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                                             February 15, 1991

Is the Sabbath really       Final Ingatheri
   a day of rest? -page 4   I      report    —page 13
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New Jersey plans for             dventist Review
 next decade -page ?               follOWS   -page 8

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       IRAQ,                                                                         Randy Hall
    AND THE                                     I     remember as a child
                        wondering how John's prophecy that "every eye
                                                                                   Communication Intern:
                                                                                     Elaine Hamilton
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     SECOND             shall see Him" would be fulfilled. At one point I            Diane Baier
                        thought Jesus' return might take 24 hours, one full
     COMING             revolution of the earth, but then I learned about
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                        the geosynchronous orbits of satellites. Another           and spiritual gifts of these people mean that
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                        time I thought God might speed up the earth's rev-         the Saviour and His churchandshouldserue
                                                                                   as a networking tool to share methods that •*
                        olution, but then I contrasted that idea with cen-         members, churches and institutions can use
                        tripetal force. And another time I thought that all        in ministry. Address all editorial correspon-
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                        don, but then I worried about sanitation problems.
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                           I've got another idea now.                              Washington, D.C.                       (301) 596-0800
                           On January 16, Tom Brokaw of NEC Nightly                Baltimore                              (301)997-3414
                                                                                   President ................................ RM. Wisbey
                        News was interviewing a correspondent in Bagh-             Secretary, ASI ...................... H.M. Wright
                                                                                   Treasurer ................................ D J. Russell *
                        dad when the correspondent reported that tracers            Undertreasurer ...........__.. RJ. Jensen
                                                                                    Assistant ......._................—— J. Cullum
                        and anti-aircraft fire were lighting up the night          Church Ministries .................. J. Clements
                        sky. Quickly, Brokaw switched to Mike Boettcher             Associate ........................ B. Manspeaker
                                                                                   Communication .................... K. Netteburg
                        in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, who told how many jets           Data Processing _...__.......... M. Connor
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                        had left that airfield and what kinds of jets they         Education ..............................._.. R Osbom
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               Editor   were. The war was being reported—LIVE.                     Ministerial .................................... F. Ottati
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                           The following Sunday, television news covered—           Associates.... R. LaGrone, G. Sunderland
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                        LIVE—a Patriot missile shooting down an incom-               Assistant............................ D. Trimarchi
                        ing Scud missile. The reporter stood on a hotel            Religious Liberty ...................... A. Westney
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                        balcony describing the launching of a Patriot mis-          COLUMBIA UNION CONFERENCE
                        sile and the explosion as it intercepted the Scud                        ASSOCIATION
                                                                                   President ................................ RM. Wisbey
                        missile. Again and again throughout the early              Vice President ....__...._..... DJ. Russell
                        days of the war, reporters described events—LIVE.          Secretary .................................... J. L*astine
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                           Now I've got another idea about how every eye                    LOCAL CONFERENCES
                        may be able to see Jesus' coming. Television.              AUJX3HENY EAST: Alyin M. Kibble, Pres-                       -
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                        thousand angels." Dan Rather asking correspon-             phone: (215) 326-4610.
                                                                                   ALLEGHENY WEST; WilHe J. Lewis, Pres-
                        dents to describe islands vanishing into the sea.          ident; Robert C. Lewis, Visitor Correspon-
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                           But I won't be watching. I intend to be rising to       43205. Telephone: (614) 252-5271.
                        meet Him in the air, greeting loved ones who've            CHESAPEAKE: J.W. Coulter, President;
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                        died, rejoining relatives who share my hope in His         Martin Rd., Columbia, MD 21044. Tele-
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                        return, finding friends to share His feast with,           area, 596-5600.
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                        launching an incredible journey through space—             Telephone: (304) 422-4581.
                        and through pearly gates. I may sneak a peek to            NEW .JERSEY: Robert W. Boggess, Pres-
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                        see where Jesus is chaining Satan, though.                 wick Ave., Trenton, NJ 08648. Telephone:
                           I don't know what the ratings may be for the            OHIO: Ed Motschiedler, President and Vis                      j
                        early stages of that broadcast, but there won't be         itor Correspondent; Box831, Mount Vernon,
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                        anybody watching television at the end.                    PENNSYLVANIA: Jerry Page, President;
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                        COVER Una Flynn photographed the early snow scene          phone: (703) 886-0771. ABC, 8400 Carroll
                        on the cover while visiting near the Blackwater National   Ave., Takoma Park, MD 20912. Telephone:
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                        Wildlife Refuge in the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland's
                        Eastern Shore just south of the town of Cambridge.         Printed by the Review and Herald Publishing
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                        Flynn, whose pictures are frequently presented on the
                        covers of the Visitor, lives in Rockville, Maryland.       February 15,1881                      Vol. 96, No. 4

                                                                                                 VISITOR, February 15,1991
                                                                                               SPOTLIGHT ON BAPTISMS

  Larry Hill,         Mary Hill,          Melinda Hill,      Kathy Coch-        Steve Coch-        Ethel Landau,      Frank Mur­
  Leechburg,          Leechburg,          Leechburg,         ran, Erie, Penn­   ran, Erie, Penn­   Danville, Penn­    phy, Damascus,
  Pennsylvania.       Pennsylvania.       Pennsylvania.      sylvania. Both     sylvania. Steve    sylvania. A        Potomac.
  Larry, who en­      Mary and her        Melinda was        Kathy and her      and his wife,      friend who lives   Frank said that
  joys farming,       family studied      baptized in a      husband, Steve,    Kathy, are res­    at the same        he chose to be­
  was baptized in     the Bible and       lake during a      travel 30 miles    idents of Ash-     nursing home       come a member
  May of 1990 af-     attended a          sunset one day     each way to be     tabula, Ohio.      as Ethel intro­    of the Adventist
i ter he, his wife,   prophecy sem­       in June of 1990    present for        Both of them       duced her to       church through
  Mary, and his       inar taught by      after she went     church and Sab­    were baptized      Adventist be­      baptism in De­
  daughter, Me-       Alien MacDon-       to the Daniel      bath school.       by Pastor Har-     liefs, which she   cember of 1990
  linda, attended     ald before she      Prophecy Sem­      They were bap­     ley Bresee dur­    accepted by pro­   since "It seemed
  a Daniel Proph­     was baptized in     inar with family   tized in Septem­   ing September      fession of faith   like a good
  ecy Seminar.        May of 1990.        and friends.       ber of 1990.       of 1990.           in July of 1989.   thing to do."

                                           FACE TO FACE
                                           Profiles of newly baptized people
 Nicole Noll,         Lenora Brown,              "And Jesus said unto them,                        Charles Ben-       Ida Bennett,
 Northumber­          Blythedale,                                                                  nett, Leech­       Leechburg,
 land, Pennsyl­       Chesapeake.                     Come ye after me,                            burg, Pennsyl­     Pennsylvania.
 vania. After         The Holy Spirit                                                              vania. Charles     Although afraid
 answering a call     led Lenora to            and I will make you to become                       and his sister,    of water, Ida
 to give her life     accept Jesus            fishers of men. And straightway                      Ida, faithfully    braved baptism
 to Jesus, Nicole     Christ as her                                                                attended the       for her Lord in
 studied with         personal Sa­                 they forsook their nets,                        Daniel Prophecy    August of 1990
 Pastor Clark         viour and join                                                               Seminar this       after she and
 Acker and was        the Adventist
                                             and followed him,"—Mark 1:17, 18.                     past April and     brother Charles
 baptized in a        church through                                                               were baptized      came to the
 lake during          baptism during                                                               together in Au­    Daniel Proph­
 July of 1990.        May of 1989.                                                                 gust of 1990.      ecy Seminar.

  Alejandro Ja-        I/eisa Hark-       Matthew Al-        Justin Shipo­      Mary Hack,         Luis Irizzary,     Leonides Iriz­
  cobo, Hammon-        less, Leechburg,   drich, Tran-       wick, Tranquil-    Danville, Penn­    Hammonton          zary, Hammon­
  ton Spanish,         Pennsylvania.      quility, New       ity, New Jersey.   sylvania. Bible    Spanish, New       ton Spanish,
  New Jersey. At       Leisa made her     Jersey. Mat­       Justin's bap­      studies and at­    Jersey. When       New Jersey.
  the conclusion       decision to be     thew joined his    tism in Septem­    tending church     he began study­    Twenty years of
  of a Revelation      baptized after     friend and fel­    ber of 1990 was    with both her      ing the Bible      praying for her
  Seminar, Ale­        reading Christ's   low fourth-        special since he   brother and his    with Pastor Ra-    husband, Luis,
  jandro decided       warning, "He       grader at the      and friend Mat­    wife led Mary to   mon Canals,        to join the
  to join the Ad­      that loveth        local church       thew Aldrich       join the family    Luis wanted to     church led to his
  ventist church       father or          school, Justin     were baptized      of God through     remain a Catho­    baptism—and
  through bap­         mother more        Shipowick, in      by his father,     profession of      lic, but he was    Leonides' re-
  tism in Novem­       than me is not     baptism in Sep­    Pastor Steve       faith in August    baptized in No­    baptism—in No­
  ber of 1990.         worthy of me."     tember of 1990.    Shipowick.         of 1990.           vember of 1990.    vember of 1990.

  VISITOR, February 15,1991

                                                                                      den Edwards, an Episcopal priest who
                        Is the Sabbath a day of no rest?                              leads spiritual retreats throughout the
                                For many it has become                                   Edwards said this is true because
                                                                                      many couples have moved and don't
                                                                                      have relatives to help with chores and

                   Sabbath on the
                                                                                      child care.

