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   Front Desk

USO Northwest Florida

   Front Desk Policies & Procedures
   Questions
                     USO Northwest Florida
                                USO Northwest Florida Staff
                                 Serving the Florida Panhandle
                                           Heidi Blair
            Oversees daily operations and responsible for USO Northwest Florida region
                                          Faye White
                                       Program Manager
             Oversees daily operations and programs for USO Northwest Florida region
      Angel Larsen                   Kathryn Coxwell                     Diane Freeman
     Center Manager                   Center Manager                     Center Manager
Oversees daily operations for                                       Oversees daily operations for
                                 Oversees daily operations for
 USO Pensacola Gulf Coast                                             USO Northwest Florida
                                USO Naval Air Station Pensacola
     Regional Airport                                                    Regional Airport

                                         Shift Leader

         Front Desk                 Movie & Game Room                         Kitchen
         Volunteer                       Volunteer                           Volunteer
                           Front Desk

Welcome Guests
  – Greet and screen guests
      Examine Military IDs for authenticity, even those in uniform
         o Reason: To ensure the safety of our Troops, as anyone can go into a surplus
           store and buy a uniform
      Ask authorized guests to sign-in
      Respectfully decline entry to unauthorized guests
         o Reason: The USO is for active duty, dependents and retirees only and we must
           keep our limited resources for the benefit of these guests
  − Undertake necessary paperwork
      Number and date each sign-in sheet
      Tally totals and place full sheets to the back of the clip board
         o Reason: Recording guest visits gives Home Office a clear picture of the need
           for our Center and could increase our budget to provide more for our guests
      Locate additional sheets in the hall filing cabinet
Front Desk
                          Front Desk

Authorized Guests
  – Allow entry to:
      Active duty personnel
         o White Military IDs
      Reservist personnel
         o Green Military IDs
      Retired personnel
         o Blue Military IDs
      Military dependents
         o Brown Military IDs
      Also allow entry to:
         o USO Volunteers on duty
         o Individuals, who have scheduled appointments
         o Custodial staff
                            Front Desk

Unauthorized Guests
  – Politely deny entry to:
      Certain Military ID cardholders
         o Contractors not on official business
         o Prior Military personnel , who do not have retired Military ID
              » E.g. Veterans Affairs’ IDs are not allowed
      Visitors
         o General public
                           Front Desk

Provide Center Tours
  – Ask guests whether they are visiting for the first time
      If so, offer a Center tour
      Inform guests of the highlights of the Center
         o   Features
         o   Amenities
         o   Equipment
         o   Events
         o   Programs
               » Enroll individuals to participate
                           Front Desk

Assist Guests
  – Place only approved literature/information around the
      The Director or Program Manager must approve all items
         o Reason: To ensure that it is in line with USO Policies and Procedures
      Review literature and local information
         o Reason: To keep up-to-date on information for the benefit of inquiring guests
      Handle guest inquiries politely
         o Consult Shift Leaders, if necessary
                            Front Desk

Receive Donations
  – Complete a donation form for every donation received
      To inform Home Office of exactly what is donated to the USO
      Thank the donor for the gift
      Locate the donation form in the folder in the hall filing cabinet
         o   Ask the donor to complete their name, business, and address only
         o   Write “anonymous”, if the donor does not want a tax deductible form
         o   Complete the remainder of the form entirely
         o   Give completed donation form and donation to Staff Member
               » Only one form per person is required, but all items and quantities must
                  be included on that form
      Place freshly baked goods in the kitchen and packaged goods in the
       storage room
         o Reason: To reduce Center expenses
      Ask donors to put cash and check donations in the donation box
         o Reason: To reduce Center and volunteer liability
Front Desk
                       Front Desk

Receive Telephone Calls
  – Answer telephone calls correctly:
                  “USO Northwest Florida,
               you have reached (name of Center),
                    (your name) speaking,
                    how may I help you?”

