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					                                                                                                             WINTER 2012

     Heritage Centers partners WitH
  laWley insuranCe & enterCoM buFFalo                                                            over 400 Honored
                                                                                                At     the     Annual      Supported
                                                                                                Employment Consumer Recognition
Heritage Centers was proud to partner with Lawley Insurance & Entercom Buffalo Radio            Awards held on November 3, 2011,
in 2011. This partnership involved a series of personal testimony radio spots, designed         Heritage Centers Adult Services
as a “call to action” reaching out to                                                           Division, Allentown Industries,
families who may need our services,        Bob Syracuse    Bonnie Zon      Brian Attea
                                                                                                celebrated its silver anniversary
businesses seeking innovative labor                                                             (25 years) of successfully providing
solutions & individuals looking to                                                              Supported Employment services to
make a charitable contribution or                                                               individuals that we serve.
place to volunteer. Each testimonial
gave a unique & moving perspective                                                              Our       Supported    Employment
of how their lives have been positively affected by Heritage Centers. Testimonies               program supports individuals with
included Bob Syracuse, the owner of Pizza Plant Italian Pub; Bonnie Zon, a speech               disabilities in finding & retaining
therapist & parent; & Brain Attea, Esq., an attorney & Heritage Centers volunteer.              jobs within the Western New
                                                                                                York community. This year, we
If you did not hear the spots on any of the Entercom stations, we would like to invite          celebrated & acknowledged over
you to visit our website, & click on the link at the bottom of          400 of our individuals, many with
the page, which will allow you to hear any or all of the testimonies. They are moving           incredible longevity with their
& informative.                                                                                  employers.
We would like to thank Lawley Insurance, Entercom Radio, Bob Syracuse, Bonnie Zon                            Paul Y.
& Brian Attea for their support & dedication to our mission.                                          Celebrated 24 years at
                                                                                                      Pizza Plant Italian Pub

        senator grisanti visits Heritage                                                                      James R.
                                                                                                    Celebrated 21 years at ECC
        Centers’ allentoWn industries                                                            (and he also works at Cradle Beach
                                                                                                         during the summer)
                           New York State Senator Mark J. Grisanti recently toured                          James R.
                           our Downtown Buffalo facility as part of Heritage Centers’              Celebrated 19 years at Macy’s
                           60th anniversary celebration. Senator Grisanti came to
                                                                                                            Richard O.
                           see first-hand, the impressive contract work being done by
                                                                                                  Celebrated 18 years at Sodexho
                           our individuals through Allentown Industries, benefitting
                           numerous local companies & to learn more about how                                 David P.
                           impending NYS budget changes will dramatically impact                         Celebrated 18 years
service delivery to individuals with disabilities. The Senator listened intently as 21-year-         at the Erie County Home
old David Rosenhoch expressed his desire to live in an IRA with friends. He has been
                                                                                                             Cathy B.
on a waiting list for several years. Parents stressed the need for keeping “options” open
                                                                                                        Celebrated 16 years
for children with special needs as they mature into young adults. The emphasis was on
                                                                                                          at Burger King
housing & programs that allow them to become more independent.
                                                                                                    We are so proud of all of the
As the tour concluded, Senator Grisanti said, “I’m very impressed with the work that is
                                                                                                    workers! Here’s to another
done at Allentown Industries & I look forward to working with Heritage Centers in the
                                                                                                     successful & working year!!
future to continue the agency’s tradition of excellence throughout my district.”

Creating opportunities for people with disabilities                                     
                 Heritage Centers Foundation announCes tHe
                             sue Wiltberger Fund
The Heritage Centers Foundation is               animal rescue. Sue volunteered five days
proud to announce the Sue Wiltberger             per week to help cats find an adopted
Fund, recently established by her family,        home; she also volunteered helping kids
to honor Sue through helping others.             with special needs on a local baseball
This fund has been established as an             team.
“emergency resource” to directly support
individuals served through Heritage              Sue loved life & she lived that life with
Centers who suddenly find themselves             a resolute mindset. When she was
financially struggling to meet some of           interested in earning her Associate’s
their most basic daily needs. Heritage           degree in Early Childhood Education,
Centers staff fondly remembers Sue:              she set that as her goal & accomplished
                                                 it. Although her frequent seizures made
 Sue Wiltberger was an exceptional lady          employment in the field problematic,
 who lived her life with a quiet, unyielding     Sue was pleased to have received her
 determination. Sue felt that no matter how      degree. In 2001, when Sue decided to
 difficult life appeared, she would not allow    live on her own, she was determined to
 circumstance to take away her joy of living.    make that goal a reality. She worked
 She chose to emphasize all the things in life   with Heritage Centers to receive the         is not about the things that hinder
 she could accomplish, & in doing so, she        ongoing supports she needed to live in       our path; it’s about how, despite the
 taught us about compassion, perseverance,       her own apartment.                           obstacles, we continue along that path-
 & optimism.                                                                                  compassionate, optimistic & resolute!
                                                 Sue inspired many people at Heritage
For most of her 39 years, Sue experienced        Centers. In May 2010, Heritage Centers       If you are interested in contributing to
frequent, severe seizures due to a head          honored her with the Consumer of the         the Sue Wiltberger Fund, please contact
injury suffered when she was hit by a car        Year award in recognition of her resilient   Beth Simons at 716-856-4202 ext.
at age nine. However, the seizures did           & courageous attitude.                       1339 or mail your contribution to: The
not define her life. Her life was about                                                       Heritage Centers Foundation Business
her love of family & friends, her great          Sue chose to emphasize compassion &          Office, 2643 Main Street, Buffalo, NY
sense of humor, her need to give to her          determination; she chose to emphasize        14214 Re: The Sue Wiltberger Fund.
community through volunteer work,                all the things in life that she could        All donations made to this fund are fully
her love for plants & her dedication to          accomplish. Sue showed up that life          tax deductible as allowed by law.

   MentHolatuM Wins tHe 2011 exeMplary eMployer aWard
                            Heritage Centers nominated The Mentholatum Company as an Exemplary
                            Employer for the 2011 National Disability Employment Awareness Month
                            (NDEAM) award this past fall- a nomination that lead to them winning this
                            prestigious award!

                            Heritage Centers & Mentholatum began a partnership in 2007 starting with
                            an on-site crew of 15 of our individuals, working alongside Mentholatum
                            staff. Our relationship has grown over the years & currently, Mentholatum
                            offers employment opportunities to nearly 90 individuals in our Supported
                            Employment Program.

                            Through their efforts, patience & cooperation, Mentholatum has demonstrated
                            an understanding of the importance of vocational rehabilitation for individuals
                            with disabilities.

                            Heritage Centers is proud that The Mentholatum Company was honored in
                            this way & is looking forward to this working partnership in 2012!
     Celebrating 60 Years
       2011: an inCredible year For our events!
       Each of our signature events had a great year for expansion & growth in 2011!

   With incredible dedication & participation, we saw success, & would like to thank ALL
  who sponsored, volunteered and/or participated at any or all of our events- we had a year
                           of incredible fund & “friend- raising”!

