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									                     The                      Armijo Signal
                     Armijo High School, Fairfield                       March 2011                                 Volume XV, Issue VII

                     College Club prepares for 2nd College Week
                     Lunchtime activities, dress-up days introduce students to college experience
In this issue:
                     By Jhunehl Fortaleza (’07)                                                              show how prepared they are to face
                     Cal-SOAP College Advisor                                                                the dining hall at a local college. Win
                                                                                                             a drawstring backpack if you come out
                              It’s time for Armijo’s second                                                  the winner.
                     annual College Week. The fun contin-                                                    Thursday (March 17) = Door Deco-
                     ues this year, focusing on what it is like                                              rating Contest: Bring pictures and art
                     to be an actual student at college with                                                 supplies to help decorate your teach-
                     contests throughout the week.                                                           er’s door. Choose your favorite college
  Four students,     Monday (March 14) = College Gear                                                        and have your door judged on creativ-
  same parents       Dress-Up Day: Wear your favorite col-                                                   ity, accurate depiction of the college
     pg. 21          lege t-shirts and sweatshirts. Follow                                                   and school spirit.
                     your dreams and wear the logo of your                                                   Friday (March 18) = Armijo’s Got Tal-
Lady Indians shine
                     favorite college.                                                                       ent: The week ends with a talent show
      pg. 25                                                       Discover how things have changed
                     Tuesday (March 15) = First Day of             from the days of this undated LIFE        and information about the upcoming
                     College Obstacle Course: What hoops          magazine photo of a college cafeteria.     Career Week. Watch for the scrolls
                     will you have to jump through on your                                                   that will contain updated information
                     first day of college and where will you      Fifteen: Dining on campus is part of the   about Career Week.
                     begin? Learn what it is like to make it      college experience. At the lunch-time               If you have any questions or
                     win college shirts.                          activity students will be challenged to    comments, feel free to email me at Jt-
                     Wednesday (March 16) = Freshman              eat Cup ‘O Noodles in a race that will

    the farm         Three AHS students walk away from Decathlon with medals
      pg. 5          Challenging competition gives two sophomores, one senior a chance to shine
Meeting the press    By Arthur Mestas (’13)                                The final Academic Decath-
     pg. 38          Classes & Clubs editor                       lon competition, consisting of the last        Nathaniel Gutierrez (‘13) -
                                                                  seven sections of the test, was held
                              One group of students went          at Rodriguez the following Saturday,               Bronze in Essay
                     over and beyond in their studies             January 29. Although the tests were all
                     through the Academic Decathlon, com-         very difficult, the team did much bet-
                     prised of ten academic events that the       ter than they expected and even won a          Jacqueline Booker (‘13) -
                     team competes in over the course of          variety of medals.                              Gold in Language Arts,
                     two months. The competition was split                 Although the team did quite                Silver in Music
                     into three portions with the essay test      well, they still believe that they can
 Divine doubles      taking place on Monday, January 10.          prepare better next year and hopefully
      p. 26          Speech & Interview sections were held        reach their ultimate goal to qualify to         Zachary Machado (‘11) -
                     Saturday, January 22, at Rodriguez           go to the state competition.
  Future drivers,    High School. Although the competi-                    Students interested in helping                Gold in Art,
 save even more!     tors admitted they were nervous, they        make that goal a reality for the 2011-             Silver in Interview
       p. 3          said it was a great experience that im-      2012 school year can talk to Mr. Sanjay
                     proved their public speaking skills.         Thakur in C-7 for more information.
2 School News
Slowing down the stress                                                     It’s almost ready!
By Hallie Hill (’12), Staff writer                                          By Patrick Finnigan (’12), Events editor

        Almost every student in high school would say that school                   Since Monday, August 30, construction on the new library
is stressful, but there is a reason for that. School, especially high       has been more anticipated than the release of the Batman and Robin
school, is when students are expected to grow up and take care              movie, although I’m fairly certain that the final product won’t be as
of business. The stress starts when a student transitions to high           disappointing, or so campy.
school and academics become more challenging.                                       By the end of February, the library was truly taking shape, with
        High school is just the beginning, but not all students feel        orange wall and roof tiles and a reduction on the number of trucks
stressed. For many, though, high school is stressful because it’s           on campus during class hours. At the rate it’s going, it’s on its way to
too much too quickly. The pressure can seem overwhelming.                   meet its April deadline.
                                                                                    Here is a recap of things that the new library will feature:
        Students’ opinions about the stress vary. Some feel that the
                                                                            •8,000 square feet of open library space
hours are too long and the requirements are too challenging. Trying
                                                                            •1,500 square feet of high density book storage
to get good grades, take all of the A-G classes, take multiple place-
                                                                            •1,500 square feet of computer lab
ment tests and prepare for college can be almost frightening.
                                                                            •146,000+ square feet of space, more than 3 times the current li-
        Students are not the only ones that are stressing. Even             brary.
teachers think school is stressful. Whether in elementary school            •Media Technology Room for filming, recording and video editing
or high school, they have to deal with the unique personalities of          •Three small study rooms designed for small student study groups
dozens to over 150 students a day, grading their papers, contacting                 The whole project has been measured to cost approximately
their parents and keeping track of their attendance.                        $4 million, funded in part by the Measure ‘C’ Bond Measure passed
        The stress of all of this is having an impact on American           by voters in 2002.
education. There are far too many students who are not graduating                   The fate of the old library is yet to be decided, although con-
on time with a regular diploma. About 7,000 students drop out ev-           siderations and speculations include office space for the counselors,
ery school day. Low income and minority students are far the worst          a faculty lounge for the teachers or area for specific classes, like com-
in the drop out epidemic, although they are the ones who would              puters or drama.
benefit most from earning a high school diploma.
        Things like that could cause a student to stress out and give       Introducing Peace Corps on campus
them a reason to drop out because they have a full time job. Each
                                                                            By Kody Morrison (’12), Staff writer
year approximately 1.2 million students fail high school and only
71% graduate on time with a regular diploma.
                                                                                    Peace Corps Week takes place every year during the week
        These statistics might change if students had more op-              surrounding March 1, which means it starts Monday, February 28, this
portunities to get the extra support they need or there were more           year. Returned volunteers share their Peace Corps experiences with
opportunities for students who were failing to catch up. Armijo of-         students to meet the third goal of the Peace Corps: “to help promote
fers a program called Cyber High for students to do just that. The          a better understanding of other peoples on the part of the Americans.”
Fairfield-Suisun School District also offers night school classes, al-      Volunteers speak in classrooms and at community events.
though they are limited, to help students who have fallen behind.           This year is the 50th anniversary of the start of the Peace Corps and is
        Another thing that stresses student is tests and the result-        also the year that its founder, Sergeant Shriver died.
ing grades. They get so nervous about taking a test and they do                     Returned volunteer, Ms. Vanessa Walling-Sisi, who teaches
badly. This can be compounded because limited time didn’t allow             ELD classes, will be giving presentations about her experience all
them to finish homework or get enough sleep. Research has sug-              week. The presentations will focus on her experiences in the Kingdom
gested that if school started a little later, students might do better in   of Tonga as a Primary School Teacher Trainer, first on the main island
school.                                                                     of Tongatapu and then on the isolated island of Niuatoputapu. She
        There are several other contributing factors to stress: family      helped the Tongan teachers develop an English curriculum that they
                                                                            could teach nationwide. She served in the Peace Corps from 1993 to
Continued on page 4 -                                                       December 1995.
Stres5                                                                              Presentations, which take place in E-3, were reserved by
                                                                            teachers during February.
                                                                                                                      School News 3
Mighty Armijo Indians over CAHSEE!                                             Teachers and parents to talk
By Sarhea Reyes (’13), Staff writer                                            By Vianey Miranda (‘13), Staff writer

         The California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) was taken on                    Sometimes parent bug their children about what they do at
Tuesday and Wednesday, February 1 and 2 by numerous students ea-               school. They want to know what the teacher expects, where they
ger to get it done. There were mixed reviews for the difficulty of the test,   sit, what happened in the classes and more.
but several students admittedly felt that the exam was extremely easy,
                                                                                       On Thursday, March 3, they can have their questions an-
featuring eighth grade material in many cases.
                                                                               swered at the annual Spring Open House. Teachers will be avail-
         Some students, even a few teachers, felt that there shouldn’t
have been any worries about taking the test because it is that easy.           able from 5:30 - 7:30 pm for parents to ask general questions about
         The Armijo Indians tackled the CAHSEE of 2011 with confi-             curriculum and future projects. They will be able to walk around the
dence. In fact, the influence of people, especially the higher grade lev-      campus and get a sense of what their children do on a daily basis.
els, on campus have taken a large part on the attitudes of the students                Because the day will run late for teachers and staff, the fol-
taking the CAHSEE. Due to word that the CAHSEE is so surprisingly              lowing day, Friday, March 4, will be a minimum day.
easy, many students decided not to attend the CAHSEE tutorial ses-
sions provided here at Armijo. Arrieyana Cartier (‘13), said, ”I did not
go to the CAHSEE tutorials, mainly because I had soccer conditioning. I
also didn’t go because I heard from other people that the CAHSEE was
so easy and it isn’t necessary to go to the tutoring.” She also said that
she did not study at all, but that it was “easy peasy lemon squeezy”, giv-
ing a remark that she had been in “full nerd test mode” during the ses-
         Despite knowing that the CAHSEE was a no-brainer for those
students that took the test, some high achieving students chose to review
in various ways. Another sophomore, Annie Ndama, said, “I researched
released questions for the CAHSEE and they were really simple so I
didn’t think I needed the tutorials anymore.” She even studied eighth             Learn to drive with
grade material for additional preparation.
         In terms of motivation in taking the CAHSEE, students found
different perspectives in going to school on CAHSEE test days. All stu-
dents were aware of the CAHSEE during the course of the year with all
                                                                                   Satisfy your DMV Drivers Ed requirements online or at
sorts of posters, bulletin announcements, and the letters sent home to
                                                                                   home in 3 easy steps!
inform parents and students taking or not taking the CAHSEE. Teachers
also gave reminders of the test days, schedules and the list of rooms               1   Enroll in the Online or Homestudy Course
where each student would take it based on last names.
         As the CAHSEE came near, most students were not so much                    2   Take the course and complete Drivers Ed
hesitant of the fact that they were about to take the test, but the thought         3   Receive certificate of completion
of needing to take the test made their unexcited pleasure to attend
school. Among the typical students who feel this way, Cartier said, “The           Don’t spend your spare time in a classroom. Take our drivers education course
only motivation I got to take the CAHSEE was that I needed to take it              at your own pace. Our Drivers Ed class provides students with the knowledge
to graduate high school.” Others thought that the CASHEE was easy                  needed to earn a learners permit and drivers license.
enough to be the motivation for them to take it. “Well, people told me it          also offers students the opportunity to take online practice tests.
was quite simple and not to freak out about it,” said Ndama.
         Generally most students who have taken the CAHSEE this year
have come out with relief and confidence, especially because it is over             Support your school by signing up today at:
and done with. Now all that is left is the results of whether or not they
passed, another factor of relief. For those who were not successful or    
who missed one or both sections, other opportunities will be offered next
semester. Seniors who have yet to pass the test will be given one final             Use this discount code to save $45:               hsde045
chance on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 10 and 11.
4 School News
Author of the month                                                    Non-fiction: Far away or close by
A student favorite                                                     By Kody Morrison (’12) Staff writer

By Michael Pearson (’14), Staff writer                                          Armijo High School’s library features a different non-fiction
                                                                       topic every month, and March will focus on travel and countries. Fea-
         Todd Strasser was born in New York City. His teen years       tured books include travel guides and books about cities and coun-
coincided with the social chaos of the late 1960s when he dropped      tries. While cities and countries from all over the world are featured,
out of college. Because he knew he wanted to be a writer, he never     the majority of them are located in Europe and South America. That is
went back. Since then, he has written novels that are driven by his    because people tend to be more familiar with and more interested in
own personal experiences.                                              them.
         While Strasser has written several novels, he has also con-            The topic was chosen because a lot of people are interested in
tributed articles to the New Yorker, Esquire, the New York Times,      it, especially those who travel to different parts of the world and experi-
and The Village Voice. Many of his works have been adapted into        ence different things when they are out of their natural environment.
movies and TV shows for children, including Free Willy and The         The authors featured include a lot of well-known travel authors, but
Wave.                                                                  some lesser-known authors as well.
         Strasser’s early books were primarily for young adults, and            The library has nearly 80 books on the topic, and each one is a
                                                                       way to learn something new and find somewhere interesting to travel,
he continues to enjoy writing for young
                                                                       either for spring break, summer or the future. It might even be a way to
readers today. Mr. Ron Fowler, the Armi-
jo librarian, said, “He is one of the best                             find out about a country to move to after graduation.
young adult fiction writers ever.”
         “My favorite book of his is Boot                              For a safer school Competition offers
Camp,” said Mr. Fowler. Boot Camp is the
story of a young under achiever whose                                  By Shatianna Myrick (’12), cash and prizes
parents send him to a military academy.                                Staff writer
                                                                                                               By Caroline Newell (’14), Staff
Boot Camp and others of Strasser’s hit
                                                                                Safe School Ambas-             writer
novels are available at the AHS library
and his work will be featured throughout                               sadors, also known as SSA,
                                                                       are committed to having a safe                  The Science Fair, which
the month of March.
                                                                       school. There are trainings once        is open to students Fairfield area
                                                                       a month and meetings every two          schools, is a competition based
Welcome to the Class of 2015                                           weeks. Participants do skits and        on the quality of the projects.
                                                                       activities related to our lives and     Its purpose is to encourage an
By Caleb Rounsavall (’13), Staff writer                                society.                                active interest in science, pro-
                                                                                Every year there are new       vide an educational experience,
        The end of school is approaching… fast. Incoming ninth         members added to SSA. The               and to give public recognition to
graders will be registering from Monday to Thursday, March 14 to       SSA includes a mixture of old           students for the work they have
March 17, and with registrations come Armijo’s Information Night.      and new members and a few               done.
        Information Night for these students will be from 6 to 7:30    teachers, both experienced and          Students can enter alone or in
p.m. on Tuesday, March 8 in the gymnasium. Students will be            new. Students were nominated            groups. The experiment can’t
able to ask questions while meeting the administrators and learn-      by teachers and peers to join           use name products since it is
ing about the clubs. Current students can help present information     SSA because of their leadership         sponsored by Clorox and they
about the clubs that helped make their high school experiences         that they put in at school. Any-        don’t want to deal with brands
memorable, collaborating with fellow club members and designing        body can be nominated as long           beating each other. The dead-
booths that highlights the great aspects of the clubs while creating   as they fit the criteria for being an   line to turn in an entry form is
excitement for the apprehensive eighth graders.                        ambassador for the school. This
                                                                       program is all about keeping the        Continued on page 6 -
        For answers to any questions, contact Ms. Sherry McCor-
mick, the assistant principal in charge of the event.                  school together and organized.          Science Fair
                                                                                                           Beyond the Gates 5
                                    Photo focus                                      StreSS -
                                                                                     Continued from page 2
                                    Former farm?                                     problems, drug or alcohol addictions, not understanding instructions
                                    By Dharshini Nadarajah (’11),
                                                                                     or feeling comfortable enough to ask for clarification, problems with
                                    Photo co-editor                                  concentration and difficulty in studying, having to care for younger
                                                                                     siblings. Even transportation issues that cause consistent tardies or
                                             Between main campus and annex           health issues that cause frequent absences can cause stress for
                                    there are several short buildings behind a       students.
                                    fence. What now seems like an abandoned                   While education should be a priority, students still have to
                                    ghost town used to be Armijo High School’s       balance their school life with a social life. Relationships are a prob-
                                    very own farm. The farm was closed in 2009,      lem in high school that can cause stress. When the focus becomes
                                    just before the current sophomores arrived.      unbalanced, it affects grades. This means that teens have to make
                                    A peak through the fence reveals a sign that     important life decisions and do what is best, focusing on long-term
                                    says “Ornamental Horticulture,” faded out        results rather than short term problems.
                                    on one of the taller buildings. The farm was              Despite all of the stressors in high school, there are ways
                                    used and maintained by the Agricultural Sci-     to get through it all. It helps to look at things one day at a time, with
                                    ence class and a club called Future Farmers      an eye to what is due in the future. Another thing that helps relieve
                                    of America (FFA), which met after school.        stress is to stop worrying about what stresses. One way to do that
                                             Each student in the class or club       is to do some breathing techniques to feel relieved. If the stressors
                                    would be given an animal to raise and sell at    overwhelm you, you can also talk to somebody about it. A teacher
                                    a fair. Armijo had various animals on cam-       might even be able to adjust deadlines if there are special circum-
                                    pus including pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits,       stances, or help you get through the situation. Sharing with someone
                                    and chickens. Rose bushes, trees and other       who has lived through it, like an adult that you trust, can also help.
                                    plants, which were used as part of the ag-                Some students see stress as motivating; this is a best way to
                                    ricultural education, still remain on the farm   look at it. But it will only keep you going for so long. Values and goals
                                    today. Once students had raised their ani-       are your true motivators and keeping sight of your goal is always
                                    mals, they would be taken to the Dixon May       helpful. School can really break you down if you don’t start off with
                                    Fair or the Solano County Fair. There ani-       a good start. Always start off well and leave room to make adjust-
                                    mals won prizes for the students and many        ments. If you find yourself falling behind, react and catch up before
                                    would be sold. Junior Myranda Buensalido         it gets out of control. And sometimes, even when there are too many
                                    was a freshman the last year that the farm       things to do, it helps to take a little time out to relax and approach the
                                    was open. She was in charge of raising a         stress with a fresh outlook and a refreshed mind.
                                    chinchilla. “I joined because I loved animals
                                    and I plan to become a vet,” she said.
                                             The advisors of the club were dedi-
                                    cated teachers. Mr. Jerry Moore, an agricul-
                                    tural science teacher, left Armijo to work for
                                    a private business, but returned to Armijo
                                    and led FFA for about 13 years. For about
                                    six years, Mr. Moore’s co-advisor was Ms.
                                    Rockwell who still teaches anatomy at AHS.
                                    The last advisor was Derrick Clark in 2009.
                                             Due to budget cuts and a lack of
                                    club members the farm had to be closed.
                                    Ms, Rockwell said that, even though mem-
   History is currently             bers fought to keep the farm open, it was
    overlooked at the               not enough. It seems that as long as the
  historic Armijo farm.             economy is down, the animals will sadly re-
Top photos by Dharshini Nadarajah
                                    main gone.
6 Beyond the Gates
Students prepare                      Blood drive                              3DS price, release date announced
art projects                          returns to AHS                           By Patrick Finnigan (’12), Events editor
By Maria Pasion (’13),                By Michael Pearson (’14),                         In February, at their 3DS Conference, Nintendo announced
Staff writer                          Staff writer
                                                                               that the anticipated handheld will be released in America on Sunday,
                                                                               March 28, for the price of $250.
         Do you love painting?                 On Wednesday, March 9,
Have a knack for photography?         students can feel good by expe-                    Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime quelled rumors of the
Starting Sunday, March 20, the        riencing three seconds of pain. In       3DS being priced at over $300, converted from the selling price in
Vacaville Art League is host-         that time, they can donate blood         Japan. “Right off the bat, 3DS is mass-market ready,” he said at the
ing their 20th Annual Student Art     and that pain is a small price to pay    conference. The price may still be high for a handheld system, cost-
Show, allowing students from          when the blood might save some-          ing as much as the Nintendo Wii when it was first released, but the
schools ranging from Benicia to       one else’s life.                         fact that the system utilizes 3-D without the use of glasses, as well
Vacaville to submit their artwork              To donate blood partici-        as many other innovative features, justifies the price.
and show the world their artistic     pants need to be at least 17, or 16               Other interesting things about the 3DS have also been men-
talents and abilities. The artwork    with a permission slip. The goal         tioned. The handheld, of course, has many of the capabilities as Nin-
can vary from photos to charcoal      this spring is to get at least 90 stu-   tendo’s current handheld, the DSi, as well as new advancements:
drawings, from graphite drawings      dents to donate, but more need to        picture capabilities are still available, allowing people to take 3D pic-
to colorfully hand drawn illusions.   sign up since not all who sign up        tures with the front-facing dual cameras; the Friend code system has
All are welcome!                      qualify.
                                                                               been updated, using only one code for each system, regardless of
         Any art submissions can                “I don’t know why some
                                                                               game, to connect with friends; and a new menu system allows play-
be submitted Saturday, March 5,       people are afraid of giving blood,”
                                      said senior Casey Towner. Still,
                                                                               ers to pause the game and change the system settings at will.
or from Monday, March 7, to Sat-                                                        Brand new capabilities have also been issued, including be-
urday, March 12, to the Vacaville     “lots of people give blood, but just
                                      as many don’t.” The blood drive has      ing able to watch 3D movies, a charging cradle system, a Mii Maker
Art League. On March 20, visitors
                                      taken place twice a year for over a      tool - which lets people create Miis, user-created people used in cer-
can attend the show and see the
                                      decade and Armijo has always had         tain Nintendo games on Wii -, an Activity Log, a pedometer-based
countless submissions from 1-4
                                      a good turnout for the donations.        system similar to the Pokewalker system used in HeartGold and
         The Student Art Show
                                               Why are so many people          SoulSilver that earns the player “activity coins” by walking around,
                                      afraid to give blood? It has some-       which have not been mentioned for any purpose at the conference
ends on Saturday, April 30, and
                                      thing to do with fear of needles         (we can assume that certain 3DS games might soon utilize this fea-
participants can pick up their sub-
                                      and the even more common fear of         ture for gameplay.).
missions Tuesday to Saturday,
                                      pain, which are both hard to over-                If you are worried that there won’t be any games for it on
May 3-7, during office hours and
                                      come mentally. The rewards after         launch, don’t worry. Mr. Fils-Aime also announced that many pre-
bring it home. Those with ques-
                                      the donation – pride in saving a life,   viously announced games, such as Nintendogs+Cats, Madden 11,
tions or an interest in submitting
                                      for example – outweigh the fear
their pieces can stop by A-1 and                                               Street Fighter IV, and others will be released on or sometime after
                                      and pain.
see Ms. Jennifer Hobbs.                                                        the launch date, and as many as 30 other games that have not been
                                                                               given finalized release dates will be released in a “launch window”
Science Fair -                                                                 between the 3DS’s launch and the beginning of the E3 Expo later in
Continued from page 4                                                          the year. It has also been announced that games originally available
                                                                               for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color will be released on the new
Wednesday, April 27. All science teachers, including Mr. Mitchell in           downloadable software store.
D-9, have applications.                                                                 The whole conference was given live coverage, minute by
        The competition will be on Saturday, May 7. Judging will               minute, on blogs and Twitter accounts across the country. In fact, this
be from 9 am-12 pm. Visitors are welcome from 1-2 pm to see the                entire report was written a few moments after the conference, and
projects and awards will be presented at 1:30 pm. It will all go down          that’s only because this article used information from Wired website,
at the Vanden High School gymnasium. For more info ask you sci-                which had coverage on the spot, because rumors of the release date
ence teacher or contact Ms. Marilyn Lewis at mlewis@travisusd.                 and price had been questioned for months after it was introduced at                                                                     E3 last year. Now we know what to expect.
                                                                                                     Beyond the Gates 7
Travel focus                             Break it up!                          Country focus
Local flavor                             The benefits of a break               Monaco is all about money
By Towana Young (‘13),                   By Amanda Rae Sheppard (’11)          By Pete Russell (’11), Staff writer
Staff writer                             Staff writer
                                                                                        The Principality of Monaco, most commonly called Monaco,
          Sometimes the best thing               This year Spring Break
to do on a long weekend is travel.
                                                                               is a city-state in southwestern Europe, on the beautiful north-central
                                         will be two-weeks long, and for       coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the second smallest country in
Junior Dominique Howard went to          many students, this is a good
Tahoe, Nevada for the Valentine                                                the world, beat out only by nearby Vatican City.
weekend. It was pretty much his                                                         The population of Monaco is just over 30,000 residents,
                                                 Jorge Herrera (’11), Cor-
cousin’s idea to go and he con-                                                even though the country has been part of Europe for several centu-
                                         rin Healey (’12), and Damian
vinced Howard to go. He was more                                               ries. After a land grant in 1191 from Emperor Henry VI, Monaco was
                                         Simpson (’13) all agree that the
than glad he went. This wasn’t his                                             founded again in 1215 as a colony of Genoa. It didn’t last long as a
                                         extra week is a great thing. Her-
first time going to Tahoe; he visits                                           colony because, in 1297, Francesco Grimaldi and his men captured
almost every season.                     rera said, “It’s amazing. It’s my
                                         last Spring Break as a high school    the fortress protecting the Rock of Monaco dressed as a Franciscan
          When in Tahoe, Howard                                                monk. Ironically, the Italian word for monk is Monaco. Since then,
spends time with his aunt, who           student and it gets to be longer!”
                                                 Most people are taking        Monaco has been ruled by members of the House of Grimaldi.
has a home there, and other fam-
                                         advantage of the extra week.                   Monaco’s government is both a constitutional monarchy
ily members. Howard said that it
seems like he experiences a new          Some students, like Healey, will      and principality. Prince Albert II is the head of state in Monaco, and
life in Tahoe.                           leave town to go on vacation or       France is responsible for its defense. In 1861, the state’s sovereign-
          On this vacation he went       to see family and, with the extra     ty was recognized because of the Treaty of Franco-Monegasque.
snowboarding, roasted marshmal-          week, they don’t have to rush to               The area is 2.02 km². Its gross domestic product (GDP) was
lows, watched movies, and drove          get back home in time for school.     nearly $5 billion in 2008. Not bad for a country with so few residents.
snowmobiles for the first time. Al-      Other students, like Herrera and      What attributes to that income is the famous casino and resort of
though it wasn’t his first time snow-    Simpson, will stay home to hang       Monte Carlo. Most of the money made in Monaco is from tourism.
boarding, he did admit to running        out and have parties with friends,    Because of the money that comes in from tourists, the residents of
into five trees.                         and the extra week just gives         Monaco do not have to pay income tax.
          The vacation started with a    them extra time to have fun.
snowball fight as soon as he got out             There are a few draw-
of the car. The nights were freezing
but it was warm and sunny during
                                         backs to a longer break, though.      New Horizons
                                         For one, some teachers might ex-
the day.
                                         pect students to study, when ev-      Contributed by Melissa Gomez-Lopez (’12)
          There was one thing that
                                         eryone already knows that most
made this vacation something
special, when Howard met rapper          kids won’t. “Another drawback”,                As January came to a close and February began its blus-
DB the General. He realized that         Herrera said, “is that you get used   tery weather, Junior Maria Salinas had an amazing experience as
DB was a regular person who was          to sleeping in and become lazy.       a counselor at the New Horizons week-long camp for elementary
just enjoying his vacation in Tahoe.     It gets hard to get back into the     school students. Not only did Salinas make sure the students were
Dominick mentioned when he woke          swing of school.” Simpson, like
                                                                               safe and that they got to their hikes and meals on time, but she also
up the next morning he was going         most students, doesn’t like that
                                                                               got to enjoy hiking to the beach and seeing the tide pools and living
to leave.                                the longer break will take days
          When he was getting ready      away from summer vacation.
to leave, Howard discovered that         Longer breaks during the school
                                                                                        New Horizons wasn’t only a vacation for Salinas, it was also
his car was snowed in. It took him       year mean a shorter summer va-        a learning experience. “I learned a lot from the environment, like
and his cousins an hour just to get it   cation.                               water and food conservation,” she said. “I also learned a lot about
free to drive. That didn’t discourage            No matter what the draw-      the forest and some advantages and disadvantages of harnessing
him from taking the car next time.       backs to a longer spring break,       wind power as a source of energy.”
“I’d rather drive than fly,” he said.    the students will always believe               Armijo sent a handful of students to the camp as counsel-
“It’s only three hours away.”            that the benefits are greater.        ors for two different sessions.
8 Beyond the Gates
                               CENSORED!                                Students help
                               By Lucy Altman (‘13)                     By Mr. Al Maddalena
                               Beyond the Gates editor                  Construction Club adviser

