path
      Hasenclever, Nils Peter, Untersuchung statischer Korrelatio-
         nen anisotroper Heisenberg-Spinketten.
      Henß, Tobias, Entwurf und Implementation eines Exper-
         tensystems für das Detektorkontrollsystem des ATLAS-
      Hofmann, Franziska, Influence of the supersymmetric bot-
         tom sector on Higgs production and decay.
      Hohaus, Thorsten, Development of a new online method for
         compound specific measurements of organic aerosols.
      Krieg, Stefan, Towards the confirmation of QCD on the
      Laubrich, Thomas, Statistical Analysis and Stochastic Model-
         ling of Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind.
      Mandt, Christian, Biosynthesen von Aminoglycosidantibioti-
         ka: Glycosyltransferasen und Deacetylasen.
      Mönnikes, Reneé Nikolas, Kopplung einer MPLI-Quelle an
         ein Flugzeitmassenspektrometer und Entwicklung von
         Ionisationslabeln für die GC-Anwendung.
      Münstedt, Thorsten, Medikationsstudie zur Untersuchung
         von Stabilität und Analytik von Tetracyclinen in Honig nach
         der Anwendung bei Honigbienen.
      Peters, Yvonne, Measurements and searches with top
      Pommrich, Robert, Chemie und Transport in der Tropopau-
         senregion: ClaMS-Simulationen im Vergleich mit Insitu-
         und Satellitenmessungen.
      Rangaswamy, Geethalakshmi K., Investigation of Biologi-
         cally Active Vanadium-Containing Complexes using DFT-
         computed NMR parameters.
      Schiewek, Ralf, Entwicklung einer Multi-Purpose Ionenquelle
         für die AP-MS sowie Design und Anwendung von APLI-
      Tappe, Kai, Ordinary and Levy Copulas in Finance Models,
         Methods and Tools for Risk Management and Option
      Tepe, Andreas, Hardware Integration of the AMANDA into

   IceCube Neutrino Telescope and Search for Supersymmet-
   ric Particles with the IceCube Neutrino Telescope.
Thiemann, Markus, Modifizierung und Anwendung einer
   kapillarelektrophoretischen Methode zur Bestimmung des

   genomweiten Methylierungsgrades.
Weigel, Katja, Infrared limb-emission observations of the
   upper troposhere, lower stratosphere with high spatial
Weist, Thorsten, Lokalisierung in Köchermodulräumen.
Wolters, Isabel, Über Deformationen der direkten Summe
   eines regulären und eines anderen unzerlegbaren Moduls
   über einer zahmen Köcheralgebra.

Promotionen im Fachbereich D –
Architektur, Bauingenieurwesen,
Maschinenbau, Sicherheitstechnik
Althaus, Dirk, Ein praxisorientierter empirischer Ansatz zur
   Bestimmung des Ausfallverhaltens konventioneller Brems-
   systeme in Personenkraftwagen.
Bung, Daniel, Zur selbstbelüfteten Gerinneströmung aus
   Kaskaden mit gemäßigter Neigung.
Dietl, Clemens, Konzept einer zuverlässigkeitsadaptiven
   Werkzeugwechselstrategie zur Erhöhung der Verfügbar-
   keit von Transferlinien am Beispiel von Bohrern.
El-Waraki, Mahmoud Sami, Methodik zur Ermittlung von
   Emissionsfaktoren und Minderungsmaßnahmen bei
   aufgewirbelten Feinstaubpartikeln auf befestigten Fahr-
Eser, Bernd, Entscheidungsmodell für die Planungsoptimie-
   rung zur Erziehung nachhaltig hoher Büro-Immobilienwer-
   te. Beitrag zum Value Management Bau.
Hildenbrand, Jutta, Ökologisch-ökonomischer Vergleich
   von Produktionsprozessen als Grundlage für betriebliche
Junghans, Antje, Bewertung und Steigerung der Energieeffi-
   zienz kommunaler Bestandsgebäude.
Klenk, Ulrich, Entwicklung eines Verfahrens zur Lokalisierung
   von Feinstaubquellen am Beispiel eines Braunkohlentage-
Klußmann, André, Ermittlung und Bewertung von Ansatz-
   punkten zur Prävention von Kniegelenksarthrosen im
Liu, Jinxiang, Investigation of Low Cycle Fatigue in Shot
   Peened Components.
Mihajlov, Viktor, Numerical model for spatial steel and
   composite frame-structures exposed to fire and elevated
Müller, Jens, Zukunft der Feuerwehr – Feuerwehr der
   Zukunft im ländlichen Raum. Systematische Beurteilung
   der Auswirkungen von Individualisierung, Globalisierung
   und Technisierung auf ländliche Freiwillige Feuerwehren
   – Notwendigkeiten und Lösungsansätze für den Erhalt

