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									                                                                                 February/March 2009
                                                             STREAMWOOD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                                     For Your Information
     Calendar of Events
                                                                                      From the Hot Seat
FEBRUARY                                                                  Hello Chamber Members!
Friday, 02/27 5:30-7:30 PM
                                             It’s been a while since I added a note to the Newsletter -- let me get you all up to speed
     BIZ 6 + Multi Chamber Legislative
             Networking Lunch                on what’s happening at my desk. There are a ton of things on the horizon. We went
Meadows Club, 2950 Golf Rd, Rolling          from one Business After Hours a month to two. We all know that not everyone can
Meadows                   $25/$35            make it to both, and that’s okay. My goal is to stagger the days to give more people the
                                             chance of attending an event.
                                             I have introduced the Streamwood Chamber into a multi-
MARCH                                        chamber group called the Biz 6+. The group consists of chambers
Thursday, 03/05 7:30-9:30 AM                 from Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove Area, Des Plaines, Greater
     Economic Development Breakfast          Lincolnshire, Hoffman Estates, Mount Prospect, Palatine Area,
Village Hall         Call: 630-837-5200      Rolling Meadows, and the Wheeling/Prospect Heights Area. The
                                             advantage to getting involved in a group like this is that it allows me
Wednesday, 03/11 5:30-7:30 PM                to bring other opportunities to you... our Members! Biz 6+ has
          Business After Hours
                                             several multi-chamber events coming up. I feel that this is a great opportunity for our
Millrose Restaurant & Banquets, 45
                                             members to get involved and network outside our comfort zone. The Legislative
S. Barrington Rd, Barrington   Free
                                             Networking Lunch will include U.S. Chamber representative Matt Davis, and Dick
Saturday, 03/21             1-3 PM           Kaye, political reporter.
         Local Candidates Forum
                                             Keep your eyes peeled for the April 29 Multi-Chamber Networking Extravaganza with
            ico HanDI and the SCC
                                             over 13 chambers participating and in June, the Progressive Networking Breakfast.
Park Place, 550 S. Park              Free
                                             Save the Date: Sunday, June 7, Streamwood Chamber of Commerce will be
Monday, 03/30 5:30-7:30 PM                   partnering up with the Flyers to hold a Streamwood Community Day at Alexian Field.
 Streamwood Woman’s Club Spring Flower
              Showcase                       Streamwood residents and Chamber members will be eligible for discounted tickets.
Canton Middle School, 1100 Sunset            Also, there is an opportunity for our members to set up shop in the concourse the day
Cir, Streamwood Call: Celia 630-             of the game. Call me for more information.
289-9562 or                                                           Continues - Page 3
                $10/$8/Groups 10+
                                            Every Thursday8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Power Networking
                                            Group “Creating dynamic partnerships between business and
APRIL                                       community” meets at Franco’s Cucina, 1550 Bourbon Parkway,
Wednesday, 04/22 5:30-9:30 PM
    Streamwood Chamber Auction and
         Scholarship Recognition             Premier Plus Members
            “Class Reunion”                         Angel Clouds                       Golf Club of Illinois         Rolling Knolls Country Club
                                                      Carol McNevin                           Ruth Ross                      Tim Schneider
The Seville - 700 S. Barrington Rd’              Capital Telecom, Inc.               Katy’s All Types Services            Salon Bella Vita
Streamwood                  $25/$30                 Patrick McKernan                      Katy Dolan Baumer                 Sargon Boudakh
                                              Christ Transformed Baptist              Kelley, Kelley & Kelley          Sandy Stewart - Re/Max
Thursday, 04/23 11:30 AM-1 PM                           Church                             Matthew Kelley                    Suburban
     5 Chamber Progressive Luncheon                Pastor Brad Traywick           Millrose Restaurant & Banquets             Sandy Stewart
                                            Christopher L. Schneider, DMD                    Lisa Scoville              State Farm Insurance
The Seville, 700 S. Barrington Rd,                Christopher Schneider             Neighborhood Consultants                 Kevin Navarro
Streamwood                  $30/$35           Countryside Funeral Home                        Ed Zimel             The Chicago Loop: Sports Bar &
                                                       Marc Jaeger                      Primary Eye Care                        Grill
Wednesday, 04/29              Time: TBD             Danny’s Pizza                         Dr. Stephen Combs                 Sharon Reisler
          BIZ 6+ Business Expo                          Doug Frye                     Printing Perfection Inc.      Village Roadshow Gold Class
                                                    E Z Solutions                              Lee Re                Cinemas - Arboretum Plaza
Details Forthcoming                                     Ed Zimel                                                             Judy Scalazitti
Page 2                                                                           Welcome New Members!