                                        An American student vaca-                Students from the Fairfield-
                                                                        Suisun Unified School District at-
                                 tioning in China types the word “de-
                                                                        tending Armijo High School work
                                 mocracy” into a search engine. No      with many volunteers and trades-
                                 results appear. The student tries      people and the Napa-Solano Habi-         These students are working with
                                 again, this time keying in “human      tat for Humanity as they help build volunteers framing a closet in one
                                 rights”. Again, no results. Racking    various projects.                        of the remodeling jobs in Vallejo.
his brain for a keyword that might lead the student to a relevant                This is part of the community-
site, he types in “Dalai Lama”. Nothing.                                based program that has helped build houses in Solano County, as well
         This student is not alone. Because the Chinese government      as helped with the remodeling of several houses and setting up the new
has waged a war on “harmful information,” it is extremely difficult     Habitat for Humanity re-store. Plans have also been approved to start the
for all non-government persons in China to access any and all ma-       foundation and build three houses in Fairfield.
                                                                                 Students learn valuable skills on the job. They also visit local car-
terials that President Hu Jintao and his Communist regime have
                                                                        penters’, electricians’, plumbers’ and steelworkers’ apprenticeship pro-
deemed dangerous.                                                       grams. These programs have shown students how they can enter a trade
         This censorship, or counterintelligence achieved by ban-       after completing their high school education.
ning or deleting any information of value to the enemy, is not a                 Many students that have enrolled in these programs are now
foreign concept to authoritarian regimes such as the one in China.      working successfully in the trades.
It has been used frequently throughout history, as limiting citizen’s
knowledge has proved an excellent way both to maintain power            No need to boycott Starbucks
and to avoid opposition. China’s communist government wants its
1.4 billion citizens to support communism, not to get dangerous         By Jessica Angelo (’13), Staff writer
ideas about equal rights and democracy. Such thoughts might turn
into revolution and the end of communist rule in China.                           March means more than just St. Patrick’s Day. March is also Caf-
                                                                        feine Awareness Month. This month is designed to call attention to the
          One method the Chinese government uses to censor the
                                                                        dangers of caffeine dependency and intoxication. Britanne Brown (’13)
media is bending the law in its favor. Because media regulations in     said, “I like that because I hate coffee.” But coffee isn’t the only source of
China are purposely written in vague language, the government is        caffeine.
able to “legally” take complete control of the news, as well as the               Coffee drinks, tea, energy drinks, sodas and chocolate are some
fates of those who write too much.                                      of the main sources of caffeine, a bitter white crystalline xanthine alkaloid
         There are three very powerful Chinese agencies that ensure     that is a psychoactive stimulant. Caffeine is generally seen as something
that the people of China will not see what the communist regime         innocent, but in reality it’s a drug. Globally, about 120,000 tons per year
deems “harmful.” The first two agencies, the General Administra-        is consumed, which could also mean one caffeine-containing beverage a
tion of Press and Publication (GAPP) and the State Administration       day for every person on earth. Between 80 and 90 percent of children and
of Radio, Film, and Television (SARFT), are committed to defend-        adults have a caffeine habit.
                                                                                  A caffeine habit can be unhealthy and cause several problems. “I
ing “the security, honor, and interests of the motherland.” These
                                                                        understand that, but it is a personal choice,” said sophomore Violeta Bar-
agencies uphold their motto by attempting to squash any ideas that      rera.
might be dangerous to President Hu Jintao’s regime before these                   Not everyone is aware of how much caffeine they ingest on a
notions reach the public. The third agency, the Communist Party’s       regular basis. Some products have more than others and some are caf-
General Propaganda Department (CPD), is the most powerful of            feine free, like several sodas and herbal teas. “I drink coffee, but not that
them all. Besides controlling GAP and SARFT, CPD also issues            much soda,” said Damion Tunsation (’13).
pro- communist propaganda encouraging Chinese citizens to give                    Historically, it is believed that America’s dependence on coffee as
                                                                        a caffeine source after the Boston Tea Party in 1773. While the British still
Continued on page 10 -                                                  favor tea to get their infusion of the drug, the United States has become
Censorship                                                              the major coffee-consuming nation of the world.
                                                                                                   Beyond the Gates 9
What’s happening at the Center                                          Do teachers really care?
By Sam Zaghloul (’11), Entertainment editor                             By Robert Williams (’11)
                                                                        Staff writer
         The Matt Garcia Center is more than a slab of concrete next
to a grocery outlet. The Center offers math tutoring, with one pro-               Some teachers care about every student they see leave their classroom,
fessional and two student teachers. For athletic members, there’s       even years after graduation, but others don’t seem to worry about their students’
boxing, kickboxing, and basketball tournaments with prizes.             safety once the students walk out their door. For some teachers, it seems that they
         In additions, they have a cooking show Whip It Up which is     don’t even care while the students are in their classroom.
shown on their TV show on channels 26 & 27, PAL TV.                     Students have sometimes felt that a few teachers don’t care about anyone in the
         There are two other programs, alternating every Thursday,      class besides themselves or the extremely gifted students. Knowing that people are
that seem to be the most exciting. “Law & Order” teaches kids the       out for their own ends while others are willing to go to great lengths to aid someone
ins and outs of the justice system via mock trials, were students as-   in need, why would a school hire a teacher who wouldn’t care about their students
sume the role of jury, prosecutor, and defense. These trials are used   even outside of the school grounds?
to settle actual disagreements at the center, which is also trying to             In some cases, it seems obvious who the teachers are who do and don’t
arrange ride-alongs with actual police officers. The other program      care about their students, but why would Armijo hire teachers who show that they
is “Student Council” where elections are held for officers, complete    are here for the money and not for the sake of students?
with campaigns and campaign mangers, whose decisions have a             Mr. Ron Fowler, Armijo High School’s librarian, feels that all teachers originally be-
real effect on how the center is run, which meets in the actual city    come teachers because “they wanted to help students.” However, over time, that
council chambers.                                                       desire can change due to handling rude students and a variety of other things that
         If any of these things appeal to you, don’t hesitate, and      can turn a teacher sour, no longer interested in teaching for the students but simply
come to the Matt Garcia center at 250 Travis Blvd, open right after     Continued on page 29 -
school on the weekdays. See the website for more information.           Teachers care?

Driving focus
How to avoid common mistakes
By Johnathon Teal (’12), Staff writer

          In the last century, driving has revolutionized the way
Americans, as well as the rest of the world, travel. As teens
learn the skill, most imagine that they can be perfect drivers,
but there are certain factors that can keep them from doing
so: cell phones, music, crazy passengers, food and drink,
and the speed. All drivers make mistakes once in awhile.
For example, almost every driver has gone over the speed
limit, maybe because he or she was running late. Most driv-
ers have run at least one red light, especially in their first
year or so of driving. Drivers, as well as passengers, often
find themselves not wearing a seatbelt . All of these common
mistakes can result in a ticket being issued from a highway or
city police officer.
          Statistically, teens have problems with things that
are easy to do and don’t always lead to problems, but that
doesn’t mean that they are acceptable behaviors. Many

Continued on page 21 -
Driving mistakes
10 Beyond the Gates
Stiff competition for scholarship                                             cenSorShip -
                                                                              Continued from page 8
By Sarhea Reyes (‘13), Staff writer                                           their minds and their hearts to the communist cause.
                                                                                       The People’s Republic of China also has its own state news
         In recent years, Armijo has had a couple of applicants reach-
                                                                              agency, Xinhua. This agency ensures that the people of China hear
ing for the National Merit Scholarship awards. Mr. Daniel Harrison, the
                                                                              what the government wants the people of China to hear. Because
International Baccalaureate (IB) coordinator, said, “There were four
who applied last year, but only one received it.” Competition has got-        only state agencies can own media in said country, listening to Xin-
ten tougher every year.                                                       hau is one of the few options that law-abiding citizens have when it
         Over 1.5 million high school students enter the National Merit       comes to hearing the news.
Scholarship Program each year in the United States in high hopes of                    The Chinese government is very concerned with keeping
achieving any of the three types of National Merit Scholarship awards.        its not-so-pretty inner workings out of view of the international eye.
Only about 50,000 qualify for recognition in the National Merit Schol-        For the sake of National Security, the Communist Party of China
arship program and only one-third of those, which is approximately            often harasses and threatens foreign reporters. If they are not safe
16,000 students, become Semifinalists. The remaining two-thirds be-           in their home countries, these international journalists and news
come Commended Students.                                                      anchors that dare spread ideas questioning the communist regime
         The Semifinalists move forward into the Finalist standing with       are kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured, and sometimes killed. The
15,000 students left. After a year-long process, about 8,400 Finalists        hope of the communist government in China is that foreign report-
are granted a Merit Scholarship award, adding up to a total of $36 mil-       ers will use self-censorship to avoid these punishments.
lion worth of scholarships.                                                            Although President Hu Jintao and his regime are fighting
         The National Merit Scholarship Program is a challenging, aca-        powerfully to censor the Chinese people, they are not having the
demic competition administered by a non-profit organization, the Na-          easiest time of it. This is because thousands of Chinese “netizens”
tional Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC), which started in 1955            are incensed over this violation of free speech, and are doing ev-
in the U.S. to provide high achieving students with outstanding col-          erything that they can to be heard freely.
lege recognition and scholarships cosponsored by NMSC, the College                     In fact, thousands of “hactivists” are in a technology race
Board, various colleges, foundations, professional associations, and
                                                                              against agents of President Jintao. Every day, these hactivists in-
corporations. In order for a student to enter the program, it is required
                                                                              vent software which will allow Chinese netizens to circumvent the
that he or she take the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship
                                                                              “Great Firewall of China”. Every day, the government invents ways
Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) that is usually taken in the spring of
their junior year. He or she must also be enrolled as a high school           to shut these inventions down.
student who plans to complete high school and enroll full time in col-                 Blogging is another popular tool used to fight the hand of si-
lege, and must be a U.S. citizen, or a legal U.S. resident with intent for    lence. This particular method has proven very successful as blogs
citizenship.                                                                  are difficult for the government to trace. In addition, when covert
         The PSAT/NMSQT scores measure a student’s critical reading           news is spread widely enough through these blogs, the official
skills, math problem-solving skills and writing skills. These scores are      news is often forced to speak up.
submitted to the NMSC to determine some 50,000 qualifying Selection                    Although no one can say for certain who will win the censor-
Index scores with accordance to state levels, then sent to the princi-        ship battle, there has been much debate. Mr. Cesar Correa, World
pal of each school, and later notified to students in the month of April,     Civilizations teacher, is not optimistic about the hactivist’s efforts. “I
which marks the start of the NMSC ‘s recognition of the year’s high           personally think that censorship will last because when the econo-
scoring participants.                                                         my is strong, the people will be content. [And] the economy keeps
         After PSAT/NMSQT scores have been notified, the 50,000               going up” Mr. Correa said. He added that there is not likely to be an
students from every state are invited to distinguish the two colleges         uprising or revolt because the Chinese citizens “learned to respect
or universities they wish for NMSC to send their PSAT scores to for a         the government” after Tinanmin Square. The event that Mr. Correa
possible College-Sponsored Merit Scholarship award. In the Septem-            refers to is a 1989 massacre in which tanks opened random fire on
ber of an entrant’s last year of high school, he or she is notified through   a crowd of democratic protesters. Hundreds were killed.
their schools that they are qualified as a Commended Student, who is                   Although confidence in the hactivists is not strong, many
recognized as an outstanding academic student, but didn’t quite reach         Chinese netizens continue to stand up to China’s authoritarian re-
Continued on page 16 -                                                        gime. No one knows how this struggle will end, so for now we’ll just
National Merit Scholarship                                                    have to sit up, pay attention, and consider the censorship clash.
                                                                                                        Scholarships 11
                  Cash for college                                               Youth ScholarShip program For chilDren
                                                                              oF law enForcement anD Fire Service perSonnel
DaughterS oF the american revolution ScholarShip                                                      Deadline: March 31
                        Deadline: March 18                                  Requirements: Graduating senior who plans to attend an accredit-
Requirements: US citizen graduating senior in Solano County high            ed college or university, must have a parent or legal guardian who
 school, must turn in completed application to college advisor in           is a full-time active duty law enforcement officer or fire department
                          C-0 by deadline.                                                      employee and not on disability.
                  Visit room C-0 for application                                         Learn more and obtain an application in C-0
                           Award: $1000                                                             or call 1-800-437-7658
                                                                                                         Award: varies
      a. patrick charnon memorial ScholarShip
                       Deadline: March 31
  Requirements: Students in 9-12 grade who plan to enter a full-                               theta pi chapter
time undergraduate program and have a commitment to building                              omega pSi phi FraternitY, inc.
 communities, tolerance, compassion and respect for all people.                                       Deadline: April 1
  Contact: and http://                   Requirements: Graduating male high school seniors
                                who are US citizens and of African-American heritage with a
                         Award: $1500                                       minimum GPA of 3.0, must intend to enroll as a full-time college
                                                                            student, two letters of recommendation, official copy of transcript
  WHEN MATH ATTACKS YOU!                                                                         and personal statement.
                                                                                                  Visit C-0 for application
                                                                                                    Award: up to $1000
                                          Math and Reading
                                        Tutoring by Professional Teachers

