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1. topic
2. ideas for discussion (expressed in statements or questions)
3. related words and expressions

1.    my hometown
2.    my family (father/mother/brother/sister)
3.    my favorite books and films
4.    generation gap
5.    Olympics 2008
6.    learning English
7.    College life
8.    our university
9.    our class
10.     my dormitory and roommates

1. topic
2. ideas for discussion (expressed in statements or questions)
3. related words and expressions

1. Money
2. Ideal Job
3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend
4. Advertisements
5. Olympics 2008
6. Cheating in Exams
7. Star-worship
8. Pets
9. Western and Chinese films
10. Chinese festivals and western festivals

1. topic
2. ideas for discussion (expressed in statements or questions)
3. related words and expressions

1.    Traveling
2.    environment protection
3.    certificate craze
4.    private cars in China
5.    bicycles in China

1. topic
2. ideas for discussion (expressed in statements or questions)
3. related words and expressions

1. Education in China
2. Part-time Job
3. Pollution
4. Population
5. Hobbies
6. Smoking
7. Internet
8. Mobile phone
9. Sports
10. Shopping Habits
                                          一级 Band one
                                         1. generation gap
Ideas for discussion:
What is generation gap? Can you cite examples to show generation gap in our lives?
What do you think of generation gap? Is it a good thing or bad thing?
How to deal with generation gap?
Do you think it is possible to get rid of generation gap?
Why there is generation gap all the time?

related words and expressions
fail    communication       false message     distance contradiction ignore       opposite ideas
principles     beliefs attitudes towards life cultural norms        control radical conservative
favorite music habit       dressing style manners     books      movies games cultural values
traditional opera      living/educational environment       outlook of the world     information
knowledge       experience       science technique society development      invention tradition
habit custom         avoid conflicts    seek understanding     put your feet into other’s boots
respect other’s choice         catch up with social progress       peer      outlet      emotion
mature exchange ideas friendship between generations

                                           2. College Life
Questions for discussion
You are going to talk about your college life. Read the following questions and discuss them with
your partner.
1. Do you enjoy your college life? Why?
2. Say something about the first day when you came to the college.
3. What do you do in your spare time?
4. Do you have any part-time jobs? What do you think about part-time job?
5. What do you think of your dormitory, satisfied or disappointed?
6. What kind of characteristic do you think is important in your college life?
Language focus
Here are some useful sentences and structures that you might find handy in discussing the above
I enjoy my college life very much / do not like my college. Because I think the campus is beautiful
and facilities are wonderful. Studying in college is a brand start of our life. / Because this is not
my ideal college, I do not belong here.
Time flies. Recalling about the past one year, so many thoughts are flooding in my mind.
When first day I came to University, I really feel that the school is very good.
In my spare time, I usually play badminton / tennis / pole jump (撑杆跳高) / skating / bowling /
rock climbing.
I often go to the library / computer rooms.
I do part-time job on weekends.
I’m delivering sample products / doing market research for a company / selling papers and
magazines at a newsstand every Sunday afternoon.
The most important thing, I think, is to get some work experience. Pay is secondary.
I like our campus, there are so many trees and tall buildings, but at the first sight of the dormitory,
something disappointing come up to me! The condition of the dormitory is really very poor with
only one room, no lavatory!
I like my dormitory very much. It is big enough and I have 6 wonderful roommates.
During my college life, I’ve found that it is hard for people who lack necessary skills / are too
picky to find satisfactory work.
I think having enough knowledge / being confident / honest / enthusiastic is more important. I
have learnt such

                                         3. Education in China
Topics for discussion:
1. Introduction of primary school in China
2. Introduction of junior middle school in China
3. Introduction of senior middle school in China
4. Introduction of higher education in China: entrance examination, fees, quality education,
5. Introduction of adult education in China
Language focus:
I. six years of primary school
   1. beginning school at 6
   2. compulsory education
II. three years of junior middle school
   1. compulsory education
III. three years of senior middle school
   1. working very hard in order to be enrolled by colleges or universities
   2. taking part in college entrance examination
   3. severe competition between candidates
IV. higher education
   1. good result in college entrance examination
   2. college fees and tuitions
     a. getting a part-time job
     b. getting a scholarship from the university
     c. applying to a bank for a loan, pay back after graduation
   3. quality education at colleges
     a. more than just book knowledge
     b. cultivating students with good character
     c. broadening the students’ knowledge
     d. developing their capacities
     e. providing them with opportunities to develop all potential gifts
   4. problems
     a. low enrollment rate
     b. poor quality of teaching facilities
     c. not easy for the students to find a job after graduation
     d. lack of social experiences, book knowledge only
     e. some promising students may lose their chance of higher education because of poverty
   5. suggested solutions
    a. lower the scores needed to enter college
    b. increase enrollment rate
    c. set up private colleges
    d. increase the investment
    e. introducing advanced teaching methods
    f. learning from the success of other countries
V. adult education
   1. require another degree or diploma
   2. getting more knowledge
   3. more qualified for better jobs and quicker promotion
   4. vocational schools:
    a. eager for new skills,
    b. be qualified for the job in trade, administration, teaching or other services

