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 January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                 SMALL NEWS IS BIG NEWS                                                                      Volume 4, Issue 108

                                                                                                                                                       NRC Upholds Ruling
Full House Present for Yorktown Inauguration                                                                                                           Forcing Indian Point
By Sylvan Lane
   Close to 150 people crammed into
Yorktown’s Town Hall Sunday as the
                                                                                                                                                       to Review Measures
town rang in the New Year with the
inauguration of six elected officials, three
                                                                                                                                                       for Relicensing
of which are serving their first terms at                                                                                                              By Rick Pezzullo
their new positions.                                                                                                                                      The federal Nuclear Regulatory
   “Today is a special day for the Town                                                                                                                Commission (NRC) has rejected an
of Yorktown,” said Councilman Terrance                                                                                                                 attempt by the owners of the Indian Point
Murphy, who gave the ceremony’s                                                                                                                        nuclear power plants to seek relicensing
opening remarks and presided over the                                                                                                                  without completing legally required
inauguration with fellow Councilman                                                                                                                    analyses of the Buchanan facility’s severe
Vishnu Patel and Town Justice Salvatore                                                                                                                accident mitigation measures.
Lagonia.                                                                                                                                                  Entergy, owners of Indian Point, had
   Jan. 1 marked the first day of the terms                                                                                                            challenged a July 15 ruling by the Atomic
of Town Justice Gary J. Raniolo (R),                                                                                                                   Safety and Licensing Board, which
Councilman David Paganelli (R), and                                                                                                                    supported a stance taken by state Attorney
Town Supervisor Michael Grace (R).                                                                                                                     General Eric Schneiderman.
Michael Kaplowitz (D) and John Testa (R)                                                                                                                   “While Entergy might prefer to treat
were re-elected as County Legislators, as                                                                                                              severe accidents as impossibilities, the
was Nicholas J. Bianco (R) as Councilman.                                                                                                              millions of people who live and work
   Following the official entrance of the                                                                                  SYlvan lane Photo           near Indian Point rightfully expect more,”
six officials with bagpipes, the recitation                                                                                                            Schneiderman said about the Dec. 22 NRC
                                               Yorktown’s newest town supervisor Michael Grace is sworn in during Sunday’s inauguration ceremony.      decision. “My office will continue to take
                      continued on page 11
                                                                                                                                                       every action necessary to ensure Indian
                                                                                                                                                       Point complies with all applicable laws
                                                                            Popp Named ‘Man of the Year’                                               and regulations, and that the surrounding
                                                                                                                                                       communities are protected.”
                                                                       Dr. Mike Popp, vice president of the Yorktown Chamber of                           As part of the relicensing process,
                                                                     Commerce, was designated “Man of the Year” by the Hudson Valley                   nuclear power plants are mandated to
                                                                     Occupational Medicine Center, which is affiliated with the Mount                  identify the environmental impacts that
                                                                     Sinai Irving J. Selikoff Center for Occupational and Environmental                could be caused by a severe accident and
                                                                     Medicine. Popp has been the program director for the Lower Hudson                 provide analyses of actions facilities could
                                                                     Building and Construction Trades Employee Assistance Program                      take to protect the public if an accident
                                                                     for over 22 years. He is also a member of Laborers Local 601. The                 were to occur. In its environmental
                                                                     program serves union members and their families in the Hudson                     review, Entergy identified such measures
                                                                     Valley dealing with problems that affect them on or off the job.                  at Indian Point units II and III, including
                                                                       “In grateful recognition of your dedication and commitment to                   flood protection and auxiliary power
                                                                     the health and safety of our patients and workers across the Hudson               improvements.
                                                                     Valley,” reads the inscription on the award.                                         Schneiderman had argued that the NRC
                                                                       Popp is a Vietnam veteran and retired New York City police officer.             is obligated to require Entergy complete
                                                                     He has been decorated in both uniforms.                                           a review of cost beneficial measures
                                                                       Pictured left to right: John Gentile, C.W.A. Local 1103, chairman               or require the measures be adopted,
                                                                     of the board and Dr. Mike Popp.                                                                          continued on page 2

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2                                                                                   January 3 - January 9, 2012                                             The Northern Westchester Examiner

                                                                                                                                                        HVHC Offers Smoking
Ossining Inaugurates Town, Village Trustees                                                                                                             Cession Program
By Sam Barron
                                             SaM Barron Photo
   The Village and Town of Ossining                                                                                                                        When making their list of New Year’s
kicked off the New Year by inaugurating                                                                                                                 resolutions, for many quit smoking
village and town trustees.                                                                                                                              appears. Hudson Valley Hospital Center
   Bob Daraio and Manuel Quezada                                                                                                                        (HVHC) is offering a four-week smoking
joined the Ossining Village Board while                                                                                                                 cessation program to help members of the
Eric Blaha joined the Ossining Town                                                                                                                     community stop smoking. The program
Board. Geoffrey Harter kicked off his                                                                                                                   is offered to reinforce the message that
sixth term on the town board.                                                                                                                           quitting is possible.
   Sue Donnelly took over as Ossining’s                                                                                                                    Sara Oppenheim will host the smoking
new town supervisor in place of                                                                                                                         cessation workshop every Thursday in
Catherine Borgia. She was inaugurated as                                                                                                                January at 6 p.m. at the Dempsey House,
Westchester County Legislator of District                                                                                                               1992 Crompond Road, Cortlandt Manor.
9, which represents Ossining, Croton,                                                                                                                   Each week, the group will work towards
and parts of Cortlandt and Peekskill.                                                                                                                   reaching that final goal with planning
   Daraio said he was very excited to                                                                                                                   and interactive techniques to ensure the
begin his service on the village board. In                                                                                                              support needed. In addition, hospital
preparation for his term, Daraio sat in on                                                                                                              employees will receive reduced-priced
budget meetings throughout November,                                                                                                                    patches, lozenges and nicotine gum.
learning how the village operates.                                                                                                                         HVHC, which has been a tobacco-
   “I watched every department head                                                                                                                     free campus for six years, is dedicated to
justify ever nickel being spent,” Daraio                                                                                                                assisting people find the support and the
said. “I was so impressed with how much                                                                                                                 tools needed to help stop smoking.
they really care. It gives me great hope                                                                                                                   Studies show that smoking is linked
for the future.”                           Westchester County District 9 legislator and former ossining town supervisor Catherine Borgia is sworn in    to coronary heart disease, emphysema
   Quezada said he plans on giving 150 during Sunday’s ceremony.                                                                                        and throat cancer as well as some other
percent to the village board. Quezada,                                                                                                                  serious diseases such as leukemia,
an Ecuadorian, said he looks forward           looking forward to serve.                            part of town government. On Tuesday we
                                                                                                                                                        pneumonia and cancers of the cervix,
to representing Ossining’s burgeoning            “I am excited to get started,” Blaha said. get back to work.”
                                                                                                                                                        kidneys, pancreas and stomach. About 46
Ecuadorian community.                          “I hope to see more of the people in this               Borgia said she was grateful to everyone
                                                                                                                                                        million Americans smoke. The New York
   “It means a lot to me,” Quezada said. “I    room.”                                               that helped her in her campaign, and is
                                                                                                                                                        State Health Department has a public
look forward to working with the village         For Harter, inaugurations have become happy to leave the town in good shape.
                                                                                                                                                        awareness campaign that offers help to
board and improving what we have done.”        old hat for him, though he said his sixth               “I was sad to leave a job I love, but I am
                                                                                                                                                        smokers seeking to quit. To find out more
   Blaha said joining the town board was a inauguration was just as exciting as his first. excited for this new challenge,” Borgia said.                about it, visit or http://
great way to begin his 2012 and said he is       “I enjoy it,” Harter said. “This is the fun “ I am feeling optimistic.”

                                                                                                     NRC Upholds Ruling Forcing Indian Point to
                                                                                                     Review Measures for Relicensing
                                                                                                     Continued from Page 1

                                                                                                     consistent with the NRC’s own regulations.        week that John Ventosa has been named
                                                                                                        The NRC is currently reviewing a 20-           vice president at Indian Point, making
                                                                                                     year relicensing application from Entergy.        him the top official at the plant responsible
                                                                                                     Recently, Schneiderman joined a petition          for its overall management. He has been
                                                                                                     effort urging the NRC to reexamine                working at Indian Point since 1991.
                                                                                                     operating limitations at the aging Indian           “I look forward to working closely with
                                                                                                     Point reactors and lower the reactor’s            the 1,100 dedicated Entergy employees
                                                                                                     operating temperatures to increase safety         at Indian Point as we continue to safely
                                                                                                     and reduce the risk of a meltdown in the          operate this important resource,” Ventosa
                                                                                                     event of an accident.                             said.
                                                                                                        Meanwhile, Entergy announced last


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Siegel Looks Back on Being Yorktown Supervisor
By Faith Ann Butcher                                                                                                 In addition to the government reforms,        desire for more police services, road paving,
   When Susan Siegel was elected as town                                                                          Siegel helped put the new emergency              ball fields and drainage system upgrades,”
supervisor in Yorktown in 2009, she did                                                                           notification system in place, implemented        Seigel said. “Until we begin to distinguish
so with the mission of bringing good                                                                              the first full time fire safety inspection       between needs and wishes, and to prioritize
government back to the people and making                                                                          program and broke the ground of the long         our needs, we will continue to spend limited
government more transparent. As her term                                                                          delayed improvements to the senior center.       tax dollars in an unplanned, ad hoc fashion
as supervisor has passed Siegel looks back                                                                           Siegel also made government more              that responds more to political expediency
on her time as supervisor as promises kept,                                                                       accessible and transparent to Yorktown           than dire emergency. The difficult – and
as much as they could be.                                                                                         residents by having information uploaded         painful – process of setting priorities and
   Siegel is proud of the fact that she was able                                                                  to the town website for anyone to see. She       making choices has to start at the top, with
to lay the groundwork for putting the town’s                                                                      also sent out a monthly emailed newsletter       our elected officials.”
finances in order. It was her request in a                                                                        and filmed two shows for the government            Although she will no longer be sitting
letter to the state comptroller’s office that                                                                     channel.                                         in the supervisor’s seat, Siegel intends
asked for risk assessment that instigated                                                                            Of the many things that Siegel was able to    on remaining a fixture at the town board
the audit that would later uncover that                                                                           accomplish in two years, there were some         meetings.
millions of dollars had been spent without                                                                        thing disappointments and items that could         “I was going to the town board meetings
the soliciting of competitive bids.                                                                               just not be crossed of the list.                 long before I was elected supervisor and I
   By the time the audit results were released                                                                       Siegel said that of all her disappointments   will continue to attend the meetings,” Siegel
in August 2011, more than 80 percent of the                                                                       her greatest one was not being able to get the   said. She will resurrect her website “Citizens
auditors’ recommendations were already                                                                            Hallock Mill residents on the town sewers.       for an Informed Yorktown,” found online at
put in place. She also found additional                                                                           Siegel’s efforts to help get the residents who, and she will post recaps of the
revenue sources for the town and had                       Yorktown Supervisor Susan Siegel                       have septic systems hooked up to the town        town, planning and zoning board meetings.
assisted in having the back taxes that were                                                                       septic treatment plant began before she even       “Working for good government and
owned to the town be rectified.                              “[Siegel has] done tremendous things for             took office. The problem was not one that        overcoming voter apathy are part of my
   “Government, at all levels, needs money                 this town,” Yorktown resident Ann Cutter               affected Siegel personally. Her home was         DNA and I hope that circumstances will
to operate,” Siegel said. “It’s that simple.               said. “She did what she said she was going             already hooked up to the town sewers. She        permit me to continue to work towards
And it’s the job of all elected officials,                 to do which was to fix the bottom line.                was an advocate of it because in her eyes, it    achieving these goals,” Siegel said.
but especially the supervisor, to manage                   Good government was really her passion                 was right for Yorktown. Holdups between            Siegel ran for re-election this past
taxpayer money in the most efficient way                   and I think we are all better off for it.”             the city and the state environmental             November in a three-way race. She collected
possible so that town government can                         Former supervisor Linda Cooper, who                  departments have put the efforts on hold.        2.316 votes while one of her opponents,
provide its residents with the services they               served from 1995 to 2007, agreed. “I                      Siegel also cited not being able to get the   Don Peters, received 2,847 votes. Michael
have come to expect at a price they can                    thank [Siegel] for the care, intelligence and          town board to adopt a long term capital          Grace won the election by garnering 3,078
afford.”                                                   diligent pursuit of good government that               plan as a disappointment.                        votes.
   Siegel has been commended for her                       [she has] and will continue to represent,”                “We have to make choices between our            Grace was sworn into office as the new
persistent pursuit of good government.                     Cooper said.                                           desire for limited tax increases and our         Yorktown town supervisor on Jan. 1.

