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									Is The Future of ORM?
The Online Reputation Management Landscape is Changing, and Critics Are Cheering For is gaining momentum heading into 2013 and its founders believe they have a
chance to influence the online reputation management industry in a positive way.

Just like many industries that focus a majority of their attention online, the online reputation
management industry is constantly changing. Thanks to social networking, and the ability for
companies (even competitors) to communicate publicly, online services are often forced to
improved their effectiveness FOR the customer.

In 2013, the public request to the online reputation management industry is "More Effective,
Less Costly!". Written on hundreds sales pages across hundreds of websites is some form of the
statement that "every minute your reputation is negative, your company loses money". While
that's true, unfortunately the cost becomes even larger at the hands of some inexperienced or
ineffective reputation management solutions. has addressed the problem head on: "Our costs are a fraction of what some
other companies charge, with an effectiveness that surpasses even the most expensive
services", states founding partner Dan.

Dan also announced that has joined a larger network of SEO and Public
Relations experts to offer even greater effectiveness to the RepReboot product line.

Judging by the response on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to RepReboot's
proposal, it's not impossible to believe they're onto something big.

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The webs #1 Online Reputation Management Company.

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