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Trustee News - osaid


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									             Trustee News
         Ronald Eamer, Chair (Cornwall-Glengarry)
                                                                                                                               Volume : V
                                                                                                                               Numb e r: 8
                                                                                                                               May 2011
                                                                                        Karen McAllister (Stormont-Dundas)
         Brent Laton, Vice-Chair (Grenville County and Elizabethtown-Kitley Township)   Robin Reil (City of Brockville, Town of Smiths Falls, and Leeds County)
         Nancy Kirby (Lanark)                                                           Sue Wilson (Prescott-Russell)
         Todd Lalonde (Cornwall-Glengarry)                                              Hillary Geneau (Catholic Student Trustee)

The Junior Mathematics Intervention Initiative has been                        The Board is currently involved in the development of a response
established by the Ministry of Education in response to existing               initiative, in collaboration with other community partners, to
gaps in mathematics achievement at the junior level across                     establish an early intervention protocol, to potential acts of
Ontario. EQAO results in Grade 6 mathematics have stalled across               violence. The potential for violence in schools, as well as attacks
the Province over the past five years. The intervention program is              worldwide, have resulted in an increase in concerns in our
designed to help boost achievement levels for Grade 6 students                 communities. This has made it necessary for schools and
struggling in math. The model connects teacher learning with                   communities to develop formal procedures to assess high-risk
improved instructional strategies and student learning. The                    and threat making behaviour.
strategy is in line with research which demonstrates that explicit
instruction improves math achievement in struggling learners.                  The protocol is the result of a community effort by senior school
The intervention targets students who have had difficulty                        board administration, board clinical staff, police, mental health
achieving success, while providing benefits to other learners.                  partners, child protection agencies, probation and youth justice
                                                                               partners, and hospital emergency staff; all of whom share the
Materials have been prepared by the Ministry and are available to              common goal of keeping communities safe. Under the initiative,
all teachers. They consist of a Teacher’s Guide and a Student                  the Board will respond, with community partners, to student
Workbook. The teacher’s guide provides detailed instructions for               behaviours that may pose a potential risk for violence. The
every lesson contained in all of the Modules. The lessons                      resulting early intervention will reduce and manage school or
implement the use of manipulatives to build knowledge, and                     community violence, and harm to self or others. The protocol
provide questions for teachers to ask which develop a deeper                   supports collaborative planning to reduce and respond to
understanding.                                                                 violence, and the timely sharing of information to identify the
                                                                               potential for serious violence, before the violent act occurs.
Opportunities for junior division teachers to participate in a series
of professional learning sessions with the Board’s Math Coach will             The draft protocol was shared at regional forums where
also be available. One notable goal of the sessions is to emphasize            educators and community partners provided feedback. A final
the importance of collaboration and how it leads to maximizing                 draft will be completed by the end of June and a formal signing
capacity building in schools.                                                  ceremony will take place in the Fall of 2011.

From March 31 to April 2, seventeen students from eight                        The Continuing Education: Personal Support Worker (PSW)
CDSBEO Catholic secondary schools attended the inaugural                       Program has successfully graduated more than 300 students
Ontario Catholic Student Leadership Conference. Among those                    since its inception in 2008. Upon completion, students receive
in attendance was Catholic Student Trustee, Hillary Geneau. The                six credits, a Personal Support Worker certification, and a pin
Lighting the Way Conference, hosted by the Niagara Catholic                    sponsored by the Long Term Care Association. Many graduates
District School Board, took place in Niagara Falls. The opening                are now working in seniors’ residences, long-term care facilities,
evening festivities included greetings from Bishop Gerard                      hospitals, community associations, and private homes. These
Bergie, Premier Dalton McGuinty, Education Minister, Leona                     organizations have provided valuable partnerships and an
Dombrowsky, and OCSTA President and CDSBEO Trustee, Nancy                      authentic hands-on experience for our students.
Kirby, among others. The students took part in prayer services,
listened to keynote addresses, and attended breakout sessions                  Other graduates have gone on to pursue Registered Practical
that focused on the value and vision of Catholic education from                Nursing (RPN) programs in college, with some granted
a youth perspective.                                                           equivalency status for certain PSW program credits. Currently,
                                                                               the CDSBEO delivers the PSW program in two locations:
The next conference will be held in April of 2013. The CDSBEO will             Kemptville and Cornwall. Forty-two students are enrolled and
be co-hosting the event with the Ottawa Catholic School Board.                 will graduate in July 2011.

                       Board Meeting Dates: May 3, 2011 and May 17, 2011 @ 7:00 p.m., Kemptville Board Office
   Visit our website at www.cdsbeo.on.ca for information, news on school events, bus cancellation updates,
               Board Meeting Highlights, or to visit our Trustee section under Board Information.

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