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4                                                                            January 3 - January 9, 2012                                      The Northern Westchester Examiner

Martorano Reflects on 20 Years of Service to Yorktown
By Faith Ann Butcher                           she, a Republican town supervisor who         goal that never came into fruition
  New Year’s Eve marked not only the           served from 1995 to 2007, appointed           because of the short-term solution,”
end of 2011, but for James Martorano, it       Martorano, a Democrat, as her deputy          Martorano said. “We never put the
closed the chapter of a 20-year career as      twice.                                        money aside or bonded because it
a Yorktown councilman. In reflection of           Over the past 20 years, Yorktown has       was too painful in the short term
the time he served, Martorano revealed         faced a number of polarizing issues and       to reach the long term goal. The
the lessons learned and the values that he     Martorano said that he always looked          immediate gratification of a budget
kept along the way.                            at his town as one community when he          trumps the needed senior center
  Martorano, 63, has served under five         made his decisions.                           for the long term.”
different supervisors and along with 10           “We are not Democrats or Republicans,         He sees similar short-term fixes
other council members throughout his           Conservatives or Liberals, we are             that he thinks will impede the long-
tenure.                                        Yorktown,” Martorano said. “What unites       term goals of the town: fees, the
  In any decision he made on the board,        us is far greater than what divides us and    Cablevision contract, the spending
he said he always remembered three             unfortunately that gets blurred. I always     of the surplus and the two-percent
things—that he was there to serve the          try to go back every time there was a         property tax cap.
people of Yorktown, not to be involved         divisive issue in the town.”                     “The tax cap makes political
in party politics or gossip and that his          The greatest words of wisdom               sense,” Martorano said. “People
job was to try to help make people’s lives     Martorano thinks he can pass along is         are concerned about taxes and you
better.                                        not lose sight of the long term goals by      need to be cognizant about that.
  “I have always tried to be the voice of      implementing short term solutions.            Municipalities, the school board
reason and civility on the town board,”           “Partisanship politics and the need to     on up, do have a responsibility to
Martorano, who works for the Legal Aid         get elected are short-term needs that hurt    maintain a reasonable and tight
Society as a trial lawyer in the Bronx,        the long term goals,” said Martorano. “It     tax structure. But the tax cap says
said. “I never tried to have a preconceived    is only a coincidence that if you make a      that no matter what your long term
notion; I would always be willing to hear      political decision and it is good for the     issues are we are going to make it James Martorano
people out.”                                   town in the long term. Sometimes it is,       politically difficult for you to raise
  “[Martorano leaves] a legacy of fairness,”   but it really just a coincidence. That is a   the tax levy. If you have problems            and streams and trails and trees and
said former town supervisor Aaron Bock,        problem. The only way you can govern          that will take an infusion of funds you wildlife. I wanted to maintain that for
who won his seat along with Martorano          effectively is if you don’t worry about       have to bite the bullet and go against what posterity. I think that will be maintained.
in 1991. “His talent, skill of listening       being re-elected.”                            is politically correct so you can do what That is important for our children’s
and being fair-minded to everyone who             His biggest disappointment, not having     is right for the town, but that is unlikely grandchildren.”
comes before him is a testament to his         the town build a standalone senior center,    to happen if you are worries about getting      Martorano is quick to tell you that he
own integrity, longevity and success.”         was a result of the short-term solutions.     re-elected.”                                  cannot take full credit for anything that
  It was his sincerity and reasonability          “[The senior center] is a long term           In addition to being a positive role model the town has accomplished.
that Linda Cooper found appealing when                                                       on the board and in politics, it is the long-   “Everything I did was part of a ‘we,’
                                                                                             term plans, that the town has adopted over it was part of a town board that had the
                     Advertise With Us, It Works!                                            the last two decades that Martorano is wisdom and wherewithal to protect the
                                                                                             most proud. The comprehensive plan and environment and have a vision,” said
                                                                                             the various environmental legislations Martorano. “I take no personal credit, it is
                                                                                             that Martorano has helped pass are what only as part of the team that went in there
                                                                                             he believes will be his lasting legacy.       and made the right decisions,”
                                                                                                “The completion of the comprehensive         For the immediate future Martorano
                                                                                             plan that took eight years to do and it was intends on taking a break, but he has not
                   Mount Kisco Medical Group:                                                controversial to do,” said Martorano. “It ruled out another run for political office
                                                                                             raised all kinds of issues that short term in the future.
       “MKMG has definitely benefited from advertising in The                                you don’t want to raise such as zoning but      “Right now my goal is to help Michael
      Examiner. With the three different editions, we are able to                            it sets the course for the town for the next Grace and the town board succeed,”
                                                                                             40 to 50 years.”                              said Martorano. “If they succeed all of
         reach patients and potential patients in Putnam and                                    Thinking of not current Yorktown Yorktown succeeds. If I am called upon I
    Westchester Counties. The Examiner is a GREAT paper with                                 residents, but the generations to come, will help in any way I can.”
                                                                                             Martorano thinks his commitment to the          Martorano was defeated in his pursuit
                       GREAT people behind it!”                                              environment will be his biggest legacy.       for a sixth term in November. Dave
              Westchester Ballet, Yorktown Heights:                                             “We saved 3,200 acres of open Paganelli was elected to the town board
                                                                                             space during my 20 years on the and Councilman Nick Bianco won his bid
      “We would like to acknowledge the numerous inquiries and                               board,” Martorano said. “We raised for re-election.
      subsequent registration of new students that were the direct                           the consciousness of the environment.           Both Paganelli and Bianco were sworn
                                                                                             Yorktown is a beautiful town that has a into office on Jan. 1 at Yorktown Town
    result of the ads we ran in the paper, proving the Examiner to                           complement of things. It has five business Hall.
       be an influential print medium throughout Westchester.”                               hamlets but it also has beautiful lakes

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                 914-864-0878                                                         January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                                                                        5

‘Time to Celebrate’ at the Yorktown Museum
By Faith Ann Butcher                           are really the most important things.”            In the Woodlands Room you can learn
  The Yorktown Museum is a treasure              To Pruzan each clock is a muse and it           about Westchester's first inhabitants, the

                                                                                                                                                    FaIth ann BUtCher Photo
to the community and its newest exhibit        inspires her as to what she will put inside it.   Mohegan Indians. Then in the Arthur
"Time to Celebrate" is a potpourri of many       Nancy Augustowski, archivist at                 C. Lee Room discover the farming tools
wishes and dreams that all fit in old clock    Yorktown Museum, then used the clock              that were once used in the region while
cases.                                         vignettes as the centerpiece of each display      one can see what a two room home of
  A series of vignettes enclosed in old        in the “Time to Celebrate” exhibit.               the 1750s-1850s would look like in the
clock cases, created by Carole and Neal          “I tried to make it so that the other           Sylia Thorne Rooms.
Pruzan, that represent venues and holiday      objects in the display would relate to the            A HO scale model train layout of
memories, are on display in the main           scene in the clock,” Augustowski said. “We        the Yorktown Depot area circa 1950 in
hallway. Additional shadowbox vignettes        have a display that is all about music and        the Bob McKeand Room is a favorite of
created by the Pruzana are showcased in        another one that is just about cookies.”          railroad enthusiasts young and old.        Carole and neal Pruzan created vignette displays out of
the Marjorie Johnson Room of miniatures.         The pieces that she uses have been                The library also provides resource old clocks, which are the cornerstone of the “time to
  “I was a middle school art teacher for       donated to the museum, mostly by                  material for delving into genealogy, Celebrate” exhibit now open at the Yorktown Museum.
many years and several times a year I          residents, through the years. To bring            local area history and antiques. The
                                                                                                                                                Yorktown Heights.
would bring in doll houses and I would         out the festive spirit of the holidays,           map collections as well as old records and
                                                                                                                                                   It is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from
be amazed how the students would love to       Augustowski also placed classic Christmas         documents are available in the Doris and
                                                                                                                                                11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from 1
play with the stuff inside,” Carole Pruzan     storybooks throughout the exhibit.                Cortland Auser Research Room for study
                                                                                                                                                to 4 p.m.
said. “When I retired I needed an avenue         “Time to Celebrate” is on display until         and research.
                                                                                                                                                   For more information, call 914-962-2970
for my creativity and this was perfect. You    the end of February.                                The museum is located on the third floor
                                                                                                                                                or email
have to cut. You have to paste. You have to      In addition to the exhibit, visitors can        of Yorktown Community and Cultural
paint. You have to plan and design which       view the permanent museum showcases.              Center, located at 1974 Commerce Street,

Drivers with Suspended Licenses Crash on Bear Mtn Pkwy
By Rick Pezzullo                               driving,” Peekskill Police Lieutenant Eric        driver’s license over the years, according to                              Following that crash, Cortlandt officials
   A late night crash last week on the Bear    Johansen said. “It was clearly the fault of       Johansen. O’Leary was also charged with                                  immediately called on the state Department
Mountain Parkway in Peekskill involving        O’Leary. Her actions could have had grave         reckless driving and improper lane usage.                                of Transportation to construct a median
two drivers with suspended licenses sent       consequences. It’s a dangerous enough                The accident came nearly three weeks                                  on the parkway but the DOT said a $60
five people to the hospital.                   intersection as it is because of the hill. He     after a 27-year-old Lake Peekskill man                                   million capital improvements project on a
   According to Peekskill police, Jade         (Carter) had no chance.”                          was killed in a head-on crash near Locust                                portion of the roadway had been delayed
O’Leary, 20, of Hudson, N.Y. was heading         O’Leary and Carter both suffered leg            Avenue on the Bear Mountain Parkway in                                   from 2012 to 2017 because of the difficult
east in a Hyundai SUV near the Highland        injuries and were transported by ambulance        which he was a passenger.                                                economy.
Avenue exit about 11:30 p.m. December 28       to Westchester Medical Center, along with
when she attempted to pass a car in front of   O’Leary’s three passengers, all of whom
her and collided head-on with a westbound      suffered facial lacerations.
Mercedes, driven by Ronald Carter, 46, of        Both drivers were charged with
Peekskill.                                     aggravated unlicensed operation, O’Leary
   “It doesn’t happen every day. Neither       in the third degree and Carter in the second
one of them should have been on the road       degree, since he had 17 suspensions on his

              Cortlandt Community Survey
   Cortlandt is looking for input as it        a cost effective manner. Many of the
creates its community climate action plan.     recommendations will actually result in
It is asking residents and business owners     cost savings for the community.
to complete a brief survey to help identify      For more information about the project
the community’s priorities.                    and the answer the survey, visit www.
   The climate action plan will include
recommendations for how the municipal            The project was fully funded by the
government and the broader community           New York State Energy Research and
can reduce fossil fuel consumption,            Development Authority.
to lessen environmental impacts in

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                     REHAB AT THE RIDGE
            Our team will help you rebuild confidence to ensure
     that you return to your independent lifestyle as quickly as possible.
 • Post-Acute Care                    Offering care for complex
 • Outstanding Rehab Team                 medical situations
 • Therapy Available                    including wound care,
   7 Days/Week                        pain management, multi-
                                      ple traumas, IV antibiotic
 • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care           therapy and Trach care.
 • Wound Care                                                                                               Fo r i n f o r m a t i o n c a l l: M a r k B l a n d f o r d 9 1 4 - 7 7 3 - 6 2 4 2
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                      “When you can’t be here.”                                                     T: 914-773-6249 • F: 914-773-6259 • www.diamondproperties. com
6                                                                      January 3 - January 9, 2012                                              The Northern Westchester Examiner

              To advertise in
    The Northern WestchesterExaminer,
            call 914-864-0878
                  or e-mail                  State DOT is Putting Lives at Risk by Delaying BMP Median
    Adam Stone                            Government agencies are always quick to       licenses.                                           agencies at all levels seem to relish, and          justify their decisions by claiming financial      Since 2001, there have been more than            the price we pay, unfortunately, at times is
    Publisher                           hardship, even when their inaction              200 accidents on the span, more than 60             precious lives.
    Laura Markowski                     jeopardizes the safety of individuals they      injuries, three fatalities and countless near      are empowered to try to represent and           misses as anyone who has driven on the

    Associate Publisher                 protect.                                        windy four-mile roadway can attest to.

                                                                                                                                               r Web Poll
                                          The New York State Department                 In several sections, its layout is ideal for
    Peter Stone          of Transportation (DOT) recently                daredevil motorists.
    Chief Financial Officer             announced it was putting off a planned             Cortlandt officials have been lobbying
                                        $60 million capital project to reconstruct      the DOT for years to make safety
    Peter Gerken                        the Bear Mountain Parkway, including the        improvements but it’s apparent their pleas
    Director of Operations              installation of a long-sought after median,     have fallen on deaf ears. Why else would                 Last week's poll question: Do you
                                        in Cortlandt and Peekskill from 2012 to         the DOT delay a clearly needed project five            think the economy will improve in
    Faith Ann Butcher                                                                                                                          2012?        2017.                                           years? Out of sight, out of mind, this project
    Editor-in-Chief                       DOT officials blamed the delay on the         could easily drop off the state’s radar.                               Results:
    Martin Wilbur                       economic downturn, explaining, “the                What is it going to take for the state to                      Yes - 76 percent         project has been pushed back because it         finally give the work a green light? Three                        No - 24 percent
    Assistant editor                    does not fit into our capital program focus.”   more deaths? Dozens of crushed metal and
    Rick Pezzullo                         In the meantime, a 27-year-old Lake           limbs?                                                      This week’s poll question:       Peekskill man who was a passenger in a             The DOT has concluded none of the                   Was Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s first year
    Contributing Editor                 vehicle was killed on the roadway in early      accidents over the last 10 years were due to                   in office a success?
    Bill Primavera                      December, and last week five people were        the road geometrics. All were blamed on      injured in a two-car head-on collision          human error.                                             Visit
    Real Estate Editor                  involving two drivers with suspended               Passing the buck, something government                         today to vote.
    Neal Rentz

