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									          Cooperative Extension Service                                                                         Shelby County Newsletter
              1117 Frankfort Road ● Shelbyville, KY 40065 ● (502) 633-4593 ● Fax: (502) 633-6713 ●

                                     Master Gardener’s Association
                                       Spring Garden & Art Fair                      Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon
                                              Saturday, April 28,
                                                                                             Thursday, March 22
                                            9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

                  Pruning & Propagation/Fruit Pruning Class                                Health and Fitness Fun Day

                    Friday, March 9th. Call 633-4593 for details

  M             One Acre At A Time
                                                                                           A Community Health Fair
                                                                                                Saturday, April 21
             Woodland Management Course                                                         9 a.m. - 12 noon
  A            Tuesday, March 27, 6:00—8:30
                Oldham Community Center
                  Call 633-4593 for details
                                                                                          At the Family Activity Center                                I
  R                                                                                    For more information, see page 2
  C                        C.A.I.P.
                                                                     2                Judges Needed for
                                                                                      4-H Communication
  H                      Investment
                          Program                                    0                     Contests
                                                                                                Shelby Co Contest

                                                                                              March 15th @ 6:30pm
                                                                                                 Louisville Area Contest
                               Update                                                             April 28th @ 9:30am
                          2011 & 2012                                2                                                  Contact
                      See pages 6 & 7                                                                              Extension Office
                                                                                                                     to Volunteer

                                                     ~ IN THIS ISSUE ~
FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES NEWS:                                                   ANIMAL SCIENCE/HORTICULTURE NEWS:
Spring Fashion Show, Health & Fitness Fun Day, Financial Tip,                 2    Proper Mineral Management Key to Keeping Cattle                         4
Want Lower Car Insurance, Weight The Reality, Money Wise,                          Healthy, Natural Dewormers for Horses—What Works?
Nutrition Month, Colorectal Cancer, Diabetes, Shape-Up Class                  3    Goats Require Minimal Investment, Successful Garden                     5
AGRICULTURAL/NATURAL RESOURCES NEWS:                                               4-H YOUTH DEVELOPMENT NEWS:
2011 CAIP County Agricultural Investment Program                              6    4-H Camp, Fashion Revue, Farm License Plate, Spring                     8
2012 CAIP County Agricultural Investment Program                              7    Project Day, Dairy Cow Camp, Volunteer Screening                        9
      Educational programs of Kentucky Cooperative Extension serve all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability, or national origin.