                                        4. Our University
Questions for discussion
1. Where is your school? Do you like your school’s surroundings?
2. How many students/undergraduates/postgraduates/teachers are there in your school? How many
    departments/majors are there in your school? what are they ? Do you like your major? Why or
    Why not? What is your hope for your department and your major?
3. What has impressed/moved you most in your school life? Besides your major courses, do you
   select any optional courses?
4. Do you often go to your school’s library? What do you like doing there? If you like reading
   there, what do you usually read? Why?
5. There are many statues in your school. Do you know about them? Which one do you like most?
6. What do you like to do in your spare time? Have you joined any clubs in your school? Why or
    why not? Do you often go to attend the lectures /concerts held in your school? Do you like
    them? Why? What kind of sports do you like to do in your spare time?
Language Focus
founded in 1951, renamed Xi’an Shiyou University in 2003, located in the southern part/suburb of
Xi’an. beautiful trees and flowers , birds, 2 high-rising teaching buildings, science laboratories,
modern language laboratories, computer learning center and modern multi-media classrooms, an
excellent place for learning.
approximately 15,000 students/undergraduates , 500 postgraduates, over 100 overseas students
from South Korea, the Republic of Kazakhstan, staff, about 1500, 12 colleges and 3 departments,
48 majors, the school of Petroleum Engineering, the school of Mechanical Engineering, the school
of Electronic Engineering, the school of Economic Management, the school of Humanities, the
school of Science, the school of Computer Science, the school of Continuing Education, the
school of Engineering & Business, the school of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the
Department of Resources Engineering, the Department of Material Science and Engineering, the
Department of Foreign Languages, the Department of Music, the Department of Physical
Education, and the Department of Postgraduates. I major in/My major is…I like my major very
much because.. make contribution to our country’s petroleum industry.. I hope we can conduct
more field practices to have more clear knowledge of the field work...
What has impressed me most is hard-working and highly professional teachers/beautiful
surroundings/colorful school life….
I often go to the library to read all kinds of books-- technical books/novels/specialized
books/magazines—to improve/enlarge my knowledge about/gain insight into…/broaden my
horizon…Our school provides many optional courses /minors for us to choose from…: English
minors, psychology, photography, business management…
There are several statues on the school’s campus: the Statue of Wang Jinxi, the Statue of Tang
Chunyu, the Torch … I like the Statue of Wang Jinxi, which reminds me of the history of Chinese
Petroleum industry….
I have joined the English Club. We organize some spoken contests/English corner every term to
motivate other students to improve their English… I will go to every lecture since I can broaden
my horizon/learn something about the development of the petroleum industry/my specialty…
I also go to every concert held in the school because I can enjoy/get relaxed/have my temperament
molded/cultivated… Besides learning, I take part in a lot of sports activities: football, basketball,
volleyball, tennis, table tennis, swimming, skating, judo, aerobics (健美操), physical dance (体
育舞蹈)—Latin dance-- , bodybuilding…