                                                                                        Everybody is competi­

                        fast track
                                                                                        tive—to know more, do
                                                                                        more, be smarter, be on
                                                                                        the fast track.
                                                       LAURA SESSIONS STEPP
                                                                                          In addition, men and women are
                                                                                      afraid to be still, he said. That sense
                                                                                      of perpetual motion has worsened in
                                              Churches and synagogues often           the past few years, said Donald Alien,
                                           contribute to the sense of busyness.       pastor of the Capitol Hill Presbyterian
                                           Sunday school and worship services         Church. When he asks his new mem­
                                           are followed by committee meetings,        bership classes to begin with 15 min­
      or many Americans, the tradi­        special programs and youth groups.         utes of silence, "they stare at me as if
      tional Sabbath is no more.           With so many people occupied during        I'm crazy," Alien said.
          The notion, still honored a      the week, some pastors and rabbis try          Washington banker Joe Brazewell
generation ago, that it should be spent    to cram everything into the Sabbath.       doesn't doubt it. "Among upwardly
in worship and rest, giving body and          The disappearance of the Christian      mobile professionals, everybody is
mind a chance to recharge, has been        Sabbath and Jewish Shabbat has been        competitive—to know more, do more,
replaced by the idea that weekends         a gradual trend with many causes, say      be smarter, be on the fast track," he
are a time to make extra money, take       social scientists, clerics and others.     said.
children to soccer games or catch up          One reason is that Americans—               The Sabbath crunch is particularly
on paperwork from the office.              particularly American women—are            acute for parents, the Harris survey
    For worshipers, the whirlwind be­                                                 found. Parents who work long hours
gins a little later in the day, although                                              during the week tend to focus on their
it sometimes starts at church.               Some pastors try to                      children on the weekend. And atten­
    "What day of rest?" laughed Debo­                                                 tion often means transporting the chil­
rah Vaughan, a nurse, PTA president          cram everything into the                 dren to many events.
and single mother of five boys. "Sun­        Sabbath.                                     The traditional values of the Sab­
day is a preparation day for the week                                                 bath—rest, reflection and deeds of
to come and a catch-up day from the                                                   kindness—are less apparent but just
week that has passed."                                                                as important, Washington psychiatrist
    Vaughan, who lives in southeastern     working more, out of economic neces­       John Meeks said.
Washington, B.C., grew up in the area      sity and because they want to. A Har­          David Harris, who travels fre­
and went to a Baptist church every         ris poll in 1973 found that Americans      quently for work, insists on flying
Sunday morning.                            worked a median 40.6 hours a week;         home every Friday night for the fam­
    Her parents, grandparents and sib­     in 1987, they worked 46.8 hours.           ily dinner, preceded by the lighting of
lings came home to a big meal, after           So-called blue laws banning com­       candles, song and prayer.
which the children played outdoors or      mercial activity on Sunday have been           Harris, a Reform Jew, said he trea­
upstairs while the adults sat around       abandoned nearly everywhere. People        sures that meal, but then added:
and talked for hours.                      who work during the week seize the         "Sometimes I've wished I were more
    But on most Sundays these days,        chance to shop on Sunday; a national       religious so I could take [Saturday]
Vaughan rises at 7 a.m., in time to fix    survey by the Stiller-man & Jones          off. I've wondered, is dinner enough to
breakfast and referee fights over the      marketing firm shows that a typical        convey the sense of spirituality, peace
bathroom.                                  Sunday shopper is far more likely to       and rest I want my children to have?"
    Some parents have begun taking         be employed than a weekday shopper.
small steps to preserve their sanity on       Adults moonlight on Sundays, and
the Sabbath. Vaughan said she tells        teenagers work then so they can make       Laura Sessions Stepp is a staff writer
her boys to finish their homework be­      spending money.                            for the Washington Post. This feature
fore Sunday, but that only makes a            The pressure to stay busy on the        is excerpted from an article by Stepp in
dent in Sunday craziness.                  Sabbath is especially noticeable to Til-   the November 19, 1990, Post.

                                                                                                        VISITOR, February 15,1991
   Love is more than just saying                                                              Letting the child face situations
the words, "I love you," to some­                                                             that the foster parent no longer
one you care about. True love is                                                              can control is a difficult process.
commitment in action.
   Three Ohio families that                                                                     Cavinesses are first-timers
demonstrate every day what                                                                          Sherrill Caviness, a first-
true love is have taken in chil­                                                                time foster parent, isn't anxious
dren from dysfunctional homes                                                                   to experience that loss. "The
and given them love as well as a                                                                down side of fostering is that
brighter start in life.                                                                         you get very, very attached,"
                                                                                                said Sherrill, who enjoys moth­
Roses adopt "special" child                                                                     ering. She and husband Mal­
    Terry and Denise Rose of                                                                    colm live in Centerville and
Clarksville adopted Earl after                                                                  have three grown sons.
four years of attempting to have                                                                    Christy [fictitious name to
a child.
     Earl came to live with the
                                                                                         y      protect the identity of the child
                                                                                                and her family] came to live
Roses when he was 17 months                                                                     with the Caviness family when
old. He was a very special baby;                                                                she was 4 months old. She was
he is handicapped. A piece of                                                       \\v         a baby suffering from depres­
his brain that was part of the                                                                  sion. She didn't laugh or smile
motor strip and controls muscles         Denise and Terry Rose with Earl and Bethany
                                                                                                or respond to Sherrill and Mal­
folded over and grew together. As a                                                     colm. She just laid in her crib and
result, Earl has very low muscle tone                                                   stared into space.
in his upper body, especially in the
oral area. Because of this, he cannot
speak and has difficulty eating.
                                               Special kids                                  After a couple of weeks of constant
                                                                                        care and affection, Christy's condition
                                                                                        took a positive turn. She began laugh­
     Denise, a speech therapist who
works with the Clinton County Board
of Mental Retardation, recalls that
                                             get lucky with                             ing, chattering and hugging. Now at
                                                                                        14 months, she is a well-adjusted,
                                                                                        bright little girl.
when Earl first came to live with                                                            The Cavinesses are not planning to
them, his only ways of expressing his
needs and wants were pointing and
                                                special                                 adopt Christy. Their goal is to help as
                                                                                        many children as possible. Yet saying
 grunting. Now he communicates with                                                     goodbye will undoubtedly be difficult.
both sign and body language.
     They believe the Lord selected Earl
                                                parents                                 Sherrill struggles with letting Christy
                                                                                        go. "It will break my heart when I
 for them because, less than three                                                      have to give her up. But we went into
 years after his adoption, Bethany, now               CHERYL REMMERS                    it with a lot of prayer, and we told the
 2, was born to them, and Denise is                                                     Lord, 'Christy is your baby; she's in
 pregnant again.                                                                        your hands.'
     Adopting a child requires a lot of     have a 17-year-old son, Jonathon, who            "Our heads can say all of those
 adjustment and commitment. The             was adopted when he was 9 years old.        things. But what will happen to our
 Roses are learning how to help Earl        (Their birth children are all adults.)      hearts? They'll break. She is our
 when problems occur.                          Pattie Osborne said some of the           little girl," she added. "It's been very
                                            children who come to them have no           rewarding to see her growth experi­
 Osbornes foster 61 kids                    moral standards and don't know any­          ence. We've been able to succeed in
      Doug McLarnen, supervisor of the      thing about God. She believes the            really helping her get a good start."
 placement unit at the Knox County          Lord has given her and Jim talents for
 Department of Human Services, said         the ministry of foster parenting. They       The end result is worth it!
 that according to his department's sta­    tell each child about Jesus and His              These three families have not only
 tistics, approximately 20 percent of       plan for them. And the couple assures        been a blessing to others, but in re­
 foster children are later adopted. This    each one of their own love.                  turn, they have received the blessings
 low number leaves a high percentage            Though most of the children who          of knowing they made a difference in
 of children needing good foster homes      have left still keep in touch, it is diffi­  the lives of those they cared for.
 to help compensate for their high rate     cult for Pattie to say goodbye. Yet she          Denise Rose knows that and is con­
  of transition.                            has managed to find a bright side:           tent. She also is a realist: "There are
      Jim and Pattie Osbom live in Can­     "It's rewarding to know you've had the       some frustrations, but the effort is
  ton and have been foster parents for      chance to love them and teach them           more than worth it!"
  12 years. During that time, they have     about Jesus."
  taken in 61 children.                         Knowing they've made the lives of
      Currently, the Osbornes have five     their children happier is something          Cheryl Remmers is editor of Mission
  foster children who range in age from     foster parents hold onto, especially         Ohio and secretary to Ohio President
  16 months up to 17 years. They also       when it's time to let the children go.       Ed Motschiedler.

