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Vol. 21/No. 5                                 Celebrate Youth Art Month, National
                                              Craft Month, Women’s History

March                                         Month…and the arrival of Spring!

Welcome to ARTtalk, the link between              If you enjoy reading ARTtalk each                 serial sculptures based on the cube. This
you, the artist, and the manufacturers of         month, please support our adver-                  theme would echo throughout his career.
art materials.                                    tisers when visiting your art                     An interest in serial works led LeWitt to
ARTtalk provides you with information on          materials retailer! Inquire, buy and              produce more than 50 artist’s books
art materials and equipment—new                   try their fine products.                          from 1966 to 2002. This interest
products, techniques, and tips on using                                                             prompted him to found Printed Matter,
them. Each month you’ll find informative
articles that deal with subjects ranging
                                                Artist Profile                                      an organization to publish and dissemi-
                                                                                                    nate artists’ books.
from drawing and painting to printmaking        Sol LeWitt (1928-2007)
                                                                                                    In the mid-1980’s LeWitt began work
and matting/framing to airbrush and arts/       Solomon (Sol) LeWitt was born in 1928               with concrete blocks followed by works
crafts. You’ll also find information on         in Hartford, CT, to a family of Russian             on paper and gouache (opaque watercol-
artists and art history, current events and     Jewish immigrants. His father died                  or) that concentrated on contrasts. His
art world news, competitions and                when LeWitt was very young and he was               sculptures were often based on rows or
workshops, and a “Kids’ Korner.”                raised by his mother and an aunt. He                stacks of open, connected cubes. He
Subjects vary each month.                       earned a BFA from Syracuse University in            used precise mathematics to design and
                                                1949 and, upon graduation, traveled                 execute his formats.
Ask for ARTtalk where you shop for art          Europe and was able to see, admire and
supplies!                                       study works of the Great Masters. He                Sol LeWitt was one of the most influential
Publisher                                       returned in time to serve in the Korean             and main art figures of his time. His
Robert Paschal                                  War, after which he moved to New York               talents and interests knew no limits and
Managing Editor                                 (1953). LeWitt maintained a studio on               his works span a wide range of media.
Jeanne Paschal                                  the Lower East Side of Manhattan and                Sculpture changed forever with his
Senior Contributing Writer                      studied at the School of Visual Arts. He            influence and the repetition of his serial
Janean S. Thompson, CPF                         also continued his study of design while            works. LeWitt’s works are highly valued,
                                                working for Seventeen magazine, where               with a Christie’s auction record of
         ARTtalk                                                                                    $520,000 in 2006 for a three-dimensional
                                                he did paste-ups and mechanicals, and
         P.O. Box 970                                                                               structure titled “Wall Floor Piece #1”
                                                was a graphic designer for an architectur-
         Beacon, NY 12508                                                                           (1976).
                                                al office, as well.
        ARTtalk Home Page                                                                           LeWitt was the opposite of a celebrity
                       Through work as a night receptionist and
                                                clerk at the Museum of Modern Art                   artist and tried to suppress media interest
                                                (MoMA), many influences began that                  by refusing to pose or be interviewed.
                                                would appear in his future work. Because            One thing he particularly disliked was
                                                of his friendships with Robert Ryman,               having his photo in the newspaper or
                                                                                                    magazines. He turned down awards to
Table of Contents                               Dan Flavin and Robert Mangold along
                                                                                                    stay out of the spotlight and to prevent
                                                with curator Dorothy Miller, by 1960
Artist Profile                          1       LeWitt became part of an exciting and               photos/interviews.
  Sol LeWitt (1928-2007)                        important group of artists (including               Throughout his life Sol LeWitt’s works
                                                Frank Stella and Jasper Johns), all of              were deceptively simple, geometric
Art Competitions &                              whom participated in MoMA’s “Sixteen                designs, mostly based on spheres,
Oppor tunities                          2       Americans” exhibit.                                 triangles and other basic shapes. This
                                                                                                    practice established him as the high
Kids’ Korner                            2       LeWitt is considered the founder of both
                                                Minimal and Conceptual Art. The sheer
                                                                                                    priest of modern American art.
  The Amazing Crayon: Hot Rocks,                                                                    On April 8, 2007, Sol LeWitt died in New
  Confetti, Batik and Stained Glass
                                                number of works—two- and three-
                                                dimensional—range from wall drawings                York at age 78. His conceptualist and
Art Events &                                    (1,200+) to hundreds of works on paper.             minimalist works and use of geometric
                                                                                                    shapes and lines were used to challenge
Ex hibitions                            4       Also included were sculptures in the
                                                shapes of towers, pyramids, geometrics              and engage his viewers. They still seem
Airbrush                                4       and progressions. Size mattered! Some               logical sometimes and other times they
                                                                                                    seem to have no basis in reality. It may
  The Ubiquitous Airbrush                       of LeWitt’s works are gallery-sized
                                                installations. He drew directly onto walls          be that this very conflict of dimension is
ArtPourri                               5       and many of his works evolved from early            his appeal.

