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									                                                                                       u~1h1 uo'h LaI;U.lLFl1fU 'ht'ili'l a'Fl''5 GPF IlIn B lia\! 109 iiu 1,
                                                                                                     93/1 fl.'h'lll LL"1I"l\!i4).1~i1 L"1Itill.I'I1).1'Su n\ll).l"1 10330
                                                                           '\\II'5Ill'Vuf: 02 6514536 '\\11'501''5: 02 651453711alla: 087 7114860
                                                                                           Email: info@ateducation.co.th www.ateducation.co.th

                                                                                                                                               "~t:'VUJ1\JUlf'11 ~VI1 \.II.

                4   iJ'Ull'l1J   2553                                                                                                          7\J~ ??~~~...I...g.?~.~·· ..·..
                                                                                                                                               'i~~ ~ .. 1.~L.8J..I25.5.3 ....
                                                                                                                                               11~1            ~.?;.?~        ·.·~·
ItV~            '\JVV'4qjl~U~~'l11ffln~\rfi 11'1~~fmRm:l1~vl'Uffl'\Jli'l1TYW1'l.J1tl~ Deakin University U~~I'Yli'YVVffl~~llifl

                m~r-l1J'Ulflff1Jlfifl~~ mr'U~ilqjqjl(j'\J I~THul~m~~m~ '\JV~ At Education                               Co.,Ltd.       M~~liTHU~ffvfllhJ'd'~'U
I~V'\JVV'4qjl~U~~'l11ff1J~'U n1 m'lfmRm:l1~vl'Uffl'\Jli'l11'YW1'l.J1tl~Deakin University U~~l'Y1i'YVVffl~~ llifl l1~~;]lfl~
~    ~                      ~ .,       ~         .I~      " ? I ' ; .. .,            .,        ... ~ ~.I   'i    " ,     .;      ~ ~                      ~}I~        •
'Ufll1fl'1HYW1'l.J1tl        l~ ;]'IJl1tlfl'l!~~ u~qjqjl~~IU'U'YlI~ flln       suum        ~11JLHff'Ylliu~~ Lfl'l1'U~H"l'Yl'Y11~'U fll1fl'lHVW1'l.J1tl\l:: l'l~ 'IJ1'l1'U

~,,~                ~             ...                    .1       ~..                     ';.1                  ..         ~     ".;       ~}I ~          ..         .1
rmn I 'Um~~'IJ'I'J'U m~i'Yfl1l1,                  ms u~~ flV'lJ1'l11'l1Vi'VW1'l.J1tl'Ylu~~l'Yli'YVVffl~~
                                                                                                      1M             lltl~ ff'Ylli'Yl\l~ 1,1l'IJ'UVitll1JV~'\JV~U~ ~1'Yli'Y

VVffl~~ lli fl I~Vl~'Uijfl'Y11~Ii1vmhl1r'IJUflRfl1l1 'lu V'Ull'l~

                    .Ji ~                   ~          cr'~   t.! A ='-             9J                                         cr'                 ..sr   9J    9J    A
                 V'U'I1'Um~U~~'l11ff1J Vi'U n I 'U1'I~ ~'UlViVI'IJ'U m~'\Jv'\Jvl,jtl'\JV~l1tlfl'l!~~ VifJ1'1.J1tli'Ylff~~ lltl~l~ fl'UU~ fl1l1~1'U'\JVl,jtlV'U"l
                                                 Q,I                                                Q.I                                .<::I

l~v~\l~lilm~u~~lij'U11~fl'l!~~hrhll'UYii'Y'Y11~I~fl1n'Un'IJ1J111~fl Deakin University U~~I'Yli'YVVffl~~llifl

                .sr .::II.A                        Q.I?I    ,..:. I     .o::t'1 VJ 9JQ,I                    "":t.  Q,I  A
                ;]~l~ uu 1JllViVml'IJ lltl~m~r-l1J111~1
                                                      u'UV fll~fl~11\l::1J Lvmff l~~ 'IJV'4qjl~\llfl'Y11~1J1111'Ylflltlfl'1IViVm~


9J       9J.d

At Education Co., Ltd.
~'f)~'f): 087711-0539,085163-7553
~l~'if:   Somkiet@ateducation.co.th

                                                       J /,                  .~                       (j).
                                 -NJiJ 6)   MV tf'tl J,':"/Vl J           ?/lv, ;""ft--l

                                                ,;;i ?!r(J);)        u)J'C--< }
                                                   GPF Building Suit 109 First Floor, 93/1 Wireless Rd.,
                                                       Lumpini Pathumwan Bangkok 10330 THAILAND
                                       T: +66 (0) 2651 4536 F: +66 (0) 2651 4537 M: +66 (0) 87 711 4860
                                                 Email: info@ateducation.co.th www.ateducation.co.th

At Education was established by experienced teams who have all studied aboard in coutries such as
Australia, UK, New Zealand and USA. The At Education pride themselves on understanding the
process of studying overseas, from researching a destination to finally successfully graduating
overseas. The team knows what students need and what the further study problems are, so we aim
to solve all the problems associated with studying aboard take students in the right direction. Our
broad experienced ensures we provide the best advice to meet all students' needs.

