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                                                                                                                            to bring
           One-of, monthly and on-going events

Sun        Quit Coal's Big Campaign for June is heating up! COME LEAFLETTING AND              ALBERT PARK   NOTE:
 17 June   DOOR KNOCKING.                                                                                   If you can
                                                                                              Melbourne     come to any
           June 30 is the deadline for coal company HRL to be eligible for $100 million of    Ports         of our door
           taxpayer funding from Martin Ferguson's Department of Energy, Resources                          knocking
           and Tourism. HRL are planning to build a NEW DIRTY BROWN COAL POWER                              days, please
           STATION in the La Trobe Valley - with our money.                                                 email us at
           June is also the lead up to the introduction of the carbon price - an ideal time                 al.org.au
           to put pressure on the Labor party over their confusing and contradictory                        with your
           support for a new coal power station at the time they are supposedly trying                      availability.
           to reduce pollution.

           If you share our outrage come leafletting and door knocking.

           We'll tell locals about plans for more DIRTY BROWN COAL in the La Trobe
           Valley & we'll politely point out where we'd rather our $100 million goes: to
           renewable energy NOT dirty coal.

17 June
           The World Day to Combat Desertification has been observed since 1995 to

          promote public awareness relating to international cooperation to combat
          desertification and the effects of drought.

          In 1994, the United Nations General Assembly declared (General Assembly
          Resolution A/RES/49/115) June 17 the "World Day to Combat Desertification
          and Drought" to promote public awareness of the issue, and the
          implementation of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification
          in those countries experiencing serious drought and/or desertification,
          particularly in Africa.

          Ever since, country Parties to the Convention, organizations of the United
          Nations System, international and non-governmental organizations and other
          interested stakeholders have celebrated this particular day with a series of
          outreach activities worldwide.

          The World Day to Combat Desertification is a unique occasion to remind
          everybody that desertification can be effectively tackled, that solutions are
          possible, and that key tools to this aim lay in strengthened community
          participation and co-operation at all levels.

          Country Parties and civil society organizations are invited to organize events
          to celebrate the World Day to Combat Desertification as an additional
          opportunity to increase awareness raising and participation in the process.

          Info about the Day: secretariat@unccd.int

Mon       Presentation & discussion of an interesting review of "THE CONUNDRUM"            CARLTON            Health         No cost
18 June   The discussion will be lead by Dr John Merory                                    Nossal Institute   Professional
12-1pm                                                                                     for Global         s
          This book has been heralded by Prof Frank Fisher as the most significant         Health
          environmental book of the decade. (Frank's other "decade" books include          Level 4,
          Silent Spring and Small is Beautiful.)                                           Alan Gilbert
          The Conundrum: how scientific innovation, increased efficiency, and good         Corner of Barry
          intentions can make our energy and climate problems worse. David Owen.           and Grattan
          Scribe Publications, Melbourne 2012.                                             Streets (161
                                                                                           Barry Street)

          The author can be heard on this the ABC Radio National LIfe Matters podcast        The University
           http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lifematters/the-                     of Melbourne
          conundrum/3884326 It is also available on Kindle.

          The book is in part based on the Jevons paradox that increased efficiency
          leads to increased consumption and environmental degradation. There are
          many examples cited. Jevons' attention was drawn to this paradox when the
          Watts steam engine replaced the much less efficient Neucomen engine with
          the expectation that coal demand and consumption would decrease whereas
          in fact it increased greatly. Economists have argued for and against the
          importance of the Jevons effect, but there is no doubt that it would occur
          unless conservation measures are simultaneously put in place.

          John will be discussing these matters in particular in reference to mobile and
          static energy use and the resultant health effects.

          Info: gblashki@unimelb.edu.au

Mon       BZE STATIONARY ENERGY PLAN PRESENTATION                                            IVANHOE           All welcome       No cost
18 June                                                                                       Library
Mon       Fund-raising event - JOURNEYS FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE - DINNER FOR                     GEELONG           All welcome       3 course
18 June   VOLUNTEERS TO SRI LANKA                                                            HIGHTON                             meal
6.30                                                                                         Vitality Café,    Need to           $35.00
          Karina Donkers, a member of Journeys for Climate Justice is heading over to        229 Roslyn Road   book
          Sri Lanka in July 2012 to work with a local organisation Eco-V on the youth                                            *impacts of
          climate projects that JCJ helped to initiate. Kaz is the third volunteer to help                                       climate
          out, after Jackie Scally and Pat Kirkby.                                                             The money         change incl.
                                                                                                               raised will all   supporting Sri
          Kaz would love you to support these projects - come to the dinner in Geelong                         go towards        Lankan
          dinner on or donate via JCJ website.                                                                 running           youths to
                                                                                                               projects to       pursue
          Book by 9 June - ph 5241 6601 (please specify dietary needs)                                         help Sri          innovative
                                                                                                               Lanka adapt       social justice
          Info: jimxwaite@pacific.net.au or 0488 956 506                                                       to the*           and
          http://www.geelongsustainability.org.au/Default.aspx?pageId=86588&eventI                                               sustainability
          d=493919&EventViewMode=EventDetails                                                                                    projects!

          http:// www.journeysforclimatejustice.o rg.au/
          or Facebook - look for Climate Action Fundraising Dinner

**Mon     Beyond Zero Emissions Radio WILD WEATHER                                          Radio 3CR
18 June                                                                                     (855AM) in
5pm       Neil Astley There’s nothing like experience, and poet Neil Astley takes us into   Melbourne and
          the heart of Cyclone Tracey, how it thrashed his house in Darwin and even         streaming live
          ten years later made him a “quieter” man.                                         from
          Professor Ann Henderson –Sellers , leading Climate Scientist Macquarie            org.au/3CR_stre
          University, CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology 2012, talks to us about tropical      aming
          cyclones . She is a leading climate scientist who started out at the London
          Bureau of Metorology and founded the Climatic Impacts Centre at Macquarie

          David Rovics, sings to us about how Hurricane Katrina is a metaphor for the
          world thrown upside down by climate change.His song is called “New
          “In National Geographic - And the Times-Picayune -They forecast the
          apocalypse - Said it was coming soon”

          Dr Karl Braganza from the Climate Monitoring Section of the Bureau of
          Meteorology discusses the State of the Climate 2012. The recent report put
          out by Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO isn’t on everyone’s mind, so we ask
          BoM’s Karl why the TV weather man isn’t followed every night by the
          Climate Person?

          Why do people confuse weather with climate? What is La Nina and would
          geo engineering be a good idea? He takes us to our AIR ARCHIVE stashed
          away like wine in a vault and explains why it is a national treasure.

              -   WILD WEATHER Podcast on the Beyond Zero Emissions website
              -   Download (mp4)
              -   “The climate is warming” The Australian public can have confidence

          in the climate record. See Dr Karl Braganza on video.
          Climate-2012.aspx State of the Climate 2012

**Tue     ‘THE FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM IN THE ETHICS OF FOOD SECURITY’                            PARKVILLE          All welcome   Free
19 June   Professor Paul B. Thompson                                                          Campus Lower
12pm-                                                                                         Theatre, MSLE
1pm       Dr Thompson is W. K. Kellogg Chair in Agricultural, Food and Community              Building
          Ethics at Michigan State University, USA.                                           (Building 142),
                                                                                              Royal Parade,
          Farmers benefit when food prices go up, but the urban poor suffer. Since            The University
          about half of the world's poorest people are farmers, there is a more               of Melbourne
          fundamental tension here than has been recognized by most commentators
          on food security. Work by Peter Singer, Thomas Pogge and Henry Shue suffers
          from this problem, while Amartya Sen’s analysis of food entitlements
          provides a better way to define the problem. But defining the problem is only
          a start. A more complete understanding of food security demands that we
          consider whether poor farmers have any special moral standing as farmers,
          rather than simply as poor. I will not resolve this dilemma, but will make a
          few suggestions as to how the fundamental problem in food ethics might be
          more fully conceptualized.

Tue       Workshop 3: ECOLOGY OF THE CITY AND ITS SURROUNDINGS                                HAWTHORN           Open to all   $5.00
19 June   Oases community learning (Series of 6 workshops on a Tue eve)                       Habitat Centre                   includes light
7- 9pm                                                                                        for Spirituality   Please RSVP   supper
          Presenter: Dr Geoff Lacey, Author of: “Sufficient for the day: towards a            (formerly
          sustainable culture“ Yarra Institute Press, Melbourne, 2011                         Augustine
          RSVP: OASES 03 9819 3502 or info@oases.edu.au www.oases.edu.au                      2 Minona St

Tue       RETROFITTING LOWER-GRADE BUILDINGS FOR SUSTAINABILITY                               EAST               All welcome   Free
19 June                                                                                       MELBOURNE
5:30pm    This forum will focus on retrofits of lower-grade commercial buildings. Three       The Treasury       Need to
for a     building owners will share their experiences of building refurbishment: the         Theatre, Lower     register
6pm       benefits, challenges, pitfalls and lessons learned. Also, Sustainability Victoria   Plaza,
start     will discuss findings from recently completed research into this most topical       1 Macarthur St

          Forum Chair:
          Rob Murray-Leach, CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council. Rob was an author
          on the Garnaut Climate Change Review and an adviser for the Prime
          Minister’s Task Group on Energy Efficiency. In 2011 he received the EcoGen
          Young Clean Energy Industry Leader award.