March 2011                                    Copyright ARTtalk®, Division of Paschal Group, Inc.                                    ARTtalk 1
Artist Profile... Art Competitions & Opportunities... Kids' Korner...
Sol LeWitt Exhibitions                                       include studio space, studio visits, talks    create decorative rocks, recycle old,
—Sol LeWitt: 2D+3D is at the Friedman                        and seminars, access to a network of          broken crayons or crayon shavings into
Gallery, Walker Art Center, in Minneapo-                     peers and public programs—Workspace           new and exciting drawing tools and art,
lis, MN, through April 24. Showcased is a                    encourages creative production, profes-       plus make batik on paper that will be nice
range of artwork, from his drawings and                      sional development and community              enough to frame or give as a gift.
prints to sculptures based on carefully                      building in the early stages of an artist’s   Hot Rocks: Talk about fun! All you need
conceived geometric systems. With                            career.             to make original “art rocks” are smooth
more than 50 pieces, the exhibition also                     workspace                                     stones (flat, even surfaces take the color
includes maquettes, wall drawings and a                      Adirondacks National Exhibition of            best), peeled crayons and newspaper to
selection of the artist’s books that link                    American Watercolors - Arts Center/Old        cover the table. Adults are needed to
LeWitt to practitioners of conceptual art.                   Forge - Old Forge, NY                         warm the rocks, but after that, the kids
                                                             Aug. 13 – Oct. 2                              can have total control of their “painting”
—Sol LeWitt: A Wall Drawing Retro-
                                                             Deadline: April 4.                            with the vivid and rich colors of crayons.
spective opened in Nov. 2008 at MASS
MoCA in North Adams, MA, and is on                           This 30th Annual Exhibition is open to all    Put the rocks on an aluminum foil-covered
view for 25 years (2033). Conceived in                       living artists working with watermedia on     tray. Place in an oven heated to 350
collaboration with the artist before his                     unvarnished paper. Accepted media             degrees and leave for 15 minutes. Remove
death, the exhibition comprises 105                          include acrylics, casein, egg tempera,        – remember the stones are hot! - so handle
large-scale wall drawings that occupy                        gouache, inks and transparent and             them with potholders. Set a rock out for
nearly an acre of specially built interior                   opaque watercolor. No size restrictions.      each child to design. The heated stone will
walls that have been installed over three                    Cash awards. www.artscenterold                melt the wax of the crayon. The harder you
stories of a historic mill building. The                               press, the more color and wax is applied to
works are on loan from numerous private                      newsitem_id=24&action=view.                   the surface. Mix colors, design borders,
and public collections worldwide.                                                                          abstract or realistic…the artist controls the
                                                             National Society of Painters in Casein
                                                                                                           entire effect. Allow the stones to cool and
Art Competitions                                             and Acrylic - Salmagundi Club - New
                                                             York, NY
                                                                                                           then use them as paperweights, door-
                                                                                                           stops, treasures on a bookshelf, pet
& Opportunities                                              May 23 – June 10
                                                             Deadline: April 16.
                                                                                                           rocks…you decide.
                                                                                                           Confetti: Crayons are also used in other
Workspace 2011-2012: Open - Call for                         The 57th Annual is open to artists working
                                                                                                           amazing crafts. Use broken bits or break
Applications - Studio Residency                              in the USA, who may submit original
                                                                                                           crayons into pieces to make confetti
Program - Lower Manhattan Cultural                           paintings in casein, acrylic and egg
                                                                                                           crayon patties. Line muffin tins with
Council - New York, NY                                       tempera. Maximum dimension 50"
                                                                                                           muffin papers and put chips and chunks
Deadline: March 24.                                          horizontally, frame included. Cash
                                                                                                           of crayon in each (enough to cover the
Workspace is a 9-month studio residen-                       awards. www.nationalsocietyofpainters
                                                                                                           bottom of the tin). Place in a 250 degree
cy program focused on the creative                 
                                                                                                           preheated oven and leave for 10-12
process and professional development
for emerging visual artists and writers.                     Kids’ Korner                                  minutes or until the chunks are melted.
                                                                                                           Remove from the oven and immediately
Through the program’s offerings—which                        The Amazing Crayon: Hot                       place in the freezer for 10 minutes to set
                                                             Rocks, Confetti, Batik and                    the patties. Then simply peel off the
  For over 60 years…                                                                                       muffin paper and you’re ready to draw.
                                                             Stained Glass
                                                             And you thought crayons were just for         These are easy and fun, since colors
     projectors   light boxes   spray booths   open studio
                                                             filling in shapes and designs in a coloring   mingle and change with each stroke.
                                                             book! There are lots of cool things you       Other shapes can be made by using
                                                             can do with crayons and have tons of fun      metal cookie cutters with muffin papers
                                                             in the process. Following will be ideas to

