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        Most of the advanced countries develop their energy resources through the
implementation of nuclear power plant. Basically this is still as the debating material in all
aspect of human life. The pros and cons appear as the journey of its development.

       Now, the essential question is “does the implementation of nuclear power plant
extremely needed?” There are so many argumentations, elaborations, and evidences to prove
each point of view of this debating.

        One of the facts that the human have to understand about nuclear power plant is that it
is a process of some reaction of uranium. Uranium is one of so many substances existing in
the soil surface of the earth. The colleting of uranium is not too complicated. Meaning to say,
this chemical substance is easy to get. To reach megawatt of electricity by the process of
fusion and fission reaction of the uranium is not something impossible. Those reactions can
change the uranium into ready electricity to use, absolutely through the reactor. In the other
hand, in so many countries in this word, the electricity supply is still dominated by the use of
fossil oil and coal. The use of both elements actually will be in the limited area. As we know
that we need to wait for million years to create fossil which will produce the oil or coal. By
this side, the implementation of nuclear power plant is considered as the problem solver to
overcome the problem of time productivity.

         For the sake of the environment, many people perhaps think that nuclear power plant
is very harmful. It can cause the death, cancer, unusual diseases and many more. They are not
wrong because they reflect the implementation of nuclear power plant by the incident of
Chernobyl, Russia in 1986. Millions of people are died and infected by the radiation of
meltdown reactor that can cause cancer and other scared diseases. The most people thought
that it can be a biological weapon to destruct the race in the world any time. That fact creates
a night mare for common people who do not understand exactly of the process of the reaction
in making electricity by nuclear power plant.

        For more detail and convincing elaborations, the nuclear power plant is safe because it
won’t pollute the air by the harmful gas like the oil and coal produce. The operation involved
must be controlled by the experts so that there is no mistake or even a meltdown reactor
which can destroy the human life. Moreover, nuclear power plant can be built in a limited
space. It might be developed in a small area or a country which only consists of narrow area.

        But again and again, to choose the nuclear power plant as an alternative to produce
electricity must be verified clearly. This is true that this kind of electricity power plant costs
cheap for the uranium but it costs high for the reactor. The building has to be safe and
developed by the expert. The develop countries that will follow the success step of the
advance countries that have been implemented it earlier should learn more and prepare much
money so that the tragedy of Chernobyl won’t be repeated again. Finally, the lack of
electricity can be overcome by the use of nuclear power plant.

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