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									                                         March 2, 2006                                     CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                   H513
                                         health care system to save ten of thou-                   General Sam became President of the                  aliens, criminal illegal aliens, are at-
                                         sands of lives and tens of billions of                  Republic of Texas, and when Texas                      tempting to cross that border every
                                         dollars. Members can see more infor-                    joined the Union, he became Governor                   single day, and it is time that we stop
                                         mation         on        this        at                 and U.S. Senator. He is the only Amer-                 it.
                                                                  ican in history to be Governor of two                    In December, the House passed a
                                                          f                                      different States.                                      good enforcement and border security
                                                                                                   His example was a majestic story of                  bill, and the bill is a great start to ad-
                                                               b 1015                            bravery, boldness, and brashness.                      dress this problem and make our Na-
                                         REPUBLICANS’ FAILURES IN SE-                              Mr. Speaker, his last words before he                tion safer. One important provision in-
                                           CURING PORTS: FAILURES GO                             died were ‘‘Texas, Texas, Texas.’’ Sam                 cluded in the bill was an amendment I
                                           BEYOND DUBAI PORTS WORLD                              Houston, the stuff real Americans and                  had authored which will withhold Fed-
                                           (Mr. CARNAHAN asked and was                           real Texans are made of. And, Mr.                      eral law enforcement funding from
                                         given permission to address the House                   Speaker, that’s just the way it is.                    sanctuary cities that prohibit law en-
                                         for 1 minute.)                                                            f                                    forcement officers from notifying Fed-
                                           Mr. CARNAHAN. Mr. Speaker, the                                                                               eral officials about known illegal
                                                                                                       DEMOCRATS’ EFFORTS TO
                                         Bush administration’s deal with the                                                                            aliens.
                                                                                                       ADDRESS PORT SECURITY
                                         United Arab Emirates showed the                                                                                  The practice of prohibiting coopera-
                                         American people again that securing                       (Mr. CLEAVER asked and was given                     tion is appalling. We should not reward
                                         our ports is not their priority.                        permission to address the House for 1                  these cities with Federal funds. I urge
                                           The bipartisan and unanimous 9/11                     minute.)                                               my colleagues in the Senate to include
                                         Commission report clearly showed the                      Mr. CLEAVER. Mr. Speaker, the                        this provision and pass a strong en-
                                         need for increased security for our Na-                 United Arab Emirates port deal should                  forcement bill without amnesty.
                                         tion’s ports. Now 4 years after 9/11, less              never have been approved. Sure, the ad-                                  f
                                         than 10 percent of the 9 million con-                   mission is now backpedaling, but de-
                                                                                                 spite this 45-day delay, the administra-               BUSH ONCE AGAIN SKIRTING LAW
                                         tainers entering our ports are ever
                                                                                                 tion is still going to try to push this                  IMPACTING OUR NATIONAL SE-
                                         screened. Even worse, Republicans in
                                                                                                 deal through.                                            CURITY
                                         this House have fought Democratic ef-
                                         forts to increase port security funding.                  It does not matter that the Coast                      (Ms. WATSON asked and was given
                                           In 2003, this House voted to kill a                   Guard voiced concerns about the pro-                   permission to address the House for 1
                                         Democratic amendment to add $250                        posal before the administration ini-                   minute.)
                                         million for port security grants; then                  tially approved the deal. It does not                    Ms. WATSON. Mr. Speaker, Congress
                                         again, in 2005, against a Democratic                    matter that large numbers of Demo-                     should not allow the secretly decided
                                         proposal calling for an additional $400                 crats and Republicans have come out                    backroom United Arab Emirates port
                                         million in funding for port security.                   in opposition to the deal. It does not                 deal to go through. It must be stopped,
                                           For the record, let me say, my con-                   matter that the overwhelming major-                    and House Republicans should stand up
                                         stituents in St. Louis, Jefferson Coun-                 ity of Americans do not support this                   to the President in the name of na-
                                         ty, and Ste. Genevieve County, Mis-                     deal and believe it to be dumb. Nor                    tional security. Our ports are not for
                                         souri, understand right from wrong.                     does it matter that the administration                 sale to the highest bidder.