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  Visit us online at
                                                                                                           &          Ampersand
                                                                                                                       Ar t Su p ply
                                                                                                            Archival Painting Panels
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  Toll-free 888-975-9555                                                                                    1500 E. 4th Street • Austin, TX 78702
                                                                                                               Manufacturer of Fine Art Panels

ARTtalk 2                                                                                                                                   March 2011
Kids' Korner...
shaped to fit. Be creative with the shapes     Youth Art Exhibitions                                                         Potter:
and colors you use.                            —Celebrate 17 years of the Maine Art                                          Artist, Poet,
Batik: Crayon batik is beautiful and can be    Education Association’s annual Youth Art                                      Slave,
used to create lovely gifts and cool           Month Exhibition at the Portland                                              illustrated by
artworks for your home. Draw with              Museum of Art. Featured will be more                                          Bryan Collier,
crayons on heavy paper, using bold             than 100 works of art by students in                                          and Inter-
strokes to apply heavy color. Upon             recognition of the value and importance                                       rupting
completion, crunch up the drawing,             that art education plays in Maine schools.                                    Chicken,
making cracks in the design. Then flatten      Mar. 1 – April 3. Celebration reception                                       written and
the paper and apply a wash of watercolor       March 5, 5 – 7:30 p.m. Free admission.           illustrated by David Ezra Stein.
over the entire drawing. Where there are       207.775.6148.                                    The Caldecott Medal was named in honor
cracks in the wax and anyplace there is no                          of 19th C. English illustrator Randolph
wax the watercolor wash will paint the                                                          Caldecott and is awarded annually by the
                                               —Drawing Out: Student Artwork from
paper. The end result is a unique, dynamic                                                      Association for Library Service to
looking original artwork, most likely
                                               the Drawing Connections Program will
                                               be on view at The Drawing Center, NYC,           Children to the artist of the most distin-
suitable for framing. If you don’t like the                                                     guished American picture book for
                                               from April 6-9. Featured will be group
first one, do another. They are fun to                                                          children.
                                               projects by approximately 100 students
make, look like a real master artist’s work
                                               from the “Drawing Connections”                   Free ARTLAB+ Design Studio
and would delight any recipient.
                                               program, which pairs practicing artists
Stained Glass: Crayon shavings, made by                                                         for Teens
                                               with teachers in lower Manhattan public
scraping scissor blades against any            schools to develop projects that relate          The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture
crayon, can be used to make neat “stained      classroom curricula to exhibitions at The        Garden, Washington, DC, presents a free
glass” art. Shave different colors onto        Drawing Center. Reception April 6, 5-7           ARTLAB+ for teens. Video provides the
waxed paper. Cover with another sheet of       p.m. 212.219.2166.                               opportunity to create a video series; in
waxed paper. Lay out on newsprint or an                           Web you’ll document art, transform a
old cloth and press with an iron to melt the                                                    website and add your photos to it; in
crayon and join the papers together. You       Medal Winner                                     Podcast you’ll learn to interpret art at the
can either create a “pane” of glass or cut     The 2011 Caldecott Medal winner is A             museum and make a podcast; in
the paper into different shapes. Great         Sick Day for Amos McGee, illustrated by          Animation you’ll work with a professional
ornaments, valentines, holiday greeting        Erin E. Stead and written by Philip C.           animator, create a short film and screen
card decorations and more can be made in       Stead. A Neal Porter Book, publisher is          your work in the Hirshhorn; and in
this fashion. It’s easy, fun and the results   Roaring Brook Press, a division of               Creative Consulting you’ll work with
are amazing.                                   Holtzbrinck Publishing. Erin Stead’s             museum staff to plan events and create
Lastly, the simplest of drawings made in       delicate woodblock prints and fine pencil        programs for you and your friends.
crayon on paper can be lightly pressed         work complement the text to create a             Registration required. Details at
with an iron to make a shimmery and            well-paced, gentle and satisfying book.
lovely art piece. Any crayon drawing can       2011 Honor Books include Dave the                event.asp?key=4&subkey=743.
be pressed from the back side to make
permanent the wax lines and areas on the
                                                INTERNATIONAL                 COMPETITIONS
front. The change brought about by the
heat transforms the drawing into “high
fashion” art.
Grab all your old crayon bits and pieces
and create some super cool items. All              $3000 Cash BEST IN SHOW
are fun and very easy.                             2-1st Prizes $1000 merchandise certificates
                                                   2-2nd Prizes $500 merchandise certificates

