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									                                                                                    Gage Park High School Lesson Plan
                                  Teachers: Roseman Department: Social Studies Course: AP U.S. History Period(s):                                   4         Week: 10/8/12 – 10/12/2012

Weekly Objective                         Day 1                                      Day 2                                 Day 3                                Day 4                            Day 5
What’s Important this Week?              LESSON TITLE (50 min.)                     LESSON TITLE (50 min.)                LESSON TITLE (50 min.)               LESSON TITLE (50 min.)           LESSON TITLE (50 min.)
The Fragile Republic 1789-1800           President Washington                       The First 2 Party System              Race & Gender in the New             President Adams                  The Alien and Sedition Acts
                                                                                                                          Republic                                                              & the Revolution of 1800
Upon Completion of these                 Objective (SWBAT)                          Objective (SWBAT)                                                          Objective (SWBAT)
lessons, the students should             Analyze the importance of the key          Assess the conflicts underlying the   Objective (SWBAT)                    Appraise the effectiveness of    Objective (SWBAT)
                                         Presidential acts of George                formation of the first 2 party        Compare and contrast the             John Adams’ Presidency.          Demonstrate growing
be able to:
                                         Washington.                                system.                               different expectations the US                                         mastery of course skills and
-Analyze the importance of the key
                                                                                                                          had of African-Americans and         HQIT                             practice composting a DBQ
Presidential acts of George
                                         HQIT                                       HQIT                                  Women in the era.                    AP-style reading check,          with at least 5 document
                                         Quote Response, Cornell notes,             Poll & Map Analysis, Paired Work,                                          Class Discussion, VSS,           references and 3 outside
-Assess the conflicts underlying the
                                         Socratic Seminar, MTP                      SQ3R                                  HQIT                                 Timeline Flash Cards             references.
formation of the first 2 party system.
                                                                                                                          SQ3R, Cornell notes, Venn
-Compare and contrast the different
                                         PRIOR KNOWLEDGE                            PRIOR KNOWLEDGE                       diagram                              PRIOR KNOWLEDGE                  HQIT
expectations the US had of African-
                                         All prior course knowledge & MTP           All prior course knowledge &                                               All prior course knowledge       DBQ, Binder Checks
Americans and Women in the era.
                                         procedure                                  SQ3R procedure                        PRIOR KNOWLEDGE
-Appraise the effectiveness of John
                                                                                                                          All prior course knowledge.          BELL RINGER/DO NOW               PRIOR KNOWLEDGE
Adams’ Presidency
                                         BELL RINGER/DO NOW                         BELL RINGER/DO NOW                                                         AP-style Reading Check –         Course content up to date
-Demonstrate growing mastery of
                                         Quote Response: Henry Lee “First in        Q.W.: Given Washington’s              BELL RINGER/DO NOW                   Bio of John Adams (10 min)       and DBQ procedure.
course skills and practice composting
                                         war, first in peace, first in the hearts   popularity, do you think Adams        Finish SQ3R (10 min.)
a DBQ with at least 5 document
                                         of his countrymen.” Why & when do          likely had an easy victory in the                                          POWERFUL PRACTICE(S)             BELL RINGER/DO NOW
references and 3 outside references
                                         you think Lee said this about              election of 1796? Why or why          POWERFUL PRACTICE(S)                 Step 1: Full class discussion    Read each document and
                                         Washington? Do you think it was            not? (5 min)                          Step 1: TT w/Cornell Notes –         of Adams’ presidency             quickly outline your essay (5
                                         likely true? Why? (5 min)                                                        Race & Gender in early US (10        (Neutrality, Judiciary Act,      min.)
Information Resources:
                                                                                    POWERFUL PRACTICE(S)                  min.)                                Build up of the Navy, intro to
How to Write a Sentence… pp.34-45,
                                         POWERFUL PRACTICE(S)                       Step 1: Full class discussion, 2      Step 2 : Ind. read & summary,        Alien and Sedition Acts) (5      POWERFUL PRACTICE(S)
1796 Election worksheets, First 2
                                         Step 1: TT w/Cornell notes on the          party system including review of      Washington’s Manor House             min.)                            Step 1: DBQ – The Alien and
Party System documents, Excerpts
                                         accomplishments of Washington (10          comparison chart on the parties       Slave List & various quotes on       Step 2: Paired read & VSS –      Sedition Acts (45 min.)
from: Washington’s Farewell
                                         min)                                       (10 min.)                             Republican Motherhood/Proto-         The XYZ Affair (20 min.)                       And
Address, Washington’s Slave List,
                                         Step 2: Socratic seminar: women,           Step 2: Paired completion of 1786     Feminism (15 min.)                   Step 3: Full class vocabulary    Step 1: Binder Checks (45
various quote compilations, David
                                         Africans, and the poor in                  polling worksheets (20 min.)          Step 3: Venn creation,               list creation from VSS (10       min.)
McCullough’s John Adams
                                         Washington’s America (20 min)              Step 3: Begin SQ3R – The First        comparing and contrasting            min.)
                                         Step 3: MTP – Washington’s Farewell        Two Party System (10 min.)            women’s and African-                 Step 3: Timeline Flash Card      EXIT ACTIVITY
Instructional Tools:
                                         Address & analysis questions (15                                                 American’s roles in early US (10     creation – Presidencies of       N/A
Binders, exit slips, SQ3R form, DBQ
                                         min)                                       EXIT ACTIVITY                         min.)                                Washington of Adams (5
                                                                                    Would you have been a Federalist                                           min.)                            HOMEWORK
                                         EXIT ACTIVITY                              or a Democratic-Republican?           EXIT ACTIVITY                                                         Begin reading United States
Common Core Standards
                                         N/A                                        Why? (5 min.)                         Who had less power in this           EXIT ACTIVITY                    History… pp. 121-133, 136-
ccsrh2, ccsrh3, ccsrh4, ccsrh5,                                                                                           period, women or African-            N/A                              139
ccsrh8, ccsw1a                           HOMEWORK                                   HOMEWORK                              Americans (free & slave)? Why?
                                         Work on Fish & Cornell notes &             Work on Fish & Cornell notes &                                            HOMEWORK
ACT CRS:                                 Finish MTP                                 work on the SQ3R.                      HOMEWORK                           Finish on Fish & Cornell
Reading 16-19:                                                                                                             Work on Fish & Cornell notes.      notes.
MI&AA, SD, REL, MOW, & GEN               VOCABULARY/ WORDS TO KNOW: Providence, infringement, amendment, committee, federalist, anti-federalist, Democratic-Republican, public consent, popular government,
                                         separation of powers, legislative, executive, judicial, enumeration, establishment, clause, quasi-war, Franco, diplomacy, international relations, neutrality, republican motherhood,
                                         feminism, proto, political economy, manor, alien, sedition, nullification.
                                         SPED MODIFICATION: Verbal directions in clearly stated steps, student summarize for understanding, extra examples for new & difficult vocabulary/concepts, choices for
                                         responses, embedded Q&A choices, student response volunteers, extended time for task completion, repeated verbal instruction, explanation of directions w/ concrete examples
                                         REMEDIATION PROCESS: Review and extension in different forms on core material

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