 VISITOR, February 15,1991

    Fall colors appeared at Camp Blue
Ridge in Montebello, Virginia, just in
time for Potomac's Romantic Couples'
Retreat September 28-30.
    Retreat coordinators originally
planned for about 20 couples. They
were pleasantly surprised when regis­
trations topped 45 couples and a wait­
ing list of 20 couples developed.
    Ages in the group ranged from the
early 20s to those in their 70s. Cou­
ples had been married as few as three
months to as many as 48 years!
   The goal of the weekend was to re­
affirm romance in marriage. From
the comments made by participants, it
sounded like that aim was realized in
a big way.
   Tony and Dawn Williams of Colum­
                                                      Ridge               Spouses served communion to each other, played
                                                                          together and prayed together during Potomac's
bia, Maryland, expressed their thanks                                     Romantic Couples' Retreat. Photo by Robbi Pier-
"for helping us realize what the really           REBECCA FEASTER         son-Anderson.
important things in life are!"
   The group was pampered and sur­
prised with special treats throughout     relax. Some chose to concentrate on          "Our staff is to be commended for
the weekend by the retreat staff. And     their "homework," writing vows to use     their hard work and joyous enthusi­
each couple enjoyed the privacy and       later that evening at a marriage reaf-     asm," said McMillan. "The weekend
modern conveniences of the camp's         firmation service.                        was a total team effort." Staffers in­
new cabins.                                   A highlight of the weekend was the    cluded George and Debra Brill of Tap-
   The weekend started off with a         sunset communion as couples took          pahannock, Virginia, Mike and Karen
candlelight dinner Friday evening.        part in the ordinance of humility and     Lawhorn from Beltsville, Maryland,
Afterward, Len and Karen McMillan,        the sacraments together. Many par­        Lynn and Lona Schlisner of New Mar­
retreat leaders and the conference's      ticipants commented that this activity    ket, Virginia, and Marvin and Ingrid
family life specialists, helped the       alone brought them closer together.       Wray from Vienna, Virginia.
group discover the meaning and defi­          On Saturday night a "wedding re­         Encouraged by the overwhelming
nition of romance.                        ception" was held for the "newlyweds."    response, McMillan has planned two
   On Sabbath morning, couples went       The cake was cut by a couple celebrat­    couples' retreats for 1991. The first is
through a number of active learning       ing their 22nd wedding anniversary        scheduled for Valentine's weekend,
experiences and enjoyed a sermon by       that day.                                 February 15-17, near Virginia Beach,
Lynn Schlisner, senior pastor of the          Before retiring for the night, sev­   Virginia. A fall retreat will be held
New Market, Virginia, church and re­      eral couples shared romantic walks        September 27-29 at Camp Blue Ridge.
treat staff member. The sermon em­        around the lake—ringed by camp               Couples with an interest in renew­
phasized that marriage makes two          fires—in the moonlight. A few adven­      ing their marriage or making a strong
people one and serves as an example       turesome folk enjoyed the glow of the     marriage even better can call the Po-
of how we can become one with God.        camp fires from canoes on the lake.       tomac Conference's family life office at
   Sabbath lunch was a gala affair,          The next morning, participants dis­    (703) 886-0771 for details.
complete with linen tablecloths, flow­    covered how their temperaments af­
ers, stemware and a multicourse meal      fect their feelings toward sex. After
individually served by retreat staff.     the seminar, they enjoyed fellowship      Rebecca Feaster is secretary to the
   The afternoon was set aside as free    before the festive brunch ending the      family life director of the Potomac
time for participants to hike, talk or    weekend retreat.                          Conference.

                                                                                                      VISITOR, February 15,1991
                                                                                               SPOTLIGHT ON NEW JERSEY

      The tranquil setting of the Keswick              Plans were laid to help 25 percent          present purposeful, persuasive, enthu­
•Conference Center in Whiting, New                 of the church members become in­                siastic, Christ-centered messages for
  Jersey, was the backdrop for New                 volved in public and personal evange­           Sabbath worship, midweek services
  Jersey Conference pastors and their              lism ministries. Systematic church              and evangelistic meetings.
  families as they met in a retreat-plan­          planting into unentered territories
  ning session and to praise God for the           was again affirmed as a strategic plan          ••Nurture: Three "ships"—discipleship,
  successes of the past quinquennium.              for the next five years. It was the en­         fellowship and stewardship—will launch
      And there was plenty to praise               thusiastic decision of every pastor to          members on a path of whole and sup­
, about. During the past five years, the           challenge his district family to reach          portive church life.
  blessings of God in New Jersey have              out to others so effectively that total             Shepherding or nurture and care of
  been rich.                                       annual baptisms will equal 10 percent           church members continues to be a
      Annual tithe increased $1.3 mil­             of the church membership.                       high priority. Pastors' visiting and
  lion—from $3,137,536 to $4,295,597.                                                              preaching programs will be directed
  Conference membership went from                  »»Lay Training: Members will learn to           toward discipleship, fellowship and
  6,099 to 7,500—an increase of 23 per-            preach, give Bible studies and provide          stewardship—discipleship to encour­
,cent. Baptisms throughout the quin­               leadership; department directors will of­       age members, fellowship to develop
   quennium came to a total of 3,520.              fer workshops.                                  unity and support, and stewardship to
   Mission giving increased 34 percent                 Six lay-training schools are to be          develop commitment of time, energy
   over the period, and 16 new congrega­           organized in local churches, where              and funds to the work of God.
   tions were established. New Jersey              systematic class work—following a
   leaders gave God the glory.                     specific curriculum—will train lay                  This writer's closing message re­
      Keswick's lake-recreational-confer­          workers to preach, give Bible studies            counted the story of the demoniac son
   ence center and National Pineland               and provide administrative and orga­             cleansed by Jesus, with special em­
[ was the setting for the New Jersey               nizational leadership.                           phasis on the conversation related in
 \ staff to lay firm plans for the next dec­           In addition, and to ensure there is          Mark 9:22-24. "If it is at all possible
   ade. Guests Lynn Martell, director of            a balanced emphasis, each conference            for you, take pity upon us and help
   church ministries for the North Amer­            departmental director will present              us!" said the father.
   ican Division, and Harvey Sauder, for­          workshops coordinated with his area                 "If it's possible!" said Jesus. "Ev­
   mer director of trust services for the           of ministry in local churches through­          erything is possible to one who has
   Columbia Union, helped direct the                out the conference.                             faith."
' planning and strategy process.                                                                       The father responded, "I have faith!
      Martell divided the pastoraVde-              ••Preaching: Pastors will be assisted in         Help me where my faith falls short."
   partmental staff into small groups to           developing effectiveness in persuasive,             The father's prayer was the united
    spend hours brainstorming and pro­             Christ-centered messages.                        prayer of the ministers in New Jersey
   jecting plans for the future. Four                 During this quinquennium, pastors             as they gathered in commitment to Je­
   topics of major thrust were identified          have established an annual goal to               sus and His will for a finished work.
    and plans formulated.                          preach on last-day biblical prophecies
                                                   and landmark pillar doctrines of the
  ^Evangelism: Annual baptisms will                Seventh-day Adventist Church.                    Robert Boggess is president and com­
1 equal 10 percent of each congregation's             Workers' meeting speakers as well             munication director for the New Jersey
  membership.                                      as special programs will help pastors            Conference.

                        New Jersey pastors
                 stretch strategy through decade
                                                                ROBERT BOGGESS

'                                                 Enrollment                                   Offerings               Literature Evangelism
    Members   Congregations          Baptisms     K-9 GSA        Year        Tithe       NJ Advance Mission              Sales     Baptisms
     6,099            61                525       390     161    1985     $3,137,536       $ 56,211       $228,455     $257,604       14
     6,424            63                535       437     102    1986     $3,784,267       $ 85,820       $204,536     $259,147       7
     6,591            66                492       490     120    1987     $3,956,452       $116,412       $258,300     $227,352        1
-    6,777            72                566       510     115    1988     $4,309,687       $114,118       $300,260     $310,649       17
     7,236            74                754       564     109    1989     $4,481,641       $112,306       $296,881     $616,957       52
     7,500            77                648       569     120    1990* $4,295,597          $ 96,840       $304,858     $620,388       74
                           "Totals for 1990 are estimates based on 11-month actual figures. School enrollments are actual totals.

               COLUMBIA UNION               son, a physician residing in Vienna, Vir­    • Henry Kenaston leaves the Ohio Con­
New faces,                                  ginia. Pierson-Anderson still uses her       ference, where he served as pastor of the
                                            skills on special projects of promotion,     Elyria/Lorain and Reynoldsburg/Grove
new places;                                 event planning and desktop publishing.       City districts, to join the pastoral team
tasks and transfers                         • Bill McVay comes to the Chesapeake         in the Carolina Conference.
• Robin Kajiura comes to the Columbia       Conference to serve as its church minis­     • John Mutchler comes to pastor the
Union as district director for the Gen­     tries director. He leaves the Potomac        Abundant Life Fellowship church in Co­
eral Conference Auditing Services and       Conference, where he was an associate        lumbus part time and to work part time
heads the staff of auditors at the union    in church ministries with specific skills    as an evangelist with the Ohio Confer­
headquarters. She came from the Lake        in evangelism, personal witnessing and       ence. Mutchler came from the Wiscon­
Union, where she served as auditor.         Community Services.                          sin Conference a year ago to coordinate
• Murrell Tull comes to the New Jersey      • Dan Goddard moves from the Potomac         evangelism for Ohio's church ministries.
Conference from Texas, where he pas-        Conference, where he was the ministe-        • Greg Ostrander recently finished his
tored a church in the Dallas area, to                                                         coursework at the Seventh-day Ad­
direct the church ministries depart­                                                          ventist Theological Seminary at An­
ment for the conference.                                                                      drews University, Berrien Springs,,
• Ginger Tull also comes from Texas                                                           Michigan. He comes into the Ohio
with husband Murrell. She is secre­                                                           Conference to pastor the Columbus
tary for the education and church                                                             Grove, Clyde and Findlay district.
ministries departments in the New                                                             • Hector Rodriguez moves to be the
Jersey Conference.                                                                            pastor for the Youngstown Board-
• J.R. Haney comes to be pastor of                                                            man, Youngstown Spanish and Sa­
the New Jersey Conference's Cape                                                              lem district in the Ohio Conference
May Court House, Vineland and                                                                 from the Columbus Grove, Findlay
Millville churches. His background                                                            and Clyde, Ohio, district.
includes newspaper publishing, gov­                                                           • Mike Stadnik has accepted a call
ernment and church leadership and,                                                            to serve as evangelist for the Ohio
most recently, pastor of the Lawton,                                                          Conference. He leaves the Middle-
Oklahoma, congregation.                   Shady Grove Adventist Hospital administrators       town and Hamilton, Ohio, churches,
• John Williamson comes from his              earn vice presidential responsibilities:        where he has been the pastor.
post as the ministerial director for          Les Pitton (at left) and Jeanne Sanders         • Walter Sherman moves in the
the Greater New York Conference                                                               Ohio Conference from pastoring the
to serve as the pastor of the Morristown/    rial director, to pastor the 450-member    Beavercreek/Xenia churches to the Mid-
Phillipsburg district in the New Jersey      Frederick, Maryland, church in the Ches­   dletown/Hamilton district, where he will
Conference. He succeeds Pastor Gordon        apeake Conference.                         be pastor.
Blandford, who retired.                      • Jeanne Sanders, who has served in        • Charles Shyab moves from the Manas-
• Diane Williamson comes to the New          Rockville, Maryland, as Shady Grove        sas, Virginia, church school in the Po­
Jersey Conference with husband John.         Adventist Hospital's vice president for    tomac Conference, where he served as
She has accepted the post of secretary to    patient care services since 1985, recently principal, to become the new principal
the president of Hackettstown, New Jer­      was promoted to senior vice president      for the Ohio Conference's Griswold Chris­
sey, Community Hospital.                     for patient care services. She also has    tian Academy in Worthington.
• Paul Smith Jr. has moved from Hamp­        become a member of the executive boards    • Richard Garey left as the principal of
ton Roads, Virginia, in the Potomac Con­     for the Shady Grove Adventist Nursing      Griswold Christian Academy in the Ohio
ference, where he served as pastor and       Center, Home Assistance, Inc., and Ad­     Conference to become the principal in
field representative for that conference's   ventist Home Health Services, Inc.         the Florida Conference of West Coast
trust services department. He takes up       • Les Pitton recently became Shady         Junior Academy in Bradenton.
leadership of the trust services and stew­   Grove Adventist Hospital's vice presi­     • Marguerite McGraw has been asked '
ardship departments in the New Jersey        dent for marketing and business devel­     by the Mountain View Conference's ex­
Conference.                                  opment. He leaves an executive post        ecutive committee to assist in the con­
• MartyThurber moves within the New          with Manor Healthcare Corporation in       ference Sabbath school department. She
Jersey Conference from the Bridgeton/        Silver Spring, Maryland, to come to Rock­  will feel right at home in the Parkers-
Salem district to pastor the Wayne/Ldv-      ville, Maryland, where he is presently     burg, West Virginia, office because her
ingston district. Thurber replaces Le-       responsible for Shady Grove Adventist      husband, John McGraw, serves as pas­
roy Bruch, who has accepted a call to the    Hospital's marketing, planning and pub­    tor of the Parkersburg church.
Greater New York Conference.                 lic relations departments and related      • Ken Badger comes a long way to the
• Ed Keyes has left the pastorate of the     organizations, such as Adventist Home      Mountain View Conference—from Ire­
Cape May Court House, Vineland and           Health Services, Inc., Home Assistance,    land and England, where he had served
Millville district in the New Jersey Con­    Inc., Shady Grove Adventist Nursing        as director of publishing in the British
ference to teach Bible and serve as cam­     Center and Woman Care of Maryland.         Union. Badger is the new assistant pub­
pus pastor at Garden State Academy in        • Thorn Juarros has accepted a position    lishing director for Mountain View and
Tranquility, New Jersey.                     as Bible teacher at Mount Vernon Acad­     resides with his family in Buckhannon, "
• Robbi Pierson recently resigned as di­     emy in Mount Vernon, Ohio. He leaves       West Virginia.
rector of communication for the Potomac      the youth department of the Ohio Con­              CHARLOTTE PEDERSEN COE
Conference. She married Duane Ander-         ference, where he was director.                            Visitor Managing Editor