          Annual Heritage Centers Foundation 5K Run/Walk = over $62,000
         Annual Heritage-Oak Classic Golf Classic at Crag Burn = over $84,000
           Annual Corks & Forks Wine & Food Pairing Event = over $105,000

            If you haven’t experienced any of these events, we encourage you to!
                       Each is unique in their own way & a ton of fun!

         2012 “save tHese dates!”
12th annual Heritage Centers Foundation 5k run/Walk – saturday, May 12tH
        Heritage-oak golf Classic at Crag burn – Monday, July 9tH
           6th annual Corks & Forks – tHursday, oCtober 11tH

                               tHank you to tHe kiWanis Club!
                                            Heritage Centers held its 14th Annual       organizers in establishing funding, bus
                                            Camp Kiwanis at Cradle Beach in             transportation & gifts for the campers.
                                            Angola, NY, this past August. Our
                                            campers participated in recreation, beach   Our heartfelt thanks also go out to the
                                            walks, cooking, movie night, dancing,       Children’s Foundation of Erie County &
                                            swimming & talent show activities, just     The Gannett Foundation for their added
                                            to name a few. Our agency is deeply         support of this incredible experience for
                                            grateful for the Kiwanis contribution       our children.
                                            year after year- with a special thanks
                                            to John Vogel & Bill Schultz- the major     We look forward to another successful
                                                                                        summer in 2012.

                               nysarC, inC.’s reCreation grant
  Heritage Centers was the recipient of a $5,000 grant from the NYSARC Trust’s Remainder Funds to provide new recreational
  & social opportunities for consumers & residents who are part of Heritage Centers.

  The funds from the grant were used to offset some of the expenses associated with the dinner, awards & DJ for the annual
  Supported Employment Recognition Event for our consumers who work in the community.

  A portion of the funds were also utilized by our Community Support Services Art Program. This program supports the artistic
  endeavors of our consumers who participate in our After School Program. Some of the activities are painting & sculpting, with
  the assistance of staff & people from our local arts community.

