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									 On the Move
              Michael                        Katherine
              Coke,                          Henderson,
              Wilson                         Wilson
              Sonsini                        Sonsini
              Goodrich &                     Goodrich &
              Rosati                         Rosati
               The global                     The global
provider of legal ser-         provider of legal services
vices in technology, life      in technology, life sci-
sciences and growth            ences and growth enter-
enterprises industries         prises industries named
named Michael Coke as a        Katherine Henderson as
corporate and securities       a litigation partner in its
partner in its Palo Alto of-   San Francisco office. Her
fice. He represents clients    focus is on the defense of
in connection with initial     publicly traded compa-
public offerings and other     nies and their officers
securities offerings.          and directors in securities
                               class actions.

              Crilley,                       Warren
              Tely Labs                      Jenson,
               The Menlo                     Intematix
               Park tech-                     The
               nology                         Fremont
               company                        provider of
               focused on                     patented
turning your television                       phosphors
into a two-way commu-          and phosphor compo-
nications and entertain-       nents for high-quality
ment center named Dave         light-emitting diode light-
Crilley vice president         ing named Warren Jenson
of enterprise market-          to its board of directors.
ing. He is former senior       He is chief financial officer
director of channel and        and executive vice presi-
international marketing at     dent of Acxiom.
                                             Kira Kimhi,
              Richard                        Sonsini
              Dufty,                         Goodrich &
              AppDirect                      Rosati
              The San                         The global
              Fran-                           provider
              cisco cloud                     of legal
              service          services in technology,
              marketplace      life sciences and growth
company appointed              enterprises industries
Richard Dufty vice presi-      named Kira Kimhi as
dent of global sales and       an intellectual property
strategic partnerships.        partner in its Palo Alto
He is former senior sales      office. She specializes in
director of the Americas       representing technology
at Symantec.                   companies.

              Richard                        John
              Dyke,                          Moffett,
              Violin                         AppDirect
              Memory                         The San
              The Moun-                      Fran-
              tain View                      cisco cloud
              provider of                    service
              high-per-                      marketplace
formance flash-based           company appointed John
memory storage systems         Moffett chief financial
appointed Richard Dyke         officer. Recently, he was
senior vice president of       CFO at Vizu.
North American sales.
Previously, he held world-
wide sales positions for
Riverbed’s cloud storage
business unit.

   Bay Area News Group reports promotions of
   executives at the vice president level or higher.
   Send notices to onthemove@mercurynews.
   com. With each announcement, we require a
   photograph in JPEG format. Please upload the
   image, which should be a head shot about 1
   megabyte in size, to http://mediafm.mercu- If this is your first time uploading
   the images, you’ll need to contact the news-
   paper at 408-920-5088 to obtain a pass code.

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