                                                                                                          VISITOR, February 15,1991

                       PENNSYLVANIA                                                          All of the items collected were sent to
Six Mile Run                                                                              Serve, Incorporated, a local shelter for
                                                                                          homeless families.
church hosts                                                                                 While those who were the recipients
first homecoming                                                                          of this project were no doubt grateful,
    The Six Mile Run congregation held                                                    the greatest joy could be found in the
its first homecoming program this past                                                    children who willingly gave to this proj­
September.                                                                                ect. One six-year-old who brought in a
    The first Adventist teachings came                                                    package of briefs the same size he wears
to Six Mile Run in an evangelistic tent                                                   was excited that he could help another
meeting held by Pastor W.F. Swartz.                                                       boy just like himself, same size and all.
    The original church building was con­                                                     In addition to the schoolwide under­
structed by the first pastor, Jesse Veach,                                                wear project, the students in grades two
with the help of Swartz and the mem­                                                      though four had a second holiday out­
 bers at that time. It was dedicated in                                                   reach. Instead of having the customary
December of 1907.                                                                         gift exchange at their Christmas party,
    Four previous pastors attended the                                                    they chose to each bring a new toy for
homecoming event: Harold Veach, James                                                     the Toys for Tots campaign.
Terzo, George Wennerberg and Wilber                                                                              GARY RODMAN
Atwood.                                                                                                            Correspondent
    In the afternoon there was a "walk
 down memory lane" as slides of the past
 were shown. Approximately 130 people                                                                         NEW JERSEY
 gathered for this special occasion. Cur­                                                 Student literature
 rent church membership stands at 13.        Pupils from the Fairmont Christian Pre­
                   SHIRLEY WILLIAMS          paratory School decorated their Christ­      evangelism program
               Communication Secretary       mas tree with underwear to benefit the       led by God's Spirit
                                             homeless. Pictured are students Colin            1990 was one of the most successful
                                             Rodman and Ruby Manoharon. Photo             years in the history of the New Jersey
                                             courtesy of the school.                      Conference Publishing Department.
               WORLD CHURCH
                                                                                              Under their aim and motto, "Led by
Adventist church                                                                          God's Spirit," 52 students from different
experiences                                  Students give                                colleges came to participate in the larg­
astounding growth                            extraordinary                                est student literature evangelism pro­
    Early December reports show that         Christmas ornaments                          gram ever held in the North American
the South American Division has sur­             What was the most unusual Christ­        Division.
passed 1 million members, second only        mas tree you saw this past holiday sea­          It was marvelous to see how the power
to the Inter-American Division, which        son? Was it anything like the one at the     of the Holy Spirit helped the students as
reached that figure in June of 1987.         Fairmont Christian Preparatory School        they delivered more than $162,000 worth
    In another kind of record, the East­     in Manassas, Virginia?                       of literature filled with hope and love in
ern Africa Division added an average of          Like all other Christmas trees, this     an 11-week period.
412 persons every day during the year        one was decorated for the holidays. But          Not only did these students canvass,
that ended June 30,1990. That division       the white and pastel-colored items hang­     but they also served as assistants dur­
surpassed its five-year goal of 404,000      ing on the tree were not the usual shiny     ing the weekends to the pastors in the
by more than 103,000.                        glass balls, nor were they the neatly cut­   various districts where they worked.
    Other daily rates include Inter-Amer­    out snowflakes and chains made from              At the end of the summer, 21 people
ica, with just under 312; Africa-Indian      links of construction paper by the hands     were baptized as a direct result of the
Ocean, almost 282; South America, al­        of artistic children.                        students' efforts, and 54 people living in
 most 280; and the Far East, with 161.           "The decorations came from the car­      northern New Jersey were ready to hold
 All other daily rates were under 100.       ing hearts of the students atthis school,"   Revelation seminars.
    However, honors for highest percent­     reported the local newspaper, the Manas­          Conference Publishing Director Eliseo
 age of growth went to the Middle East       sas Journal Messenger.                        Lozano said, "This is why it is a joy to
 Union, which achieved 182 percent of its        Hanging on the tree from top to bot­     work in New Jersey, where the adminis­
 Harvest 90 objective. Actual accessions     tom and piled under it were brand new        trators, pastors and literature evange­
 totaled 2.185. While that's only 1.6 per     packages of underwear: briefs, panties,      lists work as a team with only one goal
 day, the number compares with EAD's         T-shirts, socks, long underwear and the       in mind: to reach souls for the kingdom
 125.5 percent of growth goal.                like, all in children's sizes.               of God." He also stated that more than
    Among North American unions, the             During the weeks before Christmas,        $74,000 was given in scholarships to the
 Pacific Union shows the highest daily        students at this school brought in sev­      various colleges.
 accession rate with 21, although the At­     eral dozen packages of new underwear,            "And let us never forget what made
 lantic Union recorded the highest per­       "not for the primary purpose of decorat­     this student program so successful for
 centage of growth as compared with its       ing the tree, but as a way of helping the    the second year in a row: the presence
 objective with more than 106 percent.        homeless children in Manassas," stated       and power of the Holy Spirit, the vision
                     SHIRLEY BURTON           Dot Selvage, the kindergarten and first-     of our administrators and the support of
                        GC News Director      grade teacher.                               our pastors," Lozano added.