  Additionally, the grant provided support for Residential Services’ new Evening Recreation Program. This program offers various
  social opportunities like dances, sports & movie nights for individuals living in Heritage Centers’ houses.
agenCy board:                                 Foundation board:                                 $1-$499 donors                                      Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon & Mary Berlow
                                                                                                ABR Wholesalers, Inc.                               Mrs. Jennifer Berryman
Chairman:                                     Chairman:                                         Access Solutions, A Prism Medical Co.               Dr. & Dr. Ernst & Gloria Beutner
Barbara Battaglia                             Richard J. Schieb, Jr., CPA                       AJ Roth Construction Co. Inc.                       Mrs. Marcia A. Binda
                                                                                                Allasen Carpet Co., Inc.                            Ms. Jessica Bing
Vice Chairman:                                Vice-Chairman:                                    Applegate Dental PLLC                               Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Maura Birdd
Scott Gorski                                  Joseph Porto                                      Attea & Attea                                       Ms. Dorothy Bjournland
                                                                                                Automatic Data Processing Inc.                      Ms. Helen Black
Recording Secretary:                          Secretary:                                        Bank of America                                     Ms. Mary Blake
Peter J. Martin, Esq.                         Danielle Shainbrown                               Bond, Schoeneck & King, LLP                         Ms. Claire O. Bodenstedt
                                                                                                Buffalo Exterminating Co. Inc.                      Ms. Linda Bodenstedt
Treasurer:                                    Treasurer:                                        Burghardt Landscaping                               Ms. Patricia S. Boquard
Michael F. Cucinotta                          Jamie Rehak                                       Carrier Coach, Inc.                                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Elizabeth Borchert
                                                                                                Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo             Mr. Ken Bork
Assistant Treasurer:                          Directors:                                        Comtel                                              Miss Fai Borowiec
Jeffrey Glajch                                Jamie Auricchio, Esq.                             Damon & Morey LLP                                   Dr. Walter A. Borowiec
                                              Joseph Burden                                     DBA Manzella’s Tavern                               Mrs. Mollie Bowers
Directors:                                    William Cleary                                    Eastern States Sentinel Alarm Services, Inc.        Mr. Fred Brace
Schuyler A. Banks                             Joe DiLeo                                         EBS-RMSCO                                           Mrs. Kathy Brace
Gaye Coston                                   Kathy Snyder Eagan                                Gaines Kriner Elliott GKE                           Mr. Steve Brady
Dr. Andrew Covey                              Kathryn Finamore                                  Gannett Foundation                                  Ms. Kathryn Brahmer
Barbara DeLong                                Dr. Shane Grant                                   Gerster Trane                                       Mrs. Liz Breyer
Ronald J. Papa                                Michael Modrzynski                                Grandview Construction Inc.                         Dr. Andrea Breyer
LaRenz Pickens                                Debbie Oberg                                      Harter Secrest & Emery LLP                          Mr. Rudolf Briechle
Gary Quenneville                              Kevin O’Leary                                     Healthworks-WNY, LLP                                Mrs. Dorothy A. Brigante
James J. Rooney, Esq.                         Jodie Papa                                        Hodgson Russ LLP                                    Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Debra Brillhart
Ronald P. Smith                               Andy Parker                                       Ilio DiPaolo Scholarship Fund                       Mrs. Margaret Brock
Thomas Tabak                                  Jon Pellish                                       Ingram Micro                                        Mr. & Thomas & Melissa Brydges
S. David Wegner                               David M. Prisaznuk, CPA                           Johnstone Supply                                    Mr. & Mrs. Albert & Janet Buckenmeyer
Arthur Wingerter                              Vivian Quinn, Esq.                                Kenmore Administrators Association                  Mr. Paul Buckenmeyer
                                              Michael Welch                                     Lockport Locks & Erie Canal Cruises                 Mr. Stu Buisch
                                              Patrick Young                                     Manzella Productions, Inc.                          Mr. Anthony R. Burchalewski
Mission:                                      Walter Zurowski                                   Mary Queen of Angels                                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Donna Burden
Heritage Centers supports children & adults                                                     Mister Pizza                                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Arlene Burgio
with disabilities, & their families, in                                                         Nardin Academy                                      Ms. Patricia Burks
achieving their desired quality of life       Mission:                                          North Star Supply Co., Inc.                         Ms. Mary Butera
by creating opportunities through             To acquire financial resources for under-funded   Rand & Jones Enterprises, Co., Inc.                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Betty Buyers
comprehensive services.                       programs of Heritage Centers that help            RAZL, LLC C/O The Company                           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Nancy Cal
                                              individuals with disabilities achieve their       SM Cristall Co. Inc.                                Mr. Daniel L. Calabrese, Jr.
                                              desired quality of life.                          Suburban Adult Services, Inc.                       Mr. & Mrs. John & Kathleen Camp
                                                                                                The Guardian                                        Mr. & Mrs. Leroy & Angela Cannon, Jr.
                                                                                                The Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies            Ms. Angela Capitano
                                                                                                The Hartford                                        Mrs. Jackie Capozzi
                                                                                                The Martin Group                                    Miss Ginine Capozzi
                                                                                                Thomas Jefferson Faculty Assn.                      Mr. Robert G. Capozzi
Heritage Heroes                                                                                 Truist                                              Ms. Cheryl & Jenna Cardone
Ms. Isabel Almeida                            Mrs. Mary A. McManus                              Try-Lock Roofing Company, Inc.                      Mrs. Kim K. Carey
Ms. Jennifer Ball                             Mrs. Patricia Ann McNamee                         Uncle Bob’s Storage                                 Mr. Donald Casciano
Ms. Kristina Barber                           Mr. Mark McVay                                    Verizon Foundation                                  Mr. & Paul & Mary Casilio
Ms. Debra K. Brillhart                        Mr. Brian Miller                                  Westminster Presbyterian Society of Buffalo, Inc.   Mr. & Ms. Edward & Marian Cassidy
Mr. Edward M. Cassidy                         Mr. Christopher Miller                            Wm. Schutt & Associates, PC                         Mr. Daniel R. Chadwick
Ms. Mary Rose Ciskal                          Ms. Rachel A. Milliron                            Xpedx                                               Mr. Craig Chapman
Ms. Karmen D. Clency                          Mrs. Sue Navarro                                  Young & Swartz                                      Mr. & Mrs. Henry & Dorothy Chimes
Ms. Dawn M. Cress                             Mrs. Heather A. Pennington                        Mr. David T. Anderson                               Ms. Irene Christensen
Ms. Rebecca Darch                             Mrs. Kim A. Pope                                  Mr. John T. Anderson                                Ms. Janice L. Christensen
Ms. Jane Dash                                 Mr. Michael Quinn                                 Mr. & Mrs. Russell & Margaret Anderson              Ms. Jackie K. Christenson
Ms. Barbara Dehn                              Mrs. Michele A. Ralyea                            Dr. Sarah M. Anderson, Ph.D.                        Ms. Kathy Ciccone
Ms. Jackie Dispenza                           Ms. Grace Richardson                              Dr. Stephanie Andrus                                Ms. Mary Rose Ciskal
Mrs. Margarita Dukhon                         Mrs. Charlene L. Ricigliano                       Mrs. Barbara M. Andrysiak                           Mr. & Mrs. James & Janet Clare
Mr. Griff Esslinger                           Ms. Joella Robinson                               Mr. & Mrs. Stuart & Joyce Angert                    Dr. Aleah J. Clark
