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        Have you ever felt “insomnia”? It means that you lose your time of sleep in the night.
Nowadays, insomnia is like a new trend setter for youth. They make an association consists
of people who are in insomnia. They do something to spend their time in night, both useful
and useless. Just for a while, they activities are so funny, but just look depth inside. Insomnia
is such kind of disease.

        Normal insomnia just disturbs your night sleep. After coming the morning, they who
suffer the normal insomnia can sleep. Insomnia does not disturb their habit in eating and the
other aspects. But I the contrary, there is the variant of insomnia which cause a dangerous
effect. It is called hereditary insomnia.

        Hereditary insomnia is a disease that merely can be found in 28 families in this world.
It is the small amount but the effect is very frightening for the sufferers. Until now, there is
no clear explanation about the cause of this hereditary disease. It calls hereditary disease
because it can attacks all the members of family. When person is still be the member of
family who suffer the hereditary insomnia, he can produce and give this disease to his

The hereditary insomnia avoids the sufferers to sleep and there is no barbiturate (a medicine
to stimulate to sleep) that can help them. Actually, it is different with the normal insomnia.
When the hereditary insomnia attacks, the sufferers cannot sleep for about 7-36 months and
finally they will die.

        For the first stage, the sufferers will be in the stage of insomnia. It causes a panic
condition, paranoids, and phobia. This happens for around four months. The hallucination
and panic will occur for five months. They cannot sleep because the hallucination always
keeps on their mind so that they feel frighten. They hallucinate something odd and phobia by
everything that exists in their hallucinations.

        By running of this first stage of hereditary insomnia, they will lose their weight in a
high reduction. This is the second stage of hereditary insomnia. The disability to sleep and
the losing of their weight can be running for three months.
        The sufferers can be dumb and being not responsive with everything that happens
around them. They don’t care about their environment. This passive act as the third stage can
be occurred for six months. This is the last stage of the development of this disease and
finally the sufferers will die.

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