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					                                      Semi-Annual Report
                                                     January-June 2012



                                           CAPITOL HILL

2012 Leadership                 Y

Moving Forward with Strength                                                                               Financial
                        This semi-annual report represents the
                        first half of 2012, January through June,
                        and by the time you read it, John Knox will
                        be the president of ESA and I will be the
                        immediate past president. As one of my last                             Revenue
                        responsibilities, it is my pleasure to present the                         vs
                        information in this report. It represents ESA’s
                        strength – the programs and activities that                             Expense
                        make our association a viable and successful
        Dom D’Ascoli
                        organization – and the many opportunities that
       Past President   are available for you to get involved.                       Four-Year Comparison
    Take a look at what we’ve accomplished and
    know that ESA is in capable hands as I pass
    the torch to John.

    Sales                                                  $2,700,000
    ESA has created a new sales and marketing
    department and hired a vice president of
    sales and marketing to head the group.                 $2,625,000
    All sponsorship, advertising and associate
    membership sales fall under this department.           $2,550,000
    The largest source of sponsorship revenue is
    derived from the Executive Strategic Partner           $2,475,000
    (ESP) program, which has increased 5%
    over 2011. Associate membership is also                $2,400,000
    experiencing strong growth with dues revenue
    increasing 25% as of June 30, 2012 vs.
    June 30, 2011. The ESA Media Kit has been
    updated and new sponsorships and advertising                             2008        2009         2010       2011
    opportunities are now available including
    webinars and additional professional group
                                                                                         Total Revenue
    The sales and marketing department is also working to raise                          Total Expense
    funds for the SECURE+ Initiative and has already secured
    a number of sponsors. Additional sponsorships are available
    for supplier companies as well as integrators. Please contact
                                                                                            As of 12/31/2011
    Shannon Murphy, vice president of sales and marketing for more
    information at (972) 807-6835 or via email at                               Cash Balance                   $394,092
                                                                                Accounts Receivable            $722,718
    Events                                                                      Investments                    $229,380
    Leadership Summit and ESI Forum                                             Property, Plant & Equip.       $357,560
    2012 kicked off with the ESA Leadership Summit and Electronic
    Security Integrators Forum (ESI Forum) at the Omni Mandalay                 A/P and Accrued Expenses       $368,317
    in Las Colinas, TX, January 9-12. The ESA Leadership Summit
    provided information to help members grow their businesses and              Deferred Revenue               $767,859
    ways to get involved and have greater influence in association
    and industry issues. The ESI Forum hosted the nation’s most                 Notes Payable                  $218,040
    successful security integration companies in an environment                 Total Net Assets               $2,406,955
    geared toward idea sharing and unparalleled networking. The

2       ESA Semi-Annual Report
    Summary                                  Forum also offered a parallel track of seminars for integrator
                                             and chapter staff conferees not participating in the hosted buyer
                                             program. There were more than 150 attendees, 65 Hosted Guests
                                             and 59 Sponsors.

                                             AIREF Golf Classic
                                             The 9th Annual Alarm Industry Research and Educational
                                             Foundation (AIREF) golf tournament took place on Tuesday,
           Expenses                          March 27, 2012, at the Revere Golf Club in Las Vegas. The
            12/31/11                         golf tournament is AIREF’s sole fundraising event, allowing the
                                                 foundation to provide financial backing for critical research
                     $148,022                        and educational programs that benefit the security
                                                       industry and enhance public safety. This year, the
      $193,130                                           tournament made a profit of more than $90,000.

                                                             ESX and Summer Conference
                                                               Conference registration at ESX 2012 in
                                                                Nashville was up 31% over 2011, with more
                                          $586,485               than ever opting for the inclusive Deluxe Pass
                                                                  and attending the week’s lineup of seminars
                                                                   and networking events, in addition to the
                                                                   expo. Of the show’s 189 exhibitors, 92%

          $541,028                                                 rated the quality of their interaction with
                                                                   attendees as being “good” or “excellent,”
                                                                   leading to a 28% jump in exhibitors rushing
                                                                  to rebook space and securing more than
                                                   57.44%         double the sponsorship opportunities for the
                                                                2013 show.
                                                               New officer installations highlighted this year’s
                                                              Summer Conference. John Knox was inducted as
               5.66%                                        the 2012-2014 president and the newly-elected
                                                          executive committee members were installed. They
    $242,610                                            include Bill Cooper, two-year secretary, Roy Pollack,
                                                     one-year vice president, Robert Michel, two-year vice
                                                  president and Marshall Marinace, two-year vice president.