Ms. Barbara Everett                           Ms. Debra Rosemond                                Mr. Nick Aris                                       Miss Julianna Clark
Mrs. Yvonne M. Ferguson                       Mr. Jed H. Ryba                                   Mr. John Arnone                                     Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Laura Clark
Mrs. Anne Marie Furlani                       Mr. Michael T. Sagnibene                          Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Jennifer Attea                   Mr. & Mrs. William & Joanne Cleary
Ms. Tena Garas                                Ms. Carol Schwertz                                Ms. Sharon Aumick                                   Ms. Karmen D. Clency
Mr. Robert Gemerek                            Mrs. Susan B. Seay                                Mr. & Mrs. James Q. Auricchio                       Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Debbie Coan
Ms. Dawn Genovese                             Mrs. Elizabeth J. Simons                          Mr. Thomas Ayers                                    Mr. David Cohen
Ms. Erin Gilbo                                Ms. Catherine Smith                               Mr. Michael Azzarella                               Mr. & Mrs. Arnold & Stephanie Collier
Ms. Carol Gioia                               Ms. Mary Solecki                                  Ms. Holly Baczkowski                                Mr. & Mrs. James F. Congdon
Mr. Michael L. Gross                          Mrs. Bonnie Somerville                            Mr. Lee W. Badgley                                  Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Marilyn Coniglio
Ms. Erin Gurnett                              Ms. Karen J. Spain                                Mr. Larry Baker                                     Ms. Dolores Connelly
Ms. Julie Hazlett                             Ms. Pam Sutherland                                Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan & Diane Baker                   Mr. Shawn P. Connolly
Mr. Scott Hiemenz                             Ms. Beth E. Sweet                                 Mr. Jon Baker                                       Ms. Kim Connors
Ms. Phyllis A. Hnat                           Ms. Delphine M. Szczesniak                        Mr. Bob Baker                                       Mr. & Mrs. John & Christine Conrad
Ms. Judith M. Hoffmann                        Mrs. Janet M. Tartick-Chudy                       Ms. Jennifer Ball                                   Mr. Dave Cooper
Ms. Jennifer How                              Ms. Laura Thiele                                  Mrs. Jenepher Banker                                Ms. Ellen Todd Cooper
Mr. Ted D. Johnson                            Mrs. Pamela D. Thiesen                            Mr. & Mrs. Schuyler & Linda Banks                   Ms. Gaye Coston
Mrs. Raelene Jolliff                          Mr. Robert G. Toone                               Ms. Kristina Barber                                 Mr. Michael Couche
Mr. Brian J. Kindron                          Mrs. Shirli A. Turner                             Mr. & Mrs. John & Sharon Barrett                    Mrs. Josephine Covey
Mr. Samuel Korn                               Mrs. Michele S. Vaughters                         Mr. & Mrs. David & Sharon Barrett                   Ms. Molly E. Coyne
Mr. Joseph P. LaPorta                         Mr. Philip Walsh                                  Mr. & Mrs. James & Barbara Barrett                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Lois Crandall
Mr. Sam J. Licata                             Mrs. Cynthia Warren Esq.                          Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bartolone                           Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Arlene Crashell
Mrs. Sandra L. Lockwood                       Ms. Linda Welch                                   Ms. Linda C. Battaglia                              Mrs. Diana M. Crawford
Mrs. Lyn M. Lozinsky                          Mrs. Nora A. Welsh                                Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Barbara Battaglia                Mr. & Mrs. Francis & Diana Crawford
Mrs. Diane C. Majewski                        Ms. Donna White                                   Mr. & Mrs. Joshua & Erin Batten                     Mr. Rick Crawshaw
Ms. Gail M. Marinaccio                        Mr. John Wichrowski                               Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jane Becht                      Miss Judy C. Cresanti
Mr. Michael Marino, Jr.                       Ms. Marie Wierzbicki                              Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Elaine Becker                  Ms. Dawn M. Cress
Ms. Mary Marranca-Hood                        Ms. Christine A. Wolf                             Ms. Joan Beddome                                    Ms. Kristi Crosby
Ms. Karen A. Mayweather                                                                         Ms. Joanne Bender                                   Mr. Daniel Cunningham
Ms. Katherine J. McMahon                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Patricia Berexa                 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Sue Cunningham
Mrs. Margaret Curran                     Dr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Glajch             Ms. Kathie Kirszenstein                    Mr. Brian Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Mary Curran         Miss Sarah Glajch                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Joan Klink             Mr. Christopher Miller
Ms. Dorothy Cwiklinski                   Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Karla Glajch       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Mary Knarr             Ms. Alice Miller
Ms. Rebecca Darch                        Ms. Nancy Gomez                         Miss Abigail M. Koeth                      Mr. & Mrs. William & Karen Miller
Ms. Jane Dash                            Mr. & Mrs. Dean & Marcie Gottesman      Mr. John R. Koeth                          Ms. Rachel A. Milliron
Mr. Daniel DeBaun                        Mrs. Rachael Grabek                     Mrs. Maureen E. Koeth                      Ms. Patricia A. Mills
Ms. Mary Beth Debus                      Ms. Patricia Grabianowski               Ms. Lisa Komm                              Ms. Judith Miranda
Mr. & Mrs. Michael DeDario               Drs. Josh & Shane Grant                 Mr. Samuel Korn                            Mrs. Mary Ellen Mitchell
Ms. Barbara Dehn                         Mr. Jim Gras                            Ms. Rita B. Korn                           Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Deebe Modrzynski
Mr. Neal Deleo                           Ms. Rochelle Gray                       Mrs. Deborah J. Korotkin                   Ms. Mary F. Mordaunt
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Elaine DeLisle      Admiral Ryan Z. Grieco                  Mrs. Melissa Kosmoski                      Dr. Winifred Morrison
Mr. & Mrs. Jon & Barbara DeLong          Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Adrienne Gryta     Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Janice Kowalski       Mrs. Jill Muenzner
Mr. Stephen Demmitt                      Mr. & Ms. Paul & Debra Grzybowski       Mr. & Mrs. Norman N. Krause                Ms. Katalin Murphy
Mr. Patrick DeNisco                      Mr. & Mrs. Matt & Constance Gullen      Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Margaret Krauss         Ms. Velma Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Barbara Di Gangi    Ms. Erin Gurnett                        Ms. Lisa Krawczyk                          Mr. Joseph Nagowski
Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Dolores Di Pasquale   Mr. Eugene Hacker                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Karen Krawczyk        Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Margaret Napierala
Miss Amanda Dickerman                    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Elizabeth Hafter   Mr. Kevin Krencik                          Ms. Kelly Navagh
Mrs. Karen Dickerman                     Mr. Frederick Hahn                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Paula Kropelin        Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Sue Navarro
Mr. & Ms. Marc & Kristy Dickinson        Ms. Lynette Hameister                   Mrs. Violet Krueger                        Mr. Thomas W. Nelson
Ms. Patricia DiMarco                     Ms. Lisa Hammond                        Ms. Kim Kruger                             Mr. John Nelson
Ms. Antoinette Dimino                    Mrs. Jeanne Hammond                     Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Helen Kunkemoeller       Mr. Rick Neuhaus
Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Dolores DiPasquale    Ms. Katherine Hanna                     Mr. Jeff Kurczewski                        Mr. Joseph Nicosia
Ms. Carol DiPirro                        Ms. Margie S. Hanrahan                  Ms. Deb Kurczewski                         Ms. Michelle Nirelli
Ms. Carole DiRienzo                      Ms. Sarah Hansen                        Ms. Diane Kusmierczyk                      Mr. Michael Noah
Ms. Jackie Dispenza                      Mr. Kevin R. Hardwick                   Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kuznik                   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Eileen Nosek
Ms. Kelly A. Doll                        Mr. & Mrs. Warren & Linda Hardy         Ms. Nancy La Tulip                         Mr. Michael Novak
Mr. & Ms. Marc & Kristy Doll             Mr. & Mrs. William & Joan Harms         Mr. Christopher Lamb                       Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Diane Mary Nowak
Mr. Joseph A. Donofrio                   Ms. Eleesa Harrell                      Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Kim Lana              Mr. Louis J. Nuchereno
Ms. Beryl Dorner                         Mrs. Christine Hart                     Mr. Thomas J. Lang                         Ms. Carrie O’Connell
Mr. Lester Downing                       Mr. Paul Hartigan                       Miss Jessica L. LaPoint                    Mr. & Mrs. Norris & India Sue Pace
Mr. Alan Dozoretz                        Mr. Tom Hartigan                        Mr. Jon LaPorta                            Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & Ellen Pachiolli
Ms. Ann Dozoretz Earne                   Ms. Hope Hartman                        Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Anne LaPorta           Mr. & Mrs. Stephan & Irene Panczak