                                        Op-Ed: Don’t Frack With Our New Yorkers
    Sam Barron
                                                                       Fracking, the    to learn that many of these hardworking             process
    Dina Spalvieri                                 controversial        families saw as much as a 90 percent                   •	      Reimburse	 property	 owners	 150	
    Ad Designer                                                    d r i l l i n g      devaluation of their home values because            percent of the real estate’s market value
    Ray Gallagher                                                  technique that       of this big money industry coming into              of property based on estimates prior to                                 uses         high-   their backyards. The hydrofracking process          drilling and 100 percent of the cost for full
    Sports Editor                                                  pressure water,      caused contamination to their ground water          remediation of soil and water in the event
    Stan Gitner                                                    chemicals and        and soil, which ultimately destroyed their          that there’s any contamination
    Freelance Photographer                                         sand to crack        property. In addition, this contamination              •	      Provide	property	owners	with	free	
    Nick Antonaccio                                                shale and release    led to livestock birth defects and deaths and,      medical monitoring for life                                natural gas, has     as you can imagine, this caused the families           •	      Conduct	 an	 appraisal	 of	
    Wine Columnist                                                 quickly become       to suffer operating losses.                         landowner’s property before signing
    Jeff Ohlbaum                                                   one of the most         The only way to protect all New Yorkers          lease agreement using three independent                                   contentious          from the financial and health risks                 appraisers at the cost of the company
    Community Outreach Manager          By Greg Ball               environmental        associated with the chemical concoction                •	      Conduct	 environmental	 impact	
    Paul Cardi                                                     issues in recent     used in the hydraulic fracturing process is         assessment process similar to New York’s          years because of concerns over pollution,       to enact a “Property Owner’s Bill of Rights”        SEQR Process to assess the potential
    Senior Account Excecutive           spills and contamination of drinking water.     (S5879). With this legislation, these are           dangers for hydraulic fracturing
    Nina Harrison                       With the recent report released by the          some of the key items natural gas companies            We cannot allow our state to become part       Department of Environmental Conservation        will be mandated to do:                             of the “Gasland” online map— we must draw
    Account Executive
                                        regarding hydraulic fracturing as a method         •	      Fully	 disclose	 all	 chemicals	 used	   the line in the sand for property owners here
    Patty Winter                        of extracting natural gas, it’s time to focus   and all compounds created from the                  and now. Without a system to protect our        on how property owners will be affected and     fracking process                                    property, health and financial well being, oil
    Account Executive                   how best to protect them.                          •	      Inform	 the	 Division	 of	 Oil,	 Gas,	   and gas companies will continue to rake in

                                          In August of this year, I went on a tour      and Geothermal Resources what chemicals             profits while raking communities over the
                                        of Bradford County, PA and spoke to             were injected, the source of water used, how        proverbial coals.
                          MEDIA         property owners about the real impact           much water was used, and whether any                   Greg Ball is New York’s 40th District
              also publishes            of hydraulic fracturing. I was shocked          radioactive components resulted from the            senator.

                                                                                                                                                Letters Policy
                                          In the Dec. 20 issue of The Northern Westchester Examiner, the article titled "PV Man
                                        to Explore Running Galef for Assembly Seat," read that potential 90th Assembly hopeful                  We invite readers to share their thoughts
                                        Dario Gristina was a member of the Democratic Party. Gristina is a Republican. The                   by sending letters to the editor. Please
    PO Box 611, Mount Kisco, NY 10549                                                                                                        limit comments to 250 words. We will
                                        Northern Westchester Examiner regrets the error.                                                     do our best to print all letters, but are
             914-864-0878                                                                                                               limited by space constraints. Letters are
                                                                                                                                             subject to editing and may be withheld from
           SMALL NEWS                                                                                                                        publication on the discretion of the editor.
           IS BIG NEWS                           Small NewS iS BiG NewS                                                                      Please refrain from personal attacks. Email
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     Member                                                                                                                                  The Putnam Examiner requires that all letter
                                                                       914-864-0878                                                          writers provide their name, address and
                                                                                                                                             contact information.                                                         January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                                                7

 Police Blotter
              STATE POLICE                      Gibson, a 20-year old Mohegan Lake               allegedly burning a staff member at BOCES       County Jail.
                                                resident, Rayshawn Sharrock, a 30-year old       with a cigarette lighter and attempting to
  WEDNESDAY, DEC. 28                            Peekskill resident and Leozy Culberson, a        burn another staff member while the staff         WEDNESDAY, DEC. 21
                                                32-year old Mohegan Lake resident.               member was attempting to restrain him.
  1:40 a.m.— New York State Police                All four subjects were charged with            He was released on his own recognizance            1:10 p.m.— Patrick Allen, a 40-year old
in Somers arrested Sarah Wilson, a 32-          Burglary in the 2nd Degree, a Felony and         and is due in for counseling on January 5       Peekskill resident, was arrested and charged
year old Mahopac resident, and charged          were remanded to Westchester County Jail.        at 9 a.m.                                       with Petit Larceny, a Class A Misdemeanor,
her with Driving While Intoxicated and                                                                                                           after allegedly stealing a TV set from Rite
Aggravated Driving While Intoxicated.             SATURDAY, DEC. 31                                8:35 p.m.— A 16-year old Peekskill            Aid. He was held for arraignment.
Wilson was arrested subsequent to being                                                          resident was arrested and charged with
involved in a property damage automobile          10 p.m.— New York State Police                 Petit Larceny, a Class A Misdemeanor,             7:45 p.m.— Ikeen Greenhill, a 19-year
accident on Route 118 in the Town of            conducted a Fixed Sobriety Checkpoint            for allegedly stealing $129.98 worth of         old White Plains resident, was arrested
Somers. Investigation revealed Wilson           on the Taconic State Parkway at the ramp         merchandise from Sears in Jefferson Valley.     and charged with Criminal Possession of a
to be intoxicated, with a BAC of .21%.          to ST-202 in the Town of Yorktown which          She was released on her own recognizance        Controlled Substance in the 3rd Degree, a
Wilson was issued Uniform Traffic Tickets       yielded the following arrest:                    and is due back in court on Jan. 24 at 6 p.m.   Class B Felony and Criminal Possession of
returnable to the Town of Somers Court on         Susan Kessler, a 56-year old New York                                                          a Controlled Substance in the 4th Degree,
January 4 at 5:30 p.m.                          City resident, was arrested for DWI.                            PEEKSKILL                        a Class C Felony, after allegedly being
                                                Kessler was arrested and processed without                                                       in possession of crack cocaine which he
  11:15 a.m.— New York State Police             incident and issued traffic tickets returnable     TUESDAY, DEC. 20                              intended to sell.
received a 911 call regarding a possible        to the Town of Yorktown Court on Jan. 8 at
residential burglary in progress at             6 p.m.                                             2:05 p.m.— Jeffrey Winters, a 22-year           THURSDAY, DEC. 22
Lexington Ave. in the Town of Cortlandt.                                                         old Buchanan resident, and Jesse Maxwell,
Police responded and through witness                            YORKTOWN                         a 21-year old Buchanan resident, were             10:50 p.m.— Juan Aguilar-Perez, a 32-
interviews and evidence at the scene,                                                            arrested and charged with Criminal              year old Peekskill resident, was arrested
were able to obtain descriptions of the           FRIDAY, DEC. 23                                Possession of a Forged Instrument in the        and charged with DWI on North Division
perpetrators involved and items stolen                                                           1st Degree, a Class C Felony, after allegedly   Street. He was released on his own
from the residence. A search of the area          8:17 a.m.— A 15-year old Mt. Vernon            passing counterfeit $20 bills throughout        recognizance.
led to the arrests of Sheriffe Baker, a 23-     resident was arrested and charged with           Peekskill. They are arraigned in Peekskill
year old Cortlandt Manor resident, Elmetia      two counts of Juvenile Delinquency after         City Court and remanded to Westchester

Art, Music, Poetry, History - One Night, One Place
   You like music, they like poetry. You like   an America prior to the 1960's civil rights      Person’s “All Soul”. He
history, they like art. Now, you can all get    movement through an America still                has also performed and
together at the Bean Runner Cafe where          struggling with racism and oppression.           recorded with Carman
the menu will satisfy everyone’s tastes.        In Kearsley’s paintings, figures and             McCrae, Jaki Byard,
Artist Hank Kearsley’s exhibit of two highly    backgrounds are built from simplified bold       John       Abercrombie,
acclaimed series, “History: the Black West”     graphic shapes with richly layered surfaces      Chet Baker, Claudio
and “Slavery” opens on Saturday, January        of pure color applied in various techniques,     Roditi, Enrico Rava,
14, with a reception, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.,        one over another. The beauty, dignity, and       Jimmy McGriff, Irene
followed by the Chip White Trio, 7:30 to        pathos of these often formal portraits,          Reid,     and      Savion
10:30 p.m., providing an evening of live        set in story telling backgrounds, compel         Glover, among others.
jazz and original poetry. The exhibition of     one to look long, question and absorb               As leader, White’s
artwork will run from January 8 through         our collective history. He studied under         albums include Harlem
March 4, 2012.                                  greats such as Esteban Vincente, Helen           Sunset (1994), Music
   Hank Kearsley is an artist and educator      Frankenthaler and Louise Nevelson, and           and Lyrics (2005),
who blends aesthetic and historical issues      has exhibited in one-person shows at the         Double        Dedication
into a strong social vision. His life spans     Museum of the National Center for Afro-          (2008),             More
                                                American Artists, Goddard College, Long          Dedications        (2009)
                                                Island University, CREON Gallery and             and Percussive Tributes
                                                group shows that include the International       (2011). He has also
                                                Juried Show: NJ Center for the Arts (Best of     published a book of
                                                Show Award), Abney Gallery, II Designing         original poems, I'm
                                                Women Gallery, Newton Arts Center,               Just the Drummer in
                                                Vermont Studio School, Kottler Gallery,          the Band, written for
                                                Natick Arts Center, International Exhibit:       jazz masters including
                                                Tokyo, Japan, Hudson River Museum and            Lester Young, Duke
                                                numerous colleges and universities.              Ellington,        Charlie
                                                    Alan "Chip" White is a composer,             Parker, Dizzy Gillespie,
                                                percussionist and poet who has toured            and Billy Strayhorn.
                                                internationally, performing with the                The artist’s reception
                                                Houston Person and Etta Jones Quintet,           are free and open to
                                                and since 2001 with the Houston Person           the public. The evening
                                                Quartet. He is on Houston Person’s albums,       performance has a
                                                “In a Sentimental Mood”, “Social Call”,          $10 music charge.
                                                and “To Etta With Love”; on Etta Jones'          The         BeanRunner
                                                “Easy Living” and Grammy-nominated               Café is located at 201
                                                “Etta Jones Sings Lady Day”; and on Teddy        S. Division Street,
                                                Edwards' “Midnight Creeper”, “Ladies Man”,       Peekskill, NY. For more                         com. See websites at www.beanrunnercafe.
                                                and “Smooth Sailing”. White’s composition,       information, or reservations, call 914-737-     com;
                                                Time Stood Still, is also featured on Houston    1701 or e-mail beanman@beanrunnercafe.          and
8                                                                                     January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                The Northern Westchester Examiner

Family Members Help Swear-in Peekskill Officials
By Rick Pezzullo                                    Chairman Darren Rigger.                                                                                                       rICk PezzUllo Photo
   The New Year’s Day swearing-in                       “I’m humbled and extremely grateful,”
ceremony of Peekskill officials at City             said Rigger, who was joined on the podium
Hall was a family affair as various family          by his wife Katria. “I did not know a lot
members participated in their loved ones’           going into this and I still have a lot to learn.”
new terms as elected representatives.                  Talbot was sworn-in by her son Bryan
   “It is a commitment of the whole family,”        and her two grandchildren and promised
Mayor Mary Foster said after being sworn            to devote her energies to moving the city
in by her son and daughter for her third            forward over the next four years.
two-year term. “It is a new beginning and              “I think Peekskill is going in a wonderful
our goals are ambitious. It’s a great team          direction. I love its promise. This is a train
that will forge ahead…so that everyone in           that everyone gets on,” Talbot said. “This is a
the community is having their needs met.            huge honor. Hopefully I will serve the next
We want to make sure everything we do               four years in a way I hope you’ll appreciate.
in the next two years will make everyone            This is a great city and I’m happy to be part
proud.”                                             of it.”
   Councilman Don Bennett was sworn in                 Bishop Michael Champion of the
by his son, Damon, a first lieutenant in the        Peekskill Area Pastors Association urged
U.S. Army, for his third four-year term after       the council to follow their conscious when
being the top vote-getter in the November           making decisions.
election.                                              “Peekskill is that kind of city where we all
   “It’s been eight years of fun and labor,”        work for the community,” he said.
Bennett said. “I’m hoping within those eight           Meanwhile, as part of the organizational
years that it has been effective to the City of     meeting, Councilwoman Drew Claxton
Peekskill and surrounding communities.              was named deputy mayor and Brian
Hard times don’t last but hard people do.”          Havranek was officially appointed acting
   Joining the Common Council after being           city manager, a role he has served in since
part of the Democratic sweep are Kathleen           Dec. 7 following the resignation of former          Peekskill Mayor Mary Foster being sworn in by her children for her third two-year term during Sunday’s
Talbot former Democratic Committee                  City Manager Rick Finn.                             ceremony.