           Membership Services               Codes and Standards
                                             Shaping the Business Environment
           NTS: Training & Certi cation      NFPA held their annual meeting in Las Vegas June 11 through
                                             the 14th. Industry efforts were unsuccessful in overturning the
                                             six-hour test reporting. The 2013 NFPA 72 code will require
           Conferences                       commercial systems using two phone lines to report a test signal
                                             every six hours. A proposal to allow voice announcements within
                                             the fire alarm signal for household fire was also rejected. The
           Communications                    ESA Standards Committee will continue to pursue this issue by
                                             requesting an amendment to the current code. The committee
                                             also reviewed the recent Department of Energy requirements for
           Legislative                       power supplies related to security applications.

                                             Additionally, efforts are underway to revisit, revise and re-write
           General and Administrative        the ANSI-approved ESA Remote Station Standard allowing
                                             for recent changes consistent with the movement of other
5                                            applicable codes. The revision will include allowances for future
                                             development as needed for ESA members.

                                                                                   ESA Semi-Annual Report          3
    Government Relations
    Diligently Working to Shape Legislation
    ESA continues to have a very active government relations and advocacy
    outreach. In April, more than 50 ESA members attended the annual Day                   Membership
    on Capitol Hill, collectively visiting 83 House offices, as well as 33 Senate
    offices. There were more than 30 meetings with Congressional members, and
    a number of discussions with high-ranking staff members.                                      Membership 6/30/12
    Nationally, ESA continues to pursue access to the FBI database for criminal            Affiliate	      	       3
    background checks of security industry employees, as well as a request
    for an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission regarding municipal               Allied                  21
    monitoring of security and fire alarms. Recently, ESA also began working
    with other groups to support the Residential Carbon Monoxide Poisoning                 Associate               121
    Prevention Act.
                                                                                           Individual              8
    On the state level, three years of lobbying by the Arizona Alarm Association
    (AzAA) helped produce a state licensing law for alarm businesses. Also, the            Life                    7
    Pennsylvania Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (PBFAA) is closely tracking
                                                                                           Multi                   38
    an automatic contract renewal bill, asking for modifications that would
    exempt the security industry from a potentially damaging result. Stay in tune          National                5
    on a regular basis by reading Government Insider, the exclusive electronic
    publication for ESA chapters and members. To receive Government Insider,               Regular                 2,030
    contact Bob Ogle at (972) 807-6813 or at
                                                                                           Total                   2,233

    Professional Groups
    Mentoring Future Leaders
    ESA continues to experience great success with its Professionals Groups, which are connecting
    like-minded individuals from ESA member companies charged with similar professional responsibilities. The
    groups are Young Security Professionals (YSP) launched in 2009, Sales & Marketing Professionals (SMP) and
    the Installation & Services Professionals (ISP) launched 2011, and the recently-launched Executive Management
    Professionals (EMP). They provide targeted, valuable information and opportunities to network, share best practices
    and identify common challenges.

    Highlights of the past six months include the YSP-sponsored inaugural networking reception for all professional
    groups at the ESA Leadership Summit and the Kick-Off reception at ESX Nashville; a YSP tour of Zappos
    headquarters in Las Vegas at ISC West; SMP presentation of the Referral Program Best Practice Awards at ESX; the
    ISP-hosted panel discussion based on cellular technologies at ESX; establishing online resources libraries for SMP
    and ISP on; and quarterly webinars with content tailored specifically to group needs.

    ESA’s latest addition to the Professional Groups, EMP, is for individuals charged with the strategic and financial
    leadership of security integration organizations. This group will tackle issues such as company valuation, financing,
    business model development, mergers and acquisitions, human capital development, executive leadership and
    change management.

    Whether you’re an integrator, manufacturer, sales person, technician or owner, you have a place to belong at ESA.
    Membership in any of these professional groups is open to employees of ESA member companies at no charge. If
    you’re interested in joining any of these groups, contact Jaclyn Sion at or by phone at
    (972) 807-6818.

    Membership & Chapter Relations
    ESA’s new Member Service Center (MSC) has proved successful since its inception in 2011. A team of four make up
    the group and stand ready to assist members and potential members with their inquiries. With a focus on providing
    exceptional customer service, this team’s support efforts include, but are not limited to ESA’s National Training
    School, Security America RRG, and ESA chartered chapters. ESA’s Member Service Center can be reached directly
    at (972) 807-6801.