         der Leistungs- und die Stärkung der Zukunftsfähigkeit des
         bestehenden Feuerwehrsystems.
      Neumann, Martin, Untersuchung des Verhaltens stoßdämp-
         fender Bauteile von Transportbehältern für radioaktive
         Stoffe in Bauartprüfung und Risikoanalyse.
      Nitschke, Dirk, Wiederaufwirbelung von auf Oberflächen ab-
         gelagerten Partikelschichten – Neue Ansätze zur Beschrei-
         bung in Modell und Experiment.
      Ott, Stefan, Konzept zur methodischen System-Modellierung
         in der anforderungsgerechten Produktentwicklung.
      Pölzl, Alfred, Modernes Management historischer Bauten
         – Der Umgang mit widersprüchlichen Anforderungen
         seitens des Denkmal- und des Brandschutzes.
      Samsamshariat, Mohammad, Product Development of
         Earthquake-Sate Houses and Schools.
      Weltschev, Margit, Vergleich der Materialkennwerte von
         Formstoffen aus Polyethylen hoher Dichte mit dem Bau-
         musterverhalten von Gefahrgutverpackungen.
      Xu, Yangjian, Computational Analysis of Fretting Fatugue.

      Promotionen im Fachbereich E –
      Elektrotechnik, Informationstechnik,
      Al-Awaad, Ahmad-Rami, Beitrag von Windenergieanlagen
         zu den Systemdienstleistungen in Hoch- und Höchstspan-
      Dilaver, Kamil Fatih, Analyse der asymptotischen Stabilität
         nichtlinearer Systeme mit Hilfe des Satzes von Ehlich und
      Dudek, Damian, Gleichstromgetriebene Gleichgewichtsferne
         Atmosphärendruck-Plasma-Quellen Modellierung-Diagnos-
      El Quardi, Abdessamad, Neuartige Expositionsanlagen zur
         Untersuchung möglicher Effekte von Mobilfunksignalen
         auf biologische Systeme.
      Kaptue Kamga, Alain Franck, Regelzonenübergreifendes
         Netzengpassmanagement mit optimalen Topologiemaß-
      Krämer, Heike, Implementierung technischer Innovationen-
         Gestaltung kompetenzfördernder Arbeitssysteme in klei-
         nen und mittleren Unternehmen der Druck- und Medien-
         wirtschaft am Beispiel der Einführung von PDF/x-3.
      Kytzia, Sebastian, Analyse, Optimierung und Entwicklung
         von Mikrowellen angeregten Plasmaquellen mittels nume-
         rischer Simulation.
      Leu, George-Felix, Experimentelle Untersuchung und Model-
         lierung der Volumenprozesse in einem mikrowellenange-
         regten Hexamethyldisiloxan/Sauerstoff/Argon-Beschich-
      Ma, Guanglin, Real Time Vision Based Pedestrian Detection.
      Reinhardt, Tina, Einfluss von Material- und Modellparame-
         tern auf spezifische Absorptionsrate (SAR) und die Tempe-

   raturverteilung in Nagern.
Schmidt, Guido, Differenzierte Schädigungs- und Alterungs-
   diagnose als Grundlage für ein zielgerichtetes Asset-
   Management im polymerisolierten Mittelspannungskabel-

Schmitt, Günter, Ansteuerung von Hochvolt-IGBTs über
   optimierte Gatestromprofile.
Teschke, Markus, Piezoelektrisch betriebene Niederspan-