 VISITOR, February 15,1991

                                            land, were on the United States troops           "I'm very pleased we've been recog­
                                            stationed in Saudi Arabia.                    nized for our efforts in helping disabled
                                                Under the direction of Janet Petit, a     individuals to successfully enter the work
                                            school board member, and Carol Butler         force," said Darrell Milam, Shady Grove's
                                            of the Spencerville church's home and         director of personnel. "And I'm looking
                                            school association, students began pre­       forward to our hospital helping more
                                            paring Christmas gifts for the service­       disabled community members become
                                            men in Operation Desert Shield.               successful employees."
                                                More than 80 letters were written by                         TAMARA RUSSELL
                                            students from kindergarten up to tenth                       Public Relations Director
                                            grade, and 12 big boxes containing items
                                            that had been requested by the troops
                                            were prepared for mailing.                                        MOUNTAIN VIEW
                                                Boxes sent to the soldiers were filled    Highland school
                                            with a variety of toiletry items, religious
                                            literature, general reading material, sta­
                                                                                          students have
                                            tionery, pens and paper.                      busy December
                                                Seventh- through tenth-grade home             Students at the Highland Adventist
                                            economics classes baked special cookies        school in Elkins, West Virginia, had a
                                            that were packed in popcorn for ship­         busy holiday season. They participated
                                            ping. Other food items and hard candies       in many activities in December of 1990.
                                            were included. Each box also contained            Adopting a local American service­
Trinity Temple Community Services vol­      frisbees and baseballs that were signed       man stationed in Saudi Arabia was one
unteer Diane Hardy prepares to deliver                                                    of their projects. The students wrote to
several of the 104 toys church members
                                            by the students.
                                                The boxes were delivered for mailing      him and sent him a Christmas package.
wrapped for homeless children.
                                            to the National Service Organization, a       They have received a letter from the sol­
^••••1 ALLEGHENY EAST                       division of Adventist Chaplaincy Minis­       dier, in which he describes his job as a
Volunteers wrap                             tries of the General Conference. From         military policeman and tells of the hot,
                                            there, the boxes were mailed for distri­      dry desert conditions.
104 new toys for                                                                              The students also distributed seven
                                            bution to one of the nine Adventist chap­
needy children                              lains serving in Saudi Arabia.                Christmas food baskets to families in
   The Community Services workers of            Students were excited when they re­       the area. The pupils collected and con­
the Trinity Temple congregation in New­     turned to school after Christmas break        tributed canned foods, planned the con­
ark, New Jersey, under the guidance of      to find a letter from the Adventist chap­     tents of their food baskets, shopped for
Pastor Haywood Weatherford and Joyce        lain who had received and distributed         food, assembled the baskets and then
Sampson, Community Services direc­          the contents of their Christmas boxes to      distributed some of them.
tor, are aware of the needs in the commu­   members of his tank division.                     And of course they held their annual
nity that surrounds their church.                                  MARIAN BAKER           Christmas program, in which they per­
   Fire victims, the homeless and those                              Correspondent        formed individual and group recitations
who are trapped by economic depriva­                                                      of the Christmas story, sang a number
tion are recipients of food, clothing and                                                 of holiday carols and gave the first per­
household items on Tuesdays in the lower                               HOSPITALS          formance of their hand bell choir.
level of the church.                                                                          "Though the majority of our student
   The Community Services volunteers        Shady Grove
                                                                                          families are not members in our congre­
wrapped 104 new toys plus Bible color­      receives award for                            gation, they are excited about and highly
ing books and crayons donated by church     hiring the disabled                           supportive of Christian education as well
members. Several workers then deliv­           Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in          as the benefits of our small school set­
ered these items to two shelters in the     Rockville, Maryland, has been given the       ting," stated Don Jacko, pastor of the El-
area during the Christmas holidays.         Montgomery County Pyramid Award for           kins church.
   Believing that charity begins at home,   Most Innovative Job Accommodation in                                CHERYL JACKO
the workers also remembered sick and        the Private Sector, which is awarded for                                   Teacher
shut-in church members with a total of      a program featuring outstanding super­
24 fruit baskets they assembled.            vision and hiring of the disabled.
                 JOYCE SAMPSON                 During a special awards ceremony at        ^••^•••••H OHIO
          Community Services Director       the Montgomery County Council cham­
                                            bers, Charles Short, director of the Mont­    Canton church
                                            gomery County Department of Family            follows VBS
                   CHESAPEAKE               Resources, presented the award to Gra-        with Christmas party
                                            ciela Dunschee, supervisor in the linen          The Canton church held a Vacation
Spencerville Junior
                                            department, who was nominated by Jeff         Bible School follow-up Christmas party
Academy shares Christmas                    McGee, director of housekeeping.              for all of the children who attended the
with U.S. troops                               Short said, "Shady Grove Adventist         VBS this past August.
   As this past Christmas approached,       Hospital is being recognized for its sub­        Fliers were passed out in the neigh­
the thoughts of students at Spencerville    stantial commitment to hiring and train­      borhood inviting children to come. There
Junior Academy in Silver Spring, Mary­      ing of the disabled."                         was singing and a story by Pastor Steve

10                                                                                                          VISITOR, February 15,1991

  Rude. Cookies, punch and presents were          Also in attendance were the confer­           "We're very pleased that the Sears-
' given to all the children.                   ence president, Randy Murphy, Ken and         Roebuck Foundation has maintained its
     Following the VBS party, the Canton       Ruth Wright, conference treasurer and         partnership with independent higher
  church held an open house directed by        communication director, and Kingsley          education by continuing the teacher rec­
  Head Deaconess Sylvia Johnson.               Whitsett, education and youth ministries      ognition program," said CUC president
     During this event, members distrib­       director, who coordinated the event.          Clifford Sorensen. "This award will help
  uted four food baskets and clothing to                                                     us continue our emphasis on undergrad­
  needy families. Near the end of the open                                                   uate teaching excellence."
* house, two calls came in from persons                                NEW JERSEY                                   RICKMOYERS
  who did not have any food. A collection      Hammonton church                                            Public Relations Director
  was taken among the workers, and each
                                               renovated and
  family got two large bags of groceries.
     The open house drew enough inter­         dedicated to God
  est from the public that a stop-smoking         In April of 1989, the members of the
  program—and possibly cooking classes—        Spanish church in Hammonton held a
• will be held in the near future.             planning session guided by conference
                        JAMES NOCK             Ministerial Director Jim Stevens.
                Communication Secretary           During that meeting, many goals and
                                               objectives were set. One of them was to
                                               renovate the interior of the building and
                   PENNSYLVANIA                make it more attractive for worship.
                                                  The members pledged to give $325
 Small church
                                               monthly as an extra offering to help pay
 raises over $2,800                            for the cost of this project. They pur­
 for Investment                                chased new pews and clergy chairs and
    The 26-member Lowville church in           a new pulpit, carpet and sound system.        Pottstown charter members who came
                                                                                             to the 50th anniversary celebration were,
 Wattsburg collected a total of $2,850.42         On January 5,1991, with the sanctu­
                                                                                             from left: Lewis Wagner, Thorma Wagner,
 for its 1990 Investment project.              ary refinished and all furniture in place,    Bill Smith, Claire Smith, Pearl Bernet
    Members raised this amount by recy­        the church was dedicated to the Lord by       and John Bernet.
 cling newspapers, aluminum cans, glass        conference President Robert Boggess,
 and other items, making donations from        who challenged all members to dedicate
 the selling of golf clubs, flowers and let­   their lives to God at the same time they      Pottstown church
 ters and saving spare change.                 dedicated the new church furniture.           celebrates its
    Everyone participated in some way.            As a direct result of this renovation
 Grover Johnson baled the paper, checked       and the presentation of lively worship        50th anniversary
 the bottles and cans and hauled them to       services, another goal set back in April          The Pottstown Charlotte Street con­
 the recycling center.                         was reached: attendance has increased         gregation celebrated its 50th anniver­
                     HENRIETTA MORSE           to 65 people each Sabbath.                    sary on December 9. Six of the original
                      Investment Secretary                                                   13 charter members were present dur­
                                                                                             ing the occasion.
                                               J^^^H^^^HHIH CUC                                  Returning pastors in attendance were
                        MOUNTAIN VIEW                                                        Charles Seitz, James Brown and Bernyl
                                               Columbia Union                                Mohr. Pastors sending their greetings
  Festival attracts                            College receives                              were Leon Ringering, Allan Williamson,
  youth from                                   Sears Teaching Grant                          Ronald Watson, Merle Whitney and Don­
  10 area churches                                 The Sears-Roebuck Foundation has          ald Baker.
     The Mountain View Conference Youth        selected Columbia Union College as one            On December 14, 1940, the church
  Festival in November drew young people       of 700 leading independent liberal arts       was organized with just 13 charter mem­
  from 10 nearby congregations to hear a       schools that will receive grants as part      bers. They worshiped in a very modest
  sacred music concert by the Mount Ver-       of the Teaching Excellence and Campus         building until 1965, when the present
  non, Ohio, Academy choir under the di­       Leadership Program.                           sanctuary was completed.
  rection of Doug Knecht.                          The Takoma Park, Maryland, college            During the afternoon service, former
     MVA Principal Jack Mentges assisted       will receive a total of $2,000—$1,000 to      members reminisced on the long struggle
  with the worship service while the Mount     be awarded to a teacher and $ 1,000 to be     involved in building their own sanctu­
  Vernon Hill church pastor, George Pang-      used to enhance teaching, according to        ary. Finally, after years of raising funds,
  man, shared God's message for the hour.      Linda Lundberg, development director.         the members erected the church them­
     The youth festival, which was hosted      An independent committee will pick the        selves. They spent $54,000 to complete
  by the Huntington church, also featured      individual grant recipient later this year.   the project, but the new church was con­
  pupils from Mountain State Academy in            "In the second year of this program        servatively valued at more than double
  Toll Gate, West Virginia. Larry Pahl,        we have the opportunity to demonstrate        that amount in 1965 values.
  teacher at the academy, directs the group    our commitment to recognize campus                The celebration closed with a stirring
  of young people.                             leadership and outstanding teaching at         appeal from Conference President Jerry
      The Friday evening program featured      the undergraduate level," stated Paula         Page, who challenged the members to
   a miniconcert by Randy Brehems, pas­        Banks, president of the Sears-Roebuck          re-dedicate themselves to the finishing
  tor of the Ashland, Kentucky, church.        Foundation.                                    of the work in the city of Pottstown.

