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Our Faith and Tradition - The Scots College by pengxuebo


									                    ISSUE 02— VOL. 21— September 2010

Our Faith and Tradition
                                                     THIS ISSUE

ISSUE 02 — VOL. 21
— September 2010
                                                   Part 1:                                       Part 2:
                                                   The Lion                                      The Lang Syne

PURPOSE                                            ▸ From the Principal                    03    ▸ From the President        28
The Lion and Lang Syne is a magazine
reporting to its wider community and reflecting    ▸ The importance of our faith           04    ▸ Back to Scots Weekend     30
on the life and character of the College.            and tradition
                                                                                                 ▸ The Clansmen Memorial     31
                                                   ▸ Innovative Summer                     08      Service and Lunch
PUBLISHER                                            Schools Programs
Editorial Committee                                                                              ▸ OBU Lawn Bowls Carnival   32
The Scots College                                  ▸ From the Women’s Association          15
Victoria Road,                                                                                   ▸ Old Boy Reunions          33
Bellevue Hill, NSW 2023                            ▸ Scots are in Sevens Heaven!           16
                                                                                                 ▸ Let's Hear From You       34
Tel. (02) 9391 7600                                ▸ Co-Curricular in the                  19
Fax (02) 9327 6947                                                                               ▸ Valete                    35
                                                     Preparatory School

EDITORIAL                                          ▸ Our Collective History, Tradition     24
Editor in Chief:                                     and Purpose
Dr Ian Lambert
                                                   ▸ 2010 House Athletics Carnival         26
Ms Melissa Perry
Mrs Patti Frawley (Lang Syne)

Editorial Committee:                                 INFORMATION MORNINGS 2010
Mr Paul Cooper, Mr John Crerar, Mr Graeme

                                                   Scots Boys Grow
Dedrick, Mrs Deborah Mills, Mrs Lucy Mitchell,
Mrs Shauna Pongrass, Mr Andrew Potter,
Mr Bill Rice, Ms Karen Turnbull

Ms Melissa Perry (02) 9391 7600
                                                   Into Fine Men

THE SCOTS COLLEGE WEBSITE                          Do you know someone who could                          be a Scots boy? Our Information
                                                   Mornings provide key information
DESIGN, PRINT AND DISTRIBUTION                     about the benefits of a Scots
Artspec / Brand Engagement                         education at one of Australia’s
                                                   most respected boys’ schools.
                                                   Information mornings will be held on the
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Send us an email with your new details at          (Victoria Road Bellevue Hill) with tours to                      the Early Learning Centre, Preparatory and
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Cover photo:
Piper William Khun (Year 10) with Prep students    ▸ Wednesday 8 September
Ethan Eshuys (Year 2) and Jack Whaling (Year 6).   ▸ Wednesday 3 November
Photograph by Gavin Blue.
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                                                   so please book early to secure your
                                                   place. For bookings or further information
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    P2      The Lion and Lang Syne

The Principal
Dr Ian PM Lambert, Principal

                                              a school. Nor does a school’s greatness         who sacrifice their lives for others. We
                                              depend entirely on examination results,         recognise that innovation and problem
                                              or prowess in sport, or numbers,                solving are at the heart of our pioneering
                                              although these too are very desirable.          spirit. We encourage an acute sense of
                                              The main factor is the character or ‘tone’      humility, service and compassion. We
                                              of the school and this depends on the           seek to faithfully honour our mission
                                              personality and character of the masters        through the teaching and exploration
                                              and students, and the pride they take in        of the Christian gospel and its inherent
                                              their school. They should strive to keep        values. Above all, we believe in the
                                              up with present day progress, without           potential of young men.
                                              forgetting their school’s traditions.”

                                              I would like to assure you that I, too, have                         —
                                              a strong commitment to the position
                                              that tradition is important – it provides          From the earliest days
                                              an anchorage point for the future. But            in this colony and even
                                              tradition must not simply bind us in
                                              convention, but rather, serve to enhance          before men and women
Our Faith and Tradition                       our conviction as we move forward.
                                                                                               set sail from Scotland to
The clarity and coherence of culture          Many of The Scotsman’s observations
is an essential quality of an excellent       made in 1939, with the world on the brink         go beyond the horizon
school. The stronger the culture, the
richer the sense of meaning and the
                                              of war, are still true today. I would add         to the new world, there
                                              that the ‘tone’ or ‘ethos’ is also cultivated
desire to achieve excellence. Culture is      by a clear philosophical foundation, a           was a sense that a school
developed, nurtured and sustained over        vision and mission that is owned and
time through a commitment to a vision,        understood by the school community,
                                                                                               was needed for boys who
the honouring of our collective heritage
and the strength of our faith, philosophy
                                              and strong parental commitment to their            would lead and shape
                                              boy’s education.
and values. Through our College motto,                                                            the new nation and
Utinam Patribus Nostris Digni Simus, we       With these thoughts in mind, I would like
recall the voice of our founding fathers      to take this opportunity to thank parents              the new world.
who challenged us to rise to the call:        for entrusting their boys to our care. Ours
May we be worthy of our forefathers.          is a partnership of some significance,                               —
The Scots College is unique in its culture    and we shall endeavor to build upon the
today because we still hold at our core,      strong family values and principles that
                                              you have impressed upon your sons in            At The Scots College, we are
a fundamental commitment to the
                                              your home and family life.                      philosophically committed to nurturing
significance of our Christian foundations,
                                                                                              and extending the diverse gifts and
and potential of all boys to become young
                                              From the earliest days in this colony and       abilities of all boys. We step forward with
men of integrity, principle and character.
                                              even before men and women set sail              confidence and use our special history,
When I arrived at The Scots College in        from Scotland to go beyond the horizon          these outstanding facilities, and our rich
January 2007, and was placing my various      to the new world, there was a sense that        College community, to develop fine young
books on the bookshelves in my office, I      a school was needed for boys who would          men for the future who will learn, lead and
noticed a small paper marker in page 55       lead and shape the new nation and the           serve as they strive for excellence together.
of The Scotsman 1938–39. Interestingly, it    new world.
                                                                                              May we be worthy of our forefathers.
marked a section with the subtitle, ‘What
                                              Today we share in that vision, and it is
constitutes a Great School?’ Here are a                                                       Scots to the fore!
                                              our task to carry it within our hearts in
few sentences from this article:
                                              perpetuity for the next generation of
“With the extensions to our school            young men.
building rapidly nearing completion, it
                                              At Scots we are committed to being
is interesting to consider the question,
                                              egalitarian and hospitable to all
‘What constitutes a great school?’
                                              regardless of wealth, ability, culture or
What distinguishes a good school from a       rank. We embrace a philosophy and work
bad one? It is not fine buildings, although   ethic that values effort over station. We
these are necessary for the progress of       embrace tradition, and respect those

                                                                                                                   Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P3

Building on a strong foundation:
The importance of our faith and tradition
Reverend Conrad Nixon, Senior Chaplain

Prior to the establishment of The Scots   Hill, the foyer of Aspinall House was       College crest that has at the top ‘the
College, Reverend Arthur Ashworth         used for Chapel services conducted          burning bush’, which also appears on
Aspinall, the man who was soon to         by the Principal and attended by not        the crest of the Presbyterian Church of
be appointed Principal, spoke of the      only students, but also residents of the    Australia and ultimately derives from
importance of developing character in     local community. Aspinall embraced the      Moses’ encounter with the eternal God,
young people, so that they might be       vision of earlier Scottish Presbyterians    who appeared to Moses in a bush that
strong in the face of the challenge of    who saw the importance of education for     burned but was never consumed. It is a
powerful influences, including what       all children, so that each one might have   reminder of that which endures, and of
he referred to as the ‘materialism of     the opportunity to fully express his or     the truths and values that are abiding. At
the colony’. Geoffrey Sherington and      her God-given abilities. Thus within the    Scots, we are committed to developing
Malcolm Prentis’ book, ‘Scots to the      fabric of Scots, faith and tradition have   brave hearts and bold minds in young
Fore’ records Aspinall’s words about      long been interwoven.                       men, encouraging innovation and daring
‘the habits fixed in the growing brain’                                               in the quest to meet the challenges of
and of the need for the moulding of       These Christian foundations remain          the modern world. At the same time, we
both character and mind. From the         important. We are reminded of them in       are committed to honouring our finest
early days of the College at Bellevue     many ways, including in our beautiful       traditions, defending those truths and

     P4       The Lion and Lang Syne
                                                                                                      The Christian faith
                                                                                                    continues to shape our
                                                                                                   philosophy and practice
                                                                                                   at The Scots College. We
                                                                                                    believe in the worth of
                                                                                                    each student as a child
                                                                                                     of God. We affirm the
                                                                                                  potential in each student,
                                                                                                     since he is endowed
                                                                                                    by God with significant
                                                                                                  talents to be encouraged
                                                                                                         and nurtured.
A local senior citizen receives computer training

values that are enduring, and continuing            have the opportunity to further explore      had received. Currently a number of
to encourage young men to embrace the               how the Christian gospel relates to          students and staff are preparing to visit
faith that was foundational to                      their own lives. Faith and tradition find    the Solomon Islands to undertake a range
our forefathers.                                    expression in the lives of many of our       of service projects in association with the
                                                    Old Boys, several of whom return to the      Patuki Community High School and local
The Christian faith continues to shape              chapel for weddings or funerals, or to       Christian churches.
our philosophy and practice at The Scots            join with other College families at our
College. We believe in the worth of each            regular family services, or as a guest       When members of our 1st XV, along with
student as a child of God. We affirm the            speaker at one of our weekly House           many others from the College community,
potential in each student, since he is              chapel services. We have Old Boys            participate in the Bridge Run to raise
endowed by God with significant talents             assisting with the running of lunch time     money for Oasis and its work among
to be encouraged and nurtured. We                   groups, and others who attend our once-      homeless youth, they do so with the
are committed to the development of                 a-term prayer breakfasts. Our service        knowledge that they are participating in
Christian qualities of respect, integrity           learning programs provide opportunities      one expression of an important tradition
and compassion. We acknowledge our                  to express the Christian faith in            at Scots. Our faith in a risen saviour
responsibility to use our resources                 supporting others, and in the process        who came into the world to serve, and
and opportunities to serve the wider                to develop humility, compassion and a        ultimately to give his life for our sake,
community, in accordance with the                   commitment to serving others.                inspires people to strive for great things:
words of Christ “to whom much is given,                                                          to be eager to learn more of God’s world
from him much is expected.”                         Our Friday afternoon community service       and our place within it, to seek to lead and
                                                    programs continue to grow, with many         make a positive difference in the lives of
Today at The Scots College we continue              boys and staff involved in a range of        others, and to endeavour to bring blessing
to encourage boys to explore the                    activities that serve the wider community.   to others, through a spirit of humility,
Christian gospel, to consider the unique            A highlight of 2010 has been the senior      compassion and service.
character and remarkable teachings of               citizen computer training course, through
Christ, and to examine ways in which                which some 20 local senior citizens with
the Christian faith can and should                  little or no computer knowledge have
find expression in our own lives. In                received one-to-one tuition from our boys.
chapel services and Christian Studies               Perhaps even more significant than the
classes, boys hear of and reflect                   teaching and learning about computers
upon the teachings of the Bible and                 has been the growth in confidence and
the importance of the Christian faith.              empathy among all concerned. How
Through the activities of the Christian             good it was to hear one lady speak of
Union, with its lunchtime Bible study               her ‘renewed faith in young people’ as
meetings, youth groups, and activities              a result of the respect and care that she
with students from other schools, boys

                                                                                                                     Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P5
  ACADEMIC                                             ACADEMIC

Academic and Reggio Emilia Twilight
Cultural Tour Visits at the ELC
to the USA
                                                     Ms Karen Turnbull, Director of Early Learning Centre

Mr Brett Cranfield, Coordinator Student Exchanges

During the April school holidays, a group
of 24 Scots boys from Years 8–11, three
staff members and one parent toured the
USA, visiting the cities of Washington DC,
New York, Boston and San Francisco.

The academic components of the tour
were designed to support and enhance
the Economics, Business and Commerce
syllabi. These included lectures at The
World Bank, The International Monetary
Fund, the New York Stock Exchange,
Silicon Valley and Harvard University.

                                                     Madden Williams (Transition) is engrossed in writing

                                                     The Early Learning Centre participated in              The following questions provoked our
                                                     a national event of open classrooms on                 discussions during the evening:
                                                     the evening of Thursday 13 May. The open
                                                     classrooms were part of the Reggio Emilia              ▸ What is this school’s image
                                                     Australia Information Exchange National                of the child?
                                                     Twilight Visits.                                       ▸ How are the children’s voices
                                                                                                            made visible?
                                                     The Twilight Centre Visits were held in 14
                                                     schools across Australia. They were open               ▸ How is respect conveyed in
                                                     to provide to teachers an opportunity                  this environment?
                                                     to visit other classrooms that use the                 ▸ How are different relationships
                                                     Reggio Emilia teaching philosophy. At                  expressed in this school?
                                                     Scots, we support the development
                                                     of teaching as a profession, and it is                 During any day in a classroom there are
                                                     a priority for us to extend to teachers                hundreds of interactions, conversations
Students at the Smithsonian National Air and Space
                                                     from other schools an opportunity to                   and learning moments taking place.
Museum in Washington DC
                                                     look at our rooms and talk with our staff.             Added to that, each of our boys is unique
                                                     Professional dialogue between teachers                 and brings different ways of constructing
We also attended major league baseball,                                                                     meaning to his learning. We can see
basketball and ice hockey games. Riding              from various schools is valuable, but not
                                                     often able to be accomplished.                         children’s learning when we listen,
bikes in Central Park and across the                                                                        observe or participate. Talking to children
Golden Gate Bridge was a lot of fun while            The Twilight Tours were a wonderful                    also makes their learning visible to us.
visiting the famous prison, Alcatraz,                opportunity to experience the learning                 This learning also becomes visible in the
and walking the Freedom Trail in Boston              environments, to view documentation                    documentation in books, on walls and in
gave us historical insights into this great          and to meet with fellow teaching                       the organisation of our physical spaces.
country. Shopping in Manhattan was                   professionals. Teachers from across                    Making our boys’ learning visible leads
possibly the highlight for most boys!                Sydney began arriving at 5.00 pm and                   teachers to reflect and collaborate about
The exchange rate at 94 US cents was                 there was a steady stream of teachers                  the direction and quality of learning and
encouraging. This tour will be repeated              and conversations until 8.00 pm. We had                of our programs.
in 2013 and we are looking forward                   visits from teachers from Abbotsleigh,
to it already.                                       Hills Grammar, Ballykin, Wahroonga Prep,               In the ELC we view learning as an active
                                                     SDN Children’s Services, The Catholic                  process which the boys can also see
                                                     Education Office, Kincoppal, St Mark’s,                around them, provoking them to reflect
                                                     Kornmehl and The Northern Nursery.                     on their own learning processes.

