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					Congregation           RABBI’S MESSAGE                                                         Rabbi Stephen Listfield
                       If Only
 VOLUME 61 ISSUE 1       Last month the New York Times                           If only....
   September 2012
   Elul-Tishrei 5772   printed a letter saying that if only some-
                                                                        That letter to the Times struck me as
                       one had reported Penn State coach Jerry
                                                                     childish. I offer instead my letter to you,
                       Sandusky to the police, and if only he had
                                                                     the readers of the Shofar: It is foolish to
                       been removed from his job, and if only he
                                                                     waste present moments regretting what is
                       had been prosecuted by the law -- well,
                                                                     over and done with. The Jewish New
                       imagine how much heartache could
                                                                     Year is a time to remind ourselves that "If
                       have been avoided.
                                                                     only" is not an option. Olam ke-minhago
                          That, my friends, is what I call a letter! noheg ("the world goes merrily on its
                                                                     way"). Deal with what is. You can't undo
                          If only Hitler had a speech impediment,
                                                                     the past. You can prepare for the future,
                       millions of Jews could have lived out their
                                                                     and can do so bravely and confidently.
                       lives. If only Roosevelt had shown cour-
                       age, your and my doomed relatives could I did wrong? Going forward I shall do
                       have come to America. Call me a Jewish right!
                       chauvinist but if only Roosevelt had
                                                                        I'm not submitting this to the
                       opened the gates, there would be no can-
                                                                     press. But I do commend it to you, my
                       cer today and very few heart attacks
                                                                     dear congregants.
                       (because within a million destroyed Jew-
                       ish children there resided the genius to Shanah tovah!
                       cure those diseases and more). If only the
                                                                     Stephen Listfield
                       Arabs would realize that we want peace in
                       the Middle East, they would welcome 516-797-5811
                       Israel with open arms.              

                                    HIGH HOLIDAY SERVICE TIMES 5773
                        SELICHOT                                               NEILAH………………6:15PM
                        SAT. EVENING, SEPT. 8………...9:00 PM                     SHOFAR………………7:15PM
                           GUEST: PETER PITZELE                                SUKKOT
                        ROSH HASHANAH 5773                                     SUN. EVENING, SEPT. 30..............6:30 PM
                        SUN. EVENING, SEPT. 16...............6:30 PM           MON. MORNING, OCT. 1..............9:30 AM
                        MON. MORNING, SEPT. 17...........9:00 AM               MON. EVENING, OCT. 1 ...............6:30 PM
                        TASHLICH………..………………..5:30 PM                           TUES. MORNING, OCT. 2..............9:30 AM
                        MON. EVENING SEPT.17 ..............6:30 PM             TUES. EVENING, OCT. 2........6:15 PM
                        TUES. MORNING, SEPT 18…........9:00 AM                 SHEMINI ATZERET
                        TUES. EVENING, SEPT. 18.............6:30 PM            SUN. EVENING, OCT. 7 .........6:15 PM
                        KOL NIDRE & YOM KIPPUR                                 MON. MORNING, OCT. 8…...9:30 AM
                        TUES. EVENING SEPT.25                                  YIZKOR…………………..11:15AM
                        MINCHA, KOL NIDRE ...................6:15 PM           SIMCHAT TORAH
                        WED.MORNING, SEPT.26.............9:30 AM
                                                                               MON. EVENING, OCT.8............6:15 PM
                        YIZKOR ……………… ……….. 11:30AM
                                                                               TUES. MORNING, OCT. 9. .......9:30 AM
                        MINCHA............................. ………....4:45 PM
                                                                               TUES. EVENING, OCT. 9.......... 6:15 PM

                                                                        Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
Shabbat and Minyan Calendar                                       Monthly Meetings
Weeknight Ma‟ariv         8:00 p.m.    EXECUTIVE BOARD                   CONG.BOARD               CONGREGATION
Sunday Morning Minyan     9:00 a.m.
                                       7:00 p.m.                         8:00 p.m.                    8:00 p.m.
August 31 -September 1
Kabbalat Shabbat           6:00 p.m.
Candle Lighting            8:02 p.m.   Thursday, Aug.9, 2012        Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012
Saturday Morning           9:30 a.m.   Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012     Thursday, Sept.20, 2012
Mincha/Ma‟ariv           12:30 p.m.
                                       Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012      Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012
Shabbat Ends               8:07 p.m.
                                       Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012       Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012
September 7-8
                                       Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012      Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012      Thursday, Dec. 20, 2012
Kabbalat Shabbat           8:00 p.m.
                                       Thursday, Jan. 10, 2013      Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013
Candle Lighting            6:57 p.m.
In & Around Shabbat        7:00 p.m.   Thursday, Feb. 14, 2013      Thursday, Feb. 21, 2013
Saturday Morning           9:30 a.m.   Thursday, Mar. 14, 2013      Thursday, Mar. 21, 2013      Thursday, Mar. 21, 2013
Mincha/Ma‟ariv            12:30 p.m.   Thursday, Apr. 11, 2013      Thursday, Apr. 26, 2013      Thursday, Apr. 26, 2013
Shabbat Ends               7:56 p.m.
                                       Thursday, May 9, 2013        Thursday, May 16, 2013
September 14-15                        Thursday, June 13, 2013      Thursday, June 20, 2013      Thursday, June 20, 2013
Kabbalat Shabbat           8:00 p.m.
Candle Lighting            6:46 p.m.
                                       Meetings take place following minyan at 8:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Dates are
Saturday Morning           9:30 a.m.
                                       subject to change.
Mincha/Ma‟ariv            12:30 p.m.
Shabbat Ends               7:44 p.m.