           Dr Dave Collins, Managing Director and Principal Environmental
             Engineer of Synergetics Pty Ltd is the owner of 490 Spencer Street. He
             will present a case study on the retrofit of his building.
           Greg Anson, Director, FMSA Architecture and owner of 182 Capel Street.
             Greg will present a case study on the retrofit of 182 Capel Street.
           Gary Stickland, General Manager of the Alto Hotel on Bourke Street will
             present a case study on the retrofit of the Alto Hotel building.
           4th Speaker TBC to present findings for B,C,D grade offices in Victoria

          Drinks and light refreshments will be served after the event.

          Info re speakers and their topics and previous presentations:
          Melbourne Forum website Please register here

Tue       King & Wood Mallesons Annual Lecture: "THE ROLE OF THE RIGHT TO FOOD            MELBOURNE          All welcome   No cost
5.45pm                                                                                    State Library of
to 7pm    Speaker: Professor Olivier De Schutter, United Nations Special Rapporteur       Victoria
          Professor De Schutter is professor at the University of Louvain (Belgium) and   Centre and
          at the College of Europe (Natolin), and a visiting professor at Columbia        Theatrette, 328
          University and Sciences Po (Paris). Before being appointed Special              Swanston St
          Rapporteur, he was the General Secretary of the International Federation for
          Human Rights in charge of issues of globalization and human rights. Between
          2002 and 2007, De Schutter chaired the EU Network of independent experts
          on fundamental rights, a high-level group of experts providing advice on
          fundamental rights issues to the European Parliament and European

          RSVP: castan.centre@monash.edu, (03) 9905 3327
          Details: http://www.law.monash.edu.au/castancentre/events/2012/right-to-

Tue       GRI TRAINING                                                                     MELBOURNE         Book online,   Refer web
19 June                                                                                                      limited
-         The GRI Certified Training Program is designed to support both new and           Net Balance       places.
Wed       experienced reporters prepare and review reporting processes. An overview        offices
20 June   of the latest reporting trends and international case studies will also enable   Level 4           All welcome
          participants to improve year-on-year. This course is suitable for all types of   460 Bourke St

          The GRI Certified SMEs Training Program which is designed to support small
          and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that are producing their first
          sustainability report. It will assist them to prepare and review reporting
          processes by enabling report makers and users to utilise the GRI Framework
          and GRI reports more effectively.

          Sustainability Reporting and the GRI with Net Balance Foundation and
          National Centre for Sustainability.

          Reg: http://nbweb.com.au/services/training/sustainability-reporting-and-gri-

Wed       VICTORIAN CARBON FARMING ROAD SHOW                                               BENDIGO           All welcome    No cost
20 June                                                                                    Banquet Room,
10am –    Are you interested in being paid to farm carbon?                                 The Capital, 50                  Lunch
2.30pm    Considering alternative incomes on your property?                                View St,                         provided
          Want to learn more about the Carbon Farming Initiative?

          A number of events are being held across the catchment as part of the
          Australian Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative Communications Program:

          Guest Speakers:
              Corey Watts (Climate Institute),
              Martin Hamilton (DPI) and
              Ben Keogh (Australian Carbon Traders)

          Info: http://northcentral.landcarevic.net.au/events
          RSVP: North Central CMA on (03) 5448 7124 or info@nccma.vic.gov.au

Wed       SAVE ENERGY, SAVE MONEY                                                        ST KILDA         All welcome     ?
20 June                                                                                  Library, 150
5pm -      This workshop looks at the ways renters can save energy and reduce their      Carlisle St      Please book
9pm       utility bills. Participants learn how to read utility bills, find out which
          appliances are the biggest energy suckers, how to make their appliances work
          more efficiently and how to resolve issues with energy providers.
          Participants can expect an energy reduction of up to 30% if they implement
          changes in their homes.

          Register Now

Wed       CARBON PRICING AND LANDFILL WORKSHOPS                                          MELBOURNE        Local council
20 June                                                                                                   reps
          The Clean Energy Regulator is working with state and territory local
9.30am-   government associations to assist their members to meet their obligations
2pm       under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 and the Clean
          Energy Act 2011 (CE Act).

          Reg & info: Simone Stuckey.

Wed       RIO+20 THE FUTURE WE WANT                                                      RIO DE JANEIRO
20 June
–         Land is the Earth’s most significant and limited non-renewable resource. The
Fri       United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) in June
22 June   2012 offers the international community a unique opportunity to commit to a
          future without land degradation.

          Rio+20, the United Nation's Conference on Sustainable Development will take
          place in Brazil on 20-22 June 2012 to mark the 20th anniversary of the 1992
          United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, also known as
          the Earth Summit.

          Rio+20 aims to secure renewed political commitment to green economy and
          sustainable development and to assess the current progress and to address
          new and emerging challenges. The conference is envisaged at the highest
          possible level, including Heads of State and Government, and will result in a
          focused political document.

          As one of the three Rio Conventions, the UN Convention to Combat
          Desertification (UNCCD) shares a special history with the Earth Summit. The
          UNCCD, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the
          Convention on Biological Diversity are the three legally-binding outputs of
          the 1992 Earth Summit.

          The UNCCD has undertaken a series of steps to prepare for Rio+20, starting
          with a high level meeting of the UN General Assembly in 2011. Preparations
          also occurred at the UNCCD COP 10. The UNCCD secretariat has made an
          official submission to the process, focusing on targets for achieving zero-net
          land degradation.

          Learn more about the UNCCD's road to Rio+20:
          UN General Assembly calls for zero-net land degradation
          UNCCD COP 10 outcomes and Rio+20
          The UNCCD secretariat's submission to the Rio+20 process

          http://www.un.org/en/sustainablefuture/         Contact

Thu       Going to VCAT? – PLANNING & ENVIRONMENT APPEALS WORKSHOP                         CARLTON     This training
21 June                                                                                    60L Green   is only for
5.30pm    Individuals and community-based conservation groups can learn how to most        Building    those who
–         effectively participate and represent themselves in planning and environment                 are
7.30pm    matters before VCAT. This two-hour workshop, presented by an EDO lawyer,                     objectors on
          gives members of the community practical and legally-focused information                     environment
          about VCAT proceedings and hearings with opportunity for questions and                       al grounds.

          RSVP: EDO Victoria (03) 8341 3100 or edovic@edo.org.au
          Details and further dates: our website

Thu       GINA RINEHART GOES TO RIO!                                                     MELBOURNE         All
21 June                                                                                                    encouraged
          Protest against Australia pushing ‘sustainable mining’ at Rio+20                Starting from    to attend
12pm                                                                                     the State
          Mining magnates Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer have their fingerprints all     Library, Cnr La
          over the Australian government submission to the second UN Rio Earth           Trobe and
          Summit – a meeting of world leaders from June 20-22 in Brazil – which is       Swanston
          supposed to be “a chance to move away from business-as-usual” and create       Streets
          sustainable solutions to the world's most serious environmental problems.

          But you’ll never guess what the mining industry’s answer to the
          environmental problems caused by mining is: why, more mining of course!

          Protest our government promoting 'sustainable mining' at the Rio+20 Earth

          Not only will mining companies be at the meeting, but they've also got the
          Australian government singing their tune. The Australian government will be
          talking up the importance of 'sustainable mining' to the planet's future.

          With an aggressive mining industry ripping holes in Australian farms and
          forests, and some of the bloodiest and dirtiest mines right on our doorstep,
          the Australian government knows all about how to sell your soul - and the
          planet's future - for some quick easy cash.

          We need real climate solutions, not more coal mines! An immediate
          transition to renewable energy and the shutting down of coal-fired power
          stations, a moratorium on exploration of new and unconventional coal and
          gas energy sources, and adequate compensation and investment in green
          jobs in affected communities.

          Info: Brett Hennig, FoE climate justice collective on 0432 918 150

Thu       Phase 2: UNDERSTANDING COASTAL CLIMATE CHANGE CHALLENGES                       MELBOURNE         Local
21 June                                                                                                    Government
9:30am    Hear more about the data and products that have been developed from                              – coastal
          Victoria’s Future Coasts program and by the Australian Government. These                         councils

          sessions are being delivered by MAV in partnership with the Department of
          Sustainability and Environment, and are a great opportunity for councils to
          gain a better understanding of data available to inform decision-making.

          This next phase of the training program will be more technical in nature and
          focus on the tools and products available for coastal decision-making.

          This next phase of the training program will be more technical in nature and
          focus on the tools and products available for coastal decision-making.