The team brings a broad network base in Thailand, including friends, relatives and within the Thai
social and corporate circles. These attributes have been brought together to form a business "At
Education Co., Ltd" to providing first class advice and for students who hope to go overseas for
further studies.

At Education uses its own unique concept. Students will be consulted by our experts who have
studied, traveled, lived and worked in those particular cities, states and institutions to give accurate
information based on first hand experience. Students may not need to come to our office, our team
can meet and service them wherever it is convenient for them. In addition we can provide
consultations over the phone or consultation by appointment outside our office. Most importantly,
our advice and consultations are provided free of charge.

At Education's objective is to be                                         for the benefit of our students.

At Education provides a full range of services for students

        Accurate information based on first hand experience
        Identifying courses and institutions to meet students' needs
        Students counseling by alumni who are experts in their fields
        Helping students to make the right decision for their future study

        Assist students in completing their application
        Submit applications to institutions on behave of students
        Follow up on all applications
        Assisting in the payment process
        Assisting students prepare documents for visa processing.
        Submit visa applications on behalf of students
        Accurate and professional processing at all stages

        Airline ticket booking.

        Coordinating accommodation and airport pick-up

        Providing Pre-Departure seminar (Thai version)

@Education Company Profile                                                                         page 1
    Thailand is predominately an English and Postgraduate market so we will focus on these sectors.
    We also focus on Pathway and Undergraduate program which account for around 25% of the

    Mr.Varut Luengwattanakit, Director
    Master of E-Commerce, Deakin University, Melbourne
    Bachelor of Mass Communications, Bangkok University, Thailand

    Ms.Napath Treejerdlapa - Marketing and Business Development Manager
    MBA, University of Ballarat, Australia
    Bachelor of Arts (Business French), ABAC University, Thailand

    Ms.Thotsaporn Kiatsamarn - Manager
    Bachelor of International Business Administration, Suan Dusit Rajabhat Universtiy
    International Business Administration, Box Hill TAFE, Melbourne

    Ms.Nutchanipond Kaewket - Finance Coordinator
    MBA, California State University East Bay, Hayward, California, USA
    Bachelor of International Business, MUIC, Thailand

    Ms.Nara Mahasarnprasert - Education Counsellor
    Bachelor of Computer Information System, Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin
    Borpitpimuk Chakrawad, Thailand

    Mr.Somkiet Ananpanyasuk - Education Counsellor
    Bachelor of Business Administration, Assumption University. Thailand

    Ms.Kesinee Thangpatipan - Specialist Counselor
    Bachelor of Science, Thammasat University, Thailand
    English Course at LADO International College, Washington DC., USA

Mr.Glen Meehan                                        Ms.Natphawida Kalyanamitra
International Marketing Manager,                      Regional Market Manager, Thai land Representative
Deakin University                                     James Cook University Brisbane
International Centre Entrance 3, Elgar Road,
Burwood Victoria 3125, Australia                      Tel: +66 (2) 4978111
Tel: +61 (3) 92445488                                 Fax: +66(2)4978222
Fax: +61 (3) 9244 5094                                Mob: +66 (6) 9919798
Email: glen.meehaneadeakin.edu.au                     Email:ium(wjcub.edu.au

    @Education Company Profile                                                                   page 2
                                                                                                                01.n.S~w.0.... nO ifu 1 "0" 109
                                                                                            93/1 nuu'h'lq U"'NitUitO ,,.,,1.Itlu'iu       10330n",,,,.,,,,",
                                                                                            "[ws: +66 (0) 2651 4536 u"'n'lf: +66 (0) 2651 4537
                                                                                                                   i'jol\o: +66 (0) 87 711 4860
                                                                                         Ihuii": info@ateducation.co.th www.ateducation.co.th

Deakin University Lilu1J'~"''VI[J1 ~[JtJil\l'fglJ1~vlfiftm~[J\I u,"\I VI 11\1 &f\l il~vlLs:i il\l L1J ~Ln1u
'f~'A(;l m~ [J 1.I':i::L'VIpfililAL(;l':iL~ [J Lilu1JVl1''VI[J1~[JvlfiVl~ ni§(;l':im'n'![Jum,,':iAilU1J1n1J1 [J
;1\1A1tJ1't11'W [J1lJ1~ t'h ilUA1tJ1't11V111\1v1't~'fu msu il1J'flJLilumh\l i§\I ~\lil'Vl1\1
Deakin University 't5\LtI(;lLilmAt~nuunltmt1tuA1tJ1't11'W[J1lJ1~';I1nV}m-l1J
~~n t~Lii1ltn:tt1Lilu':i::[J::L1~1 111 LYlil'fUF)tlll14hBl\ltl;l1(;l'! (i}1';1';1::1J1nni1
11 iJuil~nlJLn':i(;lL.w~[J tUU.Gi~::':i1[J't11v1L,![JU~lU1Jl) L'9lm~1J~n:tt::
U.~::1.I':i::Aunl':in(tVllJr1 t~nuunltn:ttl't11'W[J1lJ1~V}nAu 41\1';1::
Al1Jl':iCltJil Register Nurse 't~ V1~\I';Iln';lUVI~ni§Gl':i 41\lLilu~u