September 21-22
Kabbalat Shabbat           8:00 p.m.
Candle Lighting            6:34 p.m.
                                                         CONGREGATION BETH-EL
Saturday Morning           9:30 a.m.
                                                             Where Friends Become Family
Mincha/Ma‟ariv            12:30 p.m.
Shabbat Ends               7:32 p.m.     Rabbi…………….Stephen Listfield
                                         Presidium………...Neil Geschwind, Helen Katz, Dr. Steven Nachbar
September 28-29                          Sisterhood………..Linda Abrams, Edith Tishler
Kabbalat Shabbat           8:00 p.m.     Shofar:
Candle Lighting            6:22 p.m.
                                               Managing Editor……...Fran Boiko
Saturday Morning           9:30 a.m.
Mincha/Ma‟ariv            12:30 p.m.           Copy editors………….Barbara Ringel, Iris Astrof, Melody Nelson
Shabbat Ends               7:21 p.m.
                                                    SHOFAR DEADLINE: All articles are due by the
                                                              10th of the month.
                                             Articles will not be accepted after the 14th of the month!
                                                   If you have any ideas, an interesting article or good news,
                                                          e-mail it to
                                                   Submission of an article does not guarantee publication.
                                                                All submissions may be edited.
                                          516.541.0740 • •

                                                   Page 2
PRESIDENTS’ POST                                                                                 Neil Geschwind
                                                                                                 Helen Katz
                                                                                                 Dr. Steven Nachbar

 L‟shanah Tovah Tikateivu V‟techataymu - It‟s September,        members who are working hard to make our shul the best
 and besides the season for “Back to School,” it is time to     it can be. The Programming committee has run some
 go “Back to Shul.” We are almost at the beginning of the       great programs this summer and we are looking forward
 Jewish New Year. High Holiday services and a new year          for more to come. The Membership committee is head-
 at Religious School are just around the corner, bringing us    ing up our new member incentive program. Dues for new
 fresh opportunities. We will welcome a new High Holi-          members are only $118 for a single and $218 for a family.
 day Hazzan (cantor) Stacey Sokol to our Rosh Hashanah          Help us spread the word about this great deal! The Fi-
 and Yom Kippur services. Our Religious School will roll        nance committee is working on a dues restructuring pro-
 out on Thursday, September 6 from 5:00 to 7:00 P.M.            gram, details to follow. The Rabbi Search committee has
                                                                also met several times during the summer in order to start
 Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur afford us the opportu-            on their important work.
 nity for an annual tune up. We are given the opportunity
 to look over our past year – our triumphs, our failures and    We want to hear from you. We will do our best to stop
 promises for the new year to come. Just like our cars          and listen to what each of our congregants has to say. We
 need a tune up, so do we. We need to see that we are run-      value your input, please give it willingly. It is past time for
 ning at peak efficiency. We need to have our brakes            “tension” and time for cooperation and smooth sailing.
 checked so that we stop and pause at the proper time. We       Help us stay on the proper course for our shul! We have
 cannot rely on our own anti-lock braking system to do it       taken stock of all that transpired last year and look for-
 for us. We need to see that our steering belt is at the        ward with hopeful hearts to the road of recreating Con-
 proper tension, so that we can stay on the proper course.      gregation Beth El better then ever. Trying to please eve-
 We need to see that our windshield is clean, so that we        ryone is an impossible task, but we will do our best. Help
 can see where it is that we truly want to go, while at the     us avoid “slippage” and work together in the “proper cli-
 same time having our rear-view mirror properly adjusted        mate” to maximize everyone‟s efforts. We want to travel
 to take note of where we have been. We need to see that        this road together! See you in shul!
 we have enough transmission fluid, so that we shift gears
 smoothly and avoid any slippage.                               Our families wish you and your families a Happy, Healthy
                                                                and Sweet New Year.
 Congregation Beth El is the place that affords us the op-      Congregation Beth El – A place where friends become
 portunity for an annual tune up as well as the minor           family!
 “services” that we need during the year. As we begin the       L‟hitraot,
 second year of our presidency, we will try to take advan-      Neil, Helen and Steven
 tage of this tune up and operate as close to peak efficiency
 as we can. Committees are up and running. We thank
 and appreciate Rabbi Listfield for his leadership and assis-
 tance in bringing us out of a very turbulent time. We give
 a yasher koach to all the chair-people and committee

                                                                          Alix Rubinger Kosher Food Pantry
Mail a Check or Donate Online
                                                                          Michael Schwartz Memorial Fund
funds                                                                    General Fund
Any monetary amount is appreciated (except for prayer                    Rabbi‟s Discretionary Fund
books). A Beth-El tribute card can be sent to the per-
                                                                         Building Restoration Fund
son you wish to pay tribute to. You may contribute to
these funds:                                                             Gift cards are also available year-round and can be or-
                                                                         dered by calling the office or downloading a form from
Dedication of a prayer book: $36
                                                                         the web site.
A book plate with your dedicated inscription will be
                                                                         Sponsor a Friday night oneg for $50 or a Saturday Kid-
placed on the inside cover.
                                                                         dush for $75
Dedication of a chumash: $100

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TODAH RABAH                                                          SISTERHOOD HAPPENINGS
                                                                Linda Abrams and Edie Tishler, Co-Presidents

 Thank you to our congregants for all their                                           Sisterhood Has Had A
    help with our Beth-El Garage Sale                                                     Busy Summer
                                                                                  Sisterhood sends a hearty todah rab-
                                                                               bah to all congregants who donated
                                                                               goods for our garage sale on August 5.
                                                                 We were able to offer a nice variety of items and were
                                                                 able to raise money. We thank Jackie Kirschman for
                                                                 organizing the whole event and we appreciated the
                                                                 help of our Sisterhood members Roberta Ackerman,
                                                                 Rhoda Buchwald, Robin Faber, Arlene Gottlieb, Rita
                                                                 Greenstein, Evelyn Grossberg, Carol Hirst, Barbara
                                                                 Ringel and Ellen Zipkin. Jesse and Glen Cohen,
                                                                 Artie and Ben Hecht, Steve Nachbar and Abe
                                                                 Kirschman were generous in doing the hard lifting
                                                                 that we couldn‟t do.
                                                                    On August 12 a review of the book, Sarah‟s Key
                                                                 led by Jackie Kirschman resulted in a lively discussion
                                                                 with nice conversation over a delicious brunch which
                                                                 was arranged by Roberta Ackerman. It was nice to
   Pictured L to R - Jackie Kirschman, Artie Hecht,
                                                                 get together before the summer comes to an end.
   Carol Hirst, and Marlene Hecht