Thu       LAUNCH OF: MELBOURNE GREEN DRINKS                                              FITZROY          All welcome   Free
21 June                                                                                  Grumpy's Green
6m -      This monthly event is intended to complement the monthly Sustainability        125 Smith
10pm      Drinks and provide an informal space for a diverse range of like-minded        Street
          people to meet together for general banter, fun, good food and a few quiet

          Info: peyts1@bigpond.com 0408 373 112

Thu       Better living Program - Healthy Homes Seminars MADE IN MANNINGHAM              DONCASTER        All welcome   No cost
21 June                                                                                  Function Rm 1,
6.45 -    Tasting of our locally produced:                                               Manningham       Bookings
9pm            Kellybrook Wine and Cider - from Wong Park                               Civic Centre     essential
               Heritage Apples from Petty's Orchard - from Templestowe                  699 Doncaster
          HOME HARVEST FOOD EXCHANGE - Bring along your extra home grown
          vegetables, fruits, nuts and more to swap them for someone else's during the
          Home harvest exchange 6.45 - 7pm

          Bookings eepadmin@manningham.vic.gov.au or call 9840 9124

Thu       CLOTHES SWAP                                                                   ELTHAM           All welcome   No cost
21 June                                                                                  Library,
7pm-      Clothes swaps are a great way to clear and update your wardrobe without        Panther Place

8.30pm    spending a cent! Bring an item of clothing (more if you choose) or accessory
          and be prepared to swap it for something you can use.                             Mely 21 J5

          Great for the environment too.

          Bookings 9439 9266

Thu       Melbourne Campaigners’ Network: TURNOUT: MOBILISING YOUR BASE                     MELBOURNE         Activists,    Entry by
21 June                                                                                     The Wheeler       campaigners   donation –
6pm -     Demonstrating people power is often the key to winning change. So how do          Centre,           and           suggested
8pm       you get people to turn up? This MCN session looks at turnout - how to get         176 Little        organisers    donation $10
          strong attendance at rallies and other actions.                                   Lonsdale St,
          Cindy O'Connor, union campaigner, will present on the Your Rights At Work
          campaign, known for huge rallies and widespread support.

          This is a Melbourne Campaigner’s Network event. MCN holds regular
          gatherings for campaigners, activists, and organisers to network, discuss ideas
          and discover new approaches to social change.

          Reg: http://plantowin.net.au/2012/05/mcn-june/
          Contact: Holly Hammond – call 0421 508 446 or holly@plantowin.net.au

22 June   LOTS - THE SMALL LOTS PROJECT                                                                       government
          This workshop is designed to improve councils understanding of the different
          approaches taken to manage small rural lots through planning schemes
          across Victoria and develop additional guidance and support as required.


Sat       KOOWEERUP SUSTAINABILITY WORKSHOP                                                 KOOWEERUP         All welcome   Free
23 June                                                                                     Sustainable
10am –    This workshop will feature hands-on sustainable living demonstrations in the      Demonstration
2pm       Kooweerup sustainable demonstration home and garden. Come and share               Home,
          knowledge and see presentations from a solar energy expert, a sustainable         215 Rossiter Rd

          homes facilitator and gardening expert. The event will show how to save
          money and help the environment.

          A local food swap will be part of the event (please bring any locally grown
          food you would like to swap), and lunch will be provided.

Sat       INTRODUCTION TO URBAN PERMACULTURE                                              HEATHMONT,           $240/$200
23 June                                                                                   exact address will
10am      Permaculture is a broad design system for building sustainable human            be emailed to
          habitats, drawing inspiration from patterns in natural systems.                 registrants          includes
& Sat                                                                                                          lunch, course
30 June   Topics covered in this course include: permaculture ethics and design                                notes and
          principles, illustrated with topics relevant to home food production, such as   5 mins walk from     certificate
          garden design, water catchment and use, urban animals, companion                Heathmont
          planting, caring for soil.                                                      Station              Conc. card
                                                                                                               holder enter
          Includes case studies and design examples. Hands-on activities include                               CONC2D
          marking out contours on slopes and making a good compost pile. The course                            for your
          material is broken up with illustrative games and group work. Participants                           discount .
          receive a handout covering all the topics on the course and a certificate of
          completion.                                                                                          Also 10%
                                                                                                               discount for
          The course caters to backyard permaculture but also encourages people to                             gps of 3 or
          look outside the home for opportunities and resources in the community, to                           more.
          visualise how we can create a healthier and happier urban environment. Also
          information about how to get involved in the Permablitz network.

          http://www.veryediblegardens.com/vegucation/upco 9005 6070

Sun       Quit Coal's Big Campaign for June is heating up! COME LEAFLETTING AND           TBA
                                                                                          (maybe we'll go
          June 30 is the deadline for coal company HRL to be eligible for $100 million    for Fergo again!)
          of taxpayer funding from Martin Ferguson's Department of Energy,
          Resources and Tourism. HRL are planning to build a NEW DIRTY BROWN
          COAL POWER STATION in the La Trobe Valley - with our money.

          June is also the lead up to the introduction of the carbon price - an ideal
          time to put pressure on the Labor party over their confusing and
          contradictory support for a new coal power station at the time they are
          supposedly trying to reduce pollution.

          If you share our outrage come leafletting and door knocking.

          We'll tell locals about plans for more DIRTY BROWN COAL in the La Trobe
          Valley & we'll politely point out where we'd rather our $100 million goes: to
          renewable energy NOT dirty coal.

          If you can come to any of our door knocking days, please email us at
          info@quitcoal.org.au with your availability.

**Mon     THROUGH THE UNDERSTANDASCOPE                                                     MELBOURNE       All welcome   Free
25 June                                                                                    BMW Edge
6pm -     Living the Lessons of Prof Frank Fisher                                          Theatre         RSVP by
8pm       Join Professor Frank Fisher, Australia's Inaugural Environmental Educator of     Federation      20th June
          the Year in 2007, for a lively dialogue with friends exploring some of the key   Square, cnr
          ideas he has developed over three decades of pioneering environmental            Flinders and
          education.                                                                       Swanstson Sts

          Late last year Frank was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour and given
          months to live. This special presentation will be filmed as part of a
          documentary on Professor Fisher's life and his thinking. The event will also
          celebrate the launch of The Understandascope, a new centre for
          sustainability thinking and practice based on Frank's work.

          Guest presenters include:
              James Tonson, Global Greens
              Kate Auty, Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability
              Fran Macdonald, Environmental Editing

          With music by Rivers in the Streets


Mon       NCCARF conference workshop - CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION:                      ALBERT PARK
25 June   RESPONDING TO HEALTH ISSUES                                                  Sebel
1:30pm-                                                                                65 Queens Rd
4:30pm    Confirmed panel discussants include:
           Dr Kris Ebi—Executive Director of the Technical Support Unit for
             Working Group II (Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability) of the IPCC
           Prof Tony McMichael—Australian National University, pioneer of
             research on the human health impacts of climate change and author of
             the Climate Commission’s recent report ‘The Critical Decade: Climate
             Change and Health’
           Prof Alistair Woodward—University of Auckland, IPCC Lead Author
             Human Health, Leader of the WHO Project on Climate Change in the
           A/Prof Sophie Dwyer—Executive Director, Health Protection,
             Queensland Health
           Dr Liz Hanna—Australian National University and Convenor of the
             Climate Change Adaptation Research Network for Human Health

          Reg: http://climatehealth.eventbrite.com/

25 June   ANNUAL FORUM                                                                 Sebel
                                                                                       65 Queens Rd
8.30am    VCCCAR will showcase their current climate change research program, which
–         engages leading climate adaptation expertise and ideas to assist the
5.30pm    Victorian government and community better adapt to the impacts of climate

          The Forum will bring together leading climate adaptation researchers and
          practitioners from across Victoria, to examine how partnerships between
          researchers and government decision makers can turn adaptation research
          into policy.

          The VCCCAR Annual Forum aims to promote interactions between
          stakeholders in the climate change adaptation sphere.

          This year's program offers a showcase of research and engagement activites

          including: Government panels, keynote presentations, a hypothetical, and
          round table events.

          Detailed information about the Annual Forum can be found in the full
          program or for session details, you can download a copy of the brief
          program overview here.

          To register, complete the online form or print off pages 5 and 6 of the
          full program and forward to the supplied address.

Tue       SAVE ENERGY, SAVE MONEY                                                       SOUTH
26 June                                                                                 MELBOURNE
11am      This workshop looks at the ways renters can save energy and reduce their
1pm       utility bills. Participants learn how to read utility bills, find out which   19 Dorcas st
          appliances are the biggest energy suckers, how to make their appliances
          work more efficiently and how to resolve issues with energy providers.
          Participants can expect an energy reduction of up to 30% if they implement
          changes in their homes.