                                                     Hi! My name is Kevin Navarro, married to the
  Streamwood Chamber of Commerce                     beautiful Nancy Navarro. My wife and I opened a
        2009 Board of Directors                      local State Farm Insurance located next to
                                                     Streamwood Post Office and CiCi’s Pizza off of Irving
                   Officers                          Park Road. Come and see us and receive a book of
            Patrick McKernan                         stamps or a gift card from Hollywood Video valued at
              Capital Telecom
                                                     $5 with a free auto quote. We provide the following
                Scott Baran                          premium services, but not the premium prices.
               Vice President
 American Family Insurance - S. Baran Agency
                                                        • Auto Insurance             • Home Insurance
                  Ed Zimel
                                                        • Life Insurance             • Auto Loans
                  Treasurer                             • HELOC’s
  Neighborhood Consultants, Inc./E Z Solutions
               Chris Pappin                          The Schaumburg Flyers are a member of the
                  Secretary                          independent Northern League, a six team professional
                Cruises Inc.                         league. The Flyers have no affiliation with any major
                                                     league organization. The Northern League has the
             Katy Dolan Baumer                       freedom to deal with any big league club when trying to negotiate contracts for its
          Immediate Past President                   players. Northern League players are scouted and signed by major league
           Katy’s All Types Services                 organizations. Most Northern League players have a skill level comparable to a
                 Nancy Allard                        Double A (AA) minor league player. The Northern League also has many players with
          Pre-Paid Legal Service Inc.
                                                     Triple A (AAA) and major league experience. Members of the Northern League do not
                 Brian Bauer
      Chicago Storm Indoor Soccer Team               play teams affiliated with Major League Baseball. Getting to the games are easy,
                Curtis Bradley                       Alexian Field is serviced by METRA. The Milwaukee District/West Line (Elgin/Big
              Harris Streamwood                      Timber Line) stops directly adjacent to Alexian Field. Can’t make it to a game? The
                  Yogi Patel                         Flyers games will be broadcast over the internet this summer and the link to the games
            Yogi Appliance Service
                                                     can be found at
               Joan Flaskamp
             Emerald Embroidery
                                                     Schaumburg Flyers                    847-891-2255 Office
                       Staff                         c/o Sarah H. Eichenberger            847-891-6441 Fax
         Susan Berg, Executive Director              1999 S. Springinsguth Rd.  
       Ann Townsend, Executive Secretary
                                                     Schaumburg, IL 60193
             22 W. Streamwood Blvd.
                  P.O. Box 545
           Streamwood, IL 60107-0545                 Premier Members
        (630) 837-5200 • (630) 837-5251 (F)             A1 Trophies & Awards, Inc.        Chicago Storm Professional    Kiwanis Club - Streamwood                           Ray & Susan Begy                  Soccer Team                    Patricia McKernan
                                                           A & D Total Plumbing                    Brian Bauer         Lexington Health Care Center
                                                                Dwayne Burris                      Citibank                       Sue Salach
                                                        Alexian Brothers Hospital                  Jay Thakker         Nancy Allard - Pre-Paid Legal
                                                                Network                    Cornerstone Accounting
         Mission Statement                                      Kelley Clancy                     Services
                                                                                                                              Services, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 Nancy Allard
                                                     American Benefit Consultants, Inc.
    The Streamwood Chamber of                                    Terri Cloyd
                                                                                                 Butch Harrington      New Horizons Hair Design, Inc.