Mr. Gary Drzewiecki                      Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hartrich            Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Barbara Larkman        Mr. Nelson Paolini
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Joyce Drzewiecki     Mr. Dan Harvey                          Mr. William E. LaVigne                     Ms. Jodie Papa
Miss Danielle DuBois                     Ms. Margaret A. Hatfield                Ms. Julie Legters                          Ms. Kelly M. Papa-Fike
Ms. Kelsey Dugan                         Ms. Barb Hauck                          Mr. & Mrs. Jason M. Lehr                   Mr. Patrick Parry
Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Margarita Dukhon       Dr. & Mrs. Herbert & Edith Hauptman     Ms. Victoria Leone                         Ms. Deborah Pawlowski
Ms. Amy Dunphy                           Ms. Julie Hazlett                       Miss Jackie Lewandowski                    Mr. & Mrs. David & Cynthia Pecynski
Mr. David Dzieddzic                      Mrs. LuAnn Heckathorn                   Mr. & Mrs. Sam & Gail Licata               Mr. Matt Pegg
Ms. Michele Eberle                       Mr. Michael Hein                        Ms. Kathleen Linhardt                      Ms. Kelly Pegula
Admiral Tom Eberle                       Miss Drucie Heinen                      Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Margaret LoBene          Mr. & Mrs. Jon & Daphne Pellish
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & Marilyn Eckerling     Mr. Jonathan S. Hickey                  Mrs. Sandra L. Lockwood                    Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Heather Pennington
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Kathy Egan           Ms. Kelli Hickey                        Ms. Emily Loomis                           Mrs. Janet E. Perc
Dr. & Mrs. Sanford & Gail Eisen          Mr. Scott Hiemenz                       Mrs. Agnes K. Lowder                       Mr. David R. Pfalzgraf, Jr.
Mr. Gerald Elsheimer                     Ms. Betsy Higgins                       Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Margaret Lowrey        Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Donna Pfentner
Mr. Eric Emerson                         Mr. William Hilbert                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Lyn Lozinsky          Ms. Kristin Piatko
Mr. Greg Emminger                        Mr. Howard W. Hites                     Mr. Herbert Mackey                         Mr. & Mrs. Aaron & Ronnee Pinder
Mr. Griff Esslinger                      Ms. Marianne R. Hites                   Mrs. Valerie Mackowiak                     Ms. Kerry Pitts
Mr. & Ms. Wade & Barbara Everett         Mr. & Mrs. William & Dru Hites          Miss Jillian Mackowiak                     Mr. James D. Pope
Mr. & Mrs. John & Jeanne Fadale          Ms. Phyllis A. Hnat                     Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Patricia MacPherson      Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Kim Pope
Ms. Dolores Fahey                        Mr. Paul A. Hoebel                      Mr. Patrick Maddigan                       Ms. Julie Porter
Ms. Patricia A. Farrell                  Ms. Judith M. Hoffmann                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Diane Majewski        Mr. George Porter
Ms. M. Joyce Fassel                      Mr. Brian Holleran                      Mrs. Karen Makar                           Ms. Megan Posluszny
Mrs. Dianne Fazzolari                    Mrs. Colleen L. Holman                  Ms. Christine Malinowski                   Ms. Ann M. Pringle
Mr. Darren Ferer                         Mr. & Mrs. Harvey & Myra Horowitz       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Christine Mangio       Mrs. Deanna Pritchett
Mr. & Mrs. David & Yvonne Ferguson       Ms. Gretchen How                        Mrs. Christine Mangio                      Ms. Amy Przadkiewicz
Ms. Connie Fieramusca                    Mr. & Mrs. Jim How                      Mrs. Katharina Manno                       Mr. Angelo Puccio
Mr. James Finamore                       Ms. Jennifer How                        Mr. & Ms. Louis & Gail Marinaccio          Mr. Gust P. Pullman, Esq.
Ms. Kathryn Finamore                     Ms. Diana Hurlbut                       Mr. Michael Marino, Jr.                    Ms. Tracy L. Pytlik
Ms. Kim Fisher                           Mr. & Mrs. Leonard & Nancy Idziak       Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Helen Markus          Mrs. Donna M. Queeno
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Mary Fitzgerald       Ms. Camille Ilecki                      Mr. Christopher Marquis                    Mr. Lawrence Quinn
Mr. Bryan Flynn                          Dr. Kimberly L. Jackson                 Mr. & Mrs. Don & Mary Marranca-Hood        Mrs. Vivian M. Quinn
Mrs. Amy Flynn                           Ms. Ruby Jain                           Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Cricket Martin          Mr. Michael Quinn
Mr. Joe Foote                            Mr. Randy James                         Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Annette Marzec        Mr. Andrew Radack
Ms. Marianne Fraas                       Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Cindy Jankowiak       Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Ann Mathews          Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Kate Raines
Ms. Marcia R. Frankel                    Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Allegra Jaros        Mr. Mark Matuszewski                       Mr. & Mrs. John & Michele Ralyea
Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Sharon Fremming     Ms. Leona A. Jaszczut                   Ms. Anna Matuszewski                       Mr. & Mrs. James & Ellen Ramsdell
Ms. Jennifer Frustino                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Jaszka        Mr. & Mrs. Henry & Henrietta Matuszewski   Mr. Ryan Randall
Ms. Elaine Fuhlbruck                     Ms. Beverly Jfeolo                      Miss Stacy Maybee                          Ms. Linda Raslawsky
Mrs. Anne Marie Furlani                  Mrs. Judy Johnson                       Mr. Chip Maynard                           Mr. & Mrs. Gerard & Judith Rath
Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Ann Marie Galante      Mr. Ted D. Johnson                      Mrs. Sheryl Mays                           Mr. & Mrs. C. William & Mary Reich
Ms. Sarah L. Galassi                     Mr. Joseph Joller                       Mr. Gregory McAlpine                       Mr. & Mrs. Herbert & Bertha Reid
Mr. Phillip F. Gallson                   Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Raelene Jolliff     Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Laura McCabe            Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Richard
Ms. Joyce Galvin                         Miss Jessica L. Jones                   Mr. & Mrs. Leo & Mauricette McCarthy       Ms. Grace Richardson
Ms. Tena Garas                           Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey & Marie Joy         Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Mary Ann McClellan       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Charlene Ricigliano
Ms. Ruth Gardner                         Mr. & Mrs. David & Kathleen Joyce       Mr. James F. McDermott                     Ms. Erin J. Rigler
Mr. John Garey                           Mr. Thomas Jusiak                       Ms. Gloria A. McDowell                     Mr. & Mrs. Calvin & Kristin Robertson
Mrs. Eleanor Gavacs                      Ms. Kathy Kaminski                      Mr. John McFarland                         Ms. Laura Robinson
Mrs. Rita Geiben                         Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Eleanor Kandefer   Ms. Janice M. McGhee                       Ms. Joella Robinson
Mr. Robert Gemerek                       Mr. James Kaney                         Ms. Katherine J. McMahon                   Mr. & Ms. Eugene & Elizabeth Rogalski
Ms. Dawn Genovese                        Mr. Roanld Kasperek                     Mrs. Mary A. McManus                       Mr. Kenneth Rogers
Ms. Linda S. Gervasi                     Mrs. Sheryl Kavanagh                    Mr. & Mrs. Aaron & Dana McManus            Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Deborah Rogers
Mr. Jon Getz                             Ms. Jacqueline M. Keller                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Patricia Ann McNamee   Ms. Anna Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. William & Shirley Giesler     Mr. Kevin Kelly                         Mr. & Mrs. Neal & Nancy McPartlan          Ms. Debra Rosemond
Ms. Erin Gilbo                           Mr. James R. Kilminster                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Susan McVay              Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Valerie Rosenhoch
Mr. Dave Gillen                          Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Kathy Kilminster    Mr. Jake Mendelsohn                        Mr. Mark Ross
Ms. Jacquelyn C. Gillings                Mr. Brian J. Kindron                    Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Morrie Mercurio       Mr. & Mrs. John & Janet Rovison
Ms. Carol Gioia                          Mr. Mike King                           Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin & Lois Mesler          Mr. & Mrs. Mitchel & Vickie Rubin
Mrs. Lillian Glajch                      Mr. Eric Kirszenstein                   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Barbara Metzger        Mrs. Hillary R. Ruh
Ms. Kimberly R. Russell                     Mr. Stephen Truong                        $1000-$4999 donors                            Bistro Europa
Mrs. Barbara A. Russo                       Ms. Mary B. Tully                         Allied Mechanical                             Black & Blue Steak & Crab
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Martha Rutowski         Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Rita Tulumello       Bouvier Partnership, LLC                      Blue Monk
Mr. & Mrs. Jed & Sharon Ryba                Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Shirli Turner        Buffalo Renaissance Foundation                Bob-o-Link
Mr. Michael T. Sagnibene                    Mr. & Mrs. Roger & Anita Utech            Buffalo Sabres                                Boncraft
Ms. Josephine Saldana                       Mrs. Kimberly Van Tine                    Burden, Gulisano & Hickey, LLC                Bonefish Grill