                                         5. Olympics 2008
1. Ideas for discussion
The origin of Olympics
What are the Olympic spirits?
Why are Olympic Games so attractive?
Name some of the most popular Olympic events
The significance of Olympics 2008 for China
The possible problems which might be caused by Olympics 2008 in Beijing
2. Related words and phrases
Chinese Olympic Committee, athlete, sportsman, coach, home team, visiting team, national team,
referee, host nation flame-lighting ceremony, opening ceremony, closing ceremony, team event,
individual event, men’s event, women’s event, finals, quarter-finals, semi-finals, in good (top,
super) form, to keep (hold) a record, to break a record, to equal a record, spectator, sportsmanship,
sports field (ground), sports center, gold (silver, bronze) medal, stadium, gymnasium, track events,
field events, high jump, long jump, 100m dash, hurdles, long distance race, starting line, finishing
line, gymnastics, swimming, diving, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis,
Other useful information
On 23 June, 1894, Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee.
In 1896, the first Olympic Games of the modern era were held in Athens
The Olympic Rings --- the union between men,
The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games emblem “Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing” is filled with
Beijing’s hospitality and hopes, and carries the city’s commitment to the world.
The Official Mascots --- Fuwa embody the natural characteristics of four of China’s most popular
animals -- the Fish, the Panda, the Tibetan Antelope, the Swallow -- and the Olympic Flame.
Theme Slogan --- “One World One Dream” expresses the common wishes of people all over the
world, inspired by the Olympic ideals, to strive for a bright future of Mankind. In spite of the
differences in colors, languages and races, we share the charm and joy of the Olympic Games, and
together we seek for the ideal of Mankind for peace.
The Olympic Motto --- “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. The most important thing is not to
win but to take part!