          In Conjunction with Southport Uniting Care, includes lunch from 12-1pm and


Tue                                                                                     CARLTON NTH     All welcome   No cost
26 June                                                                                 VISY Park       *Princes
7.15pm    BZE STATIONERY ENERGY PLAN PRESENTATION                                       Auditorium*     Park
                                                                                                        Royal Pde

Tue 26    MANUFACTURING: VITAL FOR AUSTRALIA'S GREEN FUTURE                             CARLTON SOUTH. All welcome    $10/$5.
June                                                                                    Meeting Room 1,
7pm       Speakers:                                                                     Trades Hall, cnr
           Andrew Dettmer (Qld state secretary, AMWU, president of the Qld ALP         Victoria & Lygon
             & chair of the Manufacturing Skills Qld Advisory Committee)                Sts,
           Michele O'Neil (national & Victorian/Qld state secretary of the TCFUA, a
             director of Manufacturing Skills Australia, and member of the Prime
             Minister's Taskforce on Manufacturing and of the Victorian Industry

               Manufacturing Council)
              Matthew Wright (executive Director of Beyond Zero Emissions)

           Presented by The New International Bookshop & The Search Foundation.
           Info: 9662 3744 or email NIBS

Tue        2012 CLIMATE ADAPTATION CONFERENCE                                              ALBERT PARK
26 June-
Thu        Australia’s National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF)       Sebel Hotel
28 June    and CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship will together host the 2012 National
           Climate Change Adaptation Conference. This year’s conference focuses on
           the information needed to ensure Australia is adapting well to climate
           change. Over three days NCCARF will bring together researchers,
           practitioners and decision makers to share knowledge and research
           approaches that inform policy and practice in planning for climate change in
           Australia. The 2012 Climate Adaptation in Action Conference will showcase
           the contribution of adaptation science to planning and policy making across
           Australia. It will explore how robust adaptation decisions can be made in the
           face of uncertainty.

           Featuring: David Karoly – Climate Change and Societal Responses:
           Reflections from a Slow Learner at the dinner on Tuesday. Special guest
           dinner speaker, David Karoly, will take us on a journey of reflection,
           exploring the last 25 years of climate change science and action on
           adaptation and mitigation, as well as political and societal responses in
           Australia and overseas. More

           Conference Themes
            human dimensions of climate change will affect virtually all adaptation
           decisions and are the focus of much new research;
            policies will need to be reviewed and reconsidered as adaptation to
           climate change challenges long-held policy directions in government and
            incorporating sound knowledge in early planning stages can reduce the
           ultimate cost and improve the effectiveness of climate adaptation efforts;
            tools enable good but partial knowledge to be used to manage
           uncertainty, a pervasive issue in assessing climate change impacts and

          developing adaptation initiatives;
           stakeholder involvement will provide insight into knowledge needs,
          research application and ways to increase research uptake;
           adaptation will address both incremental climate change impacts and
          those requiring transformational adaptation responses.
           Building on the successful 2010 International Adaptation Futures
          Conference hosted on the Gold Coast, the second International Adaptation
          Futures Conference will be held in Tucson, Arizona in May 2012.

          The Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research (VCCCAR) will
          host their Annual Forum on Monday 25 June 2012 in association with
          Climate in Action 2012, VCCCAR will showcase their current climate change
          research program, which engages leading climate adaptation expertise and
          ideas to assist the Victorian government and community better adapt to the
          impacts of climate change.

          Hosted by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility and
          CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship

          Reg online

Tue       Workshop 4: THE SUSTAINABLE CITY                                             HAWTHORN           Open to all   $5.00
26 June   Oases community learning (Series of 6 workshops on a Tue eve)                Habitat Centre for               includes light
7- 9pm                                                                                 Spirituality       Please RSVP   supper
          Presenter: Dr Geoff Lacey, Author of: “Sufficient for the day: towards a     (formerly
          sustainable culture Yarra Institute Press", Melbourne, 2011                  Augustine Centre)
                                                                                       2 Minona St
          RSVP: OASES 03 9819 3502 or info@oases.edu.au www.oases.edu.au

Wed       LIGHTER FOOTPRINTS CLIMATE ACTION GROUP MONTHLY MEETING                      CANTERBURY        All welcome    Gold coin
27 June                                                                                Guide Hall                       entry
7 pm      Speakers Richard Johnston -Energy Matters, and Danae Bolger -100%            Faversham Rd
for       Renewables, will speak about the potential for community renewable energy
7.30      projects and the approach of the 100% renewables campaign for big solar.
          Contact: Carolyn Ingvarson 9836 0925 0411 115 186

Wed       THE FUTURE OF COAL AND GAS IN AUSTRALIA                                           CARLTON             All welcome   Free
27 June                                                                                     Carrillo Gantner
6:30 pm   Energy analysts and commentators envisage coal and gas playing major, if          Theatre, Sidney
–         not dominant, roles in supplying an energy hungry world for many decades.         Myer Asia Centre,
8 pm      Australia is a major exporter of coal, and coal-based electricity underpins our   Corner Swanston
          standard of living. Gas development is undergoing a revolution driven by          Street & Monash
          technologies that extract it from coal seams and shales and the scale is mind     Road, The
          boggling. Yet an effective response to climate change means the combustion        University of
          of coal and gas as we know it today must cease by mid-century.                    Melbourne,

          This seminar in our Energy Future Series will examine this conundrum, one
          of the major challenges of our time. A Grattan seminar event.

          Reg: http://energyfutures02.eventbrite.com/

Wed       SAVE ENERGY, SAVE MONEY                                                           FRANKSTON           All welcome
27 June                                                                                     NORTH,              Need to
6pm -     This workshop looks at the ways renters can save energy and reduce their          Mahogany            book
 8pm      utility bills. Participants learn how to read utility bills, find out which       Neighbourhood
          appliances are the biggest energy suckers, how to make their appliances           House,
          work more efficiently and how to resolve issues with energy providers.            26 Mahogany
          Participants can expect an energy reduction of up to 30% if they implement        Avenue
          changes in their homes.


Wed       DESIGN BUILD EXPO                                                                 SOUTHBANK           All welcome   ?
27 June                                                                                     Melbourne
-         The new-look DesignBUILD features Australia’s largest and most                    Convention &
Fri       comprehensive showcase of domestic and international building products,           Exhibition Centre
29 June   services and technologies in an interactive environment, complemented by
          educational seminars.
10am -
5pm       The centre piece of the exhibition is the Green Building Zone, this area
          showcases those technologies that represent the future in sustainable
          design. From solar panels and insulation to the latest water saving devices
          and urban landscaping techniques.


**Thu     COMMUNICATING CSR: WALKING THE TIGHTROPE                                     MELBOURNE
28 June
             You will learn:
             To understand CSR and the role of communications
             About proven strategies that will allow you to manage CSR
              communications with confidence
             About CSR communications tactics that work
             Insights from the latest research into CSR issues management and
             From examples of best practice in CSR communications with key
             How to apply the CSR Communications Framework to solve your
              organisation’s CSR communications challenges

             The workshop program provides you the tools to:
             Communicate with stakeholders that your organisation is doing good
             Know when to use direct communications and when to use indirect
             Get the most benefit from corporate social initiatives
             Make your CSR communications credible
             Understand how CSR communications influence your reputation
             Understand the role of new and traditional media in communicating CSR

          This program will show participants how to overcome today’s scepticism and
          credibly communicate your organisation’s CSR approach and achievements.

          Booking & Info: 9826 1767 or workshop@accsr.com.au

**Thu     Campaign briefing: FARMLAND NOT GASLAND. ALLIANCE BUILDING AND               SOUTH            All welcome   No cost
                                                                                       Corner of Bank   Please RSVP
6pm for      An informal wander around the Commons and introduction from              and Montague                   To support
a             manager Megan McCormack. Check here for extra info:                      streets,                       our work,

6.15            http://commons.org.au/                                                                                        please check
start,         a glass of wine or a cuppa and short presentations from:                    FoE’s South                       here:
finish by       Aidan Ricketts, community campaigner and author of the Activists            Melbourne                         http://www.
7.30 pm         Handbook, who will talk about the CSG Free campaign in northern NSW         Commons                           givenow.com
               Cam Walker, FoE campaigns co-ordinator – on the campaign to date            community                         .au/foecsgca
               Shaun Murray, Quit Coal campaign – on the campaign against new coal         sustainability                    mpaign
                at Bacchus Marsh                                                            hub.
               A chat and a mingle with other FoE members, campaigners, partners,
                and supporter                                                               Details here:
            Rsvp by Monday 25 June: cam.walker@foe.org.au                                   org.au/about-
            Info on what we have been up to:
            Quit Coal: http://quitcoal.org.au/portfolio/our-land-not-gasland/

Sat         EDIBLE WEEDS WALK                                                               BRUNSWICK           All welcome   $20
30 Jun      Many if not most common urban weed species of Melbourne are edible and          EAST –                            $16 conc.
11am –      can provide valuable and nutritious fresh food. Learn to enjoy dandelion,                           Bookings      10% discount
1pm         milk thistle, mallow, amaranth, wild onions, even stinging nettle and many      Secret location     essential.    for gps of 3
            more (with seasonal variation).                                                 near CERES, exact                 or more
                                                                                            location will be                  * conc. card
            Many weeds are used by health practitioners for their curative properties.      emailed to you in                 holders enter
            Learn too about some of the ecological uses of weeds as soil improvers, soil    the week before                   CONC1WEED
            indicators and compost additives (See an article in The Age about Adam's        the course                        S for your
            weed hunting).                                                                                                    discount