Cortlandt Ponders Commercial Zoning Change                                                                  Small NewS iS BiG NewS
By Rick Pezzullo                                      Under discussion is the creation of a new
   The Cortlandt Town Board is considering          Community Commercial Center zone,
establishing a new commercial zone to               which not only could be applied in that
encourage development near the traffic              area but other sections of the town as well.
circle at Oregon Road and Westbrook                   Councilwoman Ann Lindau suggested
Drive.                                              in addition to the CCC zone, perhaps
   Town officials and residents frowned             some financial incentives could be offered
upon a 50,000-square-foot shopping center           to potential developers. Puglisi mentioned
that was once proposed near the circle a            a special permit component could also be
few years ago and was later withdrawn.              added.
However, with the site vacant and a former            But not everyone on the board was sold
Carvel and pub abandoned for several                on the concept, specifically Councilman
years, Supervisor Linda Puglisi and other           Frank Farrell, who expressed concerns
members of the board are looking to                 about proposed restrictions on setbacks
enhance the area.                                   and lot coverage.
   “We want it to be very attractive,” Puglisi        “It seems a bit onerous,” Farrell
said. “We want to put something in a zone           remarked. “Why don’t we try to come
that we feel could be welcoming to that             up with something that would be more
area and make it more esthetic. We want             desirable there?”
to make sure there’s never a large box store          The CCC zone will be discussed further
there.”                                             by the town board early this year.

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                       don’t have to do anything!
         Visit one of our showrooms and talk to the people that
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           Cabinetry • Counter Tops • Ceramic Tile • Shower Doors • Closet Systems & More!

                           19 Old Doansburg Rd. •Brewster, NY 10509
                                 594 Rt. 6 • Mahopac, NY 10541
                             3 East Main Street • Pawling, NY 12564
                             w w w. s o u t h e a s t k i t c h e n s . n e t                                                    January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                                                             9

     Busines ek                                                        CareerWorks, Inc.
     of the W
By Faith Ann Butcher                                                                                                                                and Montuori-Riffel to start a job search
   The job market has changed. Finding                                                                                                              club.
a job is no longer as easy as looking                                                                                                                 “We wanted to offer a service that
through the newspaper. Whether you                                                                                                                  was cost effective for job seekers and
are unemployed, underemployed or are                                                                                                                provided ongoing support from peers
looking to change careers if you decide to                                                                                                          who are in the same situation,” Olert
go through the journey on your own, you                                                                                                             said. The group will meet weekly for
will be at an immediate disadvantage.                                                                                                               four weeks at the Freight House Café in
The career coaches at CareerWorks, Inc.                                                                                                             Mahopac beginning Jan. 24.
can assist you in getting on the right track                                                                                                          At the meetings clients will get
for the job for you.                                                                                                                                career advice at a fraction of the cost
   “Today’s market is very competitive                                                                                                              of individual coaching. They will learn
with hundreds of applicants for one                                                                                                                 the newest trends and techniques in
position,” said Laura Olert, a partner                                                                                                              the job search process that will help
in CareerWorks. “We help job seekers                                                                                                                them be ahead of the competition.
create a unique personal brand that will                                                                                                            In addition they will get answers to
have them stand out in the crowd and not                                                                                                            overcoming the worst job search fears,
fall into the black hole of applicants.”                                                                                                            develop confidence in their abilities and
   Career coaches can be valuable to job                                                                                                            accomplishments no matter how big or
seekers in a number of ways. From just                                                                                                              small and expand their network.
getting recommendations on updating                                                                                                                   CareerWorks, which is found online
a resume or learning how to create laura olert                                             Marie Montuori-riffel                                    at, also offers
an effective cover letter to devising a                                                                                                             resume and job search workshops and
job search plan, finding out about the       negotiation for accepting a position,” said   who needs help in the job market, Olert                  have a few free introductory workshops
multiple avenues to pursue for job leads Olert. “We also coach clients with the on         and Montuori-Riffel specialize in guiding              coming up at some of the local libraries.
and practicing successful interviewing boarding process in a new organization so           women.                                                 Sessions are currently scheduled for the
techniques, there are many areas where they can navigate the new culture they are            “In today’s climate, many women are                  Kent Library, Somers Library and John C.
the knowledge of a career coach can help. in. Many people feel they need a career          returning to the workforce or want to                  Hart Library in Shrub Oak. Additionally
   “A career coach can help an individual coach to update their resume but what            pursue a transition that requires self-                a second series of the job search club that
to assess their strengths and value as well many of them realize through the process       assessment of strengths,” Montuori-Riffel              focus on interviewing, follow-up and
as create a strategy and plan to reach their of updating their resume is that they don’t   said. “Utilizing a series of questions and             finalizing the offer is available.
goals,” Marie Montuori-Riffel, who is also have a job target and are not clear as to       in some cases assessment tools, we help                   Olert and Montuori-Riffel also offer
a CareerWorks partner, said.                 where they should focus their job search.”    women determine their skills, interests                one-on-one services to clients.
   Olert and Montuori-Riffel have been         CareerWorks helps people take the           and work values in relation to occupations                “Our belief is that you are entitled to be
helping clients get on the right job track vague idea of getting a job and create a        that are a potential match.”                           in a career or a job that you enjoy going
since 2009. Before starting CareerWorks road map on how to get the right job for             The CareerWorks coaches also teach                   to every day,” said Olert. “If you are not
the two met while implementing a them.                                                     the job seekers how to utilize social                  in that position today, a career coach
global career development program for          “People get frustrated with the job         media sites, such as LinkedIn, to market               can help you discover your passion and
JP Morgan Chase. Although they both search process quickly and usually the                 themselves, increase their networking                  point you in the right direction in finding
left Chase, the duo kept in touch and frustration is that they are all over the            contacts and learn about opportunities.                a position that is both challenging and
decided that their joint passion for career place applying for every job out there,”         “There is an 84 percent success rate                 satisfying. How nice would it to be to
development as well as their combined Olert said. “Once they create a clear job            when job-search techniques are conducted               have the alarm go off each morning and
40-years of experience was the perfect target, they have a much more effective             in groups, compared with 15 percent                    be excited about where you were headed
foundation to open their own career search. I feel, as a career coach, this is             lower rate when the same techniques                    each day?”
coaching business.                           one of the most valuable services we can      are followed individually,” according to                  For more information call 914-420-3832
   “We help our clients with everything provide.”                                          Richard Bolles in his book “What Color                 or email
from creating a resume through salary          Although CareerWorks assists anyone         Is Your Parachute?” That inspired Olert

                     RF Joyce, CPA                                                                                                                       Take a dip in our salt water pools,
                                                                                                                                                         learn some new zumba moves,
                                                                                                                                                         play tennis on one of our many
                   Certifed Public Accountant                                                                                                            indoor courts or experience The
                       Financial Planner                                                                                                                 Circuit, where a fit coach can give
                                                                                                                                                         you a great free workout to best
        • Income Tax Preparation • Bookkeeping Services                                                                                                  fit your needs each time you are
              •Financial Planning • Business Taxes                                                                                                       at the club.

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 1911 Commerce Street • Yorktown Heights, NY 10598                                                *Offer ends January 31, 2012. Not to be used with any other offer. Regular monthly dues apply.
10                                                                                   January 3 - January 9, 2012                                            The Northern Westchester Examiner

We Save Stuff and More Stuff, But Where To Put It?
   Our homes are where we eat, sleep, play,     as the project wore on and                                        certificate to a special blessing    Martha Stewart’s cubbies and closet kits, as
sometimes work and store things we’ve           I wore out, memories were                                         from the Pope (my wife had           well as a full assortment of containers for
finished using but somehow can’t bear to        discarded wholesale. It felt                                      connections) when I married.         the garage or outdoor shed. The ones I like
throw away. There are many reasons we           liberating.                                     The               Since then, that one box has         best are called “totes,” which feature clear

may want to keep possession we no longer           Actually, my wife is the                                       multiplied like loaves and           plastic bottoms where you can actually see
need, but where do we put it all?               more practical one between                                        fishes.                              what’s stored in them. Who remembers
   Granted, some homeowners achieve             us. When she took charge of                                          By the time I was a teenager,     what’s contained in a big cardboard box
living on the light side where nothing is
hidden and what you see is what you get. Or
                                                having our garage cleaned
                                                out just recently and a helper              Guru                  I was collecting books and
                                                                                                                  phonograph records before
                                                                                                                                                       stored 30 years ago without opening it as
                                                                                                                                                       a reminder?
they’ve found religion just before the sale     asked her what should be                                          Kindles and downloading                  For those who need industrial strength
of a home. The homes on the market that         saved, she replied, “Just keep                                   audio files. (Anybody want a          help, there is always the great PODS
show best are those where all the traditional   the cars.”                                                       rare collection of impressive         concept (, whose slogan
storage spaces–the attic, basement, garage         My propensity to hang on                                      33 rpms from the 1960s?)              is “The Best Moving & Storage Idea Ever.”
and large closets--are bare.                    to stuff started at a young                                      By the time I married, I took         I’m inclined to agree. While the company
   In my home, the attic looks like a           age. Maybe I thought that                                        an interest in photography            will deliver a POD to a private home for
commercial storage facility, but not as neat.   someday I would be so famous                                     well before the days of digital       “temporary” storage during renovation
A few years ago when my wife and I went         that future generations would                                    images and have boxes and             or while preparing for a move, I have
through one of our phases of wanting to         want some piece of who I was                                     boxes of every picture ever           seen them stay on properties seemingly
sell our home, we hired a crew to clean out     and what I did in life. But                                      taken.                                indefinitely, which some local ordinances
our basement, which had been packed with        since I turned out to be just            By Bill Primavera
                                                                                                                    Then my wife and I started         may discourage.
possessions from cement floor to beams          an ordinary guy, I have no                                      collecting things together and,           If I were to dispense any advice about
overhead. There was clear evidence of many      excuse.                                                         when we got into the antiques          storage at home, it would be that we might
different careers and lifetimes, including         It all started when I was an adolescent business part-time, the floodgates opened.                  better manage what we collect in the first
those of our parents and grandparents,          and my mother gave me a white envelope We never got to the point of hoarding, and                      place. Now if only I were able to accept that
along with leftover materials from house        on which was written, “My Son William’s our house was always tidy, but we never                        advice myself years ago.
renovations.                                    First Haircut, Aged 2.” Inside were Titian really organized storage of the things we                      Bill Primavera is a licensed Realtor®
   One helper took me aside and told            red curls that bear little resemblance to my didn’t have room to display.                              (,           affiliated
me how dangerous it was to have saved           hair today. It was a real curiosity for me.            Perhaps as homes get downsized, efficient       with Coldwell Banker, and a marketing
enamel paint and paint thinner so close            That was the first item I tucked away storage will be more important. Today, there                  practitioner ( For
to the boiler. Fortunately, it was before       in a sturdy cardboard box that originally are many resources for creative solutions to                 questions or comments about the housing
I started writing as The Home Guru, so I        housed Florida oranges we received each tucking things away. The Internet and large                    market, or selling or buying a home, he can
was only half embarrassed. At first, it was a   Christmas from my Aunt Helen. Through box retailers such as The Container Store                        be reached directly at 914-522-2076.
visceral experience to instruct the workers     the years, that box accommodated all my are rich with the tools needed to properly
what to throw out for bulk pick up. But         other official documents from my birth store possessions. Home Depot boasts


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How to Stick with New Year’s Resolutions
                       It’s the time of year     20 pounds overnight. A person cannot              a certain number of days each week. You        break an entrenched habit overnight. For
                     when people reflect         create a business overnight. There are            can also reframe other resolutions. If you     parenting resolutions, you can’t expect
                     on their lives and their    steps involved. However, when making              want your child to do better in school, for    your schedule to change just because you
                     habits and resolve          resolutions, most people make a general           instance, rather than simply making grades     want it to, but you can reexamine your day
                     to make changes.            resolution, such as “I will quit smoking”         the indicator of success, try framing the      and check for pockets of time that might be
                     Popular goals include       and fail to devise a plan. Plans must be          goal in terms of how much time you spend       spent with family. Set goals that are within
                     weight loss, quitting       concrete and attainable. They should not          helping your child with homework. Parents      reach. When resolutions fail, it is typically
                     smoking, and getting        be abstinence-based, but rather allow for         can make other simple and attainable           due to a lack of planning and the setting
    By Dr. Jaime     out of debt. According      mistakes and treat lapses as setbacks and         resolutions, such as appreciating a child’s    of unrealistic goals. Start small. Reword
  Fleckner Black     to some polls, the          learning opportunities. Otherwise, you are        smile in the morning before leaving for        yourself along the way. Treat setbacks as
                     single most common          more likely to give up entirely. It is simply     work.                                          learning opportunities rather than failures,
                     New Year’s resolution       too easy to revert back to the familiar             It is easy to be motivated in January        and keep at it so you are not making the
- made annually by more than 50% of              and comfortable. You should also reward           and more difficult as the year progresses.     same resolutions next year. Jaime earned
Americans - is to spend more time with           yourself for small successes along the way.       With all resolutions, it is crucial to have    her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
family and loved ones. Despite all the good         Parents do not spend time away from            a measurable plan of attack. If you want       from Yeshiva University. She works in a
intentions, many people fail to stick with       their children because they want to. Time         to lose weight, plan to exercise a certain     private practice doing psychotherapy and
their goals and ultimately find themselves       management is difficult, particularly for         number of times per week rather than use       evaluations. Jaime’s specialty is in working
vowing to make the same changes next             parents who work long hours. If “wanting          the scale as your success indicator. You       with individuals of all ages on the autism
year. Why does this happen? What will            to spend more time with family” is your           may not be able to control the number          spectrum.
make success more likely this year?              general goal, think about reframing it in         on the scale, but you can control the time (914)712-
  Most people are aware that change              terms of what is doable and measurable.           you spend working towards that goal. If        8208.
is a process.     A person cannot, for           For example, a potential resolution might         you want to quit smoking, try limiting
example, achieve their goal of losing            be to have dinner with your family at home        your intake before expecting yourself to