     P6        The Lion and Lang Syne

The Preparatory School Reading Challenge
Mr Kurt Merckx, Teacher Librarian

On May 17 students from Kindergarten to
Year 6 embarked upon the Preparatory
School Reading Challenge. Lasting four
weeks, the main aim of the challenge was
to read as many books as possible while
supporting their habit and love of reading.

Boys read books at school, those
borrowed from our school libraries, local
libraries or personal collections. Boys
then recorded this information in their
Reading Challenge Log.

The results of the challenge included a
total of 550,000 pages being read. This
was a fantastic achievement, particularly
as the competition only lasted four weeks.

The winning classes included:
                                                             The Reading Challenge enhances the strong reading culture at Scots
1KG – Kindergarten–Year 1 competition
4PH – Years 2–4 competition
6PK – Years 5–6 competition                                  comprehending different types of                          Another obvious positive result is that
                                                             information and more complex ideas,                       borrowing rates, particularly amongst
The reading challenge benefits students                      presented both in and out of classroom                    Years 5–6, has increased substantially,
by enhancing the strong reading culture                      situations. Boys also expand and build                    demonstrating a genuine interest and
at Scots. In addition it provides another                    upon their general knowledge of subject                   desire to read more.
opportunity for boys to consolidate their                    areas, improve their ability to spell
reading habits and enjoy a wide range                        as well as develop their writing and                      Congratulations to all boys and teachers
of reading material. Reading enhances                        speaking skills more effectively by using                 for an excellent effort.
the boys' ability and confidence in                          advanced vocabulary.


Scots Boy Making a Difference
Mr Val Zele, Acting Dean, Faculty of Visual Art and Design

                                                             During his final year at University, Bill’s               as inspiration to solve his problem.
                                                             design project involved the identification,               After one year of research, planning
Bill Cameron (OB ’04) completed his                          design and development of an innovative                   and development Bill patented the
Bachelor of Industrial Design from the                       product. Bill identified the need to                      Swinglock, a livestock-handling
University of Technology Sydney in 2009.                     improve the safety for livestock handlers                 safety device. The development of the
Bill took time away from his successful                      while moving animals into trucks and                      Swinglock will limit work related injury,
consulting design business to address                        holding yards. Through his research Bill                  reducing time away from work, medical
Scots Design and Technology students.                        found around one in three handlers will                   and insurance expenses.
                                                             get injured each year while trying to close
Bill’s seminar on Design and Innovation                                                                                Bill has 10 years' experience in the
                                                             gates behind animals. Many of these
focused on the importance to identify                                                                                  livestock industry and is concerned about
                                                             injures are serious. Some incidents cause
a need to a solution rather than the                                                                                   its progression. Introducing Swinglock to
                                                             death, costing the rural community about
end product. Bill referenced a variety of                                                                              the rural community will help establish
                                                             $4 million each year.
university design projects, current work                                                                               Bill as an industrial designer specialising
projects and his HSC Major Design Project                    Bill used the concept of the sudden                       in livestock handling, an area he is
as part of his presentation.                                 movement causing a seat belt to lock                      passionate about.

                                                                                                                                           Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P7

Innovative Summer School Programs
Mr Steve Stoneham, Director of International Projects

Through an innovative international
program launched in 2010, Scots has just
welcomed back 19 Year 10 and 11 scholars
from attending the some of the northern
hemisphere’s famous and traditional
places of learning. Students attended
summer schools at Oxford, Cambridge,
The University of St Andrews and
Harvard. Some students also attended
the 36th international Summer School at
Marlborough College – one of the great
English boarding schools recently aligned
in a special partnership with Scots.

The innovation came through envisaging
education on an international level where
boys could learn in the same world familiar
to business and academia – a global village.
The determination - one of the traditional
Scots values - came in making that vision               William Khun and Michael Spurway with summer school students at Oxford
a practical reality and in expanding the
                                                        Martin Weber and Alisher Alimbetov                      Australia – just the Scots boys….there
education horizons exponentially.
                                                        have returned from an eight week stint                  were around 150 students in all.”
Scots boys were the only Australian                     at Harvard where they sat undergraduate
                                                        exams and earned credit points towards a                Darwin Ni writes of his Oxford experience:
schoolboys to attend these prestigious
international summer schools, where they                Harvard degree.                                         “Not only did the summer school provide the
competed against older students of the                                                                          undeniably enriching learning environment
                                                        Joe Ballesteros, Jake Oyada and Harry
highest intellectual calibre. At this stage,                                                                    in the classes, but it was also a great
                                                        Ward travelled to the UK to attend
the only results finalised are from Oxford,                                                                     opportunity for the students to create new
                                                        Marlborough College’s summer school
where Xander Mann gained a certificate                                                                          bonds and start new friendships. All the
                                                        along with seven of the boys who
as First in Experimental Psychology;                                                                            dinners, dances, tours and other social
                                                        came to Marlborough after Oxford and
William Khun a certificate for Best                                                                             activities will be lifelong memories. It was an
                                                        Cambridge. At Marlborough, they studied
Debater of the Season and an award for                                                                          unforgettable experience.”
                                                        Shakespeare and Bronze Age prehistory
Best Contributor in Physics; Jack Wilson
                                                        alongside adults. 3,000 adults from all                 Of course, Scots has obvious traditional
gained a first in Debating and an award
                                                        over the world attend Marlborough’s                     ties with Scotland, and thus there is
for Best Class Contribution in English
                                                        three week summer school. Out of their                  special significance in having boys
Literature and David Zhang and William
                                                        comfort zone in terms of age-group and                  study at The University of St Andrews.
Khun both gained 102.5% in Physics.
                                                        breathing in the air of a Jane Austen                   Aron Patel writes of his summer school
Dougal Adamson, Steven Jung, Henry
                                                        Wiltshire environment, they flourished                  experience there:
Lockyer, Darwin Ni, Michael Spurway and
                                                        at Marlborough – Joe Ballesteros saying
Angus Wright gained A or A* Grades for
                                                        that he “learnt to appreciate the vast                  “There were about 30 people in total,
all their subjects at Oxford. It is a case
                                                        and varied knowledge of the elderly”                    about 15 in creative writing and 15 in
of Scots boys proving themselves on the
                                                        while managing “to get through two of                   Scottish Studies. The majority of the
world academic stage.
                                                        Shakespeare's plays in four days”.                      students were from North America, with
Cambridge and St Andrew’s results                                                                               two from Canada and one from Ho Chi
                                                        Dougal Adamson writes:                                  Minh City in Vietnam. The creative writing
are yet to be finalised, as St Andrew’s
attendees Aron Patel and Martin                         “The experience was really, really good –               course was very interesting and beneficial
Budihardjo submit their final assignments               more than just the education side of it! It             to me as a writer. We had lectures every
in Creative Writing and Scottish Studies.               was about actually going to the university              weekday until 12.00 pm, two hours for
Adam Podgorski and William Xu gained                    and working there. And it was not just the              lunch, and then a two - three hour session
As in their Business and Economics                      UK people we met that made it interesting,              with post-graduate tutors. These sessions
courses at Cambridge with awards yet to                 but people from every country. Now I                    were to consolidate the lecture work and to
be confirmed.                                           would really like to study a language                   help us with our final projects.”
                                                        seriously. We were the only people from

     P8        The Lion and Lang Syne
                                                                                           All the events of Scots’ International
                                                                                           Program ask Scots boys to follow in the
                                                                                           tradition of Brave Hearts, Bold Minds.
                                                                                           They ask the boys to step outside the
                                                                                           familiar, test themselves, risk failure,
                                                                                           strive for excellence and to measure
                                                                                           themselves against the best the world
                                                                                           has to offer.

                                                                                           The Scots College Inaugural International
                                                                                           Summer School

                                                                                           First week of January 2011

                                                                                           In partnership with Marlborough College
                                                                                           and with major participation from the
                                                                                           University of Sydney, Scots College will
                                                                                           run its first international summer school
                                                                                           from 4 – 8 January 2011. This brave new
                                                                                           venture offers 58 courses – most targeting
                                                                                           students in their final three years of
                                                                                           secondary school along with nine courses
                                                                                           especially designed for adults. New to
                                                                                           the College, the January Summer School
                                                                                           aims to become a permanent fixture – an
                                                                                           innovation that will grow into a Scots

                                                                                           Scots has brought together great
                                                                                           educators and trainers from Australia, UK
                                                                                           and the USA to provide half-day courses
                                                                                           in the Creative Arts, Humanities, Science,
                                                                                           Leadership, Sport and Recreation,
                                                                                           Design and Technology. The courses are
                                                                                           designed to be academically challenging,
                                                                                           creatively interesting, while providing a
                                                                                           good measure of summer enjoyment.

                                                                                           There will be a week-long Art show
                                                                                           featuring indigenous art (available for
Martin Budihardjo enjoys Scotland                                                          purchase); an evening program including
                                                                                           a sustainability forum with business
In 2011, Oxford will hold a summer school   The July summer school program will be         leaders, politicians and academics; a
exclusively for The Scots College and the   ongoing, and provide a strong academic         Summer School dinner; a cabaret and a
schools internationally with which the      core to the International Program that         harbour cruise.
Scots International Program has created     already includes the international Rugby
special links. These schools are:           7s competition, a plethora of international    Courses are available for both students
                                            sporting tours, a European music tour,         and adults and the Summer School asks
▸ England – Marlborough College             the Pipes and Drums Rotterdam and              students and parents to take a week of
▸ Scotland – Merchiston Castle              Edinburgh tours, USA Study tours, WW1          their holidays and combine play and
                                            battle field tours, Gallipoli events, Kokoda   study. Its catch cry is ‘Expanding Horizons’
▸ Canada – Upper Canada College and
                                            Trail treks, a China tour, many student
  St Andrew’s College
                                            exchanges to UK and European schools
▸ South Africa – Hilton College and         and service learning projects in the           All information, costs and enrolment
  Bishops School                            Solomon Islands.                               details are available within the
▸ United States – St John’s Northwestern                                                   Community section of The Scots
                                            While Glengarry has given predominantly
  Academy and Belmont Hill School           city boys the opportunity to develop self-
                                                                                           College website:
▸ Australia – Hale School, Perth            reliance and leadership skills through a
                                            bush experience, it is conceivable in the
A contingent of students and staff from
                                            near future that all Scots boys could be
these schools will travel to Oxford for a
                                            given the opportunity to travel abroad in a
two-week summer school and then have
                                            meaningful way.
the option of traveling on to Marlborough
College’s summer school.

                                                                                                               Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P9

Preparing for exams
helpful hints for students and parents

P10   The Lion and Lang Syne
Ms Tania Lloyd, Academic Administrator
Mr Matthew Wallace (OB '09)                                                                 Tips for the HSC
                                                                                            With the end of their school years in
                                                                                            sight, the final challenge of the HSC
Exam time is an anxious one for both students                                               is fast approaching for the class of
                                                                                            2010. With the benefit of hindsight,
and the household in which they live. Academic                                              Matthew Wallace (OB ’09) has been
Administrator Tania Lloyd believes that good                                                invited to offer some tips on how
                                                                                            to succeed in the HSC. Matthew
organisation is the key to being well prepared for                                          achieved 11 units in Band 6 in
                                                                                            the HSC last year and won a Merit
exams, and shares some helpful hints to reduce                                              Scholarship to study Commerce
stress and achieve success.                                                                 in the faculty of Economics and
                                                                                            Business at the University of Sydney.