Ms. Laurie Salerno                          Mr. Craig Van Tine                        Casullo’s Automotive Services Inc.            Bravo! Cucina Italiana
Miss Christine M. Santoro                   Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Sandra Vanich          Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner LLP          Braymiller’s Market
Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Diane Sawyer            Ms. Dana A. Vaughters                     Choice Employee Benefits Group LLC            Brewery Ommegang
Ms. Mary E. Scherer                         Mr. & Mrs. Al & Michele Vaughters         Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Buffalo, Inc.   Budwey’s
Miss Lauren Schieb                          Mrs. Cecilie Vaughters-Johnson            Columbus McKinnon Corp.                       Buffalo Bandits
Ms. Patricia A. Schieb                      Mr. & Mrs. John & Donna Vogel             Dopkins & Co.                                 Buffalo Barricade LLC
Ms. Linda Schineller                        Mrs. Denise C. Wackowski                  FCS Administrators, Inc.                      Buffalo Bills
Ms. Andrea Schmitz                          Mr. Vince Wagner                          First Call Transportation                     Buffalo Games
Mr. Sean D. Schoenborne                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Maria Walczak        First Niagara Bank                            Buffalo Harbor Cruises
Mr. & Mrs. & William & Schubmehl            Mr. John Waller                           Graham Corporation                            Buffalo Museum of Science
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Virginia Schultz        Mr. Philip Walsh                          Harmac Medical Products, Inc.                 Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
Mr. Gary Schwallie                          Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Sharon Wappman          HSBC Bank USA                                 Buffalo Sabres
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Schwartz                    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Judy Ward            John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.         Burchfield Penny Art Center
Dr. Raymond Schwarz                         Dr. & Mrs. Calvert & Cynthia Warren       Lawley Benefits Group, LLC                    BW’s Barbecue
Mr. & Ms. Gary & Carol Schwertz             Mrs. Jean A. Washburn                     M&T Bank                                      Capello Salon
Mr. Matthew Sciara                          Mrs. Sherry B. Weaver                     McGuire Development Group                     Carrols Corporation
Mrs. Jeannine Scibilia                      Mr. Kevin R. Weber                        Merrill Lynch                                 Casullo’s Automotive Services Inc.
Ms. Christie Sciolino                       Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Joyce Webster         Merritt Estate Winery                         Cave Spring Cellars
Mr. Sean Scoenborn                          Mr. S. David Wegner                       Morgan Stanley Smith Barney                   Caz Coffee Cafe
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy & Janet Seales             Mrs. Carolyn Welch                        Mutual of America                             Certo Brothers Distributing Co.
Mrs. Susan B. Seay                          Ms. Linda Welch                           National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc.            Chester’s Cajun Grill
Miss Judith A. Seiler                       Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Deborah Welch        New Era Cap, Inc.                             Chez Ann Salon
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Nancy Semancin          Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Ginny Welcher         Niagara Mohawk, A National Grid Co.           Citadel Broadcasting Corporation
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew E. Sendker               Mr. Matthew Wells                         Nixon Peabody, LLP                            Clydes Feed Store
Mr. Donald S. Serota                        Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Nora Welsh           Praxair Foundation                            Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Buffalo, Inc.
Dr. & Mrs. Lee & Danielle Shainbrown        Ms. Marci Whitcraft                       The Hahn Family Foundation                    Coffee Culture
Ms. Mary Ann Sharrow                        Ms. Shannon White                         Tops Markets - Corporate Headquarters         Colter Bay
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Sue Shepherd            Ms. Donna White                           Western New York Imaging Systems              Colvin Cleaners
Mr. Fred Siegel III                         Ms. Kelly Whitmire                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Melanie Allesi           Corning Museum of Glass
Mr. David Simoni                            Mr. John Wichrowski                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Harriet Attea            Creekview Restaurant
Mr. & Mrs. David & Elizabeth Simons         Mr. James J. Wick                         Ms. Holly A. Batal                            Curley’s Grill & Banquet Center
Mr. William Siperek, Sr.                    Ms. Linda Wick                            Ms. Elizabeth Buscaglia                       Dairy Queen
Ms. MaryAnne Sitek                          Mrs. Jane M. Widdowfield                  Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Maxine Caffarella         D’Arcy McGee’s Irish Pub
Ms. Mildred Skrzypczak                      Ms. Marie Wierzbicki                      Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Sandra Chiampou          Darien Lake
Mrs. Suzanne Slayton                        Mr. Daniel Wierzbicki                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Beth Cucinotta      David Bowler Wine
Mr. & Mrs. John & Wendy Slisz               Ms. Lynda M. Wilcox                       Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Carey Gorski               D’Avolio Olive Oils & Vinegars
Ms. Catherine Smith                         Mr. Bruce E. Willard                      Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Nancy Gross              Delta Sonic
Miss Leslie Smith                           Mrs. Muriel R. Williams                   Mr. John Loury                                Deni Keystone Manufacturing Co., Inc.
Dr. Pamela J. Smith                         Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Kristen Williams      Mr. Stephen LoVullo                           Dessert Deli
Mr. Ken Sniatecki                           Mr. Timothy Williamson                    Mr. John C. Moshides                          Direct Air
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Julieann Snodgrass     Ms. Barbara Willis                        Mr. Brian Murphy                              Dog Ears Bookstore
Ms. Linda M. Snyder                         Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Annette Wilton         Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Kimberly Nagowski        Dr. Konstantin Frank Vinifera Wine Cellars
Ms. Mary Solecki                            Mr. & Mrs. Richard Winks                  Mr. & Ms. William & Charmaine Owens           Dunn Tire, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Bonnie Somerville        Ms. Donna Witherow                        Mr. James Rooney & Ms. Fidelma Fitzpatrick    Eat’sa Pizza
Mr. Robert J. Soos                          Ms. Patricia Witulski                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Mary Anne Schieb         Edie’s Pizza & Subs
Ms. Karen J. Spain                          Mr. Robert E. Wolf                        Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Mary Clare Smith          Elite Salon & Day Spa
Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Angeline Spencer        Ms. Christine A. Wolf                     Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Sandy Smith              Empire Grill
Mr. Franklin Spina                          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Mary Wolf                                                           Empire Merchants North
Miss Nicole M. Stasio                       Mr. & Mrs. Kirk & Patricia Wolff          $5000-$9999 donors                            Entercom
Ms. Rosemarie C. Steeb                      Ms. Carol Wozniak                         Dunn Tire, LLC                                Envisions
Mr. Barry L. Steinberg                      Mr. Mark Yamilkoski                       KeyBank                                       Excuria Salon & Spa
Ms. Karen Stejbach                          Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Rachael Young        Parkview Health Services                      Explore & More Children’s Museum
Mr. & Mrs. Shaun & Kristine Stevenson       Mr. & Mrs. John & Deanna Zak              Wegmans                                       Fairy Cakes
Mr. Charlie Stutz                           Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Beth Ann Zaprowski     Zehnder Rittling                              Flying Bison Brewing Company
Mr. Jay M. Such                             Mr. Gerald Zasowski                                                                     Four Corners Cafe
Mrs. Connie Sullen                          Ms. Sharon Zawodzinski                    $10,000+ donors                               Fulkerson Winery
Mr. Tracy W. Sundberg, Jr.                  Ms. Kathy M. Zawodzinski                  Anonymous                                     FWS
Mr. & Ms. Tracy & Patricia Sundberg         Mrs. Deborah A. Zizzi                     Brown & Brown Insurance                       Garden Sensations
Mr. Steven J. Sundberg                      Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zolnowski              Mass Mutual                                   Glenora Wine Cellars & Knapp Winery
Mr. Rocco Surace                                                                      Univera Healthcare                            HairXsalonce
Mr. Carl Surdi                              $500-$999 donors                                                                        Hale Northeastern, Inc.
Ms. Pam Sutherland                          Alliance Advisory Group, Inc.                                                           Hampton Inn & Suites Buffalo-Downtown
Ms. Beth E. Sweet                           Fell & Szmania Painting Contractors                                                     Heritage Centers - Administrative Services