Promotionen im Fachbereich G –
Bildungs- und Sozialwissenschaften
Freyth, Claidia, Prolongierte Reizkonfrontation bei Akuter
   Belastungsstörung: Therapieeffekte und Prädiktoren des
Gramelt, Katja, Der Anti-Bias-Ansatz. Eine explorative Studie
   zu Konzept und Praxis einer Pädagogik für den Umgang
   mit (kultureller) Vielfalt.
Heinecke, Michaela, Kompetenzmeinung, Kontrollverhalten
   und Erfolg in der beruflichen Entwicklung.
Henrichwark, Claudia, Der bildungsbezogene mediale Habi-
   tus von Grundschulkindern – Eine empirische Studie zur
   Reproduktion sozialer Ungleichheit in Schule und Familie.
Heuwinkel, Ludwig, Umgang mit der Zeit in der Beschleu-
   nigungsgesellschaft. Ursachen und Folgen der Beschleu-
   nigungsgesellschaft sowie Handlungsalternativen in der
   marktorientierten Gesellschaft (kumulative Dissertation).
Laßleben, Alexander, Trendsport im Schulsport – Eine fachdi-
   daktische Studie.
Mraz, Rolf-Dieter, Motivdispositionen und die Teilaufgaben
   der Handlungssteuerung – Ein Alternativ-Modell zum
   Rubikon-Modell der Handlungsphasen.
Neumann-Opitz, Nicola, Radfahren in der ersten und zwei-
   ten Klasse. Eine empirische Studie.
Peters, Inga, Auswirkungen von sozialer Zurückweisung
   unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der interpersonellen
   Sensitivität – Drei empirische Studien in Schulen.
Schellenbach-Zell, Judith, Motivation und Volition von Lehr-
   kräften in Schulinnovationsprojekten.
Schierz, Sascha Thorsten, Wri(o)te: Graffiti, Cultural Crimino-
   logy und Transgression in der Kontrollgesellschaft.
Schroeder, Christian, Bitte schön lügen. Die Konstruktion
   eines respektablen Ichs durch Stigma-Management im
Seo, Bo-Kyung, Ereignis- und bewegungskorrelierte evozierte
   Potentiale und kognitive Leistung bei der Aufmerksamkeits-/
   Hyperaktivitätsstörung (ADHS) im Erwachsenenalter.
Wagner, Maren, Die politische Talkshow – ein Medium politi-
   scher Bildung?

in memoriam
   Albert, Karl, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Humanities
   Aretz, Gerd, Professor, Faculty of Art and Design
   Bartmann, Ingrid, , Administrative Officer in the Department of
      Finance, Procurement, Research and External Funding
   Guth, Helmut, Professor, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural
   Hoffmann, Hellmut, Honorary Professor, Faculty of Mathema-
      tics and Natural Sciences
   Jendritzko, Guido, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Art and
   Krause, Rolf, Professor, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Enginee-
      ring, Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering,
   Monse, Kurt, Honorary Professor, Faculty of Economics –
      Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
   Schoofs, Rudolf, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Art and Design
   Walz, Bernhard, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Architecture,
      Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engi-
   Weber, Dietrich, Professor, Faculty of Humanities
   Zöllner, Petra, Graphic Designer, Knowledge Transfer Office


      UW History//Milestones

                    1972 Foundation of the University of Wuppertal (UW) as one of
                    five new Gesamthochschulen (practically oriented ‘comprehensi-
                    ve’ universities) in NRW (State of North Rhine-Westphalia). Exis-
                    ting Wuppertal higher education institutes such as the Schools of
                    Engineering and Industrial Art, as well as the Wuppertal branch
                    of the Rhineland College of Education, are integrated into the new
                    university structure and expanded.

                    1980 DUW is the first Gesamthochschule to gain funding from
                    the German Research Foundation (DFG) for a collaborative re-
                    search project: the School of Chemistry’s “Quantum Theoretical
                    and Experimental Investigation of the Energy State of Simple Mo-

                    The official title of UW is now “Universität – Gesamthochschule”.

                    1983 UW mathematician Professor Dr. Gerd Faltings, at 28
                    Germany’s youngest mathematics professor, receives the Fields
                    Medal, an honor on a par with a Nobel Prize.

                    The official title of UW is now “Bergische Universität – Gesamt-
                    hochschule Wuppertal“.

                    1987 Spiegel editor Rudolf Augstein is awarded an honorary doc-

                    1989 The university launches its biggest research project to date:
                    investigation of the Earth’s upper atmosphere. The project (1989-
                    2000) attracts external funding totaling almost DM 55m.

                    1990 October 17: UW physicists and mathematicians start up
                    their new parallel computer – a machine with more than 8000
                    processors – in the University Computing Center.

                    1994 UW’s space probe CRISTA is launched in November on
                    NASA’s ‘Atlantis’ space shuttle. The probe will measure trace ga-
                    ses in the shuttle’s orbit.

                    1995 The university is growing: work starts on the new Freuden-
                    berg Campus just up the hill from the main Grifflenberg Campus.

                    1999 Europe’s Ministers of Education agree in Bologna to deve-
                    lop new consecutive degree programs on the Anglo-American
                    BA/MA model.

2000 First bachelor’s and master’s programs start at UW.

2001 In his function as mediator, Prof. Dr. Hans Weiler develops a

concept for the enhancement of the university’s profile.