                                                                                            Dee’s Catering Service
 Commerce is dedicated to promoting,                   American Family Insurance -           Nancy and Don Schumann
                                                                                                                                 Jim Rauscher
                                                                                                                              R&M Specialties
    enhancing and supporting the                         Richard James Agency             Diamond Jewelry & Loan Co.              Raj Chabria
                                                               Richard James
      prosperity of its members.                                                                 Marvin Maraga              Sears Centre Arena
                                                       American Family Insurance -           Edible Arrangements                Mike Newquist
                                                         Scott J. Baran Agency                 Ed and Tim Troutman         State Farm Insurance
                                                                Scott J. Baran             El Pollo Loco Restaurant            Richard Wallace
                                                                Applebee’s                       Lance Lundberg        Streamwood Behavioral Health
                                                                 O.J. Darby                   Harris Streamwood
 The Chamber News is edited and printed for the                                                                                  Center
 members of the Streamwood Chamber of Commerce.                BP Connect                         Curtis Bradley                 Cindy Meyer
 As always, your input is welcome.                             Jamie Crawford             Immanuel United Church of     Streamwood Woman’s Club
     Phone (630) 837-5200 • Fax (630) 837-5251                                                     Christ                        Naomi Lenoci
    Edit/Design/Layout - Katy’s All Types Services
                                                                                                  Nancy Pappa
Dedicated to promoting, enhancing and supporting the prosperity Date members.
                                                                of its                                               FYI
Page 3                                  STREAMWOOD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                       Another New Member
                                       Edible Arrangements provides fresh cut, beautifully arranged fruit
   The Streamwood
                                       baskets for all the special days of our lives. From gifts for clients,
      Chamber of
                                       friends and loved ones to the centerpieces for your for your next
  Commerce gives a
                                       gathering and Edible Arrangement is perfect. Instead of flowers an Edible
  Special Thank You                    Arrangement is both beautiful to look at and delicious to eat! You can add chocolate
         to the                        to any arrangement to make it a dessert! There are 800 stores in the United States so
  Activities Group at                  we can have your arrangement prepared fresh at any one of those stores and
   Lexington Health                    delivered as well.
 The group assembled                   We offer a $5.00 discount to all Chamber members and we are happy to provide
                                       further discounts on multiple orders. We are a franchise and this offer is only valid at
  300 boxes for our
                                       our two stores.
  “Greeter Service.”
                                       Edible Arrangements
                                       953 Rt. 59
  March 8 - Daylight Savings Tme       Bartlett, IL 60103
     Begins - Spring Forward           630-837-8149 Phone • 630-837-8317 Fax

                                       From the Hot Seat, continued
                                       • The Chamber has been asked to co-sponsor the Economic Development Breakfast
        2009                             at the Village of Streamwood.
   Consolidated                        • The Chamber will be working together with the Village of Streamwood on our
      Elections                          Greeter Service, making it better than ever before.
      Tuesday                          • We have 82 members renewed for 2009 and the countdown is on! Renewals are due
   April 7, 2009                         by February 28. If there is something that is holding back your renewal, please give
                                         me a call.
    6 AM - 7 PM
                                       • The Community Guide will be going out in June to over 15,000 Streamwood
    Early Voting
                                         residents and businesses. We rolled back the pricing to help with the costs, so get
  Starts March 16                        your ad space reserved now.
                                       • Working on bringing back “Chamber Fest” in September, in honor of “Chamber of
            Progressive Jackpot
                50/50 Raffle
                                         Commerce Week”.
              Delicious Treats         • Hosting a shredding event in the summer (available for a potential sponsorship)
           Business Connections
         Business Connections          • Advertising opportunities for our members to branch out to the community.
     and Business Connections
     all reasons to attend a Chamber   Let’s talk about the Crazy Days Raffle. When it was introduced as a “FunD Raiser”
             Function TODAY!           for the Chamber with the original thought being if every member sold one book, we
                                       would have all the tickets sold. That would give the Chamber over $14,000 in added
        Be on the lookout for          revenue with the goal of NOT having to increase costs on membership. Now remember,
        Streamwood Chamber             40% of the Chambers revenue comes from membership, while 60% of our revenue
                                       comes from fundraising. I am not asking each member to each buy a book, only to help
   membership cards - giving you       sell them. The tickets sell themselves; all you have to do is ask. One book isn’t hard to
   discounts where you shop or do      sell and it’s helping the organization you’re a member of.
         business in this area.        If you have any ideas, suggestion or just want to chat, please call me. Your input
                                       is important to me, as I want to make sure you get the most out of being a member of
                                       the Streamwood Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                   Susan Berg, Executive Director
Page 4                               Highlighted Member of the Month - January
                                              The Further Adventures of Griselda the Glassblower
         Crazy                      Hi, my name is Griselda, and I’m a glassblower. Some of you may remember me from a
                                    few months ago, when I wrote I had started my own business, and ran into all kinds of

         Days                       problems. I could make lovely glass things, and even sell them, but I couldn’t run a
                                    business. I even sold a beautiful set of crystal glasses to Cinderella and her Prince. (I
                                    still think she cheated, and that glass slipper didn’t really fit her – after all, I know what
         Raffle                     you can do with glass!)