                                                    Basic Math
                                                                                         caliFornia wine grape growerS
                                                    Pre-Algebra                           FounDation anD ScholarShipS
                                                                                                    Deadline: April 4
                                                  Problem Solving           Requirements: High school seniors whose parents or legal guard-
                                                      Algebra                ians are vineyard employers of a California wine grape grower,
                                                                                   applicable for community colleges, CSUs and UCs
                                    It’s easy to get started!                        Contact: or call 1-800-241-1800
                                                Low Rates                                   Award: varies ($2,000 -$8,000)
                                               No contracts
                                              No testing fees
                                            No enrollment fees
                                           Professional teachers                            Soar ScholarShip
  NOT A PRETTY SIGHT...                 Basic math through calculus             (StuDentS overcoming aDverSitY reSponSiblY)
    SO GET HELP!!!                                                                                  Deadline: April 15
                                       SPECIAL OFFER!                       Requirements: High school seniors, US citizens who write an es-
                                     Present this ad and get                 say of 1500 – 3000 words on the following topic: “What issue(s)
        Call today:                        10% OFF                          facing US teens and their future troubles you most? What should
                                       your first four weeks                                be done to address the issue(s)?
     Math Masters                       Good for first time student only!    Scholarships will be awarded based solely on essay entries, not
                                                                                                   academic standing.
  1000 W. Texas St., Fairfield    Logical Learning Math Masters             To learn more and obtain an application, go to http://www.adrian-

       428-4778                       Serving Solano County
                                            since 1987
                                                                                                      Award: 1000
12 Junior & Senior News
Check them out!                      Senior spotlight                                                            Adding to your
By Shatianna Myrick (’12)            Hear Yee                                                                    summer
Staff writer
                                     By Sam Zaghloul (’11)                                                       By Quincy Cintron (’13)
         For college-bound stu-      Entertainment editor                                                        Staff writer
dents, one of the best things
                                              Most people who have seen senior Benjamin Yee would rec-                     Academic Summer Pro-
to do over spring break is visit-
                                     ognize him on sight. He’s about five foot-something, with a head full       grams give students a chance to
ing colleges. There are many                                                                                     get a unique educational experi-
campuses in California to visit      of scattered black hair, and a voice that never waivers. We sat down
                                     with this departing senior and asked him for his thoughts.                  ence while they are on vacation
that are open during our spring                                                                                  from school. There are several local
break. Anybody can visit college     Sam Zaghloul: What will you do after you leave Armijo?
                                                                                                                 programs, like COSMOS which is
campuses but it is highly recom-     Benjamin Yee: After Armijo? Hopefully get into San Francisco State.
                                                                                                                 offered at UC Davis. This program
mended for juniors and seniors       Zaghloul: What will you miss most about Armijo?                             focuses on mathematics and com-
to learn a lot more about what       Yee: I not sure if I’m going to miss anything. I don’t really have any      puter sciences. It is offered from
colleges they want to go to. Ju-     special attachment to this place.                                           July 10 – August 6, but the dead-
nior Jonathan Teal said, “I want     Zaghloul: Well, what won’t you miss?                                        line to sign up is Tuesday, March
to visit schools with a good ath-    Yee: Getting up early for classes                                           15. For more information, including
letic program and schools that       Zaghloul: What would you say to this year’s freshmen?                       tuition, go to http://cosmos.ucdavis.
offer the field I want to pursue.”   Yee: Do your homework-don’t screw this up!                                  edu/.
                                     Zaghloul: Who was your favorite teacher?                                    Other programs are held at other
          There are many colleg-
                                     Yee: Mr. Soper                                                              colleges all over the state and
es to choose from in California,
                                     Zaghloul: What was your favorite subject?                                   around the country. Students who
where students wouldn’t have to                                                                                  want to find out about other sum-
                                     Yee: History. I found it interesting how societies form and evolve. Also
pay out-of-state fees.                                                                                           mer programs can go see their
                                     I liked the warfare aspect.
         Most colleges offer guid-                                                                               counselor to get more information
                                     Zaghloul: What is you most cherished Armijo memory?
ed tours of the campus. For in-                                                                                  on the programs that are available.
                                     Yee: I would have to say doing the play “Our Girls.”
stance, Pomona College is in                                                                                               Joining one of these pro-
Claremont offers campus tours                                                                                    grams is beneficial for students
on weekdays all year long. Cam-      Cap and gown countdown                                                      who want to learn more about their
pus tours start at 10am, 12 pm,                                                                                  favorite topics and can also help
and 1:30 pm. The tour includes       By Robert Williams (’11)                                                    participants get into better colleg-
information sessions, class visits   Staff writer                                                                es. The courses look good on high
and students can even book an                                                                                    school transcripts and college appli-
overnight stay to see what col-                                                                                  cations. Having the extra education
                                             For seniors who haven’t purchased their cap and gown yet this
lege life is like.                                                                                               from doing the academic programs
                                     information is crucial to participate in the graduation ceremony. The
                                                                                                                 can also be helpful in pursuing a
         CSU Northridge and UC       cap and gown plus shipping and handling is $55 for the first express        career.
San Diego, both in southern          pack which also includes a status souvenir tassel from Jostens (the         Although some summer programs
California, offer campus tours       same company who sells the class rings and sweaters tassels etc.).          have tuition, the price is well worth
but prospective visitors have to     Seniors can grab an order form inside the main office right next to the     the experience. If a student does
schedule an appointment. They        treasurer’s office. This form needs the school name phone number,           not have the money, he or she can
have many things on campus to        gender, and other details, including ring size for those who are also       always get financial assistance on-
do like by attending a class, go     buying a class ring.                                                        line, such as a scholarship.
to the pricing center, experience            Bear in mind that there are no refunds or exchanges with this
the dining services, enjoying        form due to the fact that the order is considered rush. There is more
Performing and Visual Arts and       information on the bottom of the form as well. Another way to order the
more. Alicia Childs (12’) said,      cap and gown combination is through another website, www. bayarea-
“I’m not going to visit any col-
leges this spring break, but next            The final day to turn in the order is Tuesday, May 31 in order to
year as a senior I might.”           receive the required uniform by graduation day, Friday, May 17.
                                                                                        Junior & Senior News 13
Fun all night long                                                            Prom focus
                                                                              Dress it up with details
By Jessica Angelo (’13)
Staff writer                                                                  By Rosaura de la Cruz (’12)
                                                                              Staff writer
         For seniors, the second semester means that high school is
almost over, and for juniors it means they are nearing their final year.                Prom is almost here, and the big question is, what will you be
To celebrate, the upperclassmen of Armijo got together on Thursday,           wearing? This year, color takes a range of shades. Some girls will choose
February 10, to enjoy an activity planned out by the Grad Night par-          dark colors with a sizzling sex appeal while others will be looking at short
ents. Thanks to these parents and Starz Recreation Center a night full        colorful dresses with floral designs. But the dress is only the beginning.
of bowling, food, games, and prizes was made possible.                                  Once the perfect dress is discovered, the next purchase to be
         Juniors and seniors who paid $20 in advance got to go to the         considered is the right pair of shoes, followed by the perfect purse and
recreation center for bowling and more. Each student had a wristband          other accents in jewelry and accessories. For the ideal look, it is important
which gave access to food and drinks like pizza, cookies, soda, and           to consider the details, like hair styles, nail designs, make-up accents and,
                                                                              of course, the date.
more. At 9 pm, the fun games began. The night ended at midnight.
                                                                                        Make-up and hair should be easy, something formal but comfort-
         Armijo had the center to itself. With five students at each lane
                                                                              able at the same time. It is possible to get it done professionally, although
and 40 lanes available, there were about 196 students. The rink was
                                                                              it is recommended that appointments be made and shops tested before
supposed to be decked out with glamorous lights. “I was a little disap-       the big night. Another idea for make-up preparation is to get together with
pointed by the light effects, but it was definitely interesting,” said Wil-   other girlfriends to do each other’s evening glam. After all, who knows bet-
liam Maher (’11).                                                             ter than close friends what looks good on you?
         Not only was there bowling, but there was also the arcade and                  For those planning to take it to the next level, a healthy glow can
contests, like dancing and singing contests, with prizes like gift cards      be found at some of the local tanning salons but again, it is a matter of
ranging from $5-$15. “Almost everyone had a gift card by the end of           planning ahead. Looking good does not mean getting a one-time dose
the night” said leadership teacher Mr. Brad Burzynski.                        of rays, hoping to come out with a complementary shade to your dress.
         The night was full of fun activities that kept everyone busy.        A few visits may be necessary, spaced out over time, to get the desired
With the music bumping in the background and the laughter all around          effects. If considering a spray-on tan, remember to test it in advance.
it created many memories for the members of the Classes of 2011 and                     Lastly the date. Who’s yours? So many memories will be pre-
2012. “I am glad I went. They didn’t really play my favorite music, but       served in pictures with the perfect dress, the perfect accessories and the
it was awesome playing games and enjoying all the free food with my           perfect date! It doesn’t have to be Prince Charming who carries you in a
friends,” said senior Lauren Nolasco.                                         coach to the event, but someone who will help you recall pleasant memo-
                                                                              ries of the evening. He may even be someone who is sitting right next to
Seniors only!                                                                 you in class or someone you pass by every day at passing period. If there
                                                                              is someone you are interested in going to prom with, either start dropping
                                                                              hints now or get up the courage to ask him now.
By Bela Sao (’11)
Staff writer

         Tickets for the Senior Trip go on sale in April, so seniors are
encouraged to pay their fines and pack their bags for a trip to Great
America. On Friday, May 20, while other students are toiling away
in their third, fourth, fifth and sixth period classes, select seniors
will be loading charter busses for the trip down to the theme park in
Santa Clara.
         Seniors are expected to attend their first two classes, giving
them a chance to brag to the underclassmen that they don’t have to
finish out the week in the stuffy classrooms. Then, at about 10 am,
they will board the busses and take the journey to the park where
Continued on page 27 -
Senior Trip
14 Junior & Senior News
                                                                                Students seeking cash for college
       Don’t miss out on free money!
     In addition to the (FAFSA), to apply for a Cal Grant a                     By Akayea Kocher (’14), Staff writer
  school certified GPA must be submitted to the Commission
                 by the March 2 filing deadline.                                        The Assist-a-Grad Program is made up of people in the
                                                                                community who work together to provide scholarships for local stu-
College focus                                                                   dents not only for college but also for basic secondary education.
                                                                                        Information was provided during the end of January and the
Close to home                                                                   beginning of February and students were expected to turn in com-
                                                                                pleted information by Friday, February 18. For many, this included
By Martha Barron (’12), Staff writer                                            applications, letters of recommendation and transcripts.
                                                                                        Candidates could pick up to three scholarships to apply for.
          St. Mary’s promises to enrich students with an experience not
                                                                                After turning in the information, the materials went to members of
found anywhere else. It’s a four-year, small, private school in Moraga,
California. “We offer a challenging core curriculum, a belief in the practice   the Assist-a-Grad committee who will be working through March to
of shared inquiry, a location spilling over with resources, a focus on Catho-   set up an interview schedule with the representatives from the vari-
lic, Lasallian and liberal arts tradition, unmatched faculty dedication and     ous scholarships. Students will be expected to be present for their
more,“ says the webpage at In addition, it has      scheduled interview times, which may all take place in one night
a suburban setting surrounded by a beautiful large town.                        or over the course of the four nights, Monday – Thursday, April 18-
          This extraordinary college creates a home for residential students    21.
by developing a safe and inclusive environment that supports growth and                 Scholarships range from $300 to over $1,000 and many fo-
learning. This atmosphere is supported by a dynamic team of residen-            cus on specific areas, like students earning a teaching credential in
tial staff, the student programming body the Residence Hall Association         college or those who can have expressed an interest in writing.
(RHA), and a variety of campus partners who support their Living Learn-
                                                                                        The program is for students in Solano County, including
ing Community Programs. Armijo freshman Jacob Less has many friends
who go there. “They all love it,” he said. “They say it’s amazingly peaceful,   those in the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District and the Travis
and like an extremely unforgettable life experience.”                           Unified School District. Winners will be notified through an invita-
          A large percentage of students, 79%, are admitted, and range of       tion to the awards ceremony on Sunday, May 15, where they will
degrees are offered, from associated to doctoral. St. Mary’s offers many        be informed about what scholarship or scholarships that they have
scholarships and has very few requirements. They accept high school             earned.
graduates who have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher, the comple-
tion of the A-G requirements and the SAT. They offer a waiver to apply for
free. Financial aid is available to those who qualify.
          Ms. Cassy Huang, college advisor said, “I would recommend stu-
                                                                                      Dates for Seniors to remember
dents to go to St. Mary’s college because it’s nice for students who like                          (some dates subject to change)
small campuses, close to the city, and it consists of a nice environment.”        Mon, March 28 - Fri, April 8           Spring Break
                                                                                  Mon - Thurs, April 18-21               Assist-a-Grad interviews
          Spring 2011 SAT Test Dates                                              Saturday, May 7
                                                                                  Sunday, May 15
                                                                                                                         Assist-a-Grad awards
     Saturday, March 12 (Stand-by only, SAT Reasoning only)                       Friday, May 20                         Senior Trip
                                                                                  Wednesday, May 25                      Senior Tea
          Saturday, May 7 (Registration deadline = April 8)
                                                                                  Wed and Thurs                          Finals
          Saturday, June 4 (Registration deadline = May 6)                        Friday, June 17                        Graduation

        For more information, go to
                                                                                       upcoming eventS in Spring with DateS tba
                                                                                       Senior T-Shirt Signing * Grad Nite T-shirt distritution
                           Reasoning Test = $47                                              * Parking Lot Painting * Senior Awards
           Subject Test Basic Registration = $21 + $10 per test                         * Yearbook Distrbution *Cap & Gown Distribution
          Change fee (test type, test center or date change) = $24
                                                                                                         * Senior Sunset
             Late registration fee = $24; Stand-by fee = $41
                                                                                                   Classes & Clubs 15
                                                      Armijo Filipino
                                                      Club members         GSA helps stop                        Armijo goes
                                                      receive a briefing
                                                      from Nate Tarver     hate speech                           International
                                                      as they prepare
                                                      for a morning of     By Ms. Vanessa Walling-Sisi           By Ms. Vanessa Walling-Sisi
                                                      food sorting at      GSA advisor                           International Club advisor
                                                      the Food Bank of
                                                      Contra Costa &
                                                      Solano.              The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)       Can you dance? Sing? Play a
                                                                           just completed three weeks of         traditional instrument? Armijo
                                                                           our “Stop hate speech at Armi-        International Club is gearing up
Hooray for Hollywood!                                                      jo” poster campaign. Have you         for spring activities like Interna-
                                                                           seen our informational post-          tional Week and our field trip to
By Courtney Thomas (’11), Drama Club reporter                              ers around campus? Have you           the beach. We are always look-
                                                                           thought about how words can           ing for ways to celebrate Armi-
        The Drama Club’s trip to from Friday, January 10 to Sunday,        cause harm? Do you speak up           jo’s diversity and talent.
January 13, to Los Angeles was tons of fun! Not only did we get to         when you hear hate speech? In         International Week is the first
spend time together, but we had the amazing opportunity to spend two       an effort to stop bullying on cam-    week of May. We will feature dif-
days at Universal Studios and visit AMDA (The American Music and           pus, GSA members are partner-         ferent multicultural performers
Dramatic Academy). We even got to walk on Hollywood Boulevard              ing with teachers to make our         each day at lunch. There are al-
where, one day, we hope people will not only see the stars of icons like   school a safe place to grow and       ways games and free prizes. If
Michael Jackson, Mötley Crüe and Lucille Ball but our own stars and        learn. If you are interested in       you have talent and would like
those of fellow Armijo students. Check out Drama Club’s fan page on
                                                                           participating in the anti-bullying    to perform, please come to E-3
Facebook for pictures. Sophomores and juniors who join Drama Club
                                                                           activities, or need a place to        and talk to Mrs. Walling-Sisi. If
next year can have this awesome experience in the future!
                                                                           hang out where you won’t be           you want to help plan, organize,
        Make sure to mark your calendars for “The Imaginary Invalid”
which will be performed in the two weeks after Spring Break. Also,
                                                                           judged, come to E-3 at lunch on       and execute the International
teachers, get ready to have some fun! Drama Club’s Teacher Play is         Tuesdays.                             Week festivities, then join Inter-
coming soon to a theater near you (meaning T2: The Center Stage)!          If you are a victim of hate speech    national club, Wednesdays at
                                                                           or bullying, report it! Ignoring it   lunch in E-3.
                                                                           empowers bullies. If you have         In May we will also be going to
Animated students                                                          bullied someone before, learn to      Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
                                                                           change and redirect your feel-        For fieldtrip information and per-
By Ms. Arlene Caron, Anime Club advisor                                    ings to make yourself a better        mission slips, please attend ev-
                                                                           person.                               ery meeting!
        The Armijo Anime Club was established this school year and
boasts nearly 40 members. Officers include President JC Anderson ,
Vice-President Victoria Patrick, Captain Clark Sigler, Treasurer Melis-
sa Brown, and Sergeants-at-Arms David Magallon and Jackie Bernal,
all members of the senior class.
        The club meets at lunch on Wednesdays in D-12 and new
members are always welcome. Club activities include learning about
anime and manga by watching DVD’s and having contests and quiz-
zes with prizes. The second of two Panda Express fundraisers will
take place on Wednesday, March 16 from 11 am – 9 pm with a portion
of sales being donated to the Anime Club. Diners must bring the flyer,
which is available in D-0 and D-12, to Panda Express for Armijo to get         Flyers available in D-0 and D-12!
the donation.
        Anime t-shirt sales will begin in March. Please see J.C. Ander-
son, Melissa Brown or Ms. Caron in D-0 to purchase a t-shirt.
16 Classes & Clubs
Travelling students chosen                                                  Judge Garrett preview
By Akayea Kocher (’14),                ing the country and serving as a     By Ashley Richards (’13),              overcame the challenges that hap-
Staff writer                           representative to the Japanese       Staff writer                           pened in her life to become a pre-
                                       residents of Nirasaki.                                                      siding judge of the Solano County
         For 21 days six students              This is an annual pro-               As Black History Month         Superior Court, a story of which
from Solano area schools will          gram. Students interested in         closes, the Honorable Ramona           director Spike Lee has expressed
                                                                            Garrett will be coming to Armijo       interest.
be spending time in Nirasaki,          being considered for future trips
                                                                            High School on Monday, February                 Judge Garrett struggled
Japan as guests of families in         should contact Ms. Arletta Cor-
                                                                            28 to speak to students about suc-     since she was a child. She remem-
our Sister City. In December           tright at acortright@fairfield.      cess.                                  bered growing up in New Mexico
and January, six students from or call her at 428-7384.      She is expected to share how she       and having only one coat that
Nirasaki came to California.                                                                                       she shared with her sister during
         This year, five of the stu-   national merit ScholarShip -                                                snowy days Her father was in the
dents who will be representing         Continued from page 10                                                      Air Force so she moved around a
Fairfield are from Rodriguez                                                                                       lot. “The experiences broadened
High School and one is from            the level needed to move forward in the competition, or a Semifinalist      my perspectives,” she said in her
Fairfield High School. “This is        who is designated on a state representational basis for qualifying to be
                                       a National Merit Scholar.                                                   Continued on page 34 -
the first time in many years that                                                                                  Judge visits AHS
                                       Semifinalists are given scholarship application materials with further
we haven’t had a student from
                                       evaluation of the academic requirements to be a Finalist, such as
Armijo High,” said Ms. Arletta
                                       high SAT scores to confirm their PSAT scores and a consistent re-
Cortright, Fairfield’s City Clerk.     cord of high academic performance on their transcripts. In February,        Sonoma and Intel
“Most of the applicants were           Semifinalists, along with their school principals, are notified by home
from Rodriguez. I hope next            mail that they have become Finalists. “Decisions regarding public           By Patrick Finnigan (’12)
year we’ll have students from all      announcements about Finalists are left to the discretion of the high        Events editor
of the high schools.”                  school,” stated on the official National Merit Scholarship Corporation
         Along with the applica-                                                                                            On Thursday, January 27
                                       website under FAQ.
tions, which asked about the                                                                                       Academy students went to visit
                                                During the contested heat of the Finalists’ suspenseful wait,
                                                                                                                   Sonoma State University. After an
applicant’s interest in Japanese       NMSC selectors make their last evaluation of the Finalists to deter-        hour bus drive, we arrived early so
culture, letters of recommenda-        mine the rightful winner selection for the Merit Scholarship awards         we took advantage of the campus
tion had to be submitted and           for the designated high school graduating class. Their evaluation is        and explored.
interviews had to take place.          based on academic record, the school’s grading system, two sets of                   When the tour began,
Visitors will see three schools        test scores, the principal or high school official’s written recommenda-    we were treated to a glimpse of
in the country - an elementary,        tion, the Finalist’s activities and leadership, and the Finalist’s essay.   the study halls, library, parks, and
a middle and a high school – to        Between March and June of the Finalists’ last year of high school,          gyms on the campus. We also got
see how the students in Japan          approximately 8,400 among the Finalists are extremely relieved to re-       a demo of a college dorm, which
study. Visitors will also meet         ceive a Merit Scholarship award.                                            was very small, and had a chance
government officials. They will                 The 8,400 students who receive a National Merit Scholarship        to learn about the sports and learn-
                                       award in the US each year have made their professions for them-             ing programs at the university.
also be able to participate in
                                       selves come true in a sense that they have achieved one of the most                  The campus is small
several fun events.                                                                                                enough to keep track of, the grounds
                                       marvelously well-known achievements across the nation. Ranging
         Students who attend will                                                                                  are clean and well kept, and a great
                                       from the National Merit $2500 scholarships to Corporate-sponsored
be staying with Japanese fami-                                                                                     college for a writing career.
                                       Merit Scholarship awards, and to College-sponsored Merit Scholar-
lies for the three weeks in the        ship awards, all three types of scholarships have made a great impact                On Thursday, February
summer. While here at home,            on the lives of these high achieving students both financially and aca-     24, Academy students travelled to
the applicants have been at-           demically. Although there is a limited number of Merit Scholars, other      the Intel Museum. There was a 30
tending regular meetings with                                                                                      person maximum of students who
                                       bright students choose to continue to pursue their goal by applying for
the Sister City program. This                                                                                      could attend and those who went
                                       other scholarships, like the Special Scholarships that is also endorsed
has been in preparation for tour-                                                                                  experienced a special privilege.
                                       by NMSC!
                                                                                                                  Classes & Clubs 17
                                                                            Enterprise   Club corner
                                                                            sell their   Planning for the future
                                                                            Photos by
                                                                            Tateyana     By Tateyana Hendricks (’12), College Club president

                                                                                                  The “Strive for Your Drive” College and Career Club can help
Art Club draws attention                                                                 students prepare for the process of applying to college and getting
                                                                                         prepared for a career. In March the College and Career club is host-
By Kevin Cash (’12)                                                                      ing the second annual College week in March, Monday through Fri-
Art Club president                                                                       day, March 14-18.
                                                                                                  During College Week students can look forward to lunchtime
                                                                                         activities like the famous Cup o’ Noodles Eating Contest, workshops
        The Art Club continues to work on beautifying the campus
                                                                                         from our college advisers, and the first ever Armijo’s Got Talent. We
by improving the murals on the track and in the main office. Volun-
                                                                                         are looking for twelve acts that are school appropriate. Students must
teers are welcome to contribute their skills in completing these two                     bring their own equipment like music, instruments, etc. If you have
projects.                                                                                talent and you would like to be showcased on Armijo’s Got Talent
        Students who want to help can come to Art Club meetings                          then sign up for auditions in room C-0 from Monday through Wednes-
on Fridays at lunch in AC-1. They can assist with these murals or                        day, February 28 through March 2. Auditions will be held at lunch in
work on other art projects. For those who don’t know how to draw,                        room E-4 from Thursday, March 3 through Wednesday, March 9.
that’s okay. The Art Club can help in that field, too.