4     ESA Semi-Annual Report
   Comparison                            In an effort to learn more about our members and how to better serve
                                         them, ESA conducted a Member Satisfaction Survey. This extensive
   Summary                               survey was made available by mail and electronically to all Primary Voting
                                         Representatives of regular member companies and touched on all areas
                                         of the association, such as member benefits, past and future association
                                         participation, and communications. Having received a response rate of more
     Membership 6/30/11
                                         than 10%, the survey was a success and we plan to utilize the information to
 Affiliate	       	       4              strengthen the association and the value our members receive.

 Allied                   19             ESA Gives Back
                                         ESA Gives Back was formally initiated in December 2011. The program
 Associate	       	       114
                                         demonstrates the commitment of members, association leaders, industry
 Individual	      	       4              professionals and staff to turn their attention from business to compassion
                                         whenever possible, allowing them to volunteer and contribute to worthy
 Life                     7              causes.

 Multi                    21             Most recently, ESA Gives Back supported the Wounded Warrior Project™,
                                         resulting in donations of more than $22,000 collected during and after ESX.
 National                 3
                                         Ongoing since 1996, the Youth Scholarship Program has donated more than
 Regular	         	       1,944          $330,000 in scholarships, including $10,000 this year.

 Total                    2,116
                                         Alarm Industry Gallery
                                         As a way to document the colorful history of the security industry, ESA is
designing, with the help of Global Exposition Services (GES), an in-depth interactive presentation that informs and
entertains visitors and trainees on security practices throughout the years. The gallery will be installed on a wall at
ESA headquarters and will be divided into three eras: prehistoric (49 BC) to 1799; 1800 – 1899; and 1900 – 21st

The gallery will feature an interactive video presentation allowing viewers to watch the presentation from the
beginning or to select an era and zoom into specific areas of interest. It will be graphically stylized and subtly
animated to give the illusion of moving through time.

AIREF is accepting donations for this project and has currently received pledges of over $30,000. If you would like
to donate to the Alarm Industry Gallery, please contact Amy Kirk at or (972) 807-6815.

Technology & Emerging Issues
This is an exciting time in the security industry with the growing importance of new technologies – from mobile
devices to alternative methods of alarm transmission. These technologies will shape the way we do business in the
years to come.

Member companies must not only understand but embrace these changes in order to thrive in this high-tech
environment. As an association, our role is to make sure that members stay on top of the trends – not beneath
them or behind them. Our Executive Strategic Partners (ESPs) and other key member companies, as well as the
outstanding volunteers on our Industry Affairs committee, give us a wealth of knowledge that we can pass on to our
members. Standing still is no longer an option.

The future direction of the electronic security industry is clearly communicated at events such as the ESA
Leadership Summit and Electronic Security Expo (ESX). Members are also encouraged to take advantage of ESA
webinars, publications and other educational offerings that communicate these trends in clearer terms.

                                                                                            ESA Semi-Annual Report        5
NTS Year-to-Date Revenue             Training	&	Certification
                                     National Training School (NTS)
         As of June 30, 2012         The ESA Education Committee has been hard at work updating
                                     courses to remain on the leading edge of codes, standards
                                     and technology. Courses that have been updated include

                 3%            3%    Understanding Alarm Systems (UAS), now named Understanding
                                      Electronic Security Systems (UESS), Advanced Burglar Alarm
                                         Technician (ABAT), now named Advanced Intrusion Systems
                                             (AIS), and Essential Sales Training Course (EST), now
                                                named Security Sales Essentials (SSE).

                                                   NTS is currently working on updating the Certified
                                                    Alarm/Security Technician Level-1 (CAT Level-1)
                                                     course and developing an advanced fire alarm
           20%                                        course. The advanced fire alarm course will
                                                        provide the training necessary to meet the
                                                        level three fire certification for our industry.
                                                         Professional fire design concepts mixed
                                                         with project management training in a
                                                         knowledge-based course will be a leap
                                                         forward in fire alarm education. NTS also
                                                        held its first Train the Trainer class at ESX.
                                                       There were 23 instructors in attendance and
                                                     the course garnered very positive feedback.
                                                    National Apprenticeship Program
                                                  ESA’s National Apprenticeship Program (NAP)
                                               is moving forward to address the industry’s need to
                                           remain competitive and to help bring uniformity to the
                                      security industry. The program is designed for the occupation
                                     of Protective Signal Installer (Security and Fire Alarm Systems
                                     Installer). This new career track is expected to have a 20%
                                     increase in jobs over the next several years and the ESA NAP
    Instructor Led Training          will provide the customizable training employers need to have a
    $435,057                         productive, safe and dependable pipeline of skilled workers.