                                                                                            1. Work Hard
                                                                                            The HSC rewards discipline and
                                                                                            perseverance above all other
For Parents                                                                                 qualities. Each subject has a
                                                                                            syllabus that outlines all examinable
So, how can parents help their sons when     Another serious, but seemingly trivial,        material and the format of the
their teachers aren’t there to ‘motivate’    impediment is a lack of ready materials.       examination; there are very rarely
them? Some of the most practical ideas       It helps greatly and makes them feel           any surprises. This design rewards
can radically affect the quality of your     organised and industrious when they            the students who work diligently
son’s study sessions.                        have all the ‘nick-nacks’ that go with an      over those who are naturally gifted.
                                             effective home-study program: pens,
First and foremost is a suitable place for   pencils, notepads, binders, plastic            2. Make Individualised
studying. So many students attempt to        wallets, rulers, tape, erasers, a calculator   Study Notes
do their study in the living room where      and so on.                                     The notes should be written so that
there are all kinds of distractions. Try
                                                                                            every dot point of the syllabus is
to provide a quiet area, which your son
                                                                                            covered. This consolidates your
learns to associate with study. Have a
                                                                                            knowledge and provides certainty
desk or table where books and materials
                                                                                            that you know the content that can
can be spread out and left open – ready
                                                                                            be examined.
and always available.
                                                                                            3. Ask Questions
                                                                                            Both when learning and during
For Students                                                                                revision there will be things that you
                                                                                            do not understand. It is essential
Being organised is the single most           The night before the exam you should           that when you discover these areas
important skill that a student needs to      pack your bag with everything you will         you ask for help.
exhibit when preparing for exams.            need and plan what time you will need to
                                             leave to ensure you have plenty of time        4. Do Past Exams
Throughout the year you should be            before the exam starts.                        Attempt to do as many past exams as
making good study notes that will be                                                        possible. It is important, however, to
useful study aids, every time you come to    The morning of the exam should see you         mark every question and understand
revise a particular topic.                   visualising success, reviewing your notes,     any mistakes. There are solution
                                             eating breakfast and leaving home with         books that you can purchase or,
A few days before the exam, make sure        plenty of time to spare.                       alternatively, I am sure your teachers
you plan out how much time you should                                                       would be happy to give you feedback.
spend on each section of the exam (you       It all boils down to being organised –
will be able to do this by looking at and    make sure you are.                              5. Take Pride in Your Work
completing past exam papers to get a                                                        Some students will inevitably boast
feel for the types of instructions and                                                      about how little work they have
questions that will be in the exam). Look                                                   done in preparation for exams.
after yourself by doing some exercise                                                       These students are fools. The most
(good for stress, too), drinking lots of                                                    successful students will take pride in
water, eating healthy food and getting                                                      their ability to work hard and prepare
decent sleep. Focus on reviewing the key                                                    well for exams. The challenge of the
points, perhaps a condensed version of                                                      HSC is not simply ‘to survive’ but to
your summaries from throughout the year.                                                    achieve your best possible results.

                                                                                                              Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P11

Contending for the Faith and Building
on Tradition at Glengarry
Mr Grahame Allen, Director of Glengarry and Outdoor Learning

The Glengarry Mission states:                                  world view, then this becomes self-          which have been established over the
‘In seeking to serve God faithfully,                           serving. However, if we are doing this       years which include hiking, pack swims,
                                                               out of a desire ‘to serve God faithfully’,   mountain biking, climbing, caving, the
Glengarry inspires boys to learn,
                                                               then the outcome will be boys who are        Frensham dance, the Courtney Anderson
lead and serve as they strive for                              prepared to serve in their families and      24 Hour Rogaine, to name a few. One of
excellence together in the natural                             the wider world. It is an encouragement      the latest traditions to be introduced at
environment through immersion                                  to all the staff at Glengarry that one of    Glengarry is the awarding of ‘The Graeme
in community, academic, spiritual                              the repeated observations by parents         Renney Spirit of Glengarry Award’ this is
and outdoor adventures.’                                       when they attend the parent hikes with       announced at the final assembly at the
                                                               their boys is how loving and caring they     end of each year. This award is presented
Within this statement are contained                            have become. They are amazed at how          to one student per intake who has been
the words, ‘In seeking to serve God                            resilient, self-reliant and mature they      identified as meeting the criteria in
faithfully’. By its very implication we                        are, and this is a result of the unique      each of the areas of service, leadership,
understand that at the foundation of all                       learning environment that we believe         excellence, academic effort, community
we do there is a fundamental world view                        an outdoor education affords. Despite        and respect. Last year we were very
which acknowledges the existence of                            the many adventurous, challenging and        pleased to present this award to Hunter
God. Underpinning the philosophy and                           exciting opportunities the boys have         Manuel from Intake one and Marcus
ethos of the College is the definition of                      while at Glengarry, we must always come      Westoby from Intake two whose names
our faith, which states in part ‘At The                        back to the foundational truth of ‘our       will appear on the perpetual trophy kept
Scots College we believe that young men                        faith’ otherwise there is a danger that      in the Main Foyer at Bellevue Hill. We
discover true wisdom through reverence                         we may lose our way as to ‘why’ we are       look forward to many other boys earning
for God and faith in Jesus Christ’.                            doing all of this.                           the privilege of being awarded with the
                                                                                                            honour of this newly established tradition.
At Glengarry, the program the boys are                         Tradition is also a fundamental part of
immersed in for two terms is built on                          our strategic focus. This is designed
the desire to fulfil our mission. If we                        to inspire truth, honour, loyalty and
are doing this as a result of the first                        commitment. There are many traditions

    P12        The Lion and Lang Syne

Proud ANZAC Day Tradition
The Staff of The Scots College Pipes and Drums

For many years The Scots College
have provided Sydney with a Pipe
Band on ANZAC Day.
An early start is required for the 9.00 am
commencement and this year we left the
College at 7.00 am and by 7.30 am Angus
Roberts was tuning the pipes in Queen’s
Square. For some boys who live in
Sydney’s outer suburbs this meant their
day started at about 4.00 am.

This demonstrates the point that all
members of our band, and all other bands,
proudly give of their time. So many of our
veterans who did not return home, as well
as the ones who did return, sacrificed
much, much, more than we will ever
know. When Scots College bandsmen
attend the parade, in their holidays or
in term time, they cheerfully provide the
military music for the old and not so old
Diggers, come rain, hail or shine. This
continues a tradition of which the staff         The Pipe Band is proud to play for the Diggers on Anzac Day. Photo by Mr Martin Khun.

of the Pipes and Drums feels immensely           The effort to come from the city and                       Drums for more than fifty years and
proud. We trust that you do, too.                country to play for the Diggers has been                   hopefully it will continue as long as the
                                                 made by members of the Pipes and                           Pipes and Drums continues to exist.


The Scots College Highland Ball 2010
Mrs Shauna Pongrass

                                                 ‘strip the willow’. Members of the A Band                  lucky ticket draw. The Committee has
                                                 Pipes and Drums entertained the guests                     announced that in this regard the Ball
The Highland Ball held at the AJC                with a special didgeridoo performance                      was an outstanding success. It was so
Randwick on Saturday 19 June was so              by the newly appointed Pipe Major Kyol                     good to see parents and staff from across
successful, that many who attended have          Blakeney (Year 11).                                        the entire College supporting this event
requested it become an annual event in                                                                      and having a great time as well.
The Scots College calendar.                      Cam McKellar (’76), Scots Old Boy and
                                                 former member of the Pipes and Drums                       A big thank you to the committee who
The Shannon Room was transformed                 again volunteered his services as MC                       worked tirelessly for the success of the
into a swirling array of tartan and flags        for the night. Colonel Donald Ramsay                       event and to the members of the band
of Scotland with the tables decorated            ceremoniously performed the ‘Address to                    who gave up their Saturday night to
with loads of ivy. Guests arrived in their       the Haggis’ to great applause and many                     entertain us.
kilts and sashes desperate to try out            tasted the traditional Scottish dish for the
their new dancing skills with music              first time with pleasant surprise.
provided by The String Fiddle Ceilidh.
For the second time, Anthony Simon as            Amidst all the activities for the evening
dance caller turned the dance floor into         was the much-needed raising of funds
fervor of ‘dashing white sergeants’ and          for the College with a silent auction and

                                                                                                                                     Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P13
  THE SCOTS COMMUNITY                                                                                      THE SCOTS COMMUNITY

Parade of Remembrance                                                                                    The Annual
Phil Cooney, Capt (AAC), The Scots College Cadet Unit                                                    Charity
                                                                                                         Mr William Clark, Director of Music Excellence

                                                                                                         The Annual Charity Concert for the Royal
                                                                                                         Hospital for Women was held on 17
                                                                                                         June in the College Auditorium. A large
                                                                                                         and appreciative audience generously
                                                                                                         supported this event. The concert
                                                                                                         program was hosted by Charity Prefect,
                                                                                                         Robert Boddington (Year 12) whose
                                                                                                         humour and musings were well received
                                                                                                         by the audience. The program featured
                                                                                                         the Symphony Orchestra, Big Band, String
Senior CUO Joel Reardon leads the Parade of Remembrance                                                  and Vocal Ensembles, the Preparatory
                                                                                                         Schools Choirs, Concert Band and the IJB
The 59th annual Parade of Remembrance                     officer Commander Peter Collins, in his
                                                                                                         Band. The Pipes and Drums presented
conducted on 16 May 2010 once again                       parade address, reflected on the concept
                                                                                                         an outstanding performance, as did the
provided an opportunity for both the                      of leadership and service encouraging all
                                                                                                         Orchestra and String Ensemble. Old Boy
Scots College Cadet Unit and the Pipes                    cadets to undertake the challenge of both
                                                                                                         Daniel Pooley (’08) performed two songs
and Drums to showcase their ceremonial                    and rise above the ordinary.
                                                                                                         by Stephen Sondheim beautifully and
precision. In what has become a
                                                          Congratulations must be extended to            Robert Boddington, Edward Huang and
signature event within the College
                                                          Senior Cadet Under Officer Joel Reardon,       Jack Bailey were the featured soloists. At
calendar, the cadet unit demonstrated
                                                          Cadet Under Officer John Kim and               interval the Performing Arts Association
a high quality of ceremonial precision
                                                          RSM Stuart Dunbar, for not only their          arranged supper and raised the sum of
supported by the distinctive performance
                                                          inspirational presentation on the day, but     $959.40 which was donated to the charity
of the Pipes and Drums. It is worth
                                                          also their tireless efforts in the preceding   total. At the time of writing $8,130 was
noting that the conduct of this year’s
                                                          weeks and months in ensuring that the          raised, including the proceeds of a mufti
parade saw nearly 500 cadets and pipers
                                                          whole cadet unit reached the required          day conducted by the Prefects.
march onto the ground, representing the
largest contingent in nearly 20 years. The                ceremonial standard. Well done also
                                                                                                         The boys and staff of the Music
performance however is secondary only                     to all cadets in the unit, who by their
                                                                                                         Department presented an outstanding
to the meaning that underlies the parade                  participation helped once again to lift the
                                                                                                         program, closely following on from the
itself. Conducted in order to remember                    standard on the day beyond the ordinary.
                                                                                                         recent production of Guys and Dolls.
those Old Boys, both past and present,                    As the current leadership now passes           Congratulations to all performers, donors
who have served and sacrificed in order                   the responsibility to the new guard they       and staff involved.
to preserve the freedoms that we all                      have left a legacy of excellence that will
enjoy today.                                              challenge the 2010/2011 leaders to equal
The parade was well represented with                      and excel.
many ex-serving Old Boys as well as
parents and friends within the wider Scots
community in attendance. The reviewing

    P14        The Lion and Lang Syne

From the Women’s
Mrs Helen Topalov, President, Women’s Association

The Scots College Women's Association
Annual Tennis Day 2010 was held on
Friday 26 March. The weather was
glorious once again and, although the
maximum 32 places were not filled, the
competition was still hard and fast. Entry
in this event is open to all mothers and
female care-givers at the College.

     The event is not a
    fundraiser, simply a
  day of fun which unites
  the College community.                            Winning Doubles Team Susan Beckert and Dominique Brassier, Patron Alison Lambert and runners up Deanna
                                                    Bechara and Anne Footit
 Participants are mothers
from Transition to Year 12,
      coming from city
        or country.

The teams were able to warm up with the
help of our visiting world-ranked Junior
player, Michael Campbell. The victorious
doubles team comprised Dominique
Brassier and Susan Beckert, Dominique
being on the winner's podium for the
second consecutive year. Players and
spectators enjoyed a delicious court–
                                                    Competitors at the Women’s Association Annual Tennis Day
side luncheon which was served after the
game. We thank our Patron, Mrs Alison
Lambert, for attending and presenting
the prizes. Special thanks also to Deb              The morning was a huge success,                            Upcoming Women's Association Events
Panaretto who once again did a fantastic            resulting in over $15,000 in donations for
job with the draw.                                  the Cancer Council. It is hoped to make                    ▸ 10 September 2010
                                                    this an annual event. Special thanks                         The Scots College Golf Day at St
The Women's Association, along with                                                                              Michael’s Golf Club, Little Bay
Kambala, hosted a ‘Biggest Morning Tea’             are extended to Kristen Webster for
in early May. This event was held at the            coordinating the morning                                   ▸ 12 November 2010
Royal Motor Yacht Club at Point Piper               so professionally.                                           Women's Association General Meeting
and was well attended. Guests enjoyed                                                                            and luncheon at the Royal Motor Yacht
a fabulous morning tea, beautiful stalls                                                                         Club, Rose Bay
and entertainment provided by music
students from both schools.