                                    Well, I resolved most of those startup problems with the help of Management Matters,
         Winners                    Inc., but now it’s the end of the year, and let me tell you, making a three tiered glass
                                    sculpture is nothing compared to trying to resolve all my year-end issues! Taxes,
                                    inventory, depreciation, payroll forms, and most importantly of all – did I make any
             February               money?
 2/16/09     President's Day $125
      Butch Harrington Elgin        All this, and I still don’t have a fairy godmother, unlike my lucky stepsister Cinderella, who
 2/14/09     Valentines Day $50     even married a fabulous prince and lives in a fairy tale castle! No, I have to solve my own
   Nicole Norman West Dundee        problems here in this lovely little kingdom with my old stepsister lording it over me.
 2/13/09     $25                    So it was time for me to call Pat Hoesel of Management Matters again, at 630-671-9912,
   Dolores Barton Streamwood        because she could listen to me and help me get organized before the kingdom’s tax
 2/06/09     $25                    collectors made me shut my doors and no more lovely glasses. She may not be able to
   Sandy Stewart Streamwood         turn a pumpkin into a coach, but she can show me how to count my inventory and put a
                                    value on it, and complete all my terrible year end tax forms, and remind me of all those
                                    expenses which I, naturally, forgot to write down. Turns out my insurance for breaking all
                January             that glass, and cutting and burning myself, is a tax deduction – who knew?
 1/30/09       $25                  She took her time, and showed me how to do some of these things myself so I could
  Steve Bumgardner St. Charles      save some money and have things done on time for a change. Now I still can’t
 1/26/09       $200                 understand a balance sheet, but she can, and she saves me money and keeps me out
     Jack Hawkins Channahon         of trouble with the Prince’s government. Of course, she can’t make a glass statuette for
 1/23/09       $25                  anything, but this way I can do what I do best, and let her take care of the rest.
     Penny Porter South Elgin
                                    I’m telling all you small businesses out there who are like me and don’t really know what
 1/22/09       $75
                                    they’re doing when it comes to communicating with governments and other official-type
   Dave Davenport South Elgin
                                    people, and handling paperwork things, and organizing yourself for the end of the year,
 1/19/09       $125
                                    you can do as I did, and call Pat Hoesel for help. She doesn’t have any glass slippers or
    Gary Pappin Streamwood
                                    magic wands, but she’s nicer than my awful (but lucky) stepsister!
 1/16/09       $25
    Kate Packard Streamwood                Management Matters Inc., 630-671-9912, or
 1/9/09        $25
      Philip Roth Streamwood
 1/08/09       $75
     Penny Porter South Elgin
 1/02/09       $25
    Adam Carlson North Aurora
Page 5                                   Highlighted Member of the Month - February
                                        American Benefit Consultants has, for more than fifteen years, provided our clients with
                                        all the insurance options available through the carriers we all know and trust. Our
 The Office of Career Services at       purpose is to help you find the best insurance to protect what you care about most.
 Elgin Community College invites        American Benefit Consultants is a full line insurance brokerage offering both personal
 you to attend the annual ECC Job       and business coverage, including health, life, disability, dental, home, auto, and
 Fair on Thursday, April 2, from 3-6    commercial lines.
 PM, on the ECC campus.
                                        Don’t have the time to do insurance research? No worries, we will do the footwork! We
 Attendees can:
                                        are here to make the insurance search and comparison process easier for you. Based
 • meet a large number of talented      on your preferences, we will find strong plans, at competitive rates, with carriers that offer
   job applicants quickly and           broad networks and excellent customer service. If you choose, we can then help you
   inexpensively;                       develop life-long skills in evaluating choices available, whether high deductible, low
 • promote their company;               deductible, HMO, or PPO, as well as help you better understand co-pays, deductibles,
                                        and coinsurance. Our service doesn’t end there; we also provide guidance and
 • network with other employers;        assistance on billing or claims issues to help you better understand the carrier’s process.