    On Line Training                 Louisiana Life Safety & Security Association (LLSSA) is the first
                                     ESA Chartered Chapter to launch an apprenticeship program
                                     under the ESA Training Trust Fund. They will begin training their
    Certifications                   first apprentices in the fall of 2012.
    $17,770                          ESA is working to bring apprenticeship to other chapters. If your
                                     chapter is interested in learning more about this program, please
                                     contact Tracy Dalrymple at (972) 807-6821 or at

Total Revenue $589,123               Public Awareness
                                     Effective Outreach
                                     ESA has executed several strategies in an effort to increase
                                     public awareness through the re-launch of, an
                                     aggressive social media campaign, and through the re-branding
                                     of the Secure Lifestyle In Control (SLIC) task force. These

6     ESA Semi-Annual Report
initiatives serve to educate consumers about diverse offerings and to promote the consumer benefits of working with
an ESA member company.

The re-launch of makes it a valuable and dynamic online resource for consumers. ESA is continually adding
new and important content for home and business owners, which helps keep it near the top of search engine listings
and positions it as a major resource for security information.

ESA has also introduced through social media geared toward consumers. By providing thoughtful messages
and quick tips about security, ESA has garnered 134 followers on the Twitter account for (@Alarm_org)
and has reached more than 100,000 Twitter users through post mentions and retweets. In the upcoming months,
ESA will focus attention on building an active audience on Facebook and Pinterest, as well as begin to establish solid
relationships with individuals, organizations, associations and companies that possess a strong consumer following.

                       At ESX in June, ESA announced the new outreach effort named the SECURE+ Initiative,
                       which was developed by ESA’s public awareness task force, SLIC. SECURE+ will help increase
                       consumer awareness of ESA member companies who offer interactive services by identifying
                       them with the SECURE+ Seal of Acceptance. The seal is positioned to become a recognizable
                       brand that consumers will equate with high quality, enhanced electronic security companies. If
                       you’re interested in learning more about SECURE+, contact Shannon Murphy at
              or (972) 807-6835.

Meet the 2012 - 2013 ESA Executive Committee

     John Knox                     Bill Cooper                       David Koenig                  Charles (Dom) D’Ascoli         
     President                     Secretary                         Treasurer                     Immediate Past President

     Robert Michel                 Marshall Marinace                 Ralph Sevinor                  Roy Pollack
     Two-Year Vice President       Two-Year Vice President           Two-Year Vice President        One-Year Vice President

              Thank	you	to	Mike	Horgan	and	Mike	Miller	for	their	years	of	service.

                                         Mike	Horgan               Mike Miller
                                         Two-Year Vice President   Past President

                                                                                               ESA Semi-Annual Report              7
Executive Strategic Partners (ESPs)
The ESP program provides comprehensive marketing platforms offering valuable year-round exposure through an
                                                        Thank you to our 2012
array of print and online media, online sponsorships and event opportunities. These bundled packages are designed
                                                     Executive Strategic Partners
to provide maximum return on investment by meeting the sponsor’s primary objectives through extensive overall
promotional benefits, unique exposure at signature events and direct access to members.
Their commitment helps ensure that ESA remains strong and active at the local, state and national levels. The
following companies are our 2012 ESPs. Please thank them and do what you can to support them.

Exclusive Diamond ESP

Exclusive Platinum ESP

      Gold ESPs

     Silver ESPs

            YSP              YSP Fall Forum                       YSP                                                         YSP West
            Fall Forum
                             December 5-6, 2012                    West                                                       April 10, 2013
                             Co-located with the CAA Winter                                                                   Las Vegas, Nevada
                             Convention - San Francisco

                                                                                                                              Day on Capitol Hill
             ESA State       ESA State Legislative Events                                                                     May 6-7, 2013
                                                                     DAY ON
             Legislative     Fall 2012                               CAPITOL HILL                                             Washington, DC
             Event                                                 e l e c t r o n i c s e c u r i t y a s s o c i at i o n
                                                                   WA S H I N G TO N D . C .             May 6-7, 2013

                             ESA Leadership Summit                                                                            ESX
                             February 18-21, 2013                                                                             June 17-21, 2013
                             Orlando, Florida                                                                                 Nashville, Tennessee

                             AIREF Golf Classic
                             April 9, 2013                     
                             Las Vegas, Nevada

                 ESA	•	6333	North	State	Highway	161,	Suite	350,	Irving,	TX	75038	•	888.447.1689

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