       ii Gl "i ~ U"\I '"LIt.I
f) OU1:U
1.	 Liluunlt n:ttlv1';1ul.Bl\ll\l1(;l'!tuAltJ1't11'W [JllJ1~ LGl[J A1J\I':in( (ih [)'\I'tll';lUflAl1Jl':iClL 'ii1111JVI~ n i§Gl':iilU u.Gi i}1';1';1::L'![JU
2.	 fiA::U. UUr.I~AilU IELTS vi 6.5 u.Gi~::~n:tt::'tll&hnil 6.0 (t'h[)'\I'tllfi A11Jl':iClVhil ilAilU1Gl':i::&rUfl1:ttler\lnf]:tttJil\l'VI1\1
    1JVll''VI[J1 ~[J 't~L(;l [J Gl':i\l us::A11Jl':iClL'![JUfl1:ttl fi ilUnl':iLill L,![JU't~)
3.	 fit';l'fntU\llU~lU'W[JllJ1~ u.~::~il\lm':iVll1.1':i::AUm':in(tVlll'1 t~nu&r1Lil\l

Fh "t"il~h U1u nl'5F\n:l:n
A1L~lL,![JuVI~ni§(;l':i1.Bl\ll\l1(;l'!~lUm':i'W[J1lJ1~ (Bachelor of Nursing) ~il AUD23,990 Giil11 V1'!il 695,710lJ1'V1

l1Un1'5 F\ n:ttl
'VI1\1 Deakin University 1J iluV}unl':iltn:ttlt~ nuunltn:ttl't11'W [JllJ1~MUM L(;l[J U.U\lGll1JLs:i il\lvl&t\ltJil\l1JVl1''VI [Jl~[J &r\lil
       1. Deakin University vi Burwood                  'fuV}um':i~n:ttl            AUD3,000 V1'!il 89,000lJ1'V1 GiilVl~ni§(;l':i
       2. Deakin University vi Geelong                  'fuV}um':i~n:ttl            AUD5,000 V1'!il 145,000lJ1'V1 GiilVl~ni§Gl':i
       3. Deakin University vi Warrnambool              'fuV}um':iltn:tt1           AUD7,000 V1'!il 203,000lJ1'V1 GiilVl~ni§(;l':i

     1.	 L(;l[J1JlnUn~n:ttlAl1Jl':iClt'ijL1~ltum':iltn:ttlL-w[J\I 111 4t\l';l::'t~'ful&ii1.Bl\ll\llGl'!AltJ1'W[J1lJ1~';I1n Deakin University
     2.	 'VIl\11JVll''VI[J1~[J';I::Li]u~GilL llum':iL'il\lm':i~ULilnA1':iL Yl au milu Register Nurse tJil\l'VI1\1ililAL(;l':iL~ [J
     3.	 tUVl~ni§(;l':i unltn:ttlfim':iJ:ln\llutuACllUvI';I'\I U.~::fi\l1U':iil\l'fmlnL':i\l'W[JllJ1~L(;l[JGl':i\lVl~\I';Iln';lUVI~ni§Gl':i
     4.	 unltn:ttl';1::'t5\'fua'VIt AllFl':iLilu PR visa (Permanent Resident) tJil\lililAL(;l':iL~t1 L(;l[Jm':iAUUA~U';llnL':i\l'W[JllJ1~vI
           LAUil\l1Ut~V1~\I';I1n';lUm':i~n:ttl 41\1 PR Visa fia'VItLlIillJLV\[J1JL 'Vi1'W~Lfiil\lililAL(;l':iL~[J i}1';1';1::fiilil[JmlulJ1\11.1':i::m':i
           L                                    L
            tlu 'tllfia'VIttum':iililm~[J\I ~iln~til'fg Lilu~u

~\lilLiluilmj~Lflil\l~utJil\ln1':i't1.lItn:ttlGi	        iltuAltJl't11m':i'W[JllJ1~vIDeakin University Lfiil\l L1J~Ln1u 1.I':i::L 'VIpfililAL(;l':iL~[J V11n
fiil ilA\lI[J1.I':i::m':it(;l Al1Jl':iCl ~(;lGim Yl ilAilUCl11Jil il),!~L -A1J L~1J't5\(;l ~ il(;lL1~1

'H:U1U""Gl:    'HlJu,3uR 1$ = 29u1H rJaJjinftlu:Ullqnli'atl m.fu:fllJl13 AUlJ1lJU 2552

                                 i1GlG'iOFtflUIJJ,nU'5i1 OUUtAllfUflPiII" C,U) @Education Consultant
                                   '\\'1'5: 0 26514536 ""nod: 0 26514537 ilono: 087 7110539
                                                   Email: somkiet@ateducation.co.th

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