                                         二级 Band Two
1. Money
  Money is everything, become rich, happiness will naturally follow, a happy family life, get
what you want, house, car , even love, enjoy delicious food, do what you like, good education,
health, travel, entertainment, leisure; root of all evils, dishonest means to get money, piracy,
cheating, stealing, robbing, drug trafficking, smuggling, kidnapping, blackmail, bribery, even
murder; money is not the answer to all problems, money is a very good thing, can’t do anything
without money in this society. Necessary for people. But my opinion, we should just have the
money we need indeed, an Angel and also a damn, make you succeed or fail immediately. So treat
it in a right way. With money you can buy a house but not a home ; buy a clock ,but not time ; buy
a bed but not sleep ; can buy a book ,but not knowledge...So can buy whatever you want ,but not
feel happy ,
because not buy substance of life .
2. Ideal Job
  Most people have their ideal jobs because of different interests, abilities or goals, working in a
big company, full of challenges; doctor, relieve patients from their pains; policeman, fight against
and eliminate crimes, keep people safe, help people in trouble; teachers, likes to study, likes to
stay with students to stay young mentally, impart knowledge, long vacation; actors/actress/movie
stars, TV/radio show host /hostess, talk show host/variety show host, musician, earn more money
and be famous; air hostess, high pay and travel around the world, gain insight into another culture;
businessman, challenges, successful and rich; reporters, reflect social problems, report latest news;
photographer, record and keep the beautiful and valuable things through camera; model, high pay,
try on all kinds of beautiful dresses, show her/his own glamour; financial adviser, help other
people manage their money, more income; lawyer, maintain social justice; technicians, solve
problems in production; dietitian, give advice on a healthy and balanced diet…
My ideal job is……
3. Boyfriend/Girlfriend
     Many people are strongly against making boyfriends / girlfriends on campus: influence
feelings/mood because of too much focus on each other’s interaction with other boys or girls,
interfere with study, increase in expense—thus heavy financial burden on parents, less
participation in class activities, cohabit, pregnant, do harm to both feeling and body…say goodbye
 after graduation…
     Other people think it acceptable that students have boyfriends/girlfriends: comparatively pure,
 romantic and happy that you are together, get rid of the feeling of loneliness , help and encourage
 each other,
    In my opinion, …
 4. Advertisements
  Advertisements can be seen everywhere: television, radio, magazine street, difficult to resist the
 attraction of colorful advertisements; a lot to be said in favor of advertisements: provide
 information, a lot of activities and institutions receive financial support through advertising,
 provide entertainment, gain artistic enjoyment, the slogans are witty, the situations are funny;
 misleading, encourage people to buy what they do not need, be cheated by false advertisement,
 should be alert for the deceptive words of advertisement, be interrupted by commercials when
 watching , but whether like or not, part of our life.
 5. the Olympics Games/Olympics
    The Olympic Games…every four years in a different city in the world, an international sports
 event, Athletes …compete in a variety of sports: track and field events – high jump, long jump,
 discus throwing, javelin throwing, 100-metre run, relay race; football, volleyball, basketball,
 badminton, table tennis; swimming, diving, gymnastics…. Winter Olympic Games and summer
 Olympic Games. The Olympic Games take place in the first year of a four-year period known as
 an Olympiad. began in Greece more than 2 700 years ago. The first recorded Olympic
 competition … in 776 B. C. , in an outdoor stadium and about forty thousand people watched the
 event. The first thirteen Olympics …only one race: running. The games had been held regularly
 for about 1200 years. Then, in the year 397 the Olympics were prohibited by the Roman
 Emperor. It was not until 1896 that the first Olympics of modern times were held in Athens. From
 then on the games are held every four years regularly. The Olympics have become the worlds
 most important athletic events and a symbol of sporting friendship of all the people of the world.
 The first Winter Olympic Games …in 1924
     The Games of the 29th Olympiad in 2008 are awarded to the city of Beijing. The International
Olympic Committee selected the Chinese capital as the 2008 host in 2001 vote during Juan
Antonio Samaranch last IOC session as president. Beijing defeated four other bidding cities,
including Toronto and Paris, to secure the country’s first-ever Olympics. Osaka was the first city to
go out, and it only took one more round for Beijing to win the Olympic race. The announcement,
read out by the 81-year-old Samaranch, was answered with wild joy from the Chinese delegation in
Moscow, and with fireworks in Beijing. Beijing stage a great Olympic Games, promise to host a
Green Olympics, a Hi-tech Olympics and the People’s Olympics. The Chinese government has
pledged to spend 20 billion U.S. dollars building sports complexes and improving the Beijing
     Beijing, the capital of China, a history of over 3, 000 years… many places of historic interest
 in Beijing. Now a big modem city and displayed its new look to the world. During the past 20
 years, Beijing has changed a lot. People in Beijing love sports and take an active part in
 sports…trying their best to prepare for the 2008 Olympic Games…will be held successfully.
 6. Cheating in Exams
 1) What kind of cheating methods do students usually take in exams?
 2) In your opinion, what’s the effect of cheating on exams?
3) What kinds of suggestions can you give to stop cheating on exams?
4) What kind of academic evaluation you value most? Why?
5) Do you believe hard work will be rewarded with high marks?
Language Focus
  Copy from each others / take out textbooks or reference books to copy / copy from small pieces
of paper prepared for the exam / use the modern communication tool / BP / mobile phone / cell
phone to cheat on exams
   It results in an unfair competition / will destroy the creativity of those bright / brilliant / top
   It will ruin the students’ self-confidence / make students’ self-confidence lost in the long run
   Society needs honest people / people who have the real academic knowledge /
   The students who cheat on exams will not be the one who can meet the need of society
   A severe punishment should be put into effect / carried out / implemented to prevent students
from cheating
   Great effort should be made to make students understand what kind of people does society need
/ society needs honest people who have the real talents
   The academic evaluation I prefer / value is exams / study performance
   Exams enable / can make students find / clearly know / their deficiency in the knowledge /
subjects they learned
   Study performance can reflect the true level students have in their study / the result of one exam
means nothing
   Yes, I believe. No pains, no gains
   No, I don’t. I studied English very hard / I am so committed to learning English, but I can not
get high marks in exams
