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Cannabis, despite the bad reputation in his time is
widely used in medicine against diseases such as
asthma, glaucoma, migraine, rheumatism, epilepsy,
arthritis, muscle spasms. In 1991, after a survey of
thousands of leading specialists-oncologists found
that 60% of doctors believe it necessary to prescribe
Cannabis to treat side effects of chemotherapy and
45% of those sixty confessed that violate the law.
In 1938, despite the protests of many physicians,
Cannabis was removed from use in America. This
occurred as a result of large-scale antikonoplyanoy
campaign undertaken Rondolfom William Hearst and
pharmaceutical corporation "Dupont". The latter
appeared as a business, because you can only patent
medicine, a patent can not be obtained on hemp.

In 1970, the Nixon administration officially changed
the status of cannabis: the class 2 (illegal substances
with medicinal properties), she migrated to the Class
1 (hazardous substance having no pharmacological
value). Nixon personally appointed a special
commission headed by Mr. Shaher to study illicit
drugs. In 1972, after careful investigation, the
Commission concluded that marijuana can be
resolved. Disregarded the recommendation and
antikonoplyanaya war continued.

Meanwhile, the first U.S. Constitution and Declaration
of Independence were written on hemp paper, and the
first Levy Strauss jeans made from hemp material.
Hemp paper can lie centuries, resisting decay, it does
not require chlorine bleach as pulp paper, which in the
process has side substance - dioxin, an extremely
toxic. Matter "of marijuana" is also beneficial. No need
for any "Auntie Asya" since breaking this fabric is 50
times stronger than cotton, also softer and absorbs
moisture, and the range of textures range from lace to
canvas. There is still a hemp oil. Crude edible and
contains the essential amino acids. Refined - clean
grease, because after using the self disintegrates into
its constituent elements. Let us recall another era of
sailing ships, starting with the Egyptians and
Phoenicians, the sails and ropes on ships were Hemp.

The composition of hemp seed oil:

The composition of hemp seed oil does not include
The composition of hemp seed oil are:
vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E;

The benefits of hemp oil:

Hemp oil is very valuable blyagodarya its healing
properties. It is used both in traditional and folk
medicine, cosmetology. Of the useful qualities of
hemp seed oil are the following:
- Diseases of the prostate and genitals;
- Helps in the treatment of chronic and acute
bronchitis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract,
- Diseases of the kidneys and the bladder;
- Normalizes the process of the endocrine and immune
- For the prevention of cardiovascular disease
(cleanses the blood vessels);
- Is used for prevention and in the complex treatment
of cancer;
- Especially when it recommended the use of vitamin
- A huge benefit in improving lactation in nursing
- Provides reliable and consistent protection from UV
- Assist in the healing of damaged skin, inflammations,
tidy, dry skin;
- Has a positive effect on the nervous system for
insomnia and nervousness;

Contraindications hemp oil:

As contraindications hemp oil is the lack of individual
intolerance to it. Therefore, if any, should limit their

The use of hemp oil:

Hemp oil is very valuable blyagodarya its healing
properties and is used in traditional and folk medicine,

The use of hemp oil in cosmetics:
People who use hemp oil to food (no drinking or
eating) to 2 tablespoons, 2 times a day, every two to
three weeks notice that their skin was softer and
moisturized, nails become stronger, and hair growth
significantly accelerated. The excellent proportional
composition of vitamins and minerals in the oil hemp
more fully absorbed by the body.

The use of hemp oil in cooking:
For his taste hemp oil well with recipes. Hemp oil in
its raw form is very good and completely absorbed by
the body. However, it is undesirable to use for frying.
Therefore it is recommended to use it as a seasoning
for salads, pasta, sauces, vegetables, soups, cereals,
or other dishes.

The use of hemp oil in medicine:

Diseases and health conditions in which the use of
hemp oil was the most justified, given as a list on the
"benefits of hemp oil."

So just list here the disease, prevention and treatment
are used hemp oil. This treatment is catarrh of the
upper respiratory tract, diseases of the genital
organs, bladder, chronic and acute bronchitis,
bronhozitov, kidneys and other organs. In addition
more and neurasthenia, rickets, impotence, diathesis,
eczema and psoriasis. In folk medicine, hemp seeds
are used as a sedative and analgesic agent.

In a tincture preparations of hemp seeds are used as
softening, cleansing diuretic and bracing means. They
are usually prescribed for inflammation of the
digestive and urinary systems (gonorrhea, prostate
inflammation, catarrh of the bladder), hemorrhoids,
scrofula, dropsy, nervous exhaustion, pulmonary

A unique complex of vitamins:

Hemp can without exaggeration be called a unique
source of a huge number of valuable elements,
minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids.
Phosphorus, potassium, zinc, calcium, manganese,
iron, sulfur, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C, D, E,
antioxidants, protein, carotene, phospholipids,
phytosterols are perfectly balanced in its composition.
Thanks to its exceptional properties, it is widely used
in ancient Chinese medicine. It enjoyed great
popularity among the ancient Slavs. A cake of hemp
seeds were the traditional dish of ancient Slavic
cuisine. Until now, the best oncologists in our country,
in Europe, America, this plant was considered
indispensable in the treatment of cancers, in
particular to eliminate the side effects of
chemotherapy, and many of his patients was
administered contrary introduced him strictly

Now, however, the therapeutic effect of hemp oil today
confirmed by clinical studies. In addition, scientists
have found a lot of other of its medicinal properties
and identified a list of diseases and ailments for which
its use is appropriate, and sometimes even necessary.
For example, in various skin diseases such as
psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, inflammation of
wounds, long unhealed cuts, sores, ulcers its use has
rapidly regenerates. Is an excellent antiseptic and
anti-inflammatory agent, enhances immune functions.
Its use in dry or, conversely, too oily skin restores the
protective function of the skin, regulates the
sebaceous glands, and normalizes the composition of
their secretions, has regenerative and moisturizing
effect, improves the complexion. Age the skin
becomes fresh, elasticity and firmness.

From regular to two tablespoons a day can achieve
incredible results. What has the effect of its reception
(not refined form!) Effect within two to three weeks.
Significantly improves the condition of hair and nails.
Hair look healthy, strong, shiny, slow hair loss.

Also significantly increased and total resistance to
any viruses and bacteria. Significantly improves health
of people with heart disease, kidney disease, senile
sclerosis. Due to the high concentration of calcium
shown its use in osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis,
and other pathological changes in the bones and

Extremely favorable for its action and many endocrine
disorders. It normalizes hormonal balance, reduces
cholesterol, improves metabolism. Facilitates health
during menopause, anemia, relieves menstrual pain.
With his constant and systematic admission in people
prone to high blood pressure, the risk of sudden
hypertensive crisis and even stroke is extremely
negligible. Its use is shown even with such a difficult
and intractable disease such as tuberculosis.

Among other things, it is also a great tonic after
taking that, you immediately feel a surge of energy
and vigor.

With such a variety of its extraordinary healing
properties, hemp oil has also a very nice, original
taste, therefore easily combined with many
ingredients in a variety of recipes. By using it, for
example, as a filling for a vegetable salad, you get
extremely useful, nutritious and tasty dish.

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