                                                      LANDSCAPE 2011
                                                         Deadline: March 28, 2011

                                                 FIGURE/PORTRAIT 2011                                AMACO® offers 11 non-toxic, moist clays in
                                                          Deadline: June 10, 2011                 various textures, colors, and firing temperatures.
                                                                                                    Call, write or fax to receive
                                                                                                   your FREE AMACO® catalog.
                                                                                                             American Art Clay Co., Inc.
                                                                                                       6060 Guion Road, Indianapolis, IN 46254-1222


March 2011                                                                                                                                    ARTtalk 3
Art Events & Exhibitions... Airbrush...
Art Events &                                    tion: 800.448.3883 or 302.888.4600.
Exhibitions                                     27th Annual Bouquets to Art - March 15-
                                                19 - deYoung Museum - San Francisco,
                                                                                               The Ubiquitous Airbrush
                                                                                               It’s amazing how prevalent the airbrush
Schedules sometimes change, so it’s             CA – Featured will be 150 floral arrange-      has become on cable television programs
best to confirm events in advance.              ments by prominent Bay Area designers          today. First it was a tool seen and used
                                                and garden clubs that interpret and            on custom automotive/motorcycle
Judy Chicago Tapestries: Woven by                                                              shows, such as “American Chopper.”
Audrey Cowan - March 1 – June 19 -              complement the museum’s permanent
                                                collection. Also scheduled are an              Then it began to pop up here and there on
Museum of Arts and Design - New York,
                                                opening night preview party, luncheons,        food-centered programs, with chefs
NY – This exhibition celebrates the
                                                lectures and afternoon teas. Info/tickets:     using it to decorate cakes, chocolate,
generous gift by tapestry weaver Audrey
                                                               sugar sculptures and more. Viewers
Cowan (and her husband Bob) of the
                                                                                               could immediately see how quick and
archive documenting her collaboration           Art in Bloom: A Tribute to Art and             easy this process was to add color,
with Judy Chicago, the internationally          Flowers - March 31 – April 3 – Milwau-         designs and shadows or highlights.
renowned artist, feminist and educator.         kee Art Museum – WI – Enjoy exquisite
See a behind-the-scenes view of their           floral creations by Milwaukee’s top floral     To continue this trend, Syfy has a new
creative process in which Chicago               designers inspired by the Museum’s             reality series called FaceOff, a Battle of
designed tapestries that Cowan then             collection of master works. Guest              Imagination and Transformation—
interpreted in thread. Featured are             appearances, presentations and lectures In this
original sketches, initial and final studies,   focused on landscaping are planned.            show a group of special-effects makeup
black/white cartoons and wood engrav-           Some events require tickets (advance           artists compete each week “to create
ings hung next to nine finished tapestries.     ticket orders must be received by Mar.         amazing works of living art” in a process
                                                25) and/or reservations. 414.224.3803.         of elimination. Challenges include
From Art into Landscape Lecture -                                                              executing full body paint makeup on
March 12 – Winterthur Museum,         
                                                                                               models and creating a horror villain.
Winterthur, DE – 11 a.m. – Noon                 24th Annual Arts Advocacy Day - April          Other skill sets are called upon as well,
Landscape architect and artist W. Gary          4-5 - Omni Shoreham Hotel - Washing-           including sculpting, casting and molding,
Smith explores the various ways artists         ton, DC – This is the only national event      and more. A full-color, full-page ad in
unleash their creativity and create             that brings together a broad cross-            The New York Times for FaceOff showed
inspiring gardens. With illustrations from      section of America’s cultural and civic        an image of makeup being applied with
his own repertoire of gardens and               organizations, along with hundreds of          the airbrush (in addition to other regularly
artworks, along with lessons from               grassroots advocates from across the           used tools/implements).
historic gardens such as Winterthur,            country, to underscore the importance of
Smith will demonstrate how to create            developing strong public policies and          With so many different artists now
gardens that connect a local sense of           appropriating increased public funding         utilizing airbrush in their work, here are a
place with a personal sense of art and          for the arts. Learn, network and be heard      few basic tips for newcomers to this
design. Admission. (Free to WGLS and            by your members of Congress when you           technique. You’ll never get started
Garden Associates Members) Registra-            visit them to make the case for the arts
                                                and arts education. Info/Register at
                                                2011/aad/default.asp. NY: 212.223.2787;
                                                DC: 202.371.2830
                                                Gustav Stickley and the American Arts
                                                & Crafts Movement – Through May 8 -
                                                Dallas Museum of Art - TX – This
                                                exhibition offers the first comprehensive
                                                examination of the life and work of the
                                                recognized patriarch of the American Arts
                                                & Crafts movement. Included are over
                                                100 works produced by Stickley’s
       Serving the Printmakers                  designers and workshops, including
           and Engravers                        furniture, metalwork, lighting and textiles,
        Throughout the World                    along with drawings and related designs.
                                                Also featured is a re-creation of Stickley’s
      728 N. Yale Avenue, PO Box 7027           seminal model dining room from his
             Villa Park, IL 60181
                                                1903 Syracuse Arts & Crafts exhibition.
                                                Travels to the San Diego Museum of Art.

