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					Warren Phillips
                               As recognition for their outstanding achievement,
                               national finalist team members and their
                               parents/guardians will travel to Washington, D.C.
                               in June for ExploraVision Awards Weekend.
In ExploraVision, students     ExploraVision prizes include:
choose a current technology       * First Prize (4 teams): U.S. EE Savings Bond
                               worth $10,000* at maturity for each student.
and imagine what it could be      * Second Prize (4 teams): U.S. EE Savings Bond
like in 20 years.              worth $5,000* at maturity for each student.
                       Plasma TV                     Gas Tubes

                       LCOS TV                   Liquid Crystal on Silicon

                       DLP TV               Digital Light Projection DMD

                       SED TV         (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display)

                       Laser TV          Coming

                       Monitor and Television combine
                            Sensory Enhancements
 See How Stuff Works            Surround Sound
 Picture Frame                  Smell
High Definition-
6x resolution                    Touch
                          Interactivity - Teleconference
 Video exchange        iChat
began 2004 - sold
for $1.6 billion in             Ipod -exchange videos,
       2006                      Podcasts, and music
                                     30 mile range

  Blackberry - text
   Internet access    WiMax and Wireless Mesh Networks
Segway    Balance Sensors - checking 100 times per
              5 Gyroscopes – measure rotation in
                     multiple directions
           2 Tilt Sensors    – work much like your
                            inner ear
                       Speed – 12 MPH
              Battery Powered –15 Miles/Charge

         Centaur - future concept =>
                                               Converts hydrogen and
   Fuel Cells                                    oxygen into water,
                                                producing electricity.
                                            Provides a DC (direct
                                           current) voltage that can
                                              be used to power
The 2008 Honda FCX Clarity                          motors.
 A zero-emission fuel-cell car
                                                 Proton exchange
                    Thin film solar cells       membrane fuel cell
                    producing hydrogen using
                    renewable solar energy.
                      Electric Cars
                 The 2008 Tesla       The 2008 Chevy Volt

•   0-60 mph. in 4 seconds
                                  •   0-60 mph. in 8 seconds
•   245 Miles per charge
                                  •   40 Miles per charge, then gas
•   7,000 Li-ion batteries
                                  •   150 mpg
•   Shipping in winter 2008
                                  •   Concept car - Road Test 2008
•   Carbon fiber body
                                  •   110 volt plug-in
•   $98,000
   Robots             Walks and moves like a
                      Involves 16 years of
                      4 feet tall –115 pounds
                       Developed by Honda
                       Visit the ASIMO Site
 Advanced Step in        Self-replicating robot
Innovative Mobility

Reusable paper that can be erased and re-printed
    GPS               Google Earth

Locate any position   Zoom in to any location!
  within inches!
                    Lighter than plastic, stronger
                    than steel! The hardest
                    substance known to man!

                           Click here to see how
                              Buckyballs and
                            nanotubes are made
Named after R. Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the
 geodesic dome, "BuckyBall" is the nickname for a
  Carbon 60 molecule. Like the faces of a soccer
    ball, it has 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons.
   CNT can be metallic or
    semiconducting and offers amazing
    possibilities to create future
    nanoelectronics devices, circuits,
    and computers.
    Nanotubes are as hard as
    diamonds and have the strongest
    tensile strength known.
   They Emit light!
   They Repair Themselves!
   2008 trial production of Carbon
    Nanotube TVs.
  Twenty tons of cable and
 reel would be kicked up to
geosynchronous altitude by
spacecraft to get the project

  The making of carbon
   nanotubes is moving
      very quickly.
  Space Elevator

2010 $4 Million Competition   62,000 miles high!
     AntiMatter                        Mars

Antimatter spacecraft like
this one could some day        Colonization of Mars
shorten a trip to Mars from
11 months to one month.
                              Future Planned Missions
                     “Smart” Appliances that can be
                    operated by phone/communicate
                      with operators… “Bluetooth”
   Timer controls                                          Energy efficient
   coffee maker,                                              products
electric blanket,etc.   Computer chips inserted into
                           products to increase

                                                       Fridge reads bar codes
Automatic Vacuuming                                     and keeps inventory.
   from “Roomba”                                         List sent to grocery
                            Stove researches the                store.
                           web and stores recipes
Monthly monitoring will give
people time to evacuate before
        an earthquake.

                                 Satellites will monitor stress on
                                   fault lines using radar data.