Full House Present for Yorktown Inauguration
Continued from Page 1

of the Pledge of Allegiance led by               support and the people of Yorktown for            great changes, changes that will keep the      watchdog who ran for Councilman as a
Councilman Patel, a rousing rendition of         “putting their trust in me and electing me        residents of Yorktown in mind,” she said.      write-in after allegedly being “forced off ”
“God Bless America” and a few opening            to this position, which I take very seriously,”   “We’re the ones that live here, we’re the      of his party’s ticket, is not as optimistic.
words from Councilman Murphy, the                followed by Councilmen Bianco and                 ones that want to continue to live here, and     “If they do like everyone else, not a penny
series of inaugurations began with Michael       Paganelli, who touted that “actions speak         we want to work with them also.”               will be reduced,” he said. “I’m just hoping
Kaplowitz, who defeated Councilman               louder than words” and looked forward to            However, Ed Ciffone, a Republican tax        they reduce the spending.”
Murphy by just 346 votes to re-secure            “accomplishing a lot of great things” with
his role as representative of Westchester        the Yorktown government.
County’s 4th District.                              Capping off the inaugurations was
  “Our obligation is to the people. You are      Supervisor Michael Grace, who joked that
our bosses, if you will,” said Kaplowitz after   he would implement the same rules of
being sworn in, who spoke of his desire          his house during board meetings before
to solve critical problems in a bipartisan       outlining the principals he will use to guide
manor.                                           his term and the Yorktown government
  Testa was sworn in next and vowed to           and embracing the challenges of his new
continue to cut county spending with the         position.
intent of reducing the burden of taxes,             “I welcome embarking on this endeavor
which he claimed was forcing people out of       to bring Yorktown to greatness again,” he
Westchester.                                     said.
  “The focus on the first term was to               After all of the elected officials were
change the course of county government           sworn in, each earning their own bursts
to one that is looking to cut spending, cut      of thunderous applause, Councilman

the bloating size of county government and       Patel delivered closing remarks, in which

bring it a more appropriate level of the tax     he advised the politicians, “The caliber
payer,” said Testa following the ceremony.       of a person is not how he prepares for
  “I think the overall tax burden of             everything to go right, but how he stands
Westchester County has significantly             when everything goes wrong,” and, “It’s
changed the future plans of many families        easy to make a buck, but it’s a lot harder to
who in the past may have planned to stay,        make a difference.”
but now are looking to get out of the county.       Serafina Mastro, Chairwoman of the
We want to make it so people can plan their      Yorktown Republican Town Committee,
futures as residents of Westchester,” he         believes that the newly installed politicians
continued.                                       from her party can indeed make a
  After Testa, Town Justice Raniolo was          difference.
inaugurated, thanking his family for their          “I think [Yorktown] can expect a lot of

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12                                                                             January 3 - January 9, 2012                                           The Northern Westchester Examiner

A Blossoming Arts Community in Ossining
By Sam Barron                                   a foothold in the village, it’s really                                                                   (
   The arts are alive in Ossining.              going to help downtown shops and                                                                         averages about 80 visitors a day.
   The Ossining Arts Council is celebrating     downtown restaurants.”                                                                                   The Internet has allowed the arts
its 40th anniversary of promoting the arts         Other exhibits hosted by the arts                                                                     council to make further contacts,
and artists of its town and other neighboring   council include an exhibit held                                                                          and the council was recently
municipalities.                                 recently at the Paramount Center                                                                         awarded a $1,000 grant from Arts
   A not-for-profit organization, the           for the Arts in Peekskill, which was                                                                     Westchester.
Ossining Arts Council is enjoying a             attended by 200 people with several                                                                         Sarazen runs his own business,
renaissance with more than 150 members. In      pieces of art sold during the show.                                                                      Sarazen Additions that he started
2009, the arts council was floundering, but     Sarazen said the arts council is                                                                         in 1997. His business works with
since reorganizing, the council has hosted      also hoping to put on a show at the                                                                      photographers and artists who
seven exhibits and also offers a scholarship    Briarcliff ’s library.                                                                                   want to make reproductions of
for Ossining High School students.                 “A lot of people are watching us,”                                                                    their work. Sarazen, who moved
   “We’ve done terrific programs at the         Sarazen said. “I think if we put on an                                                                   to Ossining six years ago, said
Ossining Public Library,” President Mark        exhibit we can generate a crowd and                                                                      being president of the arts council
Sarazen said. “We pride ourselves on            generate more buzz.”                                                                                     is a good way for him to enhance
working with the community.”                       All of this is a far cry from where                                                                   his business.
   Sarazen said studies have shown that         the arts council stood in 2009 when                                                                         “It’s worked out well,” Sarazen
having a strong arts community is linked to     Sarazen was invited to a meeting. John Wunderlich with painting that he showed at the ossining arts said. “I help local artists and give
positive economic development.                  While attending his first meeting, Council’s hudson river show earlier this year.                        them another way to market
   “If a gallery is located in a village, it    there were only three people and soon                                                                    themselves. I have clients all over
                                                                                              Rubenstein said.
attracts hundreds of people to an opening,”     after the president asked him to take over.                                                   the U.S.”
                                                                                                 Rubenstein said that the community has
Sarazen said. “And when they leave, they go     Sarazen soon got the ball rolling.                                                               An arts council allows artists to promote
                                                                                              shown an interest in the council, coming to
to a restaurant or theatre. Peekskill has had      “I put together a team and we held a                                                       themselves, which Sarazen said is often a
                                                                                              its galleries and exhibits. With Briarcliff no
a renaissance, because they have attracted a    gallery opening at the Ossining Public                                                        problem among local artists.
                                                                                              longer having its own arts organization, the
lot of artists.”                                Library,” Sarazen said. “We put together a                                                       “We give them a lot of traction and help
                                                                                              Ossining Arts Council has been taking over
   Last year, the council purchased an empty    website and started sending out newsletters.                                                  them get their careers going,” Sarazen said.
                                                                                              the region.
space at the Art Barn on North Highland         The snowball started becoming bigger and                                                      “A lot of artists are undiscovered. There is a
                                                                                                 “It’s a great thing,” Rubenstein said. “It’s
Avenue and has hosted two exhibitions           bigger.”                                                                                      lot of talent here. Art is very important, it’s
                                                                                              become kind of a Mecca for creative people.”
since being there.                                 Elsa Rubenstein is a sculptor and                                                          a creative outlet for people. We’re trying to
                                                                                                 Like Sarazen, Rubenstein is hopeful that
   “We’re looking for more of a permanent       Briarcliff resident that joined the Ossining                                                  expand people’s vision of what art is and not
                                                                                              the Ossining Arts Council will eventually
home,” Sarazen said. “We are working with       Arts Council in the midst of its resurgence.                                                  pigeon hole them.”
                                                                                              have a permanent home.
someone who might be able to give us a             “It’s a really great group that is focused                                                    For more information on the arts council,
                                                                                                 Sarazen has been using the Internet to
space in downtown Ossining. Once we get         on the arts and exhibiting people’s work,”                                                    visit
                                                                                              the council’s advantage, and says its website

                                                                               THE OSSINING
                                                                               EXTENSION CENTER
                                                                               OF WESTCHESTER COMMUNITY COLLEGE
                                                                                         This January, take classes close to home.
                                                                                         WINTER SESSION: JANUARY 3 TO JANUARY 20.
                                                                                         Start off the year taking flexible course
                                                                                         offerings. Look for our…
                                                                                         • New! Veterinary Technology Program
                                                                                         • General Education Classes
                                                                                         • Biology Classes
                                                                                         • Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday class offerings

                                                                                         REGISTRATION HAS BEGUN FOR WINTER
                                                                                         SESSION AND SPRING CLASSES
                                                                                         Convenient location! Attend an Open House and speak with an
                                                                                         academic counselor, financial counselor, or take your placement
                                                                                         test. Placement test dates are available at the Ossining Extension
                                                                                         Center. Call or visit our webpage for dates and times. For
                                                                                         Admissions at the main campus in Valhalla, call 914-606-6735.

                                                                                                                                         January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                                                   13

Former Teacher, Administrator Team Up and 'Struggle for Power'
By Martin Wilbur                                Bock would travel from                                                                                            economic ruin. Also, in the
   Thomas Kavunedus and Dr. Leon                school to school in an attempt                                                                                    1970s, the state's Taylor Law
Bock may not be particularly well known         to repair damage with faculty.                                                                                    not only docked the teachers’
outside the community they served during        At the risk of ridicule by his                                                                                    pay during the strike but fined
the defining moments in their careers.          colleagues, Kavunedus made                                                                                        them the equivalent of their
Now, decades later, their stories won't be      sure to reach out to Bock                                                                                         pay that had to be paid to
forgotten.                                      during one visit.                                                                                                 the district, which included
   Kavunedus and Bock were adversaries             "The bottom line was that                                                                                      accusations the district was
in arguably the ugliest and most divisive       each of us had a story to                                                                                         prolonging the strike because
chapter in New York State education             tell and we didn't want to                                                                                        it was profiting. Although
history. Kavunedus, a retired teacher in the    interfere with each other's                                                                                       the walkout ended on Nov. 9,
Lakeland School District in Shrub Oak, and      point of view," Kavunedus                                                                                         most teachers didn't get paid
Bock, the acting superintendent who later       said of the unique approach                                                                                       until April.
became its permanent chief administrator,       for the book.                                                                                                        "Although      there     was
were two of the key negotiators representing       Kavunedus said their                                                                                           hardship here, there was the
the teachers union and board of education,      accounts of the strike were                                                                                       sense that the teachers felt
respectively, in 1977. That September, the      not meant to be a completely                                                                                      they had fought the good
district endured a two-month teachers           accurate historical narrative                                                                                     fight," Kavunedus said.
strike, the impact of which reverberated        but feature their personal                                                                                           Following     the     strike,
throughout the state and still affects New      stories and remembrances.                                                                                         there was a five-year push to
York's public sector union contracts today.     Most of the other key players                                                                                     revise the Taylor Law, which
   Nearly 35 years later Kavunedus and          have died in the ensuing                                                                                          resulted in passage of the now
Bock have collaborated to write a book          years.                                                                                                            hotly debated Triborough
detailing the issues and dramatic and              The seeds of the conflict                                                                                      Amendment, which extends
painful events leading up to the walkout,       were actually sewn in 1970,                                                                                       the terms of expired public
the strike itself and its aftermath. The 664-   two years before Bock was                                                                                         sector union contracts until a
page "Struggle for Power: The Longest           hired by the district to be                                                                                       new pact is reached.
School Strike in New York State History," is    Walter Panas High School’s                                                                                           For     Kavunedus,        the
actually two books in one, with alternating     principal.     Seven      years                                                                                   larger issues surrounding
chapters written by each co-author told         before the big showdown,                                                                                          the strike are two-fold and
from his perspective about the key events       the Lakeland Federation of                                                                                        still are debated today--
and personalities.                              Teachers staged a weeklong                                                                                        the affordability of public
   "We began writing and writing and            strike, causing widespread                                                                                        education and the struggle
writing and by the end of 2003 we had a         perception in the community                                                                                       between unions and the
manuscript," Kavunedus said, although it        that the board and the                                                                                            board.
would take another eight years to cut the       administration had caved                                                                                             Although painful, both
more than 1,200 pages in half.                  into the union. At the time,                                                                                      authors claimed there were
   It may seem a bit surprising the two         Lakeland had the lowest                                                                                            long-term gains for their
                                                                                 “Struggle for Power: the longest School Strike in new York State history” by Dr.
negotiating foes would collaborate on a         wealth and highest tax ratio                                                                                       sides. Kavunedus said within
                                                                                 leon Bock and thomas kavunedus
project that could run the risk of opening      of any district in Westchester,                                                                                    a decade the pay scale saw
old wounds but both men, who are well           making the teachers' salary                                                                                        gains that put Lakeland
into their retirement, each had plenty to       demands a sore point with                        the union, in a vote by their executive                           teachers' pay in line with
say years later. That was certainly the case    factions of the community.                       board, deemed the board of education's last surrounding districts. Bock said the
for Kavunedus, 80, now living in Florida.          In the spring of 1977, with the teachers offer to be inadequate. Their negotiating majority of the community united and
Several years after his 1988 retirement,        contract coming due and the federation team was dismissed. Bock accused supported decades of district budgets.
he started putting pen to paper about           having accepted a salary freeze for that union leaders, including Kavunedus, of                        There are issues the two authors will
his recollections of the strike, which saw      year during a period of high inflation, they bargaining in bad faith.                               likely never agree on. That was evident at
him and seven of his colleagues jailed for      demanded a 6 percent increase. The board           With no settlement reached over the last month's Lakeland Board of Education
contempt.                                       and administration were willing to go up         summer, a majority of the union voted to meeting, where district officials invited
   Despite the contentiousness and each         only to 4 percent.                               walk out. It was a monumental decision the pair to speak about the book. Bock
holding very different views of what               In his account, Bock wrote that the two for the teachers, Kavunedus said, knowing held court for about a half hour. When he
happened, Bock, now 90, and Kavunedus           sides didn't appear that far apart in May they and their families were risking their was done Kavunedus simply responded, "I
have remained on speaking terms.                and even expected an agreement to be in livelihoods, careers and the disdain of the disagree with everything he said."
Kavunedus recounted how after the strike        place by June. But confusion reigned when community along with the prospect of

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14                                                                               January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                  The Northern Westchester Examiner

Ball Promises $100,000 to Yorktown Seniors
By Faith Ann Butcher                                                                                                                                     said that she and the seniors are grateful
  Renovations are currently underway                                                                                                                     that Ball is fighting for this funding they
at the Yorktown Senior Center, but more                                                                                                                  have been waiting on for over three years.
amenities could be provided if more                                                                                                                         Yorktown at one time had been
funding was secured. State Senator Greg                                                                                                                  designated to receive funding from the
Ball recently told the Yorktown senior                                                                                                                   state dormitory authority when former
community that he will work to secure                                                                                                                    state senator Vincent Leibell was in office,
at least $100,000 in funding to help their                                                                                                               but the grant never came to fruition.
plight.                                                                                                                                                     “It’s important to have a center that
  The center offers nutrition programs,                                                                                                                  looks beautiful and cheery,” DeSilva said.
home meals, grocery shopping, a wellness                                                                                                                 “It makes the seniors enjoy coming to the
program, medical transportation and a                                                                                                                    center. Many of these seniors come here
multitude of classes for the seniors who                                                                                                                 five days a week, and it’s like their second
walk through its doors.                                                                                                                                  home— their home away from home.”
  "This is the hub of senior life here in                                                                                                                   The current renovations, which cost
Yorktown and it is vital to the well-being                                                                                                               about $300,000,was paid for through funds
of our seniors that they have a safe, happy                                                                                                              the town had earmarked for the seniors
place to go every day," Ball said. "Without                                                                                                              and through community development
the senior center, these folks would have     Ball visited the construction site of the renovated senior center in Yorktown with the town planner John   block grants that the county distributed.
to fend for themselves when it comes to       tegeder.                                                                                                      Ball said he will push to get an additional
getting the care they need to stay healthy                                                                                                               $150,000 from the dormitory authority
this holiday season and throughout the          During his visit, Ball had the opportunity         addition is currently being built. Mary               for additional renovations to the center’s
year."                                        to tour the construction site where a new            DeSilva, the director of Senior Services,             bathrooms and hallways.