ARTtalk 4                                                                                                                       March 2011
Airbrush... ArtPourri...
airbrushing unless you can get the paint                                                      Use simple
to spray. If results aren’t seen quickly, it                                                  exercises such as
may be too easy to give up on the                                                             dots, thin lines
technique, and that would be a shame.                                                         (with no barbells at
Some people don’t realize that basic                                                          the ends), and a
techniques are the same for all disci-                                                        soft gradation of
plines; it doesn’t matter what material                                                       spray until you
you intend to spray (acrylics or enamels,                                                     become comfort-
dyes or inks, makeup or food dye, body                                                        able with the
paint, etc.) on what surface (paper or                                                        airbrush and have
canvas, fingernails or skin, pastry or                                                        a good under-
chocolate, metal or plastic, etc.).                                                           standing of what effects it can produce.
The first thing to learn is how to hold and    It’s best to start spraying with a medium      Afterward you can move on to your
trigger the airbrush. Keep in mind that        such as airbrush paint or drawing ink,         particular discipline and learn how to use
the airbrush is held the same as a pen or      which require no thinning, come ready to       and experiment with media and grounds
pencil with the index finger on                spray from the bottle and will not             that are specific to your application.
the trigger, no matter if you are
left- or right-handed. South-
                                                                        normally clog the
                                                                        airbrush. (See        ArtPourri
paws and others sometimes                                               Medea Com-Art         Medals of Freedom Presented –
mistakenly try to trigger the                                           Airbrush Colours,     American artist Jasper Johns was
airbrush with their thumb. This                                         www.iwata-            among 15 individuals recently awarded
limits the ability to sight down                              , and        a 2010 Presidential Medal of Freedom
the airbrush to see where you                                           Schmincke AERO        by President Obama. “Bold and iconic,
are painting and also limits hand                                       COLOR Profes-         the work of Jasper Johns has left
movement. Secondly, when                                                sional                lasting impressions on countless
triggering the airbrush, you first                                 Americans.…Jasper Johns’ innovative
press straight down with the                                            produkte/airbrush-    creations helped shape the pop,
trigger finger. You’ll hear the air                                     farben/aero-color-    minimal and conceptual art move-
coming out. And then pull back                                          professional.html.)   ments, and the United States honors
on the trigger to release paint. Pulling       This will eliminate possible frustration for   him for his profound influence on
further back on the trigger allows a           the beginner, and you can deal with            generations of artists.”
greater volume of paint to be sprayed.         thinning paints later on.
                                                                                              Winner Takes Art – Through a tradition
Keep in mind that the trigger must be          It’s recommended to first practice with        of friendly wagers, the Carnegie Museum
fully depressed first.                         black ink/airbrush paint on white paper.       of Art and the Milwaukee Art Museum