                                                                Disabilities accommodated with
                                                                prior notification.
     Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon                           Want Lower Car Insurance ?
            To see the latest in Spring fashions, you           Plan to attend the Driver Safety Class for
    are invited to attend the annual Spring Fashion     drivers over age 55 on Monday, April 23 from 12
F   Show sponsored by the Shelby County                 noon to 4:00 p.m. The class costs only $14. There
    Extension Homemakers. The Fashion Show              are no written or driving tests. Please call 633-
A   begins with a buffet lunch at 12:00 noon on         4593 to reserve a space.      Check with your
    Thursday, March 22 at your Shelby County            insurance company on the discount you will
M   Extension Office. A Silent Auction will take        receive by completing this course! Best of all, you
I   place with the proceeds going to the Ovarian
    Cancer Screening Research Project.
                                                        will receive important updates on new traffic laws,
                                                        defensive driving techniques, and more!
L           The $12.00 lunch reservation is due to
    the Shelby County Extension Office by Friday,                 Weight—the Reality Series
Y   March 16. Please call 633-4593 for more
                                                                Scientists have found that losing only 5 –
                                                        15% of body weight can significantly improve
                                                        adult health by lowering blood pressure and
&         Health and Fitness Fun Day                    cholesterol levels, as well as reducing the risk of
            Plan to visit the ninth annual “Health      developing diabetes. In fact, many adults find that
    and Fitness Fun Day” at the Clear Creek Park        a weight loss of 5 to 10% is more achievable than
C   Family Activity Center on Saturday, April 21
    from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon. During this
                                                        an unrealistic goal of getting down to what they
                                                        weighed as a teenager. A sensible eating and
O   annual community Health and Safety Fair, you
    can watch mini-classes on physical activity
                                                        activity plan to allow you to lose 20 pounds would
                                                        take 10 – 20 weeks. Losing a little at a time can
N   opportunities. Free health screenings such as       improve your health a lot and allow you to succeed
    blood pressure, glucose, and vision will be         at losing weight, a step at a time.
S   available. A children’s activity section will               Would you like to lose ten pounds or
    include lots of active games and prizes.            more? Join us on Thursday, April 5 at 5:30 p.m.
U           Over 40 health and safety booths will       for the first in a series of ten weekly weight
M   provide free give-aways and valuable updates
    on health and safety issues. This event
                                                        management classes that will meet one hour each
                                                        week. The course will provide self-discovery,
E   includes an educational scavenger hunt and the
    annual “Get Moving Kentucky!” Kick-Off
                                                        education, skill-building, low-calorie recipe
                                                        sampling, physical activity ideas and support to
R   where participants will receive either a
    pedometer or a jump rope. Everyone will have
                                                        help adults learn to control their weight. The cost
                                                        is only $10 for the entire series.
    an opportunity to win door prizes including                 For support and information on healthy
    bicycles, a month’s Family Activity Center          lifestyle changes, call 633-4593 to register for
S   pass and golf passes!                               “Weight–the Reality Series”.
            The elementary school with the most
C   youth in attendance will receive recognition                          Mark Your Calendar
I   and $500 for their physical education
    department. Everyone will receive valuable
                                                             Sewing Circle—Mar 13 3 - 8 p.m.
                                                             Meet and Greet Bingo—Mar 27 1 p.m.
E   information and gain skills for a healthier
    tomorrow. Rain or shine, this is a Saturday
                                                             KY Vacations in your Backyard - Mar 28 10 a.m.
                                                             First Saturday Walk About - Apr 7 8:30 a.m. at the
N   morning adventure that you, your family and
    friends will enjoy!                                 
                                                             Family Activity Center
                                                             Leadership Retreat - Apr 9-10 in Oldham County
C                                                       
                                                             Sewing Circle - Apr 10 3-8 p.m.