7 .Star-worship
1) What is star-worship?
2) What kind of people can be called an “idol” to others? What do they do?
3) Are you an idolater or fan of someone? What do fans usually do?
4) Who is your favorite star? In which way does he or she attract you?
5) How do superstars influence you in your daily life?
6) What is your opinion about the “media”? Do you think it plays an important role in
“star-worship”? Why or why not?
7) How do stars influence the society? Do you think it is good?
Language Focus
  There are a lot of fans and idolaters blindly and fanatically admire and or even worship
superstars. Most of the fans are young people with immature minds. It's easy for them to go to
  Fans seem to be quite fascinated by movie and television celebrities, fashion models,
professional athletes, and even comic book and cartoon characters.
  Superstars are always celebrated for their wealth and glamour rather than their achievements and
moral strength of character.
  Fans who worshipped Beckham engrave Beckham's name on the face, and also some spent 300
Yuan to make a small Beckham's hairstyle, or ask for his autograph and always pays special
attention on his trifles collected by paparazzos.
  The commercialized entertainment circle has produced shining and attractive stars for fans. The
mass media has exaggerated the glory and social influence of stars. ~~Influenced by media reports,
some young fans indulge in their distorted love toward stars and sometimes go to excessive
  More and more people to step onto imitate star's path, they imitate star's attire and the appearance
constantly, and even some weird manners and languages.
  The vogue superstars represent the fashion front, so some use their social influence of their own
image and bring the very great well-knowingness and enough sales volume to the product, the
business have obtained huge commercial profit, promote the social economy's development.
  Greatness must be prepared and Rome was not built in a day. No one can succeed for nothing.
Success --including the success of popular stars, is always the result of hard work and sacrifice.
8. Pets
Questions for discussion
1) Do you like pets? Why?
2) Are you keeping pet(s) at your home now? What is it / are they?
3) If you don’t have a pet, what kind of animal(s) would you like to choose as your pet?
4) What attracts you to choose it (them)?
5) What are the advantages to have a pet/ pets?
6) What are the disadvantages?
Language focus
Here are some useful sentences and structures that you might find handy in discussing the above
I like / love / am interested in pets very much. They are people’s friends.
I don’t like / am crazy about pets. They are noisy.
Yes, I have / My family owns pets, for example, a dog / a cat / a parrot / a tortoise / several fishes /
a rabbit.
I really like dogs / cats / birds / fishes, so I will keep one if I got the chance.
I think dogs are very loyal to human / cats are clever and cute / birds sing beautiful / fishes are
quiet and colorful.
I think that pets are our friends.
We will have fun when we play with pets and look after them.
A good relationship between people and pets can be very comfortable.
Dogs could keep the house safely / Cats would catch mice.
Companionship is another reason for keeping pets.
Pets can bring us happiness.
Children will learn to concern for others, foster their love of nature/ animals, sense of
Old people may feel lonely & isolated after retired, pets will relieve their loneliness and isolation.
But pets sometimes are dangerous.
Sometimes, pets might damage the environment.
Most pets are dirty and they have a lot of diseases with them which will make us ill.
Pets shed (掉毛) everywhere, this is a burden to housewife.
9. Western and Chinese films
When did color film come into being?
How many kinds of films are there? What are they?
Comparing former films and modern high-tech films, which kind do you like better and why?
Which films do you think are worth watching? Why? Will you please introduce the brief of them?
Can you tell a Chinese film which leaves you the deepest impression? Why it impresses you so
Why do young people like to watch western films?
What do you think is the biggest difference between Chinese films and western films?
Language focus
More commercial cinemas will be opened in big cities. In Beijing, for example, the number of
cinema theaters will increase by 26 to 100 by the end of 2007.
Digital cinemas with smaller screens will be established in medium-sized cities. "Lower ticket
prices will attract people in these places to the digital cinemas," said Han.
Those in rural areas use to watch films for free, in accordance with government policy. But film
companies have not shown much interest in nonprofit projects. In the future, each film shown in a
rural area will feature 10-minute ads, which is expected to change corporate attitudes.
  Many of Chinese films have no plots or story lines nowadays. The directors have lost patience to
tell a complete story, and they call this fashion. Some so-called grand works (Dapian) cost tens of
millions of RMB to be made, but it seems to common audience that they are only aimed to excite
the director himself. Among these, Wuji, directed by Chen Kaige is a typical example.
10. Chinese festivals and western festivals
1) Can you find some common things / similarities between Chinese festivals and western
2) Do you think culture has some influences on their festivals?
3) Which festivals would you prefer to observe nowadays—Chinese festivals or western festivals?
4) Which western festival is the most popular one in China, according to your opinion? Why?
         ( List out the reasons why it is popular.)
5) Do you think it’s good or bad for youth in China to celebrate some western festivals? Why?
6) List out some western festivals. Can you say something about their customs?
Language Focus:
1) There are many / few things in common between Chinese festivals and western festivals.
2) Culture really has a great impact / influence on its festivals.
3) Family reunion is given much attention in both Chinese festivals and western festivals.
4) I prefer observing Chinese / western festivals to western / Chinese festivals.
5) Christmas, esp. Christmas Eve attracts more attention in China nowadays.
6) Valentine’s Day is my favorite western festival because it is very romantic and full of roses and
7) From my point of view, it is / isn’t a good phenomenon for youth in China to celebrate western
8) Celebration of western festivals in China means a lot in enlarging cross-culture
                                          三级 Band Three
                                           1. Traveling
1. Ideas for discussion
Different purposes of traveling
What are the benefits of traveling?
Different ways of traveling
What are the possible problems you may meet with while traveling,?
What are the places do you like to go? Why?
Services provided for tourists
2. Related words and phrases
tour, trip, journey, travel agency, travel by sea (by land, by air), tourist, tourism, sightseeing, place
of historical interest, scenic spot, summer resort, tourist attractions, tourist guide, transport,
destination, airport, port, passport, visa, customs, one-way ticket, round-way ticket, domestic
flight, international flight, baggage, duty-free shop, accommodation, hotel, single room, double
room, suite, restaurant, Chinese food, western food, local flavor, scenery, landscape,