                                                                                                                                   Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P15

Scots are in Sevens Heaven!
Mr Marcus Blackburn, Director of Rugby

Captain of 1st XV Stuart Dunbar (Year 12) and Dr Lambert   Rugby teams take to the field

Scots are leading the way yet again! To                                              —                The tournament kicked off with a closely
fill the void that existed in rugby sevens                                                            fought opening game between Scots and
at schoolboy level The Scots College has                      "This new tournament                    Randwick Boys'. Scots won by a try, and
established an annual Schoolboy Rugby                                                                 began an impressive run towards the
Sevens Tournament.                                         will strengthen the rugby                  semi finals where they faced the Hills

Investec Bank, sponsor of the Super 14                     pathway for our ambitious                  Sports High School. The Hills were well
                                                                                                      into preparation for their trip to the Sanix
competition, has become synonymous                          rugby players and for all                 World Schools Tournament in Japan, and
with rugby at the highest level, and it was                                                           had the power and pace to ask stern
fitting that Investec jumped aboard as the                 teams involved, and with                   questions of the Scots’ defence. But
tournament main sponsor. And so this
action-packed, entertaining event, the                       the recent introduction                  Scots were clearly focused on their attack
                                                                                                      and led 21–7 at the break. Then began a
inaugural Investec Bank Schoolboy Rugby                     of rugby sevens into the                  series of heart-breaking minutes, where
Sevens, the first of its kind in Australia,                                                           Scots lost their lead and had to face a
was born in Bellevue Hill on 5 April 2010.                 Olympics, their dream can                  resurgent Hills side in sudden-death
The Principal, Dr Ian Lambert, said                         now be an Olympic one."                   extra time. It was Hills that ran away
establishing the tournament was a                                                                     winners. The final was played between
                                                                                                      Hills and the Australian Barbarian
reflection of Scots’ vision for sport: “This                                         —                side in front of a large crowd who were
new tournament will strengthen the rugby
pathway for our ambitious rugby players                    passion and energy which we as a           enamoured by the great display of rugby
and for all teams involved, and with the                   company share. The Schoolboy Rugby         throughout the day. The final was a
recent introduction of rugby sevens into                   Sevens sponsorship reflects our ongoing    tight affair which spilled into another
the Olympics, their dream can now be                       commitment to community rugby”.            sudden-death showdown which this
an Olympic one. We are also excited to                                                                time was won by the Barbarians, who
                                                           The tournament involved 12 schools: The    were crowned Cup Champions. Sydney
be working with Investec Bank on this
                                                           Scots College, Sydney Grammar School,      Grammar won the Bowl and St Ignatius’
project, bringing some of the profile and
                                                           Shore, Newington College, Sydney Boys      College won the Plate.
pizzazz of the Super 14 competition to our
                                                           High, Randwick Boys' High School,
schoolboys.”                                                                                          It is a tournament that will clearly grow
                                                           Endeavour Sports High, St Ignatius’
Investec Bank’s Head of Marketing and                      College, Lloyd McDermott Development       in profile as this initiative becomes a
Communications Claire Linton-Evans said                    Team, The Hills Sports High, Prairiewood   firm fixture in the Australian schoolboy
“Investec Bank’s association with rugby                    High School and an Australian Barbarians   sporting calendar.
in Australia reflects the top performance,                 team managed by the ARU.

    P16        The Lion and Lang Syne

Scots Indigenous Education
Ms Shaye Flanagan, Indigenous Education Coordinator
Mr Jonny Samengo, Indigenous Mentor

This year, with the passion
and skill of Mr Jonny Samengo,
the Scots Indigenous Mentor
Program was born. I have already
witnessed great benefits for the
current seven indigenous boys
and their families. I asked Jonny to
elaborate on what he saw as the
key benefits to the new program
from a mentor’s perspective.
One could argue that the seven indigenous
boys at Scots are among the luckiest
teenagers in the country. Against the odds
their talents, hard work and commitment
has been discovered and they have been                Indigenous students and their mentors were hosted on the 'Spirit of Sovereign' by the Lewis-Millar and
                                                      Lewis-Thorp families and all enjoyed a day out on Sydney Harbour
given the opportunity of a lifetime to forge
a new path in their young lives.

They have the heavyweight support of                  the crowd, but in great need of guidance,
the school and the 130 teachers within it.            friendship, support and security.                          If you would like more information
They also have the love and back-up of                                                                           on Scots Indigenous Education or the
                                                      The mentoring program is specifically                      Indigenous Mentor program please
proud parents and extended family.
                                                      designed to give the boys all the                          contact Shaye Flanagan, Indigenous
What more could they possibly need?                   above and more. To be a friend and                         Education Coordinator on:
There is more – this is where the role of             guide – rather like a worldly, proud,                      (02) 9391 7739 or
mentors comes in.                                     understanding uncle.                             
Most of the boys do not have parents who              Each indigenous boy at Scots is allocated
live close to the school who are around to            a mentor, all of whom are either fathers
see them at weekends, watch them play                 of current Scots boys, or Old Boys
rugby and attend important events, such               themselves. They meet as a group once
as parent-teacher meetings.                           a term and mentors' are encouraged to
                                                      meet/chat to/email/text their students on
They also do not have access to someone               a regular basis to enable this relationship
who knows the school and how it works,                to flourish over time.
but isn’t actually part of it. Someone who
can act on the boy's behalf and in the                We are only in Term 2 of the program and
interests of the boy, when needed.                    its advantages are being seen already.
                                                      One mentor has recently been ‘hired’
They also don’t often know people in                  by his student in a new role: driving
professional industries who can call on               instructor. The benefits also extend to
their network of contacts help arrange                the mentors' families, with reports of
invaluable work experience.                           mentors' children constantly chattering
                                                      excitedly about their new family friend at
Finally, they may not have someone
nearby whom they are close to, to
help and guide them after they finally                No doubt the benefits to the boys as well
leave school, when they are tentatively               as the mentors will continue to grow and
stepping into the big wide world of                   grow as the program progresses.
university and work. This is a crunch-time
when they are no longer wearing the
protective mantle of the blue and gold and
a time when they are just another face in

                                                                                                                                           Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P17

Photo Finish
Mr Gareth Dyer, Information Services Manager

                                                hard to separate the water from the sky.
                                                I like that.”
Stuart Dunbar (Year 12) won the
Stevenson Library Photography                   Stuart is from Marrar near Wagga Wagga
Competition with an image taken on a            and his photography characteristically
boat trip in the summer during a visit to       features landscapes and outback scenes
the Northern Territory.                         especially at sunset when the light is
                                                changing. He has developed an interest in
“It reminds me of a desktop background          photography while at Scots.
on a computer” says Stuart, a boarder
in Fairfax House. “I got to double figures      James Hurren (Year 10) won the Stevenson
                                                                                               Winner: ‘Places 1’ by Stuart Dunbar
before I got a picture that I liked and I       Library Photography Competition People’s
chose this one because I liked the lines        Choice prize with his photograph ‘Dogtown.’
and shapes that the boat made in the
                                                “Taking the photo was a calculated
water. This shot captured it all.”
                                                process” James explains. “We wanted
The image was shot from a pearling boat         to create an old school look like classic
off the coast of Darwin using a pocket          skateboarding, so we were careful to
digital camera. No image manipulation           include the hats and boards then I added
is used. “It was about 5.00 am when we          a sepia filter in Photoshop.”
set out and the fog changed the colour of
everything. The horizon was blurred; it’s
                                                                                               People’s choice winner: ‘Dogtown’ by James Hurren


Kokoda – Old Boys Remembered
Mr Paul Cooper, Director Co-Curricular

                                                midway between the airport and Goldie
A trip to Papua New Guinea these days           River Training Depot, where we have
is probably about walking the now very          been billeted on many occasions, below
popular Kokoda Trail. Last year a group of      the imposing escarpment of Roana Falls,
current students and Old Boys attempted         Hombrom Bluff and Ramsay Ridge.
just that. The trail carries for the most       As with all war grave sites it appears as
part little reminder of the torrid battles      an oasis in the parched Port Moresby
and skirmishes that raged across its            countryside, a serene place; a special
length and breadth for the period July to       place. No expedition is complete without
November 1942 between the Kumisi River          reflection amongst the thousands of
at Wairopi and Ioriabaiwa and back.             graves and a chance to pay our respects,
Many of those who walk the trail now            offer our gratitude and to remember
would find little difference to it and a        the courage of our eight Old Boys who
bushwalk back home, except probably             are buried there. It is in this emotional
for the heat, humidity and rain! The trek       state we have been fortunate on many
does require a significant amount of effort     occasions, like last year, to have our piper
which is rewarded at the Port Moresby           offer the College signature of a lament
end with not only a sense of relief but a       and other Scots-appropriate tunes as we
taste of civilisation. It is in this frame of   bid farewell until next time.
                                                                                               War grave of Phillip L Mullens (’33) adorned with a
mind our expeditions make a pilgrimage          Lest we forget!                                Scots glengarry. Flt Lt Mullens is commemorated by
to the less known and less frequented                                                          the Memorial Gates at the entrance to the College
extension of the College’s campus, the
Bomana War Cemetery. The cemetery lies

    P18         The Lion and Lang Syne

Our Co-Curricular Traditions
Mr Paul Cooper, Director Co-Curricular

                                              trained in military art and so was founded
                                              many cadet units, like ours, to provide
Scots is a wonderful community that allows    capable soldiers in the event of need.
boys to find themselves, develop life-long    Our community service involvement had
friends, discover the benefits of teamwork,   begun, and a tradition had been born.
and engage in co-curricular activities with
older and younger students whilst meeting     Our signature association with the
all the rigours of an academic pathway to     Blackwatch Tartan, and all that it stands
the HSC. While Scots is over 100 years old,   for, is demonstrated year in and year
its vitality depends on an energetic and      out by the student members of our Army
dynamic interaction between old and new,      Cadet Unit and Pipes and Drums Band
tradition and change, staff and students,     through a significant number of internal
                                              and external community service events,       Despite the many achievements that have
between friends and community and the
                                              especially those surrounding Anzac           marked our history we are focused on the
cultural traditions of the past and the new
                                              Day. The sense of union that is growing      future, inspired by what we have done and
ideas and innovations which are so integral
                                              within our overarching community service     excited by what we may do together that will
with life today.
                                              programs, be it charity events supported     add lustre and pride to our many traditions.
Just after Scots moved to Bellevue Hill,      by our orchestra; keeping our ever           We will honour these traditions by
from Brighton-Le-Sands, at a time when        broadening community informed through        continuing to extract our founders’ values.
our nation was in its infancy of sorts,       media related activities; the work of the
fear began to mount about prospects of        House Charities; or the evolving service     Scots to the fore!
a foreign power thinking to invade and        learning projects; all of these programs
conquer us. Action had to be taken! It        help define who we are at Scots.
was decided school students would be


Co-Curricular in the Preparatory School
Mr John Crerar, Head of Preparatory School

                                              “Give a school daily dance, music, drama
                                              and visual art instruction in which there
Sailing on Sydney Harbour, tap dancing        is considerable movement, and you might
in the Anderson Hall, robotics in the         get a miracle”
Ginahgulla Library, cartooning in the ELC,
or Art Club, Prep Orchestra, Chess, French,   During any week, one may observe
Mandarin or Spanish classes are among         before and after school activities with
the co-curricular options available for the   boys drawing and painting, making and
boys of the Preparatory School.               listening to music, dancing with the
                                              tappers, karate moves in the Auditorium,
As Scots strives to fulfil its vision         pipe chanting in Ginahgulla, public
for a comprehensive education, the            speaking in Years 2–4 or sailing on the
co-curricular program remains central         harbour. Further options also include
to the Preparatory School focus. Eric         sporting endeavours with skill groups
Jensen, in his book, Teaching with the        in rugby, football, basketball, cricket,
Brain in Mind, explores the benefits of       swimming, athletics and cross country.
a school program rich in co-curricular
activities, in particular the creative and    As we strive to honour the traditions,
practical arts. Jensen concludes that         adventures and energy of boys, the co-
not only will boys develop their skills       curricular program continues to provide
and knowledge in these areas but that         opportunities for boys to explore and                 Prep students enjoy co-curricular activities
their experiences will provide overall        develop their gifts and talents in the
academic benefits.                            Preparatory School.

                                                                                                                  Issue 02 — Vol. 21    P19

We Were Dealt a Good Hand
Mr Jeremy Godwin, HOD Drama

The 2010 Scots/Kambala Musical,
Guys and Dolls
From the moment you enter the Scots
Auditorium your eye is drawn to the
colourful spray of giant playing cards
that form the core of Adam Lindberg’s set
design. They are exciting, and evoke just
the right mood for a story that culminates
in the central love affair, all hinging on
the roll of a dice.

What an absolute cracker of a musical
Guys and Dolls is: great songs, comedy,
romance and an almost perfectly
conceived plot that resolves itself
with just the right amount of political
incorrectness – a Salvation Army type
girl finally getting together with a slick
gambler who has to risk everything on a
wild bet in order to win her heart. So, how
did these young performers handle the
challenge? Was luck their lady tonight?

Well for my taste the show must
have credible lead characters. If Sky
Masterton as the lovable, worldly wise
and freakishly fortunate gambler lacks
strength and charisma the show is
not going to work. If Adelaide, Nathan
Detroit’s girl, is not suitably neurotic
and nervy then you lose the comedy and
the wonderful 1950’s take on love and
marriage. And of course you must have
an energized support cast of rogues and
bible bashers to round things out and
provide the colourful backdrop for tale
to be played out with. And yes, luck (and
talent) was in the house for this rollicking
production of this much-loved musical.
                                               Photos by: Alex Michael (Year 11)
Nathan Detroit and Sky Masterton
bounced off each other wonderfully and         case with this performance. I took delight   musicians in the pit and the actors on
they were amply supported by a young           in seeing these kids just having a ball      stage delivered in spades. Director of
and playful cast who brought endless           with the opportunities that came their       Music Excellence, Mr William Clark and
inventiveness to the many support roles.       way via the characters and scenes built      his excellent orchestra swept through
In all the productions I have seen of this     into this musical. Particularly memorable    the numbers consummately, driving
show this was the first time I have seen the   for me was the all in brawl in the Havana    the action from one poignant moment
character of Big Jules played by a female!     nightclub in which we were treated to a      to the next and inspiring wonderful
                                               wonderful slow motion epic bursting at       performances from the actors just metres
When directing young actors (although I        the seams with both humour and pathos.       from them. The fusion of these two
suspect this holds true for all ages) I will                                                elements along with the intelligent and
often say “If you’re having fun out there      But after all is said and done this is a     lucid direction of Shane Treeves (’08)
on stage then the audience can’t help but      story; a story set to music and we need      combined to deliver a show that truly was
have fun too” and this was certainly the       to be drawn in and moved and both the        a fortunately dealt hand.

