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GTP - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid by pengxuebo



R    E    S    E    A    R       C   H   G   R   O   U       P    S                 UC3M
Image: UC3M photographic files

                                           The Powder Technology Group (GTP), led by
                                           Dr. José Manuel Torralba Castelló and Dr. Elena
                                           Gordo Odériz, is formed by a multidisciplinary
                                           team of 22 researchers who are experts in
                                           developing solutions in the area of Powder/
                                           Powder Metallurgy Technology.
                            Duplex steel

                                           GTP has proven experience offering integral
                                           customized R&D, consulting, technical assistance
                                           and training services to optimize material
                                           manufacturing processes through powder/powder
                                           metallurgy technology, to study material service
                                           performance (wear and corrosion) and to
                                           characterize and design new materials with better
                                           features and a higher added value.

      Fe-Cr MATRIX cermet

      •RESEARCH AREAS AND SCIENTI-                    · Evaluation and improvement of CORROSION            - Fractographic studies to determine the
       FIC-TECHNOLOGICAL SERVICES•                      and OXIDATION resistance of materials with           type of fracture and its origin.
                                                        and without coatings, diagnosis of the rea-
      · Analysis and optimization of PROCESSES          sons for the failure and the development of        - Chemical analyses to determine the expec-
        FOR SINTERING steels; Al, Ti, Cu and inter-     new corrosion- and oxidation-resistant, high         ted composition in the material of the
        metallic.                                       added-value materials as well as sol-gel coa-        component.
                                                        tings and other SURFACE TREATMENTS.
      · Design and development of new high added-                                                          - Complete diagnosis as to the reasons for
        value materials using ATOMIZATION tech-       · WEAR resistance study of materials and coa-          the mechanical failure.
        niques in gas and in water, MECHANOS-           tings, diagnosis of the reasons for the failu-
        YNTHESIS (mechanical alloy high-energy          re and design of wear-resistant materials.       · Design and optimization of MATERIAL
        grinding) and “SPRAY PYROLYSIS”.                                                                   RECYCLING processes by means of grinding
                                                      · Evaluation of the reasons for the service fai-     and subsequent use of powder metallurgi-
      · Design and optimization of POWDER INJEC-        lure of components subjected to STATIC OR          cal technologies.
        TION MOLDING (MIM) processes.                   DYNAMIC MECHANICAL STRESSES and
                                                        proposition of the reasons and possible          · Design and optimization of materials, pro-
      · Study of the effects produced by THERMAL        improvements in the design of the material:        cesses, by means of THERMODYNAMIC and
        AND THERMOCHEMICAL TREATMENTS in                                                                   KINETIC analyses.
        metallic materials.                             - Metallographic studies on the heat treat-
                                                          ment of the component.

                                                                                                             R   E   S   E   A   R   C   H   G   R   O   U   P   S   UC3M

      • OUTSTANDING COLLABORATIONS                 The group also actively participates in and
        AND R&D&I PROJECTS•                        has earned the recognition of prestigious
                                                   international forums such as the European
      The main clients and partners of the group   Powder Metallurgy Association-EPMA and
      include both national and international      its American homologues MPIF-Metal Pow-
      companies such as: Cofrisa, Tecresa, MIBA    der Industrial Federation, APMI-American
      Sintermetal, Stadler, Valeo embragues,       Powder Metallurgy Institute and ASM-A
      CESA, Metasint/Fersint, Tratamientos Tér-    Society for Materials. Emphasize the recog-
      micos Carreras, Höganäs, AMES, CASA,         nition in electrochemical area (ECS-Electro-
      IberEspacio, ENDESA, MIM TECH ALFA,          chemical Society) due to the continued and
      MOPASA, ITP.                                 actived participation in these forums.

                                                   Some of the most relevant R&D&I projects
                                                   of the group are:

                                                   · Development of self-healing monolayer
                                                                                                    Corrosion test for automotive ABS rings manufactured
                                                     coatings with high anticorrosion proper-       using powder technology
                                                    Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Inno-   · Processing by association of colloid-che-
                                                    vation. Fecha: 2010-2013.                         mical and power-metallurgical techniques
      Ti PM Alloy
                                                                                                      of metal-ceramic nanocomposite structu-
                                                                                                      res. (COMETAS)
                                                                                                      Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Inno-
                                                                                                      vation. Fecha: 2010-2012.

