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        Have you ever felt a great headache?? Sometimes, you need some pills to overcome
this suffering. But, continuously consuming chemical substances in pills is not good enough
for your body metabolism. Absolutely, it will give an effect for your health future. Better for
you to investigate why a headache appears in your regular activities.

        Basically, the headache arises as a sign that body is on dehydration. Every second, the
body cells need the mineral for processing metabolism in the body. Then, one of the crucial
elements of mineral is electrolyte. Electrolyte has a function to smoothen the electronics
stimulus so that the body function is on the normal condition. In the same condition, the
chimneys also work to balance the electrolyte concentration in the human blood stream so
that the electrolyte will be always in a consistent rate. They produce a corporation by link
their selves into each other to create a good process of metabolism in the body. The breakage
of that operation will cause a great headache.

       When body produces much sweet in a particular condition, absolutely the body will
lose a plenty of electrolyte too. Automatically, there is something happen that create the
amount of blood and the oxygen which will be transferred to the brain is decrease.
Consequently, the appearance of headache cannot be avoided. Moreover, the body will faint
or worse it can be paralyze.

        As we know that nowadays, there are some many drinks or soft drinks that consist of
electrolyte. This kind of drinks which contains sodium and potassium will fulfill the
requirement of water in the body. Also this combination will increase the degree of provided
electrolyte after the body in dehydration.

       Dehydration usually occurs after body does some exercises in sport, drunk, vomit, or
feel hungry in worst. For the people who is in dehydration is suggested to not drink
something that we call diuretic drink. The diuretic drink generally placed in tea and coffee.
Avoid those variant of drinks can make the dehydration arrives in to serious condition.

        Meaning to say, electrolyte liquid that most of that element is in electrolyte drink is
very essential for preventing the headache. Lack of electrolyte will make a constriction of the
blood vessel. It cause the blood supply which is enriched by the oxygen is decrease so that
the brain will response it by giving the headache. In simply, the electrolyte liquid is only the
answer of the headache problem. Adequacy of the electrolyte will prevent the appearance of
the headache.

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