Fair and Affordable Housing Opportunities In Westchester
  Getting information on the community        homeseeker, the site allows visitors to sign            “With these enhancements, we have                  fair and affordable homeownership or rental
where an affordable housing opportunity       up to receive information on affordable              created a one-stop hub for information about          opportunities that are part of Westchester
exists is now easier with enhancements to     housing opportunities. With the newest               available housing units, their neighborhoods          County’s housing settlement with the federal
Westchester County’s Homeseeker Web           feature, visitors can also “see” the community       and nearby services,” said County Executive           government as well as those that become
section.                                      in which the new housing opportunities are           Robert P. Astorino.                                   available through other housing initiatives.
  Available at        being created.                                          The site includes a map locating all current          The person signing up can check a box
                                                                                                   affordable housing developments with                  to receive information for homeownership
                                                                                                   pop-up pictures and links for additional              information, for rental information or for
                                                                                                   information. When a user clicks on the link           both ownership and rental. Those who sign
                                                                                                   for more details, a page for that development         up receive notification of available homes and
                                                                                                   opens up that shows a rendering or photo              apartments, including information sessions
                                                                                                   of the housing, floor plans and information           and open houses, and homebuyer education
                                                                                                   on how to apply and receive additional                seminars.
                                                                                                   information.                                             The housing settlement was entered into
                                                                                                      The housing page also includes links to            two years ago by former County Executive
                                                                                                   the local government’s and school district’s          Andrew J. Spano with the U.S. Department
                                                                                                   Web sites, as well as a New York State                of Housing and Urban Development. Also
                                                                                                   database on daycare options. Click on                 approved by the Board of Legislators, it
                                                                                                   “neighborhood map” and the user will see              requires the county to ensure the development
                                                                                                   a detailed map of the neighborhood where              of 750 units of housing in 31 communities
                                                                                                   the housing is located. The map shows other           and to undertake marketing that ensures
                                                                                                   community facilities such as schools, public          outreach to racially and ethnically diverse
                                                                                                   transportation and hospitals. The map also            households. Nearly 300 of these housing
                                                                                                   connects through Bing Maps to locate retail           units are in some stage of development,
                                                                                                   and commercial opportunities.                         including accepting applications. Other
                                                                                                      Those who sign-up and provide contact              county financed homes are also available and
                                                                                                   information will be notified of upcoming              are accepting applications.
                                                                                                                                                            People who need assistance completing
                                                                                                                                                         the forms can contact a housing counseling
                                                                                                                                                         agency certified by the U.S. Department of
                                                                                                                                                         Housing and Urban Development. These
                                                                                                                                                         agencies also have housing counselors who
                                                                                                                                                         can assist Spanish speakers with the forms.
                                                                                                                                                         The agencies are:
                                                                                                         Need a Photographer for a                          •	 Community	 Housing	 Innovations,	 Inc.	
                                                                                                       special occasion, residential or                  (914) 683-1010
                                                                                                        business location, or just some                     •	Housing	Action	Council	(914)	332-4144
                                                                                                           portrait or studio work?                         •	 Human	 Development	 Services	 of	
                                                                                                             Any Style Any Place                         Westchester (914) 939-2005
                                                                                                        Photography provides afford-                        •	 Westchester	 Residential	 Opportunities	
                                                                                                          able digital photographs.                      (914) 428-4507
                                                                                                        Contact us for more information:                    To qualify to purchase any fair and
                                                                                                                                                         affordable housing, would-be homeowners are
                                                                                                        Phone: 914-471-7029                              required to participate in a homeownership
                                                                                                                Email:                                   counseling program through one of these
                                                                                                      72 Putnam Drive, Carmel, New York, 10512           agencies.                                                        January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                                            15

Former Lincoln-Titus Students'
Project Benefits School
   Three girl scouts and former Lincoln-        for the Whirligig because they
Titus ES students recently developed and        each attended LT and it signifies
implemented a project to improve an area        where their friendships began.
at the entrance of the school.                  The project included clearing
   Nicole Marques, Leah Frattellone, and        and replanting the front garden
Kelly Weinborg, who are completing their        bed. Additionally, they designed,
silver award for Girl Scouts, decided earlier   made and installed the current
this year to spread the importance of           structure representing friendship
friendship and show the benefits through        known as a "Whirligig."
a whirligig. Frattellone and Marques               On Nov. 29 they held an
at Walter Panas HS and Weinborg at              evening event for other troops to
Lakeland HS.                                    further spread the importance of
    They chose Lincoln-Titus as the site        friendship.

   Westchester Jazz Orchestra to Perform Bossa! Tango! Flamenco! on Jan. 28 in Irvington
  The Westchester Jazz Orchestra – “the            WJO will also offer Open Mike, an           near perfection as one could wish for” (Irish   Holober. “Our guest musicians – on guitar,
best we’ve had since those wonderful            interactive chat hosted by Artistic Director   Times). Maiden Voyage Suite was also            percussion and bandoneón – will enhance
aggregations headed by Duke Ellington,          Mike Holober, before the concert. Holober      lauded in The Wall Street Journal and most      the authenticity of the evening.”
Count Basie” ( – will perform      will preview the evening’s music with the      recently named among the “Best of 2011” by        Looking ahead, WJO will perform The
Bossa! Tango! Flamenco! on Saturday,            aid of returning guest musicians Rogerio       AllAboutJazz and the Huffington Post.           Music of Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles in
January 28 at 8 PM at the Irvington Town        Boccato on percussion and Juan Pablo Jofre       The January 28 program will include           Irvington on April 14.
Hall Theater, 85 Main Street, Irvington,        on bandoneón. The talk is free for ticket      works by Brazilian bossa nova king Antonio        WJO’s concerts are partially funded
N.Y. WBGO’s Gary Walker is set to host the      holders.                                       Carlos Jobim, tango master Astor Piazzolla      by NYSCA, ArtsWestchester, the Aaron
concert.                                           Following the August release of their       as well as original flamenco by Barcelona       Copland Fund for Music and numerous
  “Two years ago, WJO performed a               second CD Maiden Voyage Suite, WJO is          composer Perico Sambeat. WJO will round         individuals.
program of South American music. The            enjoying a year of tremendous popularity       out the evening with additional Brazilian           Reserved seating tickets are $35 for
band played to a packed house and standing      and critical acclaim. The CD spent 12 weeks    music – Maxixe, Samba and Choro by the          adults, $30 for seniors and only $10 for
ovations,” says WJO’s Executive Director        on the national radio airplay chart peaking    great Egberto Gismonti.                         students. Group discounts are available.
Emily Tabin. “For January’s concert, we         at #8. Reviewers call the disc “nearly           “With its invigorating rhythms and            Tickets:, 914-861-
are adding some flamenco as we revisit a        flawless” (DownBeat), “a top big band          beautiful settings for soloists, the music of   9100. Theater box office, 914-591-6602.
crowd-pleasing evening.”                        outing of the year” (AllAboutJazz) and “as     this concert suits WJO so well,” explains Mr.   Concert snow date: Sun., Jan 29 at 2 PM.

                                                                                                                                                   cocktail hour begins 7 pm
                                                      Dine, Dance

                                                                                                                                                   full open bar all evening

    For a list of this year’s

                                                               14th Annual Dinner Dance
    honorees, to register online,
    or to advertise in our dinner
    journal, contact the

                                                                      Friday, February 3, 2012
    Yorktown Chamber of
    Commerce at 914-245-4599
    or visit                                       at Villa Barone Hilltop Manor, Mahopac

                                                                                                                                                           COMMUNITY PARTNERS
16                                                                            January 3 - January 9, 2012                                           The Northern Westchester Examiner

Hangovers: Can The Remedy Be Worse Than The Ailment?
                                                           “there is but one universally
                        Some       of     us                                                                                                   proven remedy, with a perfect record of
                      celebrated hard for                                                                                                      curing hangovers: the passage of time.
                      New Year’s Eve, some                                                                                                        Warning: To my knowledge, none of
                      hardly     celebrated.
                      Some of us woke up
                                                                 proven remedy.”                                                               these remedies have been evaluated or
                                                                                                                                               approved by the FDA. Proceed at your own
                      the next day in an                                                                                                       calculated risk.
                      alcohol-induced fog;                                                                                                        Each of us has a physiology – and a
                      some of us woke up       a night on the town. Don’t forget to also         4) Oh, you’re a vegan? Try a Polish           psyche - that responds differently to the
         By           in our normal mental     apply your nicotine patch and maybe your       favorite: A large glass of pickle juice.         good and the bad that we ingest. If you
  Nick Antonaccio     fog.                     birth control patch; you may have cravings,       5) File this under Hangover Helpers           haven’t yet found the right remedy for a
                        As a public service,   and regrets, the morning-after. As described   in your recipe files: Sauerkraut/cabbage         hangover, you may be enticed to try one
I’ve researched hangover remedies around       on the producer’s website: “A simple, all-     soup. It’s an Eastern European feast that        of the above formulas. It depends on how
the globe. I’ve found the familiar and the     natural recovery topical patch is infused      rehydrates and replenishes vitamins.             badly you want to feel good.
bizarre: some simple, others elaborate;        with 11 different organic ingredients. A          6) An Irish concoction: In a beer mug,           Nick Antonaccio is a 30-year Pleasantville
some chemical, others organic; some 21st       powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins       mix raw eggs, lime Jell-O and a few drops        resident. For over 10 years he has conducted
century, others 14th century; some time-       and amino acids.” The theory is that the       of flat Guinness.                                numerous wine tastings and lectures. He
proven, others unknowingly in their double     patch will replenish the vitamins and acids       7) Leave it to the Mongolians: Pickled        is co-host of Glass Up, Glass Down, a local
blind trial period; some miracle cures,        lost when consuming alcohol, restoring         sheep eyes in tomato juice. “Here’s looking      cable television series on wine and food; he
others desperate experiments; some ready       you to your former healthy state. This         at ewe.”                                         also offers personalized wine tastings and
to be patented, others worthless placebos.     is a common theme in a number of the              8) Here’s one reason the Wild West            wine travel services. Nick’s credo: continuous
   Above all, know your limits and always      following remedies.                                               probably got its name:        experimenting results in instinctive behavior.
drink responsibly.                                2) A significant amount                                        A cup of rabbit dung tea      You can reach him at nantonaccio@
   If you don’t heed the advice in the         of the toxins we consume                                          after spending a night or on Twitter @
previous sentence, here are innovative         are excreted through the                                          on the range caressing a      sharingwine.
remedies, in no particular order of            skin. Speed up the process                                        bottle of whiskey.
effectiveness that I’ve gleaned from the       with a hot shower or a bath                                          9) Are you in the
media and casual conversations over the        infused with hot mustard                                          Sandwich      Generation?
New Year’s weekend. If you’re inclined to      or wasabi powder (lends                                           Just reach for your child’s
try any of these remedies, do so at your       new meaning to the term                                           or parent’s Pedialyte to
own risk. I accept no responsibility for any   Asian “take-out”).                                                rehydrate and restore
negative effects you may experience.              3) From the ancient                                           electrolytes.
   1) Zaca Recovery Topical Patch. A new       Romans, who had many opportunities to             10) W.C. Fields contrived this recipe for
homeopathy product, you apply this before      need hangover cures, comes Deep-fried          “avoiding” the ill effects of a hangover: A
                                               Canary.                                        martini made of 1 part vermouth, 4 parts
                                                                                              gin and one olive, to be taken round the
                                                                                                 My personal remedy, bland but effective:
                                                                                              lots of water (or Gatorade, which has
                                                                                              electrolytes) to rehydrate, offsetting the
                                                                                              diuretic effects of alcohol and flushing

         Center Preschool of Croton
                                                                                              out the toxic waste in the digestive
                                                                                              system. When desperate, take two
                                                                                              Advil (no aspirin or Tylenol).
          2s & 3s...9-11:30 and PreK 4s...9am-noon                                            However, as countless generations
                                                                                              have found, there is but one universally
       After School programming available for 3s and 4s.
        Taste of Twos program and summer camp, too!
     Call now to schedule a tour or to register for Fall 2011                                    Taghkanic Chorale Issues Call for Singers
                                                                                                The Taghkanic Chorale invites men              Parkway. There will be NO rehearsal                                          and women of all ages to sing with them
                                                                                              in their spring season starting January 3rd
                                                                                                                                               January 10th, but regular rehearsal
                                                                                                                                               schedule will resume January 17th.
                                                                                              2012. Learn from acclaimed music director          The Taghkanic Chorale, an established
                                                                                              Steven Fox as the Chorale rehearses classic      cultural organization in the Hudson

                                                                                              works of Benjamin Britten, including             Valley, is a non-profit, non-sectarian
                                                                                              Festival Te Deum, Rejoice in the Lamb,           organization. It serves enthusiastic singers
                                                                                              Hymn to the Virgin, The Ballad of Little         and concertgoers from Westchester,

     us on
                                                                                              Musgrave and Lord Barnard and more.              Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Orange
                                                                                                New singers are invited to try out the         and the mid-Hudson Valley who
                                                                                              Chorale with no obligation during the            appreciate the friendliness of the group,
                                                                                              month of January. No RSVP is necessary           the high caliber of its musical direction

                                                                                              and formal auditions are not required.           and the professionalism of the Chorale’s
                                                                                                The Chorale rehearses on Tuesday nights        performances.
                                                                                              from 7:30 pm-10 pm at the Yorktown                 Further information for singers and

                                                    Search for
                                                                                              Church of the Nazarene, White Hill Road,         concertgoers may be found at www.
                                                                                              Yorktown Heights, conveniently located  or by calling

                                                    EXAMINER MEDIA
                                                                                              near the Route 202 Exit off the Taconic          914.737.6707.

