; Alcohol - the weapon of genocide
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Alcohol - the weapon of genocide


the paper about the negative effects of alcohol on the human body.

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									Alcohol - the weapon of genocide!

Medicine for 300 years diagnose alcohol as a narcotic, and neurotrophic
protoplasmic poison, that is poison, and acting on the nervous system,
and in all human organs, a poison that destroys the structure at the
cellular and molecular levels.

As you know, alcohol - it is a good solvent. As a solvent, it is widely
used in industry in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, several
chemical plants for the synthesis of dyes, synthetic rubber and other
things. It dissolves everything and grease and dirt, and paint ... But
after getting into the blood, alcohol, and there behaves as solvent!
Therefore, the alcohol in the technique used for degreasing.

What happens when alcohol (always containing alcohol) passes through the
stomach and intestines into the blood?

Normally, the outer surface of red blood cells coated with a thin layer
of grease to which the friction of the walls of blood vessels is
electrified. Each of the red blood cells carry the unipolar negative
charge, and so they have the original property to repel each other.
Alcohol-containing liquid removes the protective layer and reduces the
voltage. As a result, the red blood cells, rather than a start, begin to
stick together. In this case, the red blood cells acquire a new property:
they start to stick to each other to form larger-size balls. The process
is in the mode of snow lumps, the size of which increases with the amount
of alcohol consumed.

Diameter of capillaries in parts of the body (brain, retina) are
sometimes so small that red blood cells literally "squeeze" on them one
by one, often pushing the walls of the capillaries. The smallest diameter
of the capillary is 50 times thinner than a human hair, is 8 microns
(0.008 mm), the smallest diameter of the erythrocyte - 7 microns (0.007
mm). Therefore it is clear that education, containing several
erythrocytes, not able to run through the capillaries. Moving on
branching arteries, arterioles and then all the smaller caliber, it
achieves, in the end, arterioles, having a diameter less than the
diameter of the bunch, and covers it completely stopping blood flow in
it, therefore, the blood supply of individual groups of neurons of the
brain stops.

Clots are irregular in shape and contain an average of 200-500
erythrocytes, their average size is 60 microns. There are individual
clusters with thousands of red blood cells. Of course, the size of such
clots arterioles not cover the smallest caliber. Because oxygen stops do
to the brain, begins hypoxia, ie oxygen deficiency (hypoxia). That
hypoxia and is perceived by man as allegedly harmless intoxication. And
that leads to "numb" and then dying off parts of the brain.

All that is subjectively perceived drunk alcohol as "freedom" from the
outside world, similar to the euphoria released from prison after a long
sitting. In fact, just a part of the brain is disconnected from the
artificial perception is often an "unpleasant" of information from the
outside. That hypoxia simulator is freedom, a feeling which arises in the
mind of drinkers of alcohol. It is for this feeling of freedom and extend
all who drink.

But you sense of freedom - it is not freedom, but a dangerous illusion
drinker. Deciding that way to "liberate" from others and from the
problems, drunk continues to be surrounded by people and circumstances,
ceasing to be aware of their actions and thoughts.

Note that the "dream", which comes as a result of strong intoxication, it
is not a dream in the normal physiological sense. It is - it is loss of
consciousness due to neurochemical disturbances caused by alcohol brain
hypoxia - alcoholic coma. In other words, during anoxia waking body can
not breathe, and to facilitate breathing (so that people did not die),
there is a protective reaction of the body - "sleep" in order to slow
down its metabolism.

Therefore, alcohol - it is like and invisible, but very powerful weapon,
aimed at depriving human mind. And if you drink a whole people, as our
people were driven into the abyss of drunkenness, it means - to deprive
the mind and all the people and turn people from intelligent people,
creative thinking, aimed forward, just a two-legged working herd ...

The degradation of the nation

Alcohol consumption affects the offspring and leads to the degradation of
the nation, to the degradation of the race. The latest research has shown
that the adverse effects of uses of alcoholic fathers are recognized over
the daughters than sons. Thus, evil alcoholism affects men more in the
descending generations on women than on men. This is why women need to
know that alcoholism threatens them in the first place, and through them
- their future family and society. He tolerated it harder and gives more
tragic consequences. And if 40 years ago, female alcoholism in relation
to the male was hundredths of a percent, but today, for some countries it
reaches the male, that is increased many times over.
Alcohol upsets the health of millions of people, increases mortality in a
number of diseases, the cause of many physical and mental diseases,
disrupts production, destroys families, dramatically increases crime and
greatly undermining the morals of any society, nation and state.

However, the greatest evil is that it leads to progressive degeneration
of the health of the nation and humanity as a whole, due to the
appearance of a high percentage of mentally disabled children.

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