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					                                                      Elementary Curriculum
                                                    2009-2010 / Double Delivery

Week of                                                          Kindergarten
                                Make sure the students write their name on the BOTTOM of each assignment
                                    Please print NO MORE THAN once per month to save paper & toner!
          Introduction- discussion with students & teachers Set-up       GTA Card 1- How Computers Help - Use "Teach the
          Seating Charts GTA Card 4 - Do’s & Don'ts of computer          Lesson" in Lesson Plan Notebook portion to discuss
          lab-point out lab rules. Work on Mouse movement as time        computers. May use GTA Card 1 Keynote in conference as
 17-Aug   permits. Please review the Mouse Movement Instructions         visual with discussion
          document in the conference to cover all

          (NETS #5 & #6) (care of computers)                             (NETS #5 & #6) (understanding computers)
          GTA Card 2 - Computer Parts Match - Use “Teach the             KB Custom Card 1 - instructions in conference.
          Lesson” in Lesson Plan Notebook. Be sure to cover all
          parts of computer, specific keys & button for turning on.
 24-Aug   Point out Return key (R) and Tab key(L). Pair students for
          activity card.

          (NETS #2, #5, & #6) (computer parts/operation)                 (NETS #6) (computer parts/operation)
          Talk about the keyboard. Stress that you use left & right Mouse Practice.htm - In Classroom Files - Intro to Mouse
          hands to type different keys. Remind them about Return(R) Read screen instructions to students and guide them through
          & Tab(L). Type your first name-one finger on each hand is each activity as a whole group.
 31-Aug   fine.(They can do this on the login screen)

          (NETS #6) (computer parts/operation)                           (NETS #6) (computer operation)
          Learning to log in & log out--this will help them learn their Kindergarten login. Use lab / lab if that is the login you plan to
          use with kindergarten. You may teach their regular logins if that is what teachers prefer. You would need a login card for
          each student and the classroom assistant would need to be present to assist you.
 8-Sep                                              Work on Mouse movement as time permits.

                                                        (NETS #6) (computer operation)
                                                   Elementary Curriculum
                                                 2009-2010 / Double Delivery
         Mouse Practice.htm - Use Headsprout Mousing Around     Mouse Practice.htm - Use KidPsych - Baby Rose’s eyes
         (NETS #6) (computer operation)                         (NETS #6) (computer operation)
         Mouse Practice.htm - Use Color Game                    Mouse Practice.htm - Use CBeebies - Tweenies - Story
                                                                Time; Stories; Hide and Hear: The Adventures of Debbie
21-Sep                                                          Duck

         (NETS #6) (computer operation/Lang Arts)               (NETS #6) (computer operation/Lang Arts)
28-Sep                                                1st Quarter MAP Testing
5-Oct                                                       Lab Closed
         GTA Card 13 Use Custom Card in Conference - Starting GTA Card 16 - Getting Along Together
         and using an application. Draw a simple picture -
         Introduce the pencil and eraser tools. Explain Command
         (Apple ){Command=⌘}-Q for quitting the program -
         Encourage the use of the term Command, instead of
         Apple, for the key name, since this is the most commonly
         used term.
         (NETS #1 & #6) (computer operation)                      (NETS #2, #5 & #6) (appropriate behavior)
         PDG Card 1- Picture Play Use Draw on Background          Mouse Practice.htm - Use TVOkids - picking shapes
         and pencil tool to complete a picture. Have them write Have students pick Game 1
19-Oct   their names at the bottom.

         (NETS #1 & #6) (access/select paint tools)           (NETS #6) (computer operation/Math)
         PDG Card 2 - Here I Am! Review the eraser and pencil Mouse Practice.htm - Use Buggy Trails

         (NETS #1 & #6) (pencil/eraser tools)                   (NETS #6) (computer operation/Following directions)
         PDG CUSTOM Card 3 - My Pet See custom card in          Mouse Practice.htm - Use Kidzpage - Shelf Shapes

         (NETS #1 & #6) (pencil/color palette)                  (NETS #6) (computer operation/Math)
                                                   Elementary Curriculum
                                                 2009-2010 / Double Delivery
         PDG CUSTOM Card 5 - High Five introduce the paint      Mouse Practice.htm - Use SaxonMath - ShapeMatch
         bucket. Use the square shape.                          Works in spite of message regarding flash downloads. Quit
9-Nov                                                           doesn’t work, but play again does.

         (NETS #1 & #6) (color fill/Math)                          (NETS #6) (computer operation/Math)
         PDG Card 6 - Numbers Introduce line tool and shape Mouse Practice.htm - Use Paw Park
         tools. Fill figures, then show how to change fill colors.

         (NETS #1 & #6) (line/shape tools/Math)                 (NETS #6) (computer operation/Lang Arts)

                                                          Fall Break
                                          Use these two days for “catch up” if possible
30-Nov                                               2nd Quarter MAP Testing
7-Dec                                                      Lab Closed
         PDG Card 7 - At the Zoo Review pencil, shape tools,    Bookmark the following URL for each of the Kinder
         paint bucket, line tool and eraser.                    logins.
14-Dec                                                          Lead the students in an activity.

         (NETS #1 & #6) (skill review/Science)                  (NETS #5 & #6) (computer operations/Lang Arts)
28-Dec                                                     Winter Break
         PDG Card 8 - My Birthday Cake Use all tools that have PDG Card 9 - Balloons Review choosing colors for filled
         already been introduced in Doozla.                    figures.