          E-Z DRIVING SCHOOL - 422-3001
 Take Driver’s Ed class now and get your license in September / October!
                                      Get it done the right way
                                      Start now and be licensed,                           Our next 4-day Driver’s Ed Classes:
                                                                                           March 12-13 & 19-20 (Certificate in hand!)
                               driving yourself to school next semester                     Go to the DMV 3/21; get licensed as soon as 9/11
                                   California is NOT Playing!                                  March 26-29 (Certificate in hand!)
                              Driving without a license is a misdemeanor!!                  Go to the DMV 3/29; get licensed as soon as 9/29
                                 * car impounded for 30 days at your expense                 April 2-3 & 9-10 (Certificate in hand!)
                                 *12-month suspension on your drivers license
                                                                                           Go to the DMV 4/10; get licensed as soon as 10/10
                                       *Up to $1,000 fine and 6-months in jail
                              You’ll find yourself paying more if you’re caught than       April 5, 6, 7 & 8 (Certificate in hand!)
                                             you would for your license.                   Go to the DMV 4/11; get licensed as soon as 10/11
                                             Already have a permit??                       April 16-17 & 23-24 (Certificate in hand!)
                                                                                           Go to the DMV 4/25; get licensed as soon as 10/25
                Driver’s Training Only Special (Reg. $125)
                                                                                          Driver’s Education 4-Day Course Tuition: $98 (Reg. $125)
      as low as $89 / 2-hour lesson + $5 gas surcharge w/ free pick-up / drop-off
                   4th payment plan available for struggling families.                               or sign up with a friend for $79 each
             Safe and defensive skill training that’s fun, fast, affordable and                 Discounts only good with advertisement on the first day of class.
              that has an EZ Payment Plan - We work with your budget.                           NOTE: Can not switch discounts for any previouly paid servide /
                Call now for more info & reserve a seat today.                                  pre-paid service agreement. No exceptions. Restrictions apply.
18 People
At work                               Teacher feature                                                                Teacher tattoo
To the Maxx!                          Musically inclined                                                             In any other
By Maria Cruz (’13), Staff writer                           By Ms. Louise Jacob, Band teacher                        language
        Junior Christian Adsuara                                February 14, 2011 is not only Valentine’s Day,       By Maria Cruz (’13)
juggles his schoolwork with two                              but the 6th Anniversary of the rebirth of the Armijo    Staff writer
separate jobs. The job he relies                             Super Band under the Direction of Ms. Louise Ja-
on is at Food Maxx on North                                  cob. Not many remember the dark days of the                     While eight teachers ad-
Texas St, but he is also a part-                             Armijo Band program because we are so used to           mitted that they have notewor-
time disc jockey, or DJ.                                     the band winning. However, there are many fac-          thy tattoos, each one has his or
                                                             ulty members on campus that will never forget.          her own reason for getting one.
        Adsuara        is    coming
                                        Ms. Jacob has a         Ms. Jacob comes to us from Plainfield, NJ in         Perhaps one of the most inter-
around to his year anniversary
                                        variety of talents   1983 as a fourth grade student to Amy Blanc El-         esting stories is that of how Ms.
working for Food Maxx for al-            and interests.      ementary. She went onto Grange Middle School,
most a year. He started on                                                                                           Vanessa Walling-Sisi got her
                                                             and then became the black sheep of the family by
March 18, 2010. He decided to                                                                                        tattoo in 1994, when she was in
                                      attending Farifield High School while all of her siblings are Armijo High
work at Food Maxx because he                                                                                         the Peace Corps.
                                      graduates. She graduated in 1991 from FHS then began her teaching
has known the manager for 15          career in the Fall of 1996 teaching at FHS.
                                                                                                                             Ms. Walling-Sisi, the
years, which basically guaran-                 In 2005 Miss Jacob applied for the Armijo Band position and           English Language Development
teed him a spot.                      has been here ever since. This year her teaching assignment has                (ELD) coordinator and teacher
        Adsuara works at Food         been split between Armijo and B. Gale Wilson. This has been hard on            and advisor for the International
Maxx three times a week, and          not only Ms. Jacob but on the band kids as well. “It puts a strain on          Club and the Gay-Straight Alli-
earns approximately $120 a            our family environment which is what you need to be successful in the          ance, said that she got her tattoo
week. He spends this money on         band world,” she said.                                                         because “it’s an ancient art and I
equipment for his DJ business.                 Not only does Ms. Jacob teach music, but she is also a cake           wanted one.’ She served in the
It works out well with his sched-     sculptor, and owner of her own pizza parlor, Clock Tower Pizza.                Peace Corps in Tonga where,
ule so he plans to stay with Food              Ms. Jacob is a Palestinian who has traveled to the Middle East        among several other things, she
Maxx until he starts college.         a few times to visit family. She has also been all over Europe enjoying        learned to say At Tatau, which
        It isn’t all easy work. The   the sights of the world. “It’s very important to travel outside the US. It’s   means tattoo in Togan.
main problem he has with his          a reminder of how lucky we are to live in the United States of America,”               Her tattoo, which is on
job would be collecting the carts.    she said.                                                                      her ankle, is the depiction of
“When you put them back and                                                                                          a black gecko. She’s thought
get the rest that is left, the ones                                                                                  about getting it colored but
                                                        Now open!
that were put back are gone,”                                                                                        doesn’t want to ruin its authen-
said Adsuara. The best thing           Lemon Tree Gifts & Crafts Shop                                                ticity.
about working at Food Maxx?                321 Texas St. Suite #109, 707-422-3001                                            One of the things that
“You get to meet new people                                                                                          makes it unique is the way she
                                                    Student specials                                                 got it. It was designed by a
and gain experience.”                                   Specialty gifts
                                                                                                                     19-year-old Tongan boy at an
                                                          Fun crafts
                                                    Snacks and beverages                                             all-boys’ college and he applied
                                                        Party balloons                                               the tattoo with a homemade tat-
                                                    Jelly Fashion Watchs                                             too gun. The gun was made from
                                                       Zen-ergy Bands                                                a motor, toothbrush handle, and
                                                                                                                     a needle. It worked so that when
                                              Wa l k - I n s We l c o m e !                                          the motor ran the needle would
                                                       Cheap prices                                                  move to make the tattoo.
                                                                                                                         People 19

P      -Performance

Jesus Guzman-Cupid
                              R       - Respect

                              Adam Vega-Bee-Hendrix
                                                           I    - Improvement

                                                           Amber Ritz-Lane
                                                                                       D        - Dedication

                                                                                       Armonie Bonnell-Lockhart
                                                                                                                        E         - Enthusiasm

                                                                                                                        DeVaughn Gaines-Burzynski
Ahliyah Brown-Evers           Adrian Saabedra-Bruce        Daniel Alvarado-K           David Del Ponte-Loveall          Nicole Cooper-Burzynski
Alma Guzman-K                 Cristian Mesias-Santa        Daniel Brigham-Wiegand      Enrique Segura-Herring
Blake Butler-Cupid            Donovan McGrath - Edmonds    Daniel Kozhayev-Jensen      Isaiah Benjamin-Lockhart
Fabian Quintero-Sechler       Noelani Boyd-Loveall                                     Isreal Fuentes-Padilla-Hendrix
                                                           David Preciado-Gillen
Gerry Sheiring-Evers                                                                   John Arrington-Neff
                                               Jaclyn      Emily Chenea-Wisehart
Hector Dominguez-Gutowski                                                              Jonathon Williams-Sanchez
Janine Alcordo-Chapman
                                               has in      Ivan Acosta-Harrington      Josue Gomez-Wisehart
                                               ASB for
Jessica Howard-Neff                            years.
                                                           Joanna Tanaka-Jensen        Khyla Hendrix-Chapman
Jesus Rangel-Inserto                           It has      Joshua Holbrook-Bruce       Kit Kauffman-Sechler
Maricruz Delgado-Harrington                    taught      Mariana Villasenor-Beagle   Martha Novoa-Beagle
Myles Sprueill-Wiegand
                                                           Pete Russell-Herring        Raymond Stuart-Gillen
Sami Karaouni-Lane                             skills.     Robert Barros-Burzynski     Tateyana Hendricks-Wright
Shia Stennis-Wright                            Photo by
                                                           Vanessa Paz-Inserto         Tori Cook-Gutowski
Yecenia Aldava-Sanchez                         Hendricks   Wayne Rio-Edmonds           Trini Phan-Santa

ASB focus                                                                Volunteer of the month
So much to do, so little time                                            Mindful work
By April Vogel (’11), Staff writer                                       By Mike Misa (’12), Staff writer

         Armijo Student Body (ASB) Secretary Jaclyn Nielson (’11)                  Most of the time, teens choose to get jobs, whether they are
can’t afford to get the usual case of senioritis most future gradu-      difficult, boring, fun or just plain irritating, because they get paid.
ates come down with during the second semester of high school.           But not all students put in their time for a paycheck. Some workers,
Nielson’s schedule keeps her so busy that words “senioritis” and         like junior Alma Vega, volunteer their time. Vega spends her free
“boredom” are not even in her vocabulary. Along with being the           time on Mondays and Wednesdays at Child Haven. She volunteers
ASB secretary, Nielson is kept busy with International Baccalaure-       right after school and finishes at 5 or 5:30 pm.
ate (IB) classes, yearbook class, leadership class and activities, as              It all started when she was just a toddler. Frequently visit-
well as playing on the Armijo varsity women’s soccer team.               ing the psychiatrist’s office, she grew up admiring the job and was
         Nielson chose to run for ASB secretary because she “like(s)     inspired by the way they helped children.
to organize and be in charge of things.” She didn’t run for any other              Now, as she approaches the end of high school, Vega vol-
office because she knew that secretary is the job she would enjoy        unteers by organizing things such as rooms, packets, and events.
the most and do the best job. Her duties as ASB secretary include        She and her sister also occasionally run errands for psychiatrists
taking care of ASB meeting minutes and paperwork, and separat-           Dr. Stephany Ladd and Dr. Jane Johnson.
ing and overseeing different committees in the ASB.                                Vega enjoys the kind environment, the appreciation she re-
         As ASB secretary, Nielson’s biggest goals for this year were    ceives and the feeling that she is making a difference. Losing track
that she “didn’t want to get behind with any of the paperwork and        of time and forgetting she has work is what she dislikes the most.
to make sure stuff (the ASB does) actually matters.” She currently                 It has been a year since Alma started and she has begun
feels like she is accomplishing these goals. Nielson only has four       thinking of her future. “I was definitely thinking about {becoming
Continued on page 22 -                                                   Continued on page 22 -
ASB focus                                                                Psychologically speaking
20 People
Mystery person                                         Does physical appearance influence popularity?
Win a movie ticket!                                    By Paisley Finley (‘12)
                                                       Staff writer
By Shanita Singh (’13)
Staff writer                                                     Some people are easily identified by their physical description. For instance, people know
                                                       junior Andrew Fuimaono by his amazing size. At about 6”3 and 290 pounds, he is hard to miss, but
         As she is walking to her class-               those who know him better also recognize his mannerisms and how polite he can be.
es, she is listening to music from her                 While physical appearance influences popularity, for many students it is usually just an identifying
favorite rapper Lil Wayne. This junior                 marker, something that can get people started on whether or not someone is well-known or recog-
played JV Basketball last year as a                    nizable because of his or her differences.
sophomore, but she doesn’t play for                              Studies do show, however, that more attractive people are considered more popular. Looks
Armijo any more. Instead, she goes to                  alone won’t get a person very far, however. Neither will personality, if that is all a person has going
the Matt Garcia Youth Center every day                 for him or her. It is often the combination that draws the attention.
after school to play basketball.                                 Physical appearance can cause a person to be recognizable to a larger group of people,
         This junior said that she loves to            therefore creating a superficial popularity. This can work in both a positive and a negative manner.
be different from other students. What                 By description, people who are considered attractive tend to be on people’s radar a lot more quick-
makes it easier is that she has no rela-               ly than people who are considered ugly, but the majority of people fall into a more non-descript cat-
tives who attend Armijo with her, so she               egory. It isn’t until a person reveals his or her character that true popularity can be determined.
gets to forge her way on her own.                                It’s not just a matter of confidence, either, although that helps draw people. Sometimes
         One of her many catch phras-                  people judge others by how someone looks before they know how those people are inside. If a
es are “Wuz Hannin”. She has light-                    person is considered attractive, but that person’s attitude is rude or that person is full of himself or
colored eyes and braces on her teeth.                  herself most of the time, he or she will probably only be popular within a small circle.
Her plans are to go college, but she is                Many people get labeled as something that they are not just because of their physical appearance.
still undecided about which one to at-                 For those who have never had a real conversation with a person they consider popular, the only
                                                       thing they have to base an opinion on is the appearance and the opinion of others. Still, simple
tend. She is keeping her hopes high
                                                       things like that will have people set on popularity, admired by many because of the opinions of
and wants to become a future police
          Last month’s Mystery Person was
                                                                 People like being around attractive people. They like being connected with attractive
sophomore Taylor Torrance who was quickly              people. They like going out with attractive people. It makes them feel good and oftentimes they
identified by sophomore Aldo Ibarra.                   will overlook an attitude or a pattern of negative behavior because the attraction offsets it. This
          If you know this month’s Mystery             suggests that physical appearance strongly influences popularity, but this does not mean that it
Person, go to C-3. The first person to cor-            should.
rectly this individual will receive a free movie                 Essentially, a relationship should, hypothetically, be based on more than physical attrac-
ticket at Edwards Theater. Only one prize per          tiveness, whether it is a friendship or a dating relationship. In high school, students are able to
month will be awarded. Journalism students or          recognize how others react to them and what they do, and this has an effect on our sense of worth.
club members and Armijo teachers and staff
                                                       People naturally react with certain biases to appearances. Good-looking students are treated as
do not qualify. Armijo’s Mystery Person will
be presented between September and May.                superior to others, because in the world out of high school, the stereotype claims that popular
Prizes will be available to the first person that      people are good-looking and good-looking people will get the job.
                            correctly identifies                 Even children who are deemed not as attractive are often treated as inferior, in the real
                            the individual from        world and in the media. “Teachers expect different behavior from students of different physical at-
                            the description giv-       tractiveness.” ( Because it is a psychological phenomenon, it
                            en. Submission can-        is difficult to separate the personality of the teacher from his or her behavior. As a result, grades
                            not be taken during        tend to favor those students of higher physical attractiveness. When this starts in grade school, the
                            class time but will be
                                                       children begin to accept the opinions of those who interact with them, and eventually change the
                            accepted between
                            classes, before and        ways their behaviors to meet the expectations of others. It takes a strong personality and an even
                            after school.              stronger dose of confidence to overcome some of the negative experiences based on personality,
                           Not a mystery now.          but it can be done. Physical appearance is not the only factor that contributes to popularity, but it
                              By Dharshini Nadarajah   is admittedly one of the strongest.
                                                                                                                                     People 21
Sibling spotlight                                                                      All in a Name
Four in one                                                                            It’s easy being Green
By Caroline Newell (“14), Staff writer                                                 By Shanita Singh (’13)
                                                                                       Staff writer
         This month’s Sibling Spotlight fo-
cuses on the Lawrences, four siblings who                                                        March is more then just a long month.
attend high school together. Although they                                             It is also packed with a whole bunch of green.
are not the biggest family attending here at                                           Apart from Saint Patrick’s Day and the various
Armijo, they certainly are one of them. Ma-                                            green clothes that’ll be worn by most students,
kar and Makayla are juniors. He plans on Marques and his twin Malik                    these five students don’t have to wear green,
going to the police academy after he gradu-        are the youngest of four.           if they choose not to. After all, they share
                                                        Photo by Dharshini Nadarajah
ates while she intends to Makayla is plan-                                             the magic last name that protects them from
ning to go to cosmetology school. While                                                pinches, even though they are not related.
at school, Makar has been part of College                                                        Aaron Green (‘13) sometimes gets
Club and football.                                                                     teased about his name. Just to mess with him,
         The twins, Malik and Marques, are freshman. Marques dreams
                                                                                       people call him “Green Bean.” Aaron likes his
of becoming a newscaster and dabbled in journalism this year. He plans
                                                                                       last name, though, and said that he wouldn’t
to be more involved next year. Malik, following in Marques’s footsteps,
                                                                                       change it for any reason. “You can’t pinch me
plans to play football in high school and later going to the police acad-
                                                                                       {on St. Patrick’s Day},” Aaron said. “My last
                                                                                       name is Green!”
         The siblings enjoy having each other around. It gives support
                                                                                                 Stephanie Green (‘13) doesn’t mind
and encouragement. However, there can be some downsides. “If I don’t
                                                                                       about having the last name after a color. While
do an assignment, my teachers will talk to them and they’ll tell my mom”
                                                                                       her friends don’t tease her about it, there
said Marques. Makar said that another bad thing is that “they‘re always
                                                                                       are some family references like, “That’s how
in my business!”
                                                                                       Greens are.” “It’s a pretty cool name to have.
         Makayla pointed out that there are three of them (brothers) when
                                                                                       It’s something different,” said Stephanie.
asked for the disadvantages. But Malik didn’t see any negative aspects.
Despite the similarities in their names, many people don’t realize that
                                                                                                Chanele Green (‘12) doesn’t get
they are related, unless they are looking at the twins.
                                                                                       teased about her name at all. She said that
         At home, the family likes to listen to hip hop, rap, and r&b while
                                                                                       she wouldn’t change her name for any rea-
they play football together. As an older brother, Makar thinks his younger
siblings might feel that he is too overprotective. Makar was able to wrap
up his feelings for his sister and brothers with these two words: “We fam-
                                                                                                Rosendo Green (‘11) doesn’t know any
ily!”                                                                                  of the other Greens either. He likes his name
                                                                                       and finds no reason to change it. He doesn’t
Driving miStakeS -                                                                     get teased by it at all.
Continued from page 9                                                                           Jaymi Green (‘12) only came to Armijo
                                                                                       in February but he is already discovering that
teens try to talk or text on their cell phones while behind the wheel.                 Armijo is a green-friendly campus.
Others admit to driving over the speed limit, especially when they are                          Apart from their name, these four
running behind schedule for work, school, etc. This behavior has some-                 students do have a few things in common.
times led to multiple tickets, which can affect insurance rates or even                They don’t know each other, which is surpris-
possession of a driver’s license. Even something as simple as listening                ing since they share the same name. Three
to music or changing the radio station or CD can cause a distraction that              of them would choose green as their favorite
can lead to a crash.                                                                   color, with the exception being Stephanie, who
        As they become more experienced drivers, teens tend to rec-                    prefers red and Jaymi. Three of them have rel-
ognize some of these common driving mistakes and learn how to avoid                    atives who have Armijo connections. Aaron’s        Some of the best
them. Simple measures, like planning ahead or turning off the cell                     sister graduated in 2010, Stephanie’s sister      things are Greens.
phone, can save money in damages and tickets. More importantly, do-                    graduated in 2007 and Chanele’s cousin cur-                       Top photo
                                                                                                                                            by Dharshini Nadarajah
ing these things can save lives.                                                       rently goes here.
22 People
Far from home                                                                Hot Wheels
Moving north                                                                 Quite a catch
By Tyree Carrie (’14), Staff writer                                          By Ashley Richards (’13),
                                                                             Staff writer
          For many people, moving from one house to another is dif-
ficult, but Celine Zamora (’13) had to move all the way from Central                  Before her se-
America to California.                                                       nior year started, Jenna
          Zamora is from Nicaragua, located in Central America. In           Dragges’ (’11) father
late fall, Zamora left behind many of her family members and friends         was searching on Craig-                    It’s simple, it’s basic and
in Nicaragua to move to California. Even though she comes from a             slist for a first car for his            it looks something like this.
different area, Zamora says that making new friends here for herself         daughter. He stumbled
isn’t too difficult. Zamora said that this is what’s easiest for her since   across an ad for a silvery
moving to California.                                                        blue 1994 Mercury Cougar XR7 and knew that he’d made a great
          The main problem that Zamora struggles with is the lan-            discovery.
guage, especially being able to understand it. Coming from Nica-                      The Mercury Cougar XR7 was one of the last made of its
ragua, English isn’t her primary language, but Zamora is slowly              model and Dragges’ father snatched it right up because it was in
learning. Language is also a factor in relationship to schoolwork, but       good shape and it had good mileage.
aside from that she does very well with handling her classes. Due to                  When he and his daughter got the car, it was in good shape.
the fact her English isn’t that great, Zamora takes classes that help        There was only one thing to fix and, since then, there have been no
her get better at understanding and saying words in English.                 further repairs.
          Away from school, Zamora has learned to adapt to American                   It is a good car, but it isn’t everything Dragges has dreamed
customs. She enjoys hanging with her siblings and friends at the             of. For instance, she dislikes the fact that the locks on her doors and
                                                                             the locks on her trunk do not match. “It is not my dream car,” Dragges
mall as well going with her family to church. Zamora has learned to
                                                                             said. “My dream car would be something with a lot of seat and has
use current technology and she enjoys using the computer. It should
                                                                             good gas mileage”, she said.
                                      come as no surprise if she a Fa-
                                                                                      It’s a big car on the outside and, even though she is not sup-
                                      cebook page or Tweets to her
                                                                             posed to drive friends in the car, she does it sometimes. As a result,
                                                                             she feels that, on the inside, it’s a tight space.
                                      aSb FocuS -                                     All of that aside, Dragges likes the fact that the car has com-
                                      Continued from page 19                 fortable seats and it has a good stereo system.“It’s a good first car
                                                                             and mostly you just take what you can get the first time around she
                                      periods so she dedicates both          said.
                                      fifth and sixth period to getting
pSYchologicallY -                     all of her work done and staying
Continued from page 19                on top of all of her responsibili-