Infrared images can show the
 increased temperatures just
    before an earthquake.
                     Microchips can be implanted
                     with ID information, GPS, or
                       instructions for the body.

Implants in the brain can
 control sight and sound
Wearable computers



      “Smart Objects”              Receiver
 Arrange atoms and molecules
individually to create anything.   (Nano = 1 billionth of a meter)

                        Self –Replication?

 A                      Medicine – Re-arrange
                        molecules in your body

                        Nano Computers
                        Nano Sensors in your body
Gel Electrophoresis
     D.N.A. Extraction
     Attach utraviolet, flourescent,
     or radioactive “markers”.

     Gene Identification

     Gene Mapping

     Human Genome Project
D.N.A. Extraction
Attach utraviolet, flourescent,
or radioactive “markers”.
Insert new traits
 Improve qualities
Delete Defects / gene silencing

                  Improve agriculture
                   Help World Hunger

                   Human genes in Plants

                                Insert new traits

 Fluorescent gene from
 a jellyfish inserted into
          a mouse                        Hybridizing traits to create
                                              transparent frog
 Scientists Mario R. Capecchi, Oliver Smithies and Sir Martin J. Evans have
  been named the recipients of the 2007 Nobel Prize in medicine. The three
developed a technique called "gene targeting," which lets scientists deactivate
  or modify particular genes in mice. That in turn lets them study how those
                       genes affect health and disease.
                  A New Method!

Regeneration of
  Body Parts
Tactical Laser Weapon
               More Information
Individualized – made to order
Constant monitoring
Total body scans
Radio Frequency Identification Tags
   may revolutionize shopping.

      Size: as small as a pepper flake

      Can be placed inside of product packaging

      Readers can identify and track the product
      Cheaper and better than bar codes
   Wind Power                                                                                         Solar Power
        Wave Energy (Pelamis)                                              AntiMatter CERN

Pelamis is a segmented cylinder moored at both ends to the
                                                                 When matter comes into contact with antimatter it
ocean floor. As a wave passes down the length of Pelamis,        produces an explosion of pure radiation, traveling
hinged joints on the power conversion modules allow the          outwards at the speed of light. Both particles that
tubes to move up and down and side to side. The motion of        created the explosion are completely destroyed,
the tubes relative to one another drives pumps that turn         leaving behind only other subatomic particles. It's a
generators. The electricity flows via a cable to a shore-based   perfect conversion of mass into energy. It releases
grid. To access high-energy swells, Pelamis is designed for
use about five miles offshore. It generates over 2.5 million
                                                                 about 10 billion time the energy of a chemical
kWh's of electricity per year, enough to provide power for       reaction and 1000 times more than nuclear fission in
150-200 homes. The same technology will be used to               a nuclear power plant.
desalinate water or produce hydrogen
 Cloning could offer a key to the
 fountain of youth, say scientists                              Human Ear grown
whose six cloned cows show signs
   of being younger than their                                    on a mouse
       chronological ages.

                   On January 8, 2001, scientists at Advanced Cell Technology, Inc.,
                  announced the birth of the first clone of an endangered animal, a
                  baby bull gaur (a large wild ox from India and southeast Asia)
                  named Noah.
Good News Holdings building the
first "green" film and television
production studio, and what Good
News Holdings expects to be the most
modern, user-friendly studio complex
in the world.

While this $150 M project is still in
                                              David Kirkpatrick receives a
the early stage, with feasibility studies   lifetime achievement award for
being conducted, Good News                               films

Holdings has created a Delaware
based LLC named "Project Julia"
(working title) to facilitate progress.
Cryogenics is a branch of physics (or engineering) that studies the
production of very low temperatures (below –150 °C, –238 °F or
123 K) and the behavior of materials at those temperatures.

                      Magnetic Resonance Imaging

                           Storage and transport breakthroughs

             Cryonics is freezing living things so they may be
             brought back to life in the future. This has been
             successfully done with hamsters. Click Here
Aging can be slowed in                          U.S. life expectancy
laboratory rodents by low-calorie               at birth has
diets, and changes in single genes              increased by about 7
can extend mouse life span by 40                years (from 70 to
percent or more.                                77) since 1960

                       Contributing Factors:
          Diet      Happy Marriages        Nursing Exercise
          Calorie Reduction          Optimism      Faith
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IEEE Virtual Museum
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Warren Phillips

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