Remember the Alix Rubinger Kosher                                     How do you recharge your batteries
          Food Pantry                                                while trying to live your hectic life?
  Many people in our area are struggling to make ends                Join Sisterhood of Congregation Beth-
                                                                       El. Energize yourself. Help us run.
  Please donate kosher dry and canned goods
                                                                 Plug in with Sisterhood to:
Items particularly needed: tuna, vegetables, fruit, peanut
       butter, rice, cereal, oil, sugar, flour, pasta            Engage in fabulous and fun social events
       Cans should be small size (not industrial)                Develop life-long friendships
Drop off: Monday to Thursday between 9:00 a.m. & 2:30            Find your inner leadership skills
       p.m. Friday before noon or leave in lobby
                                                                 Learn and work in a caring atmosphere
OR MAKE A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION TO                             Discuss relevant issues, at home and around the
       CONGREGATION BETH-EL                                      world
  DESIGNATED FOR THE FOOD PANTRY                                 Support our synagogue and community
   Donations can now be made online: www.beth-el-                Future events to pique your interest:                   October 2 - Brunch in the Sukkah
CAN YOU HELP? Occasionally, we need people to pur-               November 14 - Paid up membership catered din-
chase food at Waldbaum’s with Beth-El’s gift certificates.
Please call the office if you would like to be on the list of
        volunteers that can be called on to shop.                January 4 - Sisterhood Shabbat
                                                                 All this and more!

                                                            Page 4
                         BIRTHDAYS AND ANIVERSARIES

 Congregation Beth-El would like to acknowledge the fol-        ANNIVERSARIES
    lowing July, August & September birthdays and
                     anniversaries.                             July
                                                                8 – Marie & Jeffrey Hesekiel
                             18 - Leon Schwartz                 9 – Karen & David Gerard
                             19 – Terry Putterman               12 – Mindy & Khosro Zaringhalam
                             19 – Jeff Ratner                   31 – Eileen & Les Scherer
1 – Mark Finkelman
                             27 – Mindy Zaringhalam             August
3 – Alfred Mindlin
                             28 – Evelyn Fuchs                  7 – Robin & Ira Faber
4 – Adrienne Hausman
                             29 – Barbara Ringel                8 – Roberta & Fred Simanoff
4 – Robert Hirst
                             31 – Toby Nachbar                  10 – Judy & Mitch Blane
5 – Debra Kaplan
                             September                          14 – Paula & Alfred Mindlin
6 – Arlene Zweibach
                             1 – Rivanna Hyman                  15 – Adrienne & Allan Hausman
7 – Khosro Zaringhalam
                             1 – Amnon Tishler                  15 – Beth & Don DePiro
14 – Max Hershkowitz
                             2 – Miriam Minowitz                16 – Mary & Leon Schwartz
17 – Louis Jaffe
                             3 – Jody Goklevent                 21 – Debbie & Glenn Ring
18 – Hope Closter
                             5 – Sam Edelson                    21 – Phyllis & Fred Cohen
21 – Iris Brynien
                             5 – Harvey Fleck                   27 – Arlene & Arthur Zweibach
21 – Sarina Geschwind
                             12 – Arthur Hecht                  28 – Barbara & Harvey Wiener
25 – Ira Faber
26 – Jesse Cohen             13 – Lenore Kirschenbaum           September
27 – Mary Schwartz           13 – Fred Kaplan                   10 – Rita & Milton Greenstein

28 – Debbie Ring             14 – Mitch Blane                   16 – Lynn & Michael Davidson

30 – Beryl Newman            18 – Edith Tishler

August                       19 – Paul Selden                   * Please accept our apologies for leaving
                             24 – Beth DePiro                   out Murray Ackerman in the June issue,
1 – Howard Belgrod
                             26 – Jack Miller
                                                                he celebrated his birthday on June 22.
1 – Minna Mukamal
                             28 – Arthur Zweibach
2 – Sheldon Spitz
4 – Ilene Mindlin
4 – Helen Katz
6 – Joan Hershkowitz
9 – Karen Gerard
9 - Caryn Ratner
13 – Philip Greenberg
18 – Rhoda Buchwald

                                                       Page 5
                                          SEPTEMBER YAHRZEITS
                    The following members will be observing yahrzeit for their loved ones this month.
                         Please help them ensure there is a minyan so their prayers can be said.

1-2                                  11-12                             19-20                            25-26
Gerald Brynien                       Evelyn Star                       Elias Garelick                   Sam Lerner
Allen Cohen                          Jack Russo                        Edith Tishler                    26-27
2-3                                  Shirley Hershkowitz               Jesse Cohen                      Donald Dunkel
Fred Closter                         12-13                             Steven Dolinger                  Steven Dunkel
3-4                                  Pauline Marcus                    20-21                            Robert Katz
Eileen Scherer                       13-14                             Beverly & Leonard Nord           Helen Greenfield
4-5                                  Paul Selden                       Ellen Zipkin                     27-28
Terry Putterman                      William Levine                    21-22                            Helen Katz
5-6                                  Rabbi Stephen Listfield           Vikki Finkelman                  Steven Hyman
Jack Weinstein                       14-15                             22-23                            William Newman
7-8                                  Joanne Schwartz                   Murray Ackerman                  Jody Goklevent
Joseph Greenfield                    15-16                             Jack Weinstein                   28-29
8-9                                  Helen Cohen                       Arnold Silverman                 Sheldon Gottlieb
Eileen Scherer                       17-18                             23-24                            Rabbi Israel Orenstein
9-10                                 Phyllis Gottlieb                  Allan Putterman                  29-30
Sylvia Katz                          18-19                             24-25                            Sidney Margolis
Susan Gardner                        Amnon Tishler                     Eileen Scherer                   30-Oct. 1
10-11                                Eileen Scherer                    Elaine Schmukler                 Marlene Hecht
Jody Goklevent                                                         Abraham Kirschman