                                                             Sewing Expo - Apr 17-18 at General Butler State
                   Financial Tip
E       If you are spending more than one-fifth of 
                                                             Meet and Greet Bingo - Apr 24 1 p.m.
    your take home pay on credit debts, you need 
S   to cut back on your spending.
                                                             Understanding Generational Differences -Apr 25
                                                             10 a.m.

                                                 PAGE 2
          Money Wise—Saving                       your Shelby County Extension Office. This is a
       Many of us are interested in saving more   great class for everyone. Participants will
but we are not certain how to get started. To     increase flexibility, balance, strength and get an
find new ways to save, check out tips on          aerobic work out as well. Classes meet at 10 You can also call your      a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for six
Shelby County Extension Office to request a       weeks. The six week session begins March 26.         F
                                                  We must have 20 registrants to have this class
FREE copy of the February Money Wise
Newsletter on Saving. This newsletter and         so invite a friend to attend with you. The six       A
other past copies can also be downloaded at
                                                  week series of Shelby Shape-Ups costs $20.
                                                  Call your extension office at 633-4593 to            M
                                                  reserve your spot in this class that will help you
                                                  get ready for Springtime activities!
  March is National Nutrition Month
        Take action on the Dietary Guidelines                     Diabetes Class                       L
by making changes in these three areas. Choose
steps that work for you and start today.                  Diabetes is a serious disease that strikes   Y
Balancing Calories —                              nearly 26 million children and adults in the
Enjoy your food, but eat less.
Avoid oversized portions.
                                                  United States, and a quarter of them—7
                                                  million—do not even know they have it. An
Foods to Increase —-                              additional 79 million, or one in three American
Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.       adults, have prediabetes, which puts them at
Switch to fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk.          high risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Recent
                                                  estimates project that as many as one in three
Foods to Reduce —-
Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and     American adults will have diabetes in 2050           O
frozen meals—and choose the foods with lower      unless we take the steps to Stop Diabetes®.
numbers.                                                  A four part series of Diabetes Classes
Drink water instead of sugary drinks.             will begin on Thursday, March 8 at 1:00 p.m.
                                                  The classes will meet once a month. The other
     March is National Colorectal                 dates are April 12, May 10 and June 14. If you       U
      Cancer Awareness Month                      have diabetes or are at high risk for diabetes,
Did You Know …..                                  plan to register for this FREE class so that you     M
 All Kentuckians age 50 and older should get    can learn steps to take for a healthy life. Just
   regular colon cancer checks.                   call 633-4593 to register.       This class is       E
 Early colon cancer may have no symptoms.
 9 out of 10 colon cancers may be prevented
                                                  sponsored by the Shelby County Diabetes
   or cured with regular checks.
                                                         Studies have shown that type 2 diabetes
Now You Know! Talk to your doctor now
                                                  can often be prevented or delayed by losing just
about getting checked for colon cancer!
                                                  7% of body weight (such as 15 pounds if you          S
         March is Bleach Month
                                                  weigh 200) through regular physical activity (30
                                                  minutes a day, five days a week) and healthy
       Through the month of March, you can
donate bleach to our local Shelby County
                                                  eating. By understanding your risk, you can
                                                  take the necessary steps to help prevent the
Animal Shelter on Kentucky Street or you can
drop the bleach off at your Shelby County
                                                  onset of type 2 diabetes.                            E
Extension Office. The shelter is in need of
bleach to help sanitize the kennels.
                                                         You can get your free Diabetes Risk
                                                  Test by visiting or by calling
                                                  1-800-DIABETES (1-800-342-2383).                     C
   Shelby Shape-Ups Exercise Class                       Articles By:

Hooray! Armchair exercises are back again at
                                                         Sheila Fawbush
                                               PAGE 3    Cooperative Extension Agent for Family &
                                                         Consumer Sciences
                              ANIMAL SCIENCE
Proper Mineral Management                                                In general, producers should develop a mineral
                                                               strategy, understand how to read and interpret a feed tag,
Key to Keeping Cattle Healthy                                  and know how the minerals will interact once ingested.
          Beef producers shouldn't overlook                              More information on proper mineral
proper mineral intake as part of an overall                    management is available in Lemenager's article, "How
feeding plan, according to a Purdue                            do you know if you're feeding the right mineral?" on
Extension Specialist.                                     .    pages 18-20 in the winter 2011 edition of Indiana Beef
          Ron Lemenager, a professor of animal sciences,       Magazine. Other beef resources can be found at http://
said minerals are becoming a more important issue as 
feed options have changed.                                 .

          "I think we pretty much had minerals taken care
of when everyone was feeding corn and hay,"                    Natural Dewormers
Lemenager said. "But then it changed and we introduced         for Horses - What Works?
by-products like distillers dried grains, corn gluten feed               There are no “natural” or organic dewormers
and soybean hulls, which changes our supplementation           that are known to be effective. However, you can reduce
strategy."                                                     your use of traditional chemical dewormers by:
          If minerals such as copper, zinc, manganese                    • Deworming your horses according to their
and selenium are out of balance, a cow could have              actual parasite load by performing fecal exams for
problems with immune function, reproduction, digestion         parasites.
and metabolism, and onset of puberty, among other                        • Work with your veterinarian to develop a
issues.                                                        deworming program that is correlated with your farm’s
          "Minerals are involved with pretty much every        fecal exam results.
metabolic process in the body. Animals do not perform                    • Rotate pastures with other livestock species to
without them," Lemenager said. "If you don't properly          break up the parasite cycle.
provide them, it can cause problems."                     .              • In the summer, drag pastures on a hot, dry day
          Lemenager said the right combinations of             to break up manure piles and expose them to the sun to
forage, feed and supplements can minimize the amount           kill the parasites.
of minerals necessary in some cases. He added that the                   • Mow pastures to remove some of the water
composition of feeds in different areas would require          film that allows the third stage larvae to move around on
different strategies.                                          the blades. The sun can then dry the grass better and
      Producers should be familiar with                        limit parasite movement/development.
a few key issues involved in mineral                       .             • Pick up manure in stalls and turnout lots/
management:                                                .   paddocks on a regular basis.
      * Bioavailability. Lemenager said animals                          • Keep manure storage piles away from
do not absorb certain forms of minerals. Many minerals         livestock.
in the oxide form, such as copper oxide, do not deliver                  • Compost manure to kill the parasite load
the copper a producer might intend.                            before spreading on pasture.
                                                                         • Don’t overgraze pastures. Grass should be
          * Antagonists. Some minerals work against            grazed no shorter than 4 inches.
others. For example, mineral supplements high in iron or                 • Don’t feed hay/grain on the ground.
zinc may counteract the ability of an animal to absorb                   Go to the following link to learn more about
copper. In those cases, additional copper may be               parasite control:
necessary.                                               .
          * Chelates. Animals absorb these organic             Management_and_control_of_internal_parasites_in_
forms of minerals better, but they are more expensive.         horses.
Lemenager said the cost could be worth it if the animal
is stressed or severely deficient, but may not be worth it               Goats Require Minimal
in other situations.
          * Delivery methods. Lemenager said loose                       Investment But Several
minerals and blocks are effective, but controlling how                   Factors Can Impact Profits
much an animal consumes can be difficult with those                      There are several major benefits to raising
methods. Blocks can also be hard on the animal's tongue.       meat goats according to Jodie Pennington, a small
Mixing minerals with other feeds can better ensure             ruminant specialist working with Lincoln University and
proper consumption.                                            University of Missouri Extension.