2002 UW Rector Volker Ronge and Prof. Dr. Hans Weiler submit
the final ‘mediation report’ to the North Rhine-Westphalian Mi-
nister of Science and Research, Gabriele Behler. Reduction of the
number of faculties from 13 to 7 will concentrate the university’s
strengths and form the basis for a clear up-to-date profile.

2003 The term Gesamthochschule is abolished and UW’s official
title is now „Bergische Universität Wuppertal”.

UW launches the first university continuing education program in
Real Estate and Construction Project Management

2004 Installation of the supercomputer AliCEnext – at the time
the most powerful in any German university.

Opening of the first three Interdisciplinary Research Centers:
Applied Informatics and Scientific Computing, Technical Process
Management, and Polymer Technology.

First graduates of UW bachelor’s degree programs receive their

2005 A new Higher Education Act gives the universities greater
power to authorize and discontinue degree programs, appoint of
professors etc.

2006 June 14: UW Senate resolves to introduce tuition fees.

2007 NRW Academic Freedom Act comes into force on January
1, granting the uiniversities greater autonomy and responsibility.
On the basis of the new Act, UW and the State of NRW conclu-
de the third Target Agreement, which determines among other
things that subjects in great demand be enlarged and extended.

Members of UW’s first Supervisory Board are appointed by the
Minister of Science and Research.

Wuppertal astrophysicists take part in the world’s biggest experi-
ment: the 3000 sq km Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina, de-
dicated to the investigation of black holes and allied phenomena.

2008 Prof. Dr. Lambert T. Koch is installed as sixth Rector in the
36-year history of UW, succeeding Prof. Dr. h. c. Volker Ronge
(1999-2008), Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Erich Hödl (1991-1999), Professor
Dr. Dr. h. c. Siegfried Maser (1987-1991), Prof. Dr. Josef M. Hä-
ussling (1983-1987) and the Founding Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c.
Rainer Gruenter (1972-1983).

The Faculty of Economics takes the additional name „Schumpe-
ter School of Business and Economics“.

The German Research Foundation (DFG) sets up a joint collabo-
rative research project on “Hadron Physics from Lattice QCD” at
UW and the University of Regensburg.

      2009 The grid computer network for data evaluation in experi-
      mental particle physics comes on stream on January 28 – a pow-
      erfully linked system incorporating some 1000 computers with a
      total 750 terabytes of storage capacity, three thousand times that
      of a normal PC.

      April 29: UW Senate adopts a Mission Statement outlining six
      transdisciplinary profiles for the university

      The EUROCHAMP 2 research project into atmospheric pollution
      is to continue with funding of €5m for the next four years. Prof.
      Dr. Wiesen (Department of Physical Chemistry) will continue to
      coordinate the project, which he has led since 2004.

      A nationwide strike of university students in June draws attention
      to the need to reform the consecutive degree program model of
      the Bologna Process. UW Rector’s Office launches a compre-
      hensive survey of student opinion as the first step in a thorough
      ‘Bologna Check’ that is to include revision of examination regu-
      lations etc.

      June 23: science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar receives an honora-
      ry doctorate from the Faculty of Electrical, Information and Media

      All bachelor’s degree programs leading to teacher training are, by
      the beginning of the winter semester, in conformity with NRW’s
      Teacher Training Act, passed on May 12, 2009.

      15 new degree programs start at the beginning of the winter se-
      mester. These include 3 more twin-track (combined bachelor’s
      degree and Chamber of Commerce) programs in printing and me-
      dia, electrical, and mechanical engineering; 4 more business en-
      gineering programs (electrical engineering, transport and traffic
      engineering, media design and technology, and color, space and
      surface design and technology); and an MA program in European

      August 20: opening of the Institute of Security Systems in nearby
      Velbert, center of the German locksmith industry.

      A cooperation agreement with Folkwang University of the Arts
      in Essen, signed on September 24, provides for the transfer of
      seven professors from UW’s Communications Design program
      to Folkwang. Their workplace will remain for the next five years
      at UW’s School of Design. UW’s BA program in Communications
      Design will be discontinued as from July 14, 2009, but existing
      students can complete their degrees in Wuppertal.

October 1: Dr. Roland Kischkel takes over from UW Chancellor
(Head of Administration) Hans-Joachim von Buchka.

The generosity of 39 companies, institutions, groups and private
individuals from the region enables an NRW Scholarship Program
for 60 UW students to be launched on October 1. Scholarships
will be granted for high achievement independent of income.

The CHE (Center for Higher Education Development) Excellence
Ranking 2009, published on October 28, places UW in the Ex-
cellence Group of 70 (out of a total of more than 4000) European
universities providing outstanding international research-oriented
master’s and doctorate programs in economics.