  VISITOR, February 15.1991                                                                                                          11

              ALLEGHENY EAST
Lauren Newman
receives award for
community service
    The Emmanuel church in Brinklow,
Maryland, recently celebrated Commu­
nity Guest Day. Melvyn Hayden, speaker
for the divine worship hour and pastor
of the congregation, delivered a moving
message entitled "The Power of God."
    A special feature of the program was
the presentation of an award for out­
standing community service to Lauren
    Community Services director for the
church and an advocate of homeless and
handicapped people in the Montgomery
County area, she has organized projects
that have provided clothing, food and
hygienic items to those in need.
    Newman also coordinates a bag lunch
program to feed and clothe more than
500 homeless men and women living in
nearby shelters.                            At the service of the Chesapeake Conference is its church ministries staff—front row:
    As a result of her enthusiasm and de­   Vvonne Chamness, Bill McVay, Sheila Mills; back row: Beverly Russell, Richard Par­
sire to help the homeless, the Emmanuel     ker, Jim Chamness, Tony Finch and Barbara-Lee Boyd.
church has "adopted" a homeless shel­
ter in Rockville, Maryland.                                         CHESAPEAKE                Also, he is currently providing sup­
                   ELLA MURPHY              Church ministries                             port to the construction of the new Mount
             Communication Secretary                                                      Aetna Youth Camp and Convention Cen­
                                            staff here to                                 ter in Hagerstown, Maryland. Weeks of
                                            serve members                                 prayer at elementary schools and Path­
                          HOSPITALS             The Chesapeake church ministries          finder leadership training fall under his
                                            staff stands ready to help congregations      job description as well.
Friends help                                within the conference achieve their goals.        Sheila Mills directs the Community
WAH purchase                                These staff members' names and func­          Services federation and work at the "Ken­
needed equipment                            tions are as follows:                         tucky Home," Baltimore's community
   Friends, former patients, employees          William McVay, church ministries          outreach center. She also facilitates the
and physicians gave more than $21,000       director, arrived in October after nearly     "Baltimore Project," a ministry designed
to Washington Adventist Hospital in re­     four years in a similar capacity for the      to reach the many classes of people in
sponse to the Takoma Park, Maryland,        Potomac Conference.                           Maryland's largest city.
hospital's holiday appeal for the annual        In addition to his work as the depart­        Jim and Yvonne Chamness' schedule
fund-raising campaign.                      ment director, he coordinates adult Sab­      includes management with Sheila Mills
   The funds will be used to purchase       bath school and personal ministries. He       of the "Kentucky Home," along with con­
equipment for such departments as car­      also facilitates the work of Community        stant nurture and follow-up for the many
diology and maternal-child services.        Services in cooperation with Sheila Mills     people who attend meetings at this inner-
   Along with the gifts, donors sent mes­   and lends support to the areas of health-     city center.
sages of praise, thanks and joy—hand­       temperance and family life.                       They also work with the van ministry
written on Christmas ornaments that             Along with her duties as associate in     and assist various evangelists with music
were mailed with the invitations to give.   the education department, Beverly Rus­        as needed. Jim helps with the construc­
These ornaments adorned a Christmas         sell directs the work of children's minis­    tion program at the Mount Aetna Camp.
tree in the hospital's main lobby, where    tries. In this capacity she coordinates           Barbara-Lee Boyd serves as the voice
visitors could read messages like these:    children's Sabbath school, Vacation Bible     of Chesapeake church ministries. News­
   "I had a triple bypass at Washington     School and other aspects of Chesapeake's      letters and other communications origi­
Adventist. Thanks to the doctors, nurses    ministry to its children.                     nate from her desk. She also helps with
and all the personnel responsible for the       Tony Finch directs the growing stew­      the coordination of conventions and offi­
wonderful treatment."                       ardship emphasis in Chesapeake. This          cer training events.
   "Keep up the excellent work."            is in addition to his work as director of         William McVay, commenting on the
   "Washington Adventist Hospital is        trust services. He facilitates the revival    staff, states, "I believe there is no finer
one of the greatest hospitals in the na­    and planning processes in local churches,     church ministries team in North Amer­
tion's capital area. The care and friend­   which leads to systematic benevolence.        ica. Let us know how we can facilitate
liness are above reproach."                     Richard Parker's responsibilities in­     and enable your congregation to provide
                         TRINA MAGI         clude the direction of activities for Ches­   effective ministry for both your church
              Public Relations Director     apeake's youth and young adults.              and your community."

12                                                                                                           VISITOR, February 15, 1991

                  ALLEGHENY WEST            and a back injury from a previous job to     authorized to hire but assured him, "I'll
Family, community                           contend with.                                check with the boss when he comes in."
                                               Eugene Wiseman and wife Dianna of             Wiseman gave the clerk a telephone
celebrated at                               Philippi, West Virginia, joined the Sev­     number where he could be reached, since
Hillcrest church                            enth-day Adventist Church in Decem­          he planned to visit a relative in town.
    The Hillcrest Avenue congregation       ber of 1989.                                 Just a few minutes after he arrived, the
in Dayton, Ohio, held its second Guest         For many months they had been hurt­       phone rang. It was the boss. "Can you
Day service on November 3.                  ing financially, with only part-time jobs    come in right away?"
    The entire day focused on God's mes­    to keep them going. Returning the Lord's         After that day's work, Wiseman was
sages to the family. Pastor Wayne Mc-       tithe as new members took real commit­       invited to return. He explained that he
Knight presented plaques to two special     ment and faith.                              could not work on Saturday, since he be­
guests from the local community: Oliver         One day this past fall, Wiseman wrote    lieved that was God's Sabbath. He also
Cousins and Jim Johnson, both of whom       his tithe check, made his mortgage pay­      told them about his back injury. They
have been involved in making a differ­      ment and had only enough money left to       still wanted him. In fact, he was offered
ence in support of keeping families mean­   buy a tank of gas for his car. He decided    full-time employment at much more per
ingful and together.                        to use it to drive to nearby Buckhannon      hour than the part-time job he had.
    A decorated veteran, Cousins owns       and check out a company he heard might           Eventually his part-time job in a nurs­
his own business, where he is a pharma­     be hiring.                                   ing home offered more hours and he left
cist. He was also a dedicated husband           As he filled out a job application, he   that Buckhannon position. But he and
for many years prior to his wife's death.   overheard a conversation about an im­        Dianna believe putting God first is well
    He shared a special message with the    mediate need for workers. "If it will help   worth the stretch of faith it requires.
men of the church when he said, "Love        any, I can work today," he volunteered.                              RUTH WRIGHT
your wives, and enjoy the time that you     The clerk taking applications was not                        Communication Director
 have together."
    Johnson is the president and mana­
 ger of Dayton radio station WDAO, where
                                                                                                ION CHURCH MINISTRIES
 gospel music is shared with the listen­
 ing audience in the area.                     Columbia Union members
    The Hillcrest Avenue church's goal is      raise $600,000 for Ingathering
 that one day when we will all live with          During the recent Ingathering season, Bill McVay, church ministries di­
 Jesus as a family throughout the cease­       rector for the Chesapeake Conference, shared these thoughts.
 less ages of time.                               "Think about this," he said. "The American Cancer Society doesn't apol­
                  RAYMOND LASSITER             ogize for raising funds. Neither does the United Way, the Heart Fund or Boys
                Communication Secretary        Town; so why should we?
                                                  "We, the Seventh-day Adventists, were the major food providers during
                                               the disasters in Maryland a few weeks ago.
                       PENNSYLVANIA               "We were among the first to assist in San Francisco and the Carolinas. The
Race held                                      Red Cross and local welfare constantly referred people to us. Thousands find
                                               help at Community Services centers across North America.
in honor
                                                  "True, our organization is sometimes flawed, our marketing plan could be
of teacher                                     improved, and our volunteers are often short in number.
   The Fifth Annual Mina Miller Memo­              "Let's admit our faults, but not apologize for a program that, while imper­
rial Healthy Choices Race, which took          fect, is working nevertheless—and working with far fewer overhead and ad-
place in West York on Sunday, October          j^nistrative costs than most organizations.
7, drew 127 runners.                           HpSo let's go Ingathering—together. Not with apologies, but with a sense of
   The five-kilometer race is sponsored        pride that we are part of a church that is doing something great for a world
every year by the York congregation to         in need!" McVay concluded.
promote health services and awareness              Apparently many Columbia Union church members heeded the call to go
in the community.                               Ingathering. More than $600,000 was raised during the holiday season, ac­
    It's named the Mina Miller Memorial         cording to the final report for this year's campaign, dated January 2, 1991.
in honor of its local founder, who passed                                                                JAMES CLEMENTS
away in April of 1987 of cancer. She was       •I                                                   Church Ministries Director
a teacher at the York church school.
                  ANNA KRISHINGNER
                                                                             Ingathering Report
               Communication Secretary                                Membership           1991          1990        Per Capita
                                                Allegheny East           20,551          $ 56,000      $ 45,000        $ 2.73
                                                Allegheny West            9,920          $ 63,850      $ 65,000        $ 6.44
                      MOUNTAIN VIEW             Chesapeake                8,079          $ 94,405      $ 92,099        $11.69
                                                Mountain View             2,408          $ 42,195      $ 36,512        $17.53
 Wiseman honors                                 New Jersey                7,349          $ 76,170      $ 76,841        $10.37
 God by paying tithe,                           Ohio                     11,732          $ 95,849      $ 95,000        $ 8.17
 then finds work                                Pennsylvania              8,499          $ 68,601      $ 75,296        $ 8.08
   Work in West Virginia is sometimes           Potomac                  18,086          $106,936      $142,865        $ 5.92
                                                Columbia Union           """"•           •*"" • "07    $628,613
 hard to find. It's especially tough when
 you have limited education and training

 VISITOR, February 15,1991                                                                                                        13