                         914-864-0878                                                                        Small NewS iS BiG NewS •                                                         January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                                                   17

             TuesdAY, JAN. 3
               Pain     Class:    A     free
                                                to: Town of Somers Dept. of Parks and
                                                Recreation, PO Box 46, Somers, NY 10589.
                                                                                                 Valley Rd., Ossining. Participants will
                                                                                                 look for ice formations along the Waterfall
                                                                                                                                                    healing Yoga: Yoga classes for women
                                                                                                                                                 with breast cancer are held at 5 p.m. on
fiibromyalgia//chronic pain class is                                                             Trail and circle Teatown Lake to search for     Sundays at Hudson Yoga, 5 Old Post Rd.
conducted on the first Tuesday of the                         FrIdAY, JAN. 6                     winter wildlife. The program will conclude      South, Croton-on-Hudson. Weekly classes
month, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., at Physical         Contemporary Art exhibit: “Circa              with a hot drink. The program is open to        are being conducted by rotating instructors.
Therapy at Briarcliff, 584 N. State Rd.,        1986,” is being held through July 2012 at the    adults only. The charge is free for Teatown     The suggestion is $15. Info: Ellisha Simpson
Briarcliff Manor. This month’s topic is         Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary            members and $5 for non-members. To              at 914-319-4010 or send an e-mail to info@
“Yoga Can Help.” Info: 914-762-2222.            Art, 1701 Main St., Peekskill. The exhibition    make a reservation, call 914-762-2912 Ext.
   Checkmate: A chess program is held           includes 65 artworks by 47 international         110.
every Tuesday at 4 p.m. at the Ossining         artists who emerged with significant work          Pancake Breakfast: The Yorktown LBOS                     MoNdAY, JAN. 9
Public Library, 53 Croton Ave. It is held       in New York between 1981 and 1991. Info:         and the Yorktown Elks Club will hold a            Computer Classes: Computer classes
in the second floor conference room. Info:      914-788-0100 or                       pancake breakfast from 8:30 a.m. to noon        are conducted every Monday from 5 to 8
914-941-2416 Ext. 336.                             Beanrunner Programs: A series of              at the Yorktown Elks Club, 590 Waverly          p.m. on the second floor at the Ossining
   Jewish Center Programs: The Yorktown         programs are scheduled for this weekend          Rd. Tickets are $8 for adults; $5 for youths    Public Library, 53 Croton Ave. Info: 914-
Jewish Center, 2966 Crompond Rd., is            at the BeanRunner Café, 201 S. Division          between the ages of four and 12; and free       941-2416 or
holding a series of programs. Maimonidean       St., Peekskill. Orlando Marin, known as          for children under 4.
Thought (Topics in Mishneh Torah) is            the “Last Mombo King,” will perform on             Farm Winter: Learn what to do to
held on Tuesdays from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.         Jan. 6 from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Admission is      prepare for winter on a farm, including
Understanding Hebrew Prayer is held from        $10. The Alva Nelson Trio will perform on        how animals stay warm, during “Winter                The Northern Westchester Examiner
Mondays from 7 to 8 p.m. (through May 31).      Jan. 7 from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Admission         on the Farm” from 1 to 3 p.m. at Muscoot          is happy to help spread the word about
Also on Mondays, Conversational Hebrew          is $10. The Noo Moves Entertainment’s            Farm, Route 100, Somers. Info: 914-864-           your community event. Please submit your
is held from 7:30 to 9 p.m. (through May        Artist Appreciation Showcase will be held        7282 or             information at least three weeks prior to
31). Talmud and the Law is held on Fridays      on Jan. 8 from 4 to 7 p.m. Admission is $5.        Concert series: Chamber music will be           your event to
from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (through May      The program will include comedy, poetry          performed by cellist Jameson Platte and
                                                                                                                                                      Please make sure to call or e-mail
31). Lunch ‘N Learn (about topics of Jewish     and live music. Info: 914-737-1701 or            piano player Matthew Quayle at 2 p.m. at
                                                                                                                                                   ahead and confirm all events. The Putnam
interest) is held on Saturdays from, after                              the John C. Hart Memorial Library, 1130
Sabbath services, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.        J-Baby: “J-Baby,” a program for               Main St., Shrub Oak. The program is part          Examiner prints time and dates supplied by
(through June 30). Religious services are       beginning Jewish families with babies or         of the Hart Library Sunday Concert Series.        each organization and is not responsible for
held on Fridays from 6:15 to 7 p.m. and on      toddlers, will be held form 9:30 to 11:30        Info: 914-245-5262 Ext. 222.                      misinformation.
Saturdays from 9:15 to 11:30 a.m. To sign       a.m. at Gymborre, 3631 Hill Blvd., Jefferson
up for programs or for more information,        Valley. The fee is $5 per family. Send
call 914-245-2324.                              RSVPs to Cathy Deutchman at cathy@                  The Gator Baseball Club & Westchester Bombers Baseball Team
                                                                                has merged to create an elite baseball program:
          WedNesdAY, JAN. 4
  Jewish Children’s Library: Temple
Beth Shalom, 760 Route 6, Mahopac, is
                                                            sATurdAY, JAN. 7
                                                   shabbat Learns: Two Shabbat Learns
                                                                                                           The Navajo Gator’s Baseball Club
                                                                                                         Boys 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U Tournament Teams Tryouts:      
launching The PJ Library, which offers free     will be held for study and discussion will, be
books and music to families raising Jewish      held after the Shabbat service and Kiddush                      9U & 12U Saturday, January 7, 2012 4:00p.m.
children. The materials are being provided      (which begin at 9:15 a.m.) at the Yorktown                         11U Sunday, January 8, 2012 5:00 p.m. 
to children between the ages of six months      Jewish Center,2866 Crompond Rd. Rabbi                             10U Monday, January 9, 2012 7:00 p.m at
and eight years who live in northern            Stenstein will focus on Hanukkah and
Westchester and Putnam and Dutchess             Rabbi Urbas will examine the weekly                                            The Training Zone 
Counties. The synagogue is partnering           parshah. Info: 914-245-2324.                                2305 Crompound Road.  Cortlandt Manor NY 10567
with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation,              Beneath The snow: Learn the survival                This program has a combined record of 189-6 over the last two years! 
which created the program. To register and      strategies of animals and plants that use              We have pitching coaches, hitting coaches, and a former professional
receive more information, go to tbmahopc.       snow as an insulator from 11 a.m. to                   baseball catcher on staff working with the catchers, three fields and
org or call 845-628-6133.                       12:30 p.m. at Teatown Lake Reservation,                 training facilities. The coaches have over 100 years of playing and
                                                1600 Spring Valley Rd., Ossining.                                               coaching experience.
           ThursdAY, JAN. 5                     Participants will take a short hike to look
                                                                                                                               Team’s accomplishments:
   Breast Cancer support: A breast and          for animals’ winter homes. Admission is
                                                                                                                      12U 2009 NYEB Fall Champs - 2010 NYEB
ovarian cancer support group is held the        free for Teatown members and $5 for non-
first Thursday of the month at the Yorktown     members. To make a reservation, call 914-             Spring, Summer and Fall Champs – Triple Crown Spring Frost 2010 Champs –
office of Support Connection, 40 Triangle       762-2912 Ext. 110.                                    Cal Ripken Memorial Day 2010 Champs – Triple Crown 4th July Classic 2010
Center, Suite 100. For registration, which         sea Change: A free screening of “A sea             Champs – Baseball Heaven Mid Summer Classic 2010 Champs –  Cooperstown
is required, call 800-532-4290 or 914-962-      Change” will be held from 2 to 4:30 p.m. at             Dreams Park 3rd out of 84 teams – Cal Ripken Columbus Day Classic 2010
6402.                                           the Ossining Public Library, 53 Croton Ave.               champs – 11U - Triple Crown Spring Frost 2011 Champs – Cal Ripken
   Photography exhibit: The photography         The snow date is Jan. 14. The film is about a          Memorial Day Classic 2011 Champs – Cal Ripken Experience Sunset Classic
of Michael Liebman will be exhibited            grandfather’s odyssey to understand ocean              2011 SC Champs -  Triple Crown Fall Classic 2011 Champs – NYEB Spring,
through Jan. 31 at the Ossining Public          acidification. The program will begin with                                   Summer & Fall 2011 Champs
Library, 53 Croton Ave. The free exhibit is     a reception provided by the Wobbie Café
being held in the library gallery. Info: 914-   and end with a question and answer session              This is an elite baseball program for committed boys and their families. If you’re
941-7464.                                       with filmmakers Barbara Ettinger and Sven              serious about having your son learn real baseball, preparing him for the next level,
   dog Park: Donations for the future           Huseby. Info: 914-941-2416.                           having him play against some of the toughest competition on the east coast and just
Somers Dog Park, which will be located                                                                 want him to have fun playing the game of baseball this is your opportunity. If your
next to the town highway department on                       suNdAY, JAN. 8                                    son is dedicated we will maximize his potential and playing ability.
                                                                                                                          Our training system and record speaks for itself.
Route 100, are being accepted. Donations           New Year’s hike: Kick off the new year
should be made to Town of Somers (put           with a hike in the frosty air from 1 to 3 p.m.
                                                                                                                  For information contact John Volpi at
dog park on the memo line) and mailed           at Teatown Lake Reservation, 1600 Spring                       (914)319-3385 or  
18                                                                                     January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                The Northern Westchester Examiner

                                                                   The Northern Westchester
  Boys’ Hoops
                                                     Sports                     Covering Putnam County and Northern Westchester Sports