                                         They, like all Americans, demand ac-                    never checked with the affected com-                     This deal shows once again the
                                         tion from this Congress that is long                    munities before signing off on it. No,                 lengths the Bush administration will
                                         overdue, and they will not go along                     the Bush administration sees this 45-                  go to bend the laws to their advantage.
                                         with any deal compromising our na-                      day period as an opportunity to steam-                 The administration failed to conduct a
                                         tional security.                                        roll Congress.                                         45-day investigation that is legally re-
                                           The American people have every                          We simply cannot allow that to hap-                  quired. This, in itself, should be enough
                                         right to be outraged with the adminis-                  pen. Congress must play an active role                 to stop this deal. The national security
                                         tration’s approval of the UAE port                      in this decision. I hope, I really hope,               implications are simply too important
                                         deal. It is time the people’s House                     that the House Republicans will join us                to ignore. And, unfortunately, House
                                         make the security of our Nation’s ports                 in insisting that no deal move forward                 Republicans have neglected our vulner-
                                         a priority.                                             without a vote here on this floor.                     able ports since 9/11.
                                                          f                                      Democrats insist that in addition to                     Over the past 4 years, House Repub-
                                                                                                 the 45-day investigation there must                    licans have opposed and defeated
                                               HONORING GENERAL SAM                              also be a congressional vote. This is a                Democratic efforts to increase funding
                                                         HOUSTON                                 national security decision, and it is                  for port security. Right now, only 6
                                           (Mr. POE asked and was given per-                     simply too important for partisanship                  percent of cargo coming into the U.S.
                                         mission to address the House for 1                      to take precedence over prudence.                      is being checked, producing a large
                                         minute.)                                                                  f                                    hole in our homeland security.
                                           Mr. POE. Mr. Speaker, Sam Houston                                                                              I would hope that we can make port
                                         from Virginia was born this day, March                     IMMIGRATION BILL IN SENATE
                                                                                                                                                        security a top priority.
                                         2, 1793. He was unique among all Amer-                      AND CAMPBELL AMENDMENT
                                         icans. He grew up in the mountains of                     (Mr. CAMPBELL of California asked
                                         eastern Tennessee. He befriended the                    and was given permission to address                           ENTITLEMENT REFORM
                                         Cherokees as a kid. He fought the Brit-                 the House for 1 minute.)                                 (Mr. PITTS asked and was given per-
                                         ish in 1814. He stood with Andrew Jack-                   Mr. CAMPBELL of California. Mr.                      mission to address the House for 1
                                         son and was wounded three times fight-                  Speaker, today the Senate Judiciary                    minute and to revise and extend his re-
                                         ing Indians. He became a lawyer, Mem-                   Committee will begin work on the im-                   marks.)
                                         ber of Congress, and a Governor of the                  migration and border security legisla-                   Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, in the com-
                                         great State of Tennessee. More than                     tion the House passed at the end of last               ing days we will take up the Federal
                                         enough for one life. But then he left for               year.                                                  budget. While I am pleased to see the
                                         Texas and quickly got passion about                       This bill is one of the most important               President’s budget hold the line on dis-
                                         Texas independence.                                     pieces of national security legislation                cretionary spending, the Congress
                                           On his birthday, March 2, 1836, he was                before Congress because border secu-                   should also get serious about entitle-
                                         one of the signers of the Texas Declara-                rity is national security.                             ment reform.
hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMHOUSE

                                         tion of Independence from Mexico.                         Recently we have been engaged in de-                   The numbers speak for themselves,
                                         General Sam was made commander in                       bates, some of which you have just                     Mr. Speaker. Three entitlement pro-
                                         chief of all Texas armies, and on the                   heard, about whether or not our ports                  grams alone, Social Security, Medi-
                                         plains of San Jacinto his outnumbered                   are secure. This is an important de-                   care, and Medicaid, currently consume
                                         volunteer army defeated the invaders.                   bate. But we know our southern border                  about 42 percent of the entire budget. If
                                         Texas was free.                                         is not secure; we know that illegal                    we add defense and homeland security,

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                                         H514                                              CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                           March 2, 2006
                                         which most people would consider man-                   South Dakota, Alaska, Florida, Ne-                     recognize the institutional abuse that
                                         datory spending, along with all the                     vada, New Hampshire and Texas. The                     is far too often perpetrated in our
                                         other entitlements, we get 82 percent.                  least business-friendly tax codes were                 courts by personal injury lawyers and
                                         Only 18 cents on the dollar really is                   found in New York, New Jersey, Rhode                   the frivolous lawsuits they introduce.