a psychiatrist}, but I don’t know              The biggest challenge
what I’m going to do,” she said.      about being ASB secretary for

“I was thinking that or a thera-      Nielson is “probably all the time
pist for the jails or something       (the job) requires.” Her favorite
like that maybe.”                     part of being part of the ASB is        A S S O C I AT I O N
         Vega would highly rec-       that they “all have so much fun                                                               Alumni Office
ommend volunteering because           together.” Juggling all sorts of                                                             707.429.3499
“it’s like having two families,”      responsibilities is well worth the
she said, and because she feels       work for Nielson. She enjoys be-                                                  Post Office Box 460
that, by doing this, she is “mak-     ing ASB secretary and looks for-                                     Fairfield, California 94533-0045
ing a difference.”                    ward to a great rest of the year.                               
                                                                                                 Homecoming Week 23
We’ve got spirit                                                                                         Humor at Homecoming
By Cyndi Ledet-Golden (’11), Staff writer                                                                By Aaren Lindsey (’12)
                                                                                                         Staff writer
         Spirit week started on Monday, January 31, and ended on Fri-
day, February 4, with the Basketball Homecoming game. Leadership                                                   Armijo’s senior class really got the crowd
decided to pick a Mario/EA games theme for the dress-up concepts.                                        going on Friday, February 4, with their Homecom-
         Monday was Mario’s Mustache Day and there were fake mus-                                        ing skit that won them first place, but anyone could
taches as far as the eye could see. There were pink ones, furry ones,                                    win first place with Mario and Luigi on their side.
and even mustaches drawn onto fingers.                                                                             All of the classes did their best with this
         Tuesday, February 1, was Sonic’s Crazy Hair Day. People wore                                    year’s basketball homecoming theme Video
their hair spiked, gelled, or colored. Some students, like myself, had all                               Games. The crowd shared some laughs and mock
three. There weren’t all that many crazy hairdos due to the demanding                                    tears, especially when the juniors’ Ms. PacMan was
stress of California High School (CAHSEE) testing that took place that                                   eaten by the ghost. The sophomores really rocked
day and the next, but those who participated really showed that hair                                     the stands with their snazzy Guitar Hero skit. The
                                                                                                         freshmen played the crowd in WiiSports, Just
styling can be an art form, too.
                                                                                                         Dance and Rock Band.
         Wednesday wasn’t much better, due to testing. Many people
                                                                                                                   The sophomores did teach a moral lesson
who participated in EA Sports Day wore jerseys. Packers and Steelers
                                                                                                         that Armijo students should take to heart: some
jerseys were well-represented by people who couldn’t wait for the Super
                                                                                                         tasks can be accomplished if we set our differences
Bowl, but other sports and teams were also thoroughly represented.
                                                                                                         aside and work together to meet the full potential of
         Thursday, February 3, was Princess Peach Day and the school
                                                                                                         what’s asked of us.
was filled with tiaras and varied hues of pink. Thursday was also rally                                            The seniors’ blue ribbon skit was followed
day, and the pink-laden gym rang with spirited cheers as the Homecom-                                    by the juniors’ performance with Ms. PacMan in
ing nominees, also decked in pink, were announced, and as the fun               These girls lived it     2nd place, the sophomores’ third place GuitarHero
games took place.                                                               up for Spirit Week.      skit, with the freshmen’s performance that got the
         Friday was the day to show school spirit with purple and gold.                      Photos by
                                                                                                         audience on their feet taking fourth place.
                                                                                     Naama Angulo-Rios
The student body really showed they cared, and many had very creative
ways of doing so. Some wore purple and gold jewelry, eye shadow, and
mismatched shoes. After the entire Homecoming week, it was obvious
                                                                               And the winners were…
that Armijo is full of people with school spirit.
                                                                               By Gabriella Nathan-Funk (’14)
                                                                               Staff writer
Oh, what a night!                                                                       On Friday, February 4, several students were nervously await-
                                                                               ing the half-time announcements of the homecoming court. The winners
By Mr. Carly Perales, Varsity basketball coach                                 will forever hold the honors of their titles.
                                                                                        The homecoming court for the 2011 Basketball Homecoming
         Homecoming night started out with a lot of hope. Fans brought         were very proud as they were bestowed the honor of being in the Home-
their spirit and the A-team was ready to play. Despite all of the effort, it   coming Court.
wasn’t quite enough to beat Will C. Wood.                                               The freshmen were represented by Prince Hayden Del Dotto
         The junior varsity team put up a good fight, losing by only three     and Princess Amanda Bernal. The sophomore class voted Dylan Beck
points in a 48-51 finish. Sophomores Orland Young, Davontre Thomp-             and Katie Bostwick to represent them as prince and princess respec-
son and Aaron Green, along with freshman Tyree Carrie worked to-               tively. Juniors Bryan Ard and Navjot Kaur were chosen as prince and
gether, each earning six points, to lead the team.                             princess of the junior class, and Nick Spini and Lina Nguyen were the
         After the class skits, the varsity team took to the court in a        choice from the senior class.
game that ran into overtime but still produced a loss for Armijo at 47-                 Finally, the most coveted positions in the homecoming court
54.                                                                            were announced. The winners were Queen Paulina Angel (’11) who to-
         Armijo’s leading scorer was junior Travis Selle with 17 points,       tally rocked a cute black dress, but the position of King was tied between
including one three-point basket. Terrance Broussard (’11) also had            senior Dakota Robarge, who wore an A-man suit with a suit jacket, and
10 points.                                                                     Karmen Balhotra, who was proudly wearing his varsity Armijo basket-
         The Homecoming Court was announced during half-time.                  ball jersey.
24 Sports

                       Baseball                                                     Softball
 Varsity Coaches: Mike Singer, Dennis Spiller & Ron Spini        Coaches: Rick Newman, Mark Nakatani, Mike Gray,
Junior Varsity Coaches: Rich McCampbell & Mike Thomson              Clara Moore, Pat Tiger and Tarshua Moore
       Sat, March 5 vs Hogan at Laurel Creek @ noon                    Tuesday, March 1 at Vanden - Time TBD
   Fri, March 11 vs Rodriguez at Laurel Creek @ 3:30 pm
                                                                           Thursday - Saturday, March 3 - 5
   Tues, March 15 vs. Vanden at Laurel Creek @ 3:30 pm
                                                                          St. Mary’s Tournament - Time TBD
                        mel gameS                                   Wednesday, March 9 against Vallejo @ 3:30 pm
            Friday, March 18 at Vacaville @ 4 pm
                                                                     Monday, March 14 against Hogan @ 3:30 pm
       Wednesday, March 23 against Vintage @ 4 pm
                                                                  Tuesday, March 22 at Christian Brothers @ 3:30 pm
             Friday, March 25 at Napa @ 4 pm
                                                                           Friday - Saturday, March 25-26
      Tuesday - Friday, March 29 - April 1 (Times TBA)                    River City Tournament - Time TBD
            Easter Tournament at Laurel Creek
                                                                        Thursday, April 7 at Wood @ 3:45 pm
           JV Tournament at American Canyon
         Wednesday, April 6 against Wood @ 4 pm
              Friday, April 8 at Fairfield @ 4 pm
                                                                Head Coach: Jay Dahl; Assistant Coach: Dan Harrison
                                                                          Tuesday, March 8 against Vintage
                Women’s Soccer                                          at Silverado Country Club @ 2:30 pm
   Head Coach: Brad Burzynski; JVCoach: Josh Levine
                                                                          Thursday, March 10 against Napa
 Tues, March 8 against Woodland - JV 5 pm, Varsity 6:45 pm                  at Rancho Solano @ 2:30 pm
           Thursday and Friday, March 10 and 11                           Tuesday, March 15 against Wood
      All City Tournament at Armijo @ 2 pm both days                        at Cypress Lakes @ 2:30 pm
 Wednesday, March 16 at Vacaville - JV 4 pm, Varsity 6 pm               Thursday, March 17 against Vacaville
                                                                             at Green Tree @ 2:30 pm
    Friday, March 18 at Wood- Varsity 3:30 pm, JV 5 pm
                                                                       Monday, March 21 - Elkhorn Tournament
Wednesday, March 23 against Vintage - JV 5 pm, Varsity 7 pm
                                                                          at Elkhorn Country Club @ 9 am
   Friday, March 25 against Napa - JV 5 pm, Varsity 7 pm
                                                                         Tuesday, March 22 against Fairfield
Wednesday, April 6 at Fairfield - JV 3:30 pm, Varsity 5:30 pm              at Paradise Valley @ 2:30 pm
   Friday, April 8 against Vacaville - JV 5 pm, Varsity 7 pm                Thursday, March 24 - MEL #1
                                                                            at Paradise Valley @ 12 noon
                      Swimming                                          Monday, March 28 against Rodriguez
                     Coach: Brenna Izatt                                    at Rancho Solano @ 1 pm

         Tuesday, March 8 at Rodriguez @ 3:30 pm                        Tuesday, March 29 against Rodriguez
                                                                             at Paradise Valley @ 1 pm
     Wednesday, March 16 against Fairfield @ 3:30 pm
                                                                          Thursday, April 7 against Vintage
         Wednesday, April 6 at Vacaville @ 3:30 pm                          at Rancho Solano @ 2 pm
                                                                                                                     Sports 25
                                                                        Girls’ winter sports
                     Coach: Marty Wallace                               The girls are on the ball
        Assistants: Cyrus Norris, Roy Hill & Matt Pence                 By Paisley Finley (’12), Staff writer
     Saturday, March 5 - Vallejo Relays in Valley - Time TBD                     People say women’s sports aren’t exiting but our 12-0 MEL, 22-5
           Thursday, March 10 at Vacaville @ 3:30 pm                    overall, our Armijo Varsity Lady basketball has proved otherwise, espe-
                                                                        cially after easily winning their play-off games, against Merced, 71-34, on
             Thursday, March 17 at Wood @ 3:30 pm                       Tuesday, February 22 and in Turlock, 67-43, on Thursday, February 24.
                                                                                  The Lady Indians have been going to work these past two months
    Thursday, March 24 - Center Meet at Vacaville @ 3:30 pm             with a star-studded roster with players like seniors Erica Bossett and Jen-
                                                                        na Balestra, juniors Chloe Dawkins and Allana Burnham. It isn’t just the
      Thursday, April 7 - Center Meet at Fairfield @ 3:30 pm            strength of maturity that marks the team as younger players like soph-
                                                                        omores Marshanique Hall (MEL’s Player of the Year), Melaya Gaines,
                                                                        Mekela Raiff, Daija Daniels, Justice Robinson-Kroon and Kianna Simms
Co-ed winter sports                                                     have teamed with freshmen Azhiana Musolf to create a powerhouse on
                                                                        the courts.
Wrestle mania                                                                     Along with their solid head coach, Mr. Christian Stoll, these young
                                                                        ladies have been playing their hearts out on the court every single game.
By Rosaura de la Cruz (’12), Staff writer                               Everyone contributes to the points. Key scorers are Dawkins, Gaines,
                                                                        Bossett, Hall and Robinson-Kroon.
        Think you’ve got what it takes to wrestle? Try taking on Ter-             One of the most outstanding games was the one against the Fair-
rance Saeteurn (’13), Javier Ramirez (’11) and Andrew Fuimano           field Falcons where, despite an injured knew, Simms played through the
(’12). These three have made their way to the top with medals and       injury and earned a standing ovation.
awards for their strength and achievement, taking on and beating
down many contestants with the help of their persistent coach,          Boys’ winter sports
Coach Cesar Correa.
        These three have certainly made their way at least as far
                                                                        Picking up the pieces
as sectionals, but they’re not the only ones. Darius Levan (‘14),       By Tyree Carrie (’14), Staff writer
Hayden Barrett (‘11), Lo Saephan (‘11), Damian Simpson (‘13), Ju-
lius Passion (‘12), Ali Karaouni (‘11) and Geoffrey Shaw (‘11) all               At the end of the day, the Armijo varsity boys’ basketball team
went to sectionals on February 18.                                      hasn’t had the best season, but they sure did go down swinging.
                                       This year the team took part              Friday, February 18, the Indians played their last game of the
                                 in several sectionals, with two        season at home against crosstown rival Fairfield.The first half was one
                                 league runners up. Although there      to forget, ending with Armijo down 33-21. Armijo went on a run as Travis
                                 were wins in 10 out of 14 meets,       Selle (’12) contributed with 23 points including a four-point play and Ter-
                                 the record does not match the          rence Broussard (’11) scoring a three-point play.The game was 59-56 af-
                                                                        ter clutch free throws from senior Damien Johnson, but a blocked shot led
                                 2009 season when we were basi-
                                                                        to three Fairfield free throws and the game ended a disappointing 62-56.
                                 cally untouchable. State finals take
                                                                                 “Every game I felt we got better, and stayed competitive,” Coach
                                 place the first weekend in March,      Carly Perales said, reflecting on the end of his first season as head coach
                                 which will be the end of the 2010-     for the varsity team. He said that he felt the team chemistry could have
                                 2011 season.                           improved and the defense as well.
                                                                                 Leading up to that game against Fairfield, his team had won three
                                                                        home games. Players that Coach Perales felt stepped up the most during
                         Wrestling                                      the season were Devante DeLeon (’11), Broussard and Selle. Despite an
                                                                        overall record of 10-15, 3-6 in MEL, Coach Perales said that the team has
                   Head Coach: Cesar Correa                             come a long way.”We’ve grown a lot as a team,” he said.
     Fri. & Sat., March 4 & 5 - location TBA - State finals                      In JV action, Armijo defeated Fairfield 61-32, ending their season
                                                                        at 9-1 MEL.
26 Sports
Athlete focus                                                                    Athlete focus
On her own                                                                       Two at a time
                                                                                          When seniors Wendy               goals.
         For junior Alexandria Castaneda,                                        Wang and Jeanivy Dela Pena                         Wang plays badminton
those thematic units in her physical educa-                                      came back to the badminton                because “it helps me stay ac-
tion classes really paid off. After she dis-                                     team this year, they faced a di-          tive,” she said, and Dela Pena
covered that badminton was fun, and hav-                                         lemma. Both of them had played            has been playing badminton in
ing a friend encourage her, she decided to                                       on the doubles circuit with stu-          one form or another since she
join the team.                                   Alexandria is a force
                                                 to be reckoned with.
                                                                                 dents who had graduated in the            was in the backyard with her
         Of course, it seems natural that          Photo by Tateyana Hendricks   Class of 2010 so neither of them          cousins.          Both girls said
she would like badminton since she also                                          had a partner that they were fa-          that they would encourage oth-
likes to play tennis. It is something that she                                   miliar with on the court. The ob-         ers to get into sports that they
can see herself doing through college, if the opportunity is there for           vious solution was to play as a           like.
her.                                                                             team, since they were already                      Dela Pena encourages
         “If you’re contemplating getting involved in sports, I would            close friends.                            anyone who doubts the chal-
say to just try out and, if you enjoy it, go for it!” Castaneda said.                     The girls have a lot of          lenges of badminton as a sport
Clearly it is advice from the heart that worked for her.                         things in common. They both               to play against the top players at
         When she’s not swinging a racquet, she is active in Dis-                hope to play badminton in col-            one of the “open gym” days they
ney Club and National Honor Society on campus or taking a dance                  lege, if it is offered. Wang has a        hold. It will get you hooked!
class off campus.                                                                younger brother, Kevin, who is
         Her role models include her parents and her older sisters               nine years old. Dela Pena also            Coach focus
Natalie (23) and Celina (18). She also has two younger sisters,
Victoria (12) and Julissa (6).
                                                                                 has younger brothers. They                Armijo experience
                                                                                 both plan on focusing on medi-
         When she graduates, Castaneda hopes to pursue a career                  cine when they are in college.                     Coach Joe Ordona grad-
in astronomy.                                                                             Although they share a            uated from Armijo in 2001 before
                                                                                 lot of the same interests, they           becoming the assistant coach
                                                                                 also shine on their own. Dela
                           Badminton                                             Pena has played tennis for a
                                                                                                                           for the girls’ badminton team
                                                                                                                           six years ago. In the meantime,
     Varsity Coach: Lawrence Trigg; Assistant: Joe Ordoma                        while, while Wang was on the              he went to UC Davis, majoring
                                                                                 swim team. Dela Pena is very              in Biochemistry and Molecular
               Tuesday, March 1 at Bethel @ 3:30 pm                              involved in school clubs, like            Cell Biology. He now works at
         Thursday, March 3 against Rodriguez @ 3:30 pm                           Disney Club, Key Club and Na-             Genentech in Vacaville.
                                                                                 tional Honor Society, but also                     While he was a student
          Friday, March 4 - 3-way exhibition at Rodriguez                        likes movies and music. Wang              at Armijo, he played both bas-
               against Stagg and Rodriguez @ 3 pm                                likes music, too, and has been            ketball and badminton. He still
                                                                                 playing piano for years. She              plays badminton at the Duke
          Wednesday, March 9 against Bethel @ 3:30 pm
                                                                                 also likes spending her time vol-         Center in Vacaville once a
             Thursday, March 10 at Benicia @ 3:30 pm                             unteering at the hospital, which          week.
                                                                                 will help her reach her career                     Coach Ordona is very
              Friday, March 11 at Rodriguez @ 3:30 pm
                                                                                                    With her               intelligent and likes to keep up
         Wednesday, March 16 against Benicia @ 3:30 pm                                              doubles                on the latest information in sci-
                                                                                                    partner Wendy,         ence and sports. To make his
             Thursday, March 17 at Vacaville @ 3:30 pm                                              Jeanivy rules          point, he even named his son
                                                                                                    the court in
            Monday, March 21 against Davis @ 3:30 pm                                                badminton.             Isaac Noah Fukumuro Ordona.
                                                                                                                           That means that his initials are
             Wednesday, March 23 at Wood @ 3:30 pm                                                              Photo by   INFO.
                                                                                                     Dharshini Nadarajah
                                                                                                                             Sports 27
                                                                                   Athlete focus
                           Coach: Greg Davis                                       Terrific tennis times
           Wednesday, March 2 against Napa @ 3:30 pm                               By April Vogel (’11), Staff writer