 ADVERTISEMENTS                                           ATTENTION, PHOTOGRAPHERS—                                                             TOUR ENGLAND, FRANCE, SWIT­
                                                                                                                                                ZERLAND, Italy, Yugoslavia, Liechten­
                                                         THE VISITOR NEEDS COVER PHOTOS!                                                        stein, Austria, Germany, Belgium and the
         ADVERTISING RATES                                                                       ily activities, or be artistic, close-         Netherlands June 12-July 17. Contact Dale
                                                     Visitor covers during 1991 will                                                            Hepker at Walla Walla College, College
   Minimum charge, SIS for 50 words or
less for ads originating within the Colum­      continue to feature the people of                up character studies.                          Place, WA 99324 or call (509) 527-2313.
bia Union and $20 for all others. Addi­         the Columbia Union. Share with                       Please send pictures, a release            $2,995. CEU available. (215)
tional words, 25 cents each in the union, 40    us your good-quality, vertical 35                or statement signed by the sub-
cents each outside of the union. Ads may be     mm or larger slide transparency                  ject(s) giving permission for the              C ASSOCIATES, technical recruiters who
placed up to four weeks before me issue         of a Columbia Union member(s)                    photo to be used and brief bio­                specialize in UNIX/C career counseling.
dale by mail or calling (301) 596-0800 or                                                                                                       Seeks C programmers, Unix system pro­
(800) 438-9600 toll-free. The Visitor does
                                                and you could earn $50!                          graphical information on both the              grammers, trainers and Informix, Ingres,
not guarantee the integrity of any advertis­        Photos should be of one per­                 subject(s) and photographer to:                Oracle, Sybase Relational data base spe­
ing or the product or service advertised.       son or a very small group and                    Columbia Union Visitor Cover                   cialists. Call John Capozzi for offers in the
                                                could include these individuals                  Photos, 5427 Twin Knolls Rd.,                  Washington, DC, region or nationwide at
KAWAI SIX-FOOT GRAND PIANO                      engaged in seasonal outdoor ac­                  Columbia, MD 21045. Payment                    (202) 544-0821 or fax your resume to (202)
(KC-3C) for sale. Has been well cared for,                                                                                                      547-8357. (215)
holds tuning well and is in excellent condi­    tivities, everyday home activities,              will be made upon publication.
tion. Satin walnut finish. $8,500 or best of­   church-related functions or fam­                 All photos will be returned.                   -HOMOSEXUAL RECOVERY: Facing
fer, financial arrangements for a church are                                                                                                    Sexual Addiction in the Power of Christ."
possible. Robert R. Jones, 4798 Mid County                                                                                                      At last! An in-depth, Christ-centered, pro­
Cu, Monrovia, MD 21770; (301) 831-6321.                                                                                                         fessional, biblical approach on 12 tapes by
                                                MYRTLE BEACH CONDO: Reserve                      LOCATED IN THE SUNNY SOUTH,
(215)                                           now for 1991 summer vacations at 1990            Louis Smith Memorial Hospital, a 40-bed        Colin Cook, M.A., counselor-lecturer with
                                                prices! A two-bedroom, two-bath, fully           facility, has an opening for a chief medical    15 yearsof experience. Some themes: cor­
YOUR CHILD CAN MEMORIZE Bible                                                                                                                   recting false romantic attitudes, facing fan­
                                                equipped unit with cable TV and an ocean         technologist. Call Lucile Mann, director of
chapters effortlessly and enjoyably. In seek­                                                                                                   tasy life, understanding the dynamics of
                                                view. Complex offers many amenities, in­         human resources, at (912) 482-3110 or send
ing to get our toddler right into the Bible,                                                                                                    sexual addiction, unmasking seduction hab­
                                                cluding in/out pools Jacuzzi, lighted tennis,    your resume to 852 W. Thigpen, Lakeland,
we discovered a simple, multisensory for­                                                                                                       its, spiritual realities behind addiction, faith-
                                                etc. Call now for information on rates for       GA 31635. (415)
mat that children want over and over. With                                                                                                      training and compulsions. "The folk in my
                                                the upcoming season. (301) 384-4877. (51)
our illustrated Scripture books and tapes,                                                       NEED HELP DOING YOUR TAXES?                    group fight for your tapes and hoard them"
they SEE IT, SAY IT, SING IT, PLAY IT.                                                           Does April 15 make you nervous? Advent-        (Psychologist Joseph Nicolosi). This 12-
                                                NATURAL FOOD STORE BUSINESS
Contact: Thy Word Creations, Rt. 76, Box        FOR SALE. Successful business and ex­            ist tax attorney and accountant team will be   tape album costs $72, plus $4 S/H. Ask for
28, Glenville, WV 26351; (304) 462-5589.                                                         glad to assist you. Call Marty or Karen at     Album CV-01. Cook's Tape o'the Month,
                                                cellent opportunity for a missionary min­
(215)                                           istry and sharing a healthy lifestyle with       (301)622-1852. Affordable rates. (415)         RD3,Box70,Birdsboro,PA 19508. (215)
                                                many friendly people. Church and church
FOR SALE: Afton, VA, is the place to live.                                                                                                      HELP NEEDED: Job opportunity for Ad­
                                                school are within four miles of Berkeley         ENJOY SDA SINGLES' monthly mag­
Five and one-half acres and a new house                                                                                                         ventist recreational vehicle service techni­
                                                Springs, WV. Call (304) 258-2542 (home)          azine with pictures, descriptions, special
that has three bedrooms, two baths, living                                                                                                      cian and/or apprentice. Adventist-owned
                                                or (304) 258-1999 (store). (215)                 features and educational tours at home and
room, dining room, family room, fireplace,                                                                                                      business located on the south edge of Day­
                                                                                                 abroad. People 18 to 90 are eligible to join
large kitchen, screened porch, deck, super      HEAD NURSES: Opportunity in the Sun­                                                            ton, OH. Ifinterested, call (513)746-1871
                                                                                                 the largest Adventist singles correspon-
master bedroom and two-car garage. Come                                                                                                         or submit a resume to Adventure RV Ser­
                                                shine State! We currently have openings          denceclub. Sendaself-addressed,stampcd
and see. $198,500or have lots to build on.      for experienced head nurses in our nine-bed                                                     vice, Inc., 220 Tahlequah Trail, Springboro,
                                                                                                 envelope to: Box 5612, Takoma Park, MD
Call for floor plan. Kit France; (703) 456-     ICU and 11 -bed OB units. Located an hour                                                       OH 45066. (215)
                                                                                                 20912; or call (301) 891-3753. (715)
8401. (41)                                      from Disney World, Walker Memorial Hos­
                                                pital, a 101-bed facility, offers excellent      FOR SALE: Large four-bedroom house             ANDREWS UNIVERSITY Communica­
                                                wages and benefits, a rural setting, an active   with swimming pool, plus three rental in­      tion Department seeks an energetic public
ventist C.P. A. with more than eight years of
                                                churchanda 10-gratlcschool. CallNursing          come units on acreage. Price negotiable.       relations teacher with practical experience
individual and corporate lax preparation                                                                                                        to help build up program. Ph.D. preferred.
                                                Vice President Velma Mixon at (813) 453-         Located in the western mountains of North
experience will prepare your return aggres­
                                                7511. (215)                                      Carolina. Also.small house on 1.7acresfor      Adventists, send your resumes to Search
sively, efficiently and economically; $20 to                                                                                                    Committee, Communication Department,
                                                                                                 $28,500. Same location. Phone Bob or
$100 per return depending on complexity.        GATLINBURG CONDO or mountain                                                                    Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI
                                                                                                 Kathy at (704) 644-5236. (315)
Seniors receive a 20 percent discount. Call     view chalet now for rent. Both are close to                                                     49104. (215)
(202) 298-4886 or (301) 772-3466. (41)          downtown. Two or three bedrooms, two             SMOKY MOUNTAIN VACATION RE­
                                                baths, fireplace, full kitchen, cable TV and     BATE BY OWNER: Excellent view and
EVER WONDER HOW THE BIBLE                       pool. Sleeps six to 10. Condo overlooks          accommodations. Rebates: 10 percent for
came to be? Did you know Gutenberg did          Roaring Fork Stream. Heart-shaped Jacuzzi        individuals, 15 percent for church groups        Spend a year in China
not invent moveable type—and that his
name wasn't Gutenberg? leanetle Pelton
                                                spa. Sauna, ski, hike, Dollywood. Relax in       of eight or more. Ten percent more during          teaching English!
                                                the Great Smokey Mountains. Call Johnny          the off-season, January through May. For
has researched and written a book especially    or Lois Sleinkraus at (615) 428-0619 and         more information, write to: Cashback, Rt.
for kids about God's Word—from the in­                                                                                                             This will be one of the most
                                                please reserve early. Winter discount prices     10, Box 224, Andalusia, AL 36420; or call
vention of letters to the modem translations.   through April. (121)                                                                               rewarding years of your life.
                                                                                                 (205) 222-4656. (1215)
Read God Wanted to Write a Best Seller
and team all about God's wonderful mira-
cle-His Bible. Send $5.95 plus $1 ship­                                                                                                            Opportunities are now open
ping to Long Acre Publishing, P.O. Box                                                                                                            for qualified college graduates
292, Dept. V, Mount Vemon, OH 43050                        The Kingdom of God                                                                         to teach in government
for your copy of this entertaining and infor­
mative book. (31)                                                Is a Party                                                                        schools in mainland China.

NEED EXTRA INCOME? A Christian                                      by Tony Campolo                                                               For more information, contact
collection agency serving Ohio, Pennsyl­                                                                                                                Dr. M.T. Bascom
vania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland,                                  Provocative and hard-hitting. Campolo chal-
                                                                                                                                                        or Treva Burgess
the District of Columbia, Virginia and West                             lenges readers to celebrate their Christianity.
Virginia needs persons available to collect                                                                                                        General Conference of SDA
accounts within a short distance of your                                                                                                               Teachers for China
home. English and bilingual Spanish are                                 Regularly $12.99                    Potomac ABC
                                                                                                                                                    12501 Old Columbia Pike
needed. Good pay—work on your time                                      Special $11.69                   8400 Carroll Ave.                          Silver Spring, MD 20904
schedule. Training provided. For informa­
tion, send your name, address and phone
                                                                        plus $2.50                 Takoma Park, MD 20912                             Phone: (301) 680-6000
number to: Collection Agency, P.O. Box                                  postage and tax                    (301)439-0700                                 Fax: (301) 680-6090
2528, Hagerstown, MD 21741. (215)

14                                                                                                                                                         VISITOR, February 15,1991
                                                                                                                                                   BULLETIN BOARD

FULL-TIME HOUSEKEEPER: We                        regular session. One delegate will be elected    Academy, April 19-21; La Sierra Acad­
have a nice, clean country personal care         by each member of this committee.                emy, April 26-27; and Modesto Academy,
retirement home in eastern Pennsylvania                ROBERT W. BOGGESS, President               April 27.

near Reading and need someone to help us                       DO WELL CHOW, Secretary
whh the responsibilities of our home and         PAUL SMITH JR., Association Secretary
guests. Reading has two Seventh-day Ad-
ventist congregations and one school. If
you're interested, phone (215) 689-5360 or        ANNOUNCEMENTS                                       "For the Lord himself will come down
write to RD 2, P.O. Box 351, Birdsboro, PA
 19508. (215)