Sat         Campaign Training Day: EFFECTIVE ACTION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL AND                   MELBOURNE           All welcome
30 June     SOCIAL JUSTICE                                                                  Ross House
10am to     You've got the passion, but have you got the power? On Saturday 30 June,                           Bookings
6pm         get skilled up for maximum effect at the Ross House all day training day with   247 Flinders Lane, essential.
            back to back workshops. Each 90 minute workshop is $10 with all proceeds
            going back into the program. There are three workshops to choose from in                            Places
            each time period, plus discussions and opportunities to promote your                                limited


           10am to 11.30am Campaign Planning, Group Dynamics and Facilitation,
           Community Engagement

           11.45am to 1.15pm    Campaign Strategy, Direct Action, Lobbying Politicians
           1.30pm to 2.30pm     Lunchtime: Share Your Campaign in 5 Mins (free)
           2.45pm to 4.14pm     Digital Campaigning, Activist Legal Rights, Media
           4.30pm to 6pm        Sustaining the Movement and Self Care (free)

           Workshop Facilitators
            Holly Hammond (Director of Plan to Win) - Campaign Planning
            Tim Norton (Digital Campaigns Coordinator, Oxfam) - Digital
            Nicola Paris (The Last Stand) - Group Dynamics/Facilitation and Direct
            Shaun Murray (Friends of the Earth) - Direct Action
            Danya Jacobs (Lawyers for Forests) - Activist Legal Rights
            Sarah Harmer (Counselor and Women’s Advocate) - Sustaining the
              Movement and SC
            Aidan Ricketts (Lecturer, School of Law & Justice, Southern Cross
              University, author of The Activists' Handbook) - Community
              Engagement, Campiagn Strategy and Media.

           Book online at: www.rosshouse.org.au or call 9650 1599

Sat        INTENSIVE WINTER PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE                                      CASTLEMAINE   $500
 30 June                                                                                    Community     $250 conc.
- Fri      Two-week intensive winter version of our popular low-cost Permaculture           House
13 July    Design course at Winters Flat School Garden.                                                   This is not a
9am to                                                                                                    residential
5pm        We begin with basic principles of permaculture, starting with how water,                       course
           soils and climate affect gardens, orchards and animals, and include
           theoretical sessions in the classroom and hands-on visits to and activities at
           working permaculture properties.

           Guest tutors include David Holmgren, co-founder of the permaculture
           concept, and local tutors Ian Lillington, Beck Lowe and Sam Downing.

          Info: click here, or education@cch.org.au 5472 4842

**Sat     CLIMATE CHANGE SOCIAL CHANGE CONFERENCE                                   SYDNEY            All welcome $40 solidarity
30 June                                                                             Parramatta Mall               $20 waged
9-5.30    Speakers:                                                                                               $10 conc.
          • Dr John Kaye, NSW Greens MLC
          • Professor Peter Phibbs, UWS, Urban Research Centre
          • Dr Tony Webb, UWS School of Natural Sciences
          • Jess Moore, Stop CSG Illawara
          • Helen Masterman-Smith, Chair,NTEU Sustainability Working Group
          • Chris Tobin, a Dharug man and author of The Dharug Story, an
             Aboriginal History of Western Sydney from 1788
          • Simon Butler, GLW co-editor and co-author of Too Many People?
             Population, Immigration and the Environmental Crisis
          • Phil Bradley, NSW Teachers Fed activist and ParraCAN Exec member
          • John Coleman, Rail Tram and Bus Union activist and public transport

                Capitalism’s Crises and our Solutions
                Carbon Tax and Climate Change: The Consequences for Workers’
                 Rights and the Environment
                Creating Sustainable Cities: Public Transport, Housing and Urban
                 Design in Sydney’s West
                Indigenous Struggles for the Environment
                War, Oil and Imperialism in the Middle East
                Powering the Future: Coal Seam Gas vs. Renewable Energy
                Repaying our Climate Debt to the Global South
                Food, Consumerism and Sustainability
                Immigration, Population and Refugees
                Pathways to Sustainability

          Film screenings:
          * Growing Change – A Journey into Venezuela’s Food Revolution
          * Food Fight- One Aussie Town Fights Back

          Reg & info: 8070 9331 or Fred on 0412 556 527 ccscparramatta@gmail.com
          Organised by Green Left Weekly www.greenleft.org.au

Mon      REPOWERING PORT AUGUSTA REPORT                                                     CARLTON              All       Gold coin
2 July   Beyond Zero Emissions and our Zero Carbon Australia Monthly discussion                                  welcome   donation
6:30-    group, focusing on solutions to climate change                                     Fritz Loewe
8pm                                                                                         Theatre (entry via
         At this critical time for South Australian energy policy, Beyond Zero              level 2)
         Emissions has released the long-awaited Repowering Port Augusta report.            McCoy Building
         This report presents the compelling economic and environmental case for            University of
         why Port Augusta’s ageing coal-fired power stations should be replaced with        Melbourne
         concentrating solar thermal power (CST).                                           Cnr Elgin &
                                                                                            Swanston Sts
         As with the Zero Carbon Australia Stationary Energy Plan research
         collaboration with the University of Melbourne, this Port August blueprint is
         technically detailed, fully costed and backed up by rigorous research. Join us
         and support the future of Australia's first solar thermal power plant with
         molten salt storage. For interstate participants, stay tuned for details of live
         streaming of this event.


**Tue    Academic Symposium: BUILDING CAPACITY FOR THE NEW CARBON                           PARKVILLE            All are   Free event.
3 July   ECONOMY                                                                            Campus               welcome
8 am-                                                                                       The University of
5pm      With global carbon markets forecast to grow to over $20 trillion by 2020,          Melbourne,
         this symposium offers deans of faculty, lecturers, researchers, indeed all         Carillo Gantner
         academic staff associated with course development, VET practitioners and           Theatre
         educational policy makers an important strategic forum to discuss the
         educational needs of this rapidly developing international and domestic
         market and enable the development of education solutions to build human
         capital that meets industries’ needs.

         Australian industry is experiencing a paradigm shift of unprecedented scale
         with the introduction of the Clean Energy legislative package and 1 July
         commencement of the carbon market.

                Finance/Accounting: Paul Simshauser, AGL, Chief Economist and

         Group Head of Corporate Affairs
         Policy: Emma Herd, Westpac, Executive Director Emissions and Environment
                 Agriculture/Land: Chris Mitchell, CO2 Group Limited, Executive
         Director Corporate Development
                 Law: Brendan Bateman, Clayton Utz, Partner
                 Engineering: Chris Raine, Alstom, President and Managing Director,
         Australia and New Zealand

         Reg: rsvp@carbonmarketinstitute.org

         Organised by: Carbon Market Institute, Monash Faculty of Business and
         Economics, Melbourne University Energy Institute

Tue      ROAD TRIP FOR CHANGE                                                              BENDIGO
3 - 20                                                                                     ADELAIDE
July     Adelaide -> Students of Sustainability (Bendigo) -> Point Lowly (desal plant) -
         > Olympic Dam 'Lizard's Revenge' -> Adelaide

         And there are options to join in part of the trip - check the website!


         Info: peta.sedge@gmail.com and cristelchambers@hotmail.com

Tue      BUILDING CAPACITY FOR TH ENEW LOW CARBON ECONOMY                                  MELBOURNE          All       Refer web. for
3 July                                                                                     Sidney Myer Asia   welcome   costs
8 am-    Are your students ready for the new low carbon economy?                           Centre - The
5pm                                                                                        University of
         With global carbon markets forecast to grow to over $20 trillion by 2020,         Melbourne
         this symposium offers deans of faculty, lecturers, researchers, indeed all        Swanston St
         academic staff associated with course development, VET practitioners and
         educational policy makers an important strategic forum to discuss the
         educational needs of this rapidly developing international and domestic
         market and enable the development of education solutions to build human
         capital that meets industries’ needs.

          Australian industry is experiencing a paradigm shift of unprecedented scale
          with the introduction of the Clean Energy legislative package and 1 July
          commencement of the carbon market.

          This one day Academic Symposium will bring together key industry leaders
          and academic providers to advance education and training in response to
          the needs of Australian industry in the transition towards a low carbon

          High calibre industry speakers and expert panellists from legal, accounting,
          engineering, energy, finance, commerce, environment and agribusiness
          sectors will share their views and expertise with our audience outlining the
          capacity and knowledge gaps that need addressing through the provision of
          high quality education and training courses.