                Friday, March 4 at Vacaville @ 3:30 pm                                     It’s never been any other sport for senior Benjamin Rosman
                                                                                   but tennis. He didn’t have much of a choice because both his parents
              Wednesday, March 9 at Wood @ 3:30 pm
                                                                                   and older sister play tennis recreationally. “My parents like tennis and
             Friday, March 11 against Vintage @ 3:30 pm                            introduced me to it,” Rosman said. As a four-year varsity player for
                                                                                   Armijo and captain of the team this year, one could say Rosman is
              Monday, March 14 at Fairfield @ 3:30 pm                              pretty good at this little game called tennis.
                                                                                           Rosman first picked up a tennis racket seven years ago and
              Wednesday, March 16 at Napa @ 3:30 pm
                                                                                   hasn’t looked back since. He practices at the Alan Witt tennis courts
            Friday, March 18 against Vacaville @ 3:30 pm                           about twice a month when he isn’t practicing with the Armijo tennis
                                                                                   team. Great memories like the one that happened during Rosman’s
          Wednesday, March 23 against Wood @ 3:30 pm                               sophomore year kept him coming back to the game. “Doubles partner
                Friday, March 25 at Vintage @ 3:30 pm                              John Dodini and I won MEL doubles title,” Rosman said. Even the bad
                                                                                   times, such as running five miles for conditioning this year, can’t dis-
           Wednesday, April 6 against Fairfield @ 3:30 pm                          courage him from staying loyal to tennis.
                                                                                           Rosman’s loyalty has been rewarded with the title of captain.
                Friday, April 8 against Napa @ 3:30 pm                             He said his goal as captain is to “unify the team.” The best thing about
                                                                                   having the responsibility of captain is, according to Rosman, “having
Athlete focus                                                                      people look up to you.” “Having to make sure everyone stays com-
                                                                                   mitted to the team” is the biggest challenge for Rosman as captain.
Twice the talent                                                                   He encourages loyalty in the other players by using extra exercises
                                                                                   as punishment for those who aren’t proving their loyalty on a regular
Contributed by Coach Greg Davis                                                    basis.
                                                                                           As a player, Rosman’s goals this year are to “have fun and do
         Seniors Xavier Deogaygay and David “DJ” Miranda played                    the best I can and to improve.” He plans to try out for his college ten-
#3 doubles last year and did a very solid job. They work at their                  nis team next year, hopefully at either University of California at Los
game and are both interested in and learning much more about                       Angeles or at Berkeley. With an amazing captain such as Rosman, the
tennis. “I decided to join tennis because my friend encouraged me                  Armijo boys’ tennis team won’t have any problems tasting the sweet-
to try something new,” said Deogaygay.                                             ness of victory this year!
         Both are excellent athletes and fine students. Deogaygay
will play #6 singles for the first meet, but his doubles partner Miran-            Senior trip -
da will be teamed up with Steve Landgraf                                           Continued from page 13
(‘12) at #2 doubles. The team will be de-
                                                                                   they will spend the day with seniors from other schools as well as
fending their fourth straight MEL undefeat-
                                                                                   other park guests.
ed season.
                                                                                            At 6 pm, the park will close to everyone but members of
         Deogaygay said that he hopes to
                                                                                   the senior classes and they will enjoy dancing, a barbecue and
continue playing tennis in college, and add-
                                                                                   unlimited rides until 11 pm when they load the busses to return to
ing basketball to his repetoire, both at the
club level. It will be helpful for him to focus
                                                                                            The price of the trip will be about $85, which includes trans-
on singles after a successful year playing
                                                                                   portation and some additional perks. Only graduating seniors who
                                                                                   have paid off book fees and ID charges will be allowed to go and
         “This should be a challenging yet DJ (above) and Xavier
                                                   were double trouble.            only if they have signed up in advance. More details will be avail-
rewarding season for the team as well as
                                                    Photo by Dharshini Nadarajah   able in the bulletin.
these to fine tennis warriors.
28 Sports
Cheer looks toward try-outs                                                                                 Off-campus athlete
By Cotie Galloway (’11), Staff writer                                                                       Dancing her way
        Exact dates for try-outs for the 2011 – 2012 Cheerleading                                                 Ms. Lori Villanueva has been danc-
squad will be announced at a later date, but they are expected to                                           ing hula since she was 16, so it was no
be held sometime in March, before Spring Break.                                                             surprise that she started her daughter on
        Cheerleading is a year long sport which demands dedica-                                             the style. Vanessa Villanueva (‘12) started
tion and discipline. ‘It’s a fun way to make new friends,” said An-                                         lessons at the age of four.
                                                                             Vanessa expresses her-               “It is a lot of fun and you can learn
gela Alvarado (’13). The varsity captains are seniors Lauren Vigil              self through hula.
and Belinda Garcia who have participated in cheer since freshman               Photo by Dharshini Nadarajah about the ancient history of Hawaii,” the
year.                                                                                                       younger Villanueva said. “In my group,
        Alvarado said that she loves the challenge cheerleading                                             Halau Ka Waikahe Lani Malie, we do tradi-
gives her. “Cheerleading is definitely a fun experience if you stick it     tional hula and no modernized hula.” She would encourage others
out even when you don’t pick something up right away,” she said.            to get involved in hula if they have the chance.
        Students who take part in cheer camp will learn several rou-                  While she hasn’t done any other types of organized sports
tines and jumps as well as gain experience. Those who are inter-            since her basketball days when she was younger, she is still very
ested in showing Armijo pride are encouraged to watch for posters           active. Villanueva serves as a teacher’s assistant at her aunt’s pre-
                                                                            school - MILE preschool - during the summer. During the school
announcing the upcoming try-outs.
                                                                            year, she is on the yearbook and in National Honor Society. Her
                                                                            hobbies include scrapbooking and hanging out with my family.
                                                                            “They are a big part of my life,” she said. Her aunt is her role model
No boys allowed                                                             because she has achieved so many goals.
                                                                                      When Villanueva graduates she plans to go to Sacramento
By Caleb Rounsavall (’13)
                                                                            State, but she hasn’t decided what she’s going to major in.
Staff writer

         For five courageous girls, wrestling is a positive outlet to let
off energy that has built up through the day, because of the tedious
word problems and the prolonged lectures. On Friday, February 4,
at McNair High School in Stockton, the girls’ wrestling season culmi-
nated at the All Girls Wrestling Tournament.
         Sonia Rodriguez (’13), Ciclady Rodriguez (’11), Wendy Fon-
seca (’12), Araceli Gabriel (’12) and Kaila Cauthorn (’11) had been            Two or more Armijo students buy any item,
                                                                                               each item is $25 off!
preparing for over three months for this tournament. Unfortunately,
both Rodriguezes and Gabriel went home without a victory. However,
Fonseca and Cauthorn soared above the rest when the time came
for them to wrestle. Fonseca snatched a win before her elimination                CUSTOM EMBROIDERY * SCREEN PRINTING * SUBULIMATION
and Cauthorn would’ve advanced to the second day of the tourna-
                                                                                          LASER ENGRAVING * VINYL LETTERING
ment with her two wins if her weight class at 132 pounds hadn’t been                     Embroidery on:
so full of other wrestlers.                                                    Caps, Apparel, Jackets, Shirts, Aprons,
         When asked about her success, Cauthorn said “My experi-                        Letterman Jackets
ence this year at the girls’ sections tournament was an improve-                     Free estimates, credit cards accepted
ment for me. Both of my previous two attempts ended with a 1-2
elimination. This time I nearly qualified for the second day of the
                                                                                         905 Texas St.
tournament.” Even though the season ended without a girl advanc-
                                                                                    2 doors west of Pepper Belly’s
ing to the second day of the wrestling tournament, all the girls had
fun cheering and supporting each other while each of them gave the
tournament their best effort.
                                                                                                                                          Sports 29
Do teacherS care? -
Continued from page 9
                                                                                            The impact of sports on grades
because it’s their job.
           “Teachers that don’t like their job stand out,” Mr. Fowler said, “but the ones   By Johnathon Teal (’12), staff writer
who are exceptional stand out as well.” That same concept goes for students, too.
After years, and even decades, of being in the classroom, teachers can get burned                                              Sports are a part of the lives of many
out. Most teachers do not want to go toe-to-toe in an argument with a student. Most                                     students. There are sports during the sum-
treat their students with respect and most students also respect their teachers.                                        mer, outside of school, and through athletic
However, if the teacher is rude to their students and the students are rude to their                                    teams within the school programs. The ques-
teachers, burn out easily occurs.                                                                                       tion to ask is why are sports in schools and
The most common scenario in a classroom is mixture of rude students and respect-                                        how do sports affect the grades of student
ful students, but when there is only one teacher in the room, it is hard to see the                                     athletes?
balance and a frustrating day can lead to a disgruntled teacher.                                                               Sports help teach students to work for
                                                                                                                        what they want to achieve. For example if a
           It is harder for a teacher who is only teaching for the money. It could be
                                                                                                                        student wants to win a game, or match he or
that teaching is the only job that they can handle, or they’ve been doing it so long
                                                                                                                        she has to put in the time and effort in prac-
that they are no longer interested in pursuing an alternative career. And it isn’t just
                                                                                                                        tice to be able to achieve that goal. This can
all or nothing. Some teachers teach for a select few students, not just for the money.      also be transferred to the classroom. For students who wish to do well
Some say because they became one of those teachers due to bad experiences.                  on a test or quiz, the proper preparations must be taken in order to get
Some because as stated earlier only job they can get because they have a degree             the results they want. Sports can also take a negative effect on students
in a needed class at a school.                                                              and how they perform in school, too. They can take up time and energy
           Ms. Ann Lyerla, an English teacher, may not be able to answer for every          when a student devotes too much time to the sport and not enough time
teacher throughout the district but she can answer for herself. She agrees that some        to the schoolwork.
teachers may be just burned out from being in a rut over the years of repetition and                 In the end, though, it is the work ethic of the student who deter-
handling with students who don’t care or are consistently rude to the individual. She       mines the grade, not sports. Let’s take a look at the average grade of
also said that it’s possible that some teachers just don’t like students to begin with.     a high school student who is not involved in sports. The average grade
           Ms Lyerla is clearly one of the teachers who actually cares about their          point average (GPA) of a normal high school student, a student who
students but from time to time she may get one of the students who may be a pain            does not play sports inside or outside of his /her school, is between a
in her side. Even those students she cares about because of the fact that they are          2.0 and a 3.5.These students have the normal challenges of any high
human, too.                                                                                 school student. Things such as homework, classwork, teachers, tests,
Some teachers have a personality that doesn’t blend well with the students and that         final exams, pop quizzes, are a daily thing. That may seem like a lot to
may cause the student or students to not get along well with the teacher.                   cope with for just a basic day of a high school student, but the average
           Despite feelings, however, teachers have to learn to balance a profes-           student athlete has a four- to five-day week of practices, too, averag-
sional attitude with their personal style. Each student that comes into a teacher’s         ing up to one or two hours after school, on top of the schoolwork that
                                                                                            is required throughout the week. They learn to juggle tests, homework,
class has a different situation happening in each of their lives at home. Some may
                                                                                            study time and a job, if they have one.
be from a nice background and earn consistent high grades. Others, however,
                                                                                                     Instead of assuming that students who play sports deal with
could come from abusive families and may need to leave their home from time to
                                                                                            more than the average students and should therefore be given a break,
time to avoid any serious injury from a squabble of their parents. When a teacher           people should recognize that student athletes are better prepared for
hears about the personal reason for the student to be missing from school, he or            a challenge. It is easy to just be average and do homework, but it is a
she needs to figure out how to balance that with his or her own emotional situation.        real challenge for student athletes to balance school, practice, games,
Knowing that each teacher has nearly 170 students or more every day, many with              memorizing plays, and having a social life. These are all important to
imposing issues going on in their lives, a teacher can easily get overwhelmed.              teens
           So, while some teachers may not seem to care, there can be several rea-                   Student athletes will tell you that it is difficult, at times, to keep
sons for it. True, some may just be longing for retirement, or even vacations. Stu-         up with grades, homework, and sports, but in the end it is worth it. Sports
dents can relate to that. Some teachers may only be in it for the money or because          in high schools make students work even harder, above and beyond the
they can’t see themselves in any other job. But before students judge the level of          requirements of the students who chose not to play sports.
commitment of any of their teachers, they should consider the variety of things that
                                                                                            Continued on page 37 -
might be going on with that teacher: his or her workload, his or her family life and
the weight of the issues that other students have brought into the classroom.
                                                                                            Sports vs. grades
30 Sports
Co-Ed Spring sports                                                            Boys’ Spring sports
On land and water                                                              Court is in session
By Maria Pasion (’13), Staff writer                                            By Johnathon Teal (’12), Staff writer

         Ready… Get set… Go! And they’re off! The runners burst into
a sprint! The swimmers jump off the platform and in to the water! Yes
folks! This month we are focusing on the track and swim teams for a                      The team has practice after school on weekdays from 3 to
brief update on what they’re doing on both sea and land.                       5 pm, sometimes later. They are looking forward to a rewarding
                                                                               season and ready to face off against their most demanding compe-
track                                                                          tition, the Bulldogs from Vacaville High School. To prepare for that
        The team has been working hard since Day 1. Practices are
                                                                               meeting, they are doing the best thing that they can, according to
Mondays through Fridays from 3:15 to 5 pm if the track is the weather is
                                                                               senior David Fernandez, “Practice, practice , practice!”
clear. Many who think of joining are suspicious as to what to do. Will it
be easy? Will it be hard? Will I be good enough? Phillip Baliola (’12), a
participant in sprints and hurdles, said, “Practice, practice, practice. Try   tenniS
to do your best and you’ll improve and do well. Practice!”                             The multi-talented and always successful team has practice
Swim                                                                           after school on the tennis courts, and sometimes on the track. They
        With practices Monday through Friday from 3 to 5 pm, the team          work on not only improving their on-court skills, but also on endur-
seems ready to face whatever and whoever they go up against, even              ance so that they can perform better and outlast their opponents.
the weather! The team practices, rain or shine. Most people find the           When the season starts, they will be more conditioned which, in the
weather to be annoying, but some see the good side to it. Jon Beserra          end, will bring more victories.
(’13) said, “I love drying off and making bubbles in the pool with my
hands when practice is over.” Cristian Mesias (’13) said, “Don’t let the       golF
suit (Speedos for guys, one-piece racing suits for ladies) intimidate you
                                                                               When the weather holds out, the team has been holding regular
and enjoy yourself!”
                                                                               practices at Rancho Solano Golf Course from around 4 pm to when
Girls’ Spring sports                                                           it starts to get dark. They will be able to practice longer when Day-
                                                                               light Saving Time returns in mid-March. Junior Aaron Beverly and
Let the season begin!                                                          senior Anthony Del Dotto have returned to play another year. With
                                                                               other returners on the team they will bring experience and a sense
By Aishwarya Thakur (’13) and Hikmah Roberts (’14)                             of pride to the team .
Staff writers

                                                                                         Show us your Signal Spirit
          It’s been a rough start for the team this season. Due to the            Bring in a reciept from one of our advertisers dated February 28
district’s budget cuts, the girls don’t have any transportation unless the         through March 18 and enter a drawing for a free movie ticket!
team can pay $400 per trip (about $10-15 per person). The captains are
working on fundraisers while Head Coach Lawrence Trigg and Assistant                                Advertisers include:
Coach Sanjay Thakur are trying to get parents to help.                                   Chez Soul
SoFtball                                                                                     Truffleberries     Logical Learning
       The team is coming together after undergoing cuts on Wednes-
day, February 23. They are looking forward to an exciting season with a             Kristina’s Boutique     Panda Express (3/15 only)
good combination of experienced and fresh faces.                                 EZ Driving School       Lemon Tree Gifts & Crafts
Soccer                                                                                               Digital Stitchz
         After the first scrimmage on Wednesday, February 23, the team
is ready to start the regular season. They are working on improving their           Our thanks to the Armijo Alumni Club and Edwards Cinemas
skills with the help of Varsity Coach Brad Burzynski and new JV Coach                                for their continued support
Josh Levine, a teacher at Sullivan Middle School.
                                                                                                          Happenings 31
Pity the fool                                                                 The life of Pi Day
By Hallie Hill (’12)                                                          By Shatianna Myrick (’12)
Staff writer                                                                  Staff writer

         April Fool’s Day is widely recognized and celebrated as a day in              Math enthusiasts are excited and ready to celebrate for this
which people tolerate practical jokes and general foolishness. This day       day of Pi. Pi Day is on Monday, March 14, which is often written 3/14,
is for people who like to make funny jokes and have a good sense of           which reminds people of the mathematical term called Pi. The use of
humor. It is also for someone that is willing to make a joke and take one     Pi came from a Greek letter which stands for 3.1415926535... also
back.                                                                         known as 3.14. Teachers, college students and other adults mostly
         It was named April Fool’s Day because, a long time ago, New          celebrate this day although fun can also be had by high school stu-
Year’s Day was celebrated on April 1. After being switched to January         dents.
1, the people who still celebrated it in April were called April Fools.                Pi is an irrational and transcendental number which means it
         While April Fool Day is widely celebrated, it is not a legal holi-   will continue infinitely without repeating. The symbol for Pi was first
day. We get no days off from school or work because of it. It’s just a        used in 1706 by William Jones but was popular after it was adopted by
regular day for people, unless you participate in this playful holiday.       the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler in 1737. Pi Day was founded
Some people look forward to April Fool’s Day just to make a prank on          by physicist Larry Shaw in 1989. It was first celebrated in San Fran-
someone.                                                                      cisco at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Pi Day has since become
         This holiday is celebrated all over the world. Some theories are     an international holiday. People have festivals for Pi Day and celebrate
that the holiday started around the time of Noah’s ark. It is said that       in their own ways, including eating pie, having mathematical contests,
Noah mistakenly sent a dove to find dry land after the flood began to         wearing clothes created for this day, and other fun ways. People also
recede on April 1, but he was fooled to believe that the floodwaters had      celebrate Pi Day online or live in action.
seceded. Other folklore says that there are other origins of the holiday,              Senior Erica Jones said “I never had celebrated Pi Day. It re-
but the first recorded information came from the continental northern         ally doesn’t catch my interest.” Despite this, anybody can participate
Europe and spread to Great Britain. In southern Africa the jokes only         in doing something for Pi Day, although not everyone understands
last until noon, and someone who plays a trick after noon is called an        the fun. Chardonai Rose (’11) said, “I’m not really into math so I never
April Fool.                                                                   celebrated this day.”
         There can be good and bad pranks on April Fool’s Day. Some                    Ironically, this day is also Albert Einstein’s birthday, who was
people don’t take jokes as well as others. Just be prepared; you might        one of the greatest scientists and mathematicians of all time. Junior
be the one that’s getting pranked. If you are the one that’s pranking
                                                                              J’mia McCall said “ I think that it’s fun that they can make math some-
people, be safe and consider other’s feelings before you act.
                                                                              thing to have with.”
Beware the Ides of March
By Ayanna McClure (’11)
Staff writer