   P20       The Lion and Lang Syne

Go Wilde!
Wilde Tales by Joshua Lobb:
A Radical re-writing of Oscar
Wilde's Fairy Tales

These are darkly exotic fairy tales that
are definitely not for young children.
Stories of love, death and heartbreak
are interwoven with witty Wildean
aphorisms. The symbolism of the rose,
the vulnerability of the heart and the price
that must be paid for love are recurring
themes that explore the darker reaches of
the human soul.

The cast of Year 11 students from Scots
and Kincoppal produced performances
of subtlety, humour and pathos bringing
to life the witches, mermaids, princesses
and courtiers that inhabit Wilde’s rather
twisted imagination. David Baltin’s
                                                   of the show, which was warmly received         creating a slightly sinister and surreal
lovelorn fisherman and his beautiful
                                                   by the sell-out audiences.                     world of make-believe and fantasy.
mermaid, the ensemble of excited
fireworks and the romantic antics of Alex          The boldly graphic costumes by Monika
King’s dwarf were some of the highlights           Branagan enhanced the atmosphere,


Incredible Impro leads to Theatresports win
Ms Ravenna Gregory, MIC Drama

                                                   On 20 June at the Enmore Theatre, the          Congratulations to our Senior Team; David
                                                   Scots Intermediate Theatresports V tied        Baltins, Tom Cardy, Alex King, Angus
                                                   with St Aloysius to win their division of      Rees, Olgun Uluc, and their Year 12 coach,
                                                   The Theatresports Schools Challenge in         Max Morrison Smith.
                                                   a nail biting finish. This is the first time
                                                   Scots has won the competition and the          These results are both firsts for Scots
                                                   team deserves our congratulations: Mark        and I am enormously proud of the
                                                   Butorac, Tom Hawkins, Paddy Hughes,            achievements of all the boys.
                                                   Charlie Meller, Elliot Trudgian and their
                                                   Year 12 coach Joshua Horwitz.

                                                   After making it through undefeated to
                                                   the Grand Final, our Senior Theatresports
                                                   V achieved a personal best of equal
                                                   4th (last year we were placed 5th in
                                                   both divisions). The senior competition
                                                   saw some seriously strong Impro, with
                                                   Abbotsleigh and St Andrew's (a team
                                                   Scots defeated convincingly in the
                                                   semis) sharing a well deserved win.

The triumphant Intermediate Theatresports V team

                                                                                                                       Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P21

Scots Hosts the Prestigious Lawrence
Campbell Oratory Award in its 75th
Anniversary Year
Miss Dominique Heazlett, MIC Public Speaking

                                                as guests of honour. Those in attendance       fields of politics, law, the arts and media
                                                included The Hon Lloyd Waddy, The Hon          and communications. Playwright Nick
The Lawrence Campbell Oratory Award,            Nick Greiner and his son Mr Justin Greiner,    Enright, author and commentator Mungo
hosted by Scots in May, saw the most            and adjudicators for the evening; the          MacCallum, radio host Adam Spencer and
accomplished speaker from each of the           retired Chief Justice of the Australian High   the Chaser’s Charles Firth, all in their school
GPS and CAS schools compete for the             Court, The Hon Murray Gleeson AC, legal        days, won the Lawrence Campbell.
glittering public speaking prize.               firm partner and historian/author Mr Max
                                                Bonnell and Federal Member for Wentworth       This year the award was won by James
In the competition, speakers are given                                                         Monaghan from Sydney Grammar School.
                                                Mr Malcolm Turnbull MP. The competition
fifteen minutes to prepare an eight-                                                           Daniel Farinha from St Aloysius’ College
                                                was chaired with signature wit and
minute address and are judged on the                                                           and Jack Price from Barker College
                                                charisma by Scots Old Boy and twice winner
intellectual and emotive appeal of their                                                       were awarded second and third place
                                                of the Award, Mr Anthony Jones (’00).
delivery. Captain of Debating and Public                                                       respectively. Certificates and prizes were
Speaking Justin Wong (Year 12) proudly          A testimony to the value of the skills that    awarded by the Principal of The Scots
represented Scots this year.                    public speaking develops is the fact that      College, Dr Ian PM Lambert.
                                                winners of the Lawrence Campbell often
To mark the 75th anniversary of the                                                            A lavish champagne supper in the Anderson
                                                go on to assume positions of leadership in
competition, winners of the award over                                                         Hall concluded an evening that celebrated
                                                public life. Several have become well known
the past 50 years were invited to return                                                       the tradition of excellence in Public Speaking.
                                                for their accomplishment in the various


Profile: Chess Master Vladimir Feldman
Mrs Lucy Mitchell

                                                and coaches those who represent the
                                                College in school competitions. Our chess
Chess has long been regarded as highly          teams have become highly successful.
beneficial to learning and development,
especially when played from a young age.        As an International Chess Master, Vladimir
At The Scots College we are fortunate to        is a highly ranked and successful player
have Mr Vladimir Feldman teaching chess to      himself. Having won NSW and Oceania
boys from Kindergarten through to Year 12.      championships, he regularly represents
                                                Australia in international competitions.
Vladimir Feldman is a professional chess
coach, accredited with the World Chess          Vladimir believes chess teaches important
Federation (FIDE) and holds a Masters           life skills such as patience, discipline and
degree in chess coaching. He has coached        the ability to think ahead. He says “In my
the Australian Women’s National Chess           many years of experience as a coach I have
Team at two Chess Olympiads. Chess              seen countless examples of young chess
classes with Vladimir are a co-curricular       players who exhibit these qualities in
option for Preparatory School boys before       quantities far and beyond their age. Through
and after school. Some boys attending           chess a person can learn to approach life's
                                                challenges in a logical and rational way, by   Mr Feldman coaching William Xu (former NSW Junior
these classes are learning their first moves,                                                  Chess Champion).
while others are already experienced            analysing the facts, assessing the options
players. Vladimir also coaches chess as a       and foreseeing the consequences of action
co-curricular activity in the Senior School,    before deciding upon a solution.”

    P22        The Lion and Lang Syne
  SPORT                                                                                     SPORT

Podium finish for six crews                                                               Cricket
at Head of the River 2010                                                                 Highlights
Words:                                                                                    Words:
Mr Mark Dwyer, Director of Rowing                                                         Mr Ben Sawyer, Director of Cricket

                                                                                          The 2009/10 season saw many team
                                                                                          and individual highlights. In the Junior
                                                                                          ranks, the 14As were undoubtedly
                                                                                          our best performing side, losing only
                                                                                          a single match all season. This team
                                                                                          obviously performed tremendously well
                                                                                          as a team, but there were also many
                                                                                          individual achievements that should
                                                                                          be noted. Three centuries were made
                                                                                          in this side by Henry Thornton (144
                                                                                          against Newington), Jack Maddocks (118
                                                                                          against Sydney Boys High) and Joshua
                                                                                          Joseph (108 against Sydney Boys High).
                                                                                          All these players are certain to have big
                                                                                          futures in cricket here at the College.

                                                                                          Other outstanding performances in the
                                                                                          junior ranks include:
                                                                                          Max Bear – 3/9 against Moriah including
                                                                                          a hat trick
                                                                                          Iggy Cranfield – 5/5 against Grammar
                                                                                          Jeremy Yang – 5/13 against Newington

                                                                                          There were many outstanding
                                                                                          performances from our senior cricketers
Season 2010 saw continued development                            —                        at the College as well this season. All
in the strength of The Scots College
                                                                                          teams performed admirably, with the
Boat Club and the AAGPS Regatta was a            Having the Boat Club                     following individuals making outstanding
particularly successful day. Part of our
Mission Statement is that we aim to be in       grow from 90 members                      contributions to their respective teams:
                                                                                          Jack Roach 1st XI – 107 against Shore
the top three competitors in each division
at the Head of the River Regatta. We are
                                                three years ago to over                   Daniel Ferrara 1st XI – 116 against
                                                                                          Oxley College
well on the way to achieving this sort of     200 in season 2010 proves                   Mitchell Lance 1st XI – 6/20 against
result, with six out of eleven competing
crews rowing their way into a podium           that the College’s intent                  Scotch Melbourne
                                                                                          Charlie Mansfield 3rd XI – 5/24 against
position on March 28.                          of offering a high quality                 Newington
                                                                                          Sandy Frend 3rd XI – 5/27 against
Adding to this strong result, we also          experience to our boys is                  Riverview
had both the 1st VIII and the Year 10
1st VIII earn bronze medals at the 2010              being realised.                      Harry Seymour 4th XI – 118 off 35 balls
Australian Rowing Championships
                                                                                          The following boys also need to be
Under 19 and Under 17 divisions in
Nagambie, Victoria.
                                                                 —                        congratulated for being selected in the
                                              significant value to his school life. We    Cricket NSW Emerging Blues Program for
Having the Boat Club grow from 90             look forward to season 2011 and intend      their respective age groups:
members three years ago to over               to achieve our primary goals of competing   Will Lawrance, Will Simpson, Oliver Mills
200 in season 2010 proves that the            with honour and integrity.                  Under 13s
College’s intent of offering a high quality                                               Joshua Joseph and Henry Thornton
experience to our boys is being realised.                                                 Under 14s
We are focused absolutely on developing                                                   Ben Bryant and Jameson Coutts
each boy’s potential and adding                                                           Under 16s

                                                                                          All players should be extremely proud of
                                                                                          this achievement.

                                                                                                                       Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P23

Sport – Our Collective History,
Tradition and Purpose
Mr Cameron Torrance, Director Sport T-12

                                                and to continue the quest for sporting          Our Vision for Sport
                                                excellence. As part of this commitment
What is it about sport that                     to the education of boys academically,          By providing the best T-12 athlete
                                                                                                pathways, the best T-12 coaching programs
makes it such a crucible for the                physically, socially and spiritually, we
                                                aim to provide a sporting program that          and the best T-12 physical preparation, we
development of young men?                                                                       aspire to be recognised as a national and
                                                represents the Australian sporting ethos of
Sport plays a critical role in the lives and    team endeavour, enterprise and discipline.      international educational leader in the
memories of so many of our boys. Their                                                          development and provision of high quality
wins, losses and collective triumphs on         One classic example of this can be seen         and high performance sporting programs.
the sporting fields, gymnasiums and             in the life of John Solomon, the ‘Thinking      Our mission is to enrich the lives of all
water courses act as yardsticks for them        Man of Rugby’. John’s prodigious career as      boys through healthy and high-quality
to measure the success and satisfaction         a schoolboy sportsman who represented           participation and achievement in sport.
of their school days. There is something        the College at GPS level in Rugby, Athletics
                                                and Cricket translated into broader             Our mission will be achieved through key
very unique and even special about                                                              objectives that seek to:
the way in which sport in a GPS school          leadership responsibilities as Head Prefect
continues to provide the thrill of a one-       and Senior Boarder Prefect. He went on          ▸ Provide sporting leadership through
on-one contest, the joy of team, the            to study medicine and to play for the             well-planned T-12 programs that
testing of courage and the proving of self.     Wallabies and Sydney University as captain        facilitate healthy and balanced
Week in and week out, our boys line up as       and coach, including membership of our            participation, a focus on the ‘whole
their forefathers have done for almost 120      first ever Bledisloe Cup winning team in          student’, and a spirit of excellence,
years and faced the same challenges and         1948. His medical career took him to study        enjoyment and performance by all boys
the same thrill of the GPS contest.             gynaecology at Oxford before coming back          in sports.
                                                to Australia to practice. John was among
Sport makes real so much of what we try to      the founding members of the King George         ▸ Provide an effective sporting
do right across education: learning skills,     V Gynaecological Cancer unit, the first in        program that offers enhanced student
developing an awareness of strategy and         this state.                                       participation in high quality sports and
tactics, reflecting on self, testing patience                                                     successful teams for competition
and endurance, rewarding initiative. In the     John stands tall as a role model for our boys     within a professionally managed,
field of psychology in the past few decades,    and it is for this reason that we are proud       innovative and united T-12 sporting
we have learned much about motivation           to have named our new sports facilities           program, which is supported by
and human beings generally speaking.            ‘The John Solomon Sports Club’. He is a           best practice coaching and
We can now know that what drives people         tremendous example of the way in which            athlete development.
on are concepts such as ‘personal best’,        our faith and tradition continue to serve us
                                                                                                ▸ Enhance communication across
‘continuous improvement’, ‘goal setting’,       today. In so many ways, he exemplifies the
                                                                                                  campuses, in relation to support
de-emphasising the primacy of the ‘win’         values we aim to instill through sport:
                                                                                                  groups, programs, transport, facilities
and so on. The best sports coaches have         ▸ Excellence: we strive for excellence in         and student management.
always known this, focusing their teams           all areas and provide opportunities           We aim to be a community in which
and athletes on a culture of learning             for the achievement of high-quality           leadership through teams is practiced on
and leadership in which performance               outcomes.                                     a daily basis in our sporting teams. Aided
benchmarks are set and attained                 ▸ Fairness: we demonstrate fairness and         by superb facilities, sport is for each and
incrementally. They know that results do          equity in all activities with an emphasis     every boy at the College – through it, they
not come overnight nor are they the product       on educating all boys on the principles       have the opportunity to develop values
of the triumph of emotion over reason.            of fair play and sportsmanship.               and learn through their experiences in a
                                                ▸ Integrity: we wish to present with            way that is unique to The Scots College.
                                                  honesty and trust evident at all times.
Our Faith and Tradition – The Yesterday,        ▸ Respect: we value every individual’s
Today and Tomorrow of Sport                       participation, promoting and
                                                                                                Our Strategic and Operational Planning:
                                                  considering their differing talents while
                                                                                                Achieving Excellence in Sport
At The Scots College, we strive to make a         celebrating their successes.
profound difference in the lives of all of      ▸ Responsibility: we lead, plan and             We have a shared vision of excellence.
our boys so that they grow into fine young        manage to ensure that sport is a valued       Excellence starts with a vision, a passion
men. We want to honour our philosophy             part of the curriculum.                       and a will. We aim to develop the necessary
and ethos of seeking knowledge, faith                                                           skills along the way. However, skills and

    P24        The Lion and Lang Syne
                                                                                                                    A Brief History of the AAGPS
                                                                                                                    GPS is a shortened abbreviation for the
                                                                                                                    Athletic Association of the Great Public
                                                                                                                    Schools of New South Wales. The
                                                                                                                    AAGPS was officially formed in 1892
                                                                                                                    with the express aim of regulating
                                                                                                                    organised team games. The Scots
                                                                                                                    College joined the AAGPS on 14th
                                                                                                                    April 1893, two months after its formal
                                                                                                                    opening, demonstrating that not only
                                                                                                                    did it accept the new emphasis on
                                                                                                                    character-building through organised
                                                                                                                    games, but that it sought to affiliate
                                                                                                                    as an equal with schools of a similar
                                                                                                                    foundation and purpose.