Mr. & Mrs. Terry & Linda Sykes              Managed Health Care Associates, Inc.      business/donor                                Heritage Centers - AI Rehabilitation
Mr. Robert W. Sylvester                     Medfirst Urgent Care PLLC                 31 Club                                       Heritage Centers - Community Support Services
Mr. Dominic Szaturski & Ms. Florence Camp   National Fuel                             800 Maple                                     Heritage Centers - Fiscal Department
Ms. Delphine M. Szczesniak                  Penfold Family Foundation                 Acqua                                         Hertiage Centers - Human Resources
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Sheryl Tabak            Pro Benefits Administrators               Adventure Landing                             Heritage Centers - Intake Department
Mr. Joseph J. Tanzella                      Rich Products Corp.                       Aesthetic Associates Center                   Heritage Centers - MIS Department
Mr. & Mrs. David & Janet Tartick-Chudy      The McCowan Foundation                    Albright-Knox Art Gallery                     Heritage Centers - MSC Team
Mr. Michael A. Taylor                       The Resource Center                       Anderson’s                                    Heritage Centers - Residential Services Supervisors
Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Margery Taylor         Toshiba Business Solutions                Aquarium of Niagara                           Heritage Centers - Supported Employment
Mr. John Teach                              Unifrax Corporation                       Arthur Murray Dance Studio                    Heritage Centers - Life Programs
Mr. James Terreri                           WGRZ - Channel 2                          AT & T Wireless                               Heritage Centers - Orchard Park IRA
Mrs. Michele Terreri                        Mr. Joel O. Emmett                        Athletic Club Suburban                        Heritage Education Program - Washington School
Mr. Edward E. Testa                         Ms. Karen A. Mayweather                   Baker Victory Dental Center                   Hyatt Regency Buffalo
Mr. Timothy T. Tevens                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Karen Penfold        Bar Louie                                     Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse
Ms. Laura Thiele                            Mr. Joseph S. Porto                       Barefoot Wine & Bubbly                        Ilio DiPaolo’s Restaurant
Mrs. Pamela D. Thiesen                      Mr. & Mrs. David Prisaznuk                Beaver Hollow Conference Center               James Desiderio Inc. Fruit & Produce
Mr. C. Richard Thompson                     Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Christine Quenneville   Betty’s                                       Jewelry by Geno
Mr. Paul Thoms                              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Alicia Surdyk         Biehler’s Village Square Liquors & Wines      Johnson Estate Winery
Mrs. Brittany Tompkins                      Mr. Robert Vaccaro                        Bing’s Restaurant                             Johnston Paper Company
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Judith Toone            Mr. Murray White                          Bird Kingdom                                  JoJo Bistro & Wine Bar
Ms. Kimberly Truebger                                                                 Bison Baseball                                Jos. A. Bank
Kellogg’s                               Vital Energy                               Ms. Kelly M. Papa-Fike                        in Honor oF
Kennedy’s Cove                          VOS Selections                             Mr. & Ms. Andrew & Mary Parker                Steve & Amy Korsh & Charles E. Becker III
Knapp Winery                            W.D. Henry & Sons                          Mr. & Mrs. Jon & Daphne Pellish               Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Elaine Becker
Lakewood                                Wagner Vineyards                           Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Kim Pope
Lamoreaux Landings                      Walmart                                    Mr. & Mrs. David Prisaznuk                    Vivian M. Quinn
Lamparelli Construction Co. Inc.        Wardynski Meats                            Dr. & Mrs. Mark & Kym Pundt                   Ms. Julie Legters
Lebros Restaurant                       Water Street Landing                       Mrs. Vivian M. Quinn
Left Bank                               Water Valley Inn                           Mr. & Mrs. John & Michele Ralyea
Leonard Oakes Estates Winery            Wayside Family Restaurant                  Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Cara Reich                  in MeMory oF
Lindt Chocolate                         Wendy’s                                    Mr. & Mrs. Emmett & Ruth Reilly               Jean E. Ambrose
Lockwood’s Greenhouses & Farm           Western New York Dental Group              Mr. & Mrs. James & Fidelma Rooney             Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon & Mary Berlow
Mansard Inn                             WGRZ - Channel 2                           Mr. Gerald Ross                               R. Christian Becht
Martin Scott Wines, Ltd.                Wild Birds Unlimited                       Mr. Michael T. Sagnibene                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Jane Becht
Martin’s Fantasy Island                 Willow Creek Winery                        Mr. & Ms. Richard & Mary Anne Schieb
McKenzie’s Beverages                    Win it Too Inc.                            Miss Lauren Schieb                            Lou Billitier
Merritt Estate Winery                   Windows On The Green                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Lisa Schmidt             Mr. & Mrs. Carl & Sharon Wappman
Michael’s Florist                       WJ Morrissey Irish Pub                     Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Jean Seeley
Mineo & Sapio                           Wynne Creative Group                       Dr. & Mrs. Lee & Danielle Shainbrown          Jared Caffarella
Mister Pizza                            Yancey’s Fancy                             Dr. & Mrs. Stanley & Mariam Shainbrown        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Maxine Caffarella
Niagara Chocolates                      Mr. & Mr. Tom & Mike Akers                 Mr. & Mrs. John & Christina Shine
Niagara Landing Wine Cellars            Mr. & Mrs. James Q. Auricchio              Mr. Howard Silverstein                        Maureen Douglas
Nuwer Florists                          Ms. Jennifer Ball                          Mr. & Mrs. David & Elizabeth Simons           Mr. Samuel Korn
O’Connell’s Hourglass                   Mr. & Mrs. Schuyler & Linda Banks          Ms. MaryAnne Sitek
                                                                                                                                 Jerry Dozoretz
Oh Pou L’Amour Du Chocolat              Mr. Robert Barek                           Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Mary Clare Smith
                                                                                                                                 Mrs. Ann Dozoretz Earne
Ontario Science Centre                  Mr. & Mrs. Martin Battaglia                Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Linda Steckstor
                                                                                                                                 Mr. Alan Dozoretz & Ms. Judith Clarke
Opici Wines                             Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Barbara Battaglia       Mr. & Mrs. Bruce & Ann Supernault
Orazio’s Restaurant                     Mr. & Mrs. Joshua & Erin Batten            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Sheryl Tabak              Anna Falletta
P.F. Chang’s China Bistro               Dr. & Mrs. Howard & Lana Benatovich        Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Michelle Tomasulo        Kenmore Administrators Association
Parkview Health Services                Ms. Heather Bennett                        Ms. Dana A. Vaughters
Passport Wine & Spirits                 Mr. & Mrs. Todd & Kathleen Best            Ms. Julie Warman                              Paul Kunkemoeller
Pegasus Family Restaurant               Mr. & Ms. Scott & Kathy Bieler             Mr. & Mrs. David & Rachel Wasserman           Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Debbie Coan
Philadelphia Flyers                     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Donna Burden           Mr. S. David Wegner                           Ms. Elaine Fuhlbruck
Pizza Del Aureo’s                       Mr. & Mrs. Howard & Tara Cadmus            Mr. David Weitzel                             Mr. Paul A. Hoebel
Premium Wine & Spirits                  Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Keri Callocchia         Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Deborah Welch            Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Janice Kowalski
Prima Oliva                             Mr. & Ms. Edward & Marian Cassidy          Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Tara Wells                Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Helen Kunkemoeller
Prime Wines Corp.                       Ms. Jane Cavanaugh                         Mr. Timothy Williamson                        Ms. Diane Kusmierczyk
Red Osier Landmark                      Mr. & Mrs. David & Janet Chudy             Mr. & Mrs. John & Deanna Zak                  Mr. & Mrs. Aaron & Dana McManus
Reeds Jewelers                          Mr. & Mrs. William & Mrs. Cleary                                                         Ms. Linda Raslawsky
Rick’s on Main                          Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Allison Clement                                                     Ms. Josephine Saldana
Riviera Theatre                         Mr. Ryan Collins                                                                         Ms. Patricia Witulski
Rizzo’s                                 Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Colleen Collins
Rochester Museum & Science Center       Mr. Dave Cooper                            benevon donors                                Fred McClellan
Rothland Golf Course                    Ms. Carrie Corby                           Casullo’s Automotive Services Inc.            Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Mary Ann McClellan