Dear Congregation Beth-El Family,
       Fred and I thank you for your support at this difficult time. You helped ease the pain of the loss of my mother,
Rose Kriftcher.
       Knowing we are part of the Beth-El community was most comforting.
                       Phyllis Cohen

      Mi Sheberach                  Refluah shelamah to Jason Dunkel, George Greenfield, Rachel
                                    Grabovsky, Evelyn Star, Fran Liebow, Arthur Zweibach, Phyllis Newman,
                                    Barbara Cohen, Barbara Ringel and Harold Newman, and all those who
                                    are ill. May they only know health and happiness.

                                    R’fahainu Adonai vnaerafay, hosheaynu v’nevashayah key t’helataynu atah. V’ha-ahlay r’fuah
                                    shlaymah l’chol macotaynu.

                                    Please let us know if you or a loved one is ill and would like it to go in the Shofar (full English
                                    names only). You may also add the Hebrew name to the misheberach list recited on Shabbat. Call the
                                    synagogue office at 516-541-0740 or e-mail

                                                                  Page 6
                                  WITH HEARTFELT THANK$
                   We deeply appreciate and thank these members of our community for their recent generosity.

PRAYER BOOK FUND                                                SPONSORS
Ann & Edward Miller in memory of Irene Miller, Barnet           Marilyn & Martin Schwartz in honor of their grandson,
Miller, Leon Weinstein & Ruth Weinstein                         Eliot‟s graduation from Case Western University
Randi & Eliot Sinel in memory of Jason Fleck                    Susan & Matthew Gardner in honor of their trip to Israel
                                                                Resa & Arnold Hauptman in honor of their Anniversary
                                                                and in honor of their grandson graduating college and getting
RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND                                      a job
Barbara & Harvey Wiener in memory of Frieda & Jack
                                                                Marlene & Arthur Hecht in honor of their Anniversary
Robin & Ira Faber in appreciation for Misheberach               Rivanna Hyman in honor of her retirement
Lee & Irving Trelin in appreciation & in appreciation for       The Minowitz Family in honor of Brian‟s Bar Mitzvah in
Misheberach                                                     Israel
Karen Lichtman in memory of Floyd Braugher, Jay Barnhill, Donna & Howard Belgrod in honor of the marriage of
Sylvia Kudan, Philip Zieden-Weber, and Evelyn & Jerry     their daughter, Karen to Gary Marshall
Lichtman                                                  Jesse & Barbara Cohen, in honor of Jesse‟s Birthday
Roberta & Fred Simanoff in memory of Estelle Goldflam Vikki & Mark Finkelman in honor of their Birthdays

                                                                Barbara & Leonard Ringel in honor of their Birthdays
                                                                Helen Katz in honor of her Birthday
Robin & Ira Faber in honor of Bert Zipkin‟s Birthday
Evelyn & Theodore Grossberg in appreciation
                                                                FOOD PANTRY DONATIONS
Barry Zornberg, Robin Wald, Lisa Zornberg, Jill Rivel,     Barbara & Jesse Cohen – in memory of Jason Fleck
Jonathan Zornberg in honor of Sidney Margolis‟ 80th Birth-
day                                                        Frank Curti Jr. – in appreciation of Bobbi & Sam Edelson
Randi & Elliot Sinel in memory of Jason Fleck                   Sisterhood of Temple Beth Shalom
Gary Klinger in memory of Leon Cantor, Rose Kriftcher,      Lenore Kirschenbaum – in honor of the Hausman‟s new
Sylvia Mindlin, & Jason Fleck                               grandchild, Karen Belgrod‟s marriage, Marilyn & Marty
                                                            Schwartz‟s grandson graduating and getting into medical
Resa & Arnold Hauptman in memory of Rose Kriftcher          school, a speedy recovery for Barbara Cohen, in appreciation
Bobbi & Sam Edelson in memory of Jason Fleck                of Melody Nelson for the Aliyah‟s & for being such an asset
                                                            to our services, in honor of Iris & Sam Astrof‟s daughters‟
Lee & Irving Trelin in appreciation
                                                            engagement, in honor of Vikki & Mark Finkelman‟s sons‟
Rivanna Hyman in honor of the marriage of Karen & Gary marriage
                                                            Lee & Irving Trelin
Iris & Samuel Astrof in memory of Olivia Spitz
                                                            Adrienne & Allan Hausman
The children of Pauline Ehrlich in honor of her 90th Birth-
                                                            Rhoda Buchwald – in memory of Mono Ostrowsky
                                                            Rosemary & Stan Gensler – in memory of Sydney Newman
Marilyn & Martin Schwartz in honor of Brian Minowitz‟s
                                                            & Lenny Kleiman
Bar Mitzvah and in honor of the marriage of Karen & Gary
Marshall                                                    Eve Eskin Founmdation
Roberta & Murray Ackerman in honor of the birth of              Vikki & Mark Finkelman – in honor or Sid Margolis‟ 80th
Adrienne & Allan Hausman‟s grandson, Nathan Shaun               Birthday, Karen Belgrod‟s marriage & Robbie Jacob‟s mar-