                                                                                                                    For well over a century, the GPS
                                                                                                                    has developed a reputation of
                                                                                                                    being a nursery for outstanding
                                                                                                                    sportsmen. It remains today as a
                                                                                                                    leading sporting body in Australia
                                                                                                                    with a strong organisational culture,
                                                                                                                    a collective commitment to boys’
                                                                                                                    development and character, a strong
                                                                                                                    policy and planning framework and
                                                                                                                    a unified commitment to a culture of
                                                                                                                    sportsmanship and respect for each
                                                                                                                    other’s heritage, values and traditions.

1953 — Australian Captain John Solomon is chaired from the field by Springbok forwards after Australia’s win in
Cape Town. At the time the Springboks were the world’s number one team, while Australia had struggled with
form. The Australian’s attacking approach to the game had impressed all.

talent without a deep desire to be the                      To achieve our vision and implement                   In doing so, we wish to continue the
best at what we do will never make one a                    our mission, we plan strategically and                College tradition of thinking sportsmen;
champion or a leader in our field. Neither                  operationally to:                                     athletes who plan to achieve success
will settling for being merely ‘good’.                                                                            thoroughly so that their performance on
                                                            ▸ Promote sport in the College T-12 as a              the field matches the depth, creativity,
At The Scots College, excellence means:                       valuable educational experience.                    rigour and attitude shown in their
▸ Something that is of the highest                          ▸ Provide high quality coaching, support              training. We want our College and its
  quality, it achieves the highest level of                   and infra-structure.                                sportsmen to become innovators in
  performance, it is exemplary.                                                                                   sport, not just imitators of others. At the
                                                            ▸ Enable active participation in sport in
                                                                                                                  same time, we were among the founding
▸ It exceeds normal expectations of                           the AAGPS and JSHAA programs.
                                                                                                                  schools of the Athletic Association of the
  performance and meets the highest                         ▸ Ensure school sport is conducted in a               Great Public Schools of New South Wales
  expectations of what can be achieved.                       safe, enjoyable environment for all.                and we value this traditional sporting
▸ It sets the standard to be followed, and                  ▸ Assist in the provision of sport                    network greatly.
  it is something of great virtue and                         pathways at national, state, and                    We need to be proud of a program that
  worth — it is excellent.                                    regional levels.                                    we have put together collectively which
One measure of achieving excellence in                      ▸ Achieve College, team and personal                  is distinctive to us. Our sports programs
sport at The Scots College is to become the                   goals at the highest levels.                        need to reflect the desire amongst the
most consistently high-performing school in                                                                       students, staff and parents to be our best.
                                                            ▸ Work with peak sporting bodies
the AAGPS and to be recognised throughout                                                                         This has always been the way here at The
                                                              and organisations.
Australia for our dominance in sport.                                                                             Scots College and long may it continue.
                                                            ▸ Enhance the health, fitness, well-being
At the same time, we acknowledge the                          and opportunities for students through              Scots to the fore!
need for all boys to experience excellence                    participation in sport.
and leadership through teams in a sporting
context, no matter the team in which they
are selected to represent the College.

                                                                                                                                       Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P25
 SPORT                                         SPORT

The Wright                                   2010 House Athletics Carnival
                                             Mr Graeme Dedrick, Sportsmaster Senior School

                                             Wednesday 9 June saw the running of the                       track events. It was very pleasing to see
                                             College’s 115th Annual House Athletics                        so many boys lining up on the start line to
                                             Carnival at ES Marks Field. We were                           compete against their peers to contribute
                                             blessed with wonderful weather on the                         to their House points score and in the
                                             day, which enabled record numbers of                          hope of being Age Champion.
                                             boys to participate in both the field and

Aaron Wright (Year 12) has been                                                     Jordan Girdis (Year 12) Captain Armstrong House. Photo Alex Michael (Year 11)

selected to represent Australia              House Championship
in the U19 Coxless IV at the 2010
World Junior Championships in the            Congratulations to the following Houses on winning their respective House Championship:
                                                             JUNIOR                               INTERMEDIATE                           SENIOR
Czech Republic, competing against
                                                            Gilchrist                               Brandt                              Gilchrist
the best rowers in the world.
Having competed in the 1st VIII for the      Tug of War and House Relays
last two years, Aaron was selected to        House events contested on the day included the Tug of War and relays. The winners of
participate in an Australian Institute of    these events were:
Sport camp following the Head of the
                                              EVENT                                    JUNIOR                    INTERMEDIATE                 SENIOR
River in March.
                                              Tug of War                              Gilchrist                   Anderson                   Kirkland
After undertaking extensive testing he        4 x 100m Relay                         James Bee                    Anderson                   Anderson
was chosen to be a crew member and
                                              4 x 400m Relay                         Anderson                       Brandt                     Royle
travelled to Prague in August under the
tutelage of one of Australia’s top coaches
Nick Garrett.                                Age Champions
Harvard University has also expressed an     After a torrid day of competition the following students were crowned Age Champions:
interest in Aaron’s rowing and academic       DIVISION                                                                WINNER
abilities and has invited him to apply        Under 13                                                       Jake Prindiville (Royle)
for a place at the prestigious university,    Under 14                                                   Sam Tabuatamata (Gilchrist)
another wonderful opportunity for Aaron
                                              Under 15                                  Andrew Kellaway (Brandt) and Jonathan Mbakwe (Gilchrist)
to excel.
                                              Under 16                                                        Michael Linn (Macky)
                                              Under 17                                                  Cameron Alderman (Gilchrist)
                                              Open Runner Up                                                 Dylan Dudley (Kirkland)
                                              Open                                                               Alex Davis (Royle)

                                             From this event a squad has been selected to train for the AAGPS Athletics Championships
                                             being held on Saturday 18 September at Homebush Athletics Stadium.

   P26     The Lion and Lang Syne

Football Gala Day
Mr Tony Canning, Director of Football

                                               memories. The Old Boys started well,
                                               going 2-0 up before the final quarter was
On June 12 the Scots football                  cut down due to cold, fading light, and
community brought back the 1st                 more importantly lack of fitness.
XI v The Old Boys’ Match, as well              The silent assassin Jack Clarke finished
as a day of five-a-side games,                 off the match with his usual clinical style,
featuring students from Years                  before Daniel Ferrara, Captain of the 1st
7-12, Old Boys and a team of                   XI, received the new shield from Captain
‘Golden Oldies’.                               of Football, Sanjay Govindan (Year 12).
                                               Mr Neil Wild was Captain of the Old
The five-a-side final featured the             Boys’ team. The man of the match was
cryptically named ‘Tony’s Secret’ v ‘The       former teacher and referee Mr Keith Scott,
Hollywood Boys. ‘The Hollywood Boys’           who controlled the game perfectly with
won a tight affair and the organiser, Mr       humour and 48 years of experience. The
Keith Rodwell, presented the team with         result was First XI 3, Old Boys 2.
tickets to the Everton v Sydney game.
                                               Many thanks to all who braved the cold.
                                                                                                                           Gala Winners with shield
The main event was the 1st XI v The Old        Thank you also to the Football Support
Boys, with the names of Wild, Scott,           group, MIC Mr Paul Haras, Mr Brian Roddie      everyone in the Scots Football community
Abbott, Jaeger, Robbo, Klienman, Rodden,       and Mr Chris Kitchin, the man who started      from the past 22 years.
Zele, Maier, Taris, Stuart and Timms heard     Football at Scots 22 years ago. Now let
on the main once again, bringing back          this annual event grow, supported by


Basketballers benefit from Athlete Pathways
Mr David Todd, Director of Basketball (T–12)

                                               years NSW has won a gold medal, a truly
                                               wonderful achievement. Patrick was also
The Scots College Basketball Club’s            selected in the AAGPS 1sts Basketball team,
journey this year was highlighted by the       NSWCIS team and NSW Schoolboys team.
implementation of The Scots College
Basketball Club Athlete Pathway that           ▸ Future 1sts guard Jonathan Mbakwe
services the T–12 model of learning            was selected in the NSW U16 team.
and development at the College. The            Jonathan competed at the U16 National
key objective of the pathway is to put         Championships in July helping his team
into action industry leading skill and         become National Champions.
development programs, as well as a
                                               ▸ Captain of Prep Basketball, Parker Dale
mentoring program with senior athletes.
                                               was selected in the NSWCIS Primary
Key season highlights included the             basketball team.
                                               The College Basketball Club will continue
▸ The 15As set a new benchmark for junior      to develop and refine its Athlete Pathway
GPS basketball, winning 13 GPS games           to ensure our students have access to
straight, mostly by significant margins.       industry leading development programs,
                                               supported by Australia’s most progressive
▸ College 1sts point guard Patrick             coaching professionals.
Emery (Year 12) won a gold medal at
the prestigious Australian U18 National        For up-to-date information from the
Championships, representing NSW and            College Basketball Club visit
                                                                                              College 1sts point Guard Patrick Emery.
the College. This is the first time in 33

                                                                                                                       Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P27
 The Scots College

Lang Syne
 From the Old Boys' Union

 From the President
 Andrew Ratcliffe (’72), President

                                            I urge all the Old Boys from 1951, 61, 71,    Email
                                            81, 91 and 2001 to participate in next        Do you use email? Do you receive emails from the
                                            year's Back to Scots Weekend, for which       OBU? If not, we need to know.
                                            the dates will be set shortly.
                                                                                          Keep connected to the OBU electronically, by sending
                                            During the Rugby Lunch we paid tribute        your email address to
                                            to the Scots 1st XV from 1980 who we          Send an email now so we can check it!
                                            believed were the only winners over Joeys
                                            at the lunch. There was mild protest from
                                            the 2nd XV from 1970. After careful study
                                            of the records we have discovered the
                                            2nd XV from 1970 were also successful in
                                                                                          Do you use LinkedIn, the professional networking
                                            a particularly hard fought match and also
                                                                                          website? The Scots College Old Boys' Union has
                                            deserve our recognition.                      recently started a group, to help Old Boys connect
                                                                                          with their alumni through their profession.
                                            Recently Mr Wason Mactier (’51) passed
                                            on information about one of our most          Go to and join us
                                            distinguished Old Boy soldiers, Ian
                                            Campbell (’17) who was also an Honour
                                            Cap recipient. In World War II Lt Colonel
                                            Ian Ross Campbell (later Brigadier) led the   AAGPS Tie
                                            2/1st BN of the 6th Division in the defence   AAGPS ties are available for purchase through the
In the last Lang Syne I wrote about the     of the Rethymnon airstrip in Crete.           OBU office at a cost of $40.00. Any Old Boy of The
inaugural Back to Scots Weekend that                                                      Scots College is eligible to wear the tie.
was to be held 4–6 June. I am pleased       We would be very interested to know if
to report the weekend was a spectacular     Brigadier Campbell had any descendants        merchandise
success. On the Friday night Old Boys       at Scots, and more details of his military
from 1970, 1980 and 1985 held reunions      career and involvement with Scots
in preparation for a big day on Saturday,   College. Mrs Debra Crowe, College                Next Issue of the Lang Syne:
whilst 1950 held a luncheon.                Archivist (02 9371 7659) would be

On Saturday there was a Rugby Reunion
                                            pleased to receive any detail no matter          December 2010
                                            how small.
Lunch for players from the 1st XV and
2nd XV from 1950 to 2000 and their Joey’s   Scots to the Fore!
counterparts. After lunch a huge crowd
watched an historic Scots victory over
Joeys. The reminiscing and catching
up continued at the Principal’s reception
after the match. All the participants
agreed that it was a day to
be remembered.