                                                     PAGE       4
          "Raising goats requires minimal costs for facilities   Key to a Successful Garden is
and investment. They are also attractive
for their ability to use grass and other low costs forages,      Location, Location, Location
brush control, high pregnancy rates, and potential for high               Choosing a garden site is one of the most
returns per acre," said Pennington. "But at the same time,       important decisions any gardener will make.
goats also have the potential for losses if sound                         The ideal place for a vegetable garden is a
management is not maintained."                                   level well-drained site that receives full sun all day.
          Sound management of any goat enterprise depends        The site should also get good air circulation and the
on good records to monitor economic factors and the proper       soil should be loose, fertile and easy to work.
care of the animals.                                                      Few gardeners are lucky enough to have
          Pennington says it is essential that animal            such a perfect spot. If you’re like most and have a
identification be made in a precise manner. Budgets should       less than ideal location, follow these tips from Uni-
be set to determine the financial feasibility of the business.   versity of Georgia Cooperative Extension to devel-
Breeders should also make sure they have a market for their      op a useable garden site.
goats before they begin.
          A calendar is also recommended to make sure            Follow these guidelines
routine management practices which are conducted in a                      • Choose a site that receives at least six
timely manner and treatment procedures for illnesses are         hours of direct sunlight each day (10 to 12 hours is
established.                                                     ideal) in the summer. A gradual sloping hillside
          "Proper care of meat goats is essential because the    with a southern exposure is preferable.
best economic returns are realized when disease problems                   • Plant vegetables away from buildings,
are minimal," said Pennington. "That means cleanliness and       trees and other things that could shade the garden
proper animal comfort are important for the prevention of        area. If part of the garden must be in the shade,
disease."                                                        grow lettuce or cool crops such as cabbage, brocco-
          Major problems with raising goats include              li and kale in that spot.
marketing, internal parasite control, an economic and                      • Examine the site to see how well the soil
sustainable forage program, availability of good breeding        drains. Avoid placing the garden in a low spot
stock, predator control (primarily guard dogs), availability     where water drains poorly and areas that are com-
of a local veterinarian, and lack of model farms to emulate.     pacted and stay soggy after a rain. Loamy or sandy
          "Some producers with full-time jobs may be             loam soils are preferable to a heavy clay soil. Solve
limited in the time that they can spend on goats at critical     minor drainage problems by adding lots of organic
times. Feeding the guard dog can also be a problem with          matter, which will help retain water and build soil
absentee owners, but it is essential the goats be protected      nutrients. Do not add sand to Georgia clay – it will
from predators," said Pennington.                                turn your soil into concrete.
          More and more cattle producers are running goats                 • Position the garden away from trees and
with the cattle, either in leader-follower system or             shrubs. Their roots will rob vegetables of nutrients
concurrently. The advantage of this system is that the           and water. Remember, tree roots often extend far
pasture is used more efficiently.                                beyond the drip line.
          The goats are browsers and eat the bushy plants,                 • Look for a site that supports lush vegeta-
including many weeds, and the cattle eat the lower-growing       tive growth, even if it’s in the form of dark green,
grass. According to Pennington, forage use can be improved       sturdy weeds. If weeds won’t grow in an area, veg-
10 to 20 percent by this system which also works well with       etables probably won’t grow there either.
horses.                                                                    • Consider the distance to the nearest wa-
          "The performance of your meat goats is a               ter source. A nearby, easy-to-use water supply is
combination of several factors. The breeding and selection       important. Watering is crucial at planting time and
of the animals, the health and care of the animals once they     during the summer heat. If watering is a hassle, the
are in your possession, and the interaction with facilities,     desire to keep the garden going may vanish.
feeding, and weather will all effect performance," said                    • Take note of how far the garden is from
Pennington.                                                      your back door. The closer it is to the kitchen, the
                                                                 more you’ll use those fresh vegetables, fruits and
                                                                 herbs. Forethought will be rewarded later.
   Articles By:                                                            Planning is an important step to planting
   Corinne Kephart                                               and growing vegetables. The more thought you put
   Animal Science/                                               into your garden ahead of time, the more successful
   Horticulture Technician                                       you will be when it comes to harvesting the fruits
                                                                 of your labor.
                                                       PAGE        5
County Agricultural Investment Program
From the Administrator’s Desk:                     Program to get back on schedule for
                                                   launching the 2012 Program in late Spring
Happy Spring!!                                            With the shortened program there was
                                                   not time to allow for a waiting list.
       I Wanted to drop a few lines to update
everyone on our 2011 C.A.I.P. PROGRAM
                                                     If I was not approved in 2011, should I
and answer some questions about our
                                              apply in 2012?
upcoming 2012 C.A.I.P. PROGRAM.
        I have had many questions concerning
                                                        YES!! Most applicants that were
the increase in projects that were not funded in
                                                 denied in 2011 were due to money and time
the 2011 Program Year, many of which I
                                                 constraints within the program not because of
hope to answer in this article.
                                                 individual applicant scores.
                                                   DEADLINE FOR SHELBY COUNTY
        What is the scoring process?
                                                   2011 C.A.I.P. is April 20, 2012 by 4:30 P.M.
        All applications are scored according to
                                                   NO forms will be allowed after this deadline
the Governor’s Office of Agricultural Policy
                                                   due to year end close out of the 2011
Scoring criteria. All questions asked on the
application are given a score based on their
scoring criteria.
                                                   REQUIRED 2011 C.A.I.P. Applicant
        Once applications have been scored the
                                                   Program Payment Request Forms:
local county administrator will fund projects
                                                   (These are items required at the time your
until the allotted funds have been dispersed.
                                                   project is complete and payment is requested.)
                                                   Receipts
        Why was there not a waiting list for the
                                                   Cancelled Checks from the bank (NO
2011 Program Year as in previous program
                                                      photocopies will be accepted but online
                                                      copies from the bank are OK).
                                                   Producer Reports for the specific project
        The 2011 Program Year was a
shortened 6-Month period due to program
                                                  Once all paperwork is submitted to the
changes at the state level over the past few
                                                  administrator a site visit will be conducted for
                                                  projects that require visual approval.
        Shelby County has always launched
their program in early to late Spring, but due to
                                                  Checks will be available for pick-up within 60
the changes in the program our local program
                                                  days of submitting your paperwork.
has become later and later every year.
        It was the intent of our local Ag
                                                  Checks WILL NOT be mailed, all checks
Development Board to shorten the 2011
                                                  must be signed for at the Shelby County
                                                  Extension Office.
                                           PAGE 6
        It is our goal to release applications for
                                                             The amount that has been allowed
                                                     for the past several years has been $5,000
                                                     and it is my hope that it will remain the
the 2012 C.A.I.P. Program Late May to Early
June.                                                        This amount is based on a 50/50
        The release of the Shelby County             cost-share type basis meaning that a
C.A.I.P. applications is based on the release of     producer would need to spend $10,000 to
                                                     receive $5,000.