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Payrushay HaParashah

PARASHAT KI TETZE                                                   requirement of honest weights and measures, and the more
September 1, 2012 –14 Elul 5772                                     general principle of integrity in commerce are detailed. The
By tradition, Parashat Ki Tetzei, contains more mitzvot than        parashah concludes with the requirement to “remember what
any other parasha. Among the commandments and legal                 Amalek did” – that bellicose nation‟s merciless attack on the
categories addressed are the following: the treatment of            weakest parts of the Israelite camp. Israel is to “blot out the
women taken captive in time of war; immutability of the             memory of Amalek from under heaven.” These final verses
birthright; draconian treatment of the “stubborn and rebel-         are read as the eponymic maftir aliyah on Shabbat Zachor,
lious son”; judicial hangings; return of lost property; the obli-   just before Purim.
gation to assist the owner of an animal that has fallen under
                                                                    PARASHAT KI TAVO - SELIHOT
its burden; the prohibition against wearing clothing that is
intended for the opposite sex and characteristic of it; the         September 8, 2012 – 21 Elul 5772
commandment to chase off a mother bird before taking its            The Israelites are commanded to present the first fruits of
eggs or its young and the reward for fulfilling this imperative;    their produce to the Priest at God‟s chosen shrine. The wor-
the requirement to remove safety hazards from your prop-            shipper recited a declaration familiar to modern Jews from
erty; the prohibitions against sowing a vineyard with diverse       the Passover Haggadah: “Arami oved avi… My ancestor was
species, plowing with an ox and ass yoked together, and             a wandering Aramean…” This recitation of Israelite origins
shaatnez (wearing garments in which wool and linen are              represents the very first scripted liturgy for Jewish worship
combined); the commandment to wear fringes; laws about              and reflects our liturgy‟s emphasis on historical experience. A
slander; the procedure followed when a newlywed husband             prescribed verbal declaration, including a request for God‟s
alleges his wife was not a virgin as claimed and the conse-         blessing (“from your holy abode, from heaven”) similarly
quences of such claims, whether they are unfounded or accu-         accompanies the tithe that Israelites provide for the support
rate; the legal ramifications of adultery and rape and a variety    of Levites and strangers, widows and orphans. The Israelites
of marital restrictions; conduct and sanitation in a military       are admonished once again to be faithful to God and God‟s
camp (“keeping the camp holy” would later be expanded               commandments; God‟s reciprocal devotion to His chosen
into a general mandate to establish worthy communities); the        people is assured.
treatment to be accorded an escaped slave; sexual conduct           When they will cross the Jordan to enter the Promised Land,
deemed immoral and therefore prohibited; the prohibition            Israel is commanded to erect stone pillars, coated with plas-
against usury; mandates about vows; the legal parameters            ter, on which God‟s laws are to be inscribed. These steles are
guiding someone working in a vineyard or field of crops; the        to be dedicated with sacrifices offered on an altar of unhewn
fundamental laws of divorce; the special obligations and mili-      stone that the Israelites are instructed to build on Mount
tary exemption attending the first year of marriage; the secur-     Ebal.
ing of a debt; the legal treatment of kidnapping; the authority     Israel prepares for the recitation of blessings and curses.
of priests in cases of leprosy; the commandment to remem-           (The ceremonious presentation was prescribed earlier, in
ber God‟s punishment of Miriam after to her ill-advised criti-      parashat Re‟eh.) The tribes of Shimon, Levi, Judah, Issachar,
cism of Moses; the fair treatment of laborers and the obliga-       Joseph, and Benjamin are assigned to Mount Gerizim for the
tion to provide prompt payment of workers. Fundamental              blessing; Reuben, Gad, Asher, Zevulun, Dan, and Naphtali
legal principles are addressed: individual responsibility, the      are to be present on Mount Ebal for the curses. Twelve spe-
principle that people are punished only for their own sins,         cific are detailed, identified as worthy of being cursed, and
not the sin of their parents or children; the obligation to deal    individually acknowledged as such by a collective, national
justly with the stranger, the fatherless, and the widow. The        “amen.” Offenses of cultic, sexual, moral, and violent char-
obligation to provide justice for society‟s most vulnerable         acter are included among these execrable sins.
finds specific expression in the requirement to leave forgot-       Israel is promised blessings for compliance with God‟s com-
ten sheaves and gleanings for the desperate poor. A maxi-           mandments: “Blessed shall you be in the city and blessed
mum of forty lashes is established in cases of judicial flog-       shall you be in the country, Blessed shall be the issue of your
ging. Concern for animals is given expression through the           womb. The Lord will make you the head, not the tail.” Fol-
prohibition against muzzling a plow animal at work, keeping         lowing the blessing is a further statement of parallel curses
it from eating.                                                     for Israelite disobedience to God: “Cursed shall you be in the
The law of levirate marriage and its circumvention by the           city and cursed shall you be in the country. Cursed shall be
ritual of chalitzah is introduced. Harsh consequences are           the issue of your womb.” This passage, called the
provided in the case of a woman who violently intervenes in
her husband‟s physical altercation with another man. The