   P28         The Lion and Lang Syne

Calendar 2010
 FUNCTION                      DATE                             VENUE                         CONTACT

 Mini Reunion 1946–50          Tuesday 7 September 2010          The Oaks Hotel Neutral Bay   Tony Lemon (’47), (02) 9955 9972

 GPS Gold Challenge 2010       Saturday 9 October 2010           Saint Ignatius’ College      Marshall White (’68), 0402 751 528

 OBU Regatta                   Saturday 27 November 2010         TSC Gladesville Boatshed     OBU Office

 Speech Day                    Friday 3 December 2010            Sydney Opera House           OBU Office

 Vintage Luncheon              Tuesday 7 December 2010           Royal Sydney Golf Club       Peter Wormald (’54), (02) 9488 9263

 Mini Reunion 1946–50          Wednesday 8 December 2010         The Oaks Hotel Neutral Bay   Tony Lemon (’47), (02) 9955 9972


Old Boys Support Gold

                                                                                                      GPS Gold
                                                                                                    Challenge 2010
                                                                                               Saturday 9 October, 2010
As is customary, the 1st XIII wore the Old    Hill on 5 June. Other matches were cancelled
                                                                                                Saint Ignatius’ College,
Boys’ Union sponsored blue and gold           due to the extreme rain conditions.              Old Boys from 1977 & 1978
zoot suits at the Head of the River this
year, on a hot, steamy day in March.          Your Old Boys’ Union is proud to continue        Competition is held in nine sports
                                              this tradition.                                  Golf, Rowing, Tennis, Touch Rugby,
In complete contrast, our 1st XV enjoyed                                                      Indoor Cricket, Athletics, Swimming,
muddying their gold jerseys in a superb 33–                                                         Basketball and Debating.
17 victory against Joeys 1st XV in Bellevue
                                                                                                   Alumni Years 1977 & 1978

                                                                                                       John Manusu (’77)
                                                                                                        M: 0407 495 958
 NOTICES                                                                                         E:

OBU Rifle Shooting                                                                                     Peter Clinch (’78)
                                                                                                        M: 0416 055 255

                                                                                                   For more information:
The OBU Rifle Shooting has been going         the College range. New members are      
strong in 2010. There are still three         welcome and if you want to attend a
more sessions in this year: Tuesday 14        session on a particular evening please
September, Wednesday 20 October,              reply to David Adkins 0414 910 569 or
and Wednesday 17 November, 2010.    
Shooting commences at 6.30pm at

                                                                                                              Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P29

Back to Scots Weekend
Ms Patti Frawley, Alumni Manger

The Back to Scots Weekend that
was held 4–6 June, 2010 was
designed to add value to alumni
reunions experiences by opening
the College to all Old Boys for one
designated weekend each year.
A home rugby game weekend is always
popular with Old Boys from the city,
country and overseas, so the opening
round of the GPS winter season, with the
Joeys the opposing team seemed to be
the ideal occasion.

Alumni years including 1950, 1970, 1980,
1985 and 2005 all met at a different venues
during the weekend to exchange the
usual tales. The traditional Rugby Reunion
Luncheon for 1st and 2nd players from 1950
to 2000 were invited to lunch with their
opposing team mates from Joeys in the
College dining room. Later that afternoon,
with reserved seating for Old Boys on the
Principal’s balcony, they experienced           Watching the rugby
further camaraderie and a bonus 33–17
victory for our current 1st XV over Joeys. As
the whistle blew a rainbow was seen over
the scoreboard, further suggesting that the
Back to Scots Weekend was a success. The
day fittingly concluded with Dr Lambert
hosting drinks for all Old Boys in the Staff
Common Room.

Old Boys were able to see the modern
Scots College during a tour of the
campus on Saturday. On Sunday the
Family Chapel Service was held in the
War Memorial Chapel where the choir
performed to their usual high standard for
all Old Boys and their families to enjoy.
                                                Top: Jamie Searle (’81), Tony Stoker (’81), Colin Scotts (’82)
“Many Old Boys have never been back
to Bellevue Hill since the day they left,
and to be able to see, feel and touch
Scots again just makes the journey all
the better” said OBU President Andrew
Ratcliffe (’72).

Michael Crowley (’70) who convened the
40 year reunion said the weekend was
so successful that he has “proposed that
1970 boys meet on the Friday night of
the Back to Scots Weekend on an annual
basis to keep the 1970 spirit alive”. A
fabulous suggestion that perhaps other
years will embrace!
                                                Marshall White (’68), Peter Thomas (’74) John White (’63)

    P30        The Lion and Lang Syne

The Clansmen Memorial Service and Lunch
Ms Patti Frawley, Alumni Manager

On the Friday prior to ANZAC Day, as
is the tradition, 35 ex–serving Old
Boys gathered together for a Memorial
Service at The Scots College. Under the
command of Senior Cadet Under Officer
Joel Reardon (Year 12), The Scots College
Cadets provided both an honour guard
and flag party in order to remember and
commemorate all Old Boys who have
served this country in conflicts both past
and present.

At the conclusion of the service, Old
Boys from 1939 to 2003 enjoyed lunch
in Anderson Hall. Principal, Dr Ian
Lambert was on hand to explain the
vast differences today in the modern
Scots College. The formal address was
given by Lt Col Rowan Tink (’73), a former
Australian Special Air Services officer,
who in a distinguished military career       Mr John Hendry (’39), Mr Nicholas Press (’03), Mr Aaron Davis (’03), Mr Sean Granger (’95)

was responsible for the command of
Australian Special Forces in the early       Aaron Davis (’03) and Nicholas Press (’03)                 (AAC) Phil Cooney and Mr Ray Lee for the
days of war in Afghanistan. He spoke of      who have both served in Afghanistan in                     excellent ceremony. He commended the
the challenges of undertaking this post–     recent years.                                              boys on their performance and expressed
September 11 campaign, as part of the                                                                   his delight that TSC Cadets are a unit the
                                             Mess President John Ryrie (’42) concluded                  College can be very proud of.
ongoing war on terror. Also present were     formalities by thanking Dr Lambert, Capt


Old Boys’ Annual Golf Day
Marshall White (’68)

                                             who assisted with the day’s organisation
                                             and secured the sponsors including:
65 Old Boys enjoyed superb course            ▸ Macquarie Bank
conditions, perfect weather and great        ▸ Colliers International
company at the Old Boys’ Annual Golf         ▸ Back Vintage Wines
Day held at Avondale Golf Club on the 31     ▸ Endless Rewards
March. Close competition among the top       ▸ Deutsche Bank
golfers once again saw Tig Crowley (’72)     ▸ Paddington Smash Repairs
dominate the prizes, narrowly defeating      ▸ Coca Cola
Tony Muston (’71) on a count back, to        ▸ Tech2home
take out the President’s Cup and the         ▸ Qube
Coote Cup. Other notable efforts included    ▸ Fertility First
Scots defeating Scotch College for The       ▸ Citibank
John Perkins Challenge Trophy, and Steve     ▸ Mitre 10
O’Neil’s (’83) memorable hole in one
on the fourth. Thanks go to the Cricket      By popular demand, next year’s event
Support Group mothers, headed by Mrs         will return to Avondale on Wednesday 30                    Mr Darel Hughes (’62), Mr Bob Richards (’68), Mr
                                                                                                        Mike Kirkman (’62), Mr Bill Webster (’65)
Robbie Roberts and Mrs Jenny Joseph,         March 2011.

                                                                                                                                  Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P31

Southern Districts Reunion
Ms Patti Frawley, Alumni Manager

It had been some years since the Old
Boys’ Union had held a reunion in Wagga
Wagga, but on 22 May, 2010 at the
Riverine Club, some 50 Old Boys and their
wives and partners once again re-lived
their school days.

Father and son Old Boy pipers Kim Martel
(’69) and James Martel (’04) braved
a chilly evening to pipe in our guests
with that familiar Scots College sound.
This was the first time the College had
combined with us to hold a Principal’s
Reception for prospective parents,
immediately prior to the Southern
Districts Reunion Dinner. This was a
fantastic opportunity for our Old Boys to
hear about the modern Scots College.        Mr James Shannon (’56), Mr Jock Hamilton (’59), Mr Hugh Hamilton (’50) (former Macintyre House boarders)

Jock Hamilton (’59) proposed a toast to
the College, but not before entertaining    He could not resist the opportunity to                   at Scots, not to mention his love of
us with stories of his school antics.       reminisce about his days on the stage                    Macintyre House where he was a boarder.


OBU Lawn Bowls Carnival
Ross Leabeater (’58)

A wonderful day was had by all on Friday
9 April, 2010 at the Vaucluse Bowling
Club, where a group of Old Boys gathered
for the inaugural Scots Old Boys Lawn
Bowls Carnival. 24 players of varying
skills challenged the elements of the
green and opposition. After three games
of six ends, each triples team had played
most of those present and, while no
trophy was awarded, a run sheet showed
a close result overall.

Among those present were Old Boys from
1939 to 1974, all with the intention of
having an enjoyable day and catching up
with old school friends. When the bowling
was over a delightful lunch was served      There will definitely be a carnival in 2011
and a few drinks enjoyed. So successful     and beyond, so if you or anyone you know
was the day that many expressed the         would like to be involved, please contact
desire to have another carnival later       Ross Leabeater on (02) 9327 7647.
in the year, perhaps both a spring and
autumn carnival.

    P32        The Lion and Lang Syne
  EVENTS AND REUNIONS                                                                            EVENTS AND REUNIONS

1985 25 Year Reunion                                                                           1980 30 Year
David Hooke (’85)                                                                              Reunion

About 40 of the class of 1985                                                                  Chris Pearl (’80)

gathered at the Clock Hotel in
Surry Hills on the Friday night of                                                             On 4 June, a thunderstorm hit Sydney and
the Back to Scots Weekend for                                                                  this was just the start. 45 boys from 1980
their silver anniversary.                                                                      met at The Rugby Club (off Pitt Street) for
                                                                                               our 30 year reunion dinner. Thank you to
Old Boys had travelled from China, Hong                                                        all the boys who travelled some distance
Kong and PNG to be there, as well as                                                           to be at our show – Chris Atkinson, Pete
from interstate and the country. It was                                                        Burey, Dave Daunton, Bill Ellis, Mark
                                             David Hooke (’85), Rob Subbaraman (’85), Stuart
a great night of catch–ups with lots of      Lambert (’85), Rob Sides (’85)                    Gooch, James Winter and ‘the Legend’
stories told, and many guests backed up                                                        Sam Tapp. Not forgetting Scott Hookway,
for the wonderful spectacle of the First     organise the next reunion, so be warned!          who crossed the bridge.
XV beating Joeys the following afternoon     Hopefully those who couldn’t make this
then dinner afterwards. It was wonderful     reunion will make it to the next.                 Grace was said by our Head Prefect
to see so many old faces, some of whom                                                         Richie Campbell and apology emails
hadn’t been sighted since school.                                                              were read out, although some seemed to
It’s remarkable how little some have                                                           not offer apologies at all. Chris Atkinson
changed. Tangil Okuk has threatened to                                                         held the floor and some great memories
                                                                                               were shared.


1970 40 year Reunion
Michael Crowley (’70)

The class of 1970 staged a truly memorable   were also treated to an inspirational talk        to dinner with partners at Phillips Foote
reunion on the Back to Scots Weekend of      by David ‘Fearless’ Fairful . About 28            at The Rocks for an excellent dinner and
the 4–5 June. 63 of our number attended      boarders and 35 day boys made up the              more stories.
what David Hipsley described as "both a      numbers and we also reflected on nine of
happy and reflective occasion" at Easts      our number who have passed on.                    The Back to Scots Weekend is now a
Rugby Club on Friday night.                                                                    regular feature in the school's calendar.
                                             Many of us participated in the Rugby              I propose that 1970 meet up on Friday
Geoff See, Tim Arnott and Tony Anderson,     Reunion lunch the next day and                    night on that weekend each year, so we
dressed in full Highland, piped in the       witnessed Scots defeat Joeys on the Main          can continue to enjoy our friendships.
boys and The College Principal, Dr Ian       Oval before finishing with drinks in the
Lambert, addressed the dinner. We            Common Room. A quorum then moved on

                                                                                                                   Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P33
 LET’S HEAR FROM YOU                            LET’S HEAR FROM YOU

Casey         Thomas (’08) and
Handmer (’05) Andrew (’05) Bakonyi

                                              Thomas Bakonyi (’08), Paul Kelly, St Charles’ School, Tamale, Andrew Bakonyi (’05)
Casey Handmer was last year awarded First
Class Honours and the University Medal
at the University of Sydney where was         Thomas has just completed three                            in Ghana where they presented the
studying a Bachelor of Science (Advanced      months voluntary rugby and basketball                      Headmaster, Paul Kelly with Scots rugby
Maths) Honours degree in Physics.             coaching at St Charles’ Secondary                          balls generously donated by Graeme
                                              School in Tamale, Ghana. This is part                      Dedrick (’74) Sportsmaster, Senior
                                              of Thomas’ sports management degree                        School.
                                              that he is undertaking at ICMS, Manly.
 LET’S HEAR FROM YOU                          Thomas chose St Charles’ as his father                     Andrew (’05) was en route to Haiti as a
                                                                                                         volunteer and he has gone on to become

Adrian Abbott
                                              Andras attended St Charles’ as a student
                                              in 1965 when his parents were posted                       involved in the United Nations funded
                                              for five years. Andrew visited Thomas                      re–forestation project in the northern
                                                                                                         part of Haiti.
                                                LET’S HEAR FROM YOU

                                              Edward Suttor (’94)
Adrian is a member of the Australian
Match Rifle Team that beat the touring
Great Britain side for the 2010 Woomera
Trophy at the Belmont Range, Brisbane
in April this year. Match rifle shooting is   On 23 October, 2009 in Waverley, Edward
target shooting conducted over distances      married Dace Mikena, with James Bowmer
of 1,000, 1,100 and 1,200 yards. Adrian       (’94) best man, brother Innes (’91), Amir
has been a member since 2001 and the          Ashrafinia (’94) and Sam Lackey (’94)
team is selected by the National Rifle        groomsmen. Other guests included
Association of Australia. Adrian took up      William Harris (’08), John Burn (’54) and
shooting at Scots and has an impressive       classmates Banjo Stanton (’94), Daniel
record of top scores in State and National    Hart (’94) and David Jackson (’94).
Championships. His late father Horace
(’32) was an Old Boy and so was his son       Edward has worked in superannuation
Daniel (’97).                                 and insurance for a number of years
                                              and currently is managing the client
                                                                                                         Edward Suttor (’94) and Dace Mikena
                                              relationship at IBM Superlife.

   P34     The Lion and Lang Syne
  VALETE                                                                                      VALETE

Rhys Battle (’03)                                                                           Kim Harvey
James Day (’02)
                                                                                            Bill Harvey (’50)
Rhys Battle passed away on 12 January,
2010 aged 24. He attended Scots from
Kindergarten to Year 12 (1991–2003).