         While Julius Caesar was assassinated on March 15, 44 BC, it
was Shakespeare’s famous line, “Beware the Ides of March,” that put
that phrase into common language. Ever since Caesar’s assassination,
the “Ides of March” has been an interest to writers and scholars.
The Ides of a month was a mark of lunar events on the calendar but
came to represent a day of abrupt change.
         Josiah Osgood, an assistant professor of Georgetown Univer-
sity said that “the Ides changed everything.” The Romans had expelled
their last king on nearly five decades before Caesar came to power, in
509 BC, so when he turned down the offers of kingship three times, the
Continued on page 35 -
32 Happenings
Changing of the seasons                                                      Celebrations and solemnity
By Patrick Finnigan (’12)             the term equinox may denote an         By Alexis Burke (’14)                much more. People take advan-
Events editor                         equinoctial point.”                    Staff writer                         tage of this holiday to go a little
                                              This year, this event will                                          crazy because they are preparing
          I have come to terms        take place on Sunday, March                     Mardi Gras, meaning Fat     for the solemnity of Ash Wednes-
that I’m terrible on explaining       20, although it can vary from          Tuesday, is a celebration thrown     day and the 40 days leading up to
Earth’s rotation and its effect on    year to year by about 24 hours.        prior to Ash Wednesday, the be-      Easter.
seasons, as was the case when         The word equinox technically           ginning of the season of Lent.                Ash Wednesday, which
I tried to explain the Fall Equinox   means “equal [day and] night,”                  This year, Mardi Gras       will be celebrated on Wednesday,
in the paper. It was dreadful. In     but this is not strictly true as the   falls on Tuesday, March 8. It is     March 9, starts the weeks known
it, I suggested that the reader       word refers to a moment in time.       celebrated around the world,         as Lent. This period is symbolic
should go on Wikipedia, where         In other words, the equinox will       but most extensively in New Or-      of the time that Jesus went with-
                                                                             leans, Louisiana, and Brazil. Dur-   out food and water for 40 days,
they explained the Equinox bet-       take place at 4:21 pm in Califor-
                                                                             ing the celebration, many people     and in the Catholic religion, many
ter. Being the genius that I am, I    nia. The two days per year when
                                                                             wear masks, costumes and face        religious people give up some-
will now bring Wikipedia to you.      day and night are closest to be-
                                                                             paint. The event includes danc-      thing dear to them during that
Here is the first excerpt from the    ing of equal length are equilux-
                                                                             ing, singing, sports competitions    time. The end of Lent is Easter
Equinox page on Wikipedia:            es. Those are the days where           and parades. Fattening foods         Sunday, which falls on April 24.
          “An equinox occurs          sunrise and sunset are closest         are eaten, many of which are ex-              On Ash Wednesday, de-
twice a year, when the tilt of the    to being exactly 12 hours apart,       tremely popular in New Orleans,      vout believers go to church and
Earth’s axis is inclined neither      which falls on Sunday, March           like gumbo, crawfish, catfish, red   have a blessing by the priest
away from nor towards the Sun,        20, for spring.                        beans and rice, jambalaya and so     who smears a cross made out of
the center of the Sun being in                                                                                    ashes on their foreheads. These
the same plane as the Earth’s                                                                                     ashes are often made from the
equator. The term equinox              A change of an hour                                                        palm crosses from the previous
can also be used in a broader                                                                                     year, small reminders of Christian
sense, meaning the date when                                                    This year, people across          piety that are passed out on Palm
such a passage happens. The                                             the country will be turning their         Sunday, which will fall on April 17
name equinox is derived from                                            clocks forward at 2 am on Sun-            this year. That day and that sym-
the Latin aequus (equal) and                                            day, March 13. This habit used            bol represents Christ’s entrance
nox (night), because around the                                         to be practiced on the first Sun-         into Jerusalem when believers
equinox, the night and day are                                          day in April, but in 2005 Presi-          put palm branches before Him as
approximately equally long. It                                          dent George W. Bush signed the            a symbol of welcome, the same
may be more precisely under-                                            Energy Policy Act which changed           week He is said to have been
stood to mean that latitudes +L                                         the dates for Daylight Saving Time        crucified and buried, the Sunday
and -L north and south of the                                           (DST) in the U.S. This meant that,        immediately preceding Easter
Equator experience nights of                                            in North America, DST has started         Sunday.
equal length.                          on the second Sunday in March and ended on the first Sunday in
          “At an equinox, the Sun      November since 2007.
is at one of two opposite points               Benjamin Franklin suggested Daylight Saving Time as
on the celestial sphere where          early as 1784 to take advantage of the additional daylight time in
the celestial equator (i.e. decli-     the summer when many people were sleeping later. It wasn’t until
nation 0) and ecliptic intersect.      1966, however, that much of the United States started to honor
These points of intersection are       the changes. Even today, not all places in the United States and
called equinoctial points: clas-       related territories move their clocks forward in the spring. Hawaii,
sically, the vernal point and the      American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and
autumnal point. By extension,          parts of Arizona still do not participate in the event.
                                                                                                           Happenings 33
                                                                              This month in history
In honor of “Newspapers in Education Week,”                                   Beyond the luck
 what is your favorite part of the Armijo Signal?
                                                                              Kaitlin Savory (’13), Staff writer

                                                                                       March is obviously the month for St. Patrick’s Day, the day of
                       Ariama Gutterez(‘14):
                                                                              green and luck, but many other things have taken place in the month of
                       “I like the sports                                     March.
                       section.”                                                       On March 3, 1913, a women’s suffrage march took place in
                                                                              Washington DC, the day before Woodrow Wilson’s inauguration. The
                        Miguel Ayala (‘14):                                   women on the march were attacked by an angry audience of disbeliev-
                      “My favorite section in                                 ing men, and many women were spat on or hit in the face, an act of
                   any newspaper is sports.”                                  discrimination and disrespect.
                                                                                       On March 5, 1770, the Boston Massacre occurred as a group
                                                                              of rowdy Americans harassed British forces, a shot was fired from the
                                                                              British, and all hell broke loose. Killing five and injuring six others, this
                       Diamond Roberson(‘13):
                                                                              wasn’t exactly a massacre. British Captain Thomas Preston and eight
                       “I like the part where
                                                                              of his men were arrested and charged with murder.
                       they talk about                                                 March is also the birthday of two geniuses: The Renaissance
                       music.”                                                legend Michelangelo was born in Caprese, Italy on March 6, 1475. He
                                                                              had many talents such as painting, sculpting, and poetry. He was a
                                                                              visionary and still is, to this day, best known for his masterpiece on the
                         David Williams (‘13):                                ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and his sculptures David and The Pieta.
                          “I like the cartoons.”                                       Albert Einstein, the science genius, also celebrates his birthday
                                                                              in March, on the thirteenth. He was born in Ulm, Germany and received
                                                                              a Nobel Prize in 1921. He then immigrated to the United States in 1933
                                                                              where he was an outspoken critic of Nazi Germany and a believer that
                                                                              they might develop an atomic bomb.
                       Jessica Thorpe (‘12):
                                                                                       Julius Caesar was assassinated on March 15, 44 BC, the Ides
                       “The scholarship                                       of March, there was a failed assassination plot on Hitler on March 21,
                       section.”                                              1943.
                                                                                       Several American presidents celebrated their birthdays in mid-
                         Sergio Cabada (‘12):                                 March: Andrew Jackson on March 15, 1767, James Madison on March
                        “My favorite part is the                              16, 1781 and Grover Cleveland on March 18, 1837.
                           cartoons, that don’t                                        The Equal Rights Amendment was passed on March 22, 1972,
                            make any sense.”                                  guaranteeing women many of the rights that had been denied them
                                                                              over American history. It was almost like magic, but it is just coincidence
                                                                              that the famous magic man, we know as, Harry Houdini was born as
                       Ciclady Rodriguez(‘11):                                his real name Erik Weisz in Budapest, Hungary, celebrated his birthday
                       “The question of the                                   on March 24, 1926. He came to the United States with his family as an
                       month.”                                                infant and lived in New York City. He began as a Coney Island magician,
                                                                              then became a world famous escape artist, known for escaping from
                                                                              chains, handcuff, and straightjackets.
                         Eddie Dobles (‘11):
                                                                                       Newly elected President Reagan was shot in the chest on
                         “The question of the
                                                                              March 30, 1981 while walking toward his limousine in Washington D.C.
                       month, because I learn                                 He was rushed into surgery to remove a 22-calliber bullet from his left
                         more about people.”                                  lung. Three others were also shot including Reagan’s Press Secretary,
                                                                              James Brady, who was shot in the forehead and survived. Reagan
By Tateyana Hendricks (‘12) and Dharshini Nadarajah (‘11), Photo Co-editors   soon recovered and returned to his duties as the president of the United
34 Happenings
The wearin’ of the green                                                       Her story
By Amanda Rae Sheppard (’11)                                                   By Caroline Newell (’14)
Staff writer                                                                   Staff writer

          “You’re not wearing green!! I get to pinch you now!” We’ve all               “Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless his-
heard those words every March 17 since we were young, and our par-             tory, she learns she is worth less. – Myra Pollack Sadker And each
ents did when they were young, and their parents, and so on. But how
                                                                               time a girl opens a book and reads what women have done, she ex-
long has the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day been around?
                                                                               pands her idea of what she can do. History helps us learn who we
          It all started with a man named Saint Patrick. He was the patron
saint of Ireland. That means, he is believed to be the protective saint of     are. When we don’t know our own history, our power and dreams
the Irish. He was a Christian bishop and missionary and is known for           are diminished, but when we learn what women have done, it helps
helping convert Ireland to Christianity. St. Patrick is said to have died in   our power and dreams grow.” (from
the year 493 A.D on March 17, which is the reason that date is chosen                  These wise words came from a site promoting women and
to celebrate.                                                                  Women’s History Month, which is celebrated in March. This year’s
          But why green? The original color wasn’t even green. It was          theme is “History is Our Strength.” The stories of women’s achieve-
blue! The color was changed to green because Ireland is called the “Em-        ments are integral to the fabric history.
erald Isle.”                                                                           Until relatively recently, this sphere of women’s history was
          While St. Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in Ireland since the     overlooked and undervalued, but knowing women’s stories pro-
first millennium, it did not get put onto the calendar until Franciscan Luke   vides essential role models for everyone.
Wadding, president of the Irish College at Salamanca, made it so in the                While women’s history is a relatively new field of study, one
17th century.
                                                                               important scholar is Gerda Lerner, who wrote Living with History
 The first St. Patrick’s Day parade wasn’t until 1737 when Irish soldiers
celebrated the holiday here in the United States in Boston, and that’s
                                                                               / Making Social Change. Other important women worth learning
how the holiday is celebrated here in the US, by parades and parties           more about this month include Eleanor Roosevelt, who assisted
held by the many Irish-Americans that live here. In Ireland, however, the      her wheelchair-bound husband in his presidency, Julia Butterfly Hill,
holiday still maintains some of its original meaning. People celebrate by      who lived in a redwood tree for over two years in the late 1990’s to
going to church in the morning, and dancing and feasting from the after-       prevent loggers from destroying that portion of the forest, and Eve
noon until late into the night.                                                Ensler, who was an outspoken feminist playwright.
          Locally, there is a presentation called Celtic Mystery: A St. Pat-
rick’s Day Celebration at the Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre on Thurs-
day, March 17. For more information on this event, go to http://www.vpat.

JuDge viSitS ahS -
Continued from page 16

biography at the UC Davis Law School webpage.
          When her father retired the whole family of six children settled
in Fairfield, where she attended Armijo High School. She had to leave
during her senior year, however, because she got pregnant, but she was
still able to graduate because she had already accrued enough credits
to do so.
          Judge Garrett is coming back to Armijo to share her story and
show students that, no matter what happens in life, we are still strong
and smart enough to go out there and get our education and become
something great. The things that happened in her life only made her
stronger and want to do so much more for herself and her child.
          She will be speaking to people in the library during sixth period
and all students are invited to attend with the permission of their sixth
period teachers.
                                                                                                                  Happenings 35
A man who changed a nation                                                    Video game review
By Kaitlin Savory (’13)                                                       Slash slash bang slash.
Staff writer
                                                                              By Patrick Finnigan
                                                                              Events editor
         Every student attending Armijo has been in the counseling
office at least once. When one enters the counseling office there                         It’s time again to churn out a mediocre review for the Signal, and boy, do I
is a large poster hanging on the far back wall. It displays many im-          have a treat for you! A little game called Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. I only played
ages of Cesar Chavez and what he has accomplished. Because                    through the first few missions, and all I can say is that it’s repetitive, simplistic, mun-
of his sacrifices, a holiday was named in his honor in California             dane… and I play it all of the time. I mean, come on, people! Who wouldn’t want
in 1995. Later, Colorado and Texas were added to the states that              to ride in a giant robot while destroying larger giant robots? Apparently, not a lot of
celebrate the holiday.                                                        people, including X-Play, surprisingly, but I took to it instantly, because this game is
         Cesar Chavez was born on March 31, 1927 in Yuma, Ari-                filled to the brim with mindless fun.
zona, and grew up there. In 1938, him and his family moved to                             The Dynasty Warriors series is a fairly massive game series, spanning from
California, back to Arizona and then again to California. Both of his         the original games based on Chinese combat and history, which led to many spinoffs,
parents were farm workers and so was he. Chavez decided to work               such as the Tactics series, the Samurai Warriors series, and the Fist of the North
in farms rather then get a high school education. In 1944, at the             Star series. The Gundam series was based on the storylines of the various Gundam
age of 17, he joined the military where he faced severe discrimina-           shows, including the original series, Zeta Gundam, and Gundam ZZ, among others.
tion. While living in San Jose California, Chavez was influenced              When you start the game, you start off by choosing a pilot from the Gundam universe,
by Father Donald McDonnell, who talked about farm workers and                 where you play as that character through the events that character has faced from the
strikes.                                                                      respective show they were from. I decided to play as Amuro Ray first and make my
         Soon enough, Chavez founded the National Farm Workers                way through all the characters, but I still haven’t completed most of Amuro’s missions,
Association. By 1970, the union got grape growers to sign union               so bear with me that I only scratched the surface. I still don’t know much about the
contracts and, at one point, 50,000 dues-paying members. This                 actual series, since they keep bringing in new terms throughout the game. I still don’t
                                                                              know what a Newtype is, or why Char is such a jerk.
only happened with Chavez’s strong leadership, his fasts, and a
                                                                                          The controls are very basic, as in practically no learning curve simplistic.
340-mile strike for Delano to Sacramento in 1966.
                                                                              You use the X button to attack, and… that’s basically it, just hammer the X button and
Chavez has become a legend of leadership and justice. He is on
                                                                              move around. I know I’m forgetting the functions of the other buttons, but really, that’s
a poster in our counseling office because he fought for something             just the basic control scheme. And, to be honest, it works. I’m not the kind the person
that he believed in, representing a race of people, and changed               to remember massive button combos while playing Soul Caliber (I just mash buttons),
America.                                                                      so this simple one button kills scheme is really easy to get into. It’s great for anyone
                                                                              to pick up and go insane with power. But don’t think that you would have a shortage
beware! -                                                                     of enemies to destroy, because one of the hallmarks of the Dynasty Warriors series is
Continued from page 31                                                        that you go up against a whole slew of enemies. And the numbers you have to face at
                                                                              one time is staggering. I’m talking about a baker’s dozen or more enemies on screen
Romans were impressed. According to legend, Caesar wasn’t trying              at once, ready to break you, given the chance.
to accept the office of “dictator for life” on 44 BC but being crowned in                 But don’t fear! For you are given a suitably large lifebar, and most of the
spite of his false humility may have sealed his fate in the minds of his      enemies just shoot you a few times while you whaling on them, tapping the X button
enemies.                                                                      for dear life. Every once in a while, an enemy will come up behind you and slash you in
Despite his tragic end, Caesar made an impact in the Roman commu-
                                                                              the back while you’re busy slaying other enemies (“Hey buddy! Can’t you see that I’m
nity. He was the first living Roman ever to appear on coins, an honor
                                                                              busy killing your friends here? Stand behind the white line and wait until your number
usually reserved for the gods. Did he die because he was trying too
                                                                              is called.”). This gets annoying, but it doesn’t take from the fun.
hard to become like a god? It is hard to say, but since his death, the Ides
                                                                                          On each Mission, there are certain areas on the map that your side controls
of March have stood out in history.
                                                                              and areas where the enemy controls. Your job is to defeat as many enemies as you
         March isn’t the only month to have “ides.” The Ides happen on
                                                                              can in each area. When you defeated a certain number of enemies, three specific
the fifteenth of, May, July, and October, too. The same concept hap-
                                                                              enemies will appear. Take down these enemies and you will assume control of the
pens on the thirteenth of the other eight months. The Ides of March is
also the name of a band, several songs and even a movie with George           Continued on page 39 -
Clooney.                                                                      Simply addicting
36 Editorials, etc.
The benefits of travel                                                                          Book review