                                                              Page 8
 Payrushay HaParashah

(exhortation), includes particularly vile curses: “Your car-      national leadership. God reveals, though, that Israel will go
casses shall become food for all the birds of the sky. The        astray after Moses‟ death. Moses writes down God‟s
Lord will strike you with the Egyptian inflammation, with         “teaching” – most likely, that is, the Deuteronomic law –
hemorrhoids, boil scars, madness, blindness, and dismay.”         which he delivers to the levitical priests. They are instructed
Remarkably, the Torah reader customarily substitutes pre-         to read the “teaching” to the assembled people Israel every
scribed euphemism for the harshest of the Hebrew terms! So        seven years during Sukkot. This will serve to indoctrinate fu-
feared was this scriptural passage, nevertheless, that some       ture generations, who, unlike the generation of the Exodus,
communities have a history of skipping the section entirely.      did not experience God‟s redemption and miracles person-
Others have required the Torah reader or shamas to accept         ally. This will allow them to learn devotion to God and to
this aliyah as a condition of employment. Still others, instead   embrace the covenant anew.
of assigning so unseemly a text as a Torah “honor,” simply        God also has Moses (possibly with Joshua‟s assistance) write
announced “Yaamod mi she-yirtzeh” – “Let whoever wants it         out a poetic message adjuring Israel to faithfulness. This
come forward!” In any case, it is common to read these            poem is to be taught to the Israelites. The nation is convoked
verses quickly and quietly, dispensing with so unpleasant a       for this very purpose; Joshua is formally charged by his pro-
text with all possible dispatch.                                  phetic predecessor: “Be strong and resolute!” While the bibli-
The parashah concludes with a firm admonition (for those          cal text is somewhat ambiguous and subject to divergent
who missed the message in the previous section!?) faithfully      readings, Moses‟ written record of God‟s teaching is placed
to adhere to God‟s covenant, and to recognize in Israel‟s his-    beside the Ark of the Covenant for future consultation and
toric experience God‟s miraculous guidance.                       testimony. From God‟s command to Moses to “write this
                                                                  song,” the rabbis derive the final mitzvah of the Torah: for
PARASHAT NITZAVIM                                                 every Jew to write a Sefer Torah. (Instructively, the rabbis
September 15, 2012 – 28 Elul 5772                                 allow us to fulfill this divine imperative by appointing a scribe
As parashat Nitzavim opens, the entire Israelite nation is pre- as our agent in such an undertaking, or by acquiring an ap-
sent at the ratification of the covenant with God: Israel is to propriate personal library of sacred texts.)
be God‟s people, the Lord Israel‟s God. The covenant is ac-
cepted as binding on “those who are not with us here this PARASHAT HA’AZINU
day” – that is, it is binding also on future generations. Severe September 29, 2012 – 13 Tishrei 5773
sanctions are pronounced against any who would contem- Parashat Haazinu is the next-to-last Torah portion, but is the
plate excluding themselves from the covenanted community last one to be read as part of the weekly Shabbat schedule –
be redressed by God directly; overt violations will be dealt we read parashat V‟zot hHa-Berachah during Simchat Torah
with by the community, whose members would keep each services. Parashat Haazinu consists almost entirely of a song,
other accountable for their collective covenantal responsibil- maybe it‟s a poem, Moses recites to the People Israel. The
ity.                                                              poem, which Israel is to learn, is intended as a reminder of
A counterpoint to Moses‟ dire hortatory is provided in the God‟s justice and patience with them; that justice and pa-
prospect of divine forgiveness and redemption, favor and tience are contrasted with Israel‟s unworthiness and disloy-
restoration, both spiritual and material, that awaits those Isra- alty. Israel is adjured to observe the covenant and to follow
elites – and the nation as whole – who, although erring, re- God‟s laws as a primary obligation and the route to prosperity
turn to God and the covenantal mission.                           and well-being in the Promised Land. It is to pass on both
The Torah portion ends with the assurance that the terms of this message and the poem itself, in which heaven and earth
God‟s instruction are accessible. No intercessor is required, are called upon as witnesses, as a legacy to future generations.
and fidelity to God‟s plan and covenant is a matter of free Haazinu might be viewed as Moses‟ swan song. The parashah
will. Israel is asked to “choose life” through submission to concludes with a few prose verses, God tells Moses that he is
the divine will, to embrace the covenant, to choose the path to ascend Mount Nebo, and he will be permitted to view the
to God‟s blessing.                                                Land of Israel from there. He will not be permitted to enter
                                                                  the Land, however, but will die on the mountaintop.
PARASHAT VAYELEKH - SHABBAT SHUVAH                                In keeping with its poetic content, parashat Haazinu is writ-
September 22, 2012 – 6 Tishrei 5773                               ten in accordance with a unique scribal tradition. Its verses
Vayelech – the shortest Torah portion of the year – begins form two parallel columns, representing, according to one
with Moses, ever the visionary leader, preparing his people contemporary interpretation, the pillars of strength that will
for national continuity after his death. The Israelites need not be required for the nation to confront the challenges of faith,
fear – God will champion their cause. Joshua will assume statecraft, and nation-building that lie ahead.

                                                             Page 9
NEW MEMBER PROMOTION                                                                                                         PROGRAMS
                                                                               Carol Hirst and Resa Hauptman, Co-Chairs

    Are you looking for a friendly atmosphere with                               Welcome back everyone and a Happy and
                                                                               Healthy New Year to you all.
                  warm welcoming people?
                                                                                  Last year was a very successful one for the program
Congregation Beth-El of Massapequa is a Conservative,                          committee. We had some wonderful programs such as:
Egalitarian Synagogue                                                          Movie night “DEFIANCE”, BARTENDING, speakers
                                                                               such as Marc Cortade on THE ETHNIC MUSICAL”,
Our many programs include:                                                     “Current Affairs in Israel” “Secular Jewishness” and
   Weekly, stimulating Torah study                                            who can forget our SPRING FLING where you learned
                                                                               to dance the Waltz and Salsa.
   Exciting speakers                                                             This year we are planning many new and exciting
   Out and About musical shabbats                                             events, which started with our famous OUT and
                                                                               ABOUT SHABBAT BAR-B-Q which was attended by
   Social get-togethers/movies                                                almost 60 people. The LUAU was also a success with a
   Social Action/Israel programming                                           big thank you to Sid for his famous punch.
                                                                                  Please look for our flyers announcing our PETER,
   Active Sisterhood (free membership 1st year)                               PAUL and MARY Shabbat March 8, 2013, and our Is-
Please call the Beth-El office at: 516-541-0740 for more infor-                raeli movie series.
mation on our New Member promotion, which includes High                        There are lots of good things happening at Beth-El, so
Holiday tickets.                                                               please join us as often as you can.