Russell’s Steak, Chops & More           Ms. Dawn M. Cress                          Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Melanie Allesi
Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina               Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Beth Cucinotta   Ms. Elizabeth Buscaglia                       Norbert Michalak
Salvatore’s Grand Hotel                 Dr. Rosemary D’Agostino                    Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Sandra Chiampou          Ms. Alice Miller
Salvatore’s Italian Garden              Mr. & Mrs. Jon & Barbara DeLong            Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Beth Cucinotta
                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Nancy Gross              Dorothy Nagowski
Sample Restaurant                       Mr. James Dentinger                                                                      Mr. Joseph Nagowski
Saranac Matt Brewing Company            Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & Kim DiGesare          Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Kim Lana
Schulze Vineyards & Winery              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Rosemary DiLeo         Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Anne LaPorta              Natalie Raimondo
Sean Patrick’s                          Ms. Rosalind Doyle                         Ms. Karen A. Mayweather                       Ms. Janice L. Christensen
Seneca Niagara Casino                   Ms. Kathryn Finamore                       Mr. John C. Moshides                          Mr. & Mrs. Earl Schwartz
Seneca Park Zoo                         Mr. Anthony Formato                        Mr. Brian Murphy
Shango Bistro & Wine Bar                Mr. & Mrs. David & Brandi Freiman          Mr. Joseph Nagowski
Sherwin Williams                        Mr. & Mrs. Gregg & Kimberly Geraci         Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Mary Anne Schieb, Jr.
                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. David & Elizabeth Simons
                                                                                                                                 sue Wiltberger Fund
SJ McCullagh Inc                        Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Karla Glajch                                                        Ms. Holly A. Batal
Slateplate                              Miss Sarah Glajch                          Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Mary Clare Smith          Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & Marilyn Eckerling
Soho Burger Bar                         Mr. & Mrs. Shawn & Sarah Glogowski                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Neal & Nancy McPartlan
South Towns Appliance, Inc.             Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Melissa Goldberg                                                    Ms. Erin J. Rigler
Southern Wine & Spirits                 Ms. Elizabeth Gonzalez                                                                   Mr. Scott Wildman
Super Duper Publications                Drs. Josh & Shane Grant
Sweet Tooth                             Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Nancy Gross
T Edward Wines                          Mr. Robert Hartman                         Heritage oak soCiety
T.J. Sheehan Distributing               Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Jan Henry               Attea & Attea                                 Parkview Health Services
Tantalo Photography                     Mr. Dave Hood, LMT                         Bond, Schoeneck & King, LLP                   Pro Benefits Administrators
Ted’s Jumbo Red Hots Inc.               Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Mary Jane Hosmer      Bouvier Partnership, LLC                      Rich Products Corp.
Templeton Landing                       Mr. Phillip Jarosz                         Brown & Brown Insurance                       The Resource Center
Tempo                                   Dr. & Mrs. Paul & Karen Juette             Buffalo Sabres                                Tops Markets - Corporate Headquarters
The Buffalo Zoo                         Ms. Kathy Kaminski                         Burden, Gulisano & Hickey, LLC                Unifrax Corporation
The Cheesecake Factory                  Ms. Ellen G. Kaminsky                      Casullo’s Automotive Services Inc.            Wegmans
The Delaware                            Mr. & Mrs. Will & Janet Kelly              Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner LLP          Western New York Imaging Systems
The Friar’s Table                       Mr. & Mrs. Bernard & Geraldine Kennedy     Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Buffalo, Inc.   Zehnder Rittling
The Gourmet Store                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Kathy Kilminster       Dopkins & Co.                                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Melanie Allesi
The Grill at the Dome                   Mr. Paul LaMorticella                      Dunn Tire, LLC                                Ms. Elizabeth Buscaglia
The Irishman Pub & Eatery               Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Anne LaPorta           EBS-RMSCO                                     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Maxine Caffarella
The Melting Pot Restaurant              Mrs. Deanna LaTulip                        FCS Administrators, Inc.                      Mr. & Ms. Edward & Marian Cassidy
The Pierre New York                     Ms. Kathleen Linhardt                      Fell & Szmania Painting Contractors           Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Mary Beth Cucinotta
The Steer                               Ms. Donna Littlefield                      First Niagara Bank                            Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Carey Gorski
Tina’s Italian Kitchen                  Mr. John Loury                             Graham Corporation                            Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Nancy Gross
Tony Martin Awards Inc.                 Ms. Mary Jo Malinowski                     HSBC Bank USA                                 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony & Kim Lana
Tops Markets                            Dr. Gail Maloney                           Ingram Micro                                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Anne LaPorta
Tops Markets - Corporate Headquarters   Ms. Sue Marfino                            KeyBank                                       Ms. Karen A. Mayweather
Toshiba Business Solutions              Mr. & Ms. Don & Mary Marranca-Hood         Lawley Benefits Group, LLC                    Mr. John C. Moshides
True Value                              Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Cricket Martin          M&T Bank                                      Mr. Brian Murphy
Uncle Bob’s Storage                     Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence & Ann Mathews          Managed Health Care Associates, Inc.          Mr. Joseph S. Porto
United Way of Buffalo & Erie County     Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Mary Matteliano           Mass Mutual                                   Mr. & Mrs. David Prisaznuk
Upstate Niagara Cooperative, Inc.       Mr. Robert Meredith                        Merrill Lynch                                 Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Mary Anne Schieb
Vias Imports                            Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Janet O’Leary           Mutual of America                             Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Jean Seeley
Village Sweet Shoppe                    Ms. Jodie Papa                             Niagara Mohawk, A National Grid Co.           Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Sandy Smith
Vino Aroma                              Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Diana Papa             Nixon Peabody, LLP                            Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Mary Clare Smith
                                                                                                                                                     Non Profit Org.
                                                                        HERITAGE CENTERS FOUNDATION                                                  US POSTAGE
 The Heritage Centers Foundation                                        101 Oak Street                                                                  PAID
 has a vision for a better world for                                    Buffalo, New York 14203                                                        Buffalo, NY
                                                                                                                                                     Permit No. 1625
 the individuals we serve. You can
share in making this vision a reality
 long after your lifetime through a
         charitable bequest.
ContaCt betH siMons at
tHe Foundation oFFiCe to
      learn More at
     856-4201 ext. 1339.

                                 SAVE THE DATE! SATURDAY MAY, 12, 2012
                                   12th annual Heritage Centers Foundation 5k/run Walk

                                                                             101 OAK STREET, DOWNTOWN BUFFALO
                                                                             8:30 am registration • 10:00 am race start
                                                                                    Beer Tent featuring Flying Bison Beer
                                                                                      Barbeque lunch from BW’s BBQ
                                                                                   Theme Basket Raffles, 50/50, & Music!
                                                                                      a great family-friendly event!

                                                                                        Register and Start Your Team Now
       Timing provided by Tempest Fugit.

   disClosure: iF you do not WisH to reCeive CoMMuniCations FroM Heritage Centers or tHe Heritage Centers Foundation in tHe Future, please ContaCt us at 716-856-4201.
                                       We Will Make every reasonable eFFort to Make sure you are reMoved FroM our Mailing list.

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