Kennedy-Peekskill Hoops Rivalry to be Renewed
Euro-Pro McGrath Remembers; Somers Takes 3rd in Yorktown Tourney
By Ray Gallagher                                     against one another professionally in Europe.      Those games were blood, sweat, and tears in
  The northern section of the Section 1                 But when these two and the likes of Mark        every sense of it.”
hoops docket is chock-full-of awesomeness            Carter and Rashard Turner (Peekskill) and             Fast forward to 2012 and we could very
in the days ahead. I see some particularly           Brian O’Donnell and James Gray (JFK) got           well be looking at a Final 4 Class A County
intriguing matchups that we could spend              after it in the late-‘90s through 2002 they        Center prelude when the two meet next
hours talking about: Perhaps none more so            took us northern folk on a magic carpet ride       Tuesday at Peekskill (6:15 p.m. tip). It would
than hookup between state-ranked (No.22)             to the Westchester County Center; fabled,          be special if the basketball gods brought
Class A Peekskill and surging Kennedy                frenetic Peekskill as a Class B man-eater and      these two former rivals together on Section
Catholic on the 10th of January. Coach               upstart Kennedy, under former boss Tom             1’s grandest stage – the Westchester County
Kelly’s Gaels haven’t found their way to the         Nelligan, the two gobbling up sectional and        Center – but we’ll settle for the first of two
NYS rankings as of yet, but after a one-point        regional championships along the way.              dust-ups with major league title implications
loss to state-ranked (No.23) Class AA New               “Those games against Peekskill are
Rochelle and a 79-72 loss to state-ranked            probably the most memorable games of my
(No.13) Class AA Jamestown it’ll be hard to          high school career,” McGrath said Monday
ignore the Gaels whether or not they crack           from France. “We were the two best teams
the state’s Top 25, but they did make some           in Class B at the time when I was playing
headway in this frivolous poll.                      them, and some of those guys were friends
  Section 1 fans will recall fondly the rivalry      of mine, which made the rivalry even more
between Coach Lou Panzanaro’s mythical               intense. That “Brawl Game” at Peekskill was
Peekskill Red Devils and former boss tom             an incredible game, as good as a high school                                                             Somers forward nick Colombo eludes the defense
Nelligan’s Kennedy Gaels when pro prospects          game can be. 'll never forget, and of course                                                             of Yorktown forward aiden Fullerton for a nifty
Hilton Armstrong (Peekskill) and Donnie                                                                                                                       scoop shot and two points in the tuskers’ 61-45
McGrath (JFK) graced the hardwood with a                                                                                                                      win over the huskers in last Wednesday’s consy
presence we don’t regularly see up here in the                                                                                                                round of the 15th annual George Budries tourney.
North Country. Ironically, both Armstrong                                                                                                                    Tyree Hull. The Red Devs have noticed the
(ASVEL Basket), a former first-round NBA                                                                                                                     competition Kennedy has already faced in an
pick of the New Orleans Hornets, and                                                                                                                         effort to prepare for what lies ahead and the
McGrath (Cholet Basket) are now playing                                                                                                                      league flag should go the club that prepares
                                                                                                                                                             in earnest.
                                                                                                                                                                No. 2 MAhoPAC – Coach Downes’
                                                                                                                                                             athletic Indians (4-1) have been the surprise
                                                                                                                                                             team in Section 1 this season and appear to
                                                                                                                                                             be the favorites for the League I-B crown.
                                                                                                                                                                No. 2A KeNNedY – Coach Kelly’s Gaels
                                                                                                                                                             (3-3) get a major bump just for playing in the
                                                                                                                                                             Slam Dunk tourney in something other than
                                                                                                                                                             a challenge game, and when you consider
                                                                                                                                                             they placed fourth against state-ranked Class
                                                                                                                                                             AA foes like Kingston (No.3), Jamestown
                                                                                                        Somers guard John Decker got wrecked on this         (No.13) and New Rochelle (No.23), you
                                                                                                        play by Yorktown forward anthony Coutsouros but      have to consider K.C. among the favorites
                                                                                                        the shot went to the line for a conventional three   to challenge Tappan Zee (No.15), reigning
                                                                                                        in the tuskers’ 61-45 win over the huskers in        champion (No.21) Byram Hills and (No.22)
                                                      raY GallaGher PhotoS                              last Wednesday’s consy round of the 15th annual      Peekskill for the Class A crown this season.
                                                                                                        George Budries tourney.                              Sophomore Mike DeMello (14 points vs.
                                                     Yorktown guard Conor Gately fires up a last-
                                                                                                                                                             New Ro’) is panning out as the real deal, and
                                                     second shot in the huskers’ 61-45 loss to Somers
                                                                                                        on the line. The best part is they’ll get to do      I see at least five guys who can score the ball
                                                     in last Wednesday’s consy round of the 15th
                                                                                                        it again on Feb.1st when the Red Devils visit        consistently.
                                                     annual George Budries tourney.
                                                                                                        Kennedy Catholic.                                       No. 4 soMers – Coach Tanzi’s Tuskers
                                                     we won! I just saw Hilton a few weeks ago             Putnam/North West. Examiner Top 5                 (5-2) did not pass their first big tests of the
tusker forward austin Brown drops fade-away          out here in Europe and we even talked about        Hoops Poll                                           season, falling to Greeley in the opening
shot in the tuskers’ 61-45 win over the huskers in   those games. Some of my best memories in              No. 1 PeeKsKILL – Coach P’s state-                round of the Yorktown tourney. When
last Wednesday’s consy round of the 15th annual      basketball were those games, and for anyone        ranked (No.22) Red Devs (4-1) dispatched             opponents come in with the mindset of
George Budries tourney.                              that was a part of it I'm sure they would agree.   Athens behind a solid 20-point effort from                                     Continued next page                                                                   January 3 - January 9, 2012                                                                                         19

Fate of Put Valley Athletic Department Decided in Weeks
                         I hate sounding                                                                                  game or contest is over, and            next train back to Central, NY., which he did
                      like a broken record                                                                                know that the knowledge                 about a year-and-half later (I tried cutting
                      and being critical;                                                                                 they have gained through a              that line but couldn’t get past the coaching
                      honestly, but there                                                                                 comprehensive education is              staff, nor the good ladies on the A.D. office).
                      are some things that                                                                                sufficient to sustain them in life.        But that’s all in the past, water under the
                      need to be touched                                                                                  These individuals understand            bridge, my friends. There are eminent people
                      upon for the good                                                                                   personal responsibility and             who live in the Town of Putnam Valley now,
                      of the children. I sat                                                                              accountability."                        people who are willing to sit on an advisory
 By Ray Gallagher     down with Putnam                                                                                       I just hope the PV                   committee to assist with the decision
                      Valley A.D. Peter                                                                                   administration and school               making process; successful, veteran coaches
                      Kuczma the other                                                                                    board trustees heed these words,        like Mike Robinson and Sharon Sarsen
day and he confirmed that candidates                                                                                      especially the accountability           (both of the Lakeland School District),
will have until January 15th to get their                                                                                 part, something Kuczma has              who should be on that board, plus Keenan
applications in to replace the venerable                                                                                  been during his two stints in the       Deegan (Somers High), Ed DeChent (Asst.
administrator, who retires in June                                                                                        sticks of P.V. But even Kuczma          Principal Yonkers High) and even my pal
after a long, distinguished career at                                                                                     had his hands full this go-round.       Paul Brazeau (current NBA Vice President of
places like Horace Greeley, Croton and                                                                                       I wasn’t overly fond of the          Basketball Operations) has a vested interest
PV. So the fate of the Putnam Valley                                                                                      Winchell hiring, based on               with children in the district. Heck, bring in
Athletic Department and all student                                                                                       conversations with key faculty          Judge Judy off her Lake Oscawana home to
athletes henceforth will be decided                                                                                       members and coaches, who                render a final verdict, just make sure we do
sometime between now and then; when                                                                                       squirmed and refused to go on           our damn homework and we don’t rubber
the last willing soul decides to apply                                                                                    the record but wanted little to         stamp this thing, as the fate of thousands
for this “dream job” with nightmarish                                                                                     do with her hiring. I nearly got        of student athletes, plus coaches, educators
                                               raY GallaGher Photo
implications (nope, this piece won’t                                                                                      Conroy’s whiffle ball bat on my         and administrators lies in the blessing of this
see the sports bulletin board outside tiger senior rachel Fitzgerald has seen four different athletic butt for saying so publicly, just as                        one, apparently problematic, decision…
Kuzzy’s office).                              Directors in her varied athletic career at Putnam valley, including Brian I had when I acted out in his gym            on a Lighter Note:
   I also sat down with an Athletic hogeboom, Mark lybolt, interim Sam oliverio and Peter kuczma.                         class back in the day. Hogeboom            Putnam Valley sixth-grader Nick Ferraro
Coordinator from a neighboring school                                                                                     might have been the nicest fella        (see back page) just got hit with a Letter
                                                   (for a second go) take over since Bill Conroy
district that same day; a more rugged dude                                                                   I’ve met in years, but he never secured the          of Recommendation from Triple Crown
                                                   left in 2002. That’s five athletic directors
whom I surmised would be a good fit in P.V.                                                                  full respect of his staff and was run out of         Sports, a bona fide baseball association that
                                                   (four if you don’t count Kuzzy twice) in less
He told me flat out, “Nobody wants that job,”                                                                here. It took me all of five minutes to know         hosts 15,000 players and 900 teams along
                                                   than a decade for those scoring at home; six
including himself.                                                                                           that Lybolt wasn’t the right fit, and this is        the eastern seaboard. Ferraro, previously
                                                   if you count Assistant High School Principal
   Apparently, there is a degree of fret                                                                     what I told him upon entering Putnam                 groomed in the PVBA, CALL and Frozen
                                                   Slingin’ Sam Oliverio’s four-month interim
surrounding the A.D. position in Put                                                                         Valley.                                              Ropes organizations, got the call to be
                                                   stint (nothin’ but love, Sammy boy).
Valley, due in part to the recent instability                                                                   “Since Bill Conroy left Valley, you are the       recognized among the top one percent of
                                                      Kuczma, now 70 and in the
of both the athletic department and overall                                                                             fourth person to take on this job,        baseball players within the association on
administration within the PV School
District, plus the shenanigans of the past
                                                   twilight of a fabled career, is
                                                   said to have a major say in his               Direct                 and the instability is killing a lot of
                                                                                                                        us that live/lived and/or worked in
                                                                                                                                                                  Feb. 18th at the North Haven, CT Holiday
regarding the way some coaches had been
treated prior to Kuczma’s reinstatement
                                                   replacement, though second-
                                                   year Superintendent Barbara
                                                   Fuchs will make the final call,
                                                                                                 Rays                   town. I hope you stick around for
                                                                                                                        that reason alone; because another
                                                                                                                                                                     Having seen the kid play on the D-33
                                                                                                                                                                  Little League circuit, I can vouch. Straight
when a prior administration had run amuck.                                                                              botched kick would be costly to           and narrow, young man: Tis a straight and
                                                   a determination that could
I’m not going to rehash the issues that led to                                                               the student athletes of Putnam Valley, which         narrow road to the top.
                                                   ultimately shape her legacy. Kuczma once
good coaches/people like Kelly Thompson                                                                      is inexcusable in this neck of the woods.               NY Giants Wr Victor Cruz is the sickest
                                                   profoundly expressed his viewpoint of the
and Frank Heitman resigning their coaching                                                                   Make no mistake, though, they'll run you             freak I’ve seen at the position in a few years.
                                                   importance of athletics within the school
posts, but I will agree that the job is a tough                                                              outta here if you're not their man within a          Cruz – a 5’11” burner straight outta D-I AA
                                                   district. It was so insightful, I wrote it down
sell for anyone that knows the recent history                                                                year or so.”                                         UMASS (2010, Colonial Athletic League)
                                                   as he told me so.
of the district (sorry if anyone is offended by                                                                 Lybolt wasn’t just Scott Norwood in 1991’s        – cooked Cowboys DB Terrence Newman
                                                      "The athletic program is an extension of
that).                                                                                                       Super Bowl XXV going wide right; it was              so bad in the Giants 31-14 win over Dallas
                                                   the academic foundation that directs the
   Stability hasn’t been PV’s strong suit, but                                                               Garo Yepremian in Super Bowl VII (1972)              Sunday night, Cowboy trainers checked
                                                   concepts of self-sufficiency, independence
that could change by ending the incessant                                                                    botching a kick like none had ever done              Newman for burns when he went down in
                                                   and personal goal setting,” he said.
renovation within the athletic department,                                                                   before or since. It took a little more than a        the fourth. Tis “Good to be Blue”, go G-Men!
                                                   “Our athletes are the ones who stand
which has seen Linda Winchell, Kuczma,                                                                       month before folks were lining up to drive              Happy New Year, gang!
                                                   alone, outside the sports arena, after the
Brian Hogeboom, Mark Lybolt and Kuczma                                                                       Lybolt to Peekskill, so he could fetch the

Kennedy-Peekskill Hoops Rivalry to be Renewed
Continued from Page 18
stopping junior guard John Decker, will               can match up in an ultra-competitive league,          is why the Bears fall from grace this week.           Thom has been legit.
senior forward Nick Colombo be enough to              which gets underway with a tune-up against               hM CroToN – After winning the                        hM YorKToWN (only because they
offset the scheme or will this massive front          a mediocre John Jay club. If the Rams can’t           O’Neill tourney, Coach Thom’s Tigers (6-1)            played) – Not sure what to make of Coach
line finally impose its vast will. Inquiring          pass this test they are in some trouble with          will need Tyler Gilman’s leadership, tourney          Veteri’s winless Huskers, but if the Crop ain’t
minds want to know if the Tuskers can adjust          Brewster and Mahopac to follow.                       MVP Ian Thom’s (18PPG) marksmanship,                  showing up – and I don’t believe I saw more
accordingly if Decker doesn’t put up All-                hM BreWsTer – I know the County                    Wes Turner’s (recent 30-point game)                   than 10 of them last week at the Budries
Tourney digits like he did against Yorktown           Center is a tough place to score points, but          explosiveness and Aaron Thompson’s best               tourney – something’s not right in the land
(25 points), despite a box-and-one look               Coach Martino’s Bears (2-3) are beginning             against state-ranked (No.16), undefeated              of the Huskers. I came away wondering
at times, in a 61-45 win over the Huskers.            to have the look of an over-rated club after          league foe Pleasantville on Jan.4. Looks like         why the Huskers, with a few guys over 6’3”
Colombo (18 points) is the key.                       scoring just 43 points in a nine-point loss to        it could be a true a three-horse race for the         on the roster, don’t pound the ball inside ad
   No. 5 CArMeL – Coach Coate’s                       Mamaroneck. Let’s just say, though I have             league with P’Ville, Briarcliff and the Tigers.       nausea. Nowadays, coaches use the phrase
undefeated Rams (4-0) may not be long for             still have high hopes, I’m starting to have           Sure would feel better about Croton if we saw         “POWER!” until they are blue in the face. I
this spot, depending on whether or not they           some concerns over the sub-par start, which           a TRUE quality W among the six, but Ian               need more POWER!

     Chiriboga Blues at Yorktown
                                                 Somers Hammers Huskers, 61-45

                                                                                Somers forward Matt
                                                                                Chiriboga rips away a
                                                                                rebound from Yorktown's
                                                                                Chris Schmitz in the
                                                                                tuskers' 61-45 win over the
                                                                                huskers in the consolation
                                                                                round of the 15th annual
                                                                                George Budries Basketball
                                                                                tournament last Wednesday
                                                                                at Yorktown.

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