     for airbrushing-makes it easy
     to change or blend
     colors and create
     special effects


March 2011                                                                                                                     ARTtalk 5
                                                                                                  Basic Airbrush Techniques
                                                                                                    Hands-On Workshops
                                                                                                  With Robert Paschal, MFA
                                                                                                   Beacon, NY – March 19
                                                                                                   W. Hartford, CT – April 2
                                                                                                   Tampa, FL – April 8,9,10
  MADE IN CALIFORNIA                                                                                                                                                       workshop.htm

ventured temporary loans of major
artworks based on the outcome of Super                                                         the issuance of a commemorative
Bowl XLV. As a result of the Green Bay                                                         Forever Stamp in celebration of the
Packers’ victory, the Carnegie Museum                                                          centennial year of his birth. The stamp
will be loaning Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s                                                        art by Bart Forbes of Plano, TX, was
Bathers with Crab to the Milwaukee                                                             created in oil wash on board and is based
Museum.                                                                                        on a photo taken in 1985.
Auction News – At Christie’s, a recently         Index has plummeted 6.2 points since          Art/Archive Acquired – The Los Angeles
rediscovered Self-Portrait (1967) of Andy        the onset of the Great Recession.             County Museum of Art and the J. Paul
Warhol brought $17.4 million, more than          However, in the last decade the number        Getty Trust have announced their joint
twice the pre-sale estimate. At Sothe-           of cultural and ethnically specific arts      acquisition of art and archival materials
by’s, Renaissance master Titian’s A              organizations has doubled. Other              by or associated with Robert Mapplethor-
Sacra Conversazione: The Madonna and             findings: There are more professional         pe, one of the great photographers of the
Child with Saints Luke and Catherine of          artists in the workforce; and participation   twentieth century. The majority comes in
Alexandria sold for $16.9 million and            in the arts has changed with attendance       the form of a gift from the Robert
broke a 20-year record for the artist at         numbers at artistic institutions remaining    Mapplethorpe Foundation and the
auction. Also, Picasso’s iconic 1932             flat, but personal arts creation and arts     remainder from funds provided by The
painting of Marie-Therese Walter, La             volunteerism is growing. See more at          David Geffen Foundation and the J. Paul
Lecture, sold for $40.7 million, more than               Getty Trust. The acquisition covers more
double the low estimate.                         ArtsIndex.                                    than 2,000 works of art, and the muse-
State of the Arts Updated – In the first         New Postal Stamp Issued –– Fortieth           ums are planning a collaborative series of
update to its National Arts Index ,              President Ronald Reagan has been              monographic exhibitions.
Americans for the Arts reports that the          honored by the U. S. Postal Service with

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ARTtalk 6                                                                                                                     March 2011

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