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       For most people who work in hygiene area, Clostridium Botulinum is popular enough
in their ears. Do you what it is? Well, Clostridium Botulinum is one of so many variants of
bacteria existed. This bacterium can produce such kind of protein. It does not produce a
useful protein but in the contrary, it creates a protein which can be deadly substance for the
living things.

       This protein is the content of the Clostridium Botulinum’s spore which will be
produced when it makes a contact with food and injured parts of body. These contact will
produce a harmful toxin. So, be careful if consume the food which is well kept in a can. The
cans are the best place to mediate the bacterium to produce the spore and ultimately the
protein will cover all of the part and surface of the food. So, what we can do to overcome this
problem, because nowadays there are so many food and drink which are kept in the cans.
First thing that should be noted is please looking at statute bared outside the can. Don’t
consume the product if the date of statute bared is over.

       Basically not all the bacteria give the negative impacts for human life and also for the
other creations. But especially for this bacterium, Clostridium Botulinum, it really creates the
deadly harmful thing. It has been researched how dangerous it is. Only one kilograms of this
toxin can kill all of the human life in this earth. It shows how great of the effect of this toxin

       If the effect has been known, the good steps can be done to prevent the dangerous of
this deadly toxin, such as the above thing; don’t consume the food which have been over the
date of statute bared. But, does this toxin is avoided by all the people in this world? Actually,
a shocked fact published recently. This toxin is regularly used for human’s consumption.
Furthermore it costs so expensive, but so many people precisely love this.

       Botox, absolutely when heard this word generally people especially women will think
that this kind of thing is very useful, desired thing, and also identic by the word “beauty”. It is
true because they are willing to spend their much money to make over their skin face in order
to create a fair skin, brighter skin, and the most critical the wizened skin of face will
disappear. They consume the Botox through the injection. Before consuming this kind of
product, the women especially should understand what the Botox is. Botox is Botulinum
Toxic. It is clear that Botox is not good for the health. Let’s imagine it, the fact describes that
only one kilogram of the Clostridium Botulinum can cause the death for all people in this
world. Then now, the people consciously inject this toxic (Botox) in their body. It is a sort of
slowly suicide for the body. So, recognize first the product. If it is secure, just continue.

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