funds from the state to our county accounts.

       Funds are usually released in May.       Question:
                                                       Once applications are released is
        Once county funds are made available there someone that can answer questions
our local Ag Development Board and its on the program and help me with my
administrator will submit an application to the application?
state for their program.
                                                The Shelby County C.A.I.P. Administrator,
                                                Tammy Brookshier, can answer those
                                                questions and help you with your application.
                                                       If you are interested in a one on one
                                                meeting with me please call our office to
Question:                                       schedule an appointment at 502-633-4593
        When will applications be available to ext. 18 or you may email me at
producers in Shelby County to apply for cost- .
share programs?
                                                         I hope that I have answered some of
Answer:                                           your frequently asked questions. If you have
        Applications will be available after the other questions please contact me at the
county receives their approved application from above phone number or email.
the state and it is advertised for 2 weeks.
        During this 2 week application period            Thank you and I look forward to
applications will be available for pick-up at the working with you on your C.A.I.P.
Shelby County Extension Office or you may COUNTY AGRICULTURAL INVESTMENT
print one from our Shelby County Extension PROGRAM projects in the upcoming program
website.                                          year.

        What is the total amount any one Tammy Brookshier
producer can request in cost-share dollars?     Shelby County C.A.I.P. Administrator
                                                Shelby County Extension Office
Answer:                                         Ag Programs Coordinator
        An amount has not been set for the 2012 1117 Frankfort Road
                                                Shelbyville, KY 40065
program year. The amount will be decided at (502) 633-4593 ext. 18
the local Ag Development Meeting once funds
are released to the county at the state level.
                                            PAGE 7
         4-H Camp Filling Up Fast                             If you want to participate in the
                                                      Fashion Revue, please be sure to fill out the
4           Since the beginning of February, eager
    4-Hers have been turning in their 4-H Camp        information sheet. 4-Hers that are at the
-   registration forms and we are almost full. If
    you want to go to camp, get your form
                                                      schools will receive a sheet during their class.
                                                      If you are not sewing at
H   submitted as soon as possible. A $50 deposit      one of the schools,
                                                      please contact us for a
    will hold your slot when your initial
    paperwork is turned in. The cost of camp for      form. We need these
    2012 is $175. We have space to accept 80          turned in to create score
    campers. After the slots are filled we will       cards and to write the
    begin a waiting list and campers will only be     scripts for each model.
    taken off the waiting list (in order) if others
Y   drop out. In fact we have already started a
    waiting list for girls. All forms are available
                                                            Horse Show Guidelines
                                                              The new rules and regulations for all
O   on our website or at the Extension Office.
            4-H Camp is July 10-13 at the Lake
                                                      the 4-H Horse Show Divisions were recently
                                                      posted on the Horse Program website. The
U   Cumberland 4-H Camp. A packet of forms            following web address is a link to the website:
    and information will be sent out to registered
T   campers at the beginning of April. It will
                                                      program. Click on the “State Horse Show”
    contain information we need from campers in
H   order to attend camp. It will also include
                                                      tab for the 2012 Horse Show Rules. There are
                                                      several changes for this year. When your
    more detailed information for campers and         entry is turned it must include Coggins, a
    their families about what to pack, what to        Veterinary Health Certificate and two pictures
D   wear, departure and pick up times, etc.
            Teen Leaders and CIT applicants must
                                                      of your project horse (front and side). A
                                                      secondary horse may be submitted, but only
E   submit their forms by March 15th. Interviews
    will be scheduled in April. Training for
                                                      can be used if the primary horse is declared
                                                      unfit prior to the District Show. Horses
V   selected counselors will be on May 22th           cannot be changed between the District and
    (Election Day) at the Henry County Extension
E   Office.
                                                      State Horse Shows. Forms for the District
                                                      Horse Show will be available sometime in late
            We have several young people that
L   have requested scholarships to help cover the
                                                      March or early April, but will not be on the
                                                      state website. The District #3 Horse Show
O   cost of 4-H Camp. If you would like to
    donate to the 4-H Camp Scholarship Fund,
                                                      will be held June 1st-3rd at Lakeside Arena in
                                                      Frankfort. The State Horse Show is June 30th
P   please contact the Extension Office.
    (The Kentucky 4-H camping
                                                      -July 7th in Louisville.
                                                              In order to participate in the 4-H Horse
M   program is accredited by the
    American Camping Association)
                                                      Show, members must have completed their 6
                                                      hours of education before the District Horse
E                                                     Show Forms are
              4-H Fashion Revue
N           The 4-H Fashion Revue will be held
                                                      submitted. A certified
                                                      leader must verify this
T   on April 26th at 7:00pm at the Extension
    Office. Everyone is invited to attend and see
                                                      horse club has a

    the participants in 4-H sewing, crochet and       certified leader that
    knitting projects model their creations.          supervises this process.