                                                                                                          R   E   S   E   A   R   C   H   G   R   O   U   P   S   UC3M

      · Development of mechanically alloyed             · Development of a new generation of tool
        yttria oxide strengthened Fe-base supera-         materials using powder metallurgy pro-
        lloys for application in target window in         cessing.
        accelerated driven systems (ADS)                 Funding entity: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and
        Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Inno-    Cooperation. Date: 2010-2010.
       vation. Fecha: 2010-2012.
                                                        · ELENA: "Electroceramics from Nanopow-
      · Development of advanced gamma TiAl                ders Produced by Innovative Methods"
        alloys for components with high reliabi-         Funding entity: European Science Foundation.      Stainless steel 17-4 PH particle treated by HIP
                                                         Date: 2005-2009.                                  (Hot Isostatic Pressing)
        lity: microstructure design and modelling
        of the mechanical behavior (DATIAL)
       Funding entity: Ministry of Science and Inno-                                                       · New powder metallurgical materials for
       vation. Fecha: 2010-2012.                                                                             the land transport industry.
                                                                                                             Funding entity: Ministry of Education and Scien-
      · Advanced Structural Materials (ESTRU-                                                                ce. Date: 2006-2009.
       Funding entity: Community of Madrid . Date:                                                         · Development of Materials for Metal and
       2006-2009 y 2010-2013.                                                                                Metal-Ceramic Filters
                                                                                                             Funding entity: European Union. Date: 2006-

                                                        SVET Map for a powder metal aluminum 2124 test-
                                                        tube after 5 hours of immersion in an aeronautic
                                                        environment simulation solution

                                                                                                                 R   E   S   E   A   R   C   H   G   R   O   U   P   S   UC3M

      • I N N O V AT I V E T E C H N O L O G I C A L       · Electrodes for the Electrochemical Recog-     •TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT•
        SOLUTIONS•                                           nition of Ion or Molecular Species based on
                                                             Polysiloxane Membranes and the Method         The group has highly qualified personnel
      · Low-cost Titanium Alloys and Method for              for Preparation thereof. Patent ES2160052     with proven experience in providing mate-
        Preparation thereof. Patent WO2010015723             (under co-ownership with CSIC).               rial analysis, characterization and property
                                                                                                           measurement services.
      · Intermetallic-reinforced Stainless Steels.         · Multifunctional Coatings applying Sol-gel
        Patent ES2146168.                                    type Technologies. Patent application         Their laboratories are perfectly equipped
                                                             P200802175 (under co-ownership with           to meet any requests according to strict qua-
      · Method for the manufacture of Metal Parts            CSIC).                                        lity criteria:
        from Metal Powder using Heat-setting
        Acrylic Resins as Binder. Patent                   · Low-cost Ti Alloys. Patent application        · Powder Technology Laboratory
        ES2167130.                                           P200802403                                    · Structural and Microstructural Characte-
                                                                                                             rization Laboratory
      · Steels sintered with Nickel Silver. Patent         · Method for obtaining Metal Foam. Patent       · Thermal Analysis Laboratory
        ES2211248.                                           application P200900087 (under co-             · Mechanical Characterization Laboratory
                                                             ownership with CSIC).                         · Surface Engineering Laboratory
                                                                                                           · Injection Molding Laboratory
                                                           · Process for the manufacture of Metal and      · Thermocalc and DICTRA Thermochemi-
                                                             Ceramic Parts by means of Powder Injec-         cal and Kinetic Equilibrium Calculation
                                                             tion Molding using a Thermoplastic Bin-         Software
      Green compact, brown compact and sintered material
      in a powder injection molding process.
                                                             ding System based on Rapidly Removable
                                                             Polysaccharides. Patent application

                                                                                                                R   E   S   E   A   R   C   H   G   R   O   U   P   S   UC3M
Science Park Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Technology Transfer Office
Tel +34 916244023/4011 · Fax +34916244097

                                                Contact Information

                                                HEAD RESEARCHERS
                                                José Manuel Torralba Castelló
                                                y Elena Gordo Odériz



                                                IMAGE OF COVER: Composition Inconel 718 and Parts

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