                                                                         The destination wedding took place in Turks and Caico‟s
  Member Mazel Tov!                                                      B.W.I. on April 28th attended by family and friends. Ellen and
                                                                         Michael will reside in Manhattan.
Mazel Tov to Allan and Adrienne Hausman on the birth of
their grandson, Nathan Shaun. Proud parents are Nora &                   Congratulations to Jackie Einstein-Astrof , founder of
John Meyer.                                                              PennPac, that recruits University of Pennsylvania alumni for
Mazel Tov to the Minowitz family on their son Brian‟s                    pro-bono consulting at non-profit organizations.
Bar Mitzvah in Israel.                                                   Congratulations to Sam Astrof on completing the Hofstra
                                                                         University/AAPTE Personal Training
Mazel Tov to Harriet & Efrom Adler on the birth of their                 Course and passing the exam to be na-
twin grandchildren, Aniston & Indiana, Proud Parents are                 tionally recognized by the NCAA as a
Marcy & Douglas Newman.                                                  "Certified Personal Trainer - Exercise
                                                                         Fitness Specialist".
Marion and Avrum Bloomstone
are happy to announce the marriage of their daughter                     This space is for your good news. Share it with all of
                                                                         us! Send it to:
Ellen to Mr. Michael Bolin.

A Brief Forum on Decorum                        would want to talk??!!                                our opinion) we especially ask that you re-
                                                                                                      frain from all talking, and all movement as
Someone asked us to please produce an           Of course, the reality is less spiritual than
                                                                                                      well. If we maintain the proper decorum,
article reminding people of when they may       the ideal. Here and there a few words
                                                                                                      you'll get more out of the wor-
not talk in High Holiday services. The cor-     might escape your lips despite your-
rect answer is, from the moment you walk        self. Alright. But please keep it to a mini-
in until the moment you leave.                  mum. Please enter the sanctuary with the
                                                consciousness that we are here to engage
Now, we realize that this sets a high           with the Kadosh Baruch Hu and not with
bar. The ideal is that everyone is concen-      our neighbors.
trating on the prayers; singing with the can-
tor and listening to the rabbi, and overall     When the Ark is open (which is a fair
contemplating the profound messages of          amount of the time) and when Rabbi List-
the Machzor. Who would talk? Who                field is speaking (which is always succinct, in

                                                                  Page 10
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                  WITH HEARTFELT THANKS

                                                            I wanted to thank all of you at Beth-El for your support
         WOMEN’S EVENING OF                                 during these difficult months with my brother and to those
                                                            who donated in memory of my brother and who also do-
                  LEARNING                                  nated while he was alive, to help with things that were
        FEATURING: THE DUO OF                               Congregation Beth-El has become like part of my family to
  CANTOR RICHARD CASSELL AND MEZZO-                         me with all its ups and downs, good times and bad and it
       SOPRANO REBECCA STONE                                has helped me stay on an even keel with the year-long di-
                                                            lemma I‟ve been through. I hope that it will continue
                                                            throughout the years with others who come in need.
                                                            I especially want to thank the Astrof‟s, who with their un-
Singing Jewish melodies, from Broadway, Hollywood and
                                                            dying support, came through for my brother and I at criti-
                                                            cal times with a lot of amazing information and other sup-
An hour of Jewish humor and passion from "The World of      port. I cannot thank them enough. To those who „danced‟
                     our Fathers."                          with my brother and to those who treated him like family, I
                                                            deeply appreciate it! To those who came to his funeral and
        WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2012                         to the shiva, thank you, too!
            DOORS OPEN: 7:00 PM                             Again, I cannot say enough words of thanks to all who
        PROGRAM BEGINS 7:30PM SHARP                         helped throughout this past troubled year. Prayer and com-
        LOCATION: TEMPLE EMANU-EL                           panionship have helped me reach this point as I grieve my
            123 MERRICK AVENUE,                             brother and best friend‟s loss.
          EAST MEADOW, NEW YORK                             Warmest,
                  ALL WELCOME

                      Couvert: $12
  Prepaid reservations required by November 20, 2012
                   Collation to follow
      Sponsored by the South Shore Sisterhoods                              Dear Congregation,
          FOR INFORMATION CALL:                              Thank you for your kindness during a difficult time.
         ROBERTA ACKERMAN 579-5930                                            Marilyn Finger
           RESA HAUPTMAN 799-4285
               SAVE THE DATES

    Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 10:00 a.m.
                 “A Matter of Size”
 Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.
             “Inside Hana’s Suitcase”
       Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.
                 To be announced
           Watch your mail for details!

                                                       Page 11
                           SUMMER EVENTS

                    SALUTE FOR ISRAEL PARADE

Congregation members marched in the Celebrate Israel Parade in NYC. Pictured are:
Rabbi Listfield, Adrienne and Allan Hausman, Resa and Arnie Hauptman, Carol and
Rob Hirst, Marc Miller, Marty Schwartz and Iris and Sam Astrof. It was wonderful!

      Congregants enjoying our summer “Out and About BBQ”

                                       Page 12
Sponsor Shabbat Lunch,                                 TD Bank Fundraiser
  Friday Night Oneg or                                      Have you enrolled yet?
Sunday Breakfast Minyan                              Have you told your neighbors about the
Do you have an upcoming simcha? A                       Affinity Membership
birthday? An anniversary? Honoring a
loved one? Commemorate the event by                            Program
sponsoring a kiddush or oneg and               Open an account at TD Bank and they will make a
share your joy with the Beth-El family.        contribution to Congregation Beth-El. TD Bank will
                                               make an annual donation based on the average
Sponsors welcome.                              balance in all members’ accounts. Checking, sav-
                                               ings, money market, CD and retirement accounts
                                               are all included in the program.
                       Get together with
                       friends and co-         If you are already a TD Bank customer, give them
                       sponsor an oneg         a call and ask to have your balances included as
                                               part of Beth-El’s Affinity Membership Program. It
                       or kiddush.
                                               only takes one call and the synagogue benefits!
                                               You do not have to be a congregant to participate.
                        Call the office for    Tell you friends, neighbors and relatives!
                            details at:
                            541-0740                       Call 516-541-1116 to become a
                                                               member of the program.