         (NETS #1 & #6) (skill review/Math)                     (NETS #1 & #6) (skill review/Math)
         PDG Card 10 - I Like My Bike Review shapes, lines,     PDG Card 11 - Where Do You Live? More tool review.
         and pencil.                                            Draw their house on a background.

         (NETS #1 & #6) (skill review/Social Studies)           (NETS #1 & #6) (skill review/Social Studies)
                                                   Elementary Curriculum
                                                 2009-2010 / Double Delivery
         PDG Card 12 - Fruit                                         K Shapes Card - Custom card in conference.
         (NETS #1 & #6) (skill review/Science/Lang Arts)             (NETS #1 & #6) (skill review/Math)
         PDG Card 13 - Erase a Picture Try different eraser          100 day activity - See directions in conference and print
         widths. Instead of scary things, students draw a winter     activity page for student use.
25-Jan   scene.

         (NETS #1 & #6) (skill review/Science)                       (NETS #3, #4, & #6) (browser basics/Math)
         PDG Card 14 - Be a Clown                                    PDG Card 15 - Under the Sea
         (NETS #1 & #6) (skill review/Lang Arts)                     (NETS #1 & #6) (skill review/Science)

           Valentine to parent(s) /guardian(s)/significant other(s) Print - send home Have them draw pictures (using the
                                 tools they've been practicing) & write "I Love You" and their name.

         PDG Card 16 - My Favorite Shirt                             Mouse Practice.htm - Use Funschool - Fishin Mission
         (NETS #1 & #6 (skill review/social studies)                 (NETS #6) (computer operations/Math)
         A School of Fish - Students pick A School of Fish from       Lucy and the Balloons - Students choose Lucy and the
         the Coloring In part of Doozla. They will color 5 fish blue, Balloons from the Coloring In part of Doozla. They will color
         4 fish red, 6 fish green, 2 fish yellow and 2 fish purple.   the picture, count the balloons, and write the answer on the
22-Feb                                                                line.

         (NETS #4 & #6) (skill review/Math)                          (NETS #3, #4, #5 & #6) (skill review/Math)
         Great Shapes - Custom card in conference                    Sight Word List - Get a list of words from the teachers that
                                                                     they feel students should know. Say the word, ask the
                                                                     students to repeat the word, and then have them type the
1-Mar                                                                word in. Encourage them to use right and left hands. No
                                                                     pecking with one hand.

         (NETS #1, #3, #4, #5 & #6) (skill review/Math)              (NETS #5 & #6) (computer operation/Lang Arts)
                                                     Elementary Curriculum
                                                   2009-2010 / Double Delivery
         Storybooks online - Read instructions in conference              Read Across America - Students will use web quest page in
         (General TW) on how to set up Text to Speech. You may            the Classroom Files. Demonstrate how to click on the links
         want to set that preference up for the students under the        for each activity, and then close the window to go back to
         kindergarten logins. Have students click on the Magic            the page for the next activity. If time permits, students may
8-Mar    Keys link on the Mouse Practice.htm page in Classroom            explore further from each link.
         Files. They may choose a story, highlight the text, and the
         computer will read it to them.

         (NETS #6) (computer operations/Lang Arts)                        (NETS #6) (browser basics/Lang Arts)
         A is for Apple - Custom card in conference.                      Mouse Practice.htm - Use Clifford's Confusable Letters
         (NETS #6) (skill review/Lang Arts)                               (NETS #6) (computer operations/Lang Arts)
22-Mar                                                           Spring Break
         Standardized testing - this will have to be flexible to match the actual testing window This should only take 8 days, so
5-Apr                                               use any time you can for makeup.
         Start learning their logins for next year. Use Pages. After Summertime - Custom card in conference
         students have typed in their first login (username &
         password), have adults check for accuracy. Students will
12-Apr   continue typing these as many times as possible.

         (NETS #5 & #6) (computer operation/Lang Arts)                    (NETS #1, #2, #4 & #6) (skill review/science)

         Earth Day - Students will use tools in Doozla to make a          Panda Habitat -
         sign against littering. Discuss what littering is, and project   ConservationCentral/design/ Do this as a whole group
         “Toss no mas” (sample posted in conference) so they can          activity, projected on the screen, with students giving
         add that text to their sign. Print and post for Earth Day.       suggestions. Look at the site ahead of time, so you can see
19-Apr   Give a copy of what you feel is the best one to district         how it will work. Be careful of the panda links, some may be
         tech.                                                            too intense for young children.

         (NETS #1, #4 & #6) (skill review/Science)                        (NETS #2, #3 & #4) (browser basics/Science)
                                                  Elementary Curriculum
                                                2009-2010 / Double Delivery
         Practice their logins for next year. Use Pages. After      Words & Pictures - Custom card in conference.
         students have typed in their first login (username &
         password), have adults check for accuracy. Students will
26-Apr   continue typing these as many times as possible.

         (NETS #6) (computer operation/Lang Arts)                   (NETS #1, #4, & #6) (computer operation/Lang Arts)
         Make a Mother's day page to send home. Again, use the same specifications as for Valentine's Day. Encourage
                                 them to use all the tools they have been practicing in Doozla
10-May                                                4th Quarter MAP Testing
17-May                                                      Lab Closed
         My Name - Custom card in conference.                       KB Card 3 - Equations
         (NETS #6) (computer operation/Lang Arts)                   (NETS #1, #2, #4, #5 & #6) (computer operation/Math)

    GTA - General Technology Awareness        KB - Keyboarding      PDG - Paint, Draw, & Graphics   WP - Word Processing

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