                                        In some cases, we find an excellent fit with a new plan. In other cases, our comparison
 •   develop contacts with future       might show that utilizing a COBRA qualified plan or a state-administered plan (such as
     graduates.                         CHIPS) is the most beneficial course of action. Either way, there is no fee for the
 Apply by Friday, February 27 to be     consultation.
 included in advance promotions.        Our success is due, in no small part, to our many clients who have not only trusted
       For questions or to request a    American Benefit Consultants for their insurance needs for more than 15 years, but are
      registration form call 847-214-   confident and comfortable introducing us to their friends and family!
               7399 or e-mail           Call agent Terri Cloyd at 815-609-6715 for your free
         consultation or check our website
 Career Services looks forward
 to providing your organization                                        Website Update
 with a great Job Fair

        Streamwood Chamber of
         Commerce Scholarship
      Applications are Now Available
      on the Chamber Website and
        are being accepted at the
             Chamber Office.            Website Hits -- Where are they coming from?
                                        Links from an external page (other web sites except search engines):
     Other companies and private
       residents are checking you
           out on the Streamwood
                 Chamber website 
     Make sure your listing is up-
     to-date and advertises your
     current specials and contact
Page 6                                                  Member-to-Member Discount Program
                                               The following is a list of Chamber members who offer discounts to other Chamber members. If you would like to be included on this list,
                                               call the Chamber office and ask to be included in the Member-to-Member Discount Program. The list grows each month, so check it to
                                               see if your favorite or a needed service has been added. If you would like to see a member on our list, call them and ask, “Are you
Are you looking                                offering Chamber member discounts?” If they say yes, tell them to contact the Chamber office at 630-837-5200.

 for Economic                                  Category
                                                                          Porte Brown, LLC.
                                                                                                          Contact Name
                                                                                                          Andrea White
                                                                                                                                                               Website/E-mail Address
   Stimulus?                                   Appliance Repair
                                               Banquet Hall/Conference
                                                                          Yogi Appliances
                                                                          The Stonegate
                                                                                                          Yogi Patel
                                                                                                          Les Nasciszewski
  Check out the                                Brochures & Flyers         Katy’s All Types Services       Katy Dolan Baumer         630-289-5380   
                                               Computer Repair/Service    Doctor Data                     Ross Moerman              847-695-7677      
 Price Rollback                                Creative Services          La Croix Creative               Patricia La Croix         630-497-8904 
                                               Dentist                    Mary Madigan, DDS               Dr. Madigan               630-289-5727                                     N/A
      on the                                   Gift Baskets               Edible Arrangements             Ed and Tim Troutman       630-837-8149
Community Guide                                Hair Salon                 New Horizons                    Jim Rauscher              630-837-1130                                     N/A
                                               Hair Salon                 Salon Bella Vita                Sargon Boudakh            630-289-9577                                     N/A
Advertsing Pricing                             Home Improvement           Sealmaxx Suburban, Inc.         Tom Smogolski             630-213-8125        
                                               Insurance                  American Benefit Consts.        Terry Cloyd               815-609-6715             
    for 2009.                                  Jewelry/Gifts              Angel Clouds                    Carol McNevin             630-837-5945      
 630-837-5200                                  Jewelry/Buy, Sell, Loan    Diamond Jewelry & Loan          Marvin Moraga             630-830-5080                                      N/A
                                               Legal & Business           Pre-Paid Legal                  Nancy Allard              847-882-1217    
  Call today to                                Office Services            FedEx Office                    John Oswald               847-524-0723
                                               Personal Development       Life Empower                    Judy Feldhausen           630-289-2750    
  reserve your                                 Pizza                      Danny’s Pizza                   Doug Frey                 630-483-8200                                      N/A
      space.                                   Printing                   Printing Perfection             Lee Re                    630-289-2400                                      N/A
                                               Publishing                 Katy’s All Types Services       Katy Dolan Baumer         312-215-5577   
                                               Real Estate                Keller Williams Success         Sandra Borland            630-269-2448              
                                               Promotional                You’re # 1                      Craig Ochoa               630-213-9999     
                                               Sports Memorabilia         JVD Sports/Charity Sport        Jim DePasquale            630-540-0193         
                                               Telecommunications         Capital Telecom                 Pat McKernan              630-483-6722       
                                               Trophies/Corporate Gifts   A1 Trophies & Awards, Inc.      Ray Begy                  630-837-6000           

                                                                                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                    BARTLETT, IL 60103
                                                                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 170

             22 W. Streamwood Blvd.
                  P.O. Box 545
           Streamwood, IL 60107-0545
         (630) 837-5200 • (630) 837-5251 (F)

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