            Clear, blue water stretches out from the shore farther than you can see.
                                                                                                Riding on The Wave
Birds chirp overhead and people laugh, shouting greetings to one another in their
                                                                                                        What if a teacher’s assignment was so effective that it changed
native tongue. The air smells fresher and cleaner than any air that you have ever
                                                                                                the culture of the school. And what if that change was undeniably neg-
inhaled. Taking a cool, refreshing sip of lemonade, you lay back, feeling the warm sun
caress your smiling face . As you stare up into the bright blue sky, a few wispy clouds
float lazily by. Life is so simple here.                                                                The Wave by Todd Strasser is a fiction story that not only could
            This place is just one of the many that can take a person and literally change      happen, but is based on event that did in 1969 at a high school in Palo
his or her very constitution. Visiting any new place, even a nearby town, can provide           Alto.
one with countless benefits and innumerable lasting effects. Experiencing different                     Read to discover the truth in an project that showed too clearly
lifestyles and views firsthand is enough to give anyone a different outlook on world            what Nazism did to Germany. Would you be strong enough to resist
around us and the people in it.                                                                 the peer pressure? Are you sure?
            Take Italy, for example. In general, the people there are much healthier                    Check out The Wave to see what might happen if we don’t
than Americans are. Italians tend to walk and bike more and drive less, and they eat            stand up for what’s right, in our schools and in our lives.
food that has not been pumped full of sugars, dyes, and preservatives. They gener-
ally have more relaxed attitudes and a deeper appreciation for life. Spending even a
short amount of time in this amazing country is truly a life-changing experience. After          eDitorS:                  RepoRteRs:                Shatianna Myrick          ContRibutoRs:
returning home, you might realize how ridiculous it is to drive a short mile down the            Maneesh Vij,              Lucy Altman               Dharshini                 Mr. Brad Burzynski
                                                                                                    School News            Jessica Angelo              Nadarajah               Ms. Arlene Caron
road to the store. You might think twice before ingesting fat, hormones, and grease at
                                                                                                 Lucy Altman,              Martha Barron             Gabriella                 Kevin Cash
McDonald’s. And you will most likely find yourself a much more relaxed, down-to-earth                                                                   Nathan Funk
                                                                                                  Beyond the Gates         Alexis Burke                                        Mr. Greg Davis
person.                                                                                                                                              Caroline Newell
                                                                                                 Arthur Mestas,            Tyree Carrie                                        Ms. Jhunehl
            Okay, so maybe you can’t afford a trip to Italy. Maybe you can’t make it to                                                              Maria Pasion                 Fortaleza
                                                                                                   Classes & Clubs         Quincy Cintron
Oregon. Fine. Go to Tahoe or Davis or San Francisco. Each place has its own unique                                                                   Michael Pearson           Melissa
                                                                                                 Patrick Finnigan,         Maria Cruz
atmosphere and virtually limitless opportunities. Tahoe’s clean air, fine, powdery snow             Events                 Rosaura DelaCruz          Sarhea Reyes                 Gomez-Lopez
and sparkling water illustrate the importance of keeping Earth clean and healthy. The            Sam Zaghloul              Steven DelaHoz            Ashley Richards           Mr. Al Maddalena
city of Davis encourages open minds and healthy bodies. San Francisco demon-                        Entertainment          Paisley Finley            Hikmah Roberts            Mr. Carly Perales
strates the importance of the arts, and the rewards of supporting local businesses.              Dharshini                 Patrick Finnigan          Caleb Rounsavall          Courtney Thomas
Any place is ready to teach you something if you let it.                                            Nadarajah &            Cotie Galloway            Pete Russell              Ms. Vanessa
            Those who have let new places into their minds have found that doing so              Tateyana                  Hallie Hill               Bela Sao                      Walling-Sisi
                                                                                                                                                     Kaitlin Savory
has been extremely beneficial. Mariah Foy (‘14) is one of these people. “I went to                 Hendricks,              Akayea Kocher                                       ComiCs:
                                                                                                    Photography            Cyndi                     Amanda Sheppard
Mexico,” she said. “[Where I was,] the buildings were much older and there were no                                                                                             Gabriella
                                                                                                 Ms. Lynne D.                 Ledet-Golden           Shanita Singh
streetlights. One lady and her kid were selling pieces of gum on the street. Now I re-                                                                                          Nathan-Funk
                                                                                                    Herring,               Aaren Lindsey             Johnathan Teal
ally appreciate what we have here [in the US], that I can afford things here.”                                                                       April Vogel               photogRapheRs:
                                                                                                    Adviser                Ayanna McClure
She is not the only one. Mr. Ben Soper, world traveler and Spanish teacher, has been                                                                 Robert Williams           Naama Angulo
                                                                                                                           Arthur Mestas
molded by travel. He reminisces about camping and riding camels through the Sahara                                                                   Towana Young              Tateyana
                                                                                                                           Vianey Miranda
Desert, and tells me that it was one of his most life-changing journeys. “Being isolated                                   Mike Misa                 Sam Zaghloul                 Hendricks
within several hundred miles and seeing how far away from everything I was was very                                        Kody Morrison                                       Dharshini
grounding,” he explained. “It really brings you back to who and what you are and the                                                                                              Nadarajah
basics of life. I often wish that life could be as basic and fundamental as it was there,”
he added.
            Of course, travel does have its risks, so it is important for every globe-trotter    Letter to the editor?
to be alert. When going to a new place, it is crucial to pay attention to and understand                     We realize that readers may not always agree with our articles or have something
                                                                                                 that they want to share with the school, which includes the students and the faculty. If you
your surroundings. Respect the ways of the locals. Be safe, and you will have an
                                                                                                 would like to contribute to our Editorial Page, including letters to the editor, please deliver them
enriching experience. You will gain more insight into the world and its people, learn            to C-3. A name must be included.
important life skills, meet new friends, and reconnect with your roots. These opportuni-                     The Armijo Signal is a student publication created to provide information and
ties are available to you whether you travel to Italy or Africa, Tahoe or San Francisco.         entertainment to the students at Armijo High School. We strive to be factually accurate and
All you need is an open, enquiring mind. Travel is one of the best ways to live a full,          encourage our readers to bring information to our attention that could improve our newspaper.
enriching, and meaningful life. So what are you waiting for? Plan a trip today!                              Articles and advertising are selected at the discretion of the Journalism Club mem-
                                             By Lucy Altman (’13), Beyond the Gates editor       bers and adviser but do not always reflect the views of the club or the school.
                                                                                                                     Reviews 37
Restaurant review                                                           Fashion review
Scream for ice cream                                                        Rocking spring fashions
By Quincy Cintron (’13)              young soccer players came in           By Martha Barron (’12)                   Spring fashions will be available
Staff writer                         after playing a morning game,          Staff writer                             at the new FOREVER21 in the
                                     but it wasn’t just children that                                                Westfield Shoppingtown in Fair-
Creameries used to be common         were craving Fenton’s. Groups          Teens should let their colors bloom      field. That means that, not only
themes for restaurants through-      of family and friends filled up        in fashion this spring! The new          will girls have access to extreme-
out the country, where ice cream     tables and seats. Customers            season starts on Sunday, March           ly cute clothing but they will also
treats were the main staples on      really put the workers into high       20, so it is time to dress it up and     have adorable accessories, in-
the menu, but those days have        gear.                                  shed the layers. Embellished tank        cluding bracelets, earrings, neck-
passed. Still, there is a wonder-    Those craving ice cream will           tops and strappy sandals are the         laces, purses, and the must-have
                                                                            look for the new season, but this        sunglasses.
ful creamery in Vacaville, Fen-      find themselves satisfied if they
                                                                            year’s spring seems to be coming                   Spring clothing can be flat-
ton’s, where family and friends      head down to Fenton’s Cream-
                                                                            with a whole lot of color that will      tering as well as fun, modern as
can get together for a delicious     ery in Vacaville. They have so
                                                                            only brighten up skirts, dresses,        well as modest, and, as always,
meal and, more importantly, a        many options to choose from            shorts, and shirts, but fill them        appropriate for school wear. It’s
decadent frozen treat.               that walking away hungry is            with beautiful floral designs and        not just students who will be cel-
When I arrived at the restaurant     simply not an option.                  pastels.                                 ebrating the sunshine in style. “A
one afternoon, I was greeted                                                                                         flowery dress, with an old fashion
politely and within a few min-       SportS & graDeS -                                                               jean jacket, and low cut cow girl
utes I was seated. For lunch I       continueD From page 29
                                                                                                                     boots will be my perfect spring
ordered a cheeseburger and a                  Sports also teach a key lesson in life: “Nothing in life will ever     fashion outfit this year,” said fash-
milkshake. It didn’t take long for   be given to you. You have to work for it and fight for what you want to         ion maven and Spanish teacher
the waiter to bring me my food,      achieve in life.” Also sports teach teens how to work in groups, take oth-      Ms. Yvonne Sanchez.
but I did grow a little impatient    ers ideas into consideration, push themselves to the breaking point and                   The warmer weather
waiting. While the service was       then to keep going. They give student athletes a sense of pride and a           doesn’t just affect the females
                                     feeling of “I just did what many others couldn’t do. I am a student ath-        on campus. Guys will finally be
generally adequate, they had
                                     lete!”                                                                          able to show a little skin, too,
forgotten to provide me with
                                              With every good side of a story, however, there is a bad side.         with shorts, short sleeve shirts
silverware. When that problem        As parents, teachers, or fellow athletes who read may know, sometimes
was remedied I was able to en-                                                                                       and sandals. It’s time to shed the
                                     athletes get so caught up in playing sports, stressing about the big game,
joy my burger and a mouthwa-                                                                                         hoodies and jean jackets that are
                                     tired from practice, and being Mr./Ms. popular on campus that they for-
tering strawberry cheesecake                                                                                         so restrictive and slip into things
                                     get, or stop caring about assignments that are required to receive a good
milkshake. I chose this flavor                                                                                       that allow them to be as active as
not only because I love cheese-               Although sports can cause a drop in grades, as a whole, they do        they prefer to be.
cake, but also because it has a      more good than they do bad. For some students who don’t feel that they
smooth and creamy texture and        aren’t the smartest, or can’t afford to go to college, sports are one way
is a delight to the taste buds.      there; an athletic scholarship. Also studies have been shown that extra-
        Fenton’s is a really great   curricular activities - sports and after school clubs, for instance - keep a
choice to fulfill any ice cream      significant number of teens out of trouble and off of the streets.
                                              In the end, sports teach teens things that not only make them
cravings because they have
                                     better students, but also prepare them for the real word. Although sports
dining in the restaurant as well     can cause a drop in grades in some students, the benefits seem to out-
as full-service take-out options.    weigh the risks when a student athlete steps up to the challenge and
The restaurant is located in the     outshines an average student who is not involved in sports. When a
Nut Tree shopping area, so           student athlete is faced with the challenge of a hectic day, it is far easier
when noon strikes, people of-        for them to find the balance and meet the challenges. Even meeting the
ten pour in to get a tasty treat.    required minimum GPA for a team helps motivate student athletes in the
While I was there, a group of        classes. The benefit of sports clearly outweighs the negative elements
                                     that sometimes creep into the system.
38 Reviews
What number are you?                                                                                              A close encounter
By Sam Zaghloul (’11)                                                                                             with Rango
Entertainment editor
                                                                                                                  By Nathan Cook (’11)
         It was late one Friday afternoon. My father and I had spent the                                          Special correspondent
last few hours navigating the beautiful island maze that is San Francis-
co. After a battle across traffic and an uphill climb to our goal, the Ritz,                                                Rango is a very animated en-
a strange hotel, where the ground floor is the top floor, and the other                                             tertaining film - let me get that out of
levels descend into the earth. On the 15th (or was it 5th? I can’t recall)     the way first. It’s a lot of fun, and had me smiling from beginning to
floor down an interview with Alex Pettyfer, the star of I Am Number            end. Probably its greatest strength, however, could be perceived as a
Four, a new movie about an alien fugitive hiding from his enemies on           fault in many other films: it plays to its tropes by choice. This is a movie
earth, was going to take place. I was very nervous, this being my first        that isn’t afraid to take advantage of the stereotypical characters and
encounter with a celebrity in their natural environment. I felt like there     situations we associate with Westerns. In fact, you might even say that
was a furnace in my chest. When I voiced my nervousness before                 the film is about that kind of Western movie more than anything else.
we started the interview ( to excuse any future stuttering), he actually       The main character, Rango (voiced by Johnny Depp) even plays to
hugged me quicker than I thought humanly possible (don’t you wish              this, fully aware of his role and situation as the sheriff from out of town.
you were me, ladies?). The man is surprisingly warm, both emotionally          This film is nothing if not self-reflexive. And it works. It does.
and physically. Also, Pettyfer can pull off a fantastic American accent - I              Sure, there might be a few too many side characters to deal
didn’t even know he was British until he spoke to us.                          with - you won’t remember anyone’s names, except for the main char-
         “I just thought the story was amazing,” he said when asked            acters: Rango, Beans, and Rattlesnake Jake. But the core of the film is
why he took the role. “John Smith [Pettyfer’s character] is kind of the        a solidly entertaining western action-adventure-comedy and it plays to
classic hero…some of the best heroes are the ones you can relate to,           its strengths. On a side note - the animation in this movie really is as-
and John has that sort of vulnerability to him.”                               tounding; easily the most photorealistic work in theaters since Legend
         “Hopefully my home town will like it,” he said, referring to his      of the Guardians last year. My only nitpick on the visual side of things
home in his native UK. “It’s got this great sort of love story, and action-    was that the cartoony character designs crossed with the photorealis-
adventure in it, so it’ll bring boys and girls to the theaters.”               tic animation and textures created some of the most unabashedly ugly
         “It was hard experience, training for the role, all the wire work,”   critters I’ve ever seen.
he said. “I had to jump off a cliff, 80-feet in the air, and I don’t like                I actually got the chance to interview Gore Verbinski, who di-
heights so there’s that, but the end products worth it.”                       rected this film, and another series you may have heard something
         He could relate to his character “because everyone’s a bit of an      about - Pirates of the Caribbean. When I talked to him, he seemed
outsider. John definitely is one, he wants to have this normal life and        worn out, which is to be expected considering the press circus he’s
can’t because of destiny. A lot of people feel like that, I certainly did.”    had to run for the opening of this film. Although he didn’t talk about
         Upon being asked if there were any major changes from the             his adventures filming on the high seas, for the most part, he did say
source material, a novel written by Pittacus Lore, Pettyfer said, “You         that he was glad he was getting a chance to do something new, and
know, the thing is, I Am Number Four was being finished while we were          that leaving the next Pirates movie, due out in May, was the right thing
filming, and was done during that last week, which was when I read it.         to do. He also talked about some of the fundamental differences be-
The book gets in more detail, and in the book John is more aware of            tween directing a live-action and animated film.
where he comes from, but both have the same core elements, which is                      “Nothing is intuitive,” he said. “Everything is crafted. On cam-
something the recent Harry Potter movies also did well.”                       era, everything is chaos, and you’re trying to capture that chaos.” He
         He said that his favorite scene to film was the big climax at the     said that in an animated film, “you’re trying to catch that feeling. That
football field. “It was kind of surreal, on the set, I’m doing wire work       was what we tried to do on this film. We acted out all the scenes in a
against empty air, and once it’s edited, I’m fighting against a 12-foot        room, all the actors, with audio equipment, in that three dimensional
monster.”                                                                      space. I feel we captured some of that feeling of live action.” In terms
         The hardest part of filming for Pettyfer was “going back to high      of the differences between the two forms, Verbinski said that “there
school,” he said. “I also ways found school to be boring. I’m dyslectic,       is intersect, [but] there will always be a difference.” Rango, for him,
                                                                               is “that silhouette on the horizon. That kind of western,” but also “an
Continued on page 40 -                                                         identity quest.” My recommendation - go see the film, but don’t go ex-
I Am Four                                                                      pecting to see the next Johnny Depp ‘masterpiece’. Unless you have
                                                                               a thing for chameleons.
                                                                                                                      Reviews 39
CD Review                                                               SimplY aDDicting -
                                                                        Continued from page 35
No Boys Allowed
                                                                        area. When the area has started functioning, and now you have control of the area.
By Hallie Hill (’12)                                                    Lather, rinse, and repeat this for every area until victory.
Staff writer                                                                      Every few missions, you face a boss at the end near the end. They can
                                                                        either be an equally-sized Gundam, or a huge Gundam. You beat the normal-sized
        Keri Hilson is not a new, up and coming artist. She’s been in   bosses like normal, but for the Jumbo-sized guys, there’s a bit of strategy involved.
the game since the mid-2000’s as a singer / songwriter. She is now      You can’t just cut them up or shoot them like normal. Instead, you have to attack cer-
on her second CD as a recording artist, with her first solo album out   tain areas of the boss that are marked out during the fight. Just inflict as much dam-
in 2009. Her first was In a Perfect World, with the smash hit Knock     age as possible to those areas to knock them down, and when they fall, keep attack-
You Down. It peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.                     ing those areas to inflict more damage. Very interesting, adding a bit of strategy to
        Her brand new CD, No Boys Allowed, was released on              these kinds of bosses. It takes away from the repetitiveness you may feel sometimes
Tuesday, December 21. It features Kanye West, Chris Brown, and          during gameplay, but these bosses are few and far between, from my experience at
many more. According to,                                  least.
Keri Hilson explained that her CD is mostly                                       Like with every game, this one is not without its flaws. For one, the fighting
for empowering women, but she was not                                   is addicting but I have to admit that it get’s kind of repetitive. Just keep slashing and
excluding men. “The CD is more from a                                   running to the next area, slashing and running, slashing and running, throughout
woman’s perspective,” she said.                                         the game, which might get tiresome for some people. You are sometimes given the
        Her new hit single is Breaking Point.                           task of defending your base, but they can basically take care of themselves. Just cut
Those who can relate to her music are en-                               through enemy lines while the base just floats there and moves sometimes. But the
couraged to pick up her CD from your local                              only straightforward, right off the bat boring element in the game I could point out is
Wal-Mart or Target.                                                     the movement speed in space. You move extremely slowly when you aren’t using
                                                                        your jets, and it could get very boring by just looking at a robot float around, rather
                                                                        than moving his legs and getting into the action on land.
           Top 10 Songs in February                                               What also confused me to no end was that you sometimes collected parts
                                                                        from your enemies and can equip them to your own Gundam when the mission ends.
                  (According to
                                                                        I don’t know what this actually does. It doesn’t really give you new abilities; it just
                1. “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga                         raises your stats (I think.). And it doesn’t even change the look of your Gundam, but
                                                                        I think that if you imagine yourself flying around in a giant mangle of mismatching
                       2. “F*** You!” Cee Lo Green                      limbs, robot-Frankenstein’s Monster-style, that the choice to not change the appear-
                                                                        ance was probably for the best.
                   3. “Grenade” by Bruno Mars                                     Another thing is the quicktime events. Yes, this game has quicktime events.
                                                                        This happens most of the time whenever you’re fighting a normal-sized boss. The
                          4 . “S&M” by Rihanna                          major problems with this feature are that 1) they appear out of nowhere when you
                                                                        hit an enemy, throwing you off your game, 2) they require you to press four buttons
                       5. “F***in’ Perfect” by P!nk                     in under a few seconds. Really, four buttons? On a Playstation controller? I cannot
                                                                        tell you how many times that I looked at the random button set, pause it as soon as
                       6. “Firework” by Katy Perry
                                                                        possible, memorize the combo, unpause the game, and punch it in as fast as I can.
                7. “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele                       And 3) being that if you mess up on the combo, if you are one button off, your op-
                                                                        ponent bashes you with a powerful attack and takes half your life bar! This feature of
                8. “Black & Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa                      quicktime events is the bane of my experience with this game!
                                                                                  So, in conclusion, this game may be repetitive, I admit, but it’s that good
             9. “Never Say Never” by Justin Bieber                      kind of repetitive in my opinion. It’s something that you can get into quickly, and get
                     featuring Jaden Smith                              hooked on it for a long time. You may not understand it at first, but if you give it time,
                                                                        and let the experience grow on you, then this game just might earn a special place in
                 10. “I Need A Doctor” by Dr Dre                        your gaming library. It’s just mindless, addicting laser-slashfest of awesome, and it’s
                 featuring Eminem & Skylar Grey                         a perfect game for any fan of giant robots or the Original Gundam series.
40 Reviews
                                                                                                         What’s new at the box office
DVD Review                                                                                                                Opening Friday, March 4
Hollywood’s A-Team                                                                                         Starring the voices of Johnny Depp and Abigail Breslin
                                                                                                   Animated Adventure, PG (for rude humor, language, action and smoking)
By Sam Zaghloul (’11)
Entertainment Editor                                                                                                     Opening Friday, March 11
                                                                                                                        marS neeDS momS
            With the release of The A-Team, the world slowly movies toward a point                           Starring the voices of Seth Green and Joan Cusack
where Hollywood will run out of old franchises to strip mine, forcing the eventual cre-
                                                                                                             Animated Adventure, PG (for sci-fi action and peril)
ation of Knight Rider movie, and the resurrection of David Hasselhoff’s career. And the
Apocalypse, heralded by mountain-sized talking cars, rampaging across the country-                                       Opening Friday, March 18
side, leaving tire tracks on the scale of canyons, drenched in blood, their wake. But                                           limitleSS
enough about the enviable end of humanity brought up by demonic machines, on with
                                                                                                                Starring Elizabeth Banks and Robert DeNiro
the review.
                                                                                                                      Suspense Thriller, Not Yet Rated
            The A-Team is a remake of the ‘80s TV show of the same name. It tells the
tale of a team of solders who specialize in doing things that make Evel Knievel void                          Opening Friday, March 25 (earlier in some cities)
his bowls in terror. Lead by Coronal John “Hannibal” Smith (Liam Nelson), who could
                                                                                                                               Jane eYre
break into Fort Knox with paper clip, a tissue, and a bucket of paint. Its other mem-
                                                                                                            Starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender
bers include: Templeton “Face” Peck, (Bradley Cooper) whose major talent seems to
                                                                                                     Romantic Drama, PG-13 (for a nude image and brief violent content)
be being very, very pretty; Bosco Albert “B.A.” Baracus (Quinton Jackson), who was
played by Mr. T in the original series, which should tell you everything you need to                                       Opening Friday, April 1
about the character; and H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock, the pilot, who ends up a flying
a messed-up helicopter against a modern, armed-with-heat seeking missiles- helicop-
                                                                                                                            Source coDe
                                                                                                                 Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Vera Farmiga
ter and wins.
            After a brief opening scene showing (containing the pervious mentioned                         Sci-Fi Thriller, PG-13 (for some violence and language)
helicopter-dogfight), the film flashes forward “eight years and 80 successful missions                                     Opening Friday, April 8
later” to the pull out from Iraq. The team is asked by CIA agent Lynch (Patrick Wilson)
to recover some insurgent held U.S treasury mints being moved out of the country
                                                                                                                           Your highneSS
“unofficially.” They take the mission, despite being asked not to by Face’s ex-girlfriend                      Starring James Franco and Natalie Portman
Captain Charissa “No clever nickname” Sosa (Jessica Biel) and General Morrison                    Adventure Comedy, R (strong crude and sexual content and some drug use)
(Gerald McRaney). Long story short, the team gets backstabbed, the plates get stole,
Morrison gets dead, and the team ends up having to escape, spectacularly, from jail
and prove their innocence.                                                                      i am Four -
            This isn’t the most serious, as you can probably tell, and if that bothers you      Continued from page 38
stop here, because it only goes up from here. The film seems to challenge itself to top
the last crazy scheme with the next one, one of which includes flying a tank. Now,              so that was difficult. And in general, high school is weird, and com-
some people might classify this as “stupid” or “dumb” or “cluttered,” and they might            plicated. I remember arriving on the first day, and it was just like an
have a point, but then I remember the fact that they fly a tank, invalidating any argu-         American movie, with the jocks in one corner, and the cheerleaders
ment against the film.                                                                          staring at the jocks, and all these cliques. The director had a hard time
            But seriously, the film’s main draw is the fun and general over the top at-         getting the extra’s to mingle.”
titude. If you can’t wrap your head around that, the film is just going to fall flat for you,            “Not that I should be giving advice,” he said, “but if I did, it
you poor deluded soul. The acting is phenomenal. Liam Nelson is pretty much the                 would be this: school is a miniature version of the world, and while
white Morgan Freeman by this point. You’ll just want to believe whatever crazy thing            it doesn’t completely decide your future, it does influence it and you
that comes out his mouth, with a voice like that. The other actors are equally good.            should be who you are, you know, don’t be a sheep.”
Patrick Wilson is appropriately slimily as Lynch, and Bradley Cooper manages to por-                     I Am Number Four came out in mid-February. Pettyfer’s next
tray Face as someone who’s a lady’s man and a bit too fond of small comfort while               film is called Now, with Justin Timberlake, about a world where people
still being likable. Quinton Jackson, however, suffers by not being Mr. T. No real fault        stop aging at 25, and time is used as currency. You work to live. After
of his own, but those are some pretty big shoes to fill, and he does a good job of it.          his performance in I Am Number Four and this open and engaging
            So that’s The A-Team. It’s not Oscar-worthy, but it is highly entertaining, and     interview, that movie will also be worth seeing.
that’s ultimately more important.

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