                                                     Requests for placing announcements and
                                                 advertisements should be in the Visitor of­
                                                                                                  from heaven, with a loud command, with
                                                                                                  the voice of the archangel and with the
                                                                                                  trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ
                                                                                                                                                     FOR FEBRUARY
ferred insurance rates for most Seventh-         fice four weeks before the date of issue.        will rise first.... Therefore encourage each
day Adventists. We specialize in assisting                                                        other with these words,"—/ Thessahnians
families with all of their insurance needs,      Anything for Christ                              4:16,1SNIV. Theslaff of the Visitor joins
including life, health and mortgage insur­       youth rally slated for March                     the church family in expressing sympathy
ance, employee benefit packages and busi­           This year's Anything for Christ rally,        to those who have lost loved ones.
ness insurance, IR As, retirement and college    which will feature speaker Gary Rust, music
fund planning. GET MET. 1TPAYS! Call             by Prism, drama group Destiny and more,          ARNER, Eleanor C., bom June 14, 1905,
Tom Hughes, Metropolitan Life accountant         will be held March 8-9 at Spring Valley          Kittanning, PA; died December 3, 1990,
executive, at (301) 879-2724. (1215)             Academy in Centerville, OH. Cost: only           Knoxville, TN. She was a member of the
                                                 $15 for the weekend. Call (513) 298-2167         First church in Knoxville. Survivors: son
THE BACCALAUREATE SOCIAL                         for further information.                         Tim, daughter Helen Smith, stepdaughter
WORK PROGRAM at Atlantic Union                                                                    Audrey Davidson and stepsons Phil and
College announces a tenure-track, full-time      New Jersey schedules                             Sterling Amer.
faculty position for the fall of 1991 to teach   youth congress
                                                                                                                                                        Deceived by the
practice courses. Requirements include:              A New Jersey youth congress will be
                                                                                                  DA VIS, Abbie A., born October 20,1901,                 New Age
MSW and two years' post-MSW practice                                                              Piqua, OH; died August 4,1990, Greenville,
                                                 held March 30 at Rider College in Trenton.                                                                 by Will Baron
experience. (Doctoral degree in social work                                                       OH. She was a member of the Piqua church.
                                                 The congress is planned for the entire con­
or a doctoral degree in a closely related                                                         Survivors: sisters Eva Williams and Isabelle
                                                 ference, especially for school-age children,                                                        Beware! A brilliantly evil decep-
field, plus an MSW, is preferred). Experi­                                                        Peeks.
                                                 youth, young adults and those who are                                                            tion confronts humankind.
ence in social work education and partici­       young at heart. This Sabbath event begins
pation in the accreditation process. Contact:                                                     FORD, Delle C., bom December 30,1892,              Deceived by the New Age is the
                                                 at 9:30 a.m. with a full day of music, film,     Pike County, OH; died October 15, 1990,
Edward Lugenbeal, VPAA, Atlantic Union           testimonies and preaching until 4:30 p.m.                                                        shocking expose of the New Age
College, South Lancaster, MA 01561; (508)                                                         Fayette County, OH. She was a member of
                                                 Also, 600 New Jersey Pathfinders will be         the Washington C.H. church. Survivors:
                                                                                                                                                  movement as told by former New
368-2210. (215)                                  presented. Murrell Tull, church ministries
                                                                                                  sons Kenneth, Maurice, Charles, David and       Age priest Will Baron. His story is
                                                 director for the conference, and Chaplain        Robert, 14 grandchildren and several great­     a warning to all Christians.
                                                 Don Troyer will be the speakers during the
                                                                                                  grandchildren.                                      Don't miss this fascinating book.
      LEGAL NOTICE                               morning services.
                                                                                                                                                  It may save your lifel $13.95. Cloth,
                                                                                                  GEFFERT, Myrtle H., bom March 21,
                                                 Takoma Park hosts                                1905; died December 18, 1990, Moores-           224 pages.
    New Jersey Conference and
                                                 Marshall Kelly concert                           town.PA. ShewasamemberoftheEaston,
    Association Triennial Session
                                                      The Takoma Park Church Concert Se­          PA, church.
  Notice is hereby given that the 34th reg­
                                                  ries presents bass soloist Marshall Kelly in
ular session of the New Jersey Conference                                                                                                         Chesapeake            Mountain View
                                                  concert on Sabbath, February 23, at 3:30        HIGGINS, Ruth, bom February 5, 1901,
of Seventh-day Adventists will convene at                                                                                                         (301) 596-5273        (304) 422-4581
                                                  p.m. Kelly will be accompanied by pianist       Columbiana, OH; died November 21,1990.
10 o'clock Sunday morning, April 14,1991,
                                                  Harrison Watkins, former accompanist of         She was a member of the Salem, OH, church.
in the Meadow View Seventh-day Adventist                                                                                                          New Jersey                      Ohio
                                                  the Oakwood College Aeolians under the          Survivors: daughter Betty Richards, six
School at Highway 528, Bordettown-Ches-                                                                                                           (609) 392-8010        (614) 397-4675
                                                  direction of Alma Blackmon. Kelly has           grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and
terfield Rd., Chesterfield, NJ.                                                                                                                                         (800) 643-5714
                                                  performed in Australia, New Guinea and          five great-great-grandchildren.
   This meeting is called for the election of
                                                  Fiji. In addition to a telecast for Faith For
officers and departmental directors and for                                                                                                       Pennsylvania               Potomac
                                                  Today, he has made several record albums.       PI ATT, Erma L., bom May 27,1901, As-
the transaction of any other business that                                                                                                        (800) 832-2665 [PA]   (301) 439-0700
                                                  While the concert is free to the public, a      kam, PA; died December 10,1990,Wilkes-
may properly come before the session at                                                                                                           (800) 882-2665        (800) 325-8492
                                                  freewill offering will be taken. For more in­   Barre, PA. She had been a member of the
that time.
                                                  formation, call (202) 829-4800.                 Kingston, PA, church, where she held nu­
   Notice is also hereby given that a meeting                                                                                                       ADVENTIST BOOK CENTER
of the special committee as described in                                                          merous offices during the past 64 years.
Article VI, Section 3of the constitution will
                                                  Mountain View schools                           Survivors: husband Wesley and daughter              The something for everyone—
convene at 8:45 a.m. on Sunday, April 14,         put on music festival                           Muriel Siegel.                                        any need, any age—store!
 1991, in the same place for the purpose of          Church schools in the Mountain View
                                                  Conference will present a music festival on     RUMSEY, Blanche M., bom April 17,
nominating the standing committees of the
                                                  Sabbath, March 16, at the Charleston, WV,       1929, Toledo, OH; died October 31, 1990,
                                                  church located at 622 Kanawha Blvd. West.       Toledo, OH. She was a member of the
                                                  They will provide the worship service and       Toledo First church, where she spent 25         SUNSETCALENDAR
                       AFFORDABLE                 a 3 p.m. sacred concert.                        years working in the kindergarten division.            Eastern Standard Time
                           ALB" M                                                                 Survivors: husband Harold, sons Charles,                       Feb. 8 Feb. IS Feb. 22
                        PROJECTS                  Adventist schools                               Harold Jr. and Steven, daughters Dianna         Baltimore       5:35   5:44    5:51
                                                  announce alumni reunions                        Hall, Cheryl Malosh and Marsha Rumsey           Cincinnati      6:07   6:15    6:23
     Introductory offer for limited                                                               and 11 grandchildren.                           Cleveland       5:58   6:00    6:08
     time Starting at $4995, 250                     San Gabriel Academy, April 6; San Pas-
                                                                                                                                                  Columbus        5:59   6:07    6:15
     free cassettes, Heritage                     cual Academy, April 12-14;MountVemon
                                                                                                   SHERARD, John A., bom September 14,            Jersey City     5:22   5:31    5:39
     Singers backup vocals, free                                                                   1920, Jackson, GA; died December 8, 1990,      Norfolk         5:37   5:45    5:52
     lodging Heritage Ranch 25                                                                     Akron,OH. He wasamember of the Bethel          Parkersburg     5:55   6:03    6:11
     years experience specializing                          Successful computer
                                                                                                   congregation in Akron. Survivors: wife         Philadelphia    5:28   5:37    5:45
     in groups, children, quartet,                            dating exclusively                   Mabel, sons and daughters-in-law Stanley       Pittsburgh      5:47   5:55    6:03
     trio, duet, solo Don't delay,                           for SDAs since 1974                   and Doris, Shane and Tamala and Shawn          Reading         5:31   5:39    5:47
     call MAX MACE today                               ADVENTIST CONTACT                           and Donna, daughter Memory, daughter           Richmond        5:41   5:48     5:56
     Heritage Singers. PO Box                              P.O. Box 5419                           and son-in-law Stella and Lafayette Green,     Roanoke         5:52    5:59   6:07
     1358, Placerville, CA 95667                       Takoma Park, MD 20912                       sister Catherine Fields, sister and brother-   Toledo          6:00   6:08     6:17
     (916)622-9369                                                                                 in-law Celeste and Charles Dobson and a        Trenton         5:26    5:34    5:43
                                                           (301) 589-4440
                                                                                                   total of five grandchildren.                   Washington, DC 5:37     5:45    5:53

 VISITOR, February 15.1991                                                                                                                                                           15
Befoi you choose a college,
 spei I a weekend at CUC.
       If you're a high school junior or senior,               cafeteria, meet our students and faculty, and see
 you're facing some tough decisions. Like which                the nation's capital. Free, as our guest.
 college is best for you.                                             For more information about Campus
       We can make your decision a little easier.              Visitors' Days, complete and return the coupon
       Join us for Campus Visitors' Days, March                below. Experience for yourself what CUC has to
 15-17. You'll stay on campus, eat in our                      offer. Then decide.

                                                       SS    SI
                            COLUMBIA UNION COLLEGE
                                              Gateway to Service

                                   For More Information
 Our Campus Visitors' Days program is especially for juniors and seniors in non-Adventist schools. Reservations are
 necessary. If you'd like to receive more information about the program or about CUC, just mail this coupon to:

                                                 College Advancement
                                                 Columbia Union College
                                                 7600 Flower Avenue
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