             Finance/Accounting: Paul Simshauser, AGL, Chief Economist and Group
              Head of Corporate Affairs
             Policy: Emma Herd, Westpac, Executive Director Emissions and
             Agriculture/Land: Chris Mitchell, CO2 Group Limited, Executive Director
              Corporate Development
             Law: Brendan Bateman, Clayton Utz, Partner
             Engineering: Chris Raine, Alstom, President and Managing Director,
              Australia and New Zealand

          Reg: rsvp@carbonmarketinstitute.org

**Wed     ‘THE ROLE OF WATER ECONOMICS IN FOOD SECURITY’                                 PARKVILLE          All       Free
4 July    Professor Petra Hellegers                                                      Campus             welcome
5.30pm-                                                                                  University of
7.00pm    Dr Petra Hellegers is Professor of the Economics of Water at Wageningen UR     Melbourne,
          (University & Research centre) and is Senior Water Economist at the            Theatre B, Room
          Agricultural Economics Research Institute (LEI).                               129 (ground
                                                                                         floor), Old Arts
          Water resources are under increasing pressure, due to world’s growing          (Blg 149)
          population and economy - mainly in terms of increased food consumption.
          One measure to cope with limited water availability and growing demand in

           a country is to import grains and hence water. By importing grains countries
           become dependent on other countries and on world market prices. Because
           of its heavy dependence on the world grain market, importing countries are
           vulnerable to rising global food prices and export bans. Affluent countries
           like Saudi Arabia, South Korea, China and India have therefore descended on
           fertile plains across Africa, acquiring huge areas of land to produce food for
           consumption back home. As agriculture is by far the largest user of water,
           the increased food trade has a huge impact on the regional demand for
           water. Insight into the value of water (i.e. productivity of water) is important
           when making decisions about the reallocation of water among regions,
           sectors, and generations.

           Organised by Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute

**Tue      SCREENING OF “PLASTICIZED” PLUS MEET THE FILM MAKER                                MELBOURNE           All          Entry by
3 July                                                                                                            welcome      donation. All
6pm        Plasticized                                                                        Level 4                          proceeds go to
           With the fragile state of our remaining coastal reefs and the dwindling            Ross House                       environmental
NOTE       populations of once thriving fisheries, a rapidly accumulating amount              247 Flinders Lane                action.
changed    discarded plastic particulate appearing in every ocean is a reality that cannot
date       be ignored. PLASTICIZED is journey documentary presented by an intrigued
           cameraman who shares his experience following the 5 Gyres Institute across
           the South Atlantic on the very first expedition studying the alarming amount
           of oceanic plastic pollution - more subversive and collectively worse than
           many realise.

           Ross House presents THE BIG PICTURE - films for environmental and social
           justice on the first Tuesday of the month. Entry is by donation, the proceeds
           of which go towards environmental action. Sometimes this means that it
           goes to the group hosting the event, or it goes to greening Ross House.

           Contact: Sarah Day, 9650 1599, sarah.day@rosshouse.org.au

Wed        STUDENTS OF SUSTAINABILITY 2012                                                    BENDIGO             The          $130 early
4 July -                                                                                      La Trobe            conference   bird (until 1st
Sun        The Students of Sustainability conference (SoS) is a five-day long annual          University          is open to   June), $100 if

8 July   camping-conference based on issues of social justice and the environment.                     anyone         from Tas, WA,
         Held in a different Australian city every year.                                               who wants      NT, QLD &
9am -                                                                                                  to come        $30 day ticket
3pm      Welcoming around five hundred people every year, SoS is aimed at anyone                       (student or
         interested in creating a more ecologically & socially sustainable world. You                  not!)
         don’t need an invite to participate, just come along!
                                                                                                        “We are all
         During the week you’ll experience workshops, discussions and forums on a                      students of
         range of topics, demonstrating how theory and practice can be used to                         sustainabili
         make positive social and environmental change. It’s also a great place to                     ty”
         meet people, make friends, explore a new town and experience what will
         definitely be your favourite week of 2012.

         SoS is completely organised by volunteers, mostly hailing from the
         Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN)

         info@studentsofsustainability.org http://studentsofsustainability.org/

Thu      VEGETABLE RAINGARDENS PROJECT                                               RIC HMOND         All            Morning tea
5 July   Special morning tea featuring 3AW's Jane Edmanson,                          Melbourne         welcome        and
10am -                                                                               University                       beverages
12pm                                                                                 Burnley Campus
         Melbourne Water invites you to thank you and recognize your contribution to our waterways     RSVP           will be
         and the 10,000 Raingardens program.                                         500 Yarra Bvd     essential      provided

         A visit to our vegetable raingardens project with Professor Tim Fletcher presenting all you
         need to know about growing vegetables in raingardens

          Raingarden Awards Awards recognising council contributions to the incorporation of
         raingardens into the urban environment

          Green Roofs Project A tour of an exciting green roofs project demonstrating the most
         suitable plants for our local climate

         RSVP Thu 28 June
         Info & Reg: raingardens@melbournewater.com.au or 9235 7178

Sat      SUSTAINABLE HOME RENOVATION AND REJUVENATION                                   EAST           All            $40/$35

7 July    With Paul Adams and Ian Culbard                                                BRUNSWICK          welcome       CERES
1.30pm                                                                                   CERES Honey                      member/conc
–         If you’re thinking of greening your home this workshop will set you on the     Lane Market        Need to       ession
3.30pm    right path. Join CERES’ sustainable renovation experts Paul Adams (Modus       Garden             book
          Architects) and Ian Culbard (CERES Education) to learn about sustainable       Cnr Stewart and
          house design, materials, fittings and retrofit techniques. Bring your own      Roberts Streets
          renovation plans and ideas to the workshop, so that you can start your
          renovation with the right tools.

          Info: http://ceres.org.au/workshop Bookings: 9389 0100

Tue       Workshop 5: ENHANCING LOCAL SELF RELIANCE                                      HAWTHORN           Open to all   $5.00 includes
10 July   Oases community learning (Series of 6 workshops on a Tue eve)                  Habitat Centre for               light supper
7- 9pm                                                                                   Spirituality       Please
          Presenter: Dr Geoff Lacey, Author of: “Sufficient for the day: towards a       (formerly          RSVP
          sustainable culture Yarra Institute Press", Melbourne, 2011                    Augustine Centre)
                                                                                         2 Minona St
          RSVP: OASES 03 9819 3502 or info@oases.edu.au www.oases.edu.au

Wed                                                                                      GLOBALLY

14 July   FESTIVAL/PROTEST                                                               AUSTRALIA
–                                                                                        Olympic Dam,
Fri       Sleeping underneath the ground there is an old lizard, Kalta the sleepy        Roxby Downs
20 July   lizard. The lizard ain't so sleepy anymore. BHP is mining right into that      gates of hell
          Lizards body. The government has just approved an expansion of the
          Olympic Dam uranium mine, making it the biggest uranium mine in the
          world. Kalta is angry and wants revenge. Arabana elder Kevin Buzzacott is
          calling the people of the world to help the lizard shut down the mine. He is
          calling for people to come and heal the land in the name of peace and
          justice for the next 10,000 generations to come.

          The land is being irreversibly poisoned in and around Roxby Downs by the
          tailings dam causing dust and ground water contamination, and
          contamination of its workers.

            Party in a Dangerous Planet with Theatre, Cabaret and Art installations. Over
            20 musical acts. Solar Powered sound system extravaganza and wind
            powered cinema.

            Contact: izzybrown@live.com
            Hosted by the DLF - Desert Liberation Front in response to the governments
            decision to expand Olympic Dam mine.

**Wed       OLYMPIC DAM & LIZARDS REVENGE TOUR.                                             Travel from     All          $400 conc.
11 July –                                                                                   MELBOURNE       welcome      $750 waged
Sun         Anti-nuclear & Clean energy's (ACE) Olympic Dam exposure tour 2012.             to                           $900 solidarity
22 July                                                                                     STH AUSTRALIA
            From the organiser's of the Friends of the Earth radioactive exposure tour,                                   Total cost of
            join the ACE crew for this year’s Olympic Dam & Lizards revenge activists.                                   tour will
            We will travel from Melbourne along BHP Billiton's proposed path of                                          include travel,
            destruction to the heart of the South Australia's semi arid landscape.                                       guides,
            Travelling to the precious mound springs, Lake Eyre, the Lizards revenge DIY                                 accommodatio
            music blockade, the spectacular Gammon & Flinders Ranges, plus much                                          n & all organic
            more.                                                                                                        vegan/vegetar
                                                                                                                         ian, G.F, food
            Hear first hand from the people who are fighting for their country & the                                     provided.
            people who support their struggle against the world’s largest mining
            company. Contact: Tully Starr 0410 388 187 or Zin Rain 0408 165 735.

            Email: ace@foe.org.au

**Thu       ENVIRONMENTAL NETWORK OF VICTORIAN YOUTH (ENVY)                                 BUNDOORA        For
12 July                                                                                     RMIT            students
9am -       ENVY is a group of 30+ young, passionate and pragmatic Victorian youth                          from Years
5pm         under the age of 26 from across 12 different schools. They are a movement                       10, 11 and
            of young Victorians working together to end environmental problems.                             12

            ENVY would like to invite students from Years 10, 11 and 12 and any
            university students to attend their inaugural conference themed and titled,
            “2012 Year of Renewable Energy” which is based on the United Nations

         Environmental Programme theme.