                                              PAGE      8
              Kentucky Farm                      a few changes in the process and it will take a
                                                 little longer to complete. All adults that have
              License Plate                      roles which require that they supervise youth,    4
              Voluntary Donation                 serve as chaperones or on overnight trips, or
                                                 have one on one contact with youth are            -
        On February 16th, Commissioner of
                                                 required to complete the volunteer training
                                                 process. If you need to be approved for an
Agriculture James Comer announced that all       upcoming event, please allow adequate time.
voluntary donations through the farm license              If you have already
plate program would be split evenly between      completed the volunteer process,
4-H, FFA and Kentucky Proud. The KY 4-H          you will soon be receiving a letter
Foundation will give each county 50% of the      in the mail. It will indicate that
4-H proceeds from the sale and renewal of        you are an approved volunteer. It
the plates in their own county. This is the      will also contain a Motor Vehicle                 Y
                                                 Form that needs to be completed. Once the
first time that the voluntary donation will
directly benefit 4-H and FFA members in          completed form is submitted to UK, it will        O
Shelby County. Please encourage anyone
getting their farm license plates to consider
                                                 provide extra liability insurance if the
                                                 volunteer is in an accident while performing
the voluntary donation.                          in their volunteer role. If you do not receive
                                                 the form, then you have an updated form on
         Spring Project Day                      file. Anyone who no longer wants to serve in
                                                 a volunteer role, please let us know so we can
        Shelby County 4-H will host a
                                                 remove your name form our active roster
Project Day on April 12th at the Extension
                                                          We appreciate all the efforts and time
Office. 4-H members will complete various
projects that can be entered in the County
                                                 of our 4-H volunteers. You are the reason         D
                                                 that Shelby County has such a great 4-H
Fair throughout the day. Information on
specific projects will be posted on the 4-H
                                                 program. THANK YOU!                               E
page of the website and will be mailed to 4-H
                                                       Health and Fitness Fun Day
        Anyone that would like to volunteer              When we say the 4-H pledge, we
                                                 always pledge our “health to better living…”.
to teach a class should contact Regina or
Bethany at the Extension Office.                 One way to reach that goal is to participate in   L
                                                 the Health and Fitness Fun Day at the Clear
          Dairy Cow Camp
                                                 Creek Family Activity Center on Saturday,         O
                                                 April 21 from 9am-12pm. Families will
         Shelby County will be hosting the       have the opportunity to observe many of the       P
State 4-H Dairy Cow Camp on April 21st at
the Shelby County Fairgrounds. If you
                                                 classes offered at the park, receive
                                                 educational materials and free screenings,
would like to learn more about judging dairy
cattle, please plan on attending. Registration
                                                 participate in children’s activities, receive
                                                 give away items, and possibly win a great
forms can be found on our website and are
available at the Extension Office.
                                                 door prize!                                       N
                                                     Articles By:                                  T
        Volunteer Screening
      Kentucky 4-H recently updated their            Regina Browning
Volunteer Screening Process. There will be           Cooperative Extension Agent for
                                                     4-H Youth Development
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                 FUN DAY
          The Annual Family Community Health Fair

          Saturday, April 21, 2012
        Clear Creek Family Activity Center
                  9 A.M. ~ Noon
   Adult & Children Activities
   Door Prizes
   BICYCLE GIVEAWAYS                   VISION
       - 1 Toddler
       - 2 Youth
       - 2 Adult

         Free Pedometers
         for the first 100
        (10 years & older)
               in the
     “Get Moving Kentucky!”
             Kick Off .
6       FCS          Louisville Area Cultural Arts Display, 1:00 p.m.                      Extension Office
6       4H           Shooting Sports Open/Informational Meeting, 6:30 p.m.                 Extension Office
                     Shelby County Bee Keepers Assn. Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
                     Diabetes Program, 1:00 p.m.
                     Saddles-N-Spurs Club, 7:00
                                                                                           Extension Office
                                                                                           Extension Office
                                                                                           Extension Office
                     Pruning & Propagation/Fruit Pruning Demo, Call 633-4593
                     Equus Horse Club, 12 noon
                     Homemaker Council Meeting, 10:00 a.m.

