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									Overlake Fly Fishing Club

    Holiday Meeting
Visitor / Family Introductions
Fish Tales
       Member Recognition
Some of the members that made a significant positive difference for OFFC members

            Ron Romig                Hudson Springs Outing

            John Waggoner            Elk & Methow River Outings
                                     Rock Lake Outing

            Aaron Culley             Casting Class

            Dick Lange               Alagnak & Kanektok River Outings

            Larry Hartman            3 Lakes Outing

            Renee & John Kristof     Smith River Outing
                                     Be a Winner
                                   Membership Drive
                                                 Grand Prize
   Two day float trip for two people on the Yakima River hosted by Joe Kristof. The trip will include lodging at the
Canyon River Lodge for 1 night. In addition, the winner and their guest will have 2 lunches, 1 dinner, and 1 breakfast
  prepared by chef Kristof. Anyone that has gone on a trip with Joe knows that you are going to eat very well. Joe is
also going to bring 2 bottles of wine from his wine cellar to have with dinner (BBQ filets). Joe’s favorite Yakima flies
                                 will be provided. This trip is valued at over $1100.00.

                                              1st Place Winner
                                                Echo Fly Rod

                                             2nd Place Winner
                                              Okuma Fly Reel

                                              3rd Place Winner
                                               Fly Line – 7 wt.

                                             4th Place Winner
                                            Leaders (6) 5X – 7X
                      Paul Hamner Award
The recipient of this award is selected by the previous recipient and the basis is whatever is important to the last

                          The 2010 Paul Hamner Award recipient is

                                Michael Dugan
                  Outstanding Service Award
The recipient of this award is selected by the President and is given to a club member that has made significant
                     contributions to the club and club activities over the last several years.

                    The 2010 Outstanding Service Award recipient is

                                     Dick Lange
                 Hall of Fame Award
This honorary award is presented each year to honor a member’s outstanding lifetime contribution to the
                                      Overlake Fly Fishing Club

                                        Past Recipients
                                   2006 – Bill McKay
                                   2007 – Lory Watkins
                                   2008 – Dick Scales
                                   2009 – Mac Smith

                                   2010 – Ron Romig
Table Centerpiece Winners

   # 1 - Month Born or Month Closest to
     # 2 - Day Born or Day Closest to
          # 3 – Male or Female
        2010 OFFC Goals
       ~ Vibrant ~ Fun ~ Active ~ Laughter ~ Informative ~ Value ~

GOAL 1 – Create a club environment that is fun, vibrant, informative, and active. (Members
should feel that the club provides outstanding value for the dues they pay.)

GOAL 2 – Solidify a meeting location that is reasonable in costs – Create an event atmosphere.

GOAL 3 – Increase class offerings to members

GOAL 4 – Continue to provide club members varied and outstanding fishing outings.

GOAL 5 - Recognize club members who contribute to the vibrancy of the club.

GOAL 6 - Increase meeting attendance to 40+ attendees through multiple timely notification and
outstanding speakers and presentations.

GOAL 7 - Increase total club membership to 80+ members
     2010 OFFC Board
1st VP, Membership   Tim Allen      Conservation   Alan Olson

2nd VP, Programs     John Kristof   Auction        Bob Kulwin

3rd VP, Education    Mick Larkin    Historian      Lory Watkins

Secretary            Fred Saenz     Library        Bob Kulwin

Treasurer            Lee McKenna    Outings        Ray Kanemori

Trustee 2010-2011    Dick Lange     Picnic         Larry Hartman

Trustee 2010-2011    Ray Kanemori   Raffle         Bruce Clark

Trustee 2009-2010    Dave Nielson   Webmaster      Michael Dugan

Trustee 2009-2010    Ed Kane        Windknots      Tim Langton

                                    Ghillie        Andy Wade
2011 Club Officers
Membership Drive
 President – Lee Mckenna
 Membership VP – Tim Allen
 Program VP – Larry Hartman
 Education VP – Alan Olson
 Secretary – Fred Saenz
 Treasurer – Ray Kanemori
 Trustees - Dick Lange
           Ed Kane
           Dave Nielsen
           Joe Kristof
Raffle Time
    10 Minutes

Holiday OFFC Slide Show

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