  – Give the required information to the caller
  – Transfer calls to appropriate individuals
      Only transfer calls regarding questions when personally unable
       to assist caller
                      Front Desk

Transfer Telephone Calls
  1.   Press “Hold”
  2.   Press “Transfer”
  3.   Press appropriate extension number
         101 - Faye White
         102 - Heidi Blair
         103 - Kitchen
         104 - Hall
         105 - Movie room
         106 - Center Manager
         202 - Angel Larsen
                           Front Desk

Take Messages
  – Use legible print and ask for:
      1.   The name of the caller (use correct spelling)
      2.   Their contact telephone number
      3.   Who the call is for?
      4.   What the message is about?
  – Repeat the information to ensure accuracy
  – Remain aware of Staff Members’ availability
       Reason: To better assist callers and visitors
                         Front Desk

Direct Media Inquiries
  – Refer all media inquiries to the USO Northwest Florida
    Director, Heidi Blair (Cell: 850-346-5407)
      If the Director is not immediately available, contact the Director of
       Communication at Home Office
          Reason: To abide by USO Policy
  – Only discuss individual volunteer experiences with the media
      Never initiate media attention regarding the USO
      Never serve as an official USO spokesperson, unless expressly asked
       to do so by USO Staff
          Reason: To abide by USO Policy
                            Front Desk

Follow Computer Check-Out Procedure
  – Complete the check-out sheets fully
      Number and date each check-out sheet
      Print the guest’s full name
      Do not allow the guests to complete the sheet
         o Reason: So that the handwriting is similar on each page and easier to read,
           should a review be necessary
      Write the time onto the computer and computer number, only if a
       computer is available
         o Reason: If there is no “time onto computer” and “computer number” noted, this
           means that the person is waiting for a computer
      Exchange a Military ID for a computer password
         o Place the Military ID inside the password/ID box
         o Retain possession of the password/ID box at all times
               » Reason: To safeguard Military IDs, as they hold the guest’s entire personal
                  information and security clearance
                           Front Desk

Follow Computer Check-Out Procedure
  – Manage computers
     Limit 30 minutes on a computer, if other guests are waiting
        o Write down the names of guests, who are waiting
        o Give an estimated wait time and remind guests to remain nearby
     Check computer rooms periodically
        o Monitor websites used
           » Reason: To allow only efficient, ethical, and lawful websites
                             Front Desk

Follow Computer Password Check-In Procedure
  – Complete check-out sheets fully
      Only accept the return of a computer password from the guest, who
       checked it out, no exceptions
         o   Confirm that the correct Military ID is returned to the guest
         o   Write the time of return on the check-out sheet and initial
         o   Inform the next guest on the waiting list that a computer is now open
         o   Complete the necessary computer check-out steps

                                      Computer 6

                                   Username: USO #6

                                     Password: 1234
Front Desk
                          Front Desk

Complete End-of-Shift Procedures
  – Tidy, clean, and sanitize area
  – Account for all movies and Military IDs
  – Ensure incoming Volunteers receive a proper turnover
      Reason: To ensure a smooth turnover and a Center operating a peak
  – Ask the Shift Leader to be relieved
      Reason: To ensure that the Center is fully staffed at all times
                         Front Desk

Complete End-of-Day Procedures
  – Tidy, clean, and sanitize area
  – Account for all computer passwords
  – Ensure that no Military IDs are left in the ID box
      Leave the empty box on the front desk
  – Tally and number all check-out sheets
      Place all sign in/out sheets in the wire basket in the movie room
      Refill clipboards with new sign in/out sheets
  – Turn off all equipment
                        Front Desk

Front Desk Summary
  – Supervise area at all times
  – Retain possession of the password/ID box at all times
  – Complete sign-in/out sheets correctly
      Only allow guests to complete the front desk sign-in sheet
      Volunteers complete all other sign-in/out sheets
      Verify information on sheets upon shift change
  – Ensure the correct use of USO equipment
      Impose USO equipment priority over personal equipment
      Ensure USO equipment stays within the Center

   Front Desk Policies & Procedures
   Questions
        Please contact USO Northwest Florida (850) 455-8280

Thank you for supporting
  our Nation’s Heroes!

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