                                                                                           Extension Office
                     Livestock/Fur & Feathers Clubs, 7:00 p.m.
                     Shelby County Master Gardeners Assn. Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                           Extension Office
                                                                                           Extension Office
                     Sewing Circle, 3-8:00 p.m.
                     Livestock Judging Practice, Wednesdays, 5:00 p.m.
                     Shelby County 4-H Communication Contest, 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                           Extension Office
                                                                                           Extension Office
                                                                                           Extension Office
                     Scrapbooking, 12 noon
                     Hoofbeats Pony Club, 3:00 p.m.
                     Horse-N-Around Club, 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                           Extension Office

                                                                                           Extension Office
                     Spring Fashion Show & Luncheon, 12 noon
                     Meet and Greet Bingo, 1:00 p.m.
                     One Acre At A Time, 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                           Extension Office
                                                                                           Extension Office
                                                                           Oldham Co. Comm. Center, Buckner
        FCS          Kentucky Vacations in Our Own Backyard, 10:00 a.m.                    Extension Office
                     Livestock Judging Practice, Wednesdays, 5:00 p.m.
                     Weight The Reality Series begins, 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                               Extension Office
                                                                                               Extension Office                                R
7       FCS          First Saturday Walk About, 8:30 a.m.                    Clear Creek Family Activity Center
9-10    FCS          Homemaker Leadership Retreat             Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center, Crestwood, KY
10      HORT         Shelby County Master Gardener Assn. Meeting, 7:00 p.m.                    Extension Office
                     Sewing Circle, 3-8:00 p.m.
                     Culinary Club Field Trip, 8:00 a.m.
                                                                                               Extension Office
                                                                                   Leave from Extension Office
                     Spring Project Day, Culinary Club
                     Shelby County Bee Keepers Assn. Meeting, 7:00 p.m.
                     Saddles-N-Spurs, 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                               Extension Office
                                                                                               Extension Office
                                                                                               Extension Office
12      FCS          Diabetes Program, 1:00 p.m.                                               Extension Office
14      ALL          Earth Day Celebration, 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.                              Red Orchard Park
                     Equus Horse Club, 12 noon
                     Hoofbeats, 3:00 p.m.                                                      Extension Office                                E
16      FCS          FCS Advisory Council, 12 noon                                             Extension Office
                     Dairy/Livestock Clubs, 7:00 p.m.
                     4-H Council Meeting, 11:30 a.m.
                                                                                               Extension Office
                                                                                               Extension Office
                     Sewing Expo
                     County Ag. Investment Program (CAIP) Deadline, see pg 6-7
                     Health & Fitness Fun Day, 9:00 a.m.-12 noon
                                                                                       General Butler State Park
                                                                                               Extension Office
                                                                             Clear Creek Family Activity Center
                     Scrapbooking, 12 noon
                     Driver Improvement Course, 12 noon-4:00 p.m.
                     Meet & Greet Bingo, 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                               Extension Office
                                                                                               Extension Office
                                                                                               Extension Office
                     Understanding Generational Differences, 10:00 a.m.
                     4-H Fashion Revue
                                                                                               Extension Office
                                                                                               Extension Office                                T
28      4H           Area Communication Contest                                                Extension Office
                     Spring Garden & Art Fair, 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
                     Shelby County Extension Council Meeting, 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                     Shelby County Fairgrounds
                                                                                               Extension Office
                          4-H     4-H Youth Development                          AG       Agriculture
                          FCS       Family & Consumer Sciences                   HORT Horticulture

      The Cooperative Extension Service prohibits discrimination in its programs and employment on the basis of race, color, age, sex, religion,
                                                               disability, or national origin.
     To file a complaint of discrimination, contact Rosemary Veach, UK College of Agriculture, Lexington, KY 40546, or Terry Allen, UK Affirmative
              Action Director, Lexington, KY 40546, or the Secretary of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.

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