                                         discretionary.                                          Island, Vermont and Maine.                             These lawsuits do not just affect doc-
                                           Mr. Speaker, entitlements are impor-                    Low-tax States are where the job                     tors. They are affecting patients all
                                         tant programs, but they will benefit no                 growth is. Governors and businesses                    across the country who either lose ac-
                                         one if they go bankrupt. And we are                     and residents want jobs to flow to their               cess to their doctor altogether or are
                                         headed for a fiscal tsunami in this                     States. Low taxes will do that. So low                 cared for by a physician who has been
                                         country. So as we begin the budget                      taxes in America will also keep jobs                   intimidated into practicing defensive
                                         process, let us keep in mind that run-                  here.                                                  medicine.
                                         away discretionary spending is wrong,                     So, Mr. Speaker, there is a cau-                       While everyone is talking about ris-
                                         and we would do well to rein it in.                     tionary tale from this report, remind-                 ing health care costs, let us not forget
                                           But unsustainable entitlement spend-                  ing us that we are truly competing in a                to recognize there are a number of dif-
                                         ing is a greater problem that we should                 global economy, and we cannot ignore                   ferent ways to lower those costs, and
                                         address as well for the sake of our chil-               the fact that low taxes indeed create                  starting with lawsuit abuse reform
                                         dren and grandchildren. Whether we                      new jobs.                                              would be a genuine first step.
                                         like it or not, this is a very real prob-                                 f                                                      f
                                         lem. It is not going to go away.
                                                                                                 RECOGNIZING AMBER CASHWELL’S                                    KATRINA EMERGENCY
                                           Doing nothing is simply not an op-
                                                                                                    SERVICE TO SOUTH CAROLINA                                  ASSISTANCE ACT OF 2006
                                         tion. In fact, doing nothing is the worst
                                         thing we can do.                                          (Mr. WILSON of South Carolina                          Mr. SHUSTER. Mr. Speaker, pursu-
                                                          f                                      asked and was given permission to ad-                  ant to the order of the House of March
                                                                                                 dress the House for 1 minute and to re-                1, 2006, I call up the Senate bill (S. 1777)
                                           IT IS TIME FOR A POLICY THAT                          vise and extend his remarks.)                          to provide relief for the victims of Hur-
                                              REALLY SECURES AMERICA                               Mr. WILSON of South Carolina. Mr.                    ricane Katrina, and ask for its imme-
                                           (Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas asked                       Speaker, as I always say, congressional                diate consideration.
                                         and was given permission to address                     schedulers have some of the hardest                      The Clerk read the title of the Senate
                                         the House for 1 minute.)                                jobs in Washington.                                    bill.
                                           Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Mr.                           While serving as a scheduler, Amber                    The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.
                                         Speaker, over the last couple of days                   Cashwell has seamlessly planned a cal-                 BOOZMAN). Pursuant to the order of the
                                         we have seen the focus of the American                  endar, helped manage the office, and                   House of Wednesday, March 1, 2006, the
                                         conscience look toward whether Amer-                    assisted the citizens of the Second Dis-               Senate bill is considered read, and the
                                         ica is actually secure.                                 trict of South Carolina. Throughout                    amendment placed at the desk is
                                           Mr. Speaker, I think it is time now                   her service she has handled her respon-                adopted.
                                         for the administration to craft a policy                sibilities   with     patience,   profes-                The text of the Senate bill, as amend-
                                         that answers the enormity of the con-                   sionalism, and good humor. Her col-                    ed, is as follows:
                                         cerns that Americans have expressed in                  leagues and I truly appreciate her hard                                     S. 1777
                                         town hall meetings across America.                      work and dedication.                                     Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep-
                                         Frankly, I think when the headlines                       A native of Spartanburg, South Caro-                 resentatives of the United States of America in
                                         read 1,300 Iraqi dead, our soldiers                     lina, Amber began her career in Wash-                  Congress assembled,
                                         standing by, not knowing whether to                     ington as a staff assistant for Congress-              SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE.