                                          四级 Band Four
1. Learning English
   many difficulties; but most rewarding exercises; be active in class; answer questions
eagerly; listen to the teacher attentively; practice more after class; speak English whenever
possible; make full use of spare time; try to get every opportunity to start conversations with
foreigners; listen to records; listen to English broadcasting over radio; online learning also
helpful; learn the value of hard work; gain more social experiences; give them insight of
other culture; promote friendship

2. Part-time Job
   College students; part-time jobs; private tutors; salesmen; waitress; shop assistance;
both advantages and disadvantages; interfere with their study; unable to concentrate their
minds; fall asleep in class; do not have enough time to finish their homework; fail in
examinations; unhealthy interest in money and personal profit; become selfish; earn money
to support themselves; help gain social experiences; reduce the parents financial burden;
demonstrate their ability; put what they have learned from books into practice; helpful to their
future career; my opinion; provide students with more chances of social interaction; keep a
balance between study and the job

3. Pollution
   A serious problem; air pollution; noise pollution; water pollution; trees, crops are
destroyed; fish die of poisonous water; respiratory disease; problems in hearing ability;
release of harmful substances into the environment; too many private cars, factories and the use
of insecticides; release polluted water into rivers; destroy ozone layer; cause greenhouse effect;
make the earth become warmer and warmer; man can control the pollution; building rubbish
recycling plants; provide cars with pollution-control devices; purify water before released;
most important; to educate people; the importance of environment protection; create a clean

4. Population
problems in countries with a large population, problems in countries with a small population, ways
to control population growth, ways to solve the problems faced by countries with a small
population; population growth, population explosion, population decreasing, family planning,
one-child family, cities expanding, decreasing of farm land, food inadequacy, education problems,
economic problems, unemployment,

5. Hobbies
different kinds of hobbies, advantages and disadvantages of each hobby, hobbies for different age
groups, indoor hobbies, outdoor hobbies, leisure time, spare-time activities, ways to relax, ways to
kill time, beneficial both physically and mentally, different sports, painting, stamp-collecting,
do-it-yourself activities, raising flowers, keeping pets,

6. Smoking
What are the bad effects on people’s health? How does smoking do harm to people’s health? What
measures should be taken to protect people from being harmed by cigarette smoking? have bad
effects on , respiratory disease; lung disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, poisonous
substances, nicotine, fall into bad habits, get rid of a bad habit, give up smoking, ban smoking in
public places, prohibit, non-smoking area,
7. Internet
Advances in telecommunication technologies internet abundance of information Surf news net
pal get in touch with email chat share information image music video movies online learning
remote education video meeting work at home e-books globe village disadvantage
time-consuming get addicted to mistake the virtual world for reality indulge in computer games
violence distinguish unhealthy information crime privacy copyright plagiarize hacker

8. Mobile phone
Convenient anytime/anywhere urgent multifunctional take pictures record radio TV program
play music/games newspaper email surf the internet banking purchase book hotel room/restaurant
tables/air tickets disadvantage pay attention to mobile etiquette ring interrupt
conversation/lecture/meeting/concert/theatre speak too loudly in public places use on planes
endanger the flights electromagnetic radiation do harm to one’s health long time enlarge the
distance among people seldom meet/write to friends lack face to face communication

9. Sports
A great variety of sports spare time pastime hobbies keep healthy develop character refreshing
energetic cooperate with others team work benefit in life make friends morning exercise
Basketball badminton tennis table tennis volleyball football saucer snooker chess Chinese chess
checkers poker roller skating dancing swimming journey climbing mountains rafting jogging
jumping ropes shuttlecock disadvantage indulge in distraction from one’s study worn out tired
fatigue accidents injuries

10. Shopping Habits
Supermarket abundant all kinds of everything we need choose by ourselves have a careful look
at the goods with price tags attached to them displayed on shelves spacious not too crowded
Department store conversation with salesperson guarantee quality after sale service
Grocery store      friendly conversation with the shopkeeper near neighbors easy atmosphere
Street stands enjoy bargaining cheap good bargain risk poor quality fake commodities

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