He was a talented sportsman who
maintained his position in the As Cricket
and Rugby teams throughout Prep and
High School. He was also a member of
the swimming team and Captain of a
highly successful 1st XI Cricket team.
In his junior years he was an integral
member of the Coogee Red Devils Rugby        Beyond rugby, Rhys maintained a highly
Team who remained undefeated for             successful courier business, was adored
three consecutive seasons. After his         by members of the Maroubra Surf Club and
enjoyable years at Scots, Rhys became a      was a great friend to many Scots Old Boys.
powerhouse for the Randwick Rugby Club.      His witty humour and genuine loyalty will be
                                             so sorely missed by all who knew him.


Ross Alexander Crago (’79)                                                                  Kim died on 20 March, 2010 aged
                                                                                            49 years. Together with his brother
                                                                                            Scott (’76) and father Bill (’50) he was
Jen Cowley & Bet Crago                                                                      a boarder in Macintyre House. Kim
                                                                                            participated in most that Scots offered
                                                                                            and made some wonderful life-long
                                                                                            friends, in particular Peter Clinch,
                                                                                            Richard Erlington and Glen Anderson.

                                                                                            Kim was a member of the 1978
                                                                                            undefeated GPS 1st XV. He rowed in the
                                                                                            IVs and 2nd VIII and in two Head of the
                                                                                            River regattas. He played basketball and
                                                                                            was Senior Under Officer in the Cadet
                                                                                            Corps and a Sub Prefect.

                                                                                            After Scots, Kim became an electrician and
                                                                                            went on to establish a successful electrical
                                                                                            contracting business in the eastern
                                                                                            suburbs. After ten years he moved to the
                                                                                            north coast, where he re-established his
                                                                                            electrical business and grew organic garlic
Ross, known as “Rossco”, attended Scots      Stradbroke Island where they established a     and avocados commercially.
from 1973 until 1977, leaving earlier than   boat hire business for eight years. He then
planned owing to the untimely death of       moved back to the land, buying a farm at       Kim is survived by brother Scott, niece
his father Max Crago (’50). Ross was a       Currububula near Tamworth in 2006.             Jessica, mother Jan and father Bill.
boarder in Kirkland House and had many
happy memories. He played cricket and        Ross died unexpectedly from a heart attack
rugby and was in the Pipes and Drums         in September, 2009. He is survived by
and the Cadets. Rossco ran the family        his wife Bet, daughter Vanessa, mother
farm at Coonabarabran until it was sold      Judy, siblings Ian and Jen and his nieces
in 1996. He and wife Bet moved to North      and nephews, who are all heartbroken
                                             without him.

                                                                                                                Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P35
  VALETE                                                                                    VALETE

John Morrison (’70)                                                                       Ian Norman
Grant Beasley (’70)

                                                                                          David Finlayson (’52)

John’s funeral service was held at The        John was a competitive sailor, wine buff
Scots College chapel, overflowing with        and exotic motoring enthusiast. He used
family and friends, after he died suddenly    his business success to make generous
from a stroke.                                and widespread charitable contributions.

During his time at Scots he was keen          John is survived by his loved partner
footballer, rower and middle distance         Lois and their daughter Alex, sister
runner. He went on to study law and as        Susie, father Peter and his wife Judy and
a young lawyer held several advisory          extended family.
positions with the NSW Government. A                                                      Ian grew up in Wollongong and
distinguished career in the private sector                                                commenced studies at Scots in 1952 as
in Australia followed and included several                                                a boarder in Kirkland House. He went on
years in London and Switzerland before he                                                 to study medicine at Sydney University.
returned to Sydney in 2009 with his family.                                               However, this was not for him, so he went
                                                                                          jackarooing. He later joined his brother
                                                                                          David, farming in the Narromine district,
                                                                                          before moving to the Central Coast to
                                                                                          set up a successful poultry enterprise at

Maurice Lockwood (’53)
                                                                                          Terrigal. In late 1980s he began studies in
                                                                                          social welfare, and carried on in this field
                                                                                          until illness forced his early retirement.
                                                                                          He passed away 5 March, 2010 aged 69
Bruce Bathgate (’53)
                                                                                          years and is survived by his sons James,
                                              members of the College senior rugby         John and Ken, daughters Lin, Kylie and
                                              teams in 1953 –54 to continue their rugby   Helena and 11 grandchildren.
Maurice ‘Morry’ Lockwood passed away          at Eastern Suburbs Rugby Club, a club he
in May of this year after a battle with       represented as a keen and enthusiastic
bowel cancer. Morry had been living           player for many seasons. The thoughts
in Batehaven on the South Coast for           and sympathies of all his school mates
sometime and had lost contact with the        are certainly extended to Morry’s wife
College and most of his school friends. He    Janet and his brother Peter, who is also
will be remembered for encouraging many       living south of Sydney.

    P36         The Lion and Lang Syne
  VALETE                                                                                   VALETE

Ian William Hall (’50)                                                                   Alan Wallace
Bill Harvey (’50)                                                                        Bastian (’50)
                                                                                         Bill Harvey (’50)
Ian was very much a part of school life,
a very good rifleman, representing Scots
and gaining his colours in the Senior
team which won the NSW title. He was
WOII in the Cadet Corps and a member of
the Senior Debating Team.

After Scots Ian joined the Royal Australian
Navy. He had a distinguished career,
specialising in navigation and saw active
service in Korea and Vietnam. In 1954
he married Joan Holland in England
and went on to have two sons. Ian was
appointed Commander of Cairns, the North
Queensland patrol and survey base in 1977,
a posting he held until retirement in 1992.     second wife Penny, sons Peter and John
                                                and two grandchildren.
In later years, Ian piloted a tourist charter
vessel as a hobby. Ian is survived by his

                                                                                         Alan was a boarder in Royle House for

Walter Kenneth Norton                                                                    three years after leaving Cowra High
                                                                                         School. He was a great walker and
                                                                                         was in the Cadet Corps. His hobby was

Cameron (’51)
                                                                                         photography, often borrowing Reggie
                                                                                         Jones’ very special Leicina camera. After
                                                                                         Scots he worked at The Commonwealth
                                                                                         Bank and the NSW Department of Health.
Rosemary Cameron                                                                         In 1963 he married Olga Mustard in the
                                                                                         College chapel.

                                                                                         He then studied law, was admitted to
Wal (known as Meggsy) was born at East                                                   the NSW bar and hung his shingle in
Gresford in 1936 and the very first third                                                Phillip Street, Sydney. During this time he
generation student to attend The Scots                                                   gained his commercial pilot licence and
College. His grandfather was a student at                                                passed flight navigator’s exams.
Brighton-le-Sands in 1894.
                                                                                         Olga died in 1971 and Alan is survived
He admitted his Scots career was                                                         by a son Craig and daughters Alison
completely undistinguished both                                                          and Karen.
academically and in sport. However, it
did teach him to learn. After completing
a post graduate diploma at Technical
College, he chose to pursue a degree in
education as a mature-age student. He
taught for many years at TAFE colleges in
Tamworth, Inverell and Quirinidi.

Recreationally he pursued his love of
target shooting and was highly regarded         his wife Rosemary, son Ross, daughter
locally and around the state. Ever the          Nancy and her husband Aaron.
gentleman, he will be terribly missed by

                                                                                                             Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P37

William Lachlan (’42)                                                                       John Denison
Rob Lachlan (’69) and Richard Lachlan (’70)

                                              team as well as being a piper in the Pipe
                                              Band. He obtained his medical degree at
                                              the University of Sydney and later earned
                                              a Diploma of Diagnostic Radiology. He
                                              served in the RAAF Reserve as a Doctor
                                              (Flight Lieutenant). In 1950 he married
                                              Dorothy, a SCEGGS Old Girl whom he had        Roy McDonald (’42)
                                              met at the age of 12. He worked at Orange,
                                              Bathurst, Wollongong and lastly Sydney.
                                              He also worked as a visiting consultant
                                              radiologist at the Royal Prince Alfred
                                              Hospital. While in Wollongong he refereed
                                              local first grade club football matches. He
                                              didn't fully retire until age 75 and was a
                                              practising radiologist for 50 years.

                                              Bill's three sons Robert, Richard and
                                              David attended Scots. He passed away
                                              on 15 May 2010 aged 86 and also leaves
                                              a daughter Robyn, six grandchildren and
                                              his wife of almost 60 years Dorothy.
William was born in Kiama, grew up in
Bondi and attended The Scots College for
12 years. He was in the school's athletics


Peter McAlpin Racklyeft (’40)
                                                                                            John attended Scots from 1932 to 1942
Sandy Racklyeft (’71)                                                                       and during that time kept a pony on a
                                                                                            vacant block in Beresford Road and was
                                                                                            seen arriving at school on horseback.
Peter McAlpin Racklyeft was the son of                                                      At Senior School he was one of Fred
Reverend Robert Racklyeft who worked                                                        Pollock’s bushwalkers and a signaller in
with the Australian Inland Mission. Born                                                    the Cadet Corps. After leaving Scots in
in Quirindi in 1922, he attended Scots                                                      1942 he joined the RAAF and trained in
from 1935–40. He was in the cricket and                                                     Canada. He was then posted to Bomber
1st shooting teams, each for three years,                                                   Command in England where he flew
Captain of both in his final year, and in                                                   24 missions over Germany. After being
the GPS shooting team for three years.                                                      discharged he studied medicine and was
He immediately joined the RAAF, and                                                         a GP in Maroubra for over 50 years.
spent five years as a test pilot. After the                                                 He is survived by his wife Liz, sons
war, he went to work for Gordon Edgell                                                      Richard and Phil, daughter Anna and
& Son’s food cannery, in Bathurst.                                                          stepson Robert. His grandson Lachlan is a
He started by picking asparagus and                                                         current student at the Prep School.
eventually became Manager of the
Bathurst Branch and then General
Manager of the amalgamated Edgell
Birdseye Company in Sydney before
retiring to Scone with his wife of fifty      strong in Brisbane). Peter is survived by
years, Val (nèe Deane). Val's brother,        his sons Simon (’69) and Sandy (’71) and
John, was the legendary Principal of Scots    their families.
Prep for so many years (and is still going

    P38         The Lion and Lang Syne
  VALETE                                                                                  VALETE

Struan Dawson Royle (’40)                                                               David R
Lyndall Green
                                                                                        Snider (’48)
                                                                                        George Rowlands (’48)

Struan was born on 23 April 1923 to Dr
Norman Royle and Enid Sly. He was one
of five brothers who attended The Scots                                                 David started at Scots in 1937 as a
College for their entire schooling. His                                                 boarder. David told me his father had a
many interests at school included rugby.                                                property at Carcoar and that connection
                                                                                        started a friendship between us that
After finishing at Scots he studied                                                     lasted until David’s death.
Veterinary Science at the University of
Sydney – interrupted by his Army service                                                David left Scots in 1948, went on to
in New Guinea in WWII. On completion                                                    Sydney University and graduated with
of his studies he worked in Macksville,                                                 a degree in Economics. He travelled
NSW and in 1951 married Beverley                                                        overseas in 1956 with an agricultural
Dent. In 1952 he moved to Bega, NSW                                                     investigation tour. In Chicago David met a
where he went into a veterinary practice                                                local girl Marlene and they were married
partnership with his brother Peter (G.H.)                                               and had two daughters in Australia.
Royle which lasted 30 years. He enjoyed                                                 David went back to university and studied
the country life, pursuing interests in bird                                            pharmacy and did his prac work with Brian
                                               Struan by 20 months and he died on the
watching, oyster farming, photography                                                   Michael (’47). David owned a pharmacy in
                                               23 February leaving Lyndall, Meredith,
and carpentry. Beverley pre-deceased                                                    Imperial Arcade in the city. In 1964 David
                                               Stephen and six grandchildren.
                                                                                        joined the family business, Snider and
                                                                                        Dean, after the death of his father.

                                                                                        He will be missed by his sister Diana,
                                                                                        brother Phillip (’63) his daughters

Russell 'Harry' Taylor (’39)
                                                                                        Alison and Lauren, and their respective
                                                                                        husbands and the joy of his life, his
                                                                                        seven grandchildren. David was a true
                                                                                        and great friend.
Roy McDonald (’42)

                                                                                           Scots Old Boys
Russell ‘Harry’ Taylor attended both
Scots Prep and Senior schools from 1933
to 1939.
                                                                                           in WWI
At the age of 21 he took control of Advanx                                                 The Scots College Archive is
Rubber due to the death of his father and                                                  composing a history of the
ran a very successful business.                                                            involvement of Scots Old Boys in
                                                                                           the First World War. Information
In 1962 he was elected to The Scots                                                        is in short supply and it would
College Council and held the position                                                      be extremely helpful if anyone
of both Treasurer and Chairman during                                                      associated with the College who has
the period 1977 to 1982. He retired in                                                     information about their grandfather,
1989 after 27 dedicated years of service                                                   great grandfather or great uncles who
to the College. During this time many                                                      were Old Boys of the College and who
important developments took place,                                                         served in WWI could let us know.
including the building of the Senior                                                       Any detail, no matter how small,
School pool and gymnasium and the                                                          anecdotes handed down, letters sent
replacement of the Prep School in 1972                                                     home from the front, photographs
with a modern complex. His three sons,                                                     etc. will be eternally appreciated.
Ian, Graham and Bruce (deceased) all
attended Scots. He is survived by his wife                                                 If you can help, please contact Mrs
of 61 years, Joy.                                                                          Debra Crowe on (02) 9391 7659 or

                                                                                                                Issue 02 — Vol. 21   P39
The Scots College
Sydney Australia

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