                                         engage or not in the civil war that is                  man BOB INGLIS. In May, 2004, she grad-                 This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Katrina
                                                                                                                                                        Emergency Assistance Act of 2006’’.
                                         pending, it is actually now time for the                uated from Converse College with an                    SEC. 2. EXTENSION OF UNEMPLOYMENT ASSIST-
                                         President to acknowledge that our                       impressive double major in French and                              ANCE.
                                         troops have done their job, they have                   history.                                                 Notwithstanding any other provision of
                                         won the victory, and they need to come                    Tomorrow, Amber will depart the                      law, in the case of an individual eligible to
                                         home.                                                   halls of Congress to work at the Moore                 receive unemployment assistance under sec-
                                           And then we speak of securing Amer-                   Van Allen law firm in Charlotte, North                 tion 410(a) of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster
                                         ica and having conflicts cause the ten-                 Carolina. I am proud of her success and                Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42
                                         sion that they are causing and then we                  pleased to congratulate Amber on this                  U.S.C. 5177(a)) as a result of a disaster dec-
                                                                                                                                                        laration made for Hurricane Katrina or Hur-
                                         still want to say that it is all right to               wonderful opportunity.                                 ricane Rita on or after August 29, 2005, the
                                         sell our ports to foreign entities; and,                  In conclusion, God bless our troops,                 President shall make such assistance avail-
                                         of course, I think America needs to                     and we will never forget September 11.                 able for 39 weeks after the date of the dis-
                                         know that in the 2007 budget there is                                     f                                    aster declaration.
                                         no funding for securing the Nation’s                                                                             The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-
                                                                                                       MALPRACTICE INSURANCE
                                         ports around America.                                                                                          tleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. SHU-
                                           It is time now for the administration                   (Mr. PRICE of Georgia asked and was                  STER) and the gentlewoman from the
                                         to craft a security posture and policy                  given permission to address the House                  District of Columbia (Ms. NORTON) each
                                         that really secures America. The time                   for 1 minute.)                                         will control 30 minutes.
                                         is now.                                                   Mr. PRICE of Georgia. Mr. Speaker,                     The Chair recognizes the gentleman
                                                          f                                      when I opened up my local paper the                    from Pennsylvania.
                                                                                                 other day, I was troubled by a letter to
                                            STATE TAX COMPETITIVENESS                            the editor. This gentleman was lament-                                      b 1030
                                           (Mr. STEARNS asked and was given                      ing the fact that he and his wife were                                   GENERAL LEAVE
                                         permission to address the House for 1                   losing a long-time doctor because the                    Mr. SHUSTER. Mr. Speaker, I ask
                                         minute and to revise and extend his re-                 physician could not afford to remain in                unanimous consent that all Members
                                         marks.)                                                 business. What is even more troubling                  may have 5 legislative days within
                                           Mr. STEARNS. Mr. Speaker, this                        is that none of this is a surprise.                    which to revise and extend their re-
                                         week the Tax Foundation, an edu-                          Every day more and more doctors                      marks and include extraneous material
                                         cational foundation for taxpayers since                 across the country are watching their                  on S. 1777.
                                         1937, released its much anticipated                     malpractice rates skyrocket. These                       The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.
hmoore on PROD1PC68 with HMHOUSE

                                         third edition of their State business                   premiums are going up as the insur-                    BOOZMAN). Is there objection to the re-
                                         tax climate index. It ranks the 50                      ance companies are being forced to pay                 quest of the gentleman from Pennsyl-
                                         States on how business friendly their                   higher and higher awards for mal-                      vania?
                                         tax systems are.                                        practice lawsuits.                                       There was no objection.
                                           The study finds the most business-                      Doctors need to be held accountable,                   Mr. SHUSTER. Mr. Speaker, I yield
                                         friendly tax systems in Wyoming,                        yes. However, there is also a need to                  myself such time as I may consume.

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