                      YOU MUST THINK OF THAT TIME NOW

                                                     We don’t like to think of it, nor do we like to talk
                                                     of it, but every man and woman must consider
                                                     the inevitable: death and burial. To procrastinate
                                                     is to burden loved ones with concerns one can
                                                     take care of now. To put off the purchase of
                                                     graves for tomorrow is to add costs at the time
                                                     of burial. Congregation Beth-El has purchased
                                                     cemetery grounds at Wellwood Cemetery in
                                                     Pinelawn, NY. The cost of an individual grave-
                                                     site is:
                                                                  Members: $400 each
                                                             Parents of Members: $750 each
                                                                  Others: $1,500 each

      Payments can be made over a 3-month period. Contact the synagogue office 541-0740,
            Avrum Bloomstone, Allan Hausman, or Harvey Fleck for further details.

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MICHAEL J. DAVIDSON, D.M.D                                                                                     MARK ROSEN
Family Dentistry

4770 Sunrise Highway                                                        MARK’S SPRINKLER SERVICE INC.
Massapequa Park, NY 11762                                                      SERVICE, INSTALLATIONS, WINTERIZING

                                                                             37 Massapequa Ave.
                                                                            Massapequa, N. Y. 11758           (516) 541-2182
Congregation Member

                                                                                                         FRED SIMANOFF

                   RICHARD BERG, D.D.S.
                 KENNETH D. MORRIS, D.M.D.
                   BARRY D. BASS, D.D.S.
               PETER SCHARFENBERGER, D.M.D.                                            SIMON PASTON & SONS AGENCY, INC
                   JAMES F. DOLIN, D.D.S.
              TRACEY J. ROSENBERG, D.D.S., M.D.                                        381 SUNRISE HIGHWAY, LYNBROOK, NY 11563
                 DAVID JURMAN, D.D.S., M.D.

4770 SUNRISE HIGHWAY                  1181 OLD COUNTRY ROAD                    Phone:          Fax:              E-mail:
SUITE 201                                             SUITE 4                  516-593-2220    516-593-2605
MASSAPEQUA PARK, NY 11762                PLAINVIEW, NY 11803                   718-481-9000    516-593-2616
(516) 798-4143                                (516) 822-7880                   212-319-7310
(516) 798-4296 Fax                         (516) 822-5010 Fax

                                       Every one of us
                                      uses some of the
                                      hundreds of prod-
                                                                                  The Identity Collection
                                      ucts with the “Box
                                      Tops” symbol on                       The Next Generation in Tallis Clasps
                                       them every day!                    Buy a beautiful tallis clasp for yourself or
                             Please support                                gift it and a portion of the proceeds will
                             our Hebrew                                                   benefit CBE.
                             School by
depositing the box tops label in the collection                            Each piece, made of 100% sterling silver, is
                                                                           hand pierced and is available in a flat or shiny
box in the front lobby.
                                                                           finish. This is a great gift idea.

Our school will receive 10 cents for every                                 The tallis clasps are offered to you at a special
                                                                           price. The synagogue receives a percentage of
box top collected.                                                         each piece sold. (Price is dependant on amount
Go to for a                                      of letters needed). The tallis clasp is on display
                                                                           in the synagogue lobby.
complete list of participating products or
visit our lobby display.                                                   For orders and additional information, please
                                                                           contact Sid Margolis at 826-0474.

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 Advertise your business in the
                                                                        Visit our Web site
  Prices quoted are for a full year (10 issues)

            FOR PRINT-READY COPY.                                      Beth-El E-Mail Addresses
           Business Card              $136             
           1/4 Page                   $225            
           1/2 Page                   $336            
           Full Page                  $450
                                                                         Send Us Your E-Mail Address

        Monthly rates are also available.
                                                                Does the office have your e-mail address for impor-
         Please call the office @ 516-541-0740                          communications? Don’t miss out!
                 for further information
   E-mail your ad to:

                                                                         TORAH CARDS/TORAH FUND
           Showcase Your child’s
                                                                 Life brings us simchas and sometimes sorrow,
             Bar/Bat Mitzvah                                    Jewish customs always look ahead to tomorrow.
Inscribing your child's name in the Golden Book in                 Whether it’s news of a birthday, anniversary
the synagogue lobby is a wonderful way to let the               or bundle of joy, share the happiness with others
 Congregational family know of this special event.                          welcoming a girl or a boy.
   To honor your child in this meaningful way,                           Torah cards are the perfect way
   send $3 to Sisterhood at least ten days prior                   to wish a mazel tov or to brighten the day.
                  to your simcha.                           Just call Rivanna (631-921-2742) without delay!!
        Call Rhoda Buchwald at 798-2581.                               Cards are $3.50 each or 6 for $18.

                               Gift Cards Available Year-Round
  Instead of paying cash or credit for your purchases at the stores you frequent, order gift cards from us and
                     Beth-El will receive a percentage of your purchase from the vendor.
                 We have more than 85 participating stores. Your favorite is on the list!
           Buy Beth-El gift cards for bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, graduation, engagement, wedding,
                                         anniversary, new baby, etc.
Contact Helen Katz at 631.226.3493 or call the office for a list of stores and an order form or download them
                              from the fundraising section of our Web site.

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CONGREGATION BETH-EL         Nonprofit Org.
99 Jerusalem Avenue           U.S Postage
Massapequa, NY 11758-3397        PAID
                            Massapequa, N.Y.
                              Permit #76


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