         Guest Speakers: Dr. Kate Auty (Environmental Commissioner), John Seed,
         and many others from the Energy field.
         Workshops run by: AYCC, John Seed, Trent McCarthy, Generation Waking
         Up, CERES, a range of University Lecturers, and many other presenters from
         the Energy field.


Fri      Net Balance’s practical carbon accounting will provide you with the
13 Jul   necessary skills and knowledge to help you through this important transition
         to a carbon constrained economy. Increasingly, businesses will be required
         to quantify and report organisational greenhouse gas emissions, conduct
         audits and take into account the cost of carbon in investment decisions and
         business planning.

         We have experience providing audit and verification services to more than
         20 of the ASX100, as well as assisting many smaller organisations to collect,
         manage and maintain energy and greenhouse data for voluntary reporting

         Workshop Program
            - Develop a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory for the workplace
            - Develop and create a GHG report for the workplace.
            - Presentation of practical case studies from industry experts

         Course Highlights
          Explore the scientific & industrial background to carbon accounting.
          Unravel the terminology, trends & drivers.
          Learn about international best practice, methodologies & standards.
          Hear from industry experts with real case studies.
          Identify, categorise & calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
          Prepare & interpret a GHG inventory.
          Develop knowledge of current legislation.

               Evaluate business risks & opportunities in the low carbon future.
               Identify an organisation’s carbon management options.

            Info: 02 9249 2100 amandao@netbalance.com

**Mon       “SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION IN A CARBON CONSTRAINED ECONOMY”                        MELBOURNE                  Early bird
16 July -                                                                                                              discounts
Tue         Are you ready to capitalise on the new carbon regulations?                                                 available!
17 July
            Workshop run by organisational change and sustainable innovation expert,
            Dr Sanjay Sharma, Dean, University of Vermont school of business,USA.

            Now, more than ever, companies need to proactively foster sustainability as
            a driver for competitive imagination and innovation.

            Internationally well-known and leading thinker on corporate sustainability
            Dr Sanjay Sharma, will visit Australia to share his knowledge and experiences
            on how to build organisational capacity for sustainable innovation.

            Join Sanjay and learn how to:
             Assess the sustainability and carbon challenge for your business
             Develop a business logic for sustainable innovation
             Change managerial mindsets and reduce internal barriers to sustainable
             Develop effective organisational capabilities to build a sustainable
                innovation DNA
             Develop a sustainable capacity plan to reduce the carbon footprint of
                your business

            Info & booking: Kerstin 9826 1767 or kerstin@accsr.com.au sustainable
            innovation workshop

Tue         MAKING PEACE WITH EARTH                                                         ELTHAM          All        Entry $10.00
17 July                                                                                     The Barn,       welcome    includes chai
Time:       For three decades radical scientist and ecofeminist, Dr Vandana Shiva,          Montsalvat,                and samosas
6.30pm      winner of the 2010 Sydney Peace Prize, has been promoting an ecological         Hillcrest Ave   Bookings

for       path of harmony, sustainability and diversity as a means to survival and                            are
          liberation.                                                                                         essential
7pm -     For one night in Melbourne, join Vandana Shiva to celebrate the release of
8.30pm    her new book, Making Peace with the Earth.

          In this book Vandana explores the basis of human life on our planet. She
          finds that a series of wars have been declared against the Earth: wars about
          land, water, climate, forests and biodiversity. In a searing critique of
          corporate globalisation, she examines the root causes of these wars against
          the backdrop of the current crisis in food supply. She imagines a world that
          could be sustainable; a world in which food security, justice and peace are
          all aligned. By drawing out the connections between ‘growth’ and free
          markets, she argues for a future in which human rights and earth rights
          become central to the creation of a different kind of wealth, one imbued
          with democracy and justice.

          Vandana Shiva will be in conversation with Susan Hawthorne, poet, writer
          and publisher at Spinifex Press

          Bookings 9439 8700 elthambookshop@bigpond.com 970 Main Road,
          Presented by ELTHAMbookshop, Montsalvat and Spinifex Press

Tue       Workshop 6: WHAT CONSTITUTES THE GOOD LIFE?                                    HAWTHORN             Open to all   $5.00 includes
17 July   Oases community learning (Series of 6 workshops on a Tue eve)                  Habitat Centre for                 light supper
7- 9pm                                                                                   Spirituality         Please
          Presenter: Dr Geoff Lacey, Author of: “Sufficient for the day: towards a       (formerly            RSVP
          sustainable culture Yarra Institute Press", Melbourne, 2011                    Augustine Centre)
                                                                                         2 Minona St
          RSVP: OASES 03 9819 3502 or info@oases.edu.au www.oases.edu.au

Wed       Interactive workshop: ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN YOUR HOME & SOLAR HOT               STRATHEWEN           All           The workshop
18 Jul    WATER                                                                          community            welcome       is free, with
7:30pm                                                                                   centre, (Cnr                       finger food
-         Workshop number 7 in a series of workshops designed to assist owner            Strathewen &                       provided.
9:30pm    builders & renovators to make their homes as energy efficient as possible.     Bowden Spur Rd)      The

          Presenters include John Knox from the Alternative Technology Association                        will be
          (ATA) and www.ridethetalk.com.au                                                                practical in
                                                                                                          focus with
             In what ways do we commonly use the most energy and resources in our                        informatio
              homes?                                                                                      n sheets
             The top 5 low cost, most effective ways of reducing our resource usage?                     provided.
             Technologies are available to retrofit our homes to reduce our resource
              usage?                                                                                      RSVP is
             Options available for solar hot water and what are the pros and cons?                       essential
             What rebates and incentives are available?

          RSVP: Lucinda@goinggreensolutions.com.au 0434 546 881 / 9718 0126
          Organised by the Strathewen & St Andrews Sustainable Rebuilding Project

Tue       SUSTAINABLE GARDENING           With Todd Mansfield                           EAST              All            $360
19 July                                                                                 BRUNSWICK         welcome        $280 CERES
—         • An expert CERES Trainer will provide hands on experience balanced with      Cnr Stewart and                  members
Tue       theory covering a variety of sustainable gardening topics                     Roberts Streets                  $120 ACFE
6 Sept    • Information fact sheets                                                                       Some           conc,
10am—     • Dedicated garden space at CERES to put learning into practice               CERES Honey       CERES          Session price
2pm                                                                                     Lane Market       courses are    $45/$35/$15
          Interested in hands on sustainable gardening? Enthused about growing your     Garden            ACFE
          own organic fruit, herbs and vegetables to share with your family and                           funded and     Bring
8         friends?                                                                                        provide        •Comfortable
session   If you want to know more about organic gardening but don’t know where to                        subsidised     enclosed
s         start than this course is for you. Join CERES Trainer, Todd Mansfield as he                     fees. If you   shoes/boots
          introduces you to the basics of horticulture, permaculture and organic                          do not hold    •Appropriate
          gardening.                                                                                      a Year 12 or   weather gear
                                                                                                          higher         eg sunhat
          This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to confidently                       qualificatio   • Pen and
          propagate seedlings, save seeds, grow vegetables and more! You will be                          n, you will    paper
          given the skills and knowledge to decide if a vocation in horticulture or                       be eligible    • Lunch
          permaculture is for you.                                                                        for the
          Todd Mansfield was born in Canada where he gained experience working on                         concession
          organic orchards, farms and permaculture communities. Todd recently                             rate.
          managed the CERES OM mushroom growing project and is passionate about

          permaculture, local food production and mycology. He also works as a CERES
          Trainer and teaches young adults with a disability about sustainable

          Info: http://ceres.org.au/workshop    Bookings: 9389 0100

Fri       The Annual Castan Centre Conference - HUMAN RIGHTS 2012                         MELBOURNE
20 July                                                                                   Spring Street
          Speakers:                                                                       Conference
Reg        Prof Sarah Joseph, Director of the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law         1 Spring St
8.40am     Prof Tim Flannery, Professor at Macquarie University and 2007
             Australian of the year Global warming and human rights
           Ms Susan Ryan AO, Commonwealth Age Discrimination Commissioner
             Human rights never age
           Dr Kerry Arabena, Professor and Director of Indigenous Health at
             Monash University Recognition of Indigenous peoples in the Australian
           Dr Samantha Thomas, Senior Research Fellow at Monash University
             Unintended consequences of the 'war' on obesity: A public health and
             human rights approach
           Mr Gareth Evans AO QC, former Aus Foreign Minister and CEO of the
             International Crisis Group The responsibility to protect after Libya and
           Mr Sami Ben Gharbia, Tunisian blogger and Advocacy Director of Global
             Voices The role of social media in the Tunisian revolution, in the context
             of the Arab Spring
           Mr Allan Asher, former Commonwealth Ombudsman People just like us;
             human rights for asylum seekers!
           Mr Ron Merkel QC, barrister and former Judge of the Federal Court of
             Australia Has Australia's horse and buggy Constitution acquired a few jet

