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									Reasons To Live A Townhome
There are many reasons to live a
 townhome lifestyle. The prospect is a
 rewarding one with many benefits that
 include, special features and amenities.
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 It is an achievable way of living with the
 right determination and the will to do
 some research.
A few clicks of the computer mouse,
 some h         t       d   i    t
         home tours, and a signature and d
 one could be well on their way to living
 their dreams
Smaller than most single-family homes,
                           space. However
 townhouses take up less space However,
 what isn't there in length is definitely
 there in height. Two or more stories and
 a possible garage make for plenty of
 square footage with optimal affordability.
Townhouses are built in a layout that
 attaches them to other homes that
 coordinate in appearance. They are part
 of a community that may share common
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 amenities like pools, gyms, and more.
 These houses can be both rented and
Shared amenities is just one beneficial
 advantage of living in a townhouse
 community. Home owner association fees
 are paid by everyone in the
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 neighborhood to maintain the up-keep of
 the common areas.
Pools, picnic grounds, fitness centers,
 playgrounds, and more, different
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 communities h            i t   f diff   t
 features for their residents.
Another reason to consider townhome
 living is having little to no maintenance
 to be responsible for. The front and back
 exteriors take up little space and
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 everything else on the property is cared
 for by the community housing
With less maintenance required comes
 less expenses and more money in the
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 residents pockets for other things.
Residing in townhouses instead of an
 apartment or condo means that there
 aren't any neighbors living above a
 tenant or below a tenant.
What a relief to be able to move freely
 around the living space without having to
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 tip-toe and to be able to sleep at night
 without waking up to an upstairs
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 neighbors every movement.   t
Even next door neighbors noises won't
 be a problem with the added modern day
 firewalls dividing houses on each side.

The sense of security that comes with
 having nearby neighbors without the
 hassle of unwanted noise is a definite
Finally, there is the convenient location
 to consider. People who choose to live a
 townhome lifestyle often have much
 shorter commutes to local schools,  ,
 shopping centers, and the workplace with
 the added ease of access to city bus
Amenities, minimal maintenance, short
 commutes,                   footage
 commutes plenty of square footage, and
 security within a community are all
 reasons to consider moving into a
 townhouse today.
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