2010 The German University Rectors‘ Conference praises UW’s
Bologna Check as a model response. A five point memorandum
on optimization of the Bologna Process issued in December 2009
laid down guidelines for revising UW degree programs.

March 24: NRW’s Ministry of Science and Research confirms
that UW’s external funding increased by 28% in 2008, compared
with an average increase of 10% throughout the state.

2721 students begin their degree and study programs (including
German for international students) in winter semester 2009-2010
– an increase of 21% on the previous year. The total student body
now numbers 13,903 – also an increase on last year.

March 30: with 20% professorial posts held by women, UW has
NRW’s highest growth rate in this respect.

For further information on UW history visit www.archiv.uni-wup-

              Student admissions
      Student admissions
      2009: SS 09 + WS 09/10
      (summer semester                            Sonstige
      2009 & following winter
                                                    369 369
      semester – discoun-
      ting German language
      course students)

                                                                                                         Bachelor’s / combined bachelor’s /
                                                                                                         1    1 
                                                                                                         master’s (incl. MEd)
                                                                                                         2     (diploma, doctorate, ex-
                                                                                                         Other 2 
                                                                                                         change students etc.)

                          3.237                                                       Bachelor’s/
                                                                   Studierendenzahlen WS 09/10, Stand: 24.11.2009
                                                                    Kopfzahlen, ohenMaster
                                                                                     Teilnehmer am Deutschkurs

             Student numbers                                                                             Bachelor’s / combined bachelor’s /
                                                                                                         Bachelor/Master (incl. Master of
                                                                                                         master’s (incl.
                                                                                                         Education) MEd)
                                                  WS 09/10

      Student numbers WS 09/10                                                                           Diplom, u.ä. similar
                                                                                                         Diploma and
      (discounting German language                          Sonstiges
      course students) as at Nov.                             879
                                                              879                                        Master’s
                                                                                                         Magister (old model)
      24, 2009
                                       examination                                                       Lehramt
                                                                                                          State examination
                                                  8.183                                                  Sonstiges (immatrikulierte
                                                                                                         Other (doctorate, exchange
                                                                                                         students etc.)
                                                                                                         Austauschstudierende, etc.)

                                                                                                    Bachelor’s /
                                 Magister                                                            Kombi-
                                (old model)
                                   246                                                              Bachelor/
                                                                                                    bachelor’s /
                                246                                                                  Master
                                 Diploma                                                 Total

Development of

                       Student admissions per year
                       (SS + following WS) by degree
                       program since 1995 (discoun-
                       ting German language course

                            Bachelor’s / master’s
                            Diploma and similar
                            Master’s (old model)
                            Teaching degrees
                            Other (doctorate etc.)

                       Student numbers per year
Development of         by degree program since
                       WS 94/95 (discounting

     student numbers
                       German language course

                             Bachelor’s / master’s
                             Diploma and similar
                             Master’s (old model)
                             Teaching degrees
                             Other (doctorate etc.)

      Student numbers by                                   Educational and

                                                           Social Sciences

      WS 09/10 (as at         Art and Design         F
      November 24, 2009)
                                                                                                   A          Humanities
                                                    699                                          3.621                     B

                                        1.014                                                                              D
                           Information and
                           Media Engineering

                             Architecture, Civil En-                                                    B     Business and
                             gineering, Mechanical                                                    2.497   Economics –
                             Engineering and Safety                                                           Schumpeter
                             Engineering                                                                      School of
                                                                  2.133                                       Business and
                                                              Mathematics                                     Economics
                                                              and Natural
      Total student numbers
                                   WS 09/10 (as at November
                                   24, 2009 – discounting
                                   German language course

                                New admissions
                                                                          SS 09 + WS 09/10: degree
                                                                          program enrollments (dis-
                                                                          counting German language
      International students                                              course students)

      from 90 countries     1.871

budget development

                                                                          operating costs (physical)
                                                                          salaries & wages
€ millions


     Graduates                  1.567                        Doctorates
 Academic year 2008-2009
 (as at February 15, 2010):
 incl. diploma, master’s (old        Post-doctoral degrees                  98
 model), state examinations,
 bachelor’s and master’s             (Habilitation) 6
 (Bologna model)

     Development of external funding
               External funding expenditure 1998-2009
               by major funding source
  € millions

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        Otto, Christian Lord: Page 14C, 14E, 52, 58          Medienzentrum Wuppertal: Page 6, 7
        Pabst, Roger: Page 122.3


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