          Full details: http://www.law.monash.edu.au/castancentre/conference/

Sat       BEYOND ZERO EMISSIONS: THE PATH TO ZERO EMISSIONS                               ROSANNA Library    All       Free
21 July                                                                                   72 Turner Street   welcome
1.30pm    Peter Castaldo from Beyond Zero Emissions will explain the plans to develop

–         a blueprint for an Australia that emits zero carbon, all within 10 years.
          Info: Yarra Plenty Regional Library 9459 6171

Sat       FRUIT TREES With Justin Caverley                                              EAST                            $200/$180
21 &                                                                                    BRUNSWICK                       CERES
28 July   Always wanted to have your own lemons, apples, figs or almond trees in        CERES Training                  member/conc
10am—     your backyard? In this two day workshop you will discover how to grow a       Room                            ession
3.30pm    variety of fruit and nut trees in your backyard and have all your questions   Cnr Stewart and
          answered in this informative workshop.                                        Roberts Streets

          Info: http://ceres.org.au/workshop Bookings: 9389 0100

Wed       Carbon Market Summit: CARBON FARMERS OF AUSTRAILA                             NSW               All those     $325 per day -
25 July                                                                                 Dubbo RSL         interested    Delegates can
& Thu     Leveraging the new Carbon Markets for Regional Prosperity.                                      in            choose a one
26 July                                                                                                   Leveraging    or two day
          Most of the carbon knowledge seems to reside in the cities. Seeking to re-                      the Carbon    program.
          dress this, we have invited the best knowledge brokers in the business to                       Markets for
          come to the Regions and help our accountants, solicitors, agribusiness                          Regional
          managers, councils, NRM agencies and others to understand HOW to                                Prosperity.
          benefit from these new policies, and how to support farmers and
          landholders who are taking part.

          Program Will Include:
          • Outline of the Clean Energy Future Policy – Presented by the Carbon
          Market Institute.
          • The Carbon Farming Initiative and Regional Services Industry
          • Trading 101. How does this market work?
          • Local Government Opportunities
          • Upskilling the Regions
          • Regional Carbon Trading Model

          Day 2 Workshops:
                In This New Market.
                Accountants Workshop
                Solicitors Workshop

                 Carbon Farming Initiative. Carbon 101.
                 Local Government Workshop.
                 Insurance Workshop?

          Info: Louisa Kiely louisa@carbonfarmersofaustralia.com.au 02 6374 0329

Fri                                   SCHOOLS TREE DAY
27 July
          Each year, around 2500 schools across Australia take part in Schools Tree
          Day. Students nation-wide have learnt how to plant, and care for the
          seedlings they grow.

          This year, Planet Ark is inviting you to venture into the great outdoors and
          connect with nature! Schools Tree Day can mark the beginning of a long-
          term environmental program, engaging your students in a fun, hands on
          activity that can reinforce their environmental, maths, science and creative
          arts learning or simply contribute to creating beautiful school grounds.

          "This was our first Tree Day event. All the students were very enthusiastic
          and thoroughly enjoyed the planting process, even though it was pouring
          with rain and they all got wet and muddy - they loved it. We had an
          abundance of parent helpers, which added to the community feel of the

          Looking for a little inspiration? We have some great stories from schools
          that have held events in the past. Or read our Schools Activity Guide for
          more ideas for activities you could have at your school (download from links
          Remember that you don't have to be planting trees to take part in Schools
          Tree Day. You could be growing a vegetable garden, weeding a previously
          planted area, adding shrubs to the building surrounds or venturing out to
          the local bush to lend community groups a helping hand.

          What to do next:
          1. If you haven't run a Schools Tree Day activity before read our step by
             step Schools Getting Started Guide (download from links below).

          2. For inspiration and ideas read our School Tree Day stories or download
             our Schools Activity Guide (link below). We also have a number of
             templates for games for big and little kids.
          3. When you decide to go ahead click here to register your site. We will
             send you a registration pack but you can also download posters and all
             other paperwork from our Coordinators section.
          4. Look at our lesson plans, videos and other teacher's resources.
          5. More questions? Read our FAQ section developed just for schools. Or
             call our National Tree Day hotline on 1300 88 5000.

Fri       Conference: IDEAS TO CHANGE THE WORLD                                          CARLTON            All welcome   ?
27 July                                                                                  Trades Hall, cnr                 There will be
–         A weekend of ideas to challenge capitalism. Over the last year we have seen    Victoria & Lygon                 free child
Sun,      and been involved in vastly different struggles taking on the system. The      Sts,                             care and food
29 July   world rose as one to Occupy and the Arab spring rocked the very foundations                                     available
          of the system. This is not enough we need sustained action against the                                          throughout
          government and bosses threatening our lives.                                                                    the
          Full program TBA.

          Presented by Renegade Activists Action Force (RAAF). For more info email
          RAAF or ph 0422 743 573

Sun                                  NATIONAL TREE DAY
29 July
          National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day provide all Australians with an
          opportunity to do something positive for the environment and reconnect
          with nature. In 2011, thousands of Australians planted over 1 million native
          trees, shrub and grasses at more than 2900 Tree Day events, and a host of
          other Tree Day activities were held.
          In 2012, National Tree Day will be on Sunday 29th July and Schools Tree Day
          will be on Friday 27th July, although events can be held on any date during
          the year.

          Information Find all the Tree Day information you need.
          Tree Day Stories School and Community Tree Day events form the backbone
          of National Tree Day. Read some inspiring stories showcasing a variety of
          Organisations and their individual approaches to successful Tree Day events.

          Photo Gallery View our gallery of photos from Tree Day sites around
          What is National Tree Day? National Tree Day and Schools Tree Day
          combine to make Australia's biggest community tree-planting event. In
          2012, National Tree Day will be held on Sunday 29th July, while Schools Tree
          Day will be on Friday 27th July. Click through for more information.
          Environmental Benefits National Tree Day aims to inspire, educate and
          recruit Australians to actively care for our unique land and create future
          generations of committed environmental custodians.
          Climbing Trees: Getting Aussie Kids Back Outside In March 2011, Planet Ark
          commissioned an independent study to investigate childhood interaction
          with nature and how this interaction is changing.

Fri       Second annual 2012 FAIRLY EDUCATED CONFERENCE                                  MELBOURNE          All welcome     Cost: $50
27Jul-                                                                                   RMIT
Sun       Hosted by the Melbourne universities consortium, consisting of                 'Green Brain'
29 Jul    representatives from Deakin, La Trobe, Melbourne, Monash and RMIT              Conference         This event
6:30pm    universities, the conference aims to expand upon the success of the            Centre,            requires pre-
5:30pm    inaugural conference held in Sydney in July 2011.                                                 registration
                                                                                         Building 16, Cnr   and payment
          The purpose of the conference is to bring together university students from    Swanston St & La
          Australia and New Zealand, with the aim of increasing their knowledge of       Trobe St
          Fair Trade, equipping them with excellent leadership and campaigning skills,
          as well as providing an invaluable opportunity to network with like-minded
          students, staff, businesses and organisations.

          Overall the Fairly Educated movement aims to combine university Fair Trade
          movements worldwide, and the annual conference is just one part of a
          larger, world-wide movement linking universities together.

          Reg and payment: http://www.fairlyeducatedconference.com/
          Contact: Tamsien West conference@fairlyeducated.com 0407840111

deadlin   An award-winning sustainability professional development program, Green
e         Steps @ Work gives staff the skills to measure environmental impacts within

13 Aug     a organisation, no matter what background knowledge they have in
           environmental issues, and then engage staff with improved communication
           and behaviour change skills.

Regular meetings:

Tuesdays       FOE MELBOURNE CLIMATE JUSTICE COLLECTIVE                                             COLLINGWOOD        All welcome      No cost
6:30pm         Meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month to coordinate our campaigning for         Friends of the
               renewables and against fossil fuels and dodgy carbon offsets.                        Earth
                                                                                                    312 Smith St.
               If you wish to come along please contact Brett at brett@thesharehood.org

Mondays        MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY CLIMATE ACTION WORKING GROUP (CAWG)                             MELBOURNE          All welcome      No cost
               Meets weekly during semester                                                         University
               For meeting times contact Jasmine 0405 317 787 or Joel 0450 303 516

Weds           QUIT COAL: NO NEW COAL POWER FOR VICTORIA                                            COLLINGWOOD        All welcome      No cost
6 pm –                                                                                              FoE office - 312
7.30pm         A Melbourne-based collective which campaigns against expansion of the coal           Smith St
               industry in Victoria. We believe this is important because building new coal
               infrastructure locks in decades of dirty, old technology, when we should be moving
               towards clean, renewable energy.

               Info: Quit Coal or call Shaun 0402 337 077

               MEETINGS                                                                             FoE office - 312
                                                                                                    Smith St
               